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    . r I 1 - . . f - ,MsW'JJ " ,; ' ' ' " , " '. 'djand,, ,
. i .
Beaton, 5 s m'.. .33' Port Ian &, 8 a. m..4i
'.Washington " . .63 Mrull5ia ..41
v . XT. Orleans-. ,70SatM , M
Haw York : M . .64' Buiaa -'",;. ..Oi
. ... .86 Baa Tran, ,.84
"St. '. .84, Rosebnxg - - ...80
: Xan. City - -v . 46 Spokane ,. ?'-, ,3t
.Cloud y to-
night and Sat
urday; p rob- - '
ably rain; with .
easterly, Winds.,. ;l
wrUM4 bumlalty, a. m...,,i.......7J
m m ousted
Remove; Sulzer From Office
' but, Republicans Prevent Hjs
; Being Barred From: Holding
" ni: Twice' Am m-v- ' i
; Sulzer Promises to Renew His
Fight - Against Tammany ; as
X Soon as He Recovers From
Strain of Trial; Proposes to
. Run for: Governor Again.
. at t : 2
a How .InUer Zmpaahmnt Court
. 4 ArtloU 1 That Sulier ftld 4
" a . with the' aecretary oC ; atata t
. ,fftl statement of hi campaign
4 contributions. Guilty, ; ; .
,4 Article 2 That In statement
to the aecretAry of tati Sulaor
committed perjury. Guilty. ' -4)
v Article 8 That Bulser brlbad,-
witnesses. to withhold-testimony;
from 5 the legislative ccwnroltteo ;
which lnvotiated his campaign 4,
receipt and expenditures. . Not
guilty. '..-'':.!'"'. '"t'.
- ArUcla 4 That Suuer sup-
pressed evidence- bef ors t the' inv
veatlgstlng committee by threat-.
enlng witnesses.. Guilty. 4
Article t That SuXser ! per- 4
suaded Broker F. u Colwell Irom
respondlns to a aubpena from
the investlgtlnc committee. Not
guilty. - . - . V4
Article That Bulser commit-,
ted larceny in apeculatlng with i 4
contributions to-- hlfl campalfn -.4
fund, v Not guilty , i, i 4
" Article 7 That Sulzer threat-
ened to ue Ms office and lnflu- a
ence to- control public officials-. 4
Not -guilty.
- Article I That Suiser used his -official
authority and influence
oorruptly to affect the prices of 4
stocks on the New York . ex- 4
4 change because he was person-
4 ally interested in them. Not 1 4
guilty. 1 . . - ',''-
0 . , Removed' from the governor
T bof not disqualified from-
holding office In future, ; 4
4444 444 tJ 4 4), 4 4
- Albany, Nv Y.. Oat lT.WHllam Sut
ser was removed from they governorship
of New York state today., -1 Ueu tenant
Governor ! Martin f H, -Glynn , succeeded
, Secretary of SUte May; swore Glynn
into office a few minutes before 1 p. m.
; He evidently considered th tjme lnop.
-'.'V portune; for an: inaugural address,, and
. . J assumed his-new post practically with
out comment;-:'-.?-; !-,':'?'- -.'yviX 1
' Governor Glynn ; Issued a - very short
' ' formal statement, late this afternoon. In
' which be said that he felt only sadness
at suocesding Suiser, and pledged him-
1 self to an honest, progressive admlnla
tratlon. ft'&fivi'Xx' v-..H; ''m'-M
. Sulzer," too, was taciturn. ' He told one
of his lawyers,' Samuel Thomas, that
he had only Just begun to fight Later,
the added, to a few personal friends,
.that under : the circumstances, he wel
corned the verdict of removal, since the
, 'filing' of f articles of . Impeachment
against him had ruined his Usefulness
as governor-' -"-1. r.:,
J w . , Will laa Aa-afjt. ! '
But he Issued no formal, statement
7 Mis might do ao later, it was sald. v He
gave the) Impression plainly;; however,
' tthat he will be a candidate for governor
- at the next election as the Democratic
. candidate if the party will have him;
. ' Independently if it will, not. . ' .
