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c:e;:ertom team in
gory touchdowns
Navy Yard Gets ilone 'Touch
down on 90 Yard Run After
Fumble by Oregon,
Parsons, v Cornell : Mafa'rkeyi
Beckett'Play Brilliantly-1
-, '. During Game.
(Special to The Journal.) ',
University of Oregon, 'Eugene, Or,
Oct il. In a game that started off to
day like a . victory . for the Bremerton
navy teem; Oregon defeated the sailor
boys by six touchdowns And a safety.
Fenton, kicked five. iroala. the : final
aco" being 43 to in favor of tbe
varsity. - .This. Jwaa ' much better than
the 2 to 7 score of Washington.
The Oregon team showed worlds of
peed, and excepting for the first qusr-
Ho'Runs'Gafore and Venice
. Slides- BackMnto Second
; Place in Daily See-Saw,
Sacramento. Cal- ' Oct 18. Sailor
Stroud needed one same this morning
to cincn a iooo bonus for winning IS
games during the aeason, But, thanks
to the fact that he oarslsted In feedlnc
I fence balls to the Venice Tigers. Stroud
i sim neeae one game. . .. , ,
Boy Hltt allowed ' tne wolves onl v
four bltsi and with a two-bagger and
two home -runs himself figured largely
in tne siugiest that gave Venice a 7 to
I win. and boosted te Hoganltes back
Into second place, .the third time this
wee tnat - tne ' two teams . nave
changed places. f;'':.'!,..',.Avrvf
Bayiess started' the scoring in . the
first Inning when he hlf a home run
swat over the right field fence.
in the third Elliott Hltt ai.d Melosn
all connected scoring one more. In the
fifth Hltt homed for the third run. In
the elgnth five - singles and ; a walk
netted . the "Tigers only two. . In . th4
ninth Hltt and Meloan each put the
bslj oat of the lot, making a total of
four boms rune for ths samo. -
For eight innings Texas leaguers by
Kenworthy and Tennapt were the only
two nits maae off Hltt. 'In the ninth
he was touched for smile and walked
Kenworthy v They scored when Halll-
ter the line held well. Straight foot
Sloan, right end and half, and Captain) ' , ! ' - 'y VgNICB
xoung, quarieroacK, starred for tne boysj i ' i J AB. B. B.
in blue. Tor, Oregon "Tick" Malsrkey,
Beckett Cornell and Parsons played bril
liant pail.
Five minutes Sfter play started Toung O'kwtrke, m ...... .....4
Meloan. " If .......ft . 8
Kane. f ................. O 1
Bayleee. rf ..,..,.,.,,.,4 ; ft
Braibear, 3 .............4 0 1
Oi 1 '
Utechl, tb ,:.,., .8 0
Kiiiott, e ,..... .4 i
Bterrett e .............. .0 ,;,; .
; 0 0
' O ,
11 V I
Stalk. .
'....86 T It a
B. H. PO.
0 0.1
0 O
1 ' 1
0 0
Keuworttir. To .. ...8
Moran, of ,,,,,, ........3
Hallluas. 8b ............4
Taunant, lb 4
Cheek, o ...I
Stroud, p .........
I Venice
picked up a fumble and ran 90 yards for
touchdown. The Navy failed at goal.
Finding a hole in the. right side of the
line the sailors directed their attack here
and made yardage several times. Brem-1 , toUi,
a...... ....... ....II . ...r ta.iria an A I .. '
then fumbled on their 0 ysrd, line, Ore
gon getting the ball
. Start SSakisr Toaohdowus.
