The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 26, 1913, Page 13, Image 13

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Store' Opens
Insured against loss, fire, theft
and ; destruction, for five years.
Sold , in Portland Exclusively by
Meter & Frank, i
All Charge Purchases Tomorrow Go
on November Account, Payable Dec. 1st
20 OFF
Immense Assortment y
rirrt rioo-Ttv BuUdlBf
5:30 R
UII CTORtSifftRTllNlJrtJ--""-"
4 ftfrH.SlTH.M0nBli0.LOST JJf , ,
V V 1
7Vo Matter Where You Shop
i Shop Early!
' Soon very soon In fact, Christn'us'will dawn again. .
Less than seven weeks remain in which to prepare for
I - ' that gladsome day, and again this year we urge every -
man, woman and child everywhere to assist in the, en
, ; ' Ueavor to ease the rush of Christmas shopping. (
' Think what a great benefit-could be : given; to ; the
; millions of salespeople throughout this Iaji4 if every ;
man, womaif and child would appoint himself or her
.'I''- self a committ of m to do their own shopping. rly
Think what a relief to the i shoppers ' themselves to '
: be able to select at leisure the many thoughtful Gifts .
they'll plan 'to bestow on dear friends and. relatives, as
- jt tokens of "Peac$ on Earth-rGood Will to Menli,.
' ' Consider your own Individual" case .''; and 'apply iber
', V timely suggestion "No Matter 'here You Shopj
Shop Early." Imbue your; neighbor with ..that most
' thoughtful spirit, and you'll be 'a great factor In send- ,
. :. ing happiness to many and ndne-will be too fatigued : .
V " ' to enjoy to the fullest extent the Merry Christmas Day; y
V sk the co-operatton of every store In Portland
-o .'to further this shop -early movement - and 'wnw
urge No Matter Wbtn lou ono onop.iwij. ),.... ;;.(
5)lO.UU to ZO.UU r
200 modish one-piece Dresses
f are . in this " group and when the -
women of .Portland tt - these -Dresses
- at such an exceptionally
low price, there'll be a great de-
man d for them. Included tin the ;.
200v dresses are prettily fashioned '
models of Eponge, Poplin, Brocade, .
Serge, JJedford Cord and - Broad
cloth, in plain and fancy weaves;
also stripes, checks ' and ' plaids.
Among ' thevmany distinctive and
charming' styles .shown here are
some plain tailored Dresses, some
, made in he popular new Eton ef-
feet. 'With lace vest,' and others in
combination styles wlfh plain blue ?
serge coatee and plaid skirts. In ,
sizes 16 years to 40 bust measure. -.
These Dresses are' splendid at
the a original price 18 .to 25
and for this special sale we're'
offering you your chojee tomorrow
for, only $12.43. 1
New Waists, Worth , $7.50 to $11,
Only $5.85
to 111 Is the regular price of
these exquisite creations of Chiffon,
Crepe, Moire, Messaline, Net and Lace
and for this sale we'll give you unre
stricted .choice for only $S.85.
' We've Just received this new line of
Waists, and V"-they're in a - beautiful
array of 'the p: very latest styles . and
popular , colors. Many, of the Chiffons,
Nets, and Laces are made over linings
of net, colored chiffon and ribbons, while
some of the Crepes and Poplins are ac
cordion pleated, with yoke and vests of
net and lace and Bulgarian silk. ' The fa
vored ' frills form the collars on many.
Either' long or short sleeves are shown.
Specially priced at, each,. $3.85.
Fai VelocipeiJes and
Handkars !
to stand the wear and abuse that
jCnuartn win always give sucn,
an article and at the same'
time are scientifically construct
ed so that in ridintr them the
' child unconsciously assumes' a '
correct position. Their wearing qualities are unsurpassed and the
-prices are right. : ,r,j- . J
" !TB TSl)COTinBXS--rurni8he(i: amusement for boy tinder ny ind all
conditions. It's well made with tires of 1-inch cushloji ruhbBr- huha
and pedals with full ball pt,5T
1 "Fairy" Tloolpdfo ljojrs from 3 to 4 Taara Sacli tl A KA
Hv a 'PU-7" V.looipd. (or boy, of 8 years bob7 SfH'fift
r.H. "Fairy" Vloolp.a fo boy j of e ysMiZsMb' SlSftX
Ha. "Piry" Vslodnad. fo hail SLZ i J - i,' . V ' SIS-l'i:
1 1 i - rTA ZZ ifij" 1.1 ,'.'nroun ,ne "m" motions as rowlna-.-,
It ia a hand propelled Machine, steered w th th tt mnA MTanUmlhl 1
inunrie develooer. It' mibatnntiniiv rhnii, .i.. ' r-i i r " ' i
lnieiied in Maroon with silver strip
n propelling lever and cross bar.
lntv Priced at SJ.2.00,
built with a steel frame, steel
m Maroon with silver strip
riftb riooiw. MaU Snlldlnar i
Opportunities in the
Drapery Departtift
PORTIERES rady made, in a, viriety "of
, desirable colorr-' ' ; ; .