Suiser -has suffered .severely untfer
' ' ' the strain of the, impeachment trial.
; ,Hla nerves were much shattered .today,
end he had completed .plans to go 'to
, the Adirondack mountains Sunday night,
4 for a short rest.' He, will he in New
" Tork, howev in by the first of the fol
- - lowing weekV - vf .. . a, f ,
- sauer Ho s Martyr , , :
No one who ' heard , the evidence
N. ( against , him oould regard , the , deposed
1 executive as a martyr,.; ,
The proofs of hi guilt were clear
. ana uecisive." jriis lawyers did not at
, tempt seriously to overthrow them.
Bu lie r, however, refused to accent the
f verdict as meaning anything except the
enmity of Tammany. Ills plans con
template ; a desperate fight to. destroy
,t the "tlger's'S power In . New Tork city
and state. He 'instated that he would
1 not have been Impeached ijf he had
bowed to "Boss" Murphy. The first
v ' break, ,heeald, came when he refused
to appoint Murphy's business associate,
' James Gaffney,v to, office.- . ,;
s Cullea Opposed Bemovai - ' ;
In the ballot on: the. question of re-
, moval, Chief , Justice Cullen ; of the
court of appeals ; and Senator Wenda
' were excused from voting, r Except Cul-
len, ait tne appeals justices favored Ts
A moval, , i -
.f It , win the Thief , justice, however,
who; after the removal -vote had been
finished, announced its result and gave
the formal order for execution Of the
court's sentence.
He conferred " briefly with . clerk
McCabe, and the two decided it would
, be best formally to notify Huljer that
he was no longer governor- before no
tice of the court's final adjournment
; had been filed .with. Secretary et Stat;
, May. " i
At Cullen's order.! McCabo, accord
ingly prepared, a copy of tlto judgment
ousting the governor, handed it toCul
.': len to countersign; as presiding officer
J ' of tho court, and therf'yave it 'to Ser
geant-at-Arms Henry Dill to serve.
Doll and Deputy Clerk Thomas Nolan
; left with it for the executive mansion
Just before t P. m some : time after
Uiynn. had been sworn'-Into office. s,
, s It was 11 a. m. before the Impeach.
. ment court -convened, -The clerk rend
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7 Martin H Glynn.;
Authorities-Keep -Cldse' Watch
iforrOtherrf DdgsThat; May
Have. Been Bitten.-
' Rabies-erased, the eight hour depre
dations of a nwd dog'orr poultry,- live
stock and other dogs at -Portsmouth
Tuesday have thrown the Peninsula into
a state of excitement, fearful that other
dogs may have been bitten and later de
velop rabies.;.. Si'tSi'S-'li'.T-kf
Police and health officers of the dis
trict re on the aJerfc to -prevent, -'If 'pos
sible,' a recurrence. of - such . canine
ravages,' 'This, in addltloa to. a. state
ment made by Dr. Calvin g. White,-aeor
retary of the state board of health, that
there is en epidemic of rabies In Multr
noma h country has caused great con
aternation in SC Johns and thr;iori
uons,or tne x'eninBuia.--- ( ; '
Yns-tjogj wsacirrsrf sriiu uvniUUy,a,w
clearly -shown j to have rabies as . a re
sult 1 of an examination made by Dr.
