The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 19, 1913, Page 15, Image 15

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SUN 1 AY ,
..' rriicr '.r, - r"' r r.ira
i i w-. iii
POKTLAND. . OREGON, SUNDAY ' MORNING, OCTOBER;. 19, 1813. ',';, 1 1 '"V. V""
Toys; Dolls, Gaiacg Etc
On tbe Fourth Floor -
Our itoclc o( Dolls, Toys, Games tad
Holiday Goods of all kinds is now com
plete. Wouldn't ' it be a good idea to
select now and have the advantage of bet
ter assortments?" Reservations if desired.
tZlOOWn W cordially invlt yon
to attend tho claimes In knitting, and tiro
cbetlnr to b hold daily. :30 to 13 and 1
to 6. The Instructor, Mlsa Bophla f h.ei w,
will b Klftd to teaoh you anything you
wUh, tn know about knitting1 and orontietlnf
with Flelaher'a : Yarn.. ea lntereatlng- ex
hibition in tb window, -
-l. ' 1 RcllsT:!s r.Icrchandlsc Ccllable Methods V '
' Ouuiuijlnl Hiillia fntj Tlnnli Tffinfrtiniij TntHL Wart hit Md AlAw itn,f .-
l- Ggeem TFagilng Sflaiiips Will . Help You ;W sec
' " - ' '"" ' ' M I II J' I I . I .. . ' ."II " . , j ' , . ' 1. '
And "ghat, Too, Without Costing Yog Oac Cent Extra The Greatest Protlt-Otiarlng Plan Known to Modern Merchandlsinn Ask for Free Pooh
DlsUnctive Modes In New Evening Gowns and Dresses
Most Extensive Shoivlng ' In the Northwest
FLOOR Charmln f Eveninj
chine, charmeuse
Gowns of . creoe &
Canton ; crepe, chiffons . and metsalines.
In every: wanted veninr shade. Beautt
f ully. trimmed with vbeads, . Jet, embroid
ered ' overdrapea, flowers, for bands,
Krinted chiffons and other novel effects,
oitnd lengths or en train, with low necks,
kmc and short sleeves. 9C Ml
Ertntoi Oowns $25.00 to LLD,J
SECOND FLOOIU-Wonien's and Misses'
Dresses for street wear a splendid show
ing of very newest modes in serges, wool
crepes, velvets, corduroys, crepe de chine
and charmeuse.' J Tailored and dressy mod
els for all occasions. " Many smart com
bination styles of serges and plaid silks.
Plaited peplums . and draped vor plain
skirts. Every popular color, f AA
Prices range from $10 up to VilivU
Fashionable New Coals S10 to
. New Lines Jnst Received See Thcoe . '
Sizes for women, misses snd Juniors, In popular cutaway models. Belted -and fancy
draped styles, with new drop shoulder effect. - Many handsoni new materials and
colorings are to be seen in these stylish mixed effects In. tweeds, also the rougher
materials.' Including cheviots, boucle. chinchilla, etc, and many of veiveu, eIC fill
velours end brocades. Very latest colors. Prices ranging1 from $10.00 to, 4tJ.UV
Uncqnalcd Showing ot Smart Tailored Salts
S25a00, S35.00 and S38,50 . :
SECOND FLOOIU-An Interesting exhibit of smart new Tailored Salts at above pbpular
prices. Nearly all of these have arrived within the past few days and of course have,
not been shown heretofore in Portland. Stylish cutaways, belted effects snd plain
tailored models, In all wanted materials and colors. Very best of work- MQ Cfl
manshtp.. Sizes 94fto 44 also for stout women, sizes to 5t--$2S, $38 and IQJU
NEW' DRESS SKIRTS, $8.00 TO $38.00 The vogue : for combination ' suits and
dresser Increases the pdpularity of the separate skirt We arenas usuaV preparedto
show yoat the very newesMdeu and they are reasonably, priced,. too.4; plain i tailored
or draped effects, In all wanted fabrics and colors. 5 Prices, ranga from 9C AQ
We Are Ezcljxslve Portlaca Acents f or
Many Charming
Styles In the
ft T
Are; Geref or Ycnir
like exclusiveness in Waist styles
always look to thb store to sup
ply their needs; Just now we
are Showing an unusually attrac
tive line' la all 'the most favored
materials and colors. , See them.
