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    , . I I l-JJ
rrr,,:,;. CThH4K i I1 i , . . .W
A a , f
Ebip im ' Week
, x , $50,000 Stock of Finest Rugs ;!
Oriental Rugj From;Crhis 'Sale tfchat , WilJ Prove Assets to Their Future Owners
50,000 worth of OHeht
Constantinople. We shall see to it that our reputation for never being undersold in Oriental
rugs is' maintained; HenthVsale: , - ' ' " '
This event; is noteworthy, in that one may select rugs from this sale, take, them to their
homes, place them in comparison with rugs purchased ' elsewhere, of fer them for. critical inspec
tion as to quality, and return them, if our rugs in each instance are not from a quarter to a half
less than those offered at auction sales. " ' . V . r'
Our experts have closely watched rug transactions in this city during the past two weeks.
We are more than satisfied, and convinced 'that we can 'demonstrate beyond the shadow of a
doubt the; absurdity of buying rugs at auction. . ' . ; ! .
Here you need feel ho influence of the capper, nor the persuasive eloquence, of the auction,
eer. Instead we allow the rugs to do the talking for us. : . ' , .
Tomorrow then we start the greatest Oriental rug sale ever known and incidentally offering
to illustrate,
1 Carpet Site Rugs '
$450.00 tOrmanshah Rugs f 195.90
$475.00 Kirmanshah Rug? 23S.15
$485X0 Kirmanshah Rugs f 249.65
$500.00 Kirmanshah Ruga $263.4 S
$523.00 Kiraanshah Rugs f 273.10
$550.00 Kirmanshah Rugs f 277.85
$600.00 Kirmanshah Rugs f 297.20)
. ISPHAN, . (
t ? CsrpeV'Size'Rugs""??
$385.00 Isphan Rugs. .. ..9183.35
$410.00 Isphan Rugs f 222.00
$425.00 Isphan Rugs S220.4O
$550X0 Isphan Rugs..... 274.75
$585.00 Isphan Rugs... .f 283.55
$595.00 Isphan Rugs f298.60
$750.00 Isphsn Rugs..... 9367.25
- Carpet Size Rugs
$275.00 Muntsa Rugs... .9145.20
$285.00 M untax Rugs... .9158.40.
$297.50 MunUs Rugs.. .,9168.85
$310.00 Munta Rugs. ...91T4.70
$425.00 Muntss Rugs.... 9229.90
SERAPI --v-:-
Room SizeRugv
i $350.00 Serspi Rugs. .91T3.65
' $375.00 Serapl Rugs. . . . ,9184.45
$395.00 Serapi Rugs. 105.85
!.- Room 8U Rags ' -
$215X0 GorsTan Rugs... $110.70
$225X0 Ooravan Rugs... $128.45
- $235.00 Goraran Rugs.., $131480
v $247.50 Ooravan Rugs... $143.65
; khiva ' , ' ,'
- , ' Room Sits Rugs
$970 to $125X0 Khiras ,.$64.00
$135X0 to $150X0 Khiraa $79.15
, Size 5-6 by 3-8 to 44 by 54 '
' $620 Saruk Rugs $39.15
$135.00 to $165.00 Saruks.. $60.35
Sixes average 7 by 4-9
. $250.00 Royal Keshan....! 145.30
Room Six Rugs
$350X0 SIrsb Rugs.:..V.919340
$375.00 SIrab Ruga.... ..$235.85
Room 81xo Rugs
$4Oa00 Sank Rugs... ...919925
$650X0 Baruk Rugs...... 9349.85
$700X0 Santk Rugs...... 9379.10
$850X0 8anik Rugs...... 968.75
' ' . ' Room 81st Run' c'0
$179.00 Uabol Rugs 9 99.40
$187X0 Mabol Rugs,.... 9HO.70
$195.00 Mahol Rugs.,. ..$115.35
$197.50 Mabol Rugs... ..9119.95
'$199.00 Mahol Rugs.....$12t.70 i
$210X0 Mahol Stin. .. . 8126.90
$219X0 Mahol Rues..;.. $135.55. $29.50 to $32JQ Rugs..... $16.45
$245X0 Mahol KugS.i ...9149.15
$265X0 Mahol Rugs. ; . . $168.45
$285X0 Mahol Rugs..... 9138.88
$290.00 Mahol Rugs. ....$163.65
'v ?;:': In, average sixes ;- "
$27J0 to $32J0 Rugs..;. .916.85
$39.00 to $47 JO Rugs..... 924.50
.;,.,,",;;;,; 8ixe 8 by.S feetr;''-:v
$57.50 to $720, Special... 931.00
Sixes 4-7 by 8-6 to 6-2 by 4
$45.00 to $570 Rugs.. .. $29.15
$79X0 to $95X0 Rugs..... $48.50
Sixes 5-1 by 3-4 to 7 by 4-2
$24.00 to $27.50 Mossouls.. 91-8.95
$32.50 to $37.50 Mosiouls. $16.85
$39.00 to $47.50 Mossouls.. $19.95
r Sixes 4-9 by 2 to 5-6 bv 2-8 v
$24.50 to $27.50 Rugs.... i. $13.85
,. SIxe 8-5 by 2-9 '
$10X0 to $12.50, Special..... $5.95
- - In Our FoiirtK Floor Section; V , 1
Suits for Junior Girls ancj Small Women
. More new junior , suits have Just arrived. These include '
j velvets, boucles, cheviots', duvetynes and the new cords. Made ;
in the newest fashions with box front coats, cut-a-way,' some
with vest effects, long backs," with belts across, and the yoke ,
f sleeves. Some are. trimmed with fur collars and cuffs, others
have braided velvet collars, and still others are more severely
tailored with cuffs and collars of the self material, trimmed ,
with buttons. All the new and desirable colors,' including ma
hogany, old blue, terra cfctta and tete de negre. ; Also the ever
popular dark blue serges in both the French and heavy wale
effects. These suits will fit girls from IB to 20 years of age, '
or small women up to 38 bust measure. . ."',.' " - ,,' "'.