White. Starting its career of destruc
tion at I o'clock In the mornins In the
poultry house of tha Ksany residence,
Willamette boulevard and Van Houten
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San Jose, Cal., Oct 17. Ftvo serious
forest fires continued today in the ter
ritory between. Cannrchaela mill' and
Zayante, eight miles back of LoS Gatps,
in th Santa Crus mountains, It was
predicted .by the fire fighters that it
will take a week even ln the most fa
vorable circumstances, to stamp out the
fires. v ." :! ' I
The Haines home,: on the Bear Creek
road, has beCn destroyed, according to
reports received here, but the Moody
home was saved. ? The Murnhy and
Powell ? ranches also . have vbeen " de
stroyed. ', K:iv. -;(; :.:'yV-.vj
Burning poison oak 'is hampering the
fire fighters. : The poison, fumes (in the
smoke nearly' blinded six" fire flghtere,
who were forced to go to Saratoga .for
treatment Scores of others are sniffer-
tag from swollen faces.,. . tw -
l -my
W-.r.-' iZfr t'- v. - ' -. i 'i -. " i i ':
Important- Topics to Be Con
0 sidered During -Two : Days'
M Meeting Include J Interstate
Bridge, ; Appropriation.
;; . 0 A YENPOI5T4 M 0 N UM ENT
big uatnenng Toniaht 'Win
Discuss Means of
Funds, for Memorial.-.
-'Portland' today" can well be character
Ized as the. editorial sanctum of, about
ona uair the newspapers of , the stats.
In Other .words; the annual convention
of the Oregon State'. Editorial, associa
tion convened in the Press club quarters
this afternoon for its annual meeting.
When Colonel E. Hofer, ' former. pub-
Usher ; of . the Capital-Journal, Salem,
and president of the organisation, called
the convention ;to order shortly before
2 o'clock approximately 71 editors,, rep
resenting as many newspapers, ware
present. ( 'ijv-' .N :-AXzM h.'
In addition, a score of students from
the University of Oregon, who Kre tak
ing the Journalistic course, were In at
tendance, ' They came, to Portland for
this sole purpose, and are accompanied
oy rrotessor -mno. w. 'Aen, neaa 01 xne
school of journalism, and Colin V. Dy-
ment, Ws assistant -1 :j ..' -y , At '
It is anticipated that fully 100 editors
will ' be registered before - the session
ends late this afternoon. ,-. f v
1 Important Questions to Come TJp.' '
A number of important questions. will
come up for discussion and consideration
before the convention, and It is confi
dently, predicted that , the association
will go 1 on record overwhelmingly, in
favor of the proposed interstate -bridge
over the Columbia river at Vancouver,
and will Indorse the cause of higher edu-
. (Continued on Page Four.)
With. Home-Made 'Dirt Mon-
: tepegrin "Attacks Negro
""Whom Her.Dislikes,
(Salem Duress of The Journal.)
Salem, Or Oct IT. Joe Marlnos. a
big Montenegrin, came near wreaking
his vengeance on P, Edmondson, a big
negro,' when the two were put into the
bullpen at the state penitentiary today.
For reasons unknown to Warden Law
son, tho two convicts bitterly hate each
other, ' Both have been unruly, so today
"Warden Lawsofi ordered them put- Into
the bullpen, built In one corner of the
prison yard. As Marinos followed the
negro into; the pen he leaped upon his
back and struck him two blows with a
huge hand made dirk. The knife cut
through the flesh below the shoulder,
but did no serious Injury, ? -
' :. Edmondson is serving , three years
from Baker for burglary, and Marinos
is serving five years from! Douglas for
a similar crime. ; -,: . s,
. "I , can't understand . where Marinos
got the dirk," eald Lawson. "He has
been' in ' practically solitary , confine
ment for days.,vy
hyihg camp
tv-,j(p' -..y; l(V .t'
Thomas Barrett,; Mine , Man
agerj a1 nd Wnv Kendall Are
; Murdered by Mob in State
of-Jalisco; ; Others Escape.
I Powers to Act Together; ihl
' Restoring Order. :
'V --; i-:'-v.vv i ,'., :'-
i ii;- Cslted' Pteas? tsaaei 'Wire.)
