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"Tb Urn."
VXllfd K1ptoO and Uorrlaos,
Curtain 8:16. ..
' - BAKfctt Rrnndwur and Morrlion.
(. V'li'H wamuirotra." luriain B:sw. -LYlUO
w Foiutb and atark. Ktl"f A
nnw iiji) no p. "v "'
PANTAGES riro.dwiy and Aider. TaadariU.
, Curtain, 8:80, 7:15, 8:10. ,
COLUMBIA Sixth, krtwesn Whtntoa tnd
Btnrk ata. Motion ntaturva 11 a. m. to 11
t&MJUH TUKATltBJ West Park and Al
la, Mary tiukford
'In tbe bishop's Car
12 m. to D. m.
Washington, between Sixth and
Motion plctnrt
rlr." motion picture,. 12 m. to p. m.
Itrod,r..r ' Afntlon nlctnrMi.
. SXaifc Wealjhgton and fax.
Weather Conditions.
Portland and viclnlts , SoaOr f alrj . Seat-
frlr wtodi. . '
Oregon, waaningtoa and Irtanoi Bunaaj p
araiif itur; mooaraie eeeterir .wmaav
. -ii. "iyv". Acting Dlatrlct Forecaataf.
Al Clrt to Visit Salenu The Port
v land Ad club has aeaspted the invlta
' tlon of ths newly organised Sal am Ad
' club to run up to Salem tomorrow even
ltng, to attend the regular meeting and
.dinner of the Ad club, to be followed
ky a meeting it the Balem Commercial
. club, when A. Q. Clark, president of the
Associated ; Ad Cluba of the Facilio
coast, and ex-prealdent of the Portland
Ad dub, will address the Ad club and
their guests, the Royal Cberrlans and
the Commercial club and business men
of Salem on the subject cf clean adver-
: Using-, v The Portland delegation will
'leave the Portland hotel at 4 o'clock to
; ! morrow afternoon In autos donated for
'the trip by the members end leave 8a
I lent for the return trip In time to arrive
tin Portland at midnight. Thoss going
jon this trip should notify H. J, Blaes-
lnf, Mam 1416, in order to secure a seat
in one ox toe macnines, .1. . : v. v
sineer's office, living at 13SS East Nina-'
teenth street, north, sustained a frac
tured "shoulder i when ' his automobile
skidded and ran Into a grave pit on
Portland boulevard yesterday afternoon, J
Wheeler was driving at about 1 mllea 1
an hour on Portland boulevard between ,
Union and Grand avenues when a
frightened team getting In the path of
the machine forced him to turn off the
road. - The machine : skidded, Into a
gravel Pit throwing, "Wheeler bn his
fC.:Verbnilsertaaxhlris wT
damaged considerably. : , ; .
Taken tinder Advisements A. suit to
enjoin the city from selling property on
Macadam road, between Admiral avenue
and Dakota street, brought by John Ar
nold and eight other property owners,
was neara Dy circuit Judge Morrow and
taken under advisement The property
owners allered that the" assessments
against their property were unequal and
unjust. They alleged that assessments
against the Southern Faclfle railway atad
the Oregon Electrio were too low, and
that the United Hallways were not as
sessed, though they should have been.
The total ocat of the Improvement was
xwo Divorces Granted. Decrees of
aivorce were granted yesterday to M.
B. Pugh from Annie &. Push ana, to
Mary V. Roberta from Elbert Ck Rob
erts by Circuit Judge Kavanaugh. Pugh
charged cruelty. Ha was awarded the
custody of a minor child. The Pnghs
were married in Crawfordavlle, Or.,
April 10, 1ISI. Mm Roberts alleged
that her husband treated her with
By Dr. Frank prane.
' ft V f
1 , , (Copyright, 11, by Frank Crane.) , " '
Thre may be some doubts as to the Immortality of the soul, but there are
none about the Immortality of the corporation. . . - .