$100 Portieres, special price, pair $2.00
$5.00 Portieres, special price, pair S 53.50
$8.50 Portieres, special price, pais $3.25 ;
COUCH COVERS Tapestry, in' Verdure de-
;."rsignseraarkably;?;'godd :ilc6vers3 reducedt
i'$iramr $2.50to
TABUS cuyiK5 l apestry, greauy reduced
H00 fiOiri; Square Oriental Cvrt, S2.'85f
' t ? ' Kit; rTaa" Third Tloor Mala BaUdlna-;
$6.00 French
" They will iappeal to every woman, these French f
I hand-made Gowns ' that are ' beautifully made of
' fine,- -sheer ; nainsook, "n with , small, hand-made
tucks,and exquisitely: embroidered in floral and
i eyeletdesigns. 'The short' sleeves are- hand-em-'
broidered and scalloped, the scalloping, also fin
ishing the low neck. These Gowns are splendid-7
.ly made," extra wide and Jong, and, have double
vokes. . in , the ".back.. .Unusually 'attractive
P Gowns-and at' the price we are offering them
, ior. inis weeic oniy-qx.v--an opportunity , tnai
',wiir be appreciated by women j whose taste runs'
toward ;the dain in underwear' , ''' . V
These lovely Gowns sell always at $6.00anrl
,c ire specially, reduced for this week to, each $3.79
: . S Kslw 4 rnttt-lNH Hoot Wsw BuUdlaf
JL 1;V V
Seietlie Untisual Hahd
Four Large Fifth -Street ; Windows.'
Forty-two different f styles 5 Ini
tialed Handkerchiefs for men. Buy.
Handkerchiefs NOW for Christ
mas Gifts.. ; --r!'-':.
Women . and Children
LOT NO. 1Children' 5c School
Handkerchiefs In a large range of
colored borders; as .well a in. all
white. Splendid Handkerchiefs for
school children that sell, regularly
at 5c priced " for this . sale, OA
the doren 30c--each V,
LOT; NO. abrnen'a and Chili
dren's -7c to ,10c Handkerchiefs
A great aseortment of fine mercer
' ued cotton . Handkerchiefs, in
hite, also a new linene Handker
chief, that sells regularly from 7c to
10c. each. Priced for this sale, ffp
the dozen 50o each. ; . . . . ... .
LOT NO. 3 Women's 12c Em
broidered Handkerchiefs A "great
assortment of linen and lawn em
broidered initial Handkerchiefs in
old. English and block initials
that sell regularly at ' 12c. Special
for this sale, the doaen l i ftp
each . . . . . . ' "'r-J;
LOT NO. 4 Women's 17c Em
broidered Corner Handkerchiefs,
An immense assortment in sheer
linen, - lawn ' and fine Swiss, with
single , embroidered corners in a
large- variety of dainty patterns.
. And do you know Vvhat you wll have to choose from? - The largest and'
.OXnipletQssiment of Handkerchiefs for men; women and children
:.;eye.r.Vgatnered tetnerj$inder ' one' roof in this greats Northwest; .- Isn't thatt
an' advantage "( .worth considering1, We thjnk. "so. 1- And when' youi see this
vast collection ydull think so too.'y" ' '. " r. .'. -t' .
? From Ireland and France, Switzerland, Germany and many other distant
countries 'they've; come directly to:this store,to be' distributed to the people
of Portland. Heaps of .snowy linen embroidered, plain, and novelty effects
the dainty, the sheer, and the practical at any" price you, may desire from
3c t6 $50.00.1' It is1 impossible to give you anadequate idea of the magnitude
of this great collection of Handkerchiefs,, but come, and' let us show them
to you, and quote" you the prices at' which, they will be sold during this
Great Handkerchief Sale. - ' , r r s
LOT, NO. 9 Women's New One
and Two-Inch Hem Handkerchiefs
First Fall showing of these new
Handkerchiefs, Pure linen, witb
one and two-inch hemstitched bor
ders, r Plain ; and with " hand-em-,
broidered ; initial , corners, ,, K a
'Specially priced this sale, ea.iMt''.
