The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 19, 1913, Page 14, Image 14

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NEW! Dress and SemDhs in Yclorr Plush and Sill: YcJvsi
f , ' f V. , ..11
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woo r iaiiiv-5
4i Extraordinary Economy
rorld-Famed "Ostermoor" Mattresses Reduced!
, Ostefmoor Mattresses, guaranteed 'to be perfectly sanitary.' They are ' .,
' "built," not stuffed, with thousands of. layers of 'felt sheets. , Contain , no
animal fiber of any kind. . , insure comfort and cleanliness, and at these re- '
duced prices extreme economy. - " '.r ' ZsSm
$15 Ostermoor Mattress I $180stermodrMattress$13.25
Purchase Furniture on
Our Club Plan of Easy
Installment. ' 1
13 cr
at $11.90
-':: j tun : size, uiic-picvc vaivi
Mattress Vthat sella always at $15.00.
' Weighs 50 pounds and is covered with
an excellent quality linen ticking. For
our Semi-Annual - Bed and ft 1 QA
Bedding Sale, each. , . ... . 0 1 1 U
i $30 Ostermoor Mattress$ia50
These Mattresses come in one or two
pieces;! with S extra thick French - edge.
. Size 4 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 4 inches.
. Weighs, full 60 pounds. This mattress
' sells always. at $30, and i)di O f A
, priced special this sale, at D 1 0 OU
Full size, 60-pound Mattresses, in two
pieces. Covered .with blue or' pink art
ticking. Hana-made felt layers. 1 Sells
ordinarily at $18.00 For o h '
this sale, marked at.
$13.25 Ostermoor Mattresses 4-foot
size, weighs 40 pounds Marked for the
Semi-Annual Bed and Bed- 1 0 ft A
ding Sale, each..... ltUU
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Y 7 mk
iJfJC.' Ti'C- &
, , mmtttr II 7.
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11 1 - F
Thirteenth Annual ' Doll
Show, October 30, 31 and
November 1.
A Public Reception for Pprtola GirL.n
;."::fvrf';v1":; lift 17a Tfo Rfittrfnft Aftemnnn
. ' ! to 4:00 o'Coc. ' , 'C$T
In Meier & France Seventh floor, Reception Hall
, Music, . 3 V
' in All Are inmea.
31 H
' $13.00 Ostermoor Mattresses 3 . feet,
6 inches in size and weighs 35 pounds.
Semi-Annual ' Bed and Bed- 1 A A A
ding Sale Price, t)ly9UU
$12.00 Ostermoor ' Mattresses 3-foot
size, weighs 30 pounds. Spe- f si
cially priced for this sale afdtfcUU
$40 Mattress ei Cotton tops and bottoms.
Filled with light wood fibre. Tall siie. flQ QQ
On tale special at.
.- :..('- - 1 C 1 '"1. " .1
$40.00 Hair Mattresses Custom-made, per
drawa white hair. Covered with best A. C A,
ticking. Weight 40 pounds. Marked 19Q IQT
pedal for this sale at .... .. tpOOrtl
$12.50 Pelt Mattresses the popular i Meier &
Frank Hygienic felt make. Covered with the best
triped ticking ,Com in any siie, CQ'A
marked for this, sale, special 1 at. . , ... . V U U V
K1m si VtaaVs Third loeswKaU Bsfldlac
Notable Reductions oh Quality Bedding
Thousands of Portland's thrifty : housewives will rejoice at this splendid opportunity
to secure warm durable Blankets, Comforters, , Bath Robe Blankets and Pillows ; at
prices far below the regular price. , Nowhere else in Portland will you find such high , s
grade goods at these prices. ' - , t
: ; -soft and downy. Colored borders. Full
Size. , it ; ;,
$4.00 White Wool Blankets, each S3. 15
$160 White Wool Blankets, each J 53.35
$3.50 White Wool Blankets, each
$8.50 White Wool Blankets, each S5.45
$7.50 White Wool Blankets, each $6.55
in pretty i colored s fancy checks. ' Soft
warm Blankets in full ske.,:;v;vvv,. .