Oregon had the ball on. the sailors'
10 yard line at the opening of the sec
. ond quarter and Cornell and Parsons
carried It over In thre- downs. , Fenton I Cheek, o ...I o o
aaraln kicked aroal. The navy line went I 0-0
to j pieces, Parsons $ and Beckett
arolntr throutrh for Ions gains. Two mora
touchdowns and safety brought thej.."1"
for lemon-yellow, ''V"'.a-5'v.;i-'-'-.':'-;:
Parsons returned the ball 70 yards
when the Navy kicked off . at the open
lng of the third session.
down bo made 10 yards and a touch
down. Fenton kicked goal. In a few
minutes Jdalarkey was again rushed over
the line. Tne score at mo ena oi mim i ( nrtir-n nm
uartef was 31 for . Oregon and forlAUUICd MULL Vf XU
A 4J yard gain around right end at
the opening of the fourth quarter by
Cornell brought the ball to the one yard
line where it was put over in one more
' down. f 'i-t.; "' k y:i ''.v"' :v-w
BetaeK repiacta tne enare iira team th. .m. nn. ,.,.! i.-
by. the scrubs tbs last half of fourtt ftUhJurtM(iy d TBJ w,
quartern o"C; '.;:::.?::?; . f f Irled from the field. Whitman used but
ioe urea "r -.. i one ' substitute, ; that not for inlurv.
till the end of the ame. Bigbee u- Three, O. A. C. men were put out of the
rectea tne vregon les-ia w. in uu iui i game lor rougning,
quarter and did some nice punting, .ne i v" Stewart Almost Zn BCbras.'
sailors linei averagea :, yuuiws, nq i Coach Stewart of th. A
vneir oac.iiei v. . , j. f, , . . v near mixing It With Jack Kinder. kan,
The llneUD: - ' ' i- V , .,... " I In tlm. tnr Whitman,. 1,1
Bremerton. Position, Oregon " iTrw. , . " '
Boardman ,.... a. -Jl... .. .Hoiaen '
rnviM .......... ..C. ...... .i Caufield I i The line-up
Borman ...... u. n.i sentoni ,5 v , rosition. .
Ogllvie . i ....U T. K. -.' --H?;!' Botts C) ...,, i.,.U K a. , .. HunUey
Reed ; . . . .. . . K. R. Bradshaw (C) Clark .... ........ T. R... . Chrlsman,
Ktalev . ........ L.) H. R. . . . . . Parsons I nmv ........ . . . T. r tj
, - - - , - - r- i a sees tvi (1UJ I s(J li.
These i aro th fair player from
England and Ireland wno came
ever to take part In a.nvmbar of
":, club tour uamenta Jn Canada and
the United State. . They, will re-
crott, who yesterdays w-on the'-v',
American women' championship :
blematlo of the ; victory, .'; wa a
former champion of England. She
wa beaten, thl year for the ti
tle by one of her companion on
the ; present ;. trip. Tho visitors
aye theyj are haying i splendid,
time 1n America and t may , ylalt
............81 3 27 13
.................a gidiooif
1 0 8 1 1 1 0 5 a 14
.'.....O O O A fi A A II i
mia v OO1OO01 24
lloina rune Hltt 2. Barlaaa. M.lo.n. , 'Vma
oaee niianut. .aaortrica Site Braihear.
Struck out br Hltt 8. br Rtroad a Ria
.in Hit. af, mtmnmM T, 1.1-
On the next I playa Keuworthr to BUrk to Tonant. Left
bo uaaea yauiue e, Barramtnte a. Earuad
ruu eaiea e. Time 1:00.
liniplnM McCnrlbjr, and Ueld. .
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Young (Capt).....Q. ..
Cornell 1
............ B. O. L. ... . Lay tne.
Neiswanger ...... ,R. T. L. , . . . , , Hof er
Blover R. E. May.
t S . . ' Smart Rasmussen
MoDonald. Hoover. .Q iiiapkw.n
At Cambridge Harvard . 47, Holy I eiop , , ..u. u. , , . jscnuster,
ro ,v J Nelswa
I v i 1 Blover
...-.rj; MoDoni
f .. '.'W: II'"' " "" ': ..'. . , r , ',-.'" , , 'j . '.'.' . , ' . . . . .... - .. : . 1 ... . .1.
