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nHUt3FWfnth. (.id Morrlsnn. raTcraham la
'-Jiniua tnoaar." Curtain 8:0.
EAKI.M Broadway and WorrUoo. "Tha PmJ
.. . ' curiam b:wi. . : ,
IA luo fourth and Btark.' , Keatlnf A Flood
unitieai L'ooiRitjr company. 7:30 ana 9 p. m. ,
I A CAdKk Broadway and Alders V4UdTjUe
;nrtRtn 2'ftrt tilft aln 'I ,;-.,.', , ..
fyl.LMBU Sixth, t(wen Waihlaston and
-ni muiion pinurea 14 . m. w . f
;ti"i.l aUKATKB KleTonth and Waahlnfton.
notion ulcturea, noon to 11 p. m.
rEofK g THKATRK Wt Park and Alder,
s f at. Motion ilcturea, noon to 11 p. m.
, , Weatlier Conditions.
Portland and Tlclulty Cloudy tonight and
1 Saturday; , probably rain; easterly winds. -,
; Oregon and Waahlngtoo Fair ea.t tonlfht
and Saturday; eloudy weat portion tonight and
Bacuraay, probably rain; easterly Wlnda,
'1 IdahoFair buil&A.fc and Hatiirrtar.
,ts f fcDWAKD A. BCALfl,
)'m of
' SUM., Anstrallaa
beef , trust brings
f-When tha
In Australian cold
atorass beef you won't rind it at Frank
; 3-v Smith's, Good old Oregon beef la tha
' standby at Smith's,; Hera are his prices
; iot roasts, 12V4-150. Steak, 15c.
1 Pound steak and sirloin steak,; 290, '
,-Porlc liver, .60, ; Pigs' feat, 7.lVi v 1
i Shoulder lamb, 10c. Eggs, JOc'
-. Legs of lamb and lamb chops, 16a , '
; Boast poraviJtto and 17c.
" t Fancy bacon, S0cand 22Wc and 25o.
I Pork chops, 17Mo and 80c. Liver, 10c
-1 Oregon creamery butter. TOo and 750.
; Brains 16a . Salmon, 8c. Crabs, lOo.
oausage, joc. tiauoui, luo, omen, ivc.
lAtfd. In . 4oc: In 6a. 6c; In 10s. 11.25,
Coma to Smith's main market, 228 Aider
St., for these excellent meats. (Adv.)
' Would Have City Assist County
" i Commissioner Holman yesterday ad.
4 dressed a letter to Commissioner Deick,
of the pabllo works department of the
;'. , 1 city, asking that tha city cooperate with
1 tha county In the Inspection of bridges
I and ferries, 4 Tn administrative
. , coda provides for 'the monthly inspeo
' ' tion of bridges and ferries and to em
. ploy an expert would sost tha county
large sum. Mr. Holman asked that
. 1 tha engineering department of the city
; f make the necessary Inspections.
" eiltioB f ot Admlalatratioii. Mrs.
. . Minnie Nystrom, widow of 8ren August
J Ny strom, petitioned for letters of ad
: ' mliUegratlon of her husband's . estate
- r I yesterday. ,'. Mr. . Nystrom died August
, 1 si,, leaving an esiaie vaiuea i izuvv.
Four daughters and a son are heirs. A
. ; petition for tha appointment of George
- 1 At. jjeianey as aamimsiraior 01 ins ea.
'4 i tate of hla-irother, Charles W. Dalahev,
f was also filed. Mr. Dalaney died in
' j Salem September 21, leaving an estate
1 valued at $1000. His mother, a sister
T an4 brother are the heirs. ;-. . ,
' CUmreH of Ood lnoorooratss--To en
, " traga In charitable work the. Northwest
1 Charity Association of the Church of
, uoa yeaieraay niea srucies or lncorpor
t. ! atlon with County Cleric Coffey. Prop-
J arty valued at 11000 la possessed by the
v tsaoclatlon : and revenues will be ' de
rived from bequests, gifts and such
means. Tha trustees ar O. W. Bailey,
; K. O. Masters. W, W. Christ, O. T. Neal,
1 C T. Tlmmons, M. IB. Marben and Nellie
Brant. ' , , , r.
Smoker at TTniverslty drib, A smoker
. . given by the Oregon Society of tha Eons
of the Revolution will be held at the
-. new University club tomorrow night.
