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inform i "
I I I Vi I I I VVm W I'W ll V P till l I N ImmiS I ; W I . ' W II .W W ; W II - II
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(Jo, - LTs? v .
Pli'iuit''G YEARLY TEA
lb L
.-".rrict Where People Are
' J iuiig5 . ....
.'V.O&tlniiKin 1b, In thV'saddle 'throufrh
Wt AsoutiiL-i-Vi ' Oregon,". , was . the way
Ttol KtcttujdtierM put It yesterday morn-
lngr, upon his return from an extended
' X11l'1,ijjrw')?Uvef',n''u,nPua val
. foJioolSi lojamerolal clubs and woman'a
eJiiarrtkrpuiinit the Rogue River val
v lm cnjptgrrtoBvor general meeting
' tfMeeoKk(lc waa held October 15.
Ju1That;uaA'nilon, sontpoee4 of the
, oommandftjg:: tn& ad women of Ash-
Uidv.!.TfliAitj:iMrYord. Central ,Y Point,
v. 4aoartMsi Grants Pass - and .other
Hogue Rivets vAllsy communities, at
Medfbrd,-i'a;' inteney patriot! and
tohti4nmv!t rtjfit,i!' ;;:4,".;;:,-.
"i: 'hrpHGncimHvtm ''tdd, and the price are
alaf fctwry;!' buyere are scouring the
vaileyttfor ail the -fruxlthat the ln
, i. Spectors wlH"jiatis. .-r.vr
-The Rogue Rlrer valley people are
ttaa-cpaffetinK'rfcttid, and they have de
termlried 'to Jmake 1818 ount with new
,pedpl(j' and hV money.- This getting;
' J5?ae0t JhOeoP'e there meant thai
j TO busy-business men left their affairs
i behind and came from Ashland to Med-
ford to jwevf' between 40 and SO just as
' earnest tnsrrana women from Grants
t. Pasa ; : 4-'-.
, '3s W.BplrlS fmillss;''.'
' iAWpottitM ' were' represented. The
. go4 . ItjMbr was , intoxicating, the
,si echest were of the harmony brand,
' ian t. wieSw the meeting closed all the
'for s of tha great southern Oregon
1 1 vah.-vwera a chorus, X ?:-.: ;-
'Nq"-ou want me to tell you what
.. .It waV all about? That's easy. The
- ,people of that valley or abundance have
learned that SO per cent oft the through
'travel Jumps from 6 an Francisco to
; Portland - and Portland to 8an Fran-cfktol-
That nearly all the travel la
from on big city to another big city,
and, that the smaller cities, towns and
Vi rountr jr are passed by unnoticed,
fheiisouthern Oregon-appetite for these
people la keen, and they are 'determined
WBtop them, and bold them. It was
. ' determined at this convention to ask
" the, state for an appropriation not to
exceed 150.000 to maintain an exhibit
f Oregon products at Ashland during;
1011. Yon naturally ask, Why- Ash-
. land r Well, to get to the point quick
Iyf Ashland ha the geography at Ash
land the trains make a longer atop than
at any other station between the Rocky
mountains and the Pacifio ocean. Ash
land is not only a division point, but is
also at the beginning and ending of a
itfng mountain ride, and It takes time
to examine the train equipment both
going and. coming. During- this long
top the tourist can have ample time to
get. deeply 1 no merged In the showing of
Oregon's possibilities and actualities.
j, ' . Well Help Oosvlaoe Them.
. j,rTbere will also be present several
goediOregonlans to herp convince, and
theso' oonvlncera will come from all
farts of tha state.
Ahttand . la the, place where meet
.the "wast and, abandonment of Califor
nia, -with. , the luxury, .v fertility and
. abuMAatioa of Omgoav.,..'. .-.;,..- v..uw -.
vririsia- proper place' for 'such a
rhowing. in 8aa Francisco our splen
414 exhibit, will compete with a thou
sand: other i Attractions, while at Ash
and.tts.wlU not only have tha center,
but the entire stage. To quote tha
language 'of 'Judge 'Colvtg:
" 'H, not b an Ashland exhibit
$6?.4 BOgua JRlver valley exhibit, but
an all-Oregon exhibit' - .