$5.00 Plaid Blankets.Each. . . . . .$4.45
$6.50 Plaid" BhuiketsEach. 1 ; . ; .5.65
A large assortment of pretty soft Blank
ets, in the very : latest . desiens. . Suitable
for Bath Robes Each. ....... 4.. $3.15 j
. in a variety of gray; .tan and white." Ex
cellent wearing qualities. Special at 905,
$1.10, $1.35, $1.75. ,
Fine and large. Covered with the best
"J' grade of colored Silkoline. ,v:,;;:;.''V,5;
, 5 $2.00 ConuWewch'i
$2.25 Coniforters Each ...... .v.Sl.89
$2.50 Comforters Each $2.15
v nade of fine Australian wool bating,
covered "with cheese cloth. - In full bed
sice. Warm and serviceable, Specially
: priced at . . ... ..... v...... ....$3,15
AU Emmerick Feather Bed Pillows -10 Off!
Kn Orders ruul
' $3J0 Metal Beds as illustrated in 4-6 size. $12J0 Steel Beds as illustrated in regttla- ' $Hi)0 Metal Beds as illustrated full size.
White 1 finish. For this sale only, P" QK : tion size. White and Vernis Martin AW QQ White and Vefnis Martin finish. 4-6, (ffT A Q
each ". tplsUtl finish. 4-6, 3-6 size. Special this saleV I JO 3-6 size. Each .JDlsK
112.00 WMte or Venus Martin $14X0 Metal Beds as illustrated $21.00 All-Steel Beds as illus- $11.50 All-Steel ' Beds as illus-
Beds as illustrated 4-6 or ; 3-6 4-6 and 3-6 sues. Finished in Vtated with square tubes, finished trated in . Vernis Martin "finish
sizes, bpeciai ' for thitf (PH tlQ white with all brass filled (PO OC in white. Full size. (Sf A HK only 4-6 size. Special OfJ rjJUT
sale, each .....r PltUO rods. Special this sale POtO Special this sale, each O price for this sale, each P I I O
Will Purchase a Genuine
Seal Handbag
'New arrivals that are,' just the smartest, -yi; . ? . Tf'f -:-t'tV;
most attractive Bags you ever had the opportunity to buy at this price 1 Ordinarily you'd pay
$4 and $5 for many of these Bags. This group of Leather Bags is comprised of all the new
est shapes, with genuine German silver, gun metal and self covered frames. YouH find some
Bags of he new Crepe Goat Seal, others of India Leather and genuine Seal. They're neatly
lined and have coin: pocket of self material. ; v
'Anticipate your Christmas shopping and take advantage Of this offer of splendid Leather
Hand-Bags for only, $2.98. ' :. v
AUTO VANITIES the Paris Sensation Entirely new-xciusiveiy at . Mete
-. . ', 1 . 1 . r .. ,, - 'sa & Franks. Its a complete Vamty,
and comes in French gray and gold finish.; As you will see it's unique in shape. Don't fail
to see the display in the Sixth street corner window. ' This , exclusive novelty is priced at
only $3.75. ... . 'r.--, : : iti a rzmak's nnt Tum-xw xnaaiig
$9.00 All-Steel Bungalow Beds as lllustrat
edin 4-6, 36 and 3-0 sizes. Vernis Martin
or white finish. Specially priced P
for this tale, each PO O
$7J0 Panel Metal Beds as Illustrated in 4-6
size only. Finished in Vernis Martin or white
enamel. Special price for this sale, OP
"each ipOidO
$14.00 Simmons Brass Bed as illustrated ir
4-6 or 3-6 size. Made by the famous Simmons
Manufacturing Company. Lowest QQ 1 Q
price ever sold at, each. . . ...... ... f0X.V
$50 Sanitary Couches as illustrated sub-
stntially built, with 2 rows of coil supports.