The Hudson Bay company, which did business In the north wilderness et
America in the seventeenth century, Is establishing hugs department stores In
uie earns region, now rapidly settling. In the twentieth century. " .
Few talea appeal more strongly to the Imagination than the sober history
Of this company. It Is a story of strong men, of their wild advsnturea In sav
age lands, where law's abode was In the hip pocket, of their grim purpoae
-holding on for a quarter of a thousand years, of the grip of ths Anglo-Saxon,
et ana unloosed from generation to generation.
' It was Charles If of England who In 1670 gavs to "the governor and com
pany of merchants-adventurers trading Into Hudson's Bay thslr rights to
' trade In and to govern an empire of field, forest and water or whoss extent
tney had no conception.' ., , v-'1 ', .
: It was in a day when unexplored lands were given away with a free hand
and a royal largesst In a day when ths pops drew a Una on the slobs and cava
au on one Bias to spam ana au on the other to Portugal. - -
cruelty, and thaV hs, drank to Taxeass. 'built their lonely stockades, trapped and hunted In the unhampered freedom of
They wars married in Portland. March
Ooavartea Comedian XvaiigaUat. Cap
tain Charles H. Stanley, converted come
'tflan, who has been doing ; evangaUstle
1 work and "Oregon dry" campaigning for
! some time, and who has spent several
.-'.weeks In and near Portland, will begin
another week's work In Portland with a
sermon at flellwood M. XL church at It
v o'clock this morning. This afternoon at
f:0 o'clock, he will apeak at a mist
- meeting at th St. Johns M. E. church,
and In ths evening ha will bs at Pied
. mont Friends church to conduct the reg
ular services. Tomorrow night be will
bs at ths Piedmont Presbyterian church.
Captain Stanley - Is the composer of
songs, many of which he stags at bis
services, r, y r -' ? j 1 ,i -' ' '
Xresh. Oregon eef Every ounce of
' meat at Frank I Smith's is fresh. Ore
gon stock. No- Australian , beef c at
: iSmlth's. ; Choice ' ; hams. , 10a. : Plcnlo
, , hams, lo. Pork roasts, 11 U-I7 Via,
Chops, lTH-xoo. Loin and rib chops
and legs of lamb, ISc Choice, sirloin
'steak and round steak. SOaX Fancy ba
con, loo, 23 Ha and tSo, Oregon butter,
tae-STUo. Eggs. 0a Lard in ts, iOcj,
In 6s, 5et is 10s : Pig's llvef,
to. vBoll beef, 10-11. Shoulder lamb,
' 10a. Pot roasts, 11-lKo. . Rlba beef,
15-lSa, Hsllbut, lOo. Lamb's liver, lOo.
" Chinook salmon. 10e. These prices pre.
TaU at Smith's Main Market, ill Alder
street, between First and ' Second
streets. . CAdv.)
Held for Board BinswCharged with
defrauding an Innkeeper, - Ouy Vedder
and Gordon pitta were arrested yester
day and lodged in the county jail They
are. charged with beating board bills 1
owing to Mrs. a Hubbard, who runs
a boarding house near the Union Btoek
yards in North Portland. Vedder la
enargsa with a bill of ...tS and Pitts
is said to have run up a bill of 110.8a,
Season. It On MaIsnt It 'reason
able, that I can undersell the high rent
stores with their , enormous expense?
Take the elevator and bur your stilt,
raincoat or overcoat from me, than you
save tha extra profit which goes lnts
th landlord's pocket My expense are
one-iwenuetn or a ground floor store.
Jimmy Dunn, pregonlan bldg, . third
woor. . - . Udr.)
the new world, fought and traded with the Indians
For a while this advance guard of Engllah civilisation had a hard contest
wita their traditional enemies, the French, who disputed their territory, until
.the treaty of Utrecht In 1711, by which France resigned her claims.
