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'I . K r - -SI
aatsksW Tss i a.. Br
1 - . I'll 1 'f.,-:".--s 1 r " - V"
How Plan' of Assessing Prop
erty Valuations Will Be Ex
plained to Taxpayers of City
, Following1 correspondence extending
t ever several whIu AiiMior Henry SL
Reed has arranged to bring aa expert
, front Cleveland, Ohio, to deliver a ser
' i lea of lectures before the civic erganl
f nations of - Portland on the - merits of
th Comers' system of realty valua
tion Having made, thorough lnves
; tlgatlon of - tha Soman system, Asses-
sor Bead ha become convinced that It
; Je the fairest and beat aystam of asses
I lag property In use la thla oountry. and
ha l anxious to hav It adopted in this
. laity and mgwMAiW-w&ytSv;-
: 5 Ths Cleveland xprV said Assessor
Iteed yesterday., "will arrive in port-
.land. -upon my invitation, about Novm
' bar la. Ho will bo hr week or mora
and will deliver at laaat half a dosan
addressee which will ba fraa to all who
: may wish to attend. " I ahaU ba Clad to
: anas arrangement for tha expert to ap
ipear before tha Portland Realty Board,
I tha Taxpayer" league, th East Bid
I Business Men's club, or any other civic
; body, interested w aaseeameni ana iax
i at ion. . fvj'-:''',;;"j4,;
t "Along with tha general movement
f or wore efficient tnethodo In : govern
i roent which la manifest all over tha
country, tha Question of taxation la re
ceivlng IU full anaro or attention, more
Attention la now being paid to thla lm
; portent subject then at any other time
. in the history of 'the united state.
: With the view to Improving their math'
pan of assessment, number of eaatern
cltle hav lnatalled tha Somera' Unit
system. Among theaa plaoaa are Clara
land and Columbus. Ohio: HL faUL
i Jllnn., Denver, Colorado; Galveston and
Houston, Texas; pm Honea, aows, ana
Philadelphia, In part. : s . ..; : ' ' .
jby community opinion tha unit value of
front foot one foot wide and 100 root
deep in tha. center of each of tha four
aidea of a cltv block. Thla much ao
eompllsbed, tha value of all tha land tn
that block la astabllehed by the appli
cation of mathematical table. BcientJflo
tnaihmta r aian nrovlded for arriving
at building values. Th system we
i rirst applied at St. Paul. It long alnea
passed tha experimental stage and haa
given .aaUafacUon wherever introduced.
The Somera' ayatem for valuing land
1 and building haa many adherent la
! Xortland. ' Information regarding lte
. working haa heretofore bean obtainable
1 tmly In a limited way through the pub
j llcatlons of the cltiea which hav in
a tailed th ayatem.' The visit of - tha
omer export next month will giro
Portland people full opportunity to
! know all about tha system and etudy
i Its merits at cloaa range.? Tha addraaaa
of the expert ahould ba attended by all
! who are Interested la taxation,- v ,
' New . Process of. . Little Cost
May Be Used to'-Protect
i Steel Structures From Rust.
Silver plated akyserapar and monster
atael bridges, like Portland' Broadway
; viaduct, plated with allver. are not far
, off, if the report which come from
, England 1 true, that a new electroplat
1 Ins; process haa been discovered that
Will reduce tha coat of electroplating to
a mere fraotion of preaent day math
eds. , , '-!. 1,1 a
. Thl Ig truly an ago of engineering
' wonder. But recently It was officially
i announced that an Austrian electrician
, had developed a method of electroplat
ing with atno at a trifling cost, and
now aa Englishman oomea along and
ays ha haa a way of coating ateel with
allver. thus protecting it from rust and
' other corrosive agenciea, and riving It
perpetual Ufa. for .be It known, that
steel haa but two enemiea rust and
electricity and also or silver will save
It from both. . ,
The proceea of electroplating with
f ither xlnc or silver are said to ba ao
trident and cheap that it ia commer
l Mally practicable to - galvanise great
t rldge girders and tha tons upoa tona
' of ' structural steel , used - la modern
' building. ' It 1s also claimed that largo
surfaces can now bo plated with lead or
aluminum and that new methods will
'reduce tha cost of ordinary tin plating
I by .nearly or quite SO per cent. - .