. Mexico City, Oct, 17.Two - Ameri
cans, Thomas Barrett a mine manager,
and . William Kendall, were ' slain by
Mexicans ; today ' at Hostotlpaquttlo,
state of Jallscoj according to dispatches
received here. Twenty-five other for
eigners, threatened by the same mob,
escaped : with the sld of ru rales, ' who
guarded their departure on a -train for
Guadalajara. ' ' . ;:
Barrett's skull was split open by a
Mexican armed with ' an at . Kendall
captured : th slayer and turned : him
over to the rurales. On the way to
Magdalena the prisoner tried to escape
and was killed by the rurales.' It was
reported that Kendall , shot Barrett's
slayer and. this caused the mob to kill
Kendall. . t.e., ' . . . . ,
f Other foreigners i barricaded them
selves In tho mining- camp ft Hostoti
paqulllo, after telephoning to Magda
lena for aid.--,;,:: . .: , - .
: Unrest prevailed throughout Mexico
today as a result -of continued resigna
tions of Huerta officials. , No word was
forthcoming from Huerta regarding s
report that he intended to resign as
provisional president and turn the af
fairs of the country over to Pedro Las-
curian, who was minister of foreign
affairs In the late President Madero's
cabinet , , : ?':.-.
Representatives of Spain, Germany
and France admitted today that the for
eign diplomats here were t conferring
over tho situation, but denied that their
governments .' had been asked to send
warships to Mexican waters. .
Sherwood Wants Intervention.
Washington, Oct. 17.Hope of an ear
ly solution of the tangle in Mexico was
abandoned - today by ? aovernment . - of
ficials here.- President Wilson. H is Te
ported, is determined, to deal no longer
with .th JJurUdwlnlsra.tIonv hut.Js
considering other steps toward bringing
peace to Mexico.
. A rift in the clouds -came today when
it was reported that General Carransa,
the rebel leader, is negotiating with Gen
eral Huerta to secure peace, Including
a proposition naming Pedro Lasurlan
provisional president, the restoration of
congress ana , toe noiaing oi an eariy
election. ,
Congressman Sherwood of Ohio, a
dressing the house, strongly urged im
mediate joint 1 action by the United
States and the 'powers to restore peace
In . Mexico. He denoulteed Huerta and'
suggested an armed protectorate.
The state department received a tele
gram this ' afternoon from friends at
Murfreesboro. Tenn., of G. R. Huggins
of that place, said to be under arrest
at Mazatlan, asking the administration's
aid in securing bis release..; It was said
he had been helping the rebels.
Signals Die' In Cardlfrs Death Trap.
Cardiff, Wales.' Oct. 17. Hope was
abandoned today of finding anyone alive
In the Universal colliery at Singhenydd.
Workers were still trying to reach the
party of 29, who, from a blocked up
chamber, signaled that they were alive
long after it was supposed the last liv
ing man had been, taken from the mlno,
Their signals had long ceased, - how
ever, snd It was considered certain that
they, too, had died.