7" , : " - " ,r ..' 1 , " 11111 1 1 1 11 I I ;.' ' ,; i V'" '
'V".'"v-. v: if'. If' . 'V'- ''V'''','f.(' .'..;'.1'',-..'."',:',f'..',.!; ''....i'',;c.y''""-..j ..."!'"!'.': ' ' " "''.,:::: .:i:...u;."i.':u,!: ...u1 .. . . I
for Vyyr-? f ' - vll.j, ,
;.);;. . ,. .;.: v;,.V'',v . '
. u again. , , , I" ; , . v 'i.
At: '...1 : i
..,:.' ' H te " iwnnnD CUfinTCOQ IM
y T M 4 3 fPiiiiilRT.
LWLSs v OF 1913-14 SEASON
,;.S 0., R falOST
JinyroTtTTJtvTT- 'Steals "Ttrq
More Bases' and Sets 'New
4 Record for Modern Baseball
mi nspr.'f f..s r
i ILL tuMI.. llVt (
British. Gplfer
4 Struggle by, Miss
' Hollins In Title Mate
Mason v, ...t. H. R. ... .... Hay,
1 RaamuBHAn. . Dawitv
NHes ( F. u Abrahams.
- Pewey
Touch.aowna Thrlaman Bh.u,
Abrahams. Field a-ou.1 Rlarkaroli.
Nilea Ooals Blackwell (2). Referee
ieorge VarnelL Umplre-r Jones, W.
o. c. Head llneaman V. D. Applegate.
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
Us, Or., Oct 18. -The freshmen of the
Oregon -Agricultural college won the
annual bag rush on, the athleUo field
today, .defeating the sophomore team
by two bags. Nine bags were used,-the
newcomers carrying five of them over
their goal, while the sopbomorss could
only secure three. One bag remained
on the field when the whistle blew.. 8.
EJ. Brett headed the sophomore forces,
while H. B. Howell captained the rooks.
Cross T.
At New HavenTale 37, I-ehigb. 0. !
At 'Princeton Princeton !sli, ..fiyra
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania 18,
Brown : 0.;,"';.-';;";.i j-V ' '' , " '.';":-.'' ..
, At West PointArmy 7, Colgate I. '
At Annapolis Navy 29, Dickinson 0,
At Ithaca Cornell 10, aucKneii a
,' At Hanover
llams .
At Pittsburg Pittsburg 11, Car-
llaie t.'-r'':i-:- -s-:i-i?U-.
At Easton, Pa. LaFayette It, Swarth.
mora .r v
At Washington, Pa. Washington and
Jefferson 17, Pennsylvania State 0.
At Gettysburg Muhlenberg 20, Qet-
tysburg .
At Tufts Tufts 19, University' of
. llama . .
At Champaign. 111. Illinois 17, North
western 0. '
At Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan Af
)s 12. Michigan 7. ' C
At Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska 7. Minne
sota A. '
At LaFayette, Ind. Wisconsin 7, Pur.
-due t.;,' ;.(':'
At Cleveland Western Reserve IT,
Kenyon 7
' At Oberlln Ohio State 0, Oberltn ft,
At Cincinnati University of Cincin
nati 44. Ohio Wesleyan I.
At Columbia Missouri 10, Okla
homa 17. . . . , .
At Birmingham Alabama . 0,
Georgia 10. - ' .
, At Chicago Chicago S3, Iowa 4.
At Lawrehce, Kans. Kansss 11.
Drake 0.
At New , Orleans 'Mississippi college
13, Tulane 3.
At Colorado Springs TJtah 7. Colo
rado' eollege . :
At Denver Aggies JO, Denver . .
At Omaha Crelgh ton 13, Marquette t.
At OrinnelL Iowa Jrtnnell , High
land Park 0. " ' '
At walla Walla Oregon Agricultural
college S9. Whitman college t.