Manifestly, if me new process juan
fles the clalma mads for it, eapeolally
as to cheapness, tha praotlos of andoa
lag tha stool frames of skyscraper tn
concrete will soon ba a thing of tha
past. 5s iv.v'-v '.'"'?'.' -
- Electro plating of tha steal girders of
bridges will supplant painting, the only
known moans of protecting; them
gainst mat. Experience tends to show
1 nat paint is a very uncertain protec
tion, a cheap method of electro plat
ing; steel with rust proof metal will en
rure longer life to all forms of steel
construction and Inoreased safety to
tha .PUbUfc;v-5S!;.V::v.Va;5:.? i
:asterh and western
! t ... ...... ,.'.,-. ! h-l' y
j f v Oscar Colpltt who Uvea a short dls
! 3 nee from Forest drove, has traded hie
! m c rune ranch 'to a resident of En-
lerprlBe, Wallowa county, for 177 acres
f irriraUd land la the vicinity of En-
trprlsa Colpltf a holdings conslat of
El acres, and la the trade he sold SI
crea at the rate of $500 aa aore, acres
' at $1000 an acre, and acres at $(00.
I i n. acre.' All of this land is 1ft prunes,
t ihouah only a portion of it is In bearing
j j ondltioni the rest being but on year
1 ? hi. imp aoxves 10 musiraie in vaiue
f Crenon prune land.; Mr. Colpltt
j : o"'.ht the place four years ago, and
1 st . from making a living oa it dur-
! . x um time he has cleared over $4000.
: ::AT0R-UNEmL
fVnator Harry Lan has wired The
.urnul to state that any on desiring
vfinraent vegetable or flower seeds Is
:tl to write him at Waahlngton, D.
.. ntsttnf what seeds ar desired, Th
t of coUecUng these seeds front the
, - mental axperlnent etaUona ha
t 1 "in completed, and th products
. at th disposal of th people, j
r said; to be probable
.. $ s. " 1
t: . -o.,V ' , '
' - i '
' ' -- - - 'iD
' " ' """" ' i's x S I l
1 : r ' ; 'i . !
l " ""' """""r' ' "!
Steel frame of Faciflo Telephone tt Telegraph company. 11-etory build
v , -j loght Park and Oak streets. ' .. 1 ''-'
One Near, Roseburg and Other
Near Marquam Are Given
Tests by Experts.";
BuDeUn 121. recently Issued br the
tJhited- BUta Geological survey, eon-
tains the following report on Portland
ement deposits in Oresoni v 0 fw M ,
. -wear Bosshurg. Ponglas oountv. four
miles from the Southern Paclfio t rail.
road. deposits of lnneatona anl ah.l.
have recently bean investigated by pri-
vai paruea ana u flats noted below
piaced at tne disposal of the survey.
no limestone is a dark gray 1 fine
grained aense rocx. out hv muv uni
of calolte. (The ahale is a vrv hard
dark (ray material and is also cut by
nne seams ox calotte v. i rs jv
"Tha raw materials are reported: to be
ample In quantity and of uniform com
position. Coal and water Dower ant also
said to ba not far distant, and tha to
pography is favorable to tha construc
tion of a reservoir for, collecting sur
face water from tha surrounding hill a
Tha composition Of .llmeatena n
shale Indicate . that they should be
mixed la ' the proportions of annnm.
mately 40 pounds of the former to 100
pounds . of the latter.. . Tha raw,, ma
terials were ground and burned to a
clinker in an experimental rotary kiln,
and ths clinker was ground to such s
fineness that ( par cent passed 100
mesh sieve and (S per cent passed too
mesh sieve, " The initial set began in
two hours and set hard after four hours.
"An Impure limestone having nearly
tha composition of a cement rock un
derlies a narrow area of perhaps 100
seres - about a mile from Marauam.
Clackamas county. The cock considered
to be workable ranges from 10 to Si feet
thick, The locality is about lx miles
from the Southern Paclfio railroad.
