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, Beauty Is the mark God Mta
en virtu. Every natural action
Is graceful;' every heroio act is
; also decent and causes the place
and the bystanders to' shine.
fftUB New York Impeachment
v I court convicts. .., Murphy wins.
I lie It in command. He directs
4 , i t 1 the) state capital by ; long
- distance telephone from his v suite
at ; Delmonlco's. :-fA
: ; i Ko' event could more completely
r reveal the -humiliating- ' status of
government In New York. If Sul
. rer shad submitted to the dictation
of Murphy there would bare been
. no , impeachment - Had he- named
Murphy's puppets to office.' had he
subserviently cleared the way for
Tammany to have the contracts,
Murphy; wouldn't have run no At
bany. and phoned the house of rep
resentatives to proceed with the re
moval -of the governor, 'f'
All Sulzer . had; to do to remain
undisturbed in office was to be a
plastic puppet in Murphy's : hands.
All be had - to do . was ' to let ' the
boss ' take command of the ' con'
tracts. All he had to do was to
docilely permit Murphy to guide the
legislature, to determine what laws
to veto and what to approve,' to se
lect the appointees for high office.
and to perform various . other con
stitutional acts belonging to the gov.
ernor, In return for which, WlllUm
Bulier : would have been permitted
by the boss: to draw the salary, to
occupy. ' the t executive ..mansion and
to preserve an outward ' appearance
of governor of 1 the state , of i New
' Sulzer resisted, v He attempted to
be governor. Ho tried to Jexercise
the functions conferred by the con
; stltution and- the suffrages of the
citizenry of New York; upon him. .
- He has been shown. : He. has been
pronounced guilty as charged. He
has been made a warning to future
Tammany , governors who 'dare to
disobey the .boss. ," ',
- It is a 'startling status; 'The con-
cern is not -with :. the political for
tunes of William Bulzer.'Cf The far
Vf ort a a 4etjs ft tfisa mmnMi 4n vrtttstta
. the greatest state in the : Union Is
governed Is the paramount concern.
Sulzer's impeachment Was ordered
- by long distance telephone . from
Murphy's headquarters la New .York
City. ' It . was at the persQal com
mand of the boss1 himself, fit; was
caused , hy Bulzer s i refusal to s do
the Boss wlli;''K-.'
- Such ; is the - power of Murphy.
Yet - Murphy holds . no office under
the constitution ofjlfew .York .r the
Jaws of New York He holds : no
election certificate,. ..He. has .not
been selected by the people of New
. York . to exercise ', any r function In
their government ' He has no known
occupation except under the Inris
ibli government He has no pro
fession, business or employment. He
: has no visible means of support.
A few years ago be was a poor
, man. , Now he is ,a millionaire.
More than .any other man or 100
men he Is the government of the
richest and 1 most populous state in
the Union. t-. , v -
, - ' He- selects "United States senators
and governors. i. He controls the
New York delegates in national
Democratic conventions.1 He . ap
points senators ; and assemblymen.
and directs their votes.' He appoints
mayors and sheriffs and; minor of
ficialavi Regardless of constitutions
and, Jaws, regardless of ballot boxes
snaJ; eiecuons, ' regaraiess 01 cus
toms and party formulas,' if Is from
Charles Pit MfPy that the 5,0 00,-
) 000 people of the sute of few jorK
derive. xn,ost l of, their government
All this and more is nroven by the
convictlott of William Sulzer and his
removal from' office, ''
' There could be no governmental
status more completely In contrast
with . government In the state of
Oregon. If there be those who still
find fault with the Oregon system,
and.' there are, let them reflect for
one - moment on . the boss of Tarn
many Hall who is ' now exercising
more, power 'than any constitutional
monarch In Christendom. ',. "! :
, Sulzer's misapplication of his
campaign funds shows him to have
been nnwortny oi ms, position, us
was ' a misfit, He gained: honors
'.far leyond- his: '.'deserts.
There Is regret at his fall because
we all regret such a disillusionment
as to a man. ' But the deeper regret
Is that his undoing was wrought be
cause he resisted the power of Tarn
; many hall. V 1 . '
of mane l WithX
moving picture f-.
is. in its . actual
revelation 'and ft gix
kind. . .
!laiil in II
( of the
Ved, It
idy." a
HE city of Portland ought not
to buy the Frits Strobel prop
erty t . any such figure as
Is proposed, v '!VJ .. ,
Twenty-three thousand dollars fpr
ft house and an acre: of ground at
Sixth and Sheridan Is' absuf d. ' The
assessor knows it is absurd, for be
valued It this year at only 15500
14500 . for the ground and ' $1000
for the bouse, i The assessment price
is less than one fourth the asking
price; ' V 'i r; " k
The very foundation upon which
the asking price of the property is
based is an indictment of the fig
ures. ' B. v. Slgier, former assessor,
appraised; the ; property for the in
formation' and 'guidance of the, city
commissioners at $22,2 5 0. , But last
year,' Mrv Bigler, as assessor, valued
the"; property for. assessment" pur
poses at $3800;' for , ground " and
$1000 for the-? houses or $4800
:??M assessor, Mr Slgier was com
manded by a ' solemn . statute to as
sess propery at '"its rue cash value,"
and as assessor his official oath re
quired him to Obey the constitution
and the etatutea of the state. While
acting tinder his oath of , office he
placed the ; value I of the -Strobel
making 'markets available to the fully fit.
farmers.' Ohio ' has r demonstrated .ernment,
this. . The Ohio Good Roads federa
tion has remodeled the map of that
state.; 5 ' ' ' ';. -;'?.
