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J. a. iAVMHM
I tnry VMnlag twevpt SowUrt aa
itt Sunday saoratng at Taa JvnnI Balls.
I - tug, Broadway en YunblU'ata.. Pnrtlaad. Of.
- m
iiwH at um poatrfi at PottlaaoV or fo
, limnamlMloa tAieagfc !! Baalls aa aeooaA alaaa
- natter.
l;KiH.lNKa ; Mala TITSa
f KKk.KiA. AuvKUTituKu ftKfMKHiiNTArivi lis best suited to the Chinese charao-1 Growth, and prosperity of both city 1 750 of the po
!: CTS '.y iTwii 1 " tBa reaent "mo. : ' . and country? depend .upon it more poIltfvMadero
For centuries It ' baa been : part of tha entire) Soathera FacUto system
th. Chinese conscience. How can a carries 40,000,000 passengers a
philosophy such as this be replaced year, , ;' ,
In a generation! , - ' The experlenca' of Los Angeles Is
Unless : Yuan and bis associates being dnpllcate'd In other sections
are living denials of yOonfocUnlsnt, of ; the Ulnteds States' where inter
unless they discard - wisdom and urban lines are'' established. Elec
truth, Christianity need fcave no trlclty will carry the passengers of
fears. In China. But the ben who the future. - The) lnternrban car Is
'! J1!" ' SZ'ZXZt IV trying to 1 lead , China out of now recognised as the people's most
.a BulKHn. Caleata,
. "ecclptloa Term by asall at aa !
p. uimva aiaiaa o Maaioei-
,:, 'v DAILY
i va raw
1 vaa nu , (3.60 4 Oh
Om raa
.tb .......f
;...STAO I Oh asoattt ......I .
Each man's chimney 1 his guld
en milestone; . .... .
Xs the central point from which
, ha measures t ' w
Every distance
Through the gateways of the
world around him.
- ' ' H. W. Xxmgfellow. , i
moura Mm the next day.' ; There
was no occasion for going to the
polls when the result was fixed In
advance there was no wisdom in
tempting fate.
!.4 ' :' . -:''!..:' ' ','r''m' V )
f : Because the t Mexicans .lacked
schooling in ubo of their franchise
rights,; but were well schooled " in
the danger , of , voting wrong, there
was little wonder that even at
4Tt:ctlZZ?2&v: in-every
pnianon. went to the
was chosen at a fair
election, but the figures are lllustra
tive of the present problem In that
country. v;A "r' t
I COMMISSIONER DALT Is rtehL : r.. ""Tw!: uer
f thm vain of th liAalfh ' Ti,- - . I ci w i,o, people, me Vote
partmen- " " 1 : 'UZ V 1 W "Mi-93fr
They are making heavy cut. In property, not from the ln '9Vj''' W6 vot?"
the budeet allowance fft thut hrfn.i T,.f r.i. v k "r"".41"'1 . uuerrero, wicn
partment May not a too rigid ioL de ' rran 71
lev Drove to be a false conomvf . lord. : it .hAnM I,-, w- ..- 7.wwu' . iU wiiu a popuia-
l - - . i i -" i w i tinn nr AnowtAw m .ja
allowed by the budeet v committee war . anfl n' rAw 1?". Cru counUng ; 981,-
for testing the dairy herds for tuto
bercnlosis. The health denartment rr, f ti.. . vruyvruons prevaueo
insists that at least; four, will, be reaulrinr tb. : tenant to ret water .iB?. W
RE the city commissioners sure I
they have adequate conception
than upon any other one factor.
reauiring the tenant to get water IT".. M v-r.' Jw .cf
. - , 1 " e, I A-UH . UlflUHIlir IIHLWMm 1 II mm -tTA-iri ATttBa-W
uan tne commissioners independently. Commissioner "iDalv -
afford to hamper the, pure milk would make the water service . M.jrl?:"
HE , up-state newspaper 'men movement oy witnnoiaing tne neip of the property Itself and have the U. Z i:.:.:: ill :
have been in session in Port- necessary to efficiency? ' landlord Include the" water In thek.. -X,r. -',."v.
land. ; - co" flaleaZ0 to 70 general transaction in which he lets
. - ' ..I vat vetrlnarians. Th ritv run. - ., . . ' . e"-""1 w i eiecon, tnere
..vwo uravu.ou. ,m uiau JIUV WUH I : -" - . -T - . ' iU ! JBMIIJii IU, JIM i WOriU .OIWOIIlA DA ' llttl TITAimA-t
.rdahln . nnon tha lanfllnrd. 'nnt. I-A.nt.i. . w
back, in advertising. besieges WPe6' os forvflO. Wlthstandlna- tha s fact that tearfnl .. T. ".ZCrr-I-TL-il"
.VrJ .f" P1-1-- beard in various Ces it will require- years for Mexico
up-state publications.
ir iuor tor eiiecuveneBB 10 uius I n n a rt Ara Tn fa-
The mail overwhelms them with place f the of testing within d beBt Mg11iaUd apartments wai d lciateaT Sex?