Pricei Ffcangq From $16.95 to $55.00
-Fourth Floor.
Sale FalFCorsets an4 Brassieres r
;$3,50 W.-a Corsets. Special $2.29 ,
Made of fine corded eoutU, medium bust, Ions Up and back, with
elastic lacing to give ease in sitting. Embroiderytrimmed. Three ;i
pairs of extra heavy hose supporters attached. For all figures.
. $1.75 Nadia Corsets, Special $1.19
J Several new models at this price, made of contil or batiste. For the .
slender figure we have the low bust and long blp and back in the;
softer materials. For the medium and' stout figures, the medium low
bust and reinforced over abdomen. 'All slscs, 19 to 39. .
" $2.00 Nadia Corsets. Special $1.09
Made of good quality coutil, with tow bust, rery lightly boned and
finished with lace insertion and edging. Medium length over hip and
back. Excellent for slender and medium figures.
r $2.50 Nadia Corsets, Special $1.98
Made of fine. coutil, medium low bust, long' hips and back. Has '
three pairs of hose supporters attached and is neatly finished with em
broidery trimming. , .
$1.50 Brassieres, Special $1.00
Excellent fitting brassieres, trimmed with embroidery back and front
and embroidery edges. Reinforced under arm; extra quality material,
r Also fine allover embroidery brassieres and embroidery trimmed bras
sieres that hook down the front; and others with embroidery Insertions. t
$1.25 Brassieres, Special 79c Y
' H. W. and DeBeooue ' ;
Trimmed front and back with sHover embroidery and chmy lace In
sertions and edging. Cross back styles, reinforced under arm, ' , ,
: 85c H. & W. Brassieres, Special 30c ,
Made with "V" front and trimmed with embroidery yoke and edging. ;
Cross back style. Perfect fitting. Reinforced under arm. -
r i, . -ent mm v
' Chafing Dishes '
. -v .Casseroles'. V.
In a Special Sale
$6,50 Chafing Dl$h$,
-, , $38 t ;
Chafing dishes in either nickel
t or copper finish. The popular
plain style, with water pan hav
ing ebony handles. : Complete
with up-to-date, alcohol lamp.
$6JSO Percolator; $3.9$
Percolator-made coffee Is rec
ognized by experte to be the
best and most healthful. Coffee
is not deleterious unless it Is
boiled, and with the percolator
It is possible to make delicious
coffee of perfect flavor without
boiling the coffee ' even . one
' These percolators are made
with alcohol lamps. The coffee
may be entirely made and served
without leaving the table. Come
in nickel or copper finish with
ebonoid handles.
$3.S0 Ca$$erole$, $1J9S
Round casseroles of glued
brown earthenware, 8 inches in
diameter, complete In nickel fil
igree stand, with ball feet and
ebony handles.'
Even More Interesting Than the Prices
r; Axe These Dainty Lingerie Articles
The 5 underwear sale of the , year, for - those who
revel in dainty lingerie.; Every article that you could
possibly need or even desire is here, and at prices that
make buying them a real economy. Underwear that appeals
for its beauty. Underwear that win outlast many tubbings.
V The filmiest muslins and longcloth, or the practical crepe that
comes out good as new without even a look at the ironing)
board, y - ,
;.: Dainty nightgowns made of the finest lingerie cloth, elaborately em
broidered in punch work and the dainty French stitches. Made in the
slipover style, sleeves finished with embroidered designs to match
. fronts, and edge with hand-embroidered scallops. Satin ribbon In :
psstel shades is run through embroidered eyelets. -"
Real hand-embroidery forms the trimming of these gowns, ribbons
drawn through embroidered eyelets, add to their attractiveness. They
, are made la slipover style, with kimono sleeves finished with scallops.