iDirigible Burns 3000
.n, w m mm m
German Admiral Is Among Dead
Typo of the German airship destroyed by fire high in air. .: The picture shows. the Zcpeliii ufV wrecked
. ; In a storm and plunged Into the sea off the coast of Heligoland, September r fifteen, men ' jost their
, lives. tnh 2" was the thirteenth Zeppelin to meet disaster. 1 - ; . ' . - -
'" -'; '"' ' " ' ' n ' ' :-..v . . r .,":-.-':? -::Si.:.'!fv,4 -f; ;jj .',;..-? f. ..' -'! :K,pi;yr:-V
?? , ::.:; ':..:?:::.'.v::.::-:..'--: ;..- . .. rw .:. .:..?:: s -:..:::.-j: . .'-!: i
Lrr:' '" TtT" """"" m V - - '-r j -
On ProbabJe Death Bed Iden
tifies Foreigner as Man Who
'Assaulted Him,- '-'''
; (Bpeclnr to Tbs Journal.) - - :
Stevenson. Wash.,- Oct 1 7,- Because
he would not divulge the hiding place of
a work-season's savings, Alex Smith,
laborer, ': was - assaulted with a club,
thrown into- -th .Wtad-Tlf i sesMghvsath
his hands tied behind him, then s'.iot in
the back of the head, and wilt die. ; At
the local hospital this morning Smith
identified , as ; his assailant .a dark
skinned foreigner,', whom Sheriff Joe
Gray arrested on suspicion earlier . In
the day. -' ' v
The . assault, according ' to the Story
told by Smith in his moments of con
sclousness, took s place near Home Val
ley, where he . had been working, six
miles from here. Smith -says that his
assailant on the pretext that he -was a
game warden, seeking information, in
veigled 'him Into -the' woods and then
assaulted him 'with' a club, when smith
refused to give him moneySmith says
hi hands were then tied behind- him
and he was pushed Into the slough as he
struggled. ' -
His assailant left him there, he says,
but Smith worked his nanos iree ana
rot. out. . - ' ' .. '
Meeting his assailant a little later,
fimitv. claims . that the foreigner made
another demand for money, and threat
ened to shoot If it was not given-mm,
emith aava that u he turned to run
away his assailant shot him la the back
of the head.
Passing workmen round smitn, almost
dead, and brought him to Stevenson, ur.
T. C Avery, who is attending the
wounded man. says he can not recover,
Twenty $20 gold certificates, '10. 10
sold certificates' ana" a pay 'check ;for
$45 were found in a money Dag arouna
Smith's leg. r " ;
I-. ... j . ',' Vlil l I , 'l': ' '.
' New York,' Oct" 17. Postponement
today of Mrs. Joseph A. Blake's suit
for - an mony, pending separation , roin
her hudband. Dr. Blake,' the famous
surgeon, gave rise to deports ; that ,
reconciliation between the. Btakes was
likely, and that the wife .would ' drop
her ll.OOO.OOO' suit 'against Mrs
Clarence H. Mackay,. in which ;the lat
ter is charged with alienating the doc
tor's - affections, i j ';'..) ' r i
Tha sllmOny hesring, which was to
have come up today before Justice
Pendleton, was. by -agreement, delayed
Mrs. Blake asked ? 5000 to pay her
lawyer. $3000 for expenses and an in
come of $1500 a month. . . , "
-;: (Special to. Tse JoomaH
Aberdeen, Wash., Oct. 17.- Clear and
olosely ' inspected spruce of : this seo
Mnn, mav. be used by the German sov-
ernment in the building of army aero
planes. Two government inspectors of
Germany who were here 10 days ago
purchased, a, carload of , ifpruce plank
Dy 8 ana it wan - snippeo ,?!
York.' Tho price paid for it was the
highest- ever - paid for any lumber on
Grays harbor. The i lumber had to be
absolutely perfect before acceptance. -
; Sue Ills Mother-in-lisw. - . ' '
. Chicago. III.. ' Oct It. Telemon S.
Cuyler filed a $500,000.. suit against Mrs.
Isabella ,T. Barton of : Alameda.-CaU
charging that she alienated the affec
tions of his divorced wife, Grace, who
v Goes .While Going' Is.' Good. " ;!;
Vera Crus. Mex Oct, 17. Manuel
Bonllla,' minister of communication un
der President Madero, sailed in disguise
today, a' ttfUtive from Mexico,, on the
steamship Kronprlhtessln Cecelia, .
New War Craft Maneuvering Over JohannisthaiExplodesand
' Burns in Air, Hurling Victims, to Earth; Only One
Survivor Out of 29 on Board the "L 2"
- - Aeroplanes Kill Thres More. 4
0 Berlin, Oct .17. Close on the
w .heels of the news of the. disss-
ter to . the "L 2." word reached
4 Berlin of three aeroplane a eel-
dents In which Caftaln Haesler,
Lieutenant Koch and Sergeant
Mante of the- military, aviation
corps were killed, v. ; - ...