I kind, of copywlth: .. request easy rehf daymen? flats ln lugm wate " aIgSSterd
tne latest to recover from the terrorism': of
that It ! ,eled ire
it k . nrovldaa that th r.ttv ahall , tjt- 117 1 J T ... . '. . 7. T . . . -;uuouyiA- vaas represenutuve
V4 vu- jioyor MfW8i.,'BHiA '" A-,,,, ' . :. uie zee ior h incinaea in ine renuu election Is almost an imDosslhUity
? chra, .r,-oA . ' . 1 herds unon the fillna- of annllcatton. I - . I u xuiposmouKy,
r ouu-o, wuuvj io,i-- -- r . ' ' 7T1 cnrge. t is nii oniy reosouaoie, I . The most that could he tmtTA
church fairs, state fairs, school fairs. How can all herds be tested when H I but it Is modern business method to i La LTJ1
orld's fairs, charity balls. une f e- .if o tt.ttar-r'U' of offlciaVwho w
Rivals, health committees, ; charity do it and the city is provld ngbut The plan Is of great value to the mote the welfare of Mexlcws. Thev
tcommlttees, development commit- oner There -are enough applications cUy, y The collection of water "fees. SnnotbeTlamed , forThriJ imol
lees, promotion committees, public on file ,now In the ijhemist's now ftR tlm0Bt appaUing burden, is ance, supersSn and SSS
ntr AnTnTn4fta -.nAt .ntr.-A "m- office to keen one veterinarian fully , :... ......;-, ..- "uro" y n r. v , iney
r.w. . yiu (uouvi . -' " ::. ' . 1 . .1 easy, luexpensire sua simple. , a ne some of the. exDloiters are Amerl.
Fhow. exposition and '. committee I i; Tne onaget committee auows hut -t.nria mmi tnr'th mtl
ehowers the publication of flee with V Pctors.-Thmnic or- chaf lt t onw becomes the Thera U every 'tt' wtojlnt.
ntniiA.tafn.f- ano.A- at.ratr- in1r1 I dln8D.Ce Shd Common DrndenCA re-U. a . ' ""oa : "tt mn'
vHwavaM w vunvvi ao aau 'uwaw ' ' " -t ' ' . ay - , a iii hi n hhi nr i n nwn . ,nrar v n t a i aama mhahIii a. a a, a- - At a . . a .
In, ,An,,.n;fiT, t.a a..,,- oiiim that each dairv be liumeeted Z77ZTZZ? VTiTZ 77 Z "T". we ngni in
r" " . . - ' --vi me ciiy, 10 see ai it is paia. ; I Mexico, for 'Americans f have
vu v.. fi. v- il. iHi Mnh naf an1 friar SA(I I . . ... . I av, auniiwui i, ura
community, - never realijsing ; tbatanA8. v '
white paper - must be paid . for in I Any saving inaugurated at the ex
dollars, that ; orintera 3 must i have pense of eff iciencr Is a costly econ-
hioney for food, clothing and shelter I omy. ; One of the noblest move-
find? that publication offices cannot I ments .;ver-forwarded in Portland wagte antf in6meiencr.
.. 1 I ji I 4. tK. .4mttf.l. fnw n.,viff naff An if I .... .
' con
Mr. Daly is also right as to water trlbuted; much to wronr don Tri
meters. . tie wouia install aDout zo. Mexican people.
uuu meters in xvi, ana nave tne
city completely metered In 1916. THE TWO IIAWTIIORXES
An unmetered water system means I 1
icta anTt lnaff1.Anr . " . . ' I -bTTT.TAV TTATO-Tri-TMT7I
rpubslst on warm windv: ; of a metered system ' means eonser- I leased from the federal penlten-
ri aUU8 WUU IUO lain Wtt Oia uWii.;i,;WW,p "vv I vr.n tiif ff!MAnf T tlftrv At AtliTi lof Waas.v
Jree puWcity folk, Is the real S"f0i, user will pay for what he gets L He had been Imprisoned a little
fcgent ;rMh , doesn't advertise bnt thejrell-being of .every individual. get wbat u pari -for mor- than six months ; because he
wanta ms name menuoneo in every i v iirem usu w w v , ; Tf v.,. n wn n,h( n.i . rrnifA c..
sale,he doctor who doesn't adver- effeeness;inj Uie health; depart. help pay for the water his neighbor mails to defraud people into buying
June uecause fl MJI wa I DrQiei-1 ; , w un uu .w6t v aa la h oh nnrlAv Pnrf. WorthlAaa tntnlns- atnrV vTT. a.
Wonalivbut wants .. hteHama Cm jth ;iw4;4 . kltn : t ': "con- j, .t :,-atin. in prlson was shortened because of
t f "seon a case oi acciaenv ana feryea uy , pvhw- uu By , thege &nd other plangt ; Com. exemplary conduct.
t because ne says it aoesn t nay. out aerswoa. wanreTer uuuw n ue tna rata- v.fom M , a r...i. f mm fhan TrifnaT intAu-.- . t-
,wanta the reporterto drop around lt ln Myinghuman life and thoroughness and fttaey.; a name whlcb should have held
nr1 an pita tin fn- fha mm. : a Aa I nmtaottn o fha nithUfl irnlnit fllmmiu I .: , .. " , .c,';,Wlii.. .. ' .. . . "
ri7::. I :,: "vK7 - -,r:r;fj::.;y. mm to xne pamway I integrity. He
.iwlndow. : r ; r , , : . .; ' v ; Ibulk o? .the. budget or the ; figures
In addition, there Is the profes-lof the tax levy. .. One of the virtues
lKlonal TirfR ae-nnt wlin 1a natrl A Ma I at (.nniml8Bion 1 rnvernmfint la that
-: J . . : - . .. . . I . . a . - i
j eaiary oecause; oi ms s versaunty in lie is oeuevea 10 nave too muca ueuri
5 working the newspapers for free I to play lives against dollars
publicity..". He Is : th cunnlngest, I Portland's present
is the son of Nathaniel Hawthorne.
whose nathe" WW "always be cher-
By Pr. Frank Crane.
