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TTir" rtDFP.ftM i ntrv TrtTfDHAt tlrtBTT AMn'MintnKr nttmiTiTo ; sninummnn ar : mm '-: :'"S-:','- '"' - ' ' '
Jack Carpenter of Pen ver, and is saJ1
to be In perfect.: condition, while Juo
Swain suffered no. Ill effects from hi
bout here with Farmer, last week ani
Is also in good condition. The fight
promises to be a, . fast one.
. ;V;;-;;y ', ',, , "''i-.'
Croft and Nyland Matched. 1
Butte, Mont, Sept. S. Leach Cross
of New York, and Flghtlntr Dick Hy
land of San Francisco were matched last
night for a-U round contest In, this city
the' first week 1 of ..October under the
auspices of the Copper City Athletio
eTall Itegatta Postponed. .
'Captain Pfaender of the Portland
Rowing club,' because of the uncer
tainty of the weather, yesterday ' an
nounced that the fall regatta would be
postponed - to Saturday, . September IS.
The schedules of events will be the)
same. , .
MI 1
Rip Hagerman Too Much fo
Champs and O'Brien Proves
Easy for Mackmen.
San ?rancico. Sept. i- Sevenhcn
hiu were made by the Beavers off Buck
. O'Brien, lute of the Boston world's
champions, who jieiforirnl in a couple
of fames against he Ntw York Giants
last October, and Bill Malarkey. who
' pitched the last inning against the
Mackmen Buck must have left all of
tola cunning in those two games, for he
aid not fool the Bijav-r.
At the same time it can not be de
filed that he was givtyi punk support
and so was Malarkey. The score was
'" 9 to 1, Portland havinsr made four runs
In the ninth orr Malarkey, who relieved
. O'Brien when Clemens pinched for Buck
In the eighth.
On the. other hand Rip Hagerman
pitched five-hit baseball, the Oaks gath
ering' their lonesome tally in the first
inning on Leard's long triple and Het-
ling's single.
Strange enough triples figured for
botn lead-off men. Chadbourne cracked
one out oft O'Brien to start the game,
and Derrick, who got three for the after,
noon, rapped out a single that registered
Portland took the lead in the second
. when Fisher scored on Hctling's error.
Loner's out at the plate on an at
: tempted double steal with Qus and
Hagerman's double.
Derrick and Rodgers singled to start
the third, but Lindsay forced Derrick,
, O'Brien to Hetling, and Doane forced
' Rodgers unassisted, but the other two
' runners advanced when Qus made a
; wild peg to first. Lober singled and
cleaned-the bases.
. Another run was the toll In the sev-
enth. Chadbourne singled and reached
third on two outs, scoring on Doane's
Briefly here Is the last Inning: Der
rick out, Leard to Gardner; Rodgers
singled; Lindsay singled, Rogers on
' third; Doane filed to Zacher, scoring
Rodgers, Lindsay taking- second:. Lober I
singled, scoring Lindsay; Cober took
: second on the throw-in; Korea singled
and Lober scored on Krelu's error.
. Korea on third; Fisher safe on Cook's
error. Korea scoring; Fisher out, trying
to reach second. Kreitz to Cook.
A B. K. II. It). A. K.
Cbadbnurn, el. ft
Derrick. II
. KodRer., Vb.
. LId4T. 3b.
IJnsne, rf . . .
Lober. If. ...
Korea, n
! Utter, r. . .
Hagermin, p.
.; ' .
tiCird. 2b. ..
Gardner, lb. ,
HetlliiR, 3b.
Coy, rf
Sieher, cf. ...
Kay lor. If. . .
Cook. M. ...
Krtetg. c. ...
O'Brien, p. ...
Clempm . . .
Ualarkej, p.
t 0
1" 27 W 1
. 4
.. 1
.. 0
0" 0 I
- .
Total 32
6 27 19
Batted for O'Brien In elgbth.