.,. Professor B. A. Tbazter of tha Port-
land Academy will deliver, a lecture on
"Rochambeau and French AasistaBo in
the Revolutionary War." Following tha
; lecture a aupper "will be served by thai
University club. ; Members of the Sons
of tha, American, Revolution vlaltlng in
Portland are invited ot attend, y;
" Ante , Track Damaged "by Plre An
automobile delivery truck' belonging to
the Eilers Music House was partially
-i, consumed ny nre yestemay aiternoon
While standing in front of the Broadway
: entrance of tha Eilers store-at Broad
. ; way and Alder streets. - The truck was
. einpty. The blasa is thought to have
been . started by a lighted, cigarette
thrown Into a pool of gasoline under
the car. , - , v; V: -
Will invade Tualatin ValleyFor Ae
cominr Sunday trip the Masamaa will
: leave on the United railway train at
1:10 a. m. and go to Cornell atation.
Vim there they will climb the high
: ridge separating tha Tualatin yalley
i ' from the Willamette, from which aome
fine views, are obtained. Tha party .-will
then descend to the , St. Helena road
"' and return jto the city byway of Bur
. Ungton. ',.. '
n. W.' Gill will speak on the cultivation 1
if flowers a?M tlie Beautifying of yards.
The asKoei tiiort Is giving an educational
course to all who live In the district and
attend the meetings,' As this evening's
meeting will be of special interest W
wxroon, all ar invited to attend.
prosecution Xs Postponed The peti
tkn of J. A. and Anna Shaver for deed
ing property to which they Aad no .title
was pomponea indefinitely in the dis
trict court on motion of Deputy District
Attorney Belch. Mr. Peich desires to
make further" Investigation of the case
because he believes , the Shavers were
innocent off intention to do anything
criminal. rney gave a deed to M. Mo-
Kinney, lt North Ninth street, for
five acres or : Marian county land to
which they did hoi i have .legal title.
j.ney were reieasea on ineir own reooir.
Seeks Samaares for Beattnav-4n pay
ment for a beating which he alleges he
received Beptember 3. Henry 1 Zorn, a
laborer, seeks 120.100 damages from
George Engelke, in a suit lied yester
day In the circuit court by C J. Schna
bel, his attorney. Zorn alleges ha re
ceived a rractured akull and deep cuts
on his forehead which . necessitated a
stay in a hospital.
Oriental Xnar Salt., Plenty of choosi
ing here from 1 the smallest mat to
largest room slse carpet, all oholoe and
dependable. Only rugs we can guaran
tee In our collection, priced lower than
in any mother establishment In this city.
A visit here will prova this- Money back
if you're not satisfied. Cartoilan Bros.,
T4 wasnington, ' . (Adv.)
Prisoner Zs Given Chance'. An indict
ment charging1' Richard , Moran . with
burglary was , dismissed yesterday by i
circuit judge Mouinn on motion or uep
uty pistrlct Attorney Magulre. Moran
has served a; 860-day rookpile sentence
from munlolpal court on a charge of lar-
making good if given an opportunity.
SsUte Talned at JTearly 814. OOO-
lennie u iicK.aison ana. ouva b. uon-
neli yesterday petitioned for letters of
administration in the ' estate or. Jennie
W. Donnell, their mother, to be issued
to R. V. McKalson. Tho estate Is valued
at I12.860.7J. Mra Donnell died last
month, shortly following the death of
her husband, C R. iponnell.
County Xospltal atwDOrU Mrs. A. B.
T. Spauldlng, matron at the county hos
pital,, reported yesterday that 1S8 pa
tients . were ' treated during September,
95 were discharged, 8 died, 18 were ad
mitted, and that the coat per meal for
feeding patients and attendants wua
nve ana seven-ienios cents. , .
Plre Damages bunch Boom. Fire
from an -unknown h origin partly de
stroyed the lunch room and pool hall of
O. T. Dodd, 1311 Belmont street, yester-
day afternoon. Dodd was not at the
plac when tha fire broke out.
ew , nperintendent Warned -C. H.
.; Vox has been appointed superintendent
, of the Sumpter Valley railroad, nar
row gauge line running westward over
, the mountains out of Baker, Or. Mr.
Fox will work under Oup X Anderson,
" general, manager, who la ona of ; tha
-1 best known young; railroad men In Ore
.i gon. " '
- 'jfeaW, M Woodiawn Tha Wood--h'
lawn Improvement association wilt meet
tonight In. Oreena'g hall at 8 o'clock.
The matter of the aleotlon for bonds to
, I build Multnomah's part of the interstate
; I bridge will be considered, and the Clarke
' t 'county delegation . has ' been Invited.
t i JohrrfR. Latourette will also "address
the meeting. .:;vji:v, .,),..