Priced for this sale tomorrow at, flQ QQ
each pO0
Custom-Made Clipper Springs as illustrat
edfor wood or metal beds. The finest springs,
perfect workmanship. Priced at f20.00
$25.00 and f 35.00
$11.00 All-Steel Coil Springs as illustrated
will not sag. , Size 4-6. , Extra special ' price '
for thjs sale tomorrow only at, P QQ
ch ,.,,.f.,i . ; . - PU0
' $25.00 Englander Couch Bed as illustrated
with wardrobe underneath. Full size. Sells
regularly for $25.00, for this sale, j1 Q rffT
special ji,....t... tpJLOa I O
?iiV.ii"v.iiM',i ' i'. 4 i " -t' '' i
$7.00 AH-Steel Crib as illustrated in white
enamel or i Vernis Martin finish. 30x54 size.
Specially priced for this sale only
Yurn ' Yum Springs as " Illustrated in aoy
size, for wood or metal bedsV Delivery at our )'
convenience. ,; Specially priced for 0"t ; A
; this sale at ,;v. .'. iUni-,:.'', .. . . vxUt j
I Sdrnph Brass Beds A -Large Assortment at Half Price!
Newell King Apples Reliable- pack. Splendid eaUng.v cooking
or baking" variety Fine 'assortment of sizes. Excel- CI OO
lenrcolored fruit No' Phons Orders Taken. Box. . . : pX;Ail
fruiti moctlr 4-tier boxes. Hn nhA. .a-. i ,t I
Eattrn i BuckwheatPure, old-fashioned Had,' No. 9 sack.55
.st it:i" wunlwn. ........ ...... . at.. tfi
The Harvest
Sale of Gloves
' Youll find this a .wonderful assortment of high quality Gloves in all desired styles,
sizes and shades. Some are greatly reduced. Make your selection now from - this I
comprehensive assortment of Gloves 1 ' V. r.:t ft:-yy,yjy, l:V.-?.-o;;- .' y ::J "y-y,
'Womeii't" $15' Gloves, ''B9cfo";;?-
' .. 3000 pairs rbf one-clasp Lamb Skin Gloves pique
sewn some . with - 3 rows heavy embroidery and
some self-stitched. In black, white, tan and brown.
All sizes.. Special for this sale, pair, 89e.
Women'a $2.50 Gloves $1.89 ,
1300 pairs of 16-button Lamb Skin Gloves, with
two clasps v at wrist. In white only. ' All sizes. A
splendidly made' Glove " of fine quality soft skins.
Regularly 2,50 the pair, special, ,the pair, $1.89.,
Children $1.00 Gloves, 89c
' One-clasp P.: . Lamb Skin Gloves, for children
from i to 7 years of age. Colors- are tan.v brown
and white. Serviceable 'Gloves, regularly selling . at
11.00 the pair. Special for. this sale, pair, 89e. - .
Womns' CuhmT Gloves silk lined, with white
kid re-enforcements. In black, brown, navy and gray,
The best Kayser-made Gloves at, the pair,. 50c.
Women's Pure Silk GIovm Suede lined, v 2-cIasp
Jtyle. i la black, . brown, navy, and grsy.v. Kayser
Gloves, at," pair, sioo. y. ; ryi;,-jy-y:yy
' Womwa's RaindMr Gloves-bf Kayser make. ' Ex
cellent washable .? Gloves silk lined In s gray 5 and
white. "fx: All sbes.' 'i Sometimes called Chamois 'Silk
; . Children's Kid and Mocha Gloves fleece v lined.1
In assorted shades of tan and brown. ' All sizes.. The
pair.' $1.25. i&& :tiiJ;M yxh:'rk wi Mt. '
ki4::: InfanU'TMIent-ynwhlte;s.:bUc
rea r ana gray in siik, i casnmere ana ; mixea ; wool.
