The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 19, 1913, Page 7, Image 7

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    ' Vm. Ro.
T" 1 1
In Our Own -.'Exclusive .
Design?, Specially Priced 1
, - r SETS OF SIX'
. Jow Knives, tried:, sp'l, $3.89
Forn8 d., sp'l $3.89
ii0:J, " Assert - Knives, medi-
'1 it, V v' 'v w ,;, .,$3.89
I 1 1 Dessert Forks, medu
: icWe -med. Knives, $1.89
, . . jib fitcu. r vrni, yj .u
Fcf liable Knives and Forks,
sped r I . $3.00
Soup Spoons, special $1.62
l abb bpoons, special .... 1.47
Dessert Spoons, special . , . $139
Tea Spoons, ' special ; 63e --Fancy
Pattern Tea Spoons . .84c
'Flat Handle Fruit Knives, $1.39
Cream Ladles, special, each, 39c .
iGravy Ladles, special, each, 59c
Berry Spoons special, each, 69c
JSalad Spoons i special, each, 98c,
. Sugar Tongs, special, each' S3c
Sugar Shells, special, each, ' 36c
Sugar Shells, special, each, 25c
Butter Knives, special,, each, 39c
.Butter Knives, special, each, 29c
Cold Meat Forks, sp'l, each, 49c
Carving Sets, 3 pieces, sp'l, $5.50
Steak Set, 2-piece, special, $2.98
-. - Vint rioor
O. fur
-n the Picture Gallery the famous
paintins, "THE WIDOW," by,V,
Izollu. Price $2500
Now on Exhibition ' .
Our regular $55.00 Domestic Sew
ing Machine, very Sp'l,' at $37J50,
. Sold on the - easy-payment plan
$1.00 dou)n, $1,00 a week
Vi-tcT-' C v - ' '
CI. 00 Dovn 01. CO a t
, . Have Just Arrived and Go on Sale
Monday, Special $22.50
:iPlated Tableware
Ureate d for Christmas
I " ; . $3.00 Fruit Bowls, $4.75
'Extra Heavy plated silver fruit bowls,
pierced design.' New shape.
I - $18.00 Tea, Sets, $11.48
j Four-piece tea sets, extra heavy plated
silver. - Thread design. Splendid style,
j ' $2.00, Bread Trays, $1.48
'Extra heavy plated bread trays, en
'gine .turned and empire design. ..,
-run nour
This is one of those unusual opportunities where our. buyer was fortunate
enough to secure the showroom samples of one of the most exclusive makers
in New York City.. ' " '
There are Norfolk models with the swagger, patch pockets, belted with self-
material. , r.W;,' . t - ; , '5;
'"'Extreme cutaway styles fastening with two,vthree and some with four but
tons. Superbly tailored, having the draped and slit skirts. ' 1 .
, New combinationuita having plaid skirts and navy blue coats plaid trimmed.
,- In black, mahogany, Copenhagen, wistaria" and mannish rnixtures-of such,
materials as cheviots, failles and new worsteds. .' 'l V,- '
This sale of suits will be a revelation of tailored fitness. There never, waa
such style,' such quality .-..and. such tailoring at this price. This is theon op-
y portunity for women to secure i their Winter's suit, which can do service for a
"dess-up1Qccasion,, as well as for s'hopping and every-day wear,for these are s
- muucis uui wiu appear to gooa aavantagc mi u uiuc. :
$18.50 Three-Qiiarter Length Goats Special $13.75
r . L Of Fancy Combination Stripe Materials ...
These coats are very attractive in every particular -.The material is soft and
warm, but light in weight, showing combination stripe effects in such colors
as black and white, black and Copenhagen, black and wine. They have deep
turn-over collars inlaid with black velvet, and broad band of the material vel
vet piped which encircles the coat just below the hips and , fastens in the
.'front with large.. buttons and a fancy silk ornament. ' ..l ; ' Third Floor.
w . .. . - r
' We announce the greatest l ;
: w , - , ; ,
Sale of Pattern Hats
Vil ever held in ; Portland
- V';. 75New Model
"f ""v not shown heretofore
jelling regularly from $25 to $35
v&cy Special $12, 5 0
V Sale Starts at 10 A; M
-positively none "reserved ofisent on
Approval, and in-order to. give. equal,
tisjtributtdn only one hat will be sold
h ia customer, v ': v -J'" ' ;v :
tcoaa xioor-
j r $7,50 the Pair ;
f-Women's , black' buckskin button
oo6ta, made over receding toe model,
With tip of self material. , Hand welt
soles,' medium heels. , -t-Patent
colt button boots with dull
mat kid tops. Made over receding toe
model with tip. Hand welt soles, me
dium heels. .