Portland . 1 1 2 0 U 0 1 0 48
' Hltt 2 2320031 417
Oakland 1 OO0OOO0O 1
Hlti 2 001000026
Stolen baaea Ixber. Kliher. Klv runa, 13
, kit off O'Brien In 8 Innloca. ( barge defeat
to O'Brien. Two baae hit Hagerinan. Thn-e
base bila Cbadboume, Leard. Harrtflre bit
Korea. Hafcerinau. Maerlftc fly Uoane. Hmt
On balla Off Haperman 2. SI ruck out By Ha-
. rermau 7. by O'Brien 1. 1.0ft on baaea Oak
land . Portland 1. Wild pitch llagcrmau.
: rime 2:05. I'mplrea-Held and MH:artbj-.
. Marhlehead, Mass., Sept. 5. Each of
the American sonder yachts in the In
ternational events have one leg on thu
President Wilson cup, as the result of
the Sprig's victory In the last race yes
terday. The fc'prlg, Kllen and Clma are
tied with 15 points eacli for the Gov
ernor Jfoss trophy. The points of the
German boats are Serum 7, Angeli 6
and Wittelbach 4.
Pacific Coast League.
W.I,. P.t.1 W. L. Pet.
Portland .J..K2 62 .5fl9S. Prandioo.74 81 .47s
Venire 80 7 .51HI.oa Angelea. .73 Wl .477
Sacramento 73 72 .50,1 Ouklaud ....72 83 . 46
Northwestern League.
anrouTr ..81 f7 .5961 Victoria ' fiS 77 4fl'i
Portland 7.1 61 .!i44 Taoouia H4 8i 444
Seattle 74 6S .02l8p,)kane 61 81 .430
Southern League.
Atlanta 7S f.:i .5!,1i Chat tannoei 04 01 M2
Mobile !t M) ..V2; Mi-mphl 71 71 Mm
BlrminKbam 74 61 Mt NaabTllle .. .67 77 4-,
Moutgoni'ry 6.r 62 .S12! Now Orleana.41 M a i
Western League.
48 B)2 (Muahn ...
.-B no; 'loppka . .
.72 64 ..'.a?;Jiux ('Hy.
.71 .."ilK, Wlcblla .
Ienver . . .
lea Molne
81. Joaiph
. .71 on
. .61 74
..Ml 7N
. .52 82
.SI 4
National Leugue
Np Vork...r 12 .7ii runt..n
Philadelphia 74 46 .617: Brooklyn
ChX-agn il 5 ..W ( in-ltnH
Plttaburg ...67 50 .:.:;2 si. Lou
American Leag
Philadelphia W 43 .BI4 B'tin
Cleveland ..77 32 ..'.; j D( roll
n aaningius .nu oi
MX St. y
.67 6 4
l.NVw V
American Association.
Milwaukee ..84 56 .6oo;st. I'uul n 7-,
Minneapolis .81 5 Toledo . . m '9
Columlxia -...M) 63 .560. Kanaa iii r
LoulaTllle ..78 62 .S57i IndlanaiH.lia'. .',4
' Western Tri-State.
.l( 30 21 .5S8 x. Vuklma. 21 27
. Walla W'lla 25 26 .4txj rendleton .23 28
... 6S .443
... .M 71 .4.12
11". ..'.I 78 .4oii
If. ...46 8S
4 112 ..Vis
57 71 .415
w 10 C'J "r 1
rk. .44 so 135;
1 s
1 S'
1 f Mi Jhu.
W. M. Johnston, the California wonder a: tennis, 18 years old, Is the com
lng man. according to the experts In the game. He 1s In some respects much
like McLoughlin, the American champion, who helped lift the Davis cup in
hard fought contests in England.
Johnston, wao has red hair like McLoughlin has great speed and daring.
He has a fast, straight service. His
champion, but his back court game Is
great forehand drive, with a remarkable control of the ball. He has lift
nd "top," apd drives the ball faster
Sacrameto, Cal., Sept. 6. The Wolves
advanced above the .000 mark again by
trouncing the Angels yesterday, 3 to 1.
A double in the second inning by Bert
Lynn, a recruit pitcher, resulted in two
of the Senators' three runs. Jimmy
Lewis pounded ,the ball out of the lot
in the eighth inning.