, i", ( ? ,:,:.....i-a-;i::"'.'-:K:y.j:!;'';
Tabor Heights Club Keets The Ta-
i' bor Heights Improvement association
i will meet tonight at 1776 Belmont street.
ew Grand Theatre 108 SixthsThe
most thrilling three-reel Gaum on t pic
ture ever ahown hero. . "Who Killed
George LamtffertT" Thursday, Friday.
Saturday, Aiao roaring; Keystone com
edy. lOo show for So, . (Adv.)
Meeting Tonight Postponed.. ... On ac
count of the illness of members of the I
executive committee of. the Antl-Capltal
Punishment Crusaders, tho meeting
scneamed for tonight in the Belling-
uirsh Dunaing has been postponed.
Directed to Sign Pledge-For drink
ing and abusing, his wife. A. B. WiUlk
oU08 "Union avenue was brought into
the municipal court this mornlng.'VThe
Judge directed that ha sign tha pledge
and report to Patrol Officer Inskeep.
Delta Upslion Club SCoetsvTha Port
land Delta Upallon club will meet f
luncheon tomorrow at the Hotel Ore
gon -fountain grill, for the annual meat-
uig ana iiwuvn w oincna, . . j- .
' SCeeUiur at Woodlawav The Wood
lawn Improvement assooiation will hold
a mass meeting this evening at Green's
ball, on Dekura avenue, to discuss thai
interstate bridge question.
Want a - Mortgage - loamt XArg
amounts available for first mortgages I
on Portland real estate. Hammond
Mortgage Co 428 Cham, of Com, (Adv.)
Steamer Jessie Kerzins for Camas,
wasnougai ana way tanaugs. a ally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington
street dock at, J p. m (Adv.)
, Oreen Trading stamp given on every
purchase by wander Hros.. ladles' tail
ors, 204 Bdy, Reasonable prices. (Adv.)
Try our 35o SUended Ooffi
mtum ticket .with eacn pound.
Tea, Store, 172 Third street ;
A pre-
The House of a looo Gifts China!
cards, novelties. Mrs, Lincoln's Art Deo,
408 Va Morrison at. Aav. ,
Amerioaa Sentlste are best Prices I
right, S1H Morruon, cor. 5th at. (Ad.)
DR, . V. Mamby haa moved to 808
Morgan building. Main 8161 (Adv.)
Dr. B. a Brawn, Zy ar, Mohawk
building, j v: - - - . , .. (Adv.) ;
Dr.: Ta
. Dr. ' seta
bldg. ; .
858 Morgan
(AdV.) ,
CsrdwaTl, ,702 Morgan
Jouinal 'Want Ads : bring results.
' i
" . i
. t
r r
"S. & H." Green Stamps with Cash Purchases
: g;' Men's new; Fall Suiti in' blue cheviots, gray;
and brown mixtures, made 'of the famous Ore-1
V:. !.... '' ' A ' : !-l ' t.. f i: ' ii;
gwjt cassimcrcs, yctiai'vniuc at aoove price.
New fall aad WinlerSuits
; tn navy, brown, gray, tan and black. ' Beauti
., fully tailored models.The materials are the fin
est pf all wool fabrics. The coats are shown in!
plain tailored back. Skirts are slightly draped
ui iictiii wiiuicu prices. xango iroin , jr ;;;.,!, ,.v"
'''I' 'i'i'''
$15.00 to' $30.00
Vomcn's Favorite WinterCoats
i The ;! newest ; styles semi-tailored effects
boucles. rich seal olush. astrachans and ehev.'
: iotsin brown, navyblack sndgroriqW
Rosanans In Full Uniform' to
- - Receive the Visitors'
, - Tomorrow' the Portola glrM are com.
Ing to, ; Portland and the Royat Rosa
rlans will be their hoets. . George
land's report, of the attention given by
San Francisco business men to the en
terUlnment In Portland of the young
women from the Bay City has lm
pressed C. C. ' Chapman, if secretary.; of
state of tha Kosar lane, With the neces
city for a very large representation of
the white uniformed boosters. ,
- The Rosarlans are to assemble at the
union depot at p. m.. Saturday, in
full ,Rosarlan uniform, and esoort th
Portola girls to the Multnomah hotel
after the arrival 0f the train at 2 p. ni.
They will assemble in fun uniform at
the Multnomah at 6:80 p. rrund escort
tho Portola girls to the Hotel Oregon,
where a banquet will be served, fol
lowed by a reception and dance, v
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock the
Rosarlans ; wiU gather at the Multno
mah in civilian attire for a trip to the
Automobile Club, where dinner will be
served. Monday morning there will be
a seeing-Portland . trip or department
atore Inspection, optional with the girl.