' "Near Dallas, ; Polk county, I.t miles
from the Southern Paclfio railroad, ia
a small deposit of sllloeous limestone
overlying basalt The deposit is lentic
ular, nss been drilled to depths of !
to to fast and is 100 to 1500 feet wida
Chemical analysis shows that It carries
IS to tl per cent of silloa, 4 to 11 per
cent of Iron oxide, B to I nor cant of el.
bumlna, ( to Tt per cent of carbonate
wma. ann a.ia w a.e per cent of
Ford Automobile plant pnder cont
aniorceo; concreU conttructloa and will cost approximately $100,000, " . , . - -
Premises Require Five Days to
Ride Around .Only 6000 of
: 25,000 Acres Cultivated. :
" Tha farm of Joseph O. Thompson, lo
cated In th , famous "black heir of
South'AIa,bma:ots said to be the larg
est ih the world, IV comprises 18,000
acres and Is aald to, be the moat fertile
Und in this country.'; If this farm ware
cut lnto clty.lots, there would be 00.-
000, enough to build a city of 1,400.000
Inhabitants, Crurlng six, to the family.
Two hundred miles of wire encloses
the farm, . it takes the man who in
spects the fence nvs days to ride around
it on horseback. , To properly care for
the farm 1200 are employed, who with
their families, make a population larcar
wan tne average AJanama city. Two
hundred and thirty ploughs are always
In use, - -,v y.;, .,-,- ;"V..v-...iv.
AH the farm is not under cultivation.
Just now only 1000 acres are planted.
In aa ordinary season this yields 1500
bals of cotton, 15,000 bushels of corn,
i,ooo nuoneis of oats, f 00 tons of
hay, (00 tons of alfalfa and 11.000 gal
lon of syrup. Beside all this there
are on the farm 100 bead of cattle and
nearly as many hogs. .-..., ...y-oivv.
Mr. Thompson is called the king farm
er of Alabama. ; There are cattlemen in
the west and ia other parts of the world
who own more acres, but they are mere
ly pasture and not farms. , v y- ,
s Pelican Bay Lodge, the famous east
ern Oregon summer home of the late 8.
K. Harriman, has been subdivided and
is to be sold to people dealring to es
tablish summer homes in that delight
ful region - in ? Klamath county. The
property now, belongs to W. P. and 8. Q.
Johnson, who have had It surveyed Into
waterfront lot and acre tract a. ..:
bonate at magnesia. This rock could be
used for Portland cement manufacture
Onlv hv mix In It with a hlrh nlxlnm
oar-stone such as that af Roseburg.
ruction at East Eleventh and Division
Ladd Estate Co. v Makes; Sale
-for$21,500r Other Realty
.": .Transactions ,
; Much more than the average volume
of realtv dealing was reported last
weosythe dally average of tranaf era
rued for record exceeding 180,000 for
tne ,nrst time since the early sum'
mer. win . priced reaidence proper
ties preaommatea la the Ceallnr.
The moat Important aale of the week
was c that purchased by Jacob Rosen
thal of the aast half of lota 1 and t,
in block tP. city, comprising a full
lot at the southwest corner of Colum
bia and Broadway The property was
soldi by the Ladd Estate company f or
f 11.800. ':V ':. 51 k 4 ,
Kirk Hoover took title to a Tl foot
tot on Williams avenue near Stanton
treat The site 1 lmoroved with s
business building and. was sold by W.
Mf jsoais f ror i,ooo. " 4
x . A' ajrsj u xrvtagtoa, K ;
It' I Sohmeer sold to N. T. Palmer
tha narth half af .1am II anil IS In
block 17, Irvington. comprising a (0
foot lot Improved and located at the
southwest corner of Bast Twenty
fourth and Tillamook 'Streets:, conald
erauon 17100. ; ' . . - - .
Lot a, block It. Kiasal Park, was
sold by J. 8. Crane to, BL .U' Palfrey
for H.OOO. . This nrofSrty Is located
on th Baa Line road near the termt-
nu of the Montavllla ear Ulna,
Ellers Music House nurchaaed from
John C. Foley a parcel 100 by 100
feet,! located near the . southwest ' cor
ner of Third .and Wood street South
Portland, for 11400.?-
Dr. J. 1 J. panton nurchaaed t It It
100 root lot improved with a modern
dwelling. ' located at the northwest
corner of Bast Eleventh and Thomp
son streets. The property is located
In Xrvlngtoa and was sold by Mrs,
Elisabeth C MoComb for 17000. :
i Mndsaee Property 8018;".,.,
Mrs. Maude B. Raamussen has sold
to Abram T. Wright a house and lot
facing Larch street 100 'feet south
of Mulberry, Ladd's addition, - for
1(500. i u
The Fred A. "Jacobs eomnany renorta
the following recent sales of residence
property! My-.;" "
George W. Baldwin to Mrs, Alice B.