' Goodwin secured three hits In four
times, up for the Angels. I'lnehhltter
Wilson was sent to bat again and failed
to do anything.
The score:
Ajl.H I'O.A
2 0 3 3
Maggart.rf. 2 o t
Mei!r.;tt. 2 0 2 1
EUU,lf.... 4 0 2 0
Howard. lb. 4 ! 2
P.2b ... 3 O 1
Krneifpr.rf . 4 11
ftoodwld.ii. 4 8
Uyrnm.r... 3 2 3
SlHglc.p... S '
Wilson 10 0
MorHn.of .
l l(alllnn.3b. 3
2i K'ortby.2b 0
21 l.yuu.e a
ft Klawitler.p. 1
0 I
.00 8 24 17 Total 24 7 27 1U
Batted for MJarle In ninth.
Iia Augelta O u 0 0 It 1 0 0 o
Hita 0 2 o 2 U 2 0 1 11
Sarrameute o 2 0 oaao 0 l 3
Hits .J 0 1 0 .10 2 12 7
Hun Howard. Lewis, Woran, Hallloan. Er
rors Byrnes, Lynn. Kenworthy. Stolen baaea
Maggart, Klawltter. Homo run Lewla. Two
baae hita Lynn, llalllnan. Tennant. Hacrlflce
hit Metiger. 1'age. ILilllnan, Kenwortby 2.
(Struck out sHagle 2. klawltter 1. First on
balla Off iSlagle 6. Klawltter X. Double playa
Page to Howard to Goodwin; Krueger to How
ard; Young to Tvunont. Ift on haaes - Ia
Angelea 7, SiU'raineiito 8. Time 1:3. Itnplrea
FlDooy and J'hyle.
American ljettgue Games.
At Cleveland: n H E
Detroit 4 11 4
Cleveland . . . 3 7 2
Batteries Dubuc and McKee; Gregg
and O'Neill. 12 Innings.
At St Louis: R H E
Chicago 4 12 2
St. Louis 5 $ 1
BatterieB Kussell. Scott apl Schalk;
Schwcnk and Alexander, McAllister. 11
At Washington: r
New York 3
Washington . . . 2
Batteries Kisher and
Gallia, Hughes and Alnsmith.
At Philadelphia:
First game
Boston 8 0 1
Philadelphia 6 10 3
Batteries: Leonard. Hall and Carrl
gan; Plank, Pennock, Brown, Buscii and
Second game: R. jj. e.
Boston 5 12 i
Philadelphia 2 2 1
Batteries Moseley, Berilent "and
Thomas; Houck. Busch and Lapp.
Umpires Evans and Ferguson.
National League Game.
At New York: First game R j e
Brooklyn g g j
New York " 2 7 3
Batteries: Walker. Ragon and Mc
Carty: Marquard, Crandall and Meyers
Secotirl game: R jf.
Brooklyn j g ,"
New York 2 fi 0
Batteries: Yingling and Fisher; Tes
roati and .Meyers.
At Pittsburg: First gnmts R H K
r.!;,1;01'1" 0
I ittsburg 2 8 3
Batteries: Bailee and" Hildebra,nd;
Robinson and Simon.
Umpires Klem and Orth.
tecond game:
n. H. E.
i 11 c
St. Louis
BiltterieK OAvAr r. ni .
5 10 1
umpires Rlgler and Byron
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This Aristrocratic Group
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Richard P. O'Conner
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kill is not as deadly as that, of the
perhaps the best in the country. He has
and straighter .an Mac,
Los Angeles. Cat., Sept. 6. McDon
nell's single in the thirteenth inning
gave Venice another victory over the
Seals yesterday. 3 to 2. Roy Hltt and
Overall engaged in a twirling duel, al
though both were touched up for a
number of bingles. In the pinches,
however, lilts were not to be secured
until McDonnell cracked a plate splitter
for a hot single.
Tobln, Johnston and'Hogan each se
cured three hits for the Seals, and Mc
Donnell landed out four oi the 10 fclts
allowed by Overall.