Copyrlrht. 191S. by Frank Craae.)
Whoever given himself p to a rreat
Idea wlU build better than he luowa,
What he definitely intends may be
limited by the narrowness of his age, of
tho institution with which he is Identi
fied: or of his own ltm(At '1.vl! hut
w'iw Limn aiA uiwo, turge Wlla vua feu1
roua xrunaga or aestlny. r- a -
Among the people - who An rien In
futurity are the missionaries. A
The nominating idea of the' mission
ary Dimaaii, or, of missionary boards,
may be to win more members to this or
that sect,: The actual forthcoming is a
tar Tr.uer ana srranaer ming. v , ? V
, is tne oeveiopment of world-cltltn
hlp.' It is world-weddlnir . It la that
imernauonai commerce of Ideals, which
if Of far more imDortanna than Interna.
tlonallxtng the sal , of gteel , rails er
kerosene. t ,.V
Ueutenaht-Colonel Elllah W. HalfoM
Is a remarkable man. .After long and
successful political and JouraallsUo
career, followed by soma years as army
iwymaaier. aa retired becauaa nf .
and, Instead of doing- nothing undertook
the leadership of the Layman's Mission
ary Movement la the denominatlnn tn
which tie belongs, - Recently he wrote an
arucie in a religious weekly la which
he. ouotes these. wedas'-j.-uwr.MSi--rfc
"BUOdenly the outside world, has be
come aware of what the missionaries
really mean and the mlslsonarlaa have
come to iook straight at their own work
and see It as It really Is the soul of
the Christian civilisation laboring to
apreaa useix mrougnout tna-entire hu
maa race." , : 4 ': : v-.-.
-When good Saint Aurustlna and bis
companions invaded England they had
m mind to enlarae tha church.- Thav
uiu mori wey esiaousnea isngiisn elvlli
When the PllerlrA Fathers umt to
America It was to find scope for their
pecuuar religion. . They laid the founda
tions or American democracy, , s ,,.
Likewise the missionaries now in
China, Japan and else where mar be con
sciously cultivating belr own sect but
unconsciously they are jolnlnr : bands
with commerce and education to bring
Ik. . 1 . . 1 . . 1
iw m men inio unity. - , ,, .
America la nowhere dolnap tha dntv
fata ha a laid upon her more than In her
missionary enterprises, Alexander
Hamilton saia: -it is ours to be either
the grave In which the hopes of the
world shall be entombed, or the pillar
of cloud which shall pilot the race to
millennial glory." , ,
Ex-President Taft hu rrnriitlv 'run.
ieBsea xnat ne couM 'not have adminis
tered the affairs of the Philippines, aa
he did with such success, but for the
preseno and Influence of Christian mis
sionaries. ' . ' ..V.-V". ... .
Alexander McArthur. M. P.. wHta?
"I believe the advancement of civilisa
tion, the extension of commerce, tha in.
crease oi Knowledge in art, science, and
literature, the promotion of civil anrt
religious liberty, the development of
countries rich la undiscovered mineral
and vegetable wealth, are all Intimately
Identified with and. to a much larva
extent than most people are aware, de-
pouueni unon too worx OI tna mlaalnn.
ary, and I hold that the miaalonarv hu
done more to civilise and benefit the
worm man any ana an other agencies
B aball soon know bow wen ished by the American people.' The
in next jtiose jrestavai is name Hattthorna will last m long
w ue uottneeo. as English literature lasts.
.Tne canvass for nbscrfo- icariv m 1 nm fint ka
expenditure tlong begins tomorrow. There onrht th crnrlanesa nr im.H .
ciueai, oiu wiui winning ways, ior conserve puoiw uoaim - is mi 10 oe a generous reSDOnse.- : . inr this eonnti tha , wnu
Irkn.U .mil. .Jl....,.l T. nm,.nn aHIk . .TV .. .... " . o
buiuv, auurcn. auu tuuiw .: uu. . jvimtHuwwu , n.ui eir oeioro ua um rssxrvai oeen lllsh ridicule, Nathaniel Hawthorne
aoulful (eyes, and, when p he fgeU other ciUes, it is a humiliating out. undertaken under more .favorable brought bis suprema talent to our
I""""" "" " uaiai- uewDya-i lay, nrio an wuio w. . ei. i auoijiuea. ver , . oeiore was the defense and established 5 America's
t a.Aa . t-1 f A,tL . aVfa, A I A. t . ala. laTS - ll ',; Mm .A - aa.IAaI I a . a. ...' . I 1 "
lyvr jjuuiuaer wr at muca ieti i Minneapolis, cenis jr capua, popular cnaracier oi tne activity so I standing in the world of letters.