Duniway, a house' and let in Ladd's
addition for " t(250. - , - 1
Hulda Levins to W. B, 1 Wharton, t- f
B. Wharton, t-l
room house at corner of East Twenty-
suth .and ' Caruthars , streets. ., . Con
sideration 15000,
Metropolitan Investment and Un I
provement company to El J. ' Karr, ' t-
room houss In ManitoUt ttOOO. r : u ;:
J. B. Dickover to Welbke Krohn, r
id en Co lot on Portland Heighta, M0 00. j
iu. urans naa aoia w axrs. Tcaoia
Klcea a new house and" 10 by 100
foot lot described as lot II In block
It. piedmont. ConslderaUon 14000.
F. B. Bowman has sold to Elisabeth
Kara Potter lot IT in block 5, Irv
ington, for f 10,500. The lot Is In
proved with- a - modern two story real
dence of 1 attractive type ' which
Just been completed,': .
8aa Francisco, Oct ! 8utro Batha,
the largest swlmnarng baths In the
world, are to be sold under the hammer
November 10 . Baldwin ' Howell have
been aathorised to carry out the ar
rangements for the aaje and the prop
erty will pass into the possession v of
the highest bidder and go forever out
of tha bands of the heirs of Adolph Su-
too. .0.,-.-yv Ve . - V
The" property te' be disposed of1 y
(he Sutro heirs Includes the buildings
and tanks, frean. water springs.
chlnary, power house and all the equip
ment. . The property- covers approxi
mately eight acres of land. The . mu
seum may also be sold.
With the defeat laat year of the nron-
esltlon to have the city Uk over the
property, the last hop ef the people
ever aequirlnf the grounds and the.
famous Heights" vanished and tha
many Sntro heirs clamored for a divis
ion of the esUte, and now the baths
are to be sold at public auction.
FroereaslTesl Are Btur,',.
Walla Walla. WashJ Oct 18-Offteara
of the . Progressive league of Walla
Walla county have been elected, and the
work for the coming yaar ha. been ba
gun .sin vearnestyfiThe offioers v-ares
President E. R. Orm.bee; vice president
BL H. Nixon 1 secretary. Mrs. J. CL HnrsI
poolt treasurer, T. a Elliott Meeting
ef the league will be held monthly, ,
The questloa of transferring the na-
tlonal headquarters of the Journeyman
Tailors union front Bloomlngton, X1L,
10 inaisuapous, ma., nas been left to a
referendum vot of the members.
streets. The etructuro Is of xe-
4vort ut a I ri
' l 4ttn fUTensat, (SrAX j I X l
a0O aavouMP 1
eieHN KCToei , joofo
t tMOeaawa
f r- ia-a .1 M A
It A$' ".m '-
S 81800 ' l
3 , :?
"Iv'"' tV iaoOeaeue,l J , ,
tl dfOoHO , I
1. . a 1 . a 1 r
I "T"T 1 t
tt 1 9 880 aeeuap 1 ' . I 5 l
J . war 11 f. - I
111 11' ,r . ir . a 1 1 " 1 ; v,
1913 hseesament of BubdJvlfiloDj ,ln
, . . - park. r . .i- t
Tha - elevated east aide v section on
either side of Belmont street, and ex
tending eastward from East Fifty-fifth
street to Mount Tabor. Is attracting
mora than ordinary - attention among
that - class- cf Portland resident who
are able to . maintain expensive homes.
One . sale, was recently mada In that
district at approximately 1150 a front
root, yet none of it is assessed zor
tnora than 1S a foot. 1, J,
Tha Laldlaw home, a block too leet
square,: located on the' north' id of
Belmont at East Fifty-eighth street,
was sold laat weak to Dr. J. N. Coghv
lan for.-14,000. : Assuming - that the
improvements are worth 116,000, the
Representative of New Garton
' Foundation Declares Armies
;and Navies Are Ruinous. -: .