Then followed what was perhaps a fiercer war, a war with their competitors,
fierce and bloody as a Kentucky feud. This closed la Ull with a merger with
the Northwest company, t !Vyv,'r-;.:;'.Y-,' ';... ,'ys:-
'Thus through years, -centuries, the Hudson Bay company has hung ori and
now comes a curious adaptation of Its oldtlme enterprise to modern conditions.
It Is ssUbllshlng a chain of department tores throughout the newly developed
vsnuiiao semtory. . ..... , .- ..... ... ., . ,
v - Few of us realise with what tremendous rapidity northwest Canada Is
being brought under cultivation. Tralnloads of -settlers during the summer
come from Minneapolis. Shiploads corns from England Vast farms are bslng
: ,Tbe Hudson Bay company has already opened In Calgary a department store
that represents a capital ef $1,000,000. Another Is building In Vancouver, say
the newspspers, at a cost of $4,000,000. Still another, at Victoria, will cost
$1,160,000. Winnipeg win have a $7,000,000 store. There wUl ba Ed
, tnonton.. ; - '.v- .. -
The Value of this private enterprise in the perilous days nf frontier Ufa Is
Ttnauesuonea. ;i remains to ce seen jiow it will adjust Itself, and what will
ba the people's attitude toward it in uiese days of growing distrust toward pri
vately owned wealth units.
Soger Zstate JrobatedL Ths estate
or u aim nth Goger, who died April 10,
10. : was probated yesterday by his
Widow who asked for , anoolntmsnt
administrator; of -the estate and guar
dian xor enree cniiaren. she also asked
tnat Bar dower be apportioned. The
estate consists of 10 acres of land val
ued aijfseoo,. :-Vrv
; What Vans Says About atalgreaev-.
lumbago er.Wdn t
1"" w-w Vw Mniusr B,wa ounnM MKIol
grene mUed with four ounces Olive Oil)
and taketwo teaspoonsful every three 1
hours. Salgrsne contains ns aleohaL I
is an irniant to the kidneys. I
f w sue avt au rug stores. .- (Adv.)
ters to. Be at First and
Taylor Streets;
1 ,
- Ocurtsv I
10I0V court
SxoesalTe irrlnilag Zs Disease) and! Ghtrlt1 nd rellaf argaulsaUona ct
ws treat k as suon. we guarantee) to city nave perrsotea plans xor a joint
remove all desire for drink In from three I application bureau, to be located In the
omf"" The kn. r1"." "om.j.foe. of the Municipal Free Employ
St, eor. tld. . Phones Mala liJlt A-mea bureau,, First and Taylor-Streets.
iit. or. , u QlUesple, medical dl-1 It Is Intended to make this offloe an ap-
rm"M" y.Uvyti: -I" ':; ' ' :: l Sar''. - pUcaUon and referenoe bureau, ta which
Sadism Btsinmsgi M nines "n t. i.i.. I ' desiring assistance may apply
decided upon, as It would be more eon-1 can't iast much lonrer. aa won haji k.,. 1 and receive the proper directions as , to
venlent for him. Judge Morrow will I ter get ready for cold weather. Stoves wh,ch speotflo charitable organisation
probably sail for CbcuUls on the first I of all Jclnds are listed under "Household I wU1 handls their oasa In ether words,
best in December, 'judge Coke is dis-wxur me ciasaunea seeaoa today at!11 wul c son cr a clearing nouse mat
qualified to sit in several cases, which rsrr low prices. Hadn't ? yoo better I wln differentiate between the cases pre-
... CArcult v Jrsflges SBxahaage
Circuit Judge Morrow will hoi
for Judge Coke, cf Coca county, until
"the December term. . ' Judge Coke yester
day requested that ths December date be
Mischief-Making "Mascha" In
Chocolate Soldier to De-'
" light Audience; '
canted. At the gams time, by means of
aamtmilntton. Knrrv af tha hari, mnA
Atlractlvs .Concert. Ten shonid at. BBAmnlavji4 will hm . t Ir jtn In ,p.
