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    Tim o::::gc:i' Sunday journal, Portland, -'..Sunday, horning. October 19. idi:
f,::;,:d as
rzu a:;d vellov; as
Spirit V,' Autumii FeslvaTGrips
rs 1 4 ' : r. '"Lit .ui'tl
uiy uweuers vvun a
, . i ; I'.'r Slarion Mac' line. :
" San Finclseo,'.iOet. -The Pottolii
n . i
L. .it
i crowd la arriving.- In fact.H. has ar
1 ' rived. jBven th deaf, dumb and blind
can tt,.that something portentlou s
in thsVt Franclaco air these gioriou
.-..-' autumn days ,.,ana . tnai somewing vary
' unusual la about to happen,, Busintsa
houxi ui buay puttingv on tha "Por
tola front," and their decorative efforts
re transforming the landscape aa wall
. i aa tha city, ana it all looka vary Caa
' ; tlllau. The in tnd yellow bias, on
. every etreattaand . Market atreat sug
testa rad 'jjepjtere, hdt tamajea. "confetti
and tha rampant camlv(iVP)vit: Frirn
tha ferrjfc to Klght street Hundred t-f
workers V niacin tha mammoth Silt
and baf lowered baskets which will for.n'
tha chief decoration, and with ' thel
.' flowlbg atreamera of elactrlca they aie
wonderfully effective and beautlfuL At
1 v th, Intersection of Kearney. Geary and
- Market, a shower 'effect has bean ar
ranged that la a marvel of modern day
alectrical achlevamenta. , Verily, there
will be many elongated neckg when it
i - buraU into ita brilliancy on the nisht
vi. me opening celebration ana paraae.
. : JBattlesnlp , Oregon Reproduced.
A perfect reproduction of the good
..'. eld battleship Oregon will be of Inter-'
et to Oregonians, aa ai nave unucuai
pride in tbe historical man of war. It
will bombard improvised ' forts along
the route .with powerful blasts of con
fetti, and' will be manned with blue
jackets from Yarba Buena Station. Jilfc
torical ships of other times will also be
. In reproduction, and the alectrical floata
and many special features promise jo
exceed anything of the kind ever of
f erred for the amusement of the public
In this country. .; .-.. ,
.The landing 7 of ' Columbus and his
' v party of explorers at Point Cove, at the
foot of Van Nee. avenue. In a measure
began the Portoia festivities, althousn
. -: this was. to celebrate "Discovery Day,"
which the holiday crowds enjoyed to the
.utmost v The Italian-Americans playod
a prominent part in this pageantry, and
between 10,000 and 40,000 spectatoia
gaily cheered the, Spanish craft aa the
party planted the Spanish flag on the
beach and were threatened by a band
of hostile 'Indians. The Knights of
: Columbus gave a ball. that shone just
a little over the many .other similar
. . functions (Ivan on the occasion,- The
Portoia - spirit. and .colors war everj
. where la evidence. In faot it is hard
- to se anything but red and yellow
. these days., .
Portland ,1s always ! there ' Wlth the
Rose Shows and exttlblte. but Ban Fran
ciaoo is attracting the attention of the
- world 1 with' her wonderful display of
chrysanthemums,, at the flower Show
, being held at tha Fairmont Of coursi
there are v other flowers brilliant dle-
. plays' ot dahllaa and even roses but
the ym urns' hold the place of honor.
The many millionaires and fashionables
4 living - on tha Peninsula and In the
trans -bay regions have ent exhibit
from 1 their private gardens, and it Is
a show welt worth being proud Of.
i Down t Eighth- and'; Market the oU
ina kqsw. continues . to draw thou
sndsveiyy ';- ,if .yc-'v'i';' ':''.'
,' The announcement of Miss Carrie Cal
vin a engagement to George Edward
- Lawrence of Salt Lake ' wan received
with much interest here, as it doubtless
was in Portland, where she formerly ra
sided j and has many - f rienda. - Miss
Calvin la a very attractive girl, Of dig-
nuied out winsome personality, and has
, " been very popular In San Francisco
r since her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E, E.