At noon the Multnomah hotel will be
host to the young ladles' at a luncheon
to whioh Rosarlans are Invited.
)'v mm 1 '' "If
How; Fragua . Bandlesi ' Sewage. H
Ths' sewage from the cltv of Praane
and auburbs, comprising s population of
about 600,000, la conducted through four
large sewers to a cleaning plant at
Bubens, one of the suburbs. .
Men's Trousers
' Venezuela hs prohibited the tmnorta-
tion and sale of dynamite except by the
national government.
XT' ' TT 1
v assar unaerwear
Menl buy where you escape the high
mt. prof i ta. J save tl to 18 en everv
Sair. jimmy Dunn, Oregoniau Bldg., Sd
OOr. (XAv. ..
: Here are the winner in
the race for style. :
3 Lively patterns for:
young men suits at $20 '
can't be beaten.' They
have a 'Mash and go" that
give 'em first place with
men who have the! get-
, ;." there taste;'';;, " .; I '
CI Other Benjamin Suits
$25 to $35 just as win .
ning. , ; ' ' ' ' f
Buff um 6? Pendleton
31 1 Morrison. Opp. Postof fice
Would you like to know where ten dollar
i$ worth more today than fifty dollar $ will
be day of ter tomorrow?
Would yoa be intereeted if you knew that
these iNtlaee are in something near and dear
to the heart of every lover of a beautiful
home? . -
u . Then come to " : '
Atiyeh Bros:
f... where the most attractive
- Oriental Rugs
ever exhibited in this country are being sold '
At Auction
t e Jfl
i,inK x our interests to urns
- " jTm jmim. mmr
7 "4
dit Stores.
Vith Easy Credit Terms i :J
There are thousands of people: right here' in Portland,
both men and women, -working for a living who receive
their pay weekly or monthly. Their position in life de
mands that they, shall wear stylish; serviceable, up-to-date
clothes? tThey cannot afford to make the full outlay in
cash.; but can distribute it over a few -months time verv
conveniently. ' They cannot afford to pay more for credit,
but need -the accommodation. ' ' ' t ' o -
With the purchasing power of over 100 Gately's stores
we can sell to you at cash prices. Now, we want you to
come. to, our store and ,w '
Open an Account With ,1113
Dress BETTER for $1.00 a Week
Stylish Coats
At Reasonable Prices
.You will find in our assortment
of : popular materials a . coat that
will meet your desires, both in
price and style.
' A remarkable value is offered.
The coat: is, of 'heavy high pile,
short ndb chinchilla; having a blan
ket effect pn the reverse. Perfectly
plain throughout, Vith wide reveres
that car be buttoned high to the
neck; These coats represent a sav
ing of about $5.00 at $24.50.-
Chic New rilillinery
f Many jaunty tailored shapes of
black, , blue or brown velvet with
soft crowns, dress hats with fancy
sttckups, and a pleasing variety ofi
other popular effects ' f V'V'lH'
$2.75 to $14.75
Hundreds pf different varieties of Persian' and
Turkish Rugs all sizes, from the small mat to
large room size. Matchless in value beautiful
beyond comparison. . -
Buv now, for the sale is fast drawing to a close
andyou will; never again bo able to experience
such terrific reductions in the prices of Orienta.
Tonight EJght o'Clock
Atiyeh Bros.
Alder and
Special sale of Laces and Linens will be held this
afternoon between three and five o'clock.
I TO .
y i
m .
" nil n. w, u 1 itrr..rta r-
5f T-r . - at u ft m: fam i sj&
i aw SB m m skht . . ssmv. m .. mm f - i j r.wr av w . m f . gi v a
: 1 1I i SB a mm sx mm i M e, " ' F M mt m w ui . ar . :t M m jk -W. au i
' rC3
I A'-t?'-. I III
J a
The Gift of a
The gift acceptablethe gift appropriate; one
; ihat assures the vjrood taste of the tfver- and
. which finds instant favor with the recipient.
t Our ;new stock of Diamonds 'and Precious Stones;
: selectedjand boughtbef6re;the ;riew tariff law
. was passed,- is on exhibition at prices most at
tractive.. : I- '.V "f1 'f: itSi i". ; '
How About a Suit
- or Overcoat
at Gately's? '
It is sure , to have correct
style; it is bound to give good
wear, and the price will be right
down to the demands of Quality.
There is a style here that will
fit your figure and a price yoa
can afford to pay.
.. Come in and try on a suit or
overcoat and be convinced.