At Eugene University of Oregon 4.
Bremerton Navy 6. ' -
At St Johns Rldgefleld, Wash, High
0, Bt, Johns High 0. to 1
At Albany Albany High 43, Lsban
on 0. , ' , lA' '
' ' At Eugene Sophomore 3. Freshmen 0.
At Oregon City Washington High
second teem of Portland ' 13, , Oregon
City first teani W'y Si ''Vp ' t r
-At -.'Ashlsnd ,- Grant,,. Pass ' Blgn. " 0.
Ashland 38. ,! u ' , " , J"
At Corvallls rvallls High 0, O. A.
C" Freshmen. l.w.vV!'''''L"i':,'A's,.;yv;-:'1:'
At "Forest Orove Forest Orove Hlgli
10. McMlnavllle
... i.. - '-V;y:-n.;, j;
rartfle Coast tm9-t'vvi
FWtUnd ,:. f..,'. .,,'., ,.:,.f,.. V...10T JO .. ;T3
Ventre .'i.,..iptt ...,, ...J04 Of -.817
miMAt' 4ii.,..i',,.-i. la ' M ;..61
'rariee.,i,.,.;..,.V.ti lT li 4
t" Aiicclea M 1I4 .4TT
.lu4 ........................ ST -114 '.431
-i.-S'y'V'-V'' 'V ',,'v'i--j-v'A:.'r''.'---;:' "r.'
k - '
.- 5-1 ' ..r.'..c."s.--A- U-V-'
' McMinnvllle's Heavy Team Win.
Forest Grove, Or., Oct, 18, The For
est Orove high school eleven; defeated
the McMlnftvllle high school team by a
score of 10 to 0. The game, whloh was
played on the Pacific university, field,
was won by the home team's freauent
and suoeessf ul use of the forward pass.
jucjxunnvius naa tne neevier line.
Ban Francisco, Oct' 18. Five silver
oupa and one silver baseball represent
San Francisco's . share of the trophies
at today's "great dity of field events
and baseball In honor of the Portola
cerebration next week. . v . , .
Oakland won the ball game.' the
Seals won the field events. Curiously
ths scores were exactly alike. Field
events, . Seals : t. Oaks 0. BaU game,
Oaks 6. Seals. 0. .
San Franoisco won six trophies,, but
the big trbnhv of the game, a magni
floent silver mounted plaque, went to
Oakland for winning th game.! ,' !
The Oaks Individually not to bs com
pared with the Seals, wove collectively
the Seals masters, i i Possibly i if Jack
Cook and Frank 'Leavttt are willing to
mk a trade, all six of the San 1; ran
eisoo trophies will be exchanged for that
victor's plaqus, and-:; Cal - ffiwing - will
throw In Pitcher Jess Baker for good
measure. For .. the1 losing of ' todays
game was charged against the tndepend
able aouthnaw. ' i "'.vV.v.-w ;. .;,
'or a few minutes of the first Inning
San Francisco shouted- With two out
Johnston got to first on Cook's error,
the Doo .letting an easy, roller slip be
tween his feoCL;-''-f,-V
Jimmy then stole Second, and,, being
trapped off a moment later, no wouno
up by stealing third. - Bchaller walked
and stole seoond, but Downs could not
deliver la the pinch and the opportunity
was gona That was the last chanee the
Baals had during the game.
Ths Oak scored one each Id the first
seoond. fifth and eighth and two In the
seventh. . i-j-, ;?:-' A
; Score; x
i v AB. B. IL PO,
Hnndnrff, rf ..,.....' 0
McArdle, lb .............9
Jotanaton, ctv, ............ 3
Schallar. U..............j
Oorhan, ae ...............4
Cartwrlghtt 8b ...... ....4
Clarke, e ,-.,......, .....4
Bakae, p ,.,,.,... v,.l
Uaolay, p ,..t
Tublo, Ct 1
Bnward, lb .,......l
iiogaa ' . .v., .1
. toui.;
I - I
i I
: o
to .