The federation has been at work
for years, with '.the result that now
Ohio has ft system of improved main
roads connected no with each other
and leading by the most direct routes
front? one : important point to an
other. .The trunk roads are so laid
out as .to make it easy to construct
laterals, .the trunkt roads 5 and Itbe
laterals combining In an inter-county
system' making the markets easy
of access from every ; part of the
Ohio has what is called a market
system of roads which run between
the principal market points. ' ' It has
been found by actual, count that, 90;
per cent . of the travel is between ,
such towns and cities. Ten thou
sand miles, of good roads serve ' 80
per cent of the state's population.
Oregon f counties should follow
Ohio's example in road building. ,
they will
get self gov
- . It Is ' a fortupate circumstance
that In the multitudinous and ' up
roarlous affairs of the Philadelphia
AthletlcBT they have to refer to him
only as . t Manager Connie Mack
There might be another story to the
world 'series if they had been com
polled all the time to speak "his full
name,twhlch. is,' Mr. Cornelius Mc
Gilltcuddy." - 1
; Treasure - hunters are searching
for 600 jugs of whiskey said to have
been sunk in the Missouri river In
the early 5 0's. ; It will prove a vain
and' futile search, for. though .free
booters and pirates may forget the
hiding place of all other loot, their
geography as to the whiskey is al
always :nnerring. .
- " : :
i t; Letters From the PeoDfe
N:' PORTLAND,, we have ; spent
thousands of dollars and' changed
tire form of city government In
an effort to reach efficiency. :,
Efficiency is the : demand of .the
hour. It is the gospel of the age
It Is the aim of every great Indus
trial corporation, of every; big rail
road.; of every steamship line, of
every private business and lis,,' or
tract, at $4800. , and hs valuation ought to be, the aim of every pub-
made while serving the people unaeriiic estauusnment.
oath must, discredit his valuation .of ' There has been much effort to
122,250 xoade"la appraiser. "., ' j Introduce efficiency in the public
At every turn, ' there is an In-1 affairs of Multnomah county.' Mr.
flated price 'when ' the public;, wants Holman and his ; colleagues have
to buy, and 'a shriveled price when managed to make reduction of
the : nubllc wants the, property's libout $3500 a month' by better ,er-
share for the support of govern-1 ganlzation and neuer - aammisira
tion. Further, effort is making to
so increase efficiency that there may
be added reductions.. '-' 3.
la no Held Is there usually a
ment; It r a practice that is im
moral, and.:, that teaches immoral
iy. It sets up, a sort, of accepted
understanding that it is no harm to
gouge the public, : a common belief larger , leak ; in' , publio administra-
that causes mnc of the graft and tion than in a helter skelter go-as-
that haa undermined and corrupted you please, v everybody-buylng pur
hundreds of thousands of meti. . I chase of supplies. . To stop this leak,
'r To pay more than four times as there has been a widespread resort
much for a property1 as it is as- to the purchasing agent, and in
sessed at is 'a sham. humbug and both private and publio affairs that
a;tremendous 'injustice to the peo funcuonary is everywnere tne out
nle: It is bad enough to pay double I cial ana responsiwe nnyer, : ,
the assessed value and even at that, Such an official has been Installed
the price would. be all, the Strobel in the county administration, , and
tract la worth: But for the build- it was an excellent move, it re
in of the Terwilliger Boulevard, (duces buying to a system, and makes
which Is costing the publio $150,000, for the efficiency; that is, the com
nobody would think or -paying oneimon and universal aim. wunoui
half as much for the Strobel prop- exception every. article from a paper
orty as Is asked for it.
a , V
the east as the king of the
loan., sharks, will sDendWix
months in prison unless tech'
nlcalltiea save him. ;" He : was con
of pins to ft threshing machine used
by - Multnomah county, should be
bought : by ' the purchasing agent.
and he' -be held, accountable for his
The new administrative code went
Into effect October 1, and the coun
ty board is to; be commended , for
Its endeavor to faithfully , apply us
For ten or twenty cents, anybody
will be able ao see the highest class
plays, by moving picture processes,
as a result of ft new contract signed
by Manager Wlnstock of the people's
theatre. The opening ! bill of -Mrs.
TlEke in "Tess of D'UrbervIIles.'Ms
evidence of what Invention: Is doing
for the edification and entertainment
collecting Interest - at ' the rate of
200 per cent a year for the use of
$10 loaned to ft clerk tor three
This is Tolman's first, prison sen
tence, although many cities prose
cuted him in the last ten" years.