: Calvin, oama ; hra to reside. - Young
Jimray. Calvin, it, will be remembered,
was married last spring to Miss Jane
Moge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rich
rd Jt Hoge of Portland. The Jimmy
vaivina now uye in tsanta uaroara.
i Mrs Frank Gilchrist Owen of Port
land is here visiting Mrs. IB. C Green
field in Clay atreet. Mrs. Owen (Miss
- Leila Shelby) lived In this city before
- tne fire and baa many cloae personal
i friends here. Many soctajl affairs have
been planned lor. her entertainment
A Ned Greenway," who needs no Intro
duction to Portland, has returned from
Baltimore, .where he went to collect
" another snug tittle fortune which some
- Considerate relative Just left hint; and
also to order King Diamond Back ter
rapin for his - fourthcomlng birthday
-t u.'uner, wmcn is always a heady affair
, in ban Franciaoo, Mr. ureanway aaya
that we may think we have the dancing
craze here, but that we are not in it
, with New York, where they are dance
. - crasy. But anyway, the dance is going
merrily on hers, and tha dansants art
- increasing in number and attendance.
y Many new clubs have bean formed, and
every one la praoticlng new steps ove
time. The success of tha Brasilia bail
last Thursday night is due entirely to
the dance erase. . This affair, by thi
way, baa never been equalled, and prob
ably never will be duplicated. . It wis
in a claas byltself. and will stay fhera.
Some class, too. From the deep blue of
' a tropical sky sclntuiatina; with star,
, .si' ' "in i ' mil,'
A hard stubborn Cold that
,hang , on' is broksn up by
Humphreys' VSsvanty-savsn
Cold houses, cold offices, cold
. churches or places of amusement,
before the artificial heat is turned
' on, are the most prolific causes
of catching cold. ;::,:'
A vial of "Seventy-seven" in
the pocket is the nearest thing
.to a self heater, because a dose
- taken at the first chill or shiver
will either prevent or break up
the Cold at once," ,
tf you .wait dintil your bones
begin to ache; till you begin to
cough and sneeze, it may take
longer. v - , ' ' . '
"Seventy-seven" is a small vial
" of pleasant pellets, fits the vest
- pocket, 25c and $1.00. All Drug
' Stores or mailed.
HuntplirejV Hoin, Mtdtrlne Co.. me Wii.
lltu btrcot, Xtm lutk. AdrrtleuiaBt. .
'.. ' , , .:;, , , u - . ' ". "
I'r , r i
' ii if f if a .
Clean, White Uniforms of Ro
-.sarlans Catch ' Eyes , of
... Young Women.'
fian . Francisco, .home of tha turkey
trot foster parent of the tango, city ut
the champagne sir and efierveooent at
moBDhera is not wholly slven up to
ragging, indlgnanuy declare 11 belles ot
the Bay City who for purposes of, Por
toia . festival ' promotion amvea . nere
yesterday afternoon. - ::'shi:,:'-
, Jusct berore tneir arrival tno laaies
reception committee of the Royal Ro
aarlana who are to ba their hosts dur
ing the three days of their stay, mod
estly suggested to Mayor H. It Albe,
who was at tne union .pepot to aia in
the welcome, that his ban on the tur
key trot might not bo capable of inter
pretation by San Pranciaco standards
snd customs, and would he please, at
least bs lenient should there no at tne
dance scheduled for the evenings any
little Involuntary demonstrations of
what would be purely a San Franclsoo
habit ::?..- -i''-i C: -k .-V ;
: "Courtesy to such talr guests cer-
talnlv warrants the most liberal hoepi
tallty,n acknowledged,, the mayor In
courtly fashion. ,,,..:' .-i.;:vv: ; Vv .
Kayo Olves Weloema.