"Norther western stats has such
a thanes' as" Is presented to Oregon.
Mora T real good will be 'accomplished
at Ashland, than at San Francisco.
yrhen4hia.. meeting at Uedford
means another at Grants Pass Thurs
day;' Kovembtf B, and others to follow
In. rapid succession until the , entire
State Is aroused to the absolute neces
sity of Immediate and continued ao
tlon, The traveler coming ,.-wegt to
the Pacifio coast expositions in 11B
must buy his round trip ticket to take
Itii Oregon before he starts from home,
: V we won't get him. The people of
Oregon are to find out that It is up
to them to help bring the people here,
and it is none too soon to start Cali
fornia is generous, but selfish.
J "She will put twenty-five millions of
dollars in her big show and she will
do her utmost to keep all tha people
lthta her own bounds.
i 'California wants tha people to
oome through San Francisco ' and re
turn via Los Angeles, and many of
them will. It Is now $1S cheaper to
. make the trip that : way instead' 4 of
tte Oregon way,' and California' influ-
ance is now at work to increase this
difference to 17.80.
1 1 Air Charged With Oinarer. ,
I !"Now this Is an Intensely tnterest-
: Dig object of trie movement that was
started In Rogue River valley, and
the whole state and the entlra north
west will be brought Into line very
' soon.
ty The financing of the small farmer
w an ever present, purpose. To help
tjie industrious, frugal man . of a few
acre to . buy some cows, hogs " and
ohickena ,' But I will tell you of that
another time.
,1 i"Let me get hack to that Medford
meeting, It was electrical. The air was
Charged with ginger, and as If to set
U more on Our nerves the town was
full of , broker and bankers, v t .
t '"They were there from all the great
alt tea of the country. They .were
5 lddlng upon $500,000 of Jackson
ounty 8 per cent bonds. This half
million is to be used In 'building a
Kard-surfaced V pavement from the
California line across Jackson county
An the wav to Portland
j "Oregon . is v'aotually t putting' Call-
loriiiK 10 uuio,- out Jfc w
great day, and don't let ma neglect
to tell you that those bonds, bearing
Only 6 per cent Interest sold , above
par. Tou know those pesky Rogue
River valley fellows say soma nasty
' things about Portland, but : I was sura
proud or xnem jusi me same.
Attended Big Barbeoae.
"Aftef the convention I 'went to
ftoseburgr and the ; countless beautlea
Of the Umpqua thrilled ma. I was
present at the big gun club barbecue
at Riddle, and what a gathering that
was. The farmers and their . wives
Wore the broadest of smiling smiles.
They .listened to ' me talk, but kept
their eyes upon the venison, , They told
ma of prunes , that netted ; J 500 par
, acre, and other oropa that mad your
Touth water, "'''i'-, 'f-':
Then we went; back to Roseburg
by auto upon tha ' Paolflo . Highway.
The - hills and valleys supplied : a
framework for the winding Umpqua. :
i "The greens of various shades,
mingled with countless browns,' adding
Heightened color to the golden yellows,
and with lung' filled ; with pure, In
vigorating air, I was saturated with
tli hope that all the good folks would
oome to Oregon and share With us Its
Innumerable bounties.
- "In the hospitable Kosoburg Com-'
Garments Will Be Exhibited in
, Connection, With ' Annual
, . Event.
;A11 over the country at this time of
the year the hundreds of : branches of
the Needlework Guild are making their
annual collections of new garments for
tli poor, - . s v ,
The Portland branch Is now arranging
for Its yearly tea and exhibition of gar
ments. This will be held en the after
noon of '' Wednesday, November ' 11,
at the Unitarian church. ! The publle Is
cordially invited to attend and to meet
the officers and directors of the guild.