Clemen. It .... ....... .t 1
Hatllng, 8b .. .......4 -?' 0
Karlor. rf . ... . ... . . .4 , 0
Zacber, cf ........... ...4 . O.
Nana, lb - ...............I
Cook, sa ...... ....... ...4 0
Leard, 2b ............. . v 1
Alexander, e - t
Malarker. 2 O
Coy, ,1
. A. . B.
3 0,
6 0
T -24 13 1
' Total 81 H 27 14 3
SB..,! TAnl In nlnfh. , ' .- .' .
Ian francla .......... 0 00O-C
lsgvnn , i
Half ' Dozen Teams ;: Claiming
First Honors and One Game
:. Is Duel at Park ;Tdday.i;
Another city , championship ' baasball
game will be staged, thl afternoon en
the r Vaughn ' street . grounds between
the ' Harriman - and Bradford teama
The game la scheduled to start - at 8
o'clock. ' v ,,,' .,'.(. '. (, ,
Last . Sunday ths Weonas defeated
the Tlmms-Cress and Sell wood teams
la what was termed the city champion-
snip series. The Lents : Giants now
come to' the front with a challenge to
any team for tHtf city championship.
i ne tsraarora team was scneauied to
play the Weonas and Tlmme-Cress
teams In ths games last Sunday, but
It )s said, backed, out , for some reason.
The Bradford, team fwlth an .enUrely
different line-up from what -It had at
the start of the season is not entitled
to play for the city championship, ac
cording to s local club manager,
The line-up for today's game will be
as follows:-, Harriman club Pitchers,
Baker, Oalvln, Mainland and Chamber
lain; catcher, Bry son first base, Hall;
second base. Hyland; third base. Voes;
shortstop. Devlnei left field, Hlnkle;
center ; field. ; Crowe, , and, Sninn right
field, i'? '.V. :,;.V"i'.'.'?'j''-:'''!1
Bradford Pitchers, ! Win terbotham
and Whetstone; catchers. Shea, and Mo
Donald; ' first base, Brlggai second
basN Stranahan; ; third : base, Tettj
shortstop. Brownie; left field,. Llnd;
center field, Btepp and Menaor; right
field, Boyanta. Umpires, Bottler and
Bateman. .jy, ?X;.;V
Asjhlan4 Beata - Grant iPaes.
' . (Special te The 7oernat)
Ashland. -Or Oct 18. The Ashland
High School defeated .Grants Pass High
School this afternoon on the local field
by a score of 38 to .0. The Grants Pass
boys; were entirely outclassed, though
Ashland played her lighter men, leav
ing out all but two of her heavy men on
the team.. Ashland will play Klamath
Falls at that place next Saturday. . ..
Seven Members of ; Champion-
;ship .Team of Two Seasons
, Ago Will Take Part.
.110 2 3 113 11
Two ran and 8 hlta aft Baker, taken oat Is
4th. Basra full. ooat. Two baae bits Al
exander. John too. Kartor. Bacrifiee' Site
Malarkey. Baae -on - balla ff Malarker 4,
off Baker 2. off Henley 2. Struck out by
The English ' Football
(soccer) has 8000 referees. .
Members of the Portland Revolver
club have resumed activities preparatory
to the opening of the 1913-1914 United
States Indoor Revolver 8hootlng league.
The chances of tne local club repeating
its championship performance of theJ
1111-ltlt season are much brighter this
tall than they were last year.
Seven members of the championship
team, J. T. Moore, B. 8. Sanders, W. H.