C h 1 If b n and ' Lace
Waists $2.95 to 337.50
SECOND FLOOR Latest - crea
tions ; in Lace, j. Net ' Chiffons,
Crepe de - Chine, ' Messallne and
Combinatfdns . of Chiffon and
Lace. Many beautiful models' for
afternoon and evening wear, with
the chic vest effect, and .square
cut collars. Others trimmed,
with bands , of - lace, silk, fancy
embroidery and novelty buttons.
All sizes In each style. M7 C A
Priced at $2.98 to J 1 .011
Lingerie Waists
$1.49 to $22.50 4
SECOND FLOOR The - wide ra
rlety of ' styles makes choosing
easy.". No matter, which -.particular
style or trimming or' mate
rial ypu favor, "you 'are surs to
find one here that will suit you.
High or low necks, long or short
sleeves t many with popular drop
shoulder or kimono . effects.
Trimmings ; of frills,),: laces, ('em
broidery,., buttons, (no ?A
etc Prices $119 to. AbaOU
Ro6fmploffomf3nc-of the largest and test-known'
.. ; ; millinery 'establishments in' America,
J ' . comprising .
Hundreds of Exclusive New Styles
1 " 1 , 1 1 ',' ..' 1 ". " '. a.
ff t I i'a ' '1
' 'Not-Shown Elsewhere in Portland
MILLINERY DEPT SECOND FLOOR The Premier Millinery event
of the seasonl" ' Our 'Millinery, buyer, who hu Just returned from
York, annminees a most remarkable ssle of high-grade trimmed
Millinery. ' Hundreds of besutiful new rau Hats, finest quality nana-,
made foundations, of silk velvet with trimmings of furfl floweas and
fancy featheri - Small, medium and large shapes, in Very wanted
color.5 No two Hats alike In entire collection. Sale atarta 8t30 e m.
$10.00 to $15.00 Hats II $15.00 to $20.00 Dais
i Choice
)r f ;
-,7 Choice
1 AH This WeehVery Altraclive Showing oi
Carter's ; Knit Underwear
, For Men, Women and Children
SEE SPECIAL WINDOW DISPLAYS Contrast the usual stiff, bulky Un
derwear with the soft,; elastic weave of Carter's. ' The Carter Invisible,
rib makes a garment which san be stretched to two and a half times Its
natural width end yet come back Into perfect shape. This Is what makes
pjrt,rnill hnv vauf figure and dve the nerfeet fit so necessarv with
the present modes. Even the heaviest Winter weights areso elastic that.?
they respond to your slightest morement Made in all styles of garments Jj
for men, worsen and childrem- Supply your needs now. ' (
. Carter Undertrear tor women.4
cottom lisle silk and wool,-: silk and
cotton; ' etcv1 Beautifully e nt
finished from $1.25 to V.Ulf
men,; in medium weight . cotton.
Nicely finished and perfect fitting.
Come in vail sizes The CI OC
garment at.'. . . .9
men, in ' mixed .cotton - and : wooL
Finished with beautiful, crochet
edge. Priced at the gar QQ
men,: In medium weight, all wooL
Extra good fitting and non shrink-
CARTER'S UNION SUITS for women, In fine quality
silk and wool, with silk crocheted eage. a-c nn
Perfect fitting. Priced-at the suit. . ... . ..IJMV
W Car ter ; Under wear tor Men $
CARTER UNION SUITS for men. heavy 1 fifl
weight white and ecru cotton. Price, suit IUV
CARTER UNION SUITS for men. In '.light d1 Ot
weight cotton, white and, ecru. Price, suit, laiJ
CARTER UNION 8UXTS for mn, In heavy a - g? A
winter- weight cotton. . Price, the suit
CARTER UNION SUITS for men,-In heavy a 7 (f
ribbed cotton, white and ecru, t At garment l
carter UNION SUITS for men, In fins tn CA
white-Jlsleieautifullv finished, sPrlce, auU-44-'
For women. In wool, silk, cotton,
silk and wool, silk and cot-0 A A
ton, lisle, all sizes 5c to $Lt U
women, in medium -weight, .white
cotton, . nicely finished .arW perfect
fitting. Priced at .thegar
ment .......... . . . . i . UJC
women, In mixed; cotton and wool,'
very serviceable and nicely, fin
ished.' Priced at, the gar- jj QQ
women, In medium . weight pure
wooL non-shrinklngj and perfect
fitting. 'Prtcea at, - me rij
garment . i ........ v I
3. WSJ:
W ill e.
1 'fa-
ft .