After the young ladles had arrived.
had been greeted with three ohaers.and
a User and bad given ' response in' ex
clamations of delighted pleasure at tha
brave Appearance snd white uniforms
of - the skilfully svolutlng Royal Ro
aarlana. Mayor Albetf waited -until a
human cresant of . snthuslastio hosts
had eUoed Itself as background to the
Portoia girls. theabo made a llttlo
.In It he said,. while bis face r was
wreathed in the most, genial of wel
coming amlles, that the city belonged
to the Portoia girls While, they are hero,
that they were to consider themselves
entirely in charge, and that if any blue
coated policeman, of tbe city was not
just as polite as any Beau Brummol
ever was in his palmiest days, just lot
him know and he . would let the of
ficer know what was what -or words to
that effect . V " ' ""-' v;--'
v Imagine tha shock, after all this gal
lantry, when the Portoia girls having
been informed of the nature of the spec
ial privileges granted them, answered,
or, rather, exclaimed:
"But we don't cars . anything about
turkey etrotting, or , tangoing, - or any
other form of ragglnt. f That's quite old
in San Franclscosnow, you annw. -
The subject waa at once dropped. -:
Smiles, dinvned but slightly by a fog
of Seattle smoke from which they
emerged yesterday, lighted tha .appear
ance of the portoia girls. As one thay
declared that the program, of enteruio-l
to a "real unsl. filled -with chatterlnf
kinii and monkeys and -unrestful-att-
mals; to the roar of a very real wattr-
fall it -.was all - res nam. inm ; iv
oostumlng and the Tano stepping S'so
Added to the, glamour ;-of the occasion.
Society from both sides of the bay was
out in great numbers and expensive it
canty apparel. Doaens of dinner par
ii.. .ra tlvert' before th jungle party.
and It was all pronounced ,Jvery oritf-
inV wonderfully cieverr aacr
tiVa success. Anyone who eosldnt have
been genuinely entertained by it must
have been affected With ; the "eleeptng
aickness, y .. '.. ,'.,-. " '
Tha very first concession granted by
the ; exposition officials was 'for Toy-
land. Orowa ,Vp," an idea ; conceived
from Barrio by Mr. Frederick Thomp
son of Luna Park, Coney Island, fame
and brilliant achievements. -i'Kltty Gor
don was to have officiated at the plant
ing Ot' the toys and the ' sweetmeats
which are to feed them while growing,
but she unfortunately was taken ill on
arrival at the site and her II years old
daughter, Vera Beresford, of flea ted In
her beautiful mother's , place, much 19
the gratification of the youngsters pres
ent . It was amusing to see the reluct
ance with which soma of the children
"gave tip" tha toys when planting time
came, but they were ell prevailed upon
ti niant hm an that more would crow.
Mr. Thompson has a versatile mind and
executive ability which makes him eata
ble ot carrying out Ideas that would
fall In Other hands. :y$z) ,
Miss Edwa De Bevolse of Portland
returned to her home this Week after a
vary delightful visit with friends here.
A. number or social anairs were given
tor. Miss Do Bevolse, whose beauty Is
much admired. The Frank B.'. Dooleys ;
are again - at the St Francis, as are
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cooke. Mrs. P.
M. Dekum and Miss Humason are at
the Stewart hotel and Mr, and Mrs. J.
B. Pllklngton are at the - St ' Francia
Other Oregonlana registered here this
week lholude C. F, Moss, Phillip Lowcn
rardt. B. F. Simmons Mrs. TV Van
Zanta, D. J. Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Davis, H. M. winter, Mr, ana Mrs. u
P. Marlln. S. B. Hart. 8. Benson. II. C
Harmon, B. X. Meredith, Mr,' and M.-t.