Hubbard, George Wilson, Frank Hachen.
ey, Walter Hansen and Maurlcs Abra
hams, shoot regularly during the coming
season. Sanders, Wilson and Hacheney
did not shoot last season, whlls Hanssn
took part In about half of ths matchea
Much is expected this aeason of the
new members, who Joined . last year, Lar
ry Evans, Newall and Presoott Clifford,
who baa been a member of the elub
for several seasons 4s also counted on
as a regular this year. Evans, Newall
and Prescott jumped right Into the lime-lla-ht
durlnr the middle- of last season
and shot as wen s some or the regii'
lars.:''1' :-r.;-:; 'A k"-:"'
Evans cams within seven points of ty
ing George Armstrong's world's revolver
record, when he made the score of 474
out of a possible 600 on the first prac
tice night of the season, v ;J.'.v.,,v.
The schedele of the 1918-1914 season
is not expected to arrive at the local
headauarters before ths mlddls of next
month. Practice will be held Monday and
Friday nights in tne old range In . the
Pine street police station until the new
Jail Is completed. -
K. -C. AVanta Power Doata. .
i Kansas ' City, Mo, wants the annual
Mississippi Power Boat association re
gatta tor 1314. '
if 'si '4' V-;...'..!.. i.,: - - ., .. . i -.-- : 4 -:'!'.:: J
te '.---..e-v ..
i 4ne, y
:.;s--.-,wifa.rfifW.JM.. '
afalarkvr a. br Baker i. br Beoley 1. I1H
br pitcher Downa. &toln baaea Johntton ,
Bcln liar, Ilosaa, Zaeher, Keaa, KetUng, Leard 8.
Douhla Dlai corhan to Downa to McArdle.
Cook to Leard to Neta. - Banley to Clark to
McArdle. Neae snaaalates. iMaa te laoc to
Neta. Paiaed balla Clark X, Tine - 1:60,
tmplraa .. itaall and Ouuirle. . , ,;r - .
- i-.,;-yf . u 1 in. i i i-i
Johnny McMurray Says Water
Meets -Are Staged Often ; in
Belfast and London Tanks,
' "The interest In swimming la England
and Ireland la as great as ths enthusi
asm over baseball in America," . said
Johnny McMurray, ths Multnomah club
swimmer, who returned last week from
a six months' tour of Europe, "There
Is a big swimming meet at' least ones
a month and there la always something
going on In the big tanks of London and
Bslfast " ' " 1 - '
The water polo games also attract a
great deal of attention, and Interest In
the matches reaohes a high pltoh. There
are one or two big matches every night
; McMurray did very little swimming
while abroad. His one big feat was to
come within 1-5 of a second of the Irish
100-yard record, which Is 81 seconds. It
Is held by J. Beckett. O. S. Dockrell
holds' a record, which is 1-8 of a seoond
faster than the time made by the winged
"M" star.;sWwV)v,;';!;'-,i.
While in Spain. McMurray saw a bull
fight, which was the most ' exciting
event he ever witnessed. Six bulls and
10 horses were killed during the battle.
Winner Gets'Gold.M'
Runherup Will Wei.
- :,ver'Baclgei
Octf! 18. Miss
ia. l ths
fle toaay on tn;
year 1918.
Wilmington. , Del,
Gladys Ravenscrof ta
woman gof champ
one won .tne ue tooay on tne;eouree
of the WtlniEgtoa Country club byde
f eating Miss Marlon Holllns of N.w
York, by up in the final round of the '
tournament, that began last Monday. t
Ths margin of vlctorytells the story '
of ths fight marts by ths American girl
against her : more experienced ' British '
opponent ' for Miss Ravenscrof t . has ' ,
teen champloj pf her own country, and ';'
the mere fact nhat the match went the
entire 18 holes show that It wa s bit
ter struggle. .fe'S'vrr-r ,..-;:. v,i.f ,
Miss RavsnsoTOftt ;Out, 148, 41. S4S
41; In, 445. . 4(4 . 483-41-8. :;
Miss Holllns: ' Out 831 48, 188-471
In. 865. 473, 48S-44-91. , ,
a result of Miss Ravsnsoroft's '"i
victory, the Robert Cog oup will go to "
the Bromborough Oub, in Cheshire. i
England, for the coming year,, Z .