( t i . it in
CARTER'S VESTS AND PANTS I for i women.; In fine
quality atlk and wool, with silk crochet edge,; eo r
Perfect fitting, price,'. the garment .aUU
Carfer , Underwear for Children
t CARTER'S VESTS AND PANTS for children, ;e
ribbed cotton, sizes to 3 rnces r wv
wool and cotton mixed, 't8 to J2-60, to. tpl.JU
CARTER'S VESTS AND PANTS for children, J .(
in fine pure wooL Sizes 18 to 3a oOe to Jl.UJ
CARTER'S UNION SUITS ' for children, in 1 A A
ribbed cotton: - Sizes t to" 8. Prices 65e to l 1 . v U
CARTER'S , UNION SUTTS for children; ? In t OA
jUwooUa4-pttosi mbted-rrt to 8 , Price $l,to? 1.0U.
Odd Lined BoflT Toil Corset $12.00 to Grades $0.05
- '.'V
Speclpl Sale
Shadow Lace Alio vers
$1.23 Grades 59c
, $25 Grades 98c ; .
MAIN FLOOR IS and ,aa-1 nch: Ail
Over Shadbw Laces, in. variety of at
tractive, new patterns, in .white, cream
and ecru. Less than half price fort hese
beautiful Laces. j:Supply your wants.,
latest elects In . Mallne Frills and Pleat
lngs. In all the 'most wanted styles, if
It's new we have it and at the right
price, tod.' we how them, yard, 28c up.
$1.80 NECKWEAR, 48e-Many of the
very, newest creations In -light filmy
and fluffy ' effects so much In vogue
right now.-"AH the popular ma
tertalst values up to jt.SO, at OC j
f WomcD'fl C1.00 Bnnqalow Aprono 7Sc
White Lawn Aprons 29c and 59c
Another big shipment of those pop
ular Bungalow Aprons have Just ar
rived, Every woman who sees them
wants a couple. . Made from best
quality percale :and trimmed with
contrasting colors.- Regular 70
1 1:00' Aprons, special, ; each , I VC
Women's dainty white lawn Aprons
in waitress style, with large bibs
and plain or embroidery trimmed
straps. s Also round aprons, tea
aprons, maids'- aprons and large
square aprons 1 two special CO
lines. Prices at 39c and.;.JSb
85c, Linen Gneat Towels Special 62c
neratUtched Goest Towels at 42c ' -
Special one-day sale of Richard
son's Irish Linen Guest Towels, in
size 1 3x34 Inches. Hand, scal
loped, hand embroidered. tlim
Regular 85c Towels, special Wfcv
Fine, quality -.Linen Huck Towels
In many attractive designs, neatly
hemstitched -' and good quality.
Size-1 5x24 Inches; Special A)
sale price for tomorrow at,t4iC
Good Heavy Ontlnq Flannel at 8c a Yard
i ir ; . nil imri
n l l l . i 1 1 1 1 i it LI ar
ii . 'J. V- nil im in
I I - Vil . , lilt Ir
SECOND FLOOR Ask for thU val
uable littlebooklet on .."Health and.
" Care of the Baby." It's free. : "Baby
. Zummerll, Bands and Shirts, as well
- "f r.Vv ones. fExrerlenced1'salespeopIe'wm
help, choose th needed art! cles.v Buy . now snd save money'
Odd LlnMlritaritoiC
;$1.$5L Intants Knit Sacqncs C8c
Infants' Short .Cassimere Coats,
trimmed with braid ori embroid
!ry well llned.y Reg. 4.35 totS
Coats,, reduced ONE QUARTER.
Birdaay Dlapr at epacial prjcea'
1 8x38-inch Diapwra, i dostn, 99o
20x40.lnch- Diaper .do.,' $1.12.
27xS4-inch DUpafi, doa., $1.79
Infapts' kimono .style knitsadquea
also hand knit plain styles. Reg
ular ft. 35. grade, special (JO.
price "Baby Week"; only UoC
Rf . $1 JS Baby; BUnkaU at 98e
Infant' . Caahmara Hot at -' 23a
InfanU' Hand-mada , Slip," $1 .1 9
Hand-made Short Draoaa, $1.69
Sale Andirpins
1 1
House Furnishing Pept Thlrd.Floor
W have, 'wlthottt -question, the most! complete stock 'oi Fireplace
Fixtures to be found in Portland. Buy now at special reduced prices.