I ttuout me ! ouico tuai . me agent I uunaio, sx; vioveiana, s: opoKane, i emDnasizea. '- v . v f Whan tha un rait
i wania 10 out, especially m tne way I B a , uetroit, sa; a juaianapoiis, . is;
gof advertising. v- , ; - I Kansu .City, 7 ' St, ;r Loaia,'' 90;
5 . In no activity in the world Is I Denver, $1; San Francisco, $1.52;
f there so much endeavor to get some-1 Seattle, $2; Portland, 14 cents.
for , nothing as Is attempted
-on the newspaper business. No ac-
i tlTity In the ; world gives as much
rto the public gratis, and gets as few
thankg .back .vC"-i
5 For all the boosting of the com'
Cmunlty, for all the constructive agi-
N ANOTHER page of today's
Journal is an ar title telling
how electric car lines center
ing : In , Los Angeles and ex-
The government and organization there was an attempt to save him
of the work are strictly represento- from prison. A pardon for Natban
tive, with 62 of the busldess organl- iel Hawthorne's son was asked,, not
rations or the city represented. It because there was any desire to con.
to n arrangement under which done the offense, but rather on ac-
proaa vision ana eirecuve manage- count of the name Hawthorne. It
ment are certain to characterize' the was . urgel that ' the United states
1914 show. - . i : should not cast odium unon a Haw-
' The festival is to be confined to thorne, the son of; America's fore-
three and one-hair days, from Tues- most novelist
The Durnose was not
I rla w fiMn . '- a TJV-I dm, mI.V. . V 1 a - . v . a. a- ,
trr.Z"." 7.T . 77" Z, 7 I tanrUn 1ntA tha an.,,tn- rfv- .w. ;- wm w save wm troo, out to save inviolate
; BUOn: " . lflB v: re- -5.-7 rrTv.. ... I omething doing airtbe time.- It the reputation hla father bad estab-
Fformfor all the appeal;- behalf try ts Uve bunt un that city ,,1 f
":" rS v be no The attempt f,
pm.?en?u- rranh features, and better lowed to take lta course, and Julian
The features are to be made bet- alty following ; crime. Had Julian
aw- . p I a a - I WAAa . W IfelLaV AVI AvB a, AAA DBa BI1U UHLLHr I inWRIl III a.SBj 1 1 - 1 II niM mm n n I TI I1DT1
I f en, ' l :fS? -.f0' contrlbnr cause fwL th bUBlaeB$ men wh0 wU1 hav Hawthorne served bis term in prle- pub. freeex-Q halt at the beglnnlag on.; It was right, ;AU sons should
lrL'zT? .V,1 hitoB,',, 01 at.tta fnd be(taught that a father's proud
5 let r.r an dStjon. f fji a "p lum?a- ot them from pen
.wnen ne IS oeaa ana let U , go at - carina; inem at,Panc. from such a eommlttaa .. wnnlrl nav r-atr.r-,1 tin Wnf.h
. v. - UltUMr own Annntum rnt It AaIIv.i . . . r .
aw,.t , " i. .h ; V " , now heads tne enterprise should be a tarnished name. We can sav we
h VA -wteelvllaa aa a aa I A av aa aa fallV I ElB LIl. 1 f - III H. 11 . VI fl tTSl VlEl VhfJl I ' ' .
h."uu - r.: fi,rhr: J Nathaniel Haw-
r ui , uerowar no ciwaea more - -r ,. ;:.?:" ."u' contributes , it meant that they will thorne's son committed a. crito
i wuiiuuiui u luiBrvm vr auiy aa I - - - k"a I II tu8 festlV
tef lay a ewjflower. on,the urb - not onl,, ulM ZSTZ onX
, of the 7" than in any. former year. , Tl,at as- wnt:to-prison that act of clemency
la the average up-state editor.
'ivartwAl 4 em a.,a' .a f aa-a.A ' a-a.AV..ll a. a. aa a, aaAL.i- v'
rnnntrv Tha 1MA'M. ,.i,a- - . v"a uuiulB uinov wuMiAuuy y .ers ex-
H-vt. v": T J " noma . oe) -i adequately and cellencleg should keep the law's
; v" :: -r . .VA amply underwritten.
It ought not hand off a criminal .son.
I lines - build up the city and develop
it is tne nuness ; or money or
lack of money , that will make ot
mar. the . festival week. Let this
to I
p CHRISTIAN missionaries are said the country.
I to he much concerned leBtl The 1910 census rave Loa a.
i Chi"'s new government adopt geles a populaUon of 819,000. which vwnch1 as Port!
, Confuslanlsm as the national In three years has grown to 400.- "8n!n "!
llWnn :, Pmrnl,.,.. I ana , .,7-v.. ' 'J-. Ul VU : 1U0S nor
" V A UCUk I 4. UCDO WVV.V BU V TfitUlll IUB 111 I!I1T- I .
Titan . l..nmnH. V.. . I .. . , . . I inttfte. iu.uiuuivui luut ia saia i poraiea ny iiuiiis. jLuternroan car
! to believe that the hope of China I lines, f by I connecting Los Angeles
lies in retaining the best of the old I with : 42 incorporated cities and
t order, of things, and Confucianism towns within a radius of 85 miles,
Pis as much a part of Chinese civlll- and ' by - making the city readily
pzation as Christianity is of Western available to country residents, have
Haviuzaiion, - " I bound together a contributing popu
1 XT .-TV r:r.:..:r . ri'.r"" ".mar the. festival week. -- Let this Tiis long-preoictea jrranco-span
J 7" -Z""?' popuiauon ot ei,Ugg, which week., Tesoonsea be such as Port. I ish alliance aeems to be fairly
on the way to consummation.