He escaped with' a $1000 fine in
Trenton,, New Jersey, a. month ago.
but was arrested the next day on
the charge on which he was sen
teheed to the penitentiary.
pie expect every functionary in the
county to . unhesitatingly ana ruuy
cooperate in observing, its terms and
requirements. '". ,
t (Cnminunlctitloiui unt tm Tbe Journal for ptib.
Ilcatioa la this, department aaoold be wrlttra oe
mir oue eiaa ot me pauar, fuoold not eiceed
w tary' of War Garrison have se
lected, four Filipinos ' to be
members of ' .the ' PhllloDlne
I . wiuuiinivu. a uiui) iwmi ui
ducted between forty and fifty loanjwhn has been the only native on the
offices throughout the United commission since 1908, will continue
States, and his methods were typicdj m office. Thus the Filipinos ?will
of most loan shsrks, , . , bav. control of the commission.' as
Tolman - accumulated millions by thev hav had control of the as-
chargingr usurious rates of interest Bembly the legislative and admihis-
10 ms yieums. mosuy worKing peo-1 tratlve government . going Into the
Pie. His former escapes from jail hands of natives. 'l r
wu word, la length and uuat be aceumpanled
hf the Dime and addrrf the aendar.. II tbe
writer does not den Ira ta btve tbe same pub-
uuiu, urn anouio ae aute.,
1 "Dlaeuaalea Is tbe createat ol all reformer!
It ratlonalliat ererytblng tt toucbea. It robe
prlnciplea of ell falaa nctlti' end tbrotra them
back oe tbetr reaaonablenaaa, Ir they bare no
reaaonablenaae It rutbleaalr cruebee them out
of eslatence end acta up ita ewa concluaione la
umr ticao." wooarow wtiwa, ,
' Opposes Sterilization Law.
: Portland, Oct 15. To th Editor t
tub journal The referendum of the act
known as tne sterilisation law la Uuk
ly. Giving all due recoenitlon to good
Intentions, the measure doe not safe
guard the Inalienable rlahte of the in
dividual sufficiently. The procedure for
a neipieas and perhaps Penniless vic
tim does not necessitate a lawyer, 'per
haps, but unlens handled by one tt
would be a very difficult thin for a
layman to put Derore a court
bo- far as concerns operations unon
the monstrosities and. degenerates wh
kid access to tbe penitentiary as a
haven of refuse from a mob. the law
raw o in rigai; out even Here there
is strong; jixeiinooa or impositions upon
Innocent men if poor. We- have seen
how vile impositions upon youna- wom
en are caitea . cnanty- in ioa Anseiee,
when the brute wears diamonds and
owns a bank or two. This sterilisation
law would never toucb such as these,
yet they are the ones- who perpetuate
ineir xma tne mosLe -' !.::."''''
We nans' men in Oreaon-occassional.
ly for murder und A the letter of the
law but generally tt is because of being
unable to draw valid checks that would
induce a lawyer of ability to take the
matter up, cruel and unusual pun
ishments": were roroidden Dy our tore,
fathers because . they were almost . ln
variably inflicted upon the poor, the
helpless, 1 the conscientious and the in
nocent. .' Their tongues were cut out,
their ears looped off. their noses silt.
their faces branded all in the name cf
the law and morality, . , ,
This sterilisation act would trtace too
much power in the hands of irresponsi
ble men. Some insane-. men recover
from the disease. ' Some sane men get
to the Insane asylum through personal
enmity or from the cupidity and per
jury of relatives, y Some children re
cover from inherited vicious manifesta
tions, with the proper training.
Therefore, while the intentions of
this law are good, I shall vote "805 X
No," giving the benefit of the doubt
to the poor devil, : who will otherwise
sometime or other be vivisected for the
awful sin ot poverty. I commit that
sin every day. 1 might get caught. .
SMALL c::ixgb '
Huflrta Is living a few centuries too
Heads of departments always Wnt
The ghost of Lorlmer r te nlaa-ue
Baseball interest wanpa? tha atuon
is oig, ana tns pennant is won. ...
Kn fi, . ffWA Mam - . ... , a I.
agamet me vuiuraoia river bridge bonds.
The senatorshln Is :: Hnhann'a ohnlrtA.
but probably Uobson won't be Alabama'
To a- Lalln-Amerlcan. conn ' rl'atat
Is tha acme of sacceSBful Btatesmnnahlo
and government. , ; , , .
When thev eet Into aiiRnaaaful nnara.
tion.' the end men will hava nn mamv
on the middleman., . h-. j.
One tliina- AmerWna tmn he thanh-fitl
for this year a little more than usual
Is that tey are not Mexicans, -ijm
CooDeratlon of rountrv nrnitiinara anri
city, consumers, to the advantage of
ootn, wui be worked out ere long. . .
If the cltv wanted a'natdh rf Mount
Hood, privately owned, probably about
1000 an acre would be asked for it.
Belna- sueh a cramned un little nabh
of a country, territorially, Buasta may
consider lu new discovery to be quite
valuable. v. ' .