LOT NOv 10 Women's Hand
Embroidered Initial Handkerchiefs
A wonderful assortment' of at
tractive patterns, hand-embroidered
initials in 'plain and fancy letters.
Male Entries Wow for the I3tb Animal Doll Show
To Be Held Here Oct 30th, 3ht and Norr 1st
Entries for 'the Doll. Show will close Wed-
riesday, October 29th at, 5.30 p. m., so every
Doll that is to be included in this -great
Doll Show which wilt be the largest one
ever held on .the Pacific - Coast should be
entered by that time.. Eighteen prizes will
, be; awarded 4 cash' -and 14 merchandise,
church, societiesiind charitable institutions
receiving three of the cash prizes, ; - '
- Enter the DOLLS NOW! , , ' ?
These Handkerchiefs. Hell regularly
at 17c 1 Priced special for " O
4his saleeach 4.'....". Aiv
LOT NO. 1 5 Women's 20c Sham
rock 1 Lawn and Linen , Handker
chiefsWe are including our entire
stoek ..tot i these '' Handkerchief s,rin
the new ' spinning w4eJ Sutorhe,
-Amriswyl and Cloister effibroidered
designs, that 'sell regularly at 20c. ;
. Priced specially (; for . this :"
sale, each.'i. . . -.V.Vv .;.V.:,'.
LOT N0. 6-Women's 25c and 3&
Swiss Handkerchief s High - grade
Handkerchiefs, : with ' hemstitched
and . embroidered , edges.- An im
mense assortment for selection of
Handkerchiefs that sell always at
25c. and 35c. ; Special, price Ol
for this sale, each i i . , s , . , , lJLV;
LOT. NO.. 7 Women's Linen
Handkerchief a to 65c Values In
hand-embroidered initials and fine
linen cross-bar hemstitched Hand"
kerchiefs. In" sheer, medium and
heavy weight '.linenk' r These Hand
kerchiefs": sell; regularly to 07
65t Priced this sale, each Ql V
LOT NO. a-Women'a 65c' to 75c
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs Hand
embroidered and hand hemstitched
Handkerchiefs in white and colored
novelties, selling regular at "65c
and 75c Special for this AOn
sale only, 3 for $1.25 each OL
Handkerchiefs for Men and Boys
LOT 1 Men's Fancy Colored 12c
Kerchiefs A splendid collection of
fancy colored, Handkerchiefs, in a
' variety'of neat patterns 'and pretty
colors. Specially priced : for A p
this sale each ... .i..i.
LOT 2 Men's 3 for 25c- Hem
stitched Kerchiefs A selection 6f
good, serviceable Kerchiefs,'; with
Y to VS-mch hemstitched borders.
They're of white banded material
and specially priced fpr this
sale at each . , , . . tJlv
LOT i Men's . Fancy Colored
12J4C Kerchiefs Kerchiefs of high
grade fancy colored Lawn, in a va
riety of pleasing colors. - Specially
suitable for fancy work,,.' Regularly
selling at 121c each". ,, Spe- Vr
dally priced at each .......
LOT 4 Men's 12c Initial Ker
chiefs Good, durable , white Ker
chiefs with ; j4-inch hem. Block
initials' in wide assortment.; lfandr
kerchiefs; that sell ordinarily at
12c each. Special for; th)s 0
laaleriach!; i&fyft. .i'f.-Q
!.",',lvlf':K1,f,'?,!s, ''j' .;' ,f
LOT 5 Men's Pur Linen Hand
kerchiefsSplendid '; Kerchiefs of
pure Linin. In white, 4-inch hem
stitched borders. Special " A
LOT. 6 Men's 20e Handkerchiefs
Full-sized Handkerchief with .
anH J-i-inch hems. .Of pure linen,
in white only. Special, "J 0f
each ' .'. . . . ; . ...... '' '
LOT 7 Men's Cross-Bar ' Ker
chiefsFine, grade Cotton Cross-
Bar Kerchief: with corded bor-
dejfsV' 4-inch hems. : . Full size;?
specially priced for this "I 0 ;
sale each ;..... AW2i
. LOT 8 Men's 25c Colored Plaid
Kerchief s-i-Novelty Kerchiefs in a
variety bf fancy stripes in harmon
izing colors J-inch hero.' Yout
choice 6f these 25c Kerchiefs, durr
ing - this;': great sale, for . " 0A
, only- ii .t i ?yrrt:x t Ufy, . AMiy.