This organization being wholly non
sectarian and limiting its activities to
tha' collection and distribution once a
year of new clothing makes a very wide
appeal. -..k, y.'x .;, if i.i"? t J. t-i : , t't
The Portland branch made a special
Collection of garments for the Dayton,
Ohio, flood sufferers. In April chey sent
on nine cases containing 1631 new ar
ticles and soma other clothing.
The -branches of tha guild In such
cases '.work in conjunction with the
Red Cross society, and calls are met
promptly. ,
, Last year the regular collection of
garments brought 8308 pieces of cloth
ing. These were distributed to the Baby
Home, Children's Home, Boys' and Girls'
Aid society, Fruit and Flower Mission,
Day Nursery, Good Samaritan Hospital,
House of the Good Shepherd, Home for
the Aged,, Louise Home, County Hos
pital, Peoples' Institute. St Elisabeth's
Home, St Vincent's Hospital, Salvation
Army, Visiting Nurse , Association, and
Volunteers of America
'The money received from . members,
$136.45, was, used through the
year to buy supplies v for emergency
cases. Part of this fund was used to
ward outfitting poor children for their
fresh air ontlngs. ' -
The officers of tha local society are
Mrs. Elisabeth Hamilton, president;, Mrs,
Alex Bernstein, treasurer; Mrs. R. W.
Wilbur, seeretary. ; , .
Tha section presidents are Miss Fall
ing, Miss T. F. Defries, Mrs. W. U
Brewster, Mrs. F. Behrends, Mra C.
Garnett, Miss Clarissa Wiley, Mrs. C
L. Mead, Miss K. B. Gila Mrs, W. C
Alvord, Mrs. Herbert Holman.
Any one of these officers will be glad
to enroll men, women or children as
members. Tha only thing members have
to do Is to contribute two new garments
or two pieces of bed linen, (in pairs
preferably) once a year. New members
are solicited. The need for these new,
fresh , garments Is urgent Good use
could be made of fully 10,008 garments
this year. ; -
. ' r 1 I
merclal club we had a good heart to
heart talk. The noma of this club Is
especially Inviting. Large, roomy, It
1 well kept and la an honor to It
tnembcra , , . k
"Douglas county people are stand
ing la their - stirrups. - They fairly
prance as they walk and talk of blue,
blue, blue. ... -v
"It was tha bine they won at tha
state fair, and they, don't allow you
to forget They mix this with talk
of prunes and corn, and It listens well
They , have money and more of It
coming down In Douglas county,"
Jra Eva Child of Hanover, Wis.,
and jt. Hada M. Burknart, ' offlolals
of the Supreme Lodge of tha Royal
Neighbors of America, will reach Port
land today and tomorrow night a re
ception will be given In. their honor
- 't'f " 7' i X'' , X - '
; i;J.:;..:;:r-:s;si,;
' ' C'
. Ten teachers are employed In Lin
coln high school to glv.e specialised
business training to tha 418 boys and
girl enrolled In tha commercial courses
which Include commercial arithmetic
penmanship, bookkeeping, typewriting,
business English, commercial law, par-
. Scene la' commercial department
ilamentary law, aconomlca, aommarea
and finance.. Students who wish to
peclallxe in this ort f work may elect
courses that will allow them seven of
the It credits required for graduation.
Emphasis la laid upon tha course Iga
business English wall to give sjrn-
at th lincoln Uz achooL,
metrjr to the training ona term of book
keeping is required In the shorthand
course and ona term of typewriting la
the bodkkeeplng course. From time to
time practical talk are given by bul
ness men. - '
This is evidanoe of 'what tha puMla
school are doing to provide praetloal
short euts to business careers lor tnose
students who are compelled Ay neces
sity or who desire to take them, The
popularity of this department in Lin
coln high is shown by comparing tm
year's enrollment of 428 to last year's
enrollment of 180. , .. .
in Manchester hall. l Fifth street
Tuesday afternoon a closed meeting
will be held la W. O. W. Temple, when
an instruction will be held, i From her
these officers -wlU go ta Bugena The
Royal Neighbors of America la a fra
ternal order with a. membership of
840,000. -
This will be a big day at the Port
land Young Men's Christian association,
as It marka the beginning of the regular
program for the winter Sundays. Not
only will there ba tha usual address, but
the dlsousslon classes and fellowship
supper will be held.