'french kid button boots, made with
medium long vamp, with tip of the
Same material Hand welt soles, Cuban
Louis heels. Basement.
Cowhide Suit Cases
The Regular $700 Styles
Special $5.00
".These suitcases are made of gen- ,
. oine cowhide, which is very strong
and will withstand the hardest kind
' of usage. VT They are made with :
feather riveted , corners and reln-v
forced edges, having umbrella strap
and brass locks. German handle
, with patent fasteners. They 'are
c lined with a soft cloth and have
' one inside pocket ' Basement
Pannier Bags
Special $1.95
This style of bag gains in popu
larity each day, the very attractive
balloon style with pannier handle,;
mourited on frames, finished In all-'
' ver or gilt. Fitted inside with coin
parse and pendant mirror. In black
and all the' various colors.
: 'I - ' " - ' .. ' ' ' :
Imported Beaded Bags
That Sell Regularly at $6.00
Special $2.95
Beaded bags 'that came direct
from Berlin, in every imaginable
shape and size, large, small and me
dium. Mounted on metal frames,
finished in silver, gilt and gunmetaL
Beaded in floral and conventional
designs in black and white effects,
gold and silver and all the various
bright colors. At the bottom is a
pretty beaded fringe. First Floor
mm mm--
"L ' II 111 li l I.. 1 T.nll,l
Fine New Wool Blankets
From the World's Famous Mills
Enter this Great Early Winter Sale
White, Gray and Fancy Plaid Wool Blankets
Blankets of superior quality firmly woven, soft,
warm, but light In weight Full eleven-quarter size. The
plaid blankets can be had in tan, gray, blue or pinkr The
all white and gray blankets are bordered in pink, blue or
yellow stripe effects. Your Ayintet1 needs can best be
supplied now when our usual early Winter sale prices
are ini ; effect- '..', .' ,. '. . ... t ' ... ...
$4.76 Blankets . . ,$3J39 $8.60 Blanket I $6.66
$5.50 Blankets V. .$3J3 $10.00 Blanket . .$8.85
$6.50 Blankets . . .$4.45 $11.50 Blankets , .$7JB5
$7J50 Blanket . . .$5.19 $12.50 Blanket . .$9A5
$15.00 Blanket, very special, $115
Extra Quality Cotton Fleeced Blankets.
Also Received GreaVftedw
These are the Winter weight of cotl fleeced blank
ets and are full in size and weight Firmly woven, hav
ing pretty striped borders , to match. ' . T
85c Blankets, pair. ,63e $1.00 Blankets; pair, 73c
$125 Blankets, pair 89c $1.50 Blankets, pr.$1.17
. $1.75 Cotton Fleeced Blankets, $1A9 pair
. 1 , Sale of Silkoline Comforters
Silkollne cotton filled comforters, filled with best quality of
white laminated cotton and covered with the best grade of fig
ured silkollne, in pretty floral and conventional designs. Made
with sateen and silk borders to match covering. . Full weight
: and sise. v.' ;'.. v": V. ':'::;"i' : v '";'-s. '?' "
$1.50 Comforters $1.19 ' $3.00 Comforter $233
$2.00 Comforters $1.68 , $3.50 Comforters $279
$2.50 Comforters $1.89 . $4.00 Comforters $3.19
- $5.00 Comforter $343
ruth Xioot
Glove Sale
Reliable Makes .
, i First Quality . -
$1.50 Cape rf t 1 Q
Gloves, Special... ip I I O
Women's ofle-clasp P. X. M.
sewn Cape Gloves, Fancy stitched
backs, In black, white" and tans.