LOT 9-en's 25cf lire Linen
Kerchiefs Of excellent v quality
pure Linen," in i wnite , ana s
VI llljg iui
:i" 17c
Priced for this sale, each, Qyt OJf
from 25c to, , tyJLLO
LOT NO. ; 11 Women's Spanish
Embroidered 'Handkerchiefs In
daintily embroidered and punch
work designs. A great showing, all
new merchandise. Priced, Kf
each,, from 35c to., fJlXttll
Boxed 'Handkerchiefs ,
LOT NO. 122-Children'a . Plain
White Handkerchiefs i- in dainty,
holly, poinsettia and rose boxga,
containing three plain white, hem
stitched handkerchiefs. Spe- "I Og'
daily priced this sale, Box. .
LOT NO. 13 Children's Bordered
Handkerchief in pretty ; litho
graphed boxes 3 in a box-r-daintjr
colored-borders.V Priced for " K'
this ?ale box ,;',;;....; . XtlV
,' "1l " , ' , " " , v
suitable', - for - embroidering for
Christmas Gifts. ; Special
at, 3 for 50c each
LOT 10 Men's 25c Linen Hand-chiefs-They're
of pretty cross-bar
Linen, with -inch hem. .Full size;
. dainty and neat and most suitable
, for gifts. Kerchiefs regularly sell
ing at 2Sc. ' Special for this IQa
sale each , . . ; v, ; , . "XaU
LOT 11 Men's 50c Pure Linen
' Kerchiefs Fine quality, pure white
"Linen full size Handkerchiefs.
Sheer and fine and of splendid
wearing ; qualities4 ' and flinch
hemstitched border. Spe. OfZg
cially priced at each a5nJC
LOT 12 Men's Linen Initial Ker
chiefsPure ' Linen Kerchiefs of
fine quality. .Initial embroidered
in .corner. Put." up in boxes 6 fo
the box. , 'A box of . these ' sheer
white Kerchiefs makes a pleasing
gift Specially.' priced" at, OK
the box $1.35 each .t.,..; AOK
LOT 13 Men's New Style' Initial
. Kerchiefs Fine white Cotton
Handkerchiefs, with J-inch hem.
"Ifull size. They've the new and
popular long initials in one corner.
LOT NO. f; 16-ChUdren's Initial
Handkerchiefs Packed' 3 in an at
tractive lithographed box. . Splen
did Handkerchiefs.' Priced,
I. the box
LOTNO. 14 Women's Sheer
Lawn Handkerchiefs Packed one
in a dainty Christmas box. .Sheer
lawn, hemstitched embroid- " A
ered IJandkerchief box.., . JLUi
LOT NO.' x 15 Children's Initial
Handkerchief s In any letter.
Packed three 'in a box. , A. great
assortment for .r selection. "J A-,
Priced, the box ....... Ayl
LOT - NO. 17 Children's .Picture
Handkerchiefs One for each day
Of the week. $ Novelty Handker
chiefs for boys and girls. - Packed
in dainty boxes of 7.' Priced
at, the box ;..;;,.. . f
LOT NO. '18 Women's I, Fancy
Swiss ' and Lace-Trimmed "''Hand
kerchiefsAn assortment, of three
packed in handsome holly litho
graphed .boxes, v Priced,
the box
LOT NO. 19 Women's Handker
chiefs, Box of 6 In six assorted
styles and patterns- some' em
broidered, some , initialed packed
ready for - use box of 6. Ff
Priced at ...... ...i OVK,
;V ' ' ' ' .
boxes of .6 to the bqx.
LOT NO. 20-Women's Pure' Lin
en -Embroidered Handkerchief s
Handsomely embroidered corners,'
a large assortment ol designs. ,
Put up in
Specially priced for this sale iQn
at the box .V.
LOT- 14 Men's Japanette Silk
Kerchiefs--Soft Kerchiefs? of Jap
anette Silk, with initial corners, 1
inch ; hem. Full-sized, Handker
chiefs put Up in boxes 6 to a box.'