WW U wnoarE to DC SIVen or ttl Hnn. t ntw statist Ia knM th. ailvtaaMI.
to AMak- Miss I "'""srsii"onBj cnurcn, eornar of I lty T a municipal lodging bouse.
j&asi sia ana East Taylor, at 7:10 &. m I It ! mannnd t an, ths mint umR.
this evening. They will render a pro- cation bureau November t, and continue
ai. eapeaaj merit. tAdr.l through ths winter months to Anrll L
The SCcrphm; Wl can bs estved JX:
iwhTr? "'"L0.? Army, Portland Commons. Men's Heeort
rr """" wi Volunteers of Amelia anfl Aaaalatl
Will take about a week, to try. He will
. occupy Judge Morrow's place bare dur
ing Judge Morrows absence. , '
-JoOy Klsstonary"
Isabel Crawford, familiarly known as
the "Jolly Missionary," will be the
speaker at the Sunday afternoon serv
ice of the Toung Women's Christian as
sociation at 4:30 o'clock. Visa Craw
ford tolls,, with humor, of her many
years experience among the Kiowa In
dians. , She will probably appear In ths
native Indian costume, All women are
Invited to hear her. , , v ; t , .
- a via wmm w wv auiwuiiiF wvti
dressed and at the same time practice
1 economy, have us make your cloth a j
Tou'll get genuine, thoroughbred tailor!
Ing, and all wool fabrics that will wear
better than any ready-made garments! - m. ortaaeal aaMn.i.
possibly could. Call In tomorrow and I rasa of eharaoter nd MitsHim . r. referred to the Volunteers of America.
: see what a nice suit we can make fort stock. - Prices at ail times lowest in thai tB" Associated Charities will look after
IK AA - TTnlmis TmUnrtntr Pi lna I v-.m 11 . . . I Asatltlit famlllM mw'A Htm tk .
----- , - w --w - - - -.iiHifl aguvr vaua. ax yours not Dieaeed. I r m - w b"
wuBci, vw uu auo cuuk . i yjkur.f e7j wasmngtOB Street "' (Adv 1 'wuoae win ui iur mmn. at is nopefl
- , ,- . 7" T" that this five months' survey will givs
Classes ha SewlnsClssses In sewing -a piano used by Mma Frances AJda n eurate Idea of Portland's homeless
at Jefferson High sohool will begin to- at her concert at ths Helllg theatre PoPhttion. The figures being obtained,
morrow ; night. Anyone may register hursdav nlrht was a Bta.iBwn. . campaign will no doubt be lnaururat-
ia hm. I Ar municipal loaging oouia
et. cor. i jo. Phones Mala 1411: A.
1447. Jr, R. 1a Olllesple, medical dl-
- Tainanies are aasoiatslw safe to the
union Bare Deposit Vaults, 114 Oak: st
protected by electrio vurglar alarms and
over oso.uoo ids, er steel and concrete.
Aoxes V3.D9 per, year.. (Adw.)
Charities. Applicants for lodging and
meals will come to this offloe to be as
signed to one or another of the restitu
tions, according to the demand for help
and the accommodations avallabla Ths
bureau will be open from S to 19 p, m.
and will also assist,, If possible. In the!
employment - problem handled by i the I
municipal bureau.- ; ; v
Ail eases oz nomeiess women will be
for - thess classes, v School . announce-1 Knabs aa . mentioned on the
"Wheeler, an Inspector In the city en-
Want a Korfrsars 1 tVoaswA : latm
auoDunK vvauaiue xor nrsi mortgages on
A-oruana real estate. uammond Mort
gage Co 2$ Cham, cf Commerce. (Ad.)
Steamer Jaesle . Xsrktna for esunaa.
Washougal and way landings, dallv ex.