Men are Invited to assemble at the T.
M. C. A. at 2:30 o'clock, after which
there will be a Social and musto until
8:18 o'clock when the formal meeting
will ba held, with an address by Rev. 9,
EL Snyder on The Shame-faced Man."
Three discussion classes will ba held
from 4:30 to 6:10 o'clock. At this hour
the weekly fellowship supper will b
served. An entirely new feature will be
a song service from 0:30 to 10 o'clook.
This will be led by R. E, Randall, of the
religious work department. The meet
ings are open to all men.
The song writing contest held at a
recent reception of the "new glrla by
the "old." resulted In. a decided Increase
In the number of Reed college songs.
The women ; wrote ' words td go wltn
familiar tunes, both popular and classi
cal. ', v . A ( ;
" At a. meeting ef the new students Fri
day afternoon David Brace. 'Robert
Babln and J. and Paul Rlttenberg were
elected to membership ori the house
committee, - which - has charge of the
men's social room In the dormitory. It
was decided that the committee should
arrange for a "feed" In the near futura
vBvery woman' Road," - a 'morality
written by Miss Josephine of the de
partments of English- and education, has
recently been published by Mitchell Ken
nerly, of New York.
The first skating party of the year
was given Wednesday at the Oaks rink.
Despite a number of counter attractions
the attendance was good. The crowd
was especially congenial and everyone
had a whole souled good time. .This was
the first of a series of such areata,
which, will be held from time to time
throughout the winter.
' The newly organised dancing club will
hold , Its opening dance Friday, October
14, in the college reception halt . The
committee promises that It will be, the
moat successful affair of the kind that
has ever been given at Reed. The club
I to give six dances during the year.
The executive committee, which Is as
suming charge of the premier function,
is made up of Kenneth Tomlinson, How
ard Barlow and Joyoe Kelly.
Dr. V?; T. Foster, president of .Reed
college, delivered a lecture before the
eollega assembly, en Thursday, in which
he set forth the history of the founds
tlon and development of the. college
from the earliest besrlnnlnss to the
present time. The talk was Illustrated
with atereoptlcon pictures,
, The Reed choru Is at present pre
paring; Gounod's "Gallia,1 to be aung at
one of the vesper services within the
next month. This service will be com
posed almost entirely of .musical num
ber. It will be open to the publla fol
lowing the usual custom regarding all
the Sunday afternoon college servicea
Dr. Clement BV Shaw, author and di
rector of mnaie ef this dry, has received
a letter stating that the title ef doctor
of uteraure has been conferred upon
him by the president and faculty of
Baldwin university, his alma 'mater.
The action waa taken' at the annual
meeting In August In recognition ef
Dr. Shaw's numerous translations of
literary masterpleoos from the Scandina
vian and German languagea. Prominent
among the German, translations of Dr.
Shaw are the works of Wagner. Trans,
latlona from Swedish that have brought
Dr. Shaw particularly into prominence
are the classics of Tegner and Wallln.
Dr. Shaw was pleasantly surprised upon
receipt of the high honor, which cam
entirely unsolicited.
London Laundryman as In-
insistent on Smiles as Soap- '
" suds and Starch, '
London, ' Oct i' 18. -"Soapaud n
starch' are needed for good laundry
work,, but smiles are quite as neces
sary an IngraJlent" Acting on tHH
theory, Frank Wellstead, proprietor f
a big laundering establishment. In V. a-
lesden, a western suburb of London,
gives ' all his - girl employes theatre
tickets once a week. He supplies free ,
lunches for them, and at Intervals dur
ing working hours he entertains them
with selections on a gramophone. Fur
ther to Increase the cheerfulness of the
surroundings, be has painted the In
terior In bright colors and ha estab
Mshed a model farm yard at the back
of th place where care-free . goats,
geese, poultry 4 and pigeons may be
viewed from the laundry windows.