Fine gloves for durability and s.enr.
ice. . . "
$1.25 Lambskin
Gloves, Special
'-.Tomorrow we feature m a most tm
ortant sale a new Austrian china dmner
et. The trenchant reductions otterea on
him met are made as an inducement to
cqiiaint the1 public with ; thisnewde-
522.50 Dinner Sets $10.98
Lnne hundred-oiece oinner sets oit aus-
lian China in three different designs ofiny
Jcral sprays with fine gold bandings. - w eat
fretty shapes, in clear wnite ainnerware..
rhe. set consists ot : t
12 Dinner Plates lt.f
12 Tea Plate -,f,,'"; - -
12 Soup Plate V
12 Sauce- Plate . , f , -
12 Individual Buttet ; ;
'12 Teacup and Saucers". ;
l2 Meat Platters 1 -,,.2
Covered Vegetable Dishes , ,
. 1 Open Vegetable Dish '
tMl't Pickle Dish S ' 1
" -'' j y Gravy Boat and Stand .. . . .
1 Covered Batter Dish - 1 '
T" " 1 Sugar Bowl and dreamer
Important Linen Event
Prices Regulated by New Tariff ReYjsion
Linen sales in this store are always looked forward to by
the thrifty housewife as an opportunity for stock taking
and replenishing her linen shelves. We mention only a
few of the specials from the snowy linen stacks that will
appeal to your, judgment of better linens, at lowe? prices.
40c Pure Linen Towels, 29c German buck towels, ends
daintily hemstitched. Damask border with wreath for initial. Sise
20x3854. ' ")V.'.- ',v v.: .;: 'i ,t"-J,h'',r---; i-- '.
20c German Hack Towels, J7c-Closely woven, of good
firm 'quality, neatly hemmed, Sise 18j35.; ,:. v".
$1.50 Pure Linen Lunch Cloths, .W-NUely henw
stitched, in a number of beautiful patterns, fleur de lis, "Over leaf,
pansy, poppy and the ever popular snowflake patterns. Sixe 56x60.
L$1.50 Scalloped Lunch Cloths, $1.10 -Round J
in a good qnaUty of pure linen damask, neatly scalloped. Size 36x36.
$4.50 Heavy Marseilles Satin Spreads, $3 60 -Vox fuU
Size beds, extra large, neatly hemmed, in a variety of graceful floral
'"and scroll patteras.vrvi
L2.75 Fringed Crochet Marseille Bed Spreads, $2.19
For full sise beds, extra large, with cut corners, suitable for rnetal
Sbfli initial PMwCas&, Special, 25c--
cases, hemstitched and embroidered in wreath effect with Initial.
Made from a good quality cotton. Size 45x36. - i
$2.50 Table Cloths, Special, $1.79 -InsDpurelinenand
' charming designs In chysanthemum, stripes and snowflake. Be
rceuse we have no napkins to match, we have reduced the price,
i Size 68x68 inches. ' , '
Linen Damask. Very Special, $1J25-Vutt linen damask, in
a number of beautiful patterns, 72 Inches wide. " W
85c Pare lrih Linen Damask, WcA beautiful snowy
white cloth. In six different patterns, 66 inches wide. .
Very Soecial Prices on Cluny Pieces D o 1 1 1 e s, lunch
cloths end dresser spreads, ' some in pure linen, ell edged and '
I. trimmed with genuine linen German cluny lace.. 4 , i
, Regular Prices From 15c to $1.76 t
' : Special Price From 10c to $123 . t .
Hemstitched Guest Towels, Very Special 25c each.
Made In plain huckaback, from Webb's famous dew bleached linen,
washed ready for use. ; Size 14x22. With just a plain monogram,
these towels make attractive little Christmas gifts.
. Remnants of Table Damask, Very Special, 69c to
$3.00. Some are of pure linen, some the mercerized damask. A
fevr of the pieces are slightly soiled, but only need tubbing to make -them
fresh and crisp as new. '',
aixta rioor . l
t Duchess and Princess Lace Handkerchiefs
( Selling Regularly at $ 1 .50
$hxi :' Special 50c
You will certainly agree with us that these are the most ex
quisite handkerchiefs you have seen in many a long day. They
are made of pure sheer white linen, hand-made and edged
. with deep medallions of hand-made lace in the real Duchess
and Princess lace patterns. Such handkerchiefs as these axe
I never out of style always in good taste. r First Floor.