Miss Haven aero ft , shelved a - gold '
medal; Miss Holllns, the runner up, a
silver ona - . ,
, f
ft? j
Tacoma and - Vancouver Play
. oixxeen inning uamer uoits -,
in 1 1 Extra Inning Battles, ;
Thlrty.f our extra saasin m m I" . '
pl4yed In the Northwestern League last
season... The longsst battle was a sis,
teen Inning contest between the Tacoma
Tigers i. and - the Vancouver Beavers, v'::
which was won by MoOinnitya men by-
the score of 4 to 3. Taooma was on the i"
short end of a 1 to 0 game with Seattle, , -Whloh
was a fifteen Innln ram. ;
Portland. . Vanoouvar. . Tinnm. - .
Victoria figured In the two fourteen In.
nine- games, the Colts and Been being
onthe short snds of the eeore,
: The-Seattle Giants won both It inning
games, beating. th Caltm ana ,- u
dlans. ,'):,:':! . v-",'.iiAM. -' m:! vf-.
The eomplste list t irha v,
games Is: ., Ov-'. .f.o.... JZ,r?A
-; : " -.' '. tnxtaan InntnM. iSv"-',.
soil). . , :.. ' "".:;.
lerjtatnfwti. 1 n-.tti i in. - '
(IIyrKurf uss)I"'" " "T
- fourteen Snalnge. fr:'-M,k -i-'i
June 14--VBtinnnvjv 1 l-l.a a
September 3 Tacoma 3, Vtetorla L
; Kantlehner). ., v t..,r. WVi
, Thirteen Xnslnaa.
MSV 9 flaattU A t PnvflanJI
uvaie. ,l4Sie blV la - ' i , .-.j
Twelve laainga. .-,
Anrll 18 Snokanr s. TnrtnA ' l '
(Bonner. Kraft: Ma v. A en aw. tlalla.
ban). . ,. .,.",,,': J
- May 14 Tacoma . Spokane a. ' (Mo-; V
Qlnnlty, Glrot: Cadreaaj. .?v-.f.'
June jo- apoKane a,- TMmmXV.'h:
Toner; McGlnnlty), - -4t ''
July 22 Seattle 1.' genitalia ft. ? res1. "
lerton; Cadreau, Coveleekle). v .
eeptemoer li Portland 6, Vancouver - ,
(Martlnonl. - KaatlevS ' Inararanll.
Scbmuts, Clark). . Ta--'
? , ' . zievem Znaaga, -
Anril 17 Reattla 4. VlotnHa t - fTUTt '
win, niwuij.
a M-ii l a is
Drll 1 Seattle t. Victoria t- TialU
Sohults. Narvesop). ' ' -. , - -1
May 8 Vancouver 3, Spokane a. f fin-
gsrsoll: Kraft). : v., va
a, vanoouvar .
;'tkf;bancii;1 ot gridiron ta'rs' whom Coach Hugo Betdek ezpecU to eveix) In ther Intercollegiate champions
; lemon and green, player begt the Bremerton Navj team yesLe'rdar 19 to 6, '
of the northwest. The
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval-
lis, Oct-18. The Corallle high school
football team went down to defeat to
day before the onslaught of the heavy
frsshmen team. of . t uregon Agricui
tural college. 8 to 0..'-h..-' -...
The only toucnaown wa maae in
the second quarter by Camp, a former
Washington high school - lad Of Port
land. The field was very slow, being
covered with mud from the recent rams.
The-lreshmen did not show any of the
ability, demonstrated In the game with
the U. of O. freshmen three week ago.