After years of talk and months of
effort on the part of a few, the means
of putting the loan sharks ut of busi
ness, at least to a considerables extent,
eeem to have materialized. The effort
deserves cordial approval end support
The loan shark Is a levch on the body
Dolltle. without a sincla commendable
quality or feature. 1 v
lly I red Lockley. ,
"Henry Heppner, for whom our town
r ''it 1h hard to say when Is named, was a vei-y interestlntf chnr
w'er is Kainbllng or merely ecter," eald tt W. Minor in t;ilkins of
surh prices as the market the early days of Morrow county.- '-'in
"This year, as tinual," says the'Eu
geua itoKisier,
the hop grower
lioldliiK for sue
condluone Warrant." , . " the Bixties he was oncaof the iar
swhMl 7.' .aid'aiKizlhla money, taking supplies to t:i inin.
scnooi, it is said, IB to reorganize twa Hnrv' Hinnnw wan a. rlno w
year, and members are now signing up. i ti . k..P .1 . a n 8 , .
The club wau oraanlied laat vear In thj scholar, but It took a eolleae grad ul
high school and produced several play to read Henry's Knrllgh. His writu,
whicn arousea isvorabie comment. . i looKea more line snorthand than i.n;-
a a , f. Mieh. ., Ills sister married Henry uiuca-
Meteorological observation in . tne man. . , '
Ji .k1 . J t.i It 'TttCBt of the, old.Umers are gone,-
sprin aa it has heYe Ta of ib be8t
Kie fall "and aprlng oof othle climat" type, of our oneere.i Never a inan
and tnerd la cracloua little left nt lie needed lielp that. Henry Fadberg would
year." ...:.'. Inot go out of his way to give hira a
' -l ," -' !.'. "-V-v: i a lift When I saw him first, which was.
' Lakevlew . Examiner: . Tha ladies of I in th nrinf nf isvf t trntta. uttin.'
tJlVliianTO h0U8 at the mouU fOf lUiea. creek, ,
to the ONelli & pMnlap ranch, west of ilm w.. nnWf,,ii bul t. ood-natured '
town, wnere tney wui oe entertainer -" f --v- . "::,'
and incidentaliy sack the largo potato German- I remember seeing hlm'i the
crop on that: place, turning the pro- road once. - Two men were trylt, .
ceeds of their labors Into the cliurcn. best to turn a big rock -over.Tuc.ry
wl . said, nvhy don't you lift It up, boysf
jujiiiimiiij- u, jvejjwrior, iney tola mm they couldn't turn it over,
e,?dSS..i,''ii4 K!5lii!L'.iw? let lon lift It i He laughed . oooV,
theWrttMd;aa naturedly. ; went tip .' to the rock, got
K?urworkVlatl iln .STaelS'thwIl. i fingers under., the edge and lifted
Mlnnvllle date line before the public, it to his chest,-carried it out of the road
Their articles are conservative and ac- and threw it to one side. His boys have
ourate." ..".1 ' "Iw -t all prospered. They are "11 wheat farm-
i ' ."' -f , m . lers. juee : aaoerg owns "acrea i
.'; Uround lone andxlngto. . Louis ha.
the fact that iougla. county won th, l acres in .his ranc h vWlil has orne--flrst
prise, is certain to attract many I thing over 000 cresnear Hepbner and
In this direction who will write and tell JOha has 80Q acres. The asseasea vaiu
thelr friends all about beautif ur Oregon I atlon of these four farms is slightly less 1
and the splendid advantages of Douglas I than 1100.000. " ' ' " '
county. , . - 1 -Wealey Marlatt ie .another of the'
Bejolctng in the abundance " of the oW-time sto
, fiJ? :?A Otoyj ek.t For years wesltr and ; I . used 1 to
ntwi ximes says: waaningion coun- " j,af"iB ......... v w. ,
tv's orons are bountiful this year, as Is I cattle together, m the mountains.
evidenced nevery hand, The fruit sea-1 "James Jones was one of the . early.
son naa neen spienoKi ana tne narvet day stockmen. He lived pn -ranch Just
vhrSidRtonPffi-WSiShltk abive town, ,Hend Mi wtf.nd two
1 no farmer is king ana everybody is . . j,j .h. n......
paying homage to the king." v., v KM were J". J PP"
were becauBe his employes, usually
women, -were made scapegoats. He
hid behind their skirts and allowed
them to go o Jail. Even when he
went. Into court, tp.collec.t hs ppund
ot, flesh. he compelled .,women e,mi'
ployes to testify for .hinUi. He main'
tained t si ': schootv for? .ntoj employes.
teaching "them VAdwj- to ; evad tho
This" is the first step in the policy
of the Wilson administration look
ing toward self government and ul
timate independence" of the Philippines.-
, Tho native ommlssloners
were -recommended ,-ty ' Governor
General - Harrison. He says they
are among the most prominent and
best educated people of the .islands.
laws sgalnstusury In the twenty-six Tne : futnre of the Philippines Is in
states in wnicn ne nan Qiacen. the -hands of FiUplnps, and it is for
there to say when .the United States
government can withdraw from' the
islands. ,' -
Among the new commissioners Is
gave his branches .company, names:
: It was Tolman's first conviction
in a New- York court, although many
prosecutions had - been started
SSSJStaSt.?t2iE viaTOiM
a New'Tork - judge 1 had opportunity
to. send .him to . prison, and the
1901 an associate Justice of the su
nreme i court of thai islands.; " An-
X iT-ftlX ro.Tnwmt in ila Vnnrt hr,tl1 the People? third IS 4 law
no . better treatment ; in ; his -court j n,,.fi. t .
than thieves receive.