The score:
AH.It.t-u.4.1 A R FT Pfl A
(( arllnle If.. S
OiKunc.rf 6
Mi' 6 . 6 .1
IX. nu, 2b. 5
t'orhan.av. . 5
Cbarlea.3b. . 6
Schmidt. r.. 6
tTerall.r. . A
Mnndorff.rf 0
I RaylPM.rf . . 6
0 Mellon ' 11,2b. 5
71 O' f
31 Lltachl.Sh.. ft
08tfrrett,lb.. 5
2, Klllott.e. . 4
2 12
0 T
1 1
Hltt.p 5
..51 1538 IB
lotal 48 1 0 39 21
Two out when winning run iiwed.
twin franriaco 1 00000 1 00 0 0 0 02
"" iitiuijIHllla 115
Venice a 0000OO000OO 13
"'is jf 1 1 1 u O0000 1 210
Huns Tobln. 0ernl. Carlisle, Kana 2 Er
rort McDonnell 2, O Kourke. Stolen haae
Sterrett. Three baae hit Kane. Two haae hit
- Hltt. OTerall. Slerivlt. Sacrifice hit Hogan
Href on balla tiff Hltt 2. off Overall 1. Struck
mit -By Hltt 6. by OTer.ll 0. Wild pitches
Hilt, orerall. lilt by pitcher Carlisle. Time
-:J5. rmplrea Hush and (Juthrle.
' Victoria licnts Spokane.
Spokane, Wash., Sept. 5. It was
"I'nipire's Day" here yesterday, and
the locals lost to the Bees by the score
of 7 to 3. Victoria bunched hits off
t'ovaleskie in the third and scored
four runs. Spokane secured 11 hti
off Kantlehner, but could not hit with
men on me nags. Mcore: R. H. p
Victoria 7 jj'
Spokane 3 jj
Batteries Kantlehner and Khen- fn.
valeskle. Smith and Hannah
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Northwest Corner Third and Morrison
Portland Man- Returns From
California and Will Assem
ble Team of N.-W. Stars,
T. Morris Dunne, aecretary of the
raclfic Northwest association, will
commence at once to make up the per
sonnel of the northwest track team.
which will be entered In the Portola
games in San Francisco on October 22
to 25. Dunne is the northwest repre
sentative of the Pcrtola athletic' com
mittee. When in San Francisco, Dunne an
nounced that the northwest team would
be selected from the following athletes:
100 and 220 yards Baker, Oregon
Agricultural college; Turenne, t.'nlver
slty of Washington.
440 and 800 yards WIndnagle, Uni
versity of Oregon.
One mile Clyde, University of Wash
ington; McClure, University of Oregon.
Five miles Chandler, Vancouver
Athletic club.
High Jump Thorn assen, Seattle Ath
letic club.
Pole vault Bellah, Multnomah Ath
letic ciuo, forunnu.
Broad Jump Bellah,' Hawkins, Mult
nomah Athletic club, Portland.
Javelin Bellah, Hawkins, Multnomah
Athletic club.
Shot, hammer and discus Philbrook,
Con Walsh, Seattle Athletic club.
' If it ia impossible for some of the
athletes named to make the trip, others
will be selected In their places. Dunne
returned this morning from a 10 days''
trip inj'the south.
Hartford, Conn., Sept. E. The three
events of the Grand Circuit meet here
yesterdajr were won in straight heats.
A stiff wind waa responsible for the
low time made.
Jonea Gentry captured the 2:04 pace,
which carried a purse of $1000. making
the' best time in the second heat, 2:06 hi
Foote Prince was second and Baron A.
was third.
The Elmwood stake for a $2000 purse
was won by Lady Grattan, Cox driving.
Lady Grattan's best time was made n
the third heat, 2:09V.
Reusens, with Pop Gear up, took first
money In the Corinthian stakes of
$2000. Peter Scott "and Francis Gra
ham were second and thktd. The best
time was made In the second heat
Jl -3
North Kaklma, Wash., Sept. 5. Pen
dleton moved up within one-half a
game of third place by beating the lo
cals in a farce game yesterday, 6 to 3.