. ' Exquisitely Embroidered Collars and Sets
; That Sell Regularly as High as $2.00
4 v Very Special 95c Each
. . Our neckwear buyer was very for-
tunate to find on his recent trip this
special assortment of new neckwear,
. which represents a sale of unusual
importance at this season ' of the
year. The season itself is particular
' ly prodigal in the beauty, style and
1 extensive variety ! of . .its neckwear
, fancies, and this sale seems to have
v cornered the market J or everything
that is daintiest, most fetching and
pleasing In odd collars, and collar
and cuff sets.' Of finest batiste,
. beautifully embroidered, edged with
.Venice laces and insertions, dotted
crepes, sheer Swiss and ratines in
white and ecru. Every size, every
style is here awaiting your approval
, , . j orint rioo
' ,ii 1 1
r'-. '''..'', l0 '' '" -'
One-clasp embroidered lambskin
gloves, pique sewn. In tan, white -
or gray, -'
g.-:.$ 1 .00
Heavy pique sewn lambskin
gloves, shown in white, tan, and
gray of durable stock. Tailor fin
ish, suitable for shopping and gen
:. eral-wear. ; .... .
$1.50Baano Cape 1 O C
Gloves, Special... P I
Women's one-pearl-clasp spear
back, P. X. M. Bacmo cape gloves.
In tan and white.
$1.50 Glace d i Of)
Gloves, Special... P I
Pique sewn glace gloves, fancy
embroidered backs in black , and
contrasting shades. Colors are
' black, tan, gray and champagne. . -Ovcrscam
Sewn HQ
Gloves, Special........ vw
'-Two-clasp overseam sewn lamb
skin gloves, in , black, white, tan,
mode, gray or navy. An excellent
glove for wearing qualities. 1
First Floor-
Who Favor Soft Bosom Shirts the Ycar lto
T Will Look With Favor on this Sals
:; $1.65, for Shirts Selling at 52.00
These are tho comfortabie soft shirts with French cuffs for ths
business man.. We are certain that they will be welcome tomor
row by many men who have learned to know the comfort cf
soft bosom, soft cuff shirts. v
We were fortunate in securing about "83 dozen from an East
ern shirt maker who! made them up to our special order. s
For outdoor wear and office work many men have shown a
preference for 4 soft collar of the same material as the shirt in
stead of the regulation stiff white linen collar. " So we have
also had a soft collar made to go with these shirts.
They come made of a material with white grounds with at
tractive stripes) in plain and colored combinations. ,
$6.50 Bathrobes, Special, Monday $4.50
Made from Blankets of attractive)
patterns, In gray, tan, brown and
blue. ' The warm, generous, all-en-veloplnff
kittd " tiiat ' yooVe) , been
wanting. ; 4: - "
SUppar to Match Each Robe . --
, ' ; l 75c pair.
35c, 25c, 20c Handkerchiefs '
Special 17c .
A very nice quaUty, of pure linen .
handkerchief, hemstitched, in ' me- ,
dium and narrow borders. The kind
of serviceable, nke-looking handker
chief that a man appreciates for a
Christmas present : . First Floor. "
35c German Bathrobe Flannel 25c Yd.
This flannel is woven in reversible patterns in dark and me
dium colors. A soft fleecy material, very rich in its color com
binations.-: -:: r: '
25c Scotch Flannel, Special 19c Yard
A thirty-inch wide Scotch flannel in plain and fancy effects
in variohj neat patterns and colors..
Sflk Stripo Flannel, 75c Yard ;
This flannel is especially suitable for waists and shirts and fs
shown in various neat stripe effects with" a white background.
. Read the ListNote the Savin g$f -Here
is another One-Cent Sale -a sale where
the smallest coin made takes on a hundred-fold fa
purchasing power. '
Yon Pay One Cent more than la the list
price on any article, and yon get two. . No matter
what the original price Is, the second purchase
costs Just One Cent This applies to every
article herein advertised. , (
No telephona'order filled.