President Polncare has prom
Ised to return King Alfonso's recent
visit to France, and the incident
is given significance as making prob-
t able a complete understanding he.
na Mexican 'election l eet for tweon the two; governments. The
next ; Sunday. ; , - y . I people of both, countries .are said to
It recalls that there has been be heartily in favor ' of a" comnact
nnt (yna Toit aiarrmn in Mst. fA. Mntn.i Att Ana aa... - ... -
S &:"- vm-a a. .- . . t I ...... . ' . . " - I '.-. , ,- .vi mm,iui.w iw,,uwiiiito J,;,
t. A , . . v O00iarT ""on v.or (i ov.vvv peopie. ? js there co in a generation.: and that even Spain would benefit moBt from
m!u tr'.r-'tr.v ,oa" ny uesuon .-! " In such an election, only 20,148 such an 'alliance C That nation la
anes, win ne treatod with the rreat-1 wonder dtv of America? - ' ' ' I vntna vara rant w i Mm.i.H., .i L.. t..i.M - . a..
evidence that, they will be free tolneneer carriers. " Then came th nnl. '"n fainiHt Af u. . Li.a. i. , v
conunue their efforts in rn a m i. a . ...a.i. . m.m..i.Il . .... ,.. i . . . . ... . -
mMI. :iTthina v.7aT r" f ,w IT 'r. W fcoiuouui oy wie evenw iouowwr- ms success- siae mat or any or tne great pow-
public Nothing has occurred to in-1 nlon or the tracks. PatcaI carrvtn- f..t -avni n. -iri v. I . . i. -i
. Qicato mat China will deliberately I aoon arew into freight carrrina?. and infn thi nmaMnA at nM ,,. i. ..' iv. . . v-..a '..V
rtHT-n lta ha.V T I 7 .T 1 i I ' . 1 . T J "v lu"' .. ' u uw-u W1U1
i , , 7- -r"1 VU1 i"o"y. : I now tne company operating tne lines wished to establish that the revolu- a debt of nearlv two hillion ifniiam
Spain's Interests lh Morocco need at
tention; ' but ; without support from
some other country Spain can make
little progress in Morocco or else
where. . .fyjht';-K fttf?
England is said to favor the alli
ance; on account of Its' bearing upon
international politics of : Europe as
a whole. A Franco-Spanish alli
ance; would ; give Europe, as one
writer declares, a valuable buttress
in an allied Spain and an increased
influence over : the Mediterranean
seaboard. England, France and Rus
sia may secure the balance of power
as .' against 1 the : group of nations
beaded .by Germany. i
T , -IOMrtPbottld not be has 1600 freight cars. It does most tlon ; was not Intended to ; put him
j i7i r;' aquesj of the rreignt carrying in iouthern in power, but to overcome DIas and
., . ' i. i vttuiuium, uwiuuui in jw ceufc uiiioaao an eiecuon oy tne people pos-
illgion in the aesse that fWe use' the all less than carload lota i in ; the sibl.i Ha waited six "months for
" , iJ . ,,, . a,8C""on oi towng it serves. ; ' This phenomenal tha excitement to cool before call
toe mysteries of lUe, no reference to growth in freight traffic came; for ing an election. ; He disbanded and
the : oul s immortality. Confucius the sam season' that; multiplication disarmed his 1 army ' and the polls
was - deified . after bls death, but of passenger traffic came. " rIt was were In charge of da la Barre, whose
scholars sre divided as. to whether because of greater convenience. sympathiei were more with the old
bis teachings are a religion or mere- , Six hundred passenger cars carry regime than they were with Madero.
? phUosopby" of living. 225.000 persons 78.000, miles every Madero was elected by an almost
Confucianism deala wholly with day.. These people "patronize . the unanimous vote, but during the 82
the TeltMon of man to man. It clectrltf lines because the interutban years DIas' was In office the Mexl
lncludes five cardinal vlrtueshu- car takes them directly to the place can - people were not taught nor
inanity. vuprlghtnessr decorum,;, wig. they wish to go. , both coming . and were they allowed to use the bal-
n and truth. It baa become part going.' Seventy-two , mllUon pas- lot To rote against Dlai meant
tZ Ctlncra Ind saX character, sengerf aye carried Jji-a.yearr while that thai Mexican's: . family; would
WAShlnirton. D. C Oct. IS Ttata iaa.
eiaions of high importance are expected
from the supreme court on- its first de
cision day, Monday, although the court
Itself has given no indications of its
intentions The esses of most public
Interest and Importance are the long
pending "Intermountain rata case," in
volving the long and short haul rates,
and the Kentucky rate case, which In
volves the validity of the McChord act
enabling the state railroad commission
to fix reasonable rates on Interstate
business. . ( ',! -' .y.--.., -;.) ci
President Wilson will go to Philadel
phia Saturday to speak at the. r edu
cation of Congress Hah. The same
night i he will leave for Mobile, Ala
where he Is to deliver an Addraaa ha.
fore the Southern Commercial Congress
Former President Taft is to apeak
at the dedication of the G rover Cleve
land Memorial Tower at Princeton uni
versity on Wednesday the same day
on which the graduate college ot ; the
university Is also to be opened, iv
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt Is sched
uled to arrive at Rio de Janeiro on
Tuesday, and the following day he Is
to deliver a leotura in tha Hrini.
capital on "American Internationalism''
lung ueorge Is to become the guest ,
Ftafford, formerly
i of New Tork, at
nday for a week's
,-1'y Frt'd Lockley.
(if Cor Counted i
Mrs, Siimucl Coli
Houghton Hall on
.Arrangements are ! , progrrBS to make
the celebration of Trafalgar , Day
throughout the BritiH'o empire more lrrw
pressive and -on a larger scale Tuesday
than 'on any occasion Klnce the annl
versary of Nelon'a victory became an
annual observance.
Primaries are to be held Tuesday In
the Third congressional district of
.Massachusetts to nnmlnot. i.ntlMnta
to i.t--. r.Tr- -i
6r. '
The Chicago, Burlington 'St ' Qulncj
railroad has fixed Monday as the day
for opting to traffic lta new line from
Casper. Wyo.. to Kirby. Mont.