Bernard Noel Langdon-Bavles, M. JL,
of Cambridge university, who la making
a four months', tour of Americs, in the
S. a Sh.-'MM Vwaawllasla ' WslAaa tfhfa
-rZ" - -TT
IMuon, "e wf'V
London, is to be In Portland November
if and it. He wiU lecture against war
at Reed College and other places in the
city. ' ' ' vM'-vy: y1"'?.; v '
Several years ago a book entitled The
Au minion" wu nubllshed by Nor
man AnxelL aa English journalist real-
dent in Paria, Blnoe that tlm hun-
kflreds of thousands of people nave reaa
Ensnano. TJZZZZ
TO organisauon waa . lormw j
-MBW"?VrTJ v Ir?,7.
the Right Honorable lSS
mw. 'ifV' P!S
manent member of the committee t
imnarial defense: Sir Richard Oarton,
great London banker, and Norman An-
salt -r 1 -. 'Vi";y""'.
Today, tnrougn tne meaiiun m ifo-
turee, international politgr . club and
study circles, the ideas are permeating
the publto mind of England and reach
ing out to Germany, France and other
European countrlea. It Is to promulgate
these t vlewa .that . Mr. Langdon-Davies
has com t our country.. .......
Xrmoaa Armaments Bulanua.
His . message Is thla: ; Th civilised
nations of the earth are today ruining
themaelve with their enormous armies
and navies. In Europe, as In America,
the burden of taxation is ever oa the In
crease, and the mass of that taxation Is
for- war, and the munitions ox war,
neither of which will benefit the 11 ves
of the peoples. All sane men who think
are aarreed so far.
Hitherto there have been two sets Of
proposals for solving the difficulty.
Either th nation- must arm. in accord
anee with the militarist Idea, cr it must
follow the old plan of the older pacific
ists, who teach the doctrine of brotherly
The new plan accepts neither of these
two positions although it recognises th
good points contained In the old pacific
ist plan. It presents the conception of
a new pacificism, and It 1 thlt 'War
is Billy, and. armaments' are ailly, be
cause y today civilised nations cannot
reach by them the objects for which
they go to war." It then sets cut. to
prove on a purely eoonomlo basis and in
a purely logical manner thatlwar da-
feats ts -own purpose. , Mr. Langdon-
Danes nas epitomised u thus: y r
WTiy Defense Is trnnooessary.
"All nations of the world ate arming.
and all assert that they are arming in
self-defense. Defense Is unneceaaary,
unless some on la going to attack. No
one will attack, unless he has a motive
for attack. The only possible motive is
the desire to reap the fruits of con
quest-:' It can be demonstrated that as
between 1 civilized natlona today, there
can be no fruits of conquest that in th
twentieth oentury that it 1 a harvest
that cannot be reaped, v .- . .
. "If that faot can be ahown blearlv to
Jhe putllo mind' of all nations, then
presto! the motive for attack, the need
for defense, the burden of armaments,
tha dangers of war Will have vanished.
and th stag will be dear for coopera
tion, ror tn arbitration of disputes, for
T, kte P
, m sioo m
H haakV r
- liOO sun .:
m 1
8 st400oawwMo
824 00. eaewnn'
8a50a;owiO "
5cvh er
Bell wood and Mount Tabor Central
price Of .'the ground would ba I1O.000,
while the assessment Is but IfitOO, or
about IT "per cent of Its actual valua
Tha Pabneykblock, 171 by tOO feet,
on the opposite side of Belmont from
the Laldlaw home, - Is 'understood to
he held at' lto.000. It la .asseasod at
13600. The 200 feet immediately - west
of the - Laldlaw block, belongins; to
J. a Cook, is assessed at $4800. Its
market .value i probably not lesa than
four times, the aasessed , valua Tha
400 , feet of Belmont frontage belong
ing to Harriet Clarke is assessed at
111 a. front foot It Is not believed
that any. of the Clark property could
be purchased for less than 160 a foot
th united action to police undeveloped
or rebellious peoples, and, more than all,
for mankind's true war, the war with
Nature, with th planet on which ha
lives, with ths" social problems engen
dered by vioe, ignorance, disease and all
the .mysterious forces which . spread
enough misery already, among the great
ramiiy of mankind. . , ; -' -
"The. new pacificists cay th Interna
tlonal policy today Is almost Invariably
based Upon Illusions. Illusion - whioh
are evidenced1 by such false notions as
that colonies are owned and can, there
fore, be captured, that by annexing pop
ulated , territory,' the annexing nation
gains, that armaments 1 guarantee to
make trade, that war preserves a virile
race, that war can be made to pay by
the exaction of tribute of Indemnity.