J. O. Wlckham, Mrs. E. H. Leavltt, Mrs.
0. A. Nlckeraon Snd son, Mlas McDon
ald, B. R. Johnston', W. T. Jaoobsen, all
to Portland, and F, E, Smith and fam
ily of Salm. 4
.'s.-'vtt' .. .ii'ii.ilii. JfiijiM sssa"1""!" "i'lH,
Zululund's Dethroned King Die,
plniiulu, dethroned king of Zululand
died today on a farm near hero.
1 . irw !.' till
' i ' " -j
fvf . ...
'In' -v.vo :' gmmms If ffe;, 34
Portoia airls of San Francisco. ,
r - i
ment with a band and tha drill corps
of ths Roaarians headed by the mayor
at the depot an auto trip and dinner
for Sunday and a whole round of pleas
ure for Monday, the last day of their
stay, quits exceeded all their . expecta
tions and was far finer than any pro
gram . elsewhere in their triumphant
tour of tha northwest v ,
With the Roaaiians marching on foot
they paraded the streets in automobUss
for half an hour before tolnc to their
headquartera at the Multnomah. Each
of the young ladles their names are
Elisabeth Qleeson, L.ulu Bettanler, Jo
sephine Welch, Llsette Krsuse. Abigail
Whelan, Mae Agnes Sheridan, Edna
Brown Hasel Richmond, 1 M. Cna tie
man, Ethel Mulligan, Anna Wilson, Ev
elyn Maoken bore in her arms a big
box .of candy; each wore a finely tlntod
Portland rose all presented by a Ro
earlaa oommlttea at Vancouver, this
(Continued From Page One.) ;
ended with an eulogy of Oregon, Port
landers were trying. It seemed, to show
the visiting Callfornlans that boosters
are not confined to tha commonwealth
on the eoutbv '. .: , ,, : '..-:-,'...
Robert Krohn, chairman of the gen
eral committee of ; entertainment for
the Portoia-girls, acted as toaatntaster.
Introducing speakers . at oonvenient
lulls between the courses. Hardly had
the- guests been seated, the visiting
girls escorted to their places by -the
Bosarlans in full uniform of lmmaoulate
white, -when tha festivities . began.
Tha singing of '"Back to . Thae, Sunny
California," by the cabaret aextette ot
the Oregon grill, started the ball roll
ingr '!.'.. -i.-f.K'. : J;
, F. Cummlnga, manager of the Portoia
glrle' tour, was ths first one oal ltd upon.
Briefly outlining - the purpose of the
trip, he told of tht work of the girls
to win places on the tour. lav all 1,UT.
lit Votes were cast to send these 11
glrle to the Northwest By their effort
Famous for "
C vHerHair
Actress Tells How She Grew It.
'.' Madame Rose, tie wall . known - act
ress, who piayad on on of. the leading
vaudevllls circuits , ths past winter aal
who Is especially noted xor her long,
beautiful hair, in a recent. Interview- fh
Chicago, made the following statement:
"Any lady .or gentleman oaa promote
the growth ot their hair and make it
soft and glossy with this simple recipe,
which they 'can mix at homa, - To a half
pint of water add 1 os. of bay rum, a
small bos : ot Barbo . Compound and hi
os. of glycerin. Apply to the scalp two
or three times a week with the finger
tips. This Is not only the finest hair
grower I have ever known, but it pre
vents the hair from falling out, removal
dandruff and scalp humors, durkrns
streaked, faded gray hair and makes 't
soft and glossy. The Ingredients can be
purchased nt any drug store at very
little cost." ' - .
Top picture shows Mayor Albeo extending welcome to visitors.
An Attractive Quartetts
committee consisting of Dean Vincent,
J. Fred Larson, Thomas J. Swivel and
others. Th'o ladles committee on recep
toln at the depot consisted of Mrs. Wil
liam Fallon Boss, Mrs. Oscar C. Boru-meyer,-
Mrs, 8. C. Rasmussen, Mrs, B.
lleokensteln and Mrs. E. . H. Anthony.
Among the Royal Rosarians at the
depot were Robert Krobn, chairman of
tha entertainment committee; Dr. C. W.