Many cities and most t courts are
yer of ability, and the fourth Is a
graduate of . law ana leader or his,
a ? InVV; Party in the assembly. Three ot the
determined to.have-an ,end to the ,nMmlnlMtn ,.., in thn
majority and two to the minority
loan shark business. ' Tolman's pris
on sentence is a good omen:
party of the islands. ' Four Ameri
cans will complete the commission's
' Heretofore the Filipinos had con
trol of the assembly, but that body's
ACKSON county's hlghwsy bond
wen attractive to eleven bid
ders, and the half million issue acts could be nullified by the com'
mission, eignt v ot - wnose memoers
were Americans. ' Under the new ar-
will be Bold at a premium. The
bonds were so well thought of that
ocean and , a ; continent to : secure
them. - , '
There Is good reason for this. In
vestors scrutinize the use to which
London bankers reached across an rangement. . the commission retains
Its v power of veto, hut with ; the
natives !in i the .majority, . the veto
power if exercised, is bjr act of the
Filipinos themselves. It i partisan
funds thev lend will be tnL i Bonds politics ; should divide native mem-
to finance unproflUble projects are 1 bers, the American members would
never saleable. yjEtailroads are able have the naiance oi powers
to raise mdney by showing that it 1 There have been many grumblings
will be used to increase earnings, and. rumblings ' among the natives
anl the credit of counties and cities throughout the islands, with many
rests largely upon the same basis, reports of y threatened- ! uprisings,
Jackson . county's vhighwayi; bonds
commanded : a I premium during r a
time of , financial : stringency prln
clpally because the $500,000 Is to
Bloody revolutions to : result . from
dissatisfaction could .cost heavily in
American lives and American money.
:'. The new x concession , I In which
be " used In Increasing the ' county's J actual self government is bestowed,
wealth. When, Jackson's stretch of j subject only vto slight American su
Improved highway is built both farm Jpervisldn should remove every pos
and ,city property will ' increase in
value year : oy year; ana tne se
curity behind the bonds will thus
grow annually, ,. A ; good, yoads pro- j
gram . depends for Its success upon
slble ' cause' for ' uprisings and a
bldody, resort to arms. ; '
- The new policy is timely and pru-
denfw i. It ! place , , the Filipinos -on
trial. When they prove themselves
; A Harbor ; Problem Dlscnssed.
s Portland, Oct. 14, To the editor
of Tha Journal. There has been a lot
said lately , ' about Bridgeport Bwan
leand . and " Mock Bottom, and there
should be a lot more said, and keep It
up until something tangible is done.
seems i to me that Mock, Bottom- should
be cut out of the argument, so far as
the city s concerned. It is nothing but
a hole la the ground, so to speaJt, It
Is surrounded . on a'l sides except, the
river by 'almost perpendicular bluffs,
so high that It would be Impractical to
get a decent grade to a street out flf it,
except up or down tha, river, It Is an
ideal ' place for grain, elevators and
should be left for the railroads to se
cure and utilise for that purpose, only
to transfer grain from rail to water.
My idea would e for the city to e
cdre all of the water front from the
North Pacific. Lumber company's prop
erty to the 8. P. & 8. bridge, and as
much ct Giles Xaka as . possible; also
Bwan Island, and pump the sand from
the island over Into Giles Lake and fill
it up to grade, clear out to the dock
line and down to tho 8. P. A 8. bridge.
This would give the city all the dock
space it will require for a good many
years to come for transferring freight
from rail t . water and water to rail,
the docks farther up tbe "river to be
used for the city merchants. ' It would
be a big undertaking for the city ' n
purchase all of the ground I have men
tioned, Including , G ties Lake, but rt
would be a profitable Investment fof
the future, for it would give a fine
place for the sand pumped from Swan
Island and after !t was filled to grade
it could be sold ror warehouse and fao-
tory purposes, at a big profit on lh
investment." i ',,.-:... -.: .".
Should It not b : advisable . to pur
chase all of this ground, the city , could,
no doubt, make a deal with the owners
of Giles Lake to fill It up to grade at
a price that would be profitable, but
tne space zor tae mg line docks should
be between the North Pacific Lumber
companrs property and the 8. P. St 8.
bHdge, leaving Mock Bottom out of the
city oock question altogether. - ' i
Reply to Itosebnrg Laborer, v
Dayton, Or.. Oct. IS. To the Edltnr
of The Journal I have read tha letter
in The Journal from a laboring man of
itueeourg. jit seems to me that 2.2S to
$2.(0 is pretty good wages for un
skilled labor. When my family was
young x mourn t wnen my husband got
$1,65 in the Eastern A Western sawmill
In Portland we were doing wonderfully
well, as I bad seen the time whan t
tnougnt it great tnat my misband In the
country a few miles from Portland, got
tl a day and dinner.? We paid rent and
lived, . with five or six In the family.