Lewis starred for the Ireshmsn and
f'egley and Rlerdon for the high school
lads. A direct wire from the Whitman
field, at Waller Walla, sent the returns
from, ths -varsity game, during the
"Eugene, Or., Oct 18. The annual
Freshman-Sophomorl game was played
this sfternoon as a preliminary to ths
Oregon-Bremerton game.1-: The Sopho
mores won bjr a score of 8 to 0. See
plaoe-kloklng 'from St yard Una -Robert
Bean of Portland, captain and quar
ter of the Sophomores, was carried from
the field with an Injury to the socket
of the eye. When Seen tonight Dr. Omar
Gullion, attending physician, stated that
so far the Injury has not developed ser
iously. !, ',.'',. , , '
. v ' p'yfA 4 i':; .", -y. 4,- il.'.;i',"!,J,j;,,.i'
Baggage Transfer firrvlce Co, Main
130, ALL THAT Tlia NAilfc IM
PLIES. (Adv.) - ,
June tf Portland
(Hvnes: Hall).
.ul 4 ficaitle L VinnaiitM B
m July liTacoma , Portland a, (Mo
Qinnity! Callahan).
August 1 Vancouver , . Victoria T,
(Wilson, Clark; Narveson, Fltsierald).
August 81 Spokane ,1, . Victoria 8.
(Bou glass: NSrveson).-' . . .
fiantemhAi S .PnrtlanA f. VinAimvai -i.
8. Callahan: Scbmuta. Cadraaoi. In. n.
gersoll), .,,.:-),. 'C ....
September 12 Vancouver 1,, Vlcterla
1. (ingersoill Kantlehner), ;' 'fK;
September 26 Spokane . Portland . .
v. vworeiesKiei Aiartinoni,. juasueyj,
Ten znaings.
April 33 Seattle 3, Taooma 4. (Xell
Kaufman. Rolfnnl) '
May ri Victoria 8, Vancouver 11 , ;
(Smith) Dawson, Ingersoll). i ..- ( .
atus i, vaasouver a.
Vaneouver . ' 8. ; .
Mav 18 SeatUe
lii . wv i v
lUy fepokani f.
(Tonen Ina-roll
May 29 Tacoma 0, Victoria t.
uiniuty: Aanuennerj, -
June ' 38 Spokane K 8, Vlotorla
(Kraft! Hardin). v; ,f:l.v'i.
July 12 rTacoma 1, Portland i, - (Bel- -
ford, AloOinnlty; Eastley), . - - . t,
Jul? Seattle 67 Portland T.'' ;
(Uelkle," Uelvor; Stanley). ? !,V
Aut-ust 10 Seattle . 3, : Victoria t
(Kelly; Narveson). 4 '
- August 11 Seattle I, Portland , 4. ;
(Fullerton, Stanley). . - '.'ii
September 0 Seattle 1, Spokane o.
(Dell) Douglaas). - - ' i v . ' . ifv
Spntmhr 14 Portland 3. Vaneouitr
8, (Mays' Clark). 'h v, ;.'' ;-; .,
- Albany Beata lVobanon. ' - ,1
Albany. Or., Oct. 13. In a game char-
acterised by dashing line plunging and r
long end runs by ths local team and -v,
thrilling forward passes by the vtsltors.v r .'
ths Albany High school this sfternoon -defeated
the Lebanon High school,-48 to
0. Th Lebanon lads could not get V
through Albany's line or pass the sndJ V
except by forward passes, Qood intery
ference played; an Important part for "k
Albany. Archer, Wiles, Mitchell : and 'M-Ki
Carl starred for ths visitor and Mon
telth and Archibald played a great gams '
for;th local team, tv.- '.';.' :
' Ames Victor Over Waahlngton. '- .
St Louis. Oct 18. In a game filled
with rough play and frequent penalise-
tions on both sides, the Amee team to-
day walloped the Washington Unlver. .
sity layout by the ons-slded score of
37 to 7. Waaltlngton never jealiy hid
a onanoo, Deing outweignea ana- out
generaled throughout the struggle that.
toward the end of the game, became
more and more one sided.