Icept Sunday, Leaves Waahlnartoa
street aoca at s p. m. (Adv.)
flpsolaL If you. present this ad we
will French dry dean your suit for $LO0.
Unlqus Tailoring Co, lot Stark street fo?hrBJ., litanee ."mnltK
Main IK, A-4$le. . - (Adr.) , tded
:.' SSaeBsassSaaM ' " ' , '1 1 n A -m lfTl a S , TXT wtrir
. Card of Thanks
TO ths undersigned. 3 wish to fhanh !
escn ana an our menus and neishhnr.
the Home Telephone company and em
ployees for the sympathv extended to
us. also for the beautiful flowere -nt 1
at the time ef our late bereavement. We
aiso 1 nana iiev.i r. arcieen or Anna
bell Presbyterian church for his kind
worn a enosyrirwtny. "
.MRS, Q, HANLT. , ;, (Adv.)
Ws wish to' thank our many friends
fused with the flame and gypsy-liks
spirit of their warlike country as to
make them most picturesque from the
point of view of the stage. Ths men
and women sing while working) in the
fields; th festivals and weddings In
which they rejoice are continuously viv
ified by the whirling groups and bursts
of song. e ;:-Vt.-v . '
Of the' four dances thtt ' might be
called national, the "Vranyanka?
la the only one to have been seen by
Anglo-ts, goers, when it was
given caT Ear. ecburt rn - London last
year at the exposition. This dance Is
far less popular among themselves than
the other threes th 'Machranka," the
"Nlshevlyanka." an ths rKolo," ths
latter of which was adopted from their
Turkish neighbors, and Is a .dance of
peculiar circular formation. -Miss
Collins is seen In the "Mach
ranka," which , speaks much for her
persusstvs powers, for, no . financial
promises would persuade Osabo Tetaga
vich, who was connected with Covent
Garden of London, to teach to a for
eigner the beloved dance cf his . far
away , people, until Miss Collins had
practiced an Imaginary dance, consid
ered by him to bs so far inferior to ths
trus spirit of his country, that he felt
himself forced to show ths danoe kt Its
best; and so unusual are Its posturings
and swirling steps, that Miss : Collins
spent wsary weeks In Imitation before
shs - won the grudging praise of her
teacher. 't---r.-i t- --,.;,-;. ;.,;; fi; !-.
The Chocolate Soldier will be the At
traction at '.the Helllg .theatre next
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October
10, II and November l. ,
resented ths sennts at the Chicago con
vention. : -1 - .-...',;.- '.
-The alumni of Delta Theta Phi resid
ing In Portland are: 1 Thomas B. Col
lins snd Harry A. Otis wold formerly
of Delta Phi Delta; Arthur Langguth,
Harry Pea res, L. II. Streck, C. R. Mo
loney, Herbert A. Cook,e, T. W. GUlard,
L. M. .McDuffes. C. 8. .-Capltnger and
WalUr T. IteCSu; 't t
Theta Lambda 1 1 1 f t
J. ; Brasoll and A. V.
merly of .the Alph lit.
$1wj o C-
' See Graves Munle Co.
sale. Adv. back paire. a
s r
A sew legal fraternity, Delta Theta
Ph ; cams .Into existence recently at
t convention held la Chicago at Which
hree' organisations meirged Into the
one.' The change affects many' Port
landers, for ' by the constitution, - all
members cf the three fraternities are
transferred to ths new one, The three
are th Delta Phi Theta, Theta Lambda
Phi snd Alpha Kappa Phi. - Through
this merger the Delta Theta Phi . be
comes ths second largest law fraternity
In ths United States la number ef chap
ters and members.
: Ths new fraternity Is represented at
the University of Oregon by Deady Sen
ate, which last week held a meeting at
the senate chambers In ths Oregon ho
tel. The new constitution was formally
adopted and aff lesrs elected, . -
.The active membership of the Deady
Senate consists of C. W. Hohlt, CL M.