Cornelius, George M. Hyland, Dr. K. A.
Pierce. H. J. Blaealng, Ralph W. Hoyt
a C Chapman, C, 8. Zxrveland, R. H.
Thomas, Roy Flks, II. W. MoLaln, W.
E. Pearson, O. a Bortimeyer, A. 1 Fin
ley,, James Hislop. , ' - ", ..,-, , ?:
Tha Automobile club will have
charge of tha entertainment - of the
Portoia girls' entertainment today- Un
der the direction of a committee head
ed by President W. J. Clemens of ths
Automobile . club, tha Royal Rosarians
will, gather at the Multnomah hotel at
over $25,000 was raised for the Portoia
fund, and through subscription. ballota
over $68,000 was raised. These, said
Mr. Cummlnga, were a few of the
reasons why ths girls had. been Sent to
Portland. , , Mr. : Cummtngs himself was
chosen to manage, ths trip from a field
of .400 applicants. ' .
'-,f:- Baanty of OUle ralsed. ' :
Following C C. Cole, .who spoke for
the Portland Rose festival, C. 6. Jack
son, vice-president of the Commercial
club. Welcomed the girls to Oregon,
praised their beauty and told" them a
few, things about Oregon, that they
might so back to San Franotsoo with an
Idea as to ths greatness of this state.
W. 3. Clemens, as president of the
Automobile club,' outlined the plans of
that organisation for the Portoia "girls'
entertainment today. Hy Ell era said
briefly that speaking was . not his
forts, but neglected to say anything
about, pianoforte.
- George M. Hyland as the last speaker
distributed tha verbal petals of the
evening. In flower' embroidered . ora
tory, he showed the Portoia rirls what
a1 real Portland v welcome is. d There
could be no doubt as to the matter
when - he had finished. ' 0. D, Vincent
spoke on behalf of tha realty board.
, Following tha dinner a reception was
held on tha mesaanlne' that tha guests
might have the opportunity to meet the
girls personally. Tho- visitors were
somewhat nonplussed because ' their
trunks and most of their hand luggage
failed to reach Portland last night in
time for them to get out their party
clothes. Everyone voted them . all the
prettier in what they wore, however, 'v
Visit Anto Wu;Today.:;;4;p
Tomorrow the Portoia girls will leave
their -headauartersat-thajMultnoniaht
jiotei ai a o cjock on . an automobile
ride through Portland and environs,
as tho guests of the Automobile club,
ending their: trip' at the club house,
where dinner Will be served about
O'clock. It IS . perhaps . vef . fortunate
that they, will bs able to ride tomorrow
as - they all purchased new dancing
pumps for thC dance, lost night,:, their
own being in their missing , bagglrg,
and It was rumored that the 1 J por
toia misses are bow ' auf ferlng with
soma very : sore feet .:.,';.-)'
Tha menu, last night bore pictures
of the different girls on the covers,
and there was a great scramble among
the diners to match their menu with
the --original,' ?'; v.y'4'j:;'....t''r;v(.:v
Thoss Who - Were Present, -
Those present last plant were the
twelve Fcrtola girls AS guests of honor,
the Misses Lulu Bettanler, Luaette B.
f - .. .. T V. UT.l.h tl .. 1 Til.,
VnonO, Kdna Brown, Ethel Mulllgah, Abl-'
gail Wheeian Mao euoriuun, lou M.
I o'clock this afternoon. Leaving the
hotel, they will tour the city , for an
hour and a half,, following a route ar
ranged by Frank C, Rlggs, chairman
Of a special committee, and announced
In The Journal yesterday. Fifty auto
mobiles will bs in Una The auto
mobile alub house on ths Sandy river
wUl be reached in time for a banquet
served in honor of the visitors from.
Ban Francisco.