- SPECIAL, $4.65
The universally popular pink, white and light blue crepe de chine
petticoats, finished with a knife-pleated flounce of wide shadow lace
underlaid with net, and trimmed with flat beading, ribbon drawn. Also
the narrow ruffles of knuVoleated late, beaded with wide band, of
inserting. h ; ..v,;
t Made of fine French percales, nainsooks, lonecloth and lawn, in knea
length, these dainty little undergarments are finding more friends every
: day. Some of them are fairly smothered in the exquisite Madeira and
French embroidery, others trimmed with Cluny, or encrusted with
; Irish medallions and Insertions.
$1.00 Chemise, Sp'l,..79c $3.00 ChemUe, Sp'l, $2.79
$1M0 ChemUe, Sp'l, $1J9 $5.00 Chemise, Sp'l, $3.93
$2.00 Chemise, Sp?l, $t.S9 $21.50 ChemUe, Sp, $19.19
Something new In underwear. Dainty French patterns executed in
' the finest American Machine embroidery, ribbon drawn, and scallop
finished. . ,L V ,.-,,vV",a . ,
These come in dainty pink and blue stripes. In ripple Crepe, plain
. white. Slipover style with kimono sleeves., Also high neck and long
sleeved models. AH daintily trimmed; with ribbon-drawn torchon
'k edagi'rsV'viv5:':.: ,v -V . ,.;:.' :.'fttf'-.:r
A : " i a-y,, '- ,
1 , , fc V
" C ii '
For Tue$day we announce
6Jl Fret French Lecture
y Prof. V. B. De Lory
The Subject Being '
UOlseau Bleu.-
by Maurice Maeterlinck
In the Phonograph Hall adjoin-.
tog the Book Shop from 11 to
12 A. M, .
Made of good quality muslin in slipover style with kimono sleeve, or
the V-neck and long sleeves. Daintily trimmed with lace and embroidery.
$3.50 AND $3.00 COMBINATION SUITS, $2.29
Made of fine nainsook, trimmed with fine : laces and embroideries.
Waisted or Princess stylei. ". '
For Every Purpose
For Millinery
For Fancy Work -
.--i.-.. , -ji,
ror Uress -1 rimming.
In a Great Special Sale
Waisted and Princess styles, made with Knickerbocker or open-leg
drawers, daintily trimmed with laces and medallions, or more practical
models finished In plain French effect with fine embroidery
$1.75 AND $1.60 COMBINATION SUITS, $1.19
Made of good quality longcloth, finished with deep yokes of em
broidery and lace, drawers finished with lace edges to match corsef
Made of fine quality ripple crepe, finished, with dainty torchon lace,
ribbon drawn., v? :$:-"'; ;); v'v'lj J; vy :iff:'v0.'''x- "; r",'-,
Trimmed with torchon lace, made in the waisted style, in an excel
v lent fitting cut; damtu ribbon. diawn,1-;
' painty corset covers, made in round-neck style with deep yokes of
lace, and made of a fine quality longcloth. -
it-Made in the round-neck style, with deep embroidery and lace yokes
"Or the practical torchon edging, drawn with ween ribbons.
Made of good quality whit crepe, in the ' slipover, kimono sleeve '
- style, finished with torchon edging.
' '9ri ffitMt $tttitm
,ttAt S)ett(ort
Never has the art of needleworkers been so prolific as at the
present time, A stroll through our needle art section is like a viaiH
to Wonderland; . ; , - ; ; . ( . , . v .
Flowers that almost have fragrance, grow here the year around,
without caring as to the season. Quaint little sweethearts look at
you from. round eyes; Darling little Japaneie maidens smile at you
over their fans ; . queer conventionalised poppies, in - fresh dainty
greens;' rich mulberry shades that have almost the glow of rare
Jewels; arts and crafts designs in bold outlines and restful colors;
materials thst have taken unto themselves the peculiar lustre of
metals, but,tain all their original softness. ' ' . '
Hosts and hosts of articles of every kind imaginable. All In read
iness for the early Christmas; shopper who : anticipates her gifts
early' in the season for " the . needleworker who 'can complete her1
"tnany little gifts in time to travel to distant friends.
:;( ' :. . 'v: . ' 4:,,'.'' ' ' ' '
Electric Light Fixtures
' " For Three. Rooms , ,
Installed for $1938
Regular Price $30.00
.A combination offer of fix
tures for three rooms. These
are all of solid brass in brush
brass finish and are made in the
canopy style with drop lights.
A three-light fixture with 14
inch brass canopy and handsome
shades, suitable for parlor, libra
ry or living-room.,, ; ,
A three-light fixture with 12
fnch brass canopy, and glass "
shades suitable for living-room
or dining-room.