' , . ' 4
One Cent
Ha -Tremeniotrs
S Power
25c Massatta Talcum, .a for 36
25c Williams Talcum ..a for 264
25o Mennen's Talcum., a for
. 25c Eclipse Talcum .,..3 for 26
19c Bulk Talcum Pow...a for
35c Witch Hatel Lotion a for 36e
35c Eclipse Almond L'n 3 for 86
25c Rice Powder 3 for 26
50c Veda Rose Rouge... 3 for Bl
35c Orris Dry Shampoo 3 for 86e
25c Lyon's Tooth Powd. 3 for 26e
30c Ongaline Nail
Bleach 3 for Be)
50c Bathasweet Powder 3 for Bit
50c Sempre Glovine ....3 for 84
25e Peroxide Cream ....3 for 26
25c Steam's Deodorant.. 3 for 2e
25c Antiseptic Tooth , 7
v Powder .,.........;;: for 9j
25o Pond's Vanishing
-A Cream- iv.v..4.;,.:.;s.3 for 36;
50c LaBlanch Faee Pow, 3 for Bl
50e Derma Viva Sfor
50o Pebeco Tooth Paste 3 for Sl
10c Glass Nasal Douche 3 for H
15c Eye Cups.. .. ......3 for xf
10c AdhesiTe PlBters..3 for xlf
lOe Bandages, Gauze.... 3 for H
10c Bottle Brushes .....3 for "f
15e Absorbent Cotton... 3 for 4
15c Medicine Cabinet. '''v
Bottiee ....3 for 1
25o Robe Hooks 3, for 3.
10c Compressed Sanitary . .
NspUns ..3 for lie)
10c Face Chamois ......a for a'
10c Wool Puffs ,Vii?.,3 for He
10c Boric Add ...... ...3 for 11
ie Cough Drops ...... a for
10c Com Plasters .3 for 1M
25c Hose Water 3 for 28
25o Glycerine and Rose
Water 3 for 23
15c Witch Hatel 3 for 16
, 25c Cascara Liquid .....a for 26
25c Castor Oil ......... 3 for 26
15c Soda Mint and Pepsin r
Tablets ....;..v.....a for 16
13c Spirita Turpentine ..2 for 16
50c Bay Rom .M,..,....3 for 51
10c Throat Losenges ...3 for 11
50c Murine Eye Remy.. .3 for 81
25c Mentholatum .......3 for 36
50e Wyeth'e LUhia Tab.
cts ..3 for 81
25c Seldlits Powders ....a for 26
25c Bromo Quinine ;....a for 26
25c Antiseptic Gargle ...a for 26
SUM Sulphurro ......2 for 9161
$1X0 Sutherland Hair
Tonic ....... i .3 for 81.01 '
50c Sutherland's Sharap.jS for 61
25c Mustard Cerate ,...3 for 26
50c Kondon's Catarrh c;v
. Jelly .......J.ii.V...a for 81
25c Rhinitis Tablets, choc-, r c
elate coated ;. . ,3 for 26
15c Cascara Tablets ....3 for 36
25c Miles AntJpain Tab. 3 for 26
50c Orangelne Powders. .2 for 81
10c Orangelne Powders.. 3 for 11
10c Peroxide ....... 3 for 11
25c Peroxide ..... 3 for 23
25c Liquid Com Cure .. .3 for 23
5e French Hair Ehampa for of
ISc Silk Face Sponges , .3 for 16. 50c Syrup of Fige 3 for 81
75c Dressing Combs ....3 for 6 23e Liver PDla ..3 for 2S
10c Emery Boards;;.,,. a for e 10c Nursing Bottles .....a for aie
10c Orange Wood Sticks 3 for 11 r rorrrr fo4n
loc fitvotte Pencils i.".;:. tot 11 TOILET.- SOAP
50c CurlinelronHeatere 3 for 81 19c Box Oriental Toilet
25c Curling Iron Heaters 3 for 26
15c Denatured Alcohol 3 for 1
35c Sanitary Tooth Brush
Holders .viiii... 3 for 8
10c Bromo Seltzer V;...3 for 11
15c Tooth Brushes ,...3 for 16
I5o Nail Bro$hM. .3 for 16
'a p-DRUGS .
10e Soda Bicarbonate. . . 3 fof 11
10c Eosom Salts ....... 3 for 11
ine Cascara Bark , 3 for He);
10c Soap Bark ..1 3 fof H
"10c Senna Leave 2 for 11
Soaps 3 bxi. J i
" 25e Box Violet d Tarme .f'Vv
ToUet Soap v:.... i . .. .2 bxa. C t$ I
10c Jap Rose'Soep .....3 for lt$ '
' 10c Palmolive Soap '.'.... 3 for 1 1 $
10c TurUsh Bath Cos?.. 3 for It
', 10c Oatmeal totr .... ..3 fnr 11
. 10c Sandalwood Eath
5c TurUaK tath Cesp..
.2 fir It
i-t . (
Se Cocoa Alnwn-J. for? f t
?5C'4711 C!r'i " f r
25a X.rrt . ' ' " '