rwEntire stock Brass ana : uiacx Anairons ana nre
-ets Included In, this special sale. Note the pricest
f2.25 Black Andirons, special sale price only 11.90
f3.28 Black Andirons special sale priee'enly $2.60
I .'ta.2K nUk'lJbu. ibmU aala nric mW HAO
"'$8.00 Black-Andirons special sale price' on $4.00
i$2.00 Black Spark: Cnarda, ale price , enly k$l.S0'
i$2.2S Black Spark ' Guard, , aala . price . only;, $1 .70
;$2.40 Black Spark ', Guards, . aala price only $1.80
:t2.7S Black: Soark Guard, aala uric onlv 82.05
$3.00 Black Spark Guards sale price only, $2.40
THIRD FLOOR Home owners will
SDDreclate this splendid opportunity .
to buy floor' coverings sf such fafe 1 I 4
savings.: The following 'prices do lLJK
not .include laying. Scores of at- r"K
tractive r atterns to, choose from,
In all . colors. 'Take advantage now,
, , ;At 95c, Yard v
Odd' line in chofce. patterns, and
eoiortn rs. tRerulir 8 1 .35 'to S 1. 4 5
nil mi i- i r l v 1 Nira in m . i .
UXO Inlaid Llnolenms
? At $1.15 Yard I !
Very Tiest Inlaid" LlnoleumSi -ln short
iengins ana aroppea puicrns. sev-
al chc
grades, special at se tat yara. iierti cnotce parterns, tne yara,
Regular 60c Printed unoieums, e u Linoleum Remnants, at, Mau.rrica.
i II ll i I l I I i l I 1 ' 1 I .1 '
52.C0 Sewing : Tables
$23 Vclour Portieres 01375
Imported' double '' fsced
French s Velour Portieres,;
In - various 1 rich shades.
Regular J0 MO 7C
grades, '.now vJhtl.l
Beantlf oi-;!.' single" faced ,
Veloor ! Portieres, . with
hand embroidered K bor
ders.; 'iv Rec.- s1'7tf
,...(... .' : - "V
In making purchases, slwsys ask for $..& H." Green
Trading Stamps. They, are given free for the asking..
l'ii..T . ... 11 . : I5vivr
Fine Hardwood Sewing Table with
measure : on ' top. . Beautiful finish.
substantially built; $3 Tables, 1148
$55 Sim Portieres, Pair $27.50
$7i50 IVocil Portieres $3.98
: "-i1' s 11 i .' 1 '.' '". ", r" 1 . . ""i" ..' '"S J
Arts 'fi and1. Crafta l Wool
Crash ; Portieres . with rich
stencled. f orders - and cOl-
orsf reg. S7.30 M no
grades, special at JO
Rlch.'all-sUk Portieres with
hand-made . sppllque , bor
ders. Our regular 55.00
SSiKSS $27.50
Regular. 13.00 Arts and Crafts PqrtleYesV Special $ 6.9
Regular, $35.00 All Silk Portieres, speceial, plr,$17.B(
Sl;50ld :f82;25 Art CretoniitiQ
Full SO Inches Wide, the Yard Only
THIRD FLOOR Beautiful Art Cretonnes for' fancy work, ,1
draperies, , coverings and many other purposes, ... Yery ,
finest imported qualities,. in attractive irori,,xoiiige ma 'i 1
many novelty patterns, in soft p!or effects.- Grades selling formerly
at t.50 to 2.25 a yard Included, in this special offering tomorrow.'
i -
Standard Q.V.1C.
Sewing Machlnea .,
New Improved Standard "0 W.;
K." Sewing Machine in' full! cab-:
lnet! case. J "Only, limited
? 4 ! -
ITallo ween Novel-
Grepe Jolcc come
Corhers ct 23c ;
THIRD FLOOR Beat! quality
hSrdwood, : cherry : stained -. and
tin t llnd.K Make-bottling easy,
On sale , tomorrowv r spe iOJ)
dal ,at Jow price 4 . . .' L JC
ties ot All Kinds
if tyou' want tqc know the latest
Ideas for i Hallowe'en! 1 entertaln
Irigi: corns, to this store., ' Scores
of practical suggestions for table
snd: home decorations Invtta
tfonsGhosts' Pumpkins, Skulls,
Cnps, , Jack . o'Lanterns, CiH,
Witches,; Owls,- Silhouette, novel
ties,, etc., , etc. : On -sale it u
Uonery; Department Mali I h or.
vV t I