.Tomorrow morning at Id o'clock the
Portoia girls will either inspect de
partment atores or havs a sight-seeing
tour of . the city. In the afternoon,
from 2:80 until 4 o'clock, they will bs
gueats at a reception In tha Meier &
Frank store. At noon they will be
guests of the Multnomah hotel at
luncheon. They will be escorted from
tha Multnomah to their train a 8
o'clook, leaving via the Shasta Limited
tor San Francisco at 6:0 p.m.
Castleman, Evelyn Macken. Ellxabeth
Qleeson, and Alma Wilson.
Rosarians and their friends Included:
Robert Krohn, Frank M. Cummlngs, C.
C. Colt. B. D. Vincent, Hy EUers. Fred
A. Krlbs. . R. W. Hoyt, II. A. Fachtor,
Edward il Whell. Milton S. Meyer, Mrs.
Clara L. Pollack, Edwin Neustadter,
Walter Rosen f eld, C. H. Panlela, Oeorge
V. Duttle. W. A. Robb. Mr. and Mrs.
W. K. Finser, R. H. Crosier, a C. Hind
man, C C Chapman, Mr and Mrs. Ar
thur L. Flnley, E. E. MacClaron, Miss C.
NodlnV, James N. Patterson. Mednra
Steele, Lv H. Weir, R. H. Thomas, Mr.
and Mra. Guy T. Ketoheson. Paul A.
Cowglll, John A. Salisbury. Mrs. L. D.
Sreeland. Mrs. T., P. Leonard. Mr. and
.ra. L. . Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. W, . J.
Clemens, H. R Hayek, Thomaa Poole,
Thomas J Swivel, Cyril P. Maslnnis.
Bert White, C. H. Mayer, Mlsa Louleo
Hislop, E. H. Pierce, E. T. Kennan, Mlaa
Edith Kilgore. Jamea Clancy of Vancou
ver, Mr. and Mrs. A. O., Clark, Mr, and
Mrs.. Lo veil. M. Keen. Mr and Mra.
Charles Wright W. Gainer Thlgpen, Mr.
and Mra. Frank MoCrlllla. Dr C v
Cornelius, TUlle F. Cornelius, Mr. and
Airs. u. w. Maojuean, Mr. and Mra.
Sidney C. Rasmussen, Mr. and Mra Wil
liam F. Ross, Roy W. Edwards, Mrs. O.
C. Bortimeyer, Adelaide Knapp, Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Bera. Mr. and !
mra. j. srea xarsen, Mr. ana Mrs.
George M. Hyland. Mr, and Mra C. 8.
Jackson. Mra. John F. Robinson. N. G.
Pike. W. Monte Mayer. W, J. Hofman,
Mr, and Mrs. Harvey O'Bryan, Ban ford
Lowengart,. Mr. and Mra. M. O. Dick
inson, Joseph O. Gilllngham, Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Blaeslng and Mrs, J. X.
Stack. -
Effective, Economical ,
Complexion Beautifier
r(JuIIaX)rffTn'Tha CIubwomaKJ 7 ,
' One reason I so strongly recommend
maroolised wax la that It really takes
tbe place of several different cosmetic-,
saving time,, patience, and expense, it
is oetter tnan any cleansing cream, bet- .