He worked from C in the morning to
i mmt a at ;:' f w.y:-
' Now a laboriaa man. it saama
should easily get along with such wages
aa tne noaeDerg man oescriDes, If tie has
the least idea of management'' '.r.-v,-
Tou will perhaps see harde? time, yet
and be glad to earn i a day.
Two Reigns of Terror. ' ,
Portland, Oct 18, lilt. To tha dtm
of The Journal Would it be asking too
muon xor you, or some or your reade-s
to determine a controversy over the a&l
eompanylng extract. One says it is a
Isoft pedal" of a violent SoclaMat; tha
other, the work of an American humor
lethe thlhka Mark Twain. If the lat
ter, we. he inclined to Socialism?- '
"There were two Reign, of Terror if
we would but remember, it. and eoiw
elder It; the one wrought' murder in
bot passion, the other in heartless cold
Joseph E. Murphy. In Popular Mechanics.
The. building of a tunnel under the
English channel ls,i like the digging of
the Panama canal, a; project that will
not down.' It has come up for discus
sion and agitation periodically for near
ly a century, and each time it haa been
defeated because of military considera
tions. Thirty years ago the tunnel came
very near becoming - an accomplished
fact - Trial headings aggregating about
one-tenth the total length of the . tun
nel were dug. -f Then the work was
topped on the same old plea that such
connection with the continent might
be used as a means of invaagen in time
Of War. V . v liy;'.! ':..- ;
This project Is now being promoted
gain, and apparently with more-uaeu
hood than ever that it. will be carried
through to completion, owing to a pro
nounced change of attitude both on the
part of the public and of tbe military au
thorities of England;, Curiously enough,!
tbi. change of attitude Is due, pot to
any belief in the permanency of peace,
but largely. If not entirely, to the de
velopment of .the aeroplane and dirigible
balloon as formidable Instrument, of
war, with, the consequent destruction of
that "splendid Isolation." . lit a physical
sense at least ot which the British have
always been so Jealous. Posens of air
men have . already made flights .. over
the channel, and lt!e apparent that in
any future war the most serious menace
would come from other sources than a
tunnel. A bill now pending before the
British parliament contemplates tbe lm.
mediate beginning of construction. ' The
building of the 'tunnel will place ..Lon
don In direct railway communication
with Pari, and other cities ot the con
tinent and '.' will eliminate one of the
moat disagreeable feature, of Europeae
travel, the much dreaded channel pas
sage..;'i i-, " s':v. ''..; (:
ir The construction of the tunnel Would
be a big engineering job, but it would
not be comparable In cost or In the" dif
ficulties to be overcome, with the con
struction of the Panama canal, and -the
conditions to be met are fully as well
known in the case of the tunnel a. they
were at Panama before work there be
gan. A surprising amount of reliable
Information has been gathered )n re
gard to this project The French slope
made about 1000 sounding. In the bed of
the channel and demonstrated beyond a.
doubt that the chalk strata that form
the prominent feature of both the Eng
lish and 4 French ; coasts continue un
broken under the channel. Complete
geological maps and sections have been
worked out and these snow that favor.
able condition, exist for the construc
tion of a tunnel. - . .
flood. Several of - the old-timers were
drowned in the Happner flood. In adV
dition to Jones, R. C. Hart and Press,
Looney and John Avars were drowned,
at that time. .
'unclV Jaca Morrow. . who. witn.
Henry Heppner. owned tha first store,
here and for whom -Morrow county le
named, was a man I used to know well. ,
TtlA iatira1 ntA 9tm (ft liinn.l la mi
the Strait of Dover, where the distance H hy - UJ? '"F.L
aae.lK ak aaaaka. 1,4... AtavAWd. V.a . at I CO. i ' ? " ' ''" ' -'''',-''" .'i '..' '!
"Albert WWaht the father bf Silas
and Anson Wright, came here' in 1812.
He iocated at the mouth of Balm fork.