A one-light fixture with glass
shade, suitable for. hall or bed
rooms.' ,
The one price - includes all
three fixtures installed in your
home without charge. ' , ,
Shades, Special 1 6c
This is an exceptional oppor
tunity to replace your old-fashioned
electric light" shades with
shades that are new in design
and shape. Frosted glass in six -different
and unusual shapes to;
choose from. Sixth Floor
"I Can;.:, ISaw,I Ccnqucr .
It was thus that Julius Caesar annpun
in a note to Amantius, at Rome, after I
victory at Zela in Asia Minor, over V
nac'es. i
Caesar was a man who acted qvkl.1 t
deliberately. With him it was a tt of d
or die and win he did. ".,
When, this business .was laursched a yea
sgo it faced a multitude of tv 4 '
i It raised a new standard, 1:
Efficiency, Courtesy ;J". Ml ..Ay j
. A Fierce Battle Garr.2 qn;yS''
Against fake sales ;f ; :v;' :;. ",C :r I
Against misleading , cdvesement
Against fictitious price Quotations
Against unscrupulous, competition
The battle has been fought and won anc
- all unprejudiced and fair-minded people say
, One year has emphasised one human char
acteristie r APPRECIATION Everj!
day people give most substantial evidence c
their appreciation for provisions "made i
this new store for their comfort, their con
venience, their safety. ,
Corns tomorrow. As evidenced by th!
'double-page advertisement, the store offer
unusual saving opportunities in seasonable
new merchandise. -' '
New Quadruple Si
v r r v ' ' ill
in Uesigns Jispcciaii
$3J50 Sandwich Trays, $2.50
Quadruple silver - plated sandwi
trays, extra heavy plate, pierced desig!
V $5.00 Baking Dishes, $3.98
Baking r dishes, plain pattern, ext
heavy plate. ' "i
. ! $5.00 Casseroles, $3.98
Casseroles of extra heavv date, roun
or oval in shape. Pierced pattern frair.
; Monday )
a r I
The Most Famous of All .
Swiss Ribbed Underwear ;
In This Store Only
Swiss Ribbed White Vests- Me
dium weight, low neck; sleeveless or el
bow sleeves .. ....... .. ........ .6Be
Same with long sleeves ............. T5eV
Tights to match above; ankle 1'gth f 1.00
White Vests -Ouarsnt e e d non-
shrinkable white merino 'vests, medium
weight, low neck, sleeveless.. .85e)
Same with high neck, long sleeves 91.23
Ankle or knee length tights to match,
spliced crotch ..v. ... V.. f 1.50
Heavy Weight White Silk and
Wool Vests Guaranteed non-shrink-sble,
low neck, sleeveless :.7......S1.25
- Same in Dutch neck, elbow sleeves f 1.75
Same with high neck, long sleeves f 2.00
Knee tights to match .....f2.25
Ankle tights to match . ,..,.;.f 2.50
Both tights have reinforced crotch.
Winter weight g n a r a n t e e d un-
shrinkable .pure wool vests; with : long!
sleeves at . . UmS;t.2s
Tlghu i o match, reinforced crotch f 2.75
Winter utefenf: guaranteed un-1
shrinkable white silk and : wool vests,
with long sleeves . i . . t, ; . .f 2.50
Ankle length tighta to match, with reini
forced .crotch .......... ......,...$3.50
Silk Mixed Union Spits White)
medium weight low neck, sleeveless, an
kle Jength U. ; . S2.00
Same with Dutch neck, elbow sVs f 2.50
1 Guaranteed Unshrinkable m c
dium weight merino suits, low neck,
sleeveless, knee or ankl lnrth pt
The same lnDutch neck, elbow sleeves, J
on 1WT .........?2.75
Suits Medium weight, guaranteed un
shrinkable, with spliced crotch, low neck.
sleeveless, knee or ankle length. .$3.00
Sams with Dutch neck, elbow a'vs f 4.00
Union Sa(fOuaranteed unshrink
able pure wool : union suits, low neck,
sleeveless, ankle length, with spliced
crotch .. ... . ., ., r.....;.f3.50
Same with long sleeves, ankle l'th $4.50
Merino Union Suits Winter
jweight, i guaranteed unshrinkable, i low
neck, sleeveless, ankle length. Also
' Dutchjieck, elbow sleeve, ankle length,
or high neck, ankle length, long sleeves,
at .......... ...........$4.oo
Union Suits In a medium weight
guaranteed unshrinkable white silk and
wool, low neck, sleeveless, ankle length.
St - tVi. a , ,r i"tt .-- ,.,$4.50
Same in high neck, elbow sleeves $5.50
Same with long sleeves ; . . . . $0.00 '
j aronrth no