Hodges, William R. Slngletary, Seth I
Smith, E.' J. Olllesple, L, V. Lundburg,
Thomas G. Ryan, W, Cf. Stott, Max Tay.
lor, R. W. CabelL J. w. Kehoe, W. A.
Nolander .and McKlnley Kane who rep-
LotUe Colling. -
Theesophlosl ' Society, Til Morsran
wag. . Meaning room open s to 4 dally.
Sunday tauts at p. m. Study class
Tuesday at I p. m. (Adv.
Flaaa fox ent Will rent to reliable
party a gooa seoona-nand piano, first-
olass condition. .Address Owner, P. O.
vox UM. (Adv.)
.tadlss Taflormad buMsl rinfi
$40 special beats any $60 or $70 Suit In
C. W.
Lottie Collins, who invests the char.
actsr of the mischief making Mascha In
"The Chooolate Soldier" with the nenal
sprlghtllness cf her own Individuality,
Sires to the American sUgs for ths
first time a true Bulgarian dance In ths
progress of ths operetta. This Is re
markable, la that the people of the Bal
kans are mors ready te burst Into song
or dance than almost any other nation,
and that their folk songs and dances,
whils lacking generally in the grace of
thoss of some other countries, are so ln-
WntlA. '
TTnttl further notice thm Kne 'til
Hotel Gearhart "By-thS-Sea will meet!
muni oniT wnen anvice or arrival 11
given notei cr at 100 H Fourth st (Adv)
Oomplalnt IHsnlsseeV On promise cf I
tne owners or ths standard : Suit
aoak company to remove ? the word
"Cloak" from ths name of the concern,
town. B. Sink, 407 Ellers bids- Fourth District Judge Bell dismissed the 00m-
I floor. - (Adv.) I Plaint against them charging failure to I
comply witn tns law making ths regis-1
The Bouse of a 1000 Olfts China trauon of names of owners cf assumed
cards, novelties.) Mrs. Lincoln's Art Deo. "&me firms necessary. The firm had
Now is the time to be
gin looking; around for the
pretty and new things in
Jewelry for : . Christmas
presents. y
Of course, It's early,
but you know that the
wise earljr shopper has a
treat advantage. , ;
We would be pleased to
show you, without the an
noyance of being" urged
jto buy.
Diamond Dealers
and -Jewelers
130 5TII ST, Yeon Eldff.
405H Morrison st. (Adv.)
' ,
One tuft Pressed Each Wscill.Sft al
1 montn. unique Tailoring co sot stark I
Baggage Transfer ervtoe Oo-.'Matn I
120. -Al-it XUAT THE NAMH IM.
PilffiHw- (AdV.l
' Bbms for Ared People, lnvallda'fin in.
cauon. wount Aaoor, labor 41S1. (Adv.)
r. BE, O. XiXOtt, dentist, mnel (a
soi morgan oiag. m. sags, A-4T5L (Adv)
m, zt Wesley ITsser. danUat trt
Morgan biag, Main TOO, A-1701. (Adv.)
Sheehy BrosyPain tins and nanarine.
... . n . .1 . ' I
inn,, aiua cvia, A-rtAO.-(Adv.l
sonn -wsion sentai seno mumA tn 1
xuorgaa Biag. m. nt. A-I62X. (Adv.)
Dr. E. C MoPariana, moved to smita
, Morgan oiag. . (Adv.l
Dr.vr.XE.Boyd, McCleay bldg.-.(Adv.)
: Woostsr falls nverythisa- iSI Wash,
rr. r. rcc' 700 Morgan Wflg. Adv.
filed the certificate under the name of I
itne standard suit company. - ,
Pablic SpeakingSchbol
(TVXSDAT ZTZQ2T) iit- :'"
ews ss. ,.;ewasaawsseT . eWsj VWllae" '
..:;v..ftiv: MAXES A MMM---r.