ter than any massage cream and betttr
than any rouge for accomplishing the1
resulta for which auch articles are used. I
As the wax. aotually absorbs an old, '
faded or discolored cuticle, a little each,
day, the underlying akin, which arad-i
ually appears, Is clearer, softer, health
ier-hued and more youthful than any
coameuo mage complexion, tipreaamg
on a thin coat of this wax at night,
washing it off mornings, In a week or
so produces a marvelous tranaforma
tlon. v Just one ounce of' mercollaed'
wax. obtainable at any drugatore, will
do the work, There'a nothing better to
remove freckles, moth patches, Hvi
spots aallownass, blotches, pimples or
bisckhesde..'.: v..W;- -:.,;.,'.....'.. v
For wrinkles and loose, saggy akin, I
Invariably recommend a face bath muJii
bv dlHsolvina 1 os. powdered eaxollta In
pint witch' hazel. This has remark- (
in wucn1 ouei. inn nais reinarK -
astringent and tonic properties. Adv,
Sell -Powers, P!r,:
Build' Main Section of
Plant for City,
iqamath Falls, Or.. Oct H-In the
event the negotiations now pending be
tween the city of Klamath Falls -and
,; the United States reclamation service
material rae, the : government : will at
' an early i date tindertatke the devetop-
: ment of some of the power in connec-
' tlon with ..tha " Kla.maUv . reclamation
project. The government has made the
icity the proposition thatit would sell
i ft rui.. a ., tK. nl.-l' lh. . nft -in
: build and maintain He owndiatributlng
.; ryatem. or eiae trie government wlu
. build the main portion of the plant
and turn it over to tht cltyv with the
understanding; inai tio ' lniniuipaiiu
must furnish power to the members
y H'JtlLM i S J3L33M331 233 tea antri id rr.
Consciously or otherwise, in society;
and in business, a man picks his own
company,; ;' ' ; . ' ,
And right here it is : worthy of note
that there is nothing snobbish about
the, man who chooses to travel with
On the contrary, it is a commendable
attitude, it is wisdom of the sanest
sort, and it is distinctly ah American
quality. - . - . ,l .
And in business, above all things, no man tali
afford to - overlook the ' advantages and , the ,
moral stimulus to be derived from locating hit :
business in distinguished and prosperous com-
To be still more specific, a man cannot afford
to overlook the advantages of locating in the
Morgan Building, which in ' size, appearance,
equipment and location is not equaled by any
building in the city.
y. " , , "
Two Washington Street Store Rooms end Some Desirable
r,..'; Offices Am Vat Unrooted.
Hotel - Multnbmah
Announcement Extraordinary
V A-Monday, October 20 Entire 'Change and Style el
j"','' Profram la I '
, . The Greatest 1 Attractions Ever freeeated' in Any
i, , Cafe in America. '
Interoatlonal Dancers, featuring THE STAIRCASE WALTZ, the
Tan go and the Whirlwind Texas Tommy, ,
" Sensational dancers, presenting THE KISS WALTZ and "
,"( . . " 1 - APACHE DANCE, y -4, ... ' . ,
LAURA JANIS, Lyric Soprano. ' - " . '
- ) J ' . - ' ' ' and1-1 ' t , ' ,
der, the direction of HERMAN S, HELLER.
-8:30 until 10 p. m.
of IS pieces, under the direction of -
Entertainment In ARCADIAN GARDEN every Sundiy. d ::' t
dinner and lOtlS to 12 p. m., same program as on wecit t ;
- - - t
of the Klamath TV'atcr I r ,
tlon at a price to be acvc-l i
the v negotiations prosri. 1 .
was requested to tuka di lui
step: so-' that the government ran .'
with; the propositions that the itiuuK i
pallty wishes to make. J
-The members of the Klamath tt
Users' association have for soma ttm
urged ' the government to build U;
necessary planta to develop the power
In connection with the proj'.ct. It U,
the contention of the water. uers that
the power, can . be. eold ton. enough to
pay the greater portion f , the coh.
.rabateo-1' hasgei of. . . U rlgat Uni
project The water wae-a l.vor the
plan to develops the povitr and then
have the plants sold to the aaaocla
tion Von payments ? simll-tv to those
charged for the constm tlon -of tha
irrigation project It Is eaUmated that
in tims the power planta will pay back
all of the money expended . on irrita
tion . works in the Klamath country.
.Harness for aviators to hold a mn
securely in his seat but which can h
released by pulling a single pin, is
New Yorker's invention.
v Edlefsen's yards at Albina and'
Jat and Salmon, atocked lately 20.00a
fuel ties and aeveral thousand tons coal.
Bunker price .60 to 18.26. Adv.
Pretty music; Isn T If you wsnt
something to play it on, look under
"Musical Instruments" in the want ada,
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