Suits $16.75 to
Overcoats and Raincoats
f 18.00 to S27.50
Boys' Norfolk $5
Gray andHbrown mixtures in
Norfolk styles. They are made
right to give the youngster
good service, and they surely
will. -
Extremely good values st $5.00
u'a"ui uj u L. l ii
Phones Pacific Marshall )
Home A-6281
?! ' '''WiLL-'StLLAT ;r ir
I;":;:-: 'SPECIAL; '1
Reduced Prices
Superior Quality
II nl 1 11
131-133 Tenth St.
Between Washington anil Alder
' ; Genuine Diamond Rins as low as $10, rising in
cajy tittuduuua iu uic lure expensive . sizes.
:We will be pleased to lay aside anct hold for you
any diamond : or now ,
Jfor, the holidays ; we surest early shopping while
istociwire'eom -
sWssasamBJ s si saap mm aaatvamw -mmmretrnf. ; If Itl
t' r1 . '. :.jr. ' 1 y hK-i-m ' M :":.' i-iv .v-:-.'- ij
At .i.uie'Cornelrof Washincton and Broailway
prinking Too Much?
1 A man eatstoo muchi Does his wife who cooks hh meals
;get the blame? Or does the restaurant man whom he patronf
ues have to stand up under popular criticism? V ' ' "
Let a man buy a bottle of wine or liq-uors. He takes it
away with him. The liquor merchant knows not where or when 4
he drinks. If he makes Jig of himself and drinks too much.V'?
does he get the blame? Oh, not , The liquor merchant must ,'
shoulder that, ;:- . ::.,:i'" i'Ssf','': Pr, iJipJy'-:
It Ss a fact that for every nerson who drinks too much thr
f are several who make gluttons of themselves in eating. : ;
' Both of these classes of men violate the laws of health ! and
nature. Both suffer from it sooner or later. . ; ::V.:jzfy;i'f
Wines and liquors are not made to "fill up'' on,4 jThey are W
produced for tonic and. medicinal purposes. Rightly used they' '
brace up tired and overworked nerves, give, new strength to in-'
valids, and they are invaluable in, ailments like colds, coughs, v
etc.. ,-.-7iT ; V.'ni.':
We cater to this legitimate demand.
Accer di n crW w . M
' only pure goods,- and. we never knowingly sell to the, roan who W
j We haye the best of delivery service and solicit telephone" orders I ?
P'$f'!$:X; a and .tharge: accounts y with, the: proper'reference.ft.'V''''
Mam;' TO) OS E CITY', A.
Such as Country Milk-Fed'
r . VEAL'
.-, Genuine 1913 ' ' - -j' -
. , . . , LAMB ,
V.- 1 - Arid A-No. I : ;
Roasts and Pot Roasts .
All Specials Are Plainly Price '
1 "v. Marked at Market.- '
In 1-lb. Cartons at 25c the lb. ,
No Matter How Much More
More Like Home
s baked , beans - than
' any , you have 1 ever '
y 'eaten.1 You'll 'say
"so, too. ,And at, the '
- same time, you et
. over 38 'more, of - J
these delicious beans ' .
v for 10c orlSc than v -
c you do in any other - V
" brands Order-today. .; '
Porlc and Beans
Only for a Limited Time!
Choice, Sweet ' i !S 1 r Pf
wwm.v-ar V;, i. a..
WllNHa - I
7aV 41 W IT
The Best Beer.
Per Dozen . . ..
' Bottle axebanred, ,
fThe Pionaer Liquor Man, i .
v ass Morrison, bat. 1st ad SO. 1
910.000 aqnlp.
X. Shop atapals
t Pr actio. . .
XX. Thaory Xa
XXX.-1 Soad IS-
: '. sons,
A Cominr Tro
faaalon Call or
SanA Jr Oata-
losraa T. IS. O.
and Tay
10 Straats.
IVa ara no located Wwan Fouria
sad : J-ifth on Waahlnatoa atrc
and ara rropar4 to glva you first
claaa work at rtsonb1 . prleaa,
Rubbor Platsa ....... KtS.OO and us
Oold Crowns ..... ...a;i.RO and up
BrldaTo Work .......3.50 and up
Porealaln Crowns.. a.SU and up
Silver Fllllnaa . lwtt and us
Gold Jll'lys . . 1.00 and tip
, SSBV. X. S. aTXWToaf. Mar.
Onioa aao ojoa at, os. Markat rv
- Iraoas Mimmt l-3. U-S.ti,
flora aaibuUne (or skk oc d:aiv'-1
nlinaJ s moinant's ootic. i, .
Kat'utt all can, til f- ..-
to tblai omr..
t.a Oav t
134 Third ;:St;:;Cpraer:'Aldier WpK'i
yaHiwwtiy. yaotwv
n.jri t, ;'f ; .