'';' : X
Berlin, .Oct.'iT. Zeppelin dfrigi
fcle'L 5", exploded and burned In
tnld-dlr 3000 feet above Johannla
thal field today.- , ' " '
" Of the .29 persons on hoard 28
me Zeppelin was a new cran
built for the German navy. '.It wag
considered tne , last word in aerial
construction of Its klnd.i' The -trip
It wag making wag its first test.
On board, : besides the crew, ; were
the members of. a board of admi
ralty commissioners, headed by Ad
miral Behniech, who was among the
knied., .-,4 za '.. z
; ;,-nm rollows Szplosloa. ,
, The flight - was . being U watched by
thousands' of people. " Suddenly a .heavy
detonation ' was 'heardJnstant!y the.
huge cigar shaped gas bag; was. swept
By flame from end to end, t . .
Then the vessel dropped - toward the
earth like a plummet, streaming fire. '
Only ' the twisted aluminum; ' frame
work 'remained when "the- burned ; air
ship's remains struck the ground, and
this was bo hot that it-was some time
before -anyone could approach: it. ii'
Troops were hurried to tne scene to
control the crowd snd cars for. the
Charred corpses of the victims.' ;
There J-was ,. a . single. survlvon
Lieutenant Baron von Bluet, a naval of
ficer, who was so frlghtfully'burned and
mangled, s however, " that, be - cannot ' re
cover. " The charred , body of the officer
who was, acting.. as. plot. was, found in
Bis cabin.' still, at. the wheel. :: J;y,
' '. Sees tsrrlhls Sight. , .
."It was, frightful.',' , said Manager
Wiener,; oC. the , AJbatrOss -, aeroplane
works,-, who saw trie big Zeppelin 'de
stroyed t '.'I -was at' werk when ' the de
tonation started me. Running from the
shop, T saw the- dirigible falling. 'It
'was all In flames.- 1 eould not turn
wsy;'A .j-;.',.-,--.;.i'-,.ii .;"-4 .-''.t;y -i-
"Before 4he wreck struck 'the ground
Prayer? Book' Committee Re-
i ports It Has; No Authority to
. Consider -Proposed , Change,
(trotted Press Wire ) -'yM:v-l
New York4 Oct, 17. The low church
party of the Episcopal church; Won
other lmp-jfrtant victory ; inV the- house
of . deputies, today when the Bey,;,;, Wil.
llam Grosvenor reported that the prayer
book committee was' of , the opinion that
It lacked authority sto! consider: the pro
posed i;change':;;;n.;the;' church's' -'.name
from,; the: Protestant "Episcopal to the
Americsn Catholic. ? ;S f, 'ii-
The house of bishops .went Into ex
ecutive session to consider nominations
to - six ' vscanries wmnn win. uo xuiea
by ballot, tomorrowi''jl-.t--!--.'.,''''--;-'iV",rv'-.
Yesterday the house of bishops voted
against, the' house of deputies', proposal
to make the .Office 'of presiding' bishop
of the church elective: .-The choice is
determined" by seniority of consecration.
. The house , ef '. deputies voted en
amendment , to the 'constitution making
It impossible to change the title or re
vise the txtof the prayer book without
a two-thlrdar vote of both houses.. - Ths
house of. bishops- has not yet voted on
this measu. ..
Feet in Air
the air bg had been consumed..: - Soma
of the 'victims fell, free-0 the frame
In the air. , Others clung to thsr metal
work and were burned In the debris." ;
Besides Admiral Behnlsch, the - sd .
mlralty commission consisted of Lieu- :
tenant - Commander Kreyer ; and Engl- -neer'
Busch of the navy and two naval
a rehired a, -, Hery Neumann and - He. r, .