Every one of these propositions the new
pacificists deny, and are prepared to
bring conelualv proof against them."
Mr. Leagdon-Davie: engagements tn
America are under the direction of the
American Association for International
Conciliation. President Foster, of Reed
College, has charge of his engagement
In Portland, and has arranged for him
to speak at the assembly at Reed Col
leg Tuesday, November II, at 11 o'clock.
At 11:10 he is to address a Joint lunch
son' of the Commercial, Rotary and Ad.
clubs, ths "Realty Board, and th Pro
gressive Business Man's league, at the
Commercial Club. ? H will talk at $
o'clock at 'the ' Portland Academy, and
at l a. m. at Washington high school
On Mondsy, November IT, he wll de
liver a ' lecture at the public library.
This lecture will be under the auspices
of the Oregon Peace society.
' Presldsnti WUIlaa . I, ..roster .-left
Wednesday evening for a tour of the
northwest. During his trip he will visit
seversl Institutions of higher learning,
and win make addresses at Washington
Btat college, UnlvrUy - of : Idaho,
Spokan County - Institute. Washington
State : Normal and Washington State
George B. Vincent president of the
University of Minnesota, is 'to bo the
Raise Yoiir Children
under your own roof
, Add, to your social and buisness ; prestige by
' living in your own home. 1 . ' ; '
":;And at no greater monthly outlay while pay-' "
Jngr for it than thefent of. an apartment or flat with
double the comfort - 1 ' 1 r , '
' You may ' have your $ own , home; now in any r
part of the city you desire , V ,,'
Learn of this plan in a few brief words and
you will be confident of complete satisfacti6n. And (very
. statement- all materials and all workmanship Is guaran- '
teed backed by the moral, and the financial ability of the
officers of , , - . J " , .
mi T rtV 'T-K al 1
. 1405 Yeon Eldg., Fifth
Oliver K. Jfeffery, Pres. , ,
Old ' McCurdy ; Place, "H Near
Brownsville, Goes to Wis
,,conSln'Man. ;
' Oeorg W. Edward has ' traded hi
til aore farm on. Bruah Creak near .
Brownsville, formerly the McCurdy
place, , to : Julius Marx,' ef Wsupauoa,
Wisconsin, (or Mr. Marx's 1X0 acre farm
in Wisconsin. Th deal was made Tues- '
day and Involved $14,800. Mr. Edwards
and family will move to "Wlsconela at
once and lit. Marx end family will be come
Oregon residents. - ' 1
, 4.'-..-f.,i mi, ,,- S 7" . '
"William V L'PPert A Junction City
blacksmith,' recently sold a' $80 acr
farm located near that plaoe, to Henry '
Korad, a Chicago investor, for $16,100, '
or $60 an acre.! The buyer plana to Im
prove th place with a fin country res- ,
idence which he will occupy for a sum-
mer home. . 1 .,-.'
R. B. Green, a farmer from Sprague v
Waah., has purchased $10 acres of -land ft
located near Burn. Mr. Green 1 a prac
tical farmer and will at once develop hi r
Burn ranuh. . The property waa .sold
by th Oregon eV Washington Colonlsa- .
tion oompany,
speaker at ths assembly ef November X
Tti Piimnt ICvanta nlub mat Wadnea-
day and disoussed the several questions
which are to be voted on at the elec
tion November 4, ' The club Is an organ
isation ofr college alrla devoted to , the
study of current , aetivltlee and prob
lems In the social and political realm.
The Comus club held , Its opening
dance Friday evening. It was the most
suooeaaful affair of Its kind over given
at Reed. ' The -college . reception . hall
was used for the occasion. Tasty re
freshments were served. The oommlt-i
tea In charge waa Kenneth Tomllnaoa,
tloward Barlow and Joyce Kelly. :'..,,
Mrs. William Morhoff af thib dty
has purchased ths fine ranch at Waah- -ongal,
Clarke county, Waah., formerly
betlontidg to C H. Mahon. Th proper
ty was sold at publio auction at Van
couver, Wash, laat Saturday Mrs.-Jkf.or,
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