In New York city commencing "WeJ-
Aesday and continuing for 10 days, an
exposition is to bo held to show the
advancement made by the negro race
In the United States during the last 60
years. ' The exposition Is also Intended
to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of
the emancipation proclamation.
' Recent progress in the worldwide
fight Against tuberculosis is to be
clearly set forth at the eleventh In
ternational 'Anti-Tuberculosis Confer
enoe, which 1 to begin it sessions in
Berlin Wednesday. The leading nations
of the world will be represented. ? Al
though no "cure" for tuberculosis can
be Teported, encouraging progress-will
be recorded toward . the control of the
disease by natural restorative ; means,
food and fsesh alr,knd by modern meth
ods of aanitatlodlslnfeetion and iso
lation. .' '.i. "!' -i','- J ' Y-'
Of worldwide Interest and Importance I first discussed the advisability of hold
will be the eighth International Dry ling the1 Wolf meeting at Cbampoeg on
Farming v Congress and Exposition, May a, 1S4. which resulted in the close
which . li to assemble Wednesday . in I vote by which Oregon became American
Tulsa, Okla., and. continue until Novem-1 territory. Ho was gieatly in favor of
l. Tnirty-uve countnesr-inciuaing our ovnlnc- not onlv Alaska, but all of
Canada and the United States. wlU bs CauAda. He thought the United States
represeniea at mm exposition. if : -.. should take in all the continent of North
iher.,?m.po,ant aV"nBB .?f ''aV1 America. When Secretary Seward went
"My father. Dr. W. II. 'Oray, came t
Oregon in 18S8," Said Captain y.'ii: .,m
P. Gray of Pasco. "I was pjn in ( :. -1
gon City In itifoffiffiM'?'---
William Polk Gray. .1 reuaember vi.
I was about four or, fv - years oM
soir",TfU ' .'it i"y mi
die initial sBoii for. 1 ; vi.vr .'.id
nanTed him after President Polk.
I named Jllrn the presld :it ) t
strong stand on "64-40 "
reversed bis attitude on
and I have been sorry I
after lilia ever since. ; So.. .
a notion to wring the younj
I am so disgusted "with Pre;-!..
I was about five years old, ana wii.I
beard my father say that he sometimes
had a notion to wring my neck, It scared
me pretty badly. - My father was a man
who usually meant what he said and ,
always did what he said h was going
to do, so every time ; I saw him look
stern X ran like a rabbit and hid, for
fear he might be about to wring my
neck. : p I , J:c rfJ :.-' - .
. "My father was one-of the early day
' 1' - ...II. n p I m .
vnvauaiuiiiva, . m na pvnur iu. y.....w
mover and orlginatpr of ' the agitation
for making Oreaon American territory.
He got one or two others together and
tlonal Counoll of Congregational church.
at Kansag City; the American Mining
congress. At rnuaaeipnia; tne woria-a
Woman's Christian ' Temperance Union,
at Brooklyn: the seventh national con
ference of state And local taxation, at
Buffalo;' the National Society for the
Promotion of Industrial Education, at
Grand Rapids; the United Textile
Workers of America, at Philadelphia,
and the thirty-first annual conference
up to Alaska he took my father with
him. on account of father's familiar
ity with the Indian customs and lan
guage..; Father came back from Alaska
greatly Impressed with Seward's statea.
mansb.!p. He said Seward was a high
type of American. At that time Thomas
Nast and others were cartooning Sew
ard and showing Alaska as an Iceberg
with a solitary polar bear guarding lu
I remember hearing 1 father say when
on Indian affairs and Philippine prob-1 someone criticized Seward's purchase of
lems, at Lake Mohonk, N. Y.
1 1 Alaska, The only criticism . Z have to
Other 'event to figure In -the new I make of Seward's purchase of Alaska
of the week will be the big Portola I la that he didn't also buy BrtUch Co-
restivAl in Ban Francisco ana tn. start I lumbta at the-same time.' ' .
of the world tour of the Chicago AmerU I guess few fAmlUes are 'more Jyp
can .league and New York National I lcallv western than our family, lit old.
league baseball teams.
Sheriff Word's . Enemies.
(rum me BDicMllir, '.
Behind the recall against Sheriff
Word we find Idealistic And ' practial
Socialists, theoretlo and ; direct-action
anarohlsta, unpedeataled street f? corner building the flour mill for Dr. Whitman,
orators, a VU. dishonest newspaper I By tb by that was the first flour-
ana some others. There has been some l mill to be built on the Pacific . coast.
est brother, John Henry Dlx.Oray, was
bora in 1838 at Lapwai, while father was ,
building the mission buildings there for
Dr. Spalding. J '." v H"'; ,--yZ"-s:
The next child, my sister. Mrs. Car
rie A. Kamm. now of Portland, was bora '
at Whitman mission when father was
question a to the Identity of the
others the providers of the money to
uDuoise the vicious paper, for hall.
advertising. And the speakers who re
fuse to break the oominandment against
bearing false witness unless they are
adequately paid for it .;:.;.
it is saia that a portion of the money
used In the campaign for the recall of
Sheriff Word has been contributed by
men connected with the liquor interests.
and investigation, shows there 1 some
ground for the etatement The Spec
tator Is sorry to learn that men who
ar known te be . Identified with the
saloons ar working in harmony with
tb Socialists, anarchists, , ruffianly
Father was on of th moat resourceful :
men X ever saw. ,. If he wanted to make
something and had no tools, h would
make the tools and then go ahead and
make What he wanted. After he had :
built the mill for Dr. Whitman, though .
he bad never In bis life attempted mak
ing mill stone, he quarried them out
successfully, shaped them up and In-"
stalled, them.' My father's father died'
when my father was only lgbt years
old. Ill older brother was a Presby
terian minister. He bound out my father
to a cabinet maker. v . ;. S-'-i''VrW-
"Th next child to be bora Was Mary.
wno later Became Mrs.