They make pleasing gifts. '
Speciat, the box .;...,...W lOt
LOT , 15 Boys' Linen Initial' Ker
chiefs Of special size, suitable for
boys. , They're of white linen, with
initial corner. All initials. Put up
in boxes of 6 to box. Spe- r7C
cial for this sale, te box... if Ot
LOT' 16 Men's Purs Linen Box
Kerchiefs Extra fine, quality, sheer'
and i soft. ' .In plain , white. Full
size.'. Pure ' linen Kerchiefs 6 to
box specially priced r "QQ
this great sale--at, the-box QJL
LOT, 17 Men's Inial Box.Ker
chie f s--Fine . quality , Iwn Hand-:
kerchiefs,' with self-striped border;
Handsome block initial in corner,
Ji-inch liemu Box of 6. Spe- OQp
cial at T OVlr
LOT 18 Men's Pure Linen Box
Kerchiefs You may choose those
Patked, three .different designs in ,
a prettily lithographed box. Price,
complete, 69c. Also box of 6 em?
broidered llandkerc.h i e f CQ
Priced at
LOT NO. 21 Emoroidered Shanv
tock Lawn Handkerchiefs Packed'
In pretty lithographed boxes 3 or :
6 assorted patterns. 'Spe- 7K
cially priced, the box ' ;
LOT NO. 22 Donegal and Cloister-
All-Pure Linen Handkerchiefs
Hand-embroidered and in dainty,
cross-bar linen, with r fancy; .script
initial letters Ji-inch herns. .Put
up in boxes of 3 assdrted patterns.
Specially priced for this
event, the box
LOT NO. 23 Women's Purs Lin
en and Real Lace Handkerchiefs
"Embracing f our entire stock of
high-grade pure linen and real lace
embroidered ' Handkerchiefs in '
the Madeira, Bretonne. Appenzelle
Princess, and real : Armenian lace
edges. An immense assortment of .
wonderful patterns and materials, '
that sell regularly from 2.00 to
8(50.00 . each. For . this Great
Handkerchief Sale-20 OFF. .
,"' - ,,' ' s
with the initial in new long design
or the plain Kerchiefs to embroid
er. Put up in boxes 6 to the box. i
Specially priced at only, the (fV
LOT 10 Men's; Plain Linen or Ini-'
tial Kerchiefs Tliis , lot includes
the plain Linen Handkerchiefs;
also every new style initial made. '
Among others, you'll find the new
long initial Block Initial Open '
Embroidery Initial-f-Colored ' and
Scroll Initials. Extra fine quality
Kerchiefs, a p e c i a 1 1 y OK ,
priced at-4ox of six.. VI V JLOeJ
LOT 20 Men's Purex Linen Box'.
Kerchlefs-Yfify 'me quality pure
Linen with Initial in corner or
plainsyle W V and 1 J4-in. hems. ..
Full size. ' Put up in ' boxes 6 to
the box. Specially priced for OKg ';
this safe, box $1.75 each OtIU
LOT 21 Men's Plain . or Initial ;
Kerchiefs Of pure linen J,, J4 V ,
and 2-inch hems; v Also an assort-,.
ment of.beautiful.'lnitial Handker-rr-;
chiefs in Colored Initials Script
Initials--Block Initials Long' Inl-, (
tials and many other kinds. ft(ly
Box of 6 $2.75 each.... . 03
$30 Genuine Spanish Leather
Rocker or- Chair with loose
cushion. 'Just like: illus-'OO"!
(ration. Specially priced V--a.
' $50 Genuine Morocco: Leather
Kocker just like . illustration.
Brown, green ; or POO KYI
red. Special ;.;; ; Jt)5.0U
" J JEI '1?,riiJ IV'J
' $25 Genuine Spanish Leather
Covered Rocker just as illus
trated. Comfortable C- Q OK
and attractive. Sp'K V AO&0
ti 'St . T II I UfcTHi I r S1BS X ''''
: ,1 .Mis'
' $35 Genuine Morocco Leather
Chair or Rocker in green only.' '
Just like illustration
(ration.. Specially priced f chalrs to micK VpVclai, 32.J0 H and attractive; Sp'K vXOa-Su jj Specially -priced at VDUf ;jf;
59 Genuine Leather-
, Wtrr.,.y.t --. -: ri
Covered Chairs, Sofas,
'Jt:' . .t : -r
Rockers at Great Re
ductions This Week
Splendid Assortment to Select From
Purchase Furniture on ' Our Club Plan
of Easy Installments