Harvey, and Bill Bush were two ot our
strip of water has always been one of
the important international highways of
the world and tbe traffic lines on both
coast, converge to it. . But tt 1. also a
most unsatisfactory highway on aocount ttl"""-"""0'!
of. tha swift currents and rough seas 'nPai-kar came about I7 with
ween England and the continent will Rock creejL - t '
never be altered, and it is therefore ..m wiiii.n.. .'m. f hi .iiaan" ;
inevitable that a tunnel providing ade-m.n . artfavrl a ai sl hger1ai fnr Anrlv HftrtH.'
quate railway tranBportatlott will fin-JHe Went with ma once to the different
The tunnel, a. proposed, will run from 1 Orleans, , Los Angeles and many other' -the
Shakespeare cliffs, near Dover. Ens- lcitta . - " 1 K
land., to Sangatte on the French coast ' "James Hays bought out' the Kush r
near Calais, and Its total length will be boys. He baa about 10,000 acrea of the" )
a title) more than II mllee. Oik each best land . in Morrow county, on .the
side it will enter the cliffs at a short upper nart of Rhea creek. -
wauiin nuui nn iiiurs una urup uowu i spune vi Anajr nuvu t inojjuin n.u.,
on a grade of 1 In 80 for about two Andy and Kd Rood ar twin brothere..
miles into the impervious gray chalk They settled In Rood canyon near Hard-.-
under th strait. From each of these man. Ed lives In Portland and Andy
low points the grade will rise at the lives in Heppner, They both made their
rate of 1 in 1000 to a summit under money In aheep and both are well-to-do.
tha middle of the strait the thickness Speaking of twin there - were-some :
of the gray chalk being great enough other -twin, on Butter creek. They were '
to permit this arrangement The 'plan named Odd and Even Teel. Evert Teel
for placing a summit at the middle of died. Odd has a fine ranch near Echo
.v. . .i .w. . and IS interoated In Irrigation. He ubu- .
drainage. i fT i!U J"! "
A careful Estimate places the cost of i'r: wl?owt'11 . "I? .A,rl.ln "W"":
the tunnel at, 180.000.000.? Given the K"hV"ttil '
money and the1 permission to build it &2V&kS "t
the actual work of constriactlon would I" "T'.ij .V" T.T.V jHiu.ii
not be a. difficult as many snginearing Vsk buslne .rT"- "" -l
"n':? XX'R" tooiv. of the Pioneers'. -
. . . . v I hawlri .nni, h... In -TIKE nf 1 RMR Up
time of war. Several methods ;. have m- t..i. thK .muS
been proposed for blocking ths entrance own- . . interest In the bank at Henp-"
to prevent invasion. Such -a tunnel as
ner.. His name was Columbus A. Rhea'
blood; the one lasted mere months, the
other lasted a thousand years; the on
Inflicted death on 10,000 people, ' the
other on 100,000,000; but our shudders
are all -for the "horrors", of the minor
terror, so to speak; whereas, "what la the
horror of a swift death by the axe, corn
Dared with the lifelong' death fram
hnnaer. cold. Insult cruelty, and heart
breakt What la the death by lightning
compared wKh death by slow fire at the
staKeT A city cemetery -wouia contain
the coffins caused by that brier, teeror,
which we have all been so diligently
taught to Shiver at and mourn over; but
all France could hardly contain an the
coffins filled" by Ihat lder and ; real
terror -that unspeakably bitter ana aw
ful terror which none of us hae been
taught to see in - its vastness or pity
as It d.eservea- t-(. CONTROVERSY.
Ple for a Doomed Alien.
: Portland.' Or.,:' Oct ,15. To the Editor
of The Journal I wish to say a few
words in behalf ot the 'litUe China
man who. after six years behind prison
bars... Is -about to be hanged. ;; v -f
Is It fair, Just or even civilized to
keep a fellow man hoping against hope
for six years, only; to hang him at lastt
He was never proved guilty; merely oft
the word of another Chinaman he was
Imprisoned. .'' i:;Vfn
Thaw killed a roan and -we nave maae
him (Thaw) a national hero. The Mo
Namaraa killed 13, yet-they live. They
had moneyed friends to help " them;
In any other civilised country, all: the
gold of the . universe ' couldn't . have
saved their neoks.
It some influential citizen started an
appeal , and had It signed by sympa
thisers, perhaps it -might not be too
late to save the little yellow man and
prova that we American, have a little
sense of justice, lert. i-juax aik. ;
- - tjavender Clnb Located. ' - " ,'
Portland. Or., Oct 15. To the Editor
ef .The Journal One of your , corre
spondents Inquired through the columns
of ' your paper about tha Ladies' Lav
ender club. Tbe club He refers to was
formed at West Stayton, Marlon coun
ty, Oregon, op the Irrigation project,
by the ladies of West Stayton, headed
by Mrs. H. 8. McGowan, . who is the
president of the West Stayton Lav
ender club. Tour correspondent might
write to the lady for further details.
".-:";' ''i-'-'N .' ' . r.-:,'','.!'',';r-;"".kr'
i sWas Born a Countess.