Several different styles. Priced at 25c, 35c,40c, 50c
Denta Popular ; English Glovea
y Dents' Gloves, for Children of, kid.A Orie-clasp,
style.;s?Sizes front 8 months to 8 years, f f In fan and
4 ry
white. ; ,Tb pair, I1.2S.
Dents': Cloves for Boys ami Mistet In one-clasp
stvle. ' In black, white and tan;. ' P. X. M. seam.
The . pair. $1 .50. yu.. y-y ftifai-tytf
DenU" Gloves for . Womttf In two-clasp ii style,
P.? X,i ,M. : seam. -fe Fine En gllshwalklng: :? Gloves. In
thwkriwhitsv; tan,, md- ttayTbe..i'plr J2.00.:ty
Brats' Cloves for Women of real kid. In black.
white, tan and gray. P. K. sewn. - The! pair $2.25, -
lirrt nootv-jcaia BtUlduis' HU Ord riu.d '
Ireland'a Renowned Glovea for Women
: , Ireland's i Cape . Gloves for Women In one-clasp
style.; P. X. M. seams. In tan and white. All sizes.
ine pair, i.oo. ;..
Ireland's Gloves for Women P.' K. and P. X. M.
seams, ; one-clasp, style, f In white, black ; and ? tan.
With; contrasting; stitching and ; fancy white welt
The, pair, $2.00.. ':':'i;V'::, i y.c .ry'yi
Ireland's Gloves for Women in black, gray, tan
iitti.uiuwn..,, opienuiu wearing mocna ana tape
' Ireland's Gloves for Women with P. K. and P. Jt
M. sam. Paris point stitching and fancy embroid
ered backs. In black, brown, tan and gray. ; Splendid
Mocha Gloves at, the pair, $li7S. v V
Vcxnvf Real French Glovea 1
f:; yy. y.x . . . for Women- nv; ' t; :,7 ':;,,' j
Sold, Exclusively In Portland at Meier & Praok
: ' " Perrin 'a 'Gloves for Women Ellma one-clasp Cape
Gloves, in tan only. ; P; X. M. teams, r All sizes. : Special,-
the pair, $i.oo; y- -y yy.:::ry-y:y
Perrin Gloves for Won,a-eticnprising La Alure
Gloves Touraintf Gloves Aragon Gloves- the best
quality Suede . Gloves and Riga Gloves a (including
Cape Gloves, ioverseam 'Styles f tsd 2-cIasp). .-CoU
or are black,' white, tan, navy, brown, green, mode,'
gray; In fact, air desired colors.) and slzei.', priced,
the -'pair, 11.50. . 'y.i.y ) , : y"'y &"'': a
, Perrin's Gloves for Women Including Tanne Kid
Gloves, Manhattan, Belfort, Cape Suede and extra
fine quality Kid, Gloves tn 2 and i- 3-clasp styles.
Everydeslred color i,and size Your; choice of snort
or long fingered Gloves lit overseam or P.'K, styles;
The pair, $2.00. y'yyy:yiiyy;Jy
V Perrin's Gloves for " Women Cheverette Suede
Gloves, ' with 2 clasps,' In P. K. style. All colors and
llzes. Splendid Glomes. Priced. at, the pair,, $ 2.50. d
' V Perrin's : Gloves for Women ; Summum finest
French Kid Gloves, with a pearl clasps, p. JVU
teams ; In1 black, white, and tan.;11' Exceptionally good
Gloves at. the pair, $2.50.., - . yyv:i'-i,.
. Perrin's $3.60 Clovoa for Women In whlU only.
B-road stitched backs.' 16-button length. Special, the
pair, $3.15. '::; ; :iiy.f:,t''Viy,J-'''yJ''-;'
Perrin's Clove ' for Women extra quality fine
French Kid GloviS. in white", black atid cnlnrt -'With
self-- and --contra ting -enrolderyp-w'w' .
12-ourn lengtn, pr. a.&o j 20-Dut'n length, pr. $3.00
16-but'n length, pr. $4.00 24-but'n length, pr.$5.50