Score: R. h. K.
Pendleton 6 10 1
North Yakima 3 6 2
Batteries Berger and Haworth: Ps-
terson and Taylor.
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 6. In a game that
would make corner lot players blush,
the Boise team defeated Walla Walla,
13 to 10, and cinched the pennant of
the second half of the season. Walla
Walla secured 19 hits and Boise mado
18. Three doubles, a triple and tw-i
home runs were made during the game.
Score: R. H. E.
Walla Walla 10 19 2
Boise 13 ig 1
Batteries Bridger, Davis and Brown;
Sheely, Hall and Gard.
J. .
Schiuitz Blanks Tacoma.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept 6. The locals
shut out 'jacoma. 3 to 0, yesterday. The
contest was played on a slow, heavy
field. Schmuts allowed but four hits.
Score: r. h. e!
Tacoma 0 4
Vancouver 3 7 2
Batteries Kraft and Harris; SchmutJi
and Konnick.,
you in
Bob's Cut Lip Has Not Healed
and -May Be Split Open
Again Tuesday,
San Francisco, Sept 6. Betting on
the Bob McAllister - Sailor Petroskey
fight here September 9 opened today at
10 to 7 with McAllister favorite. Bet
ting was light and it was expected that
the price would switch to 10 to 8 by
3oth McAllister and Petroskey are
rapidly rounding into shape for the bout.
McAllister is full of confidence and ex
pects to knock out the sailor this time.
McAllister's lip was Cut open in his
August battle with Petroskey and it has
not yet healed.
"Bob's lip and mouth," said Al Mc
Allister today, "were pretty badly
Dunged up in that match and, of course,
we are savjng Bob as much as possible
now. I mean by this that his sparring
Partners have been warned against land
ing blows there. It is quite possiblo
mat in next Tuesday's fight it will be
cut open again. We expect that, and
want the referee to be forewarned and
not to look for serious trouble on that
Brock Injured Internally and
Groat Burned by Hot Ex
haust Pipe,
Buffalo. Sept. 5. Engineer Harry
Groat and Pilot Frank Brock of Cap
tain Spencer's speeder, Oregon Kid of
foruana-, were badly Injured when the
Kid sank during the opening race of
the Perry Centennial Regatta here yes
Brock was Injured internally and
Uroat suffered burns about . the neck
and face, when he waa thrown against
the red hot exhaust pipe. The two
Fortlanders were picked up by the P.
V. Q., owned by A. G. Miles of New
York. The P. D. Q. lessened its chances
for a victory by saving Brock and
The event was won by Reliance I,
owned by J. 8. Blackburn of New Tork.
It covered the 26 miles In a heavy sea
in 3S minutes and 58 seconds. The
Reliance won the Chamber of Commerce
trophy valued at $2000 and $1000 in
cash prizes.
At the time it sank, the Kid was in
the lead and would have won easily,
The Kitty Hawk V was swamped and
sank a few minutes after the Oregon
American Association Ksults.
Indianapolis 5, Columbus 3.
Toledo 10, Louisville 1.
Milwaukee 6, St. Paul 0.
Minneapolis 4-6, Kansas City 2-2.
Western League Results.
Topeka 3. Des Molncs 1.
Denver 12, Sioux City 2.
Lincoln 8, St. Joseph 1.
Omaha 6, Wichita 4.
Southern League Results.
Nashville 6, Montgomery 1.
Birmingham 3, Memphis 0.
New Orleans 4, Chattanooga 3 (11 tn
nlngs). '
Mobile 2, Atlanta 2 (called end 9th
Inning on account of darkness).
Hagen and Swain Signed.
Centralis, Sept. 6. Romeo Hagen and
Joe Swain yesterday signed articles
for a six-round bout In Centralia on the
night of freptember 12. Hagen is In
Walla Walla, where he has been e$er
since his recent 10-round draw with
Halt Ichaffaer U Mux
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