Portland. Or., Oct, 15. To, tha Ed
itor .of The Journal Kor the second
time the Oregon I an. in spite ot, my rec
tification, not published, says, that the
wife of tbe heir of "the throne of Aus
tria was ."created countess." Not only
was she born a countess, . but aha be
longs to an old family of Bohemia,
Her father, Count Chotek, was, wheal
that outlined above could be flooded so 1 which wa shortened to 'Lum' Rhea, by
that It would be impossible for anlwhloh h. I known all over aetrn Ore-f
enemy to .pass the lowr point in the j0n. Hi. brother, J. P. Rhea, earned
grade. ' As an additional safeguard it I .bout 7. aattlina- ob Rh creek, which .
has been proposed to build a device aim. I hud been named for his brother Lum. i
ilar to a cross valve, placed within the ,. "Press Thompson and his brother1.;
tnnntal at a. ailltahla tfllaa.n(!a tmm s tha I Aim hMh nIA filAn..,a ti. tia.a
entrance,; This device would consist of (like myself and most of the people in'
a massive block of concrete operate b I Morrow county, Is not much on dress.;
a turntable mechanism and pierced with I Hi came into Heppner once on business , '
opening, corresponding to the openings I from his ranch and was seated at t:i
in the tunnel. - Under ordinary ; condi- commercial table. One of the drummer
tion. this would be set to permit the named Ed wuntiry ise up nis cotton
passage of trains, but In time of war It Jumper and overalls and went out to the .
could easily be turned with the openings proprietor of the hotel. and icomplatned
at right angle, to the tunnel and thus some farhi hand had come m and
block any attempt at invasion. sat at the ' commercial table and he' .
wuiira nun mrown uw xnm projJrioiur . .,
I knew him, ambagsador or Austria at room door -with tbe drummer, saw Press
the court af Saxony. Tha ancient cas- Thompson sitting thereat the table and1 '
tie of the Choteks rises very poetically turning to Huntley aaids Don't worry'
Q !ro"a-terwarien, on thebank. of bout that farm hand he can buy you -the
Elba, and I have seen it Sonhla .mi Mi. tirm out and mil, it
Chotek is certainly an; "able Woman." T. H. Blabee is another of the old-',
I. .he; "ambitious?"' I d not deny it tlmora hare... Tim Blab . as w. callerT
but she never was "a governess." and him, waa a sawyer in Parker 4 Glea- .
the title Of countess She owes onlv tol.rvn-. milt hara. Later he want in hiial. '
wrT?Ifu,. .J-J- nes. with Frank Gilliam in the hard
MATjAMBHENRIETTA, I HIULLIER. I ware business. The firm name is atill
.'.'.'.'"'. 1 1 1 1 mutam at .tsisDee, tnougn tne uisoee wno v:
V '' M m IIAIIMI nnw In iia a. son of Tim Rlahea. frank
Gilliam, his partner,-earns In the early . , .
seventies, working - as a . farm ' hand
around her. until he got . a start and '
I.... t.M . ... In... W . A . A r "
MLMr .... LL.l.K I . . B ........I . , K, a.. HI.... B ,
of which be is now one of the proprte- ;
At a recent convention or tne united I . . . .
-j. u. ivira. or -u-Tocir jura, sua lives -
here at Heppner. He settled 'on Rhea
By John M. Osklson,
SUtes League of Local Bulldintr and
ISZl&SSSZ tb. .ecreury read a SKt ll"r 1870.",
report of progress for the year. It r
a. very encouraging report.
The asset, of these associations.' "save
the secretary, -are now. growing at the
rats of over 1100,000,000 a year, and he
addsJ-'VV1 '.-"'f'''-yri-' '-R-'vV't
"The figures for last year indicate
that these associations have had a suc
cessful and prosperous Ml months and
that they have been liberally patronized
by? the wage earning classes, to whose
wants - and requirements thev arn nar.
tloularly well adapted.' Their work is
being conducted in a quiet, modest way,
but the result, which they are accom
plishing are of the utmost importance to
the anerat'pubUe.?.',V'.i.'-,M--;.vv';..:'4!
- In the league on which the secretary
reports are 1378 local association., with
a total membership of -1,518,4, v,They
These building and loan aseoctatlnna
are in the class, with the saving, banks
as encourager. or tnnrt The two in
clude, about the only : means in this
country for turning the wording- man
into a money eaver.V? Iti Is Instructive
to add the total of the savings bank de
positors, (10.010,804) to the more than
1,600,000 members of the building end
loan associations and their . denoslta
($4,481,818,622) to the tidy resources of
tnoee wno save ny taking out shares In
a buiiding and loan association. v The
totals are mighty big and might? en.
vvuiaiijijl '"'.' t '''''. ''',' '''': '''.' 'V'. .'..,'.'''' rt, "i;
If the building and loan aasoclatlona
go on increasing their receipt, at the
same rate as they dld, las year fn van.
Of quiet modest achievement) 10.6 per
uotifc vuvbvr i.iie yr ; oeiore I do
sot see any reason 'why they cannot
reach everybody whd ought to become
members, v v. . ',: -. - . . ...... ,
One of these days the agitation whit,
Is Just beginning) to extend th work
of these associations among the -farm-ers
Is going to be heard by the powers
that rule and a great new field will be
opened to,, them. . .'.; - s. -i -. ;
A man doesn't have to he an rai'r
in oraer to speax well of himself.
; . Pointed Paragraphs '.;"
Many a man Can't because he believed
he can't ' .
Anyway, the idiot has no monopoly en
the simple Ufa . - - f
What a man earns doesn't interest' 2
his wife so much as what she gets. .
la our Charity that
Of course. It
stna f .
a multitude of other people's
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