A correct fluent and etfenttvai
speaker. . Gives practical train
ing under a live teacher, with the
inspiration of men worklnar to
gether for the same purpose. En
joyable. A big help In everyday
business, '
; ,, sixth and Taylor Streets -
, Phone Main 7068
The electrical Inspector's of
fice : gives ui ths highest
rating la the city for perfect
Electrical and lighting Y
;: Fixture Jnstajlstioas. -.
tnd expense by having your
electrical work done by us.
M. J, Wahh Co.
Both Phones. . ,
14, off Sale
An the latest styles In black tnd
colored. Jood, dependable goods
at cut prices.
All kinds of extra ' handles in .
stock, , t
The newest things In gold and ;
old -filled lavaliers, lockets,
racelets, rings, scarf pins, cuff
links a&d bar pins. ' The guar
anteed makes at 1 very- low
prices. Get our prices on white'
sapphires and reconstructed . ru- '
pies set to order. ' -,'
Wh4 Bet, Sixth and Broadway
Upto Success-
. Hn ( i
v BlI8Dr8S AV9 TlAZHi
Advsrtiaiag ..............$1S0
Aseaylag S0.OS
AatosnbOe ...........a... SLSO
Bookkeeping ,..M..,...
Cerpeatry 10. OS
Electricity 17.Se
Pbarmaey SO, OS
rua aeeoisg-ooat v xagl-
v searing ... U.0O
Belnfocced Oonervta . Oas
a traction ...............
Saleamanahlp ....... SO, 00
Show Card WMUsf. ...... 1AM
Sberaasd ..... S.0S
Barveylng snd Mapping .... ............ 10.0S
Ttlrgraphy sad Dispatcsisg
Typewriting ,..,...... S.M
Wlreleis Telegraphy (eoerse).MMMi,M.SO.oe
Archltaetsral Drawing ................ 7.SS
Freshens Drawing a............,.-, 7. SO
Meeaaaleal Drawing 7.80
Boys' Bcfcjel ........... 4.00
Can er stad for catalogee X at 4t. A. Day
and Might Schools,
('.XI )
Take NoUco, Ladies!
This Week Only
:f 30.00 Full Wigs. V. ....... ..$18.00
115.00 Full Wigs. ... 7.50
M5.00 Transformations.,...... 7.50
7. 50' Transformations... ,,.$) 3.25
1 jjj.uu iicuu owutucs.. . ,S1 ,su v
25.00 French Switches. .$12.ffO
j v, 12.00 French Switches. 6.00
. JUiAit S JbAilM ' i t aaui, i - "'
,," Tlnics-KIciai? saor
' 120 sixth STnrrr, r. n Washington
Agk to see OUS"
R10.00 .
aere Broa
watch . ,
. ; Hare you given any thought t the selection of the
Welch yon are going to buy for a CHRISTMAS GIFT?
arrived, and we are showing a wonderful assortment of
new ideas. - '
BBAOB&ZT "WATCHTS In all the lata effects) from the
inexpensive one at SS.S0 to the finer grades at S15O.0O
tADLE OOLD rUULBO WATtiaHiig front ftl0.4r VP ,
tADrFflr bxx,tbji sncrjcsx, oxrarvxTJA and liumto
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Ask to See Our Special Jaeger Bros. Watches)
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q NO job is too large or too small
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. ment Is the most modern and adequate to handle
a thousand-page :book as satisfactorily as a few
. cards. All work from start to finish is done in
our own shop. t
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Crown "and Bridfja Spccialicta
Good Plate :.' rS.CO
Porcelain Crowns., ...,;..$3.50 to i.'5.CD
Gold .Fillings tU.CD
22-K Gold Crowns-.... ..C3.rJ0 to s;S.G9
3-K Gold Bridge.... :.. 43.50 to Js.CO
Extracting ;.....,....,,.
We are always busy because our success. Is due to the
that we do the very best work at very lowest prices.
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