Pletsker..s , - ' , . ,
v. Freyer was in command of the Zep
pelin. . , t 1
' The kaiser immediately ordered a full
Investigation - to determine, If , pos
sible, the cause Of the disaster. ; .
u When, the big dirigible was Unlshcd,'
Count Zeppelin said that he might u
lt in an effort to riy across the Atlantic
and then from New Tork to San Fran
olsco, . .
A shprt time afjer the loss of the. 'It
t," fhe passenger .Zeppelin Hansa flew
over Johannlsthal. , It was said tha i
flight -was ordered in the hope of ooun-
teracting the effect of the 'h 3" traged,
on' the public. The Hansa was. cheered,
f'':-:-.; ";' Kaiser Zs Ovsreoms. - .
Kaiser WUhelm was at Bonn when In-, .
formed df the disaster. ;-; i ,.','; ' ,' -,
"It Is God's will, he said.. Germsnr
must be strong and' bear , up .courage- "
ously." - ' "'-V- - ;' ; .
At first the kaiser was overcome, but -later
. he , and the empress telegraphed
their sympathy to the families of the -
victims. ' i- i V-.f ; -.;,., .
It is feared the tragedy .will paralyse .
i - (Continued on Page Eleven.)
wf.,X.-.'-s :
f estifiesltat Admifab Eaton's'
'ii!".i : .' A ' ' - n ! f I 1 I "
n widow rways- oenevea ner
v;Adoed:Child;ra"s Poisoned'
Jf l g - i,; j.! r ,- r ;. '- t v.-. - ; ,,
-'"'-'' V (United. fiseas JmkA Wirt.)
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 17. Mrs. Jen
nie' May Eaton -frequently expressed the
belief that her husband, Admiral Joseph '
Gv Eaton, .was- insane, accol-dinr to
testimonyoffered at theltrlal today by
Dorothy Eaton,. Mrs; Eaton's crippled
daughter. Mrs. Eaton Is charged with ,
having ; murdered ' the admiral by sd
ministering ' iiolsn4i''ii;.J'x'
";Mrs. Eaton 'finally ;i secured ?an' at.;
(Yndant for the admiral. Dorothy, tosil
led, ' a ". woman- named ;Rooney, from-.
Washineton . . Sha: remained a month.- .
the admiral.' according to- Dorothy, oc-.'
caslonally got Intoxicated and was very.
boisterous at times. vy . .;: z
Dorothy Eaton .was Admiral Eaton's '
favorite step-child.' The defendant palod
as the child took the stand. .
Dorothy declared her mother always -
, tContlnuMl or Page Twe.
'"'''.( l ;, , r "' " "yvfr "!'. 'i,V .'-:'-;, .',!''
Managua,. Nicaragua, pc t. 17. Santl-,
ago volcano showed signs of activity to.
day. causing violent -earth shocks hre
and at Masaya snd Granada;.-, - ,
IV '...t sMt)sstsasBHswNawa l , t' '
Marconi l,in Anto Smnsh-t'p.
Pontecchls. Italy. Oct. IT William
Marconi, Inventor of the - wireless,, who
recently .lost an eye In an automobile
accident, was In another one toiiuy be-
twen here' and Bologna, his car airk
ing a- horse as It turned a t-orner. 'I he
inventor, though bruised, was nut buuiy
hurt--,';:'v,---v-;.V-'.' - .
. '' )': i ' , f 1 1 , m 1 1 1. . ' ..... ' ' ' .
Naval Officer Kills Hlm.clf.
('Colchester,'1 Conn., Oct. 17. C'oiniimii.
der tV A.J Brand, a rctln-il navy offi et,
shot and killed - hlmHPlf here t"-!-. ,
supposedly on -account Of lllmn).
Takes V From $5 ' i:.':J.
' ' Wshlngtn, Oi-t. 17. K r -'"v
the Treasury McAdon -,rrt-i , . 1 '
from $6- bills snd a pUiin i '
tutcd. ;