TarbelL ' Sh
and rag-tag for th rcall of also was born at Whitman staUon, and
it was hoped that the liquor In-1 died In Portland In 185. . Her husband
terests had wholly suppressed their am-1 at one time was the state treasurr of
bitlon to run tb politics of Portland J Waahlnrton. " .
th state. There was a sort of J VThe next child te be born was Sarah.
7iT- ! ,v : .r 'i axm r wno marnea uovernor Abernathy son.
mSflJ.Z?? borh t Salem when father was
to ta pontics of Oregon, and th former I .i.. n . .......
would dvot. their tlm'to making their ;nrMra 'xbmrnmthT u..l
business a. inconspicuous and refpecta-1 KtLaTr'rJAfJ?. IaIL "Ia .
DI a DOSSlbla It u an aama f r--. , ....... wwnv.nv,
a ..-i .VL-.v... nauoa'wra ciaim wnere tna town ni
.w.iiiuu v uui vaaracier mail d.i. ... v . i
tha iwnni. Mfniii r I BAiem now stands, but traded it to J.
stat a few year aeo "arian tor a farm on CJaUop Plains not
th. peopl refrained from making Ore- pn. "
gon ar dry stat a few years ago. f1 J",'0' afm
Tha tnalnrrtv at .. ,.1. . rj I far from AstOfla.
land believe that" Tom Word bas con-1 . waa next child to b born, be-
auotea th affairs of bis office honestly vonx uregon city in 184. -and
consclenUously. They think that I " "Th ' at ohlld, Albert . Williams
when he drove the anarchists and trea- GrV. was born on their Clatsop Plains
Hon-uttenng .i. w. w. from the streets I arm. JH is now captain of a steam
that h was doina his duty, Thar ar I hoat on the lower Columbia.
of th opinion that they ar very for-r ,ne next boy was Edwin Hall, who
tunat in having a sheriff who arouses Idled whea b was eight years old, and
th antagonism of th criminals by en- the next child, Tnnjman Powers, died
TAMln mm . thai fi rr iqai aa .. akJ .Ll.i II I a. a. . 1
auu auiaiaing i wnen ne was two years Old. . ' ,
XU-maTo'AVar a L :Ud,'jaine. T. Gray, now
nattAamVK0.rit!.-J.0' a h" harg. of th Tanana dlvl.lon lu
Word "in ih ' trw7tht eSS ?J21:!1
l3Lr ghOrac: m1
with tha minnrltv. Th. . v..' l ,n WWgO,
power to retaliate.' and th dealra i.m
very emauy p arousea. .
From the. Philadelphia North American.
It la estimated by Bishop Carpenter,
an . authority whose ,, figures ar
spected everywhere, - that at present
the ChrlsUan population of th world
Is (00,000,000, approximately one-third
th total population of the glob. This
is an Increase of ' 800,000,00 in little
more than a century. In the same in
terval th world's population has in
creased about TS per cent. So Chris
tianity, aas multiplied twice as rapidly
a tn soman lamiiy.
"Tom a Dusineas i stsndDoint and
religion dally is becoming more bust.
nessllke In its organization and admin
istration this 1 TomarkaM growth - la
attributed chiefly to the work of mis
alonarlos. beginnink with the activities
ofthe Jesuit and leading to similar
efforts among Protestants. This, move
ment, pow reaching into very 'comer
ot the earth and employing scores of
thousands of trained, efficient leaders.
who have left horn, native land and all
man commonly bold dear to further the
cau of Christ was set la motion first
by the far-sighted Loyola and later by
an English cobbler named William Ca
rey. He It was who aroused the pres
ent interest of the Portestant churches
in foreign missions. At a Baptist as
sembly mor than a hundred year ago
he "bad th effrontery to inquire If
Christ's command to the apostles to go
Into all th world and preach th ges
pel' did not apply at that tlmV , The
reply he got from th presiding- of
fleer "Sit down, young man; when it
pleases God to convert the heathen he
WlU do it without your , help" is ac
curately Indicative of the feeling then
generally xltlng. But the shoe-
nutker bad a dauntless spirit and in
accordance with.'th -laws governing
dauntless spirits, it conquered.
As we . save said, from a business
standpoint, Vthis rapid ' spread of th
religion ot the cross ii attributed, ob
viously with Justice, . to , tne mission1
aries. - They have bean and are ' th
alas agents, so to speak.;- But eveq
th ; ablest agents - cannot sell some
thing that is not, wanted, spolally
when forced to eompet with other
agents already on" th ground and do
ing an established business in some
thing that their customer h have
learned to want, '':
In this case, w believe , It l-nh
commodity'' itself , that compels.
though w have no desire to underrate
th faithful work or th missionaries.
And w think this compelling power
may spring from a eourc other than
that commonly credited. Whll . we
cannot of course, doubt the appeal of
a call based upon an unconditional in
vitation to ev third humanity; to -Come
"When I was four rears old .n
living at CTatsop Plalna, so my father
neoiaaa i naa Detter go to school. I bad
to walk two mile each moraine- anil
night to schools My first teacher was
Mis Rebecca Ketchum. . I went to this
QAOAl TO' Vara . n, ... . v. ntt . .