"It's not because I'm kind hearted.'
he said today, explaining his method.
"U is simply and purely a business ,
proposition. If laundry work Is to be-
well done, those who do it must ne
happy. Bad nf gloomy srlrls invsrlahltf-
turn out poor worn. I make It a rule
always to smile on entering the Isun
dry, .and to encourage the. girls to tal'ic
and laugh , while at their task. The
farm yard makes the place look rural,
and , conduces to . the general content--ment
end cleaner linen. During the
five weeks I have followed this no
policy which really does not cost me
a great deal the improvement In the
work has been so marked that X shall
stick to It so long as X am la the
laundry buslnesa" ;
- Ue common sense boy Superior coal,
88 ton. Main 184; A-1I4L (Adv.)
Dlstloctrvt bnt dlgnined sultlnn
tr me. , V ;
Our Fall nd winter exhibit shows
how the .pewest , fabrics combine
distinctiveness with refinement
Doa't tolss them, ' .
StxiU tnH OreKoatskto Ortfer.
$25 to $65 - -
Satisfaction guaranteed In' all eases. '
Oarments to order In a day If required.
Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits a specialty
Talking Machines at Your
Own Terms.
Bee Graves Musto Co. ' removal adv.
Page 12. sect. 8. (Adv.)
103 Third Street
? : an v
ifffilE AwayFiree
t mm '"'-f mm mmmHm0
& CO.
Starting at 9 A.M.
One loIl. 'no more, to eaxh customer makuiff a 50c pttrchate or over. Great, big. bouncing clollies, with '
i lanoliin-vm that nnn ancl close-tn v a
Portland ancl this year we are giving a better made doll than ever before, and with a 50c purchase. Each doll is 16 inches high; some have
light' hair and some dark, some blue eyes, others brown. Everyone making a purchase of 50 cents or over will receive A DOLL FREE.
There Is, Something in Our Store You Want!
Electric Cooking Appliances.
Hot Point Irons.
Drugs from every land.
Alcohol Stoves. .
Paints and Varnishes. 1
Parisian Ivory. ,
Combs and Brushes - "
; Megget's Tea. , , Oregon Honey.
Bath .Room: Fixtures.
Trunks and Suitcases. V v..
Olives and Pure Olive QiL ; ;4 7:;
, Whisk; Brooms. 7 Bath- Brushes.
' Vermont Maple Sugar.l'?7yil;sS
Mark Cross Leather Goods. ' 7, ,
Mark Cross Cloves. ' 7
Imported and Domestic Perfumes.
7 each 35c Tooth Brush.
$1-25 Wood-Urk Hair Brush 98.
'Sea Salt. 1 Bath Towels.
Wash Rags.' . Soaps of all kinds.
' Stationery. T ' ' - 1 . :
Syringes $1.00 Up. ; ;: .t
7. Hot Water Bottles, S1.00 Up. :
Thermos Bottles $1.00 Up.
,-. Razors $1.00 Up. 7
Watches S1.00 Up, (.
, Clocks 75t? Up. . ' 1
Razor Strops 50 Up. ,.
" Framed Pictures 50c Up, ; ,
Picture Framing. Cut Glass.
Kodak Developing and Printing.
Kodak Supplies.
Medicinal Wines and Liquors.
Trusses and Braces. '
Elastic Hosiery. .
Chafing Dishes and Percolators. ?
Patent Medicines froni Everywhere.
Shaving Mirrors and Supplies. '
The Home of U-AR-DAS Luxury. ,
Imported Leather Novelties. ,
Invalid Chairs for Sale or Rait ,
Parisian Ivory Clocksv ;
Unique Jewelry. -"' " 1
Rules pf :
One Holl only to a' customer. ,
No clolls with patent medicines cr
proprietaries sold at cut nits.
No phone orders taken for HcIIj.
No "dolls will be delivered.
No dolls will be reserved.
Plenty cf sklsrpsc-!.