SLft U.i? J0. r.a weary and w wer. at Clatsop -plains th first
aiin 7 ? . lTm you rest," rsoyienan church in that whole dis-
.a b w a as a u loaiiii mre sser "n r o-eiei w9trm v i aAe a. a ..aa l. a, a .
a-A Ataav a lam I Bm tMUaUU Kl, UUr UUUVVa' Alter
gwwpP e,another M.,- organtsed on.- of th
it frtK1... r:::: ' People there donated ground ' for a
.,., -ll.l, ,v. . , -"wir auu Uljr , umw DUUt , tOC IlrSt
tLmMmV i2t Wno1' W)rW M church to b built in Clatsop Tcounty.
ourishad in a0C.rC3r, TWch hd Whea 1 aht years old my' parents
for. tea birth TS tSf11 1 de.rM moy-a Astoria. I went to Khool her
uS-im. "".ButherlandlTh:
river of human u llf. l".:. SZZ Z h knew
preached and practiced. ""J."." " fays,vI you
fw present day thinkersaVa a roo, jou win spoil the child
that nh ldealV oi moSI'mfI!!5 er .danger of any of uet- .
ow their origin to Jesus of Manreth. J 7 JT? k. . pul ,n tn toaJ"
An eminent supporter of thl? viW r'Jl' Ws.tim using th rod.
says: . 1 - 'yvrw , or rl "Our next tacher was Miss tlnooln.
THIS vision was so h. h-w marriea JUog A.A. Skinner
"'n already at hsui" Xnl IVJSl??
Sr"."..0" a 1 ntr. : hVlr-r"J-a
- 'a i m, - practical nrorram r w . . . - . y ian.y gouix
for the mov.m.nt "oISnMSh,,,l '' h,!lboy t0 to work as
In All tha aa-aa ... KT a..k. lnl" SAriy AS POSSlbl And as a tnatt.-
proachabi philosophy of ; :piatorhas f? w mueh t,m t0
been material for thinking on the part lnt? mlwf "enerai John Adair, the
of great men in aU th. great ages, but colIotopl customs, had enough pull
th program of Jmii. ha. .k to mor th customs house ami tha .i.
Ject of passionate struggle on th part Sttict0 upper Atori-" taww Astoria
AT aAAn a a A A. aIV a , I II W PI Ah AJA1 VP V1 111 Saav mam- aa.A a . .
a mm iu ail lines. ' ; , ,V c v - I . awraa na in OU1K
s "PlAto proposed a rulership of wis of tn poP,,lat,on- My father fixed n
men. Jesus nrorjoail an Bri.A...l Up a subscription naner and T
of goodness, open to vry man, how-1 r0und t0 all of th stores and real
ever humble,; who was willing to obey ,ncwi ot loww Astoria and got th peo-
aiuguom. ., . . i ijr mm o Denver their -"Tet
th sreataat a n I mall.''' X was to a-a twin. . .i. .... .
arte . did not come teachin a I river mall and make two ,. m.. . 4
racy of th commonplaoe. i Hi ssn- onth for th steamer mall that came '
tial view of the potenUal greatness of rrom California and brought the mail "
Z3L Bla,'as strong as the hammer fromrlh east Th atores paid81 a
otThor in breaking up the old founds- month, whll th prlvat . individual '
tlon. H. could not place th sons of paid twenty-fir 'cents a month. I
Zebedee on th right and th. anaaa that ..U. . 1
his kingdom.. The position was not a I mail -..deliver In Or.rnn .. 1.1 -
gift; It was 4 reward of fitness.- . back In 1888. I stsrted
.i "Against the cast system in every lu (the morning, summer and wlniar
form, ancientand modern, h at 6 .SO o'clock. It kepi m
t-?r ? WLCn Mt PUCM !chJo1 t,mt ributta8Mt often
tT-l'lT.,,,,,l,, h,a from tenty-fiv t fW Pounds
Unctions of life must go. Plato's of mail, and for a tan aStl .
JKMf-w and workersfwould efln?bng TJnj thVfelhat w.'i
not do. DistincUons of wealth of in- pretty good loid. h t ...I , t .
teHect. or of th moat tntimat. --ii ft! 1-a-T. Ja,..:?ow. 1 wed to hat
. "But he produced a distinction arhtoh
makes the blood and iron of nuritan.
lam permanent In the vein of the race.
ne i caning men out of vry rank,
rich And poor, learned -and ia-norant.
slave and tree, and this Is th note of
recognition: 'Whosoever; shall do th
Will Of God. th aama Is rnv tirnihw
and my sister, and mother.'": ft i r i
t " Without any wish to expos ourselves
to a theological dispute, w venture
th assertion that the success of the
Christian religion Is dua as much to
lta doctrine of equality of opportunity
as to Us offer of salvation through
andfnlrgt 28 cents a month for it!
I thought was erettv tnurt tf-.i.
from 880 to 135 a month, m,-..
r.Mte?Ttm! UrnfX my : Father
aid, .'It is Willy's money. Let him
spend it as he pleases.; ; H. will have to
learn, for himself.' 'Peaches i thos
days were ten cents and oranges IS
cents apiece, and I was th most popu-
school with all of th big
girls. I never was much of a hand
at saving, and when a pretty girl or
tw? SrJhJ of th,m vented oranges,
and I had th money, they generally
got the cranges." v: