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play Oregon made goods, and endeavor
to sell as many aa posaible.
The manufacturer' association and
tha Commercial club will cooperate by
urging consumer to . recognise the day
by demanding Oregon manufactured pro
ducts only, At tha Armory there will
be a special s program and It is ex
pected that Governor West will bo pres
ent and make an. addres.
It will be the first time In the his
tory, of the sUte that a certain,, day
has been designated "Mad In Oregon
Day."-,:-.-;. ,. ,.. ,
The main purpose of the movement Is
to demonstrate that a mora general con
sumption of home products means In
creased pay rolls and greater develop
ment tt Industries. A similar exposi
tion was held in the state of Washington
last month. ':
rather, and do, buy in San Francisco,
If we have any ill feeling It Is because
we feel that the wholesalers, manufac
turers and business rrien, generally, of
Portland,, could get together and by
their united influence cause tha South
ern Paciflo to complete the Natron cut
off. ", - 1 vr'',:
"We are now" 90 miles nearer San
Francisco than Portland. The cut-off
would put us 200 miles nearer Portland
than Bad Francisco. We would b the
same distance ittt Med ford. ' It would
make every steer worth ti more to ua.
It : wVuld remove any question as to
whether we will do business with Port
land or San Francisco. And the bu si
nes of our district in worth while. Tha
country district are developing wonder
fully. What do you think of timothy
six feet high, 21 tons on three wagons
drawn by a tractor? We have the big
gest cattle and tha finest crops, and
September II, 21 and -27 we have the
Klamath fair, when w will show to aa
large a delegation of Portland people aa
will coma tha truth of what I have said
to emphasise tha Importance of the cut
off." . '
Registration at Buyers' Week head
quarters practically ceased this morn
ing. Most of the visitors are still in
the city and will remain until after the
banquet at the Commercial club this
evening. Today there Is no formal pro
gram, nor for tomorrow, the time being
spent in oloslng up purchases.
Among the registrations of this morn
ing were: W; A. Brend of Sand Point,
Idaho; Lane Thornton ef Camas valley,
Washington; Q; A. Beoher, of Jefferson,
and H. F. Gibson, of Barton. Yesterday's
late registrations were as follows: ,
J. W. Perrlgo, Hood River, Or. J.
P. Walsh and Mrs. Walsh. Cornu
copia Trading Co., Cornucoplai Or.,
at Portland hotel; W, O. Cooley and Mra,
Cooley, Cooley & Co., Brownsville. Or.;,
at til E. i Davie; H. Clay Lvy, Wind
Htver Lumber Co., Cascade Locks, Or
at Multnomah hotel; W, J. Turndigw,
Crabtree. Or., at Oregon hotel; C. 2.
Standard, C. E. Standard & Son.,
Brownsville, Or.; P. 8. Pitkin, Leaven
worth Merc. Co., Leavenworth, Wash.;
10. M. Htrauss, Moaler, Or., at Seward
hotel; Tom Murtha, Baer Merc. Co.,
Baker, Or., at Imperial hotel; Walter
B. Jones, attorney Eugene Men. aanocia
tion, Eugene, Or., at Imperial hotel; R.
O. Fay, Eugene Motor Supply Co., Eu
gene. Or., 6tt K. 45th St.; John M. Pear
eon. Pearson Bros., Waihtucna, Wtth,
at Med ford hotel; R. M. Dodaon.
broa., Cornell, Or., at Commercial -iu.;
J. M. Nolan, J. M. Nolan Hon, 'orvu
lis, Or., at Seward hotel; Walter Kultun
kl, Astoria, Or at Imperial hotel: it. N.
Warnock, Wurnoclt as Hun-hes, Tnloflo,
Or., at St Charles; J. A. Smith, Smith
Toggery, Florence, Or.t at Imperial hi.
tel; Charles Mack, Mack Shoe Co., 61
mop, Idaho, at Carlton hotel; U. L- Ma
tin, Oregon City.. Or. - t , , .
Saves Time and Money
What is the use In coughing yeuf
had off while you are trying all kind
of nostrums, when you can get a bottle
of "Rum and Pine." the remedythat
cures while other remediea merely think
abtfut it. Fifty cents the bottle at the
Clemehson Drug company, corner Front
and Morrison streets. Thia Is tha store
that sells at cut rate every day in the
year. (Adv.)
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with tha Southern Paciflo by. way pt
RodgeraviUe and Wells soon, and who,
the president of the Western Pacific
says, have the most fertile valley in the
United States under cultivation."
' Judge George T. Baldwin of Klamath
Falls came to Portland yesterday to
buy and to bring a petition.
- Completion cf Cutoff Urged.
"It la reported." he said, "that we
have ill feeling toward Portland in our
southern Oregon district and would
The manufacturer' exposition will be
formally opened at tha Armory next
Monday flight at S p. m. by Mayor H. R.
Albee., .-..y '.. .- .vw
Tha , exposition Vwlll contlnaue f two
weeks nd will have Ha climax Septem
ber 15, which day will be officially pro
claimed by Governor Weat a ''Made in
Oregon Day." . , .- x-r t :
On thia data retail merchant will dis
Special 25c Lunch Served Dally In the Basement Manicuring and Ilalrdrcsslnp Parlors Second Floor Trnnks, Sporting Goods. Wheel Goods, Etc Fourth Floor
Rsl Ro3 p. Retiring R 13 mi, Pabllc Telephones, Emergency Hospital, Second Floor, Standard, Central Needle Sewing Machines Sold on the $1 a Week Club Plan
Women's $1.50 Silk Hose Special 89c Pair
$1.75 SUk Hose $1.19 Pair
lines Women's high grade
Silk Hose In popular
suaaes.. Double heels ana
toes. Reg. . It.oo,
5 J.25. 1.50,, pair
en's fine quality black
thread silk Hose double
garter top,' double heels
.and toes. Reg. f in
1.75 grade, pr. 11.7
01i9 Wortniiaie S Mnini
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Store Sours S:30 to :30 Daily, Bseeyt Saturday.
atnrday Hours WOO A. SC. to iMV.IC.
Women's $2.50 Silk Vest. Special at $1.95
Children's 35c-50c Hose 18c Pair
en's Kayser Embroidered
$ilk Vests in many hand
some patterns. Low neck,
sleeveless styles. 1 OC
Best 2.50 quality 9 17 J
dren's School Hose in
black and colors. ... Broken
lines selling formerly at
35c to 50c a pair, f Q.
Special tomorrow.. IOC
1 V
400 Handsome New Wobl Suits With Two Pairs of Trousers
Special Saturday Feature Offering in Our Growing Allen's Clothing Store
Thesa pictures are 'axact
photographs of tha suits
and tha man who wilt take
plaasura in waiting upon you.
T0 EVERY MAN in Portland -who believes that money-saving is making money we offer
I the greatest clothing value ever given up to now by any Portland store! It is a special
Note back and. shoulders of
these Suits the cut and fit
are equal to best work of any
custom tailor.
feature event that we planned some months ago a sale of four hundred splendid wool
Suits made to our special order with two pairs of trousers. Every garment strictly hand
tailored by America's foremost makers of men's clothing. In placing these Suits on sale we
wish to impress upon you the fact that they are high-grade garments and of course this means that they are guaranteed to fit and wear to your entire
satisfaction. These wonderful Suits are being shown in our windows and will go on sale tomorrow morning. If you are in the habit of paying $25.00
to $35.00 for your suits we want you to step in tomorrow and let us convince you that we can sell you just as good a garment forrnuch less monev,
and besides you have the added advantage of getting an extra pair of trousers. Many men will buy two of these Suits when they see them. A'll
sizes for men 34 to 44 Also all sizes for young men.
We Bought the Fabrics and Had the Suits
Made to Order.
That's the story of the low price behind these suits. In
the Eastern market we purchased through our advan
tageous buying connections the splendid woolen fabrics
from which these suits are made. We turned them
over to a reliable tailoring establishment with full in
structions as to how we wished them made serge lin
ings, haircloth fronts, canvas Interlining, etc., to be
of the very best grade. These suits will hold their
shape, wear well and look well. And the additional pair
of trousers will give you twice the usual service. We
want you to examine them.
The Fabrics, Style, Patterns and Workman
ship of These Suits
These excellent suits are made from fine woolen
fabrics and are cut in the latest style. There are
nobby three-button sacque models and Norfolks ap
propriate styles for stouts, slims and regulars, and all
sizes for men and young men. Heavy cassimere suits
In diagonal and two-tone effects, in leading colors.
Scotch cheviots in smart dark , gray tones. Heavy
tweeds in' light, dark and medium brown, tan, gray
and two-tone effects. Norfolks in brown and gray
tweeds. Latest English models, superbly tailored.
Splendid range of styles to choose from.
A Suit Offering That Will Bring Hundreds of
Men to the Store.
Not only because of the extreme low price at which we
Sell these suits, but also because it's an out-of-the-ordinary
sale, offering as it does the best of garments in advance
Fall styles. AH men will find models here to suit them for
business, or professional wear or stylish dressy suits for
occasions. These suits are for every man and this tale is for
you, so act promptly. Remember, the "O. W. K." guar
antee stands back of every one of these suits. Therefore
you are assured of quality, fit and serviceability. Abso
lutely the best suit offering of the year.
Such Suits as These Would Sell Ordinarily at $20.00
When we state that these are $20.00 Suits we mean that this would be the price usually
asked for garments of this character with but one pair of trousers. You will readily see
what a remarkable offering this is when you consider our price and the fact that with
each suit we include two pairs of trousers. All sizes for men and young men. See Mor-rison-St.
window display. Special sale price .'
'!) -
Right-Posture Specially-Built School Suits lor Boys
$6.50 to $10
DEPARTMENT MAIN FLOOR We are now sole Portland agents for this splen
did line of Boys' School Suits and we want every parent in tne city to see
them, because we" are satisfied they embody all the good qualities that go into
the ideal suit. Ritrht-Posture Suits- for iovi are made Jrom the finest of wool
fabrics, chosen particularly for tlteir wear-resisting, qualities and at the same time the patterns and colorings are un
commonly attractive. The coat is cut on athletic lines, witn snouiaers set wen nacK ana military watst, so-tnat tne Poy
who wears a "Right-Posture" suit instinctively feels a pride in his bearing. Hidden away in the oack of the coat is an
All sizes for boys. See display in the Morrison-street window
elastic device, the aim of which to cure the stoop or round-shouldered tendency. It is not a brace it s simply a re
minder a touch to the boy who would forget.
$6.50 School-Craft Clothes
For Boys Priced Special at Suit
MAIN FLOOR Wise mothers will select the chil
dren's school suits now while the assortment of
patterns and colorings are complete. Our School
Craft Suits for boys are made from choice woolen fabrics and have two pairs
of pants. These double-service suits are made especially strong, with double
taped seams, double sewn and best of linings. Some come in extra weights
for outdoor wear. Plain colors, neat mixtures, diagonals, etc. Ages $M nr
5 to 18 years. Regular $6.50 Suits at pt.?J
Boys' School Sweaters $1.50 Up to $5
Buster Brown Hose 4 Pairs for $1.00
MAIN FLOOR We are nOw show
ing a complete line of boys' Wool
Sweaters for-school wear, in Jerseys
and Ruff Neck styles,, in Jumbo, Car
digan ribbed and plain weaves. Cardi
nal, navy and gray.i Outfit your boy
here at small cost. sweat
ers from $1.50 to, .
MAIN FLOOR Buster Brown Hose
for boys mean hosiery satisfaction.
Extra heavy ribbed with double heels,
knees and toes. Warranted fast dye
and to give satisfactory wear. Four
pairs guaranteed 4 months.
Priced at, box of 4
$1.00 1
Fall Lines
Boys' Hats
and Caps
Most Complete Showing in
the City.
MAIN FLOOR Preeminently the
Boys' Hat Store. Season after season
parents come here for their boys' hats
because they are always sure to find
the latest novelties and the color and
size they want. Just now we are show
ing Fall styles in great variety cloths,
velvets, velours, plushes, wools, felts.
lapes and
etc.. in the new Kan Kah shapes and I
all the popular colors. Prices AA
50c up to
V K J 4k.
. i .-
Priced $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00
MEN'S STORE, MAIN FLOOR Men of refinement and discriminating
taste the country over wear Yorke Shirts because they fit right and are
made from exceptionally fine fabrics. Our new Fall stock is now ready for
your inspection nd approval. Imported madras and cords in 0 AA
new patterns. Any size. Priced from $1.50 up to pOVV
Priced $1.25 to $5.00 the Suit
MEN'S STORE, MAIN FLOOR Being exclusive Portland agents for
this famous Underwear enables us to carry a full line of all weights and
qualities, in cotton, lisle and wool, and in all sizes for stouts, slims, shorts
and regular. Cotton or lisle $1.25 to $3.00. Wool mixtures f AA
at 2.60 up to sOO.UU
Showing the New Tipperary Greens
MEN'S STORE, MAIN FLOOR First showing new Imported Felt Hats
for men and young men. Also, some striking new novelties in Chinchillas, i
1 hese were made to our special order, with raw or welted edge, silk band
ana Dow at DacK. New lipperary greens, gray, brown all other
popular shades. All sizes. Our price, each
Silk Petticoats Special $2.39
Special one-day sale of Women's Silk
Petticoats Rich Taffetas and Messa
lines In plain and changeable effects.
Styled with narrow plaited 0
ruffles. Saturday, special
Just Receive
Price 50c
MAIN FLOOR Ultra fashionable
lor early Fall wear are these hand
some Velvet Ties. Plain and fancy
effects in richest of colorings. Slip
easy under the collar. Our C A,
price now at..... .......vUC
$3 and $4
MAIN FLOOR Fall showing of
the popular Frank Schobel Hats
for men. Also the famous "Shed
rain" Hats, warranted waterproof.,
Th ideal hat for this climate,
Correct new Fall blocks.
Priced at $3 and..
Newton Petticoats Special 98c
Heatherbloom, Halcyon, Messaline and
Sateen Patticoats In all favored colors
and black. "Newton" extension or
string tops. Splendid grades at QO
this price. Special Saturday at tOC
School Dresses at Price
SECOND FLOOR For tomorrow's selling we have grouped
number of Girls' Woojen School Dresses and will sell
them at just Yi regular prices. Waist styles and Norfolk
Suits In navy, brown 'and cardinal. Ages 6 to 14 years.
Girls' Regular $ 10.50 Dresses for Saturday at Only $5.28
Girls' Regular $12.50 jDresses for Saturday at Only $6.25
Girls' Rsgular $17.50 Drsssos for Saturday at Only $8.75
Girls' Dress, Special $2.98 One-piece and middy style in
attractive colors. Come in ages 6 to 14. Special at $2.98
Girls', AH-Wool Sweaters. Ages 4 to 1.2. Special now at 98c
Basement Sale of Women's Wash
Regular $5.00 Up to $7.50 Grades Offered Tomorrow at This Low Figure Take Your Choice for
IN THE BASEMENT UNDERPRICE STORE An opportunity to buy a pretty Dress for house
or street wear for less than actual cost of materials to say nothing of the making. A great
Season-End Clean-Up of our entire stock dainty wash dresses Just 375 of them all told and
none but what are worth considerable more than we ask for them. Every dress in the entire
assortment is new, stylish and very desirable. Made from excellent materials lawns,
batistes, foulards, dimities and many other weaves. Plain colors, neat figured effects, stripes,
checks, etc.. in a variety ot patterns sutnetent to piease everyone, some are trimmea witn
embroiderv. laces, bands, etc- others in peplum effect with fancy net yoke. Complete ran
of all sizes from 34 up to 44 and standard 15.00 to 7.50 grides. On sale at $2.48 eac
BASEMENT Women's Medium, flj 3 A O II BASEMENT-Boy.' Black Rubber Rain Q AO
Weight Slip-On Raincoats, special at.DO.T'OII Capes for school wear, full-length, for V I ."O
fivAWKi iwjis.,. ckmnci Special Sale Seml-Procelain Dinner Sets
DOUDle Trading StampS V crockery Department. Third Floor
With all cash purchases made In the Main Floor Shoe Department to-
'u J morrow. Saleschecki must be presented at Stamp Booth on day purchase
Is made in order to get Double Stamps.
Women's U and 55 Shoes $3.39
Men's S4.O0,$4.5Q and $5.00 Shoes $3.85
Women's Tan Calf, Velour Calf.
Black Velvets, Patent Leather and
Gunmetal Calf High Shoes in but
ton, blucber or lace styles. High
grade, stylish footwear of best qual
ities. Military or walking heels.
Regular $4.00 and $5.00 o 3 A
grades on sale, tomorrow Fit)7
Men's high-grade . fall Footweir , in
tans, velours, gunmetal .and patent
leather In a big selection of latest
lasts and styles In all widths and
Sizes.- Very best selected stock;
Grades' selling formerly at 4.50 to
5.oo Special : tomorrow , QC
at the low price, pair- 0OD
Fancy shape, 'dainty pink spray, full gold
fine, gold trimmed handles and knobs. Very
attractive patterns. English Semi-Porcelain.
I 5.65 56-piece Dinner. Seta, special 84.25
$ 7.50 60-piece Dinner Sets, special f 5.65
$11.50 lQO-piece Dinner Sets, special 98.60
Green border with gold tracing over and in
side border and full gold over edge of each
article. Gold handles and knobs.
$ 7.85 50-piece Dinner Sets, special tt .S5.0O
$10.50 60-piece Dinner Sets, special at f 7.85
$15.50 100-piece Dinner Sets, special at fll.60
Drugs and Toilet Needs
Priced Special for Saturday Sellina
DRUG DEPARTMENT, MAIN FLOOR Our Special Saturday Drug Sales
auraci nunareas 01 women to mis storeana whyr Because they realize
our prices are lower than elsewhere. Note the following low prices:
5c Ivory or Fairy Soap for 3c
ro Deliveries Limit 6 to a Customer
10c Hand or Kitchen fiapolio. . . .7
ISc Pear's L'nic. Glycerin Soap 10
25c Woodbury's Fscial 8oap...J.5
Assorted Toilet Soaps, 2 for 5e
25o Packer's Tar Soap for 15e
S6o Dr. Graves' Tootli Powder.. tOf
26c Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder.. 15
26c Sanitol Tooth Paste at 15
26c Sanitol Tooth Powder 150
2So Kolynoa Tooth Paste 20
SOo Pebeco Tooth Pasts t.....28
10c Shampoo Powder 5
SOc Rubber Gloves, all sixes... 29
It 2-qt. Hot Water Bottles T5
11.26 3-qt. Hot Water Bottles. .75
All Traveling Cases at....H pries
All Pullman Aprons at Va pries
60c Dora Pace Powor now.... 35
26c Bristle Tooth Brushes 15
60c Rubber Cush. Hair Bursbes.39
26c Mennen's Talc. Powder 12
26c Williams' Talc. Powder. ... 10
60c D. & R. Cold Cream for.... 40
$1.00 Fitch's Hair Tonic, spec. 69
fl.OO Danderlne, sale price. ... .80
76c High Grads Perfumes, 0I..25
11.00 Lllao Vegetal.-npeclal. ..,.65
$1.00 Glyco Thymollne, special. TO
11.00 8al Hepatlca, sal price.. 85
soc Fiuup's Mine Magnesia.... 40
60a Merck's Burar of Mil, lb.. 29
26c Malt Nutrlne. a bottle..... 19
26c Malt Nutrlne,. a dosen. . . .$2.25
11.00 Liydla Plnkham's Comp:..,794
$1,00 Pierce Favorite Prescrlp.79
10c unioriae or Lime, a pound... 8
3Bc H gal. Ammonia, now.... .25
lOo H-lt- Merck's Boric Acid. ...8
$1.00 S. S. ., Saturday price... 70
86e Apenta Water, special.. ...25
660 Phenolax Wafers,' special. . .35
duo uromo Beitier, special ..... .40
8 So Fletcher's Castorla. now.... 25
High Grade Whisk Brooms..,. , .8
i.u jreuows eyrup ot Hypophoa-
phltes. special, bottle. ..,..$1.17
up 10 ouc onaving ttrusnes. ,...10
$1.00 Llsterlne, sale price. .... .65
1 60 l-os. Bottle Peroxide ror..lS
lOo Toilet Paper; 1000 sheets.,.. 7
Sole Agents for Maurine Toilet Goods
Maurlne Beauty Lotion 50 ana Ml
Maurine Satin Cream 50 And $1
Maurine Rosebud Rouge atcniy 50
Maurine Astringent at only....60e
Maurine Skin Food 50 and $1.00
Maurine Hair Tonic, t only, $1.00
waunne nnampoo, at only . .ftue
Maurine Eczema Lotion at only 50
Maurin uepiiatory at. only..,. 509
Maurine Hand Lotion, at only 25
Special Sale Electric Portables, Desk, Floor Lamps
THIRD FLOOR Special showing of new fall lines In
assortment of designs. "All now at special reduced prices.
Regular $4.50 Elsctric' Desk Lamps Special at Onj $.3.60
Regular $11.00 Electric Floor Lamps Special at Only $8.80
Regular $14.50 Electric Reading Lamp Special at $10.25
Special Sale of $ras and Nickel Coods New Novelties in
Pencil Holders, Latter and Book Racks, Desk Sets, Calen
dar, Ink,. Score Marker; etc.,, etc. Take advantage.
40c Imperial Coffee
Wo deliveries except with other
purchase. Order early in the
day. Grocery, Bakery and Deli
cattsten Depts. Fourth Floor.
1 Malted
I Milk
i' -Off1
I ru-V
?: Ilss(sl',
3"Borden'sV MallcdMilIi
Llemorutrahon Main rioor
Just before going to bed at night take'a cup of Borden's
Malted Milk and know the pleasure of sound, refreshing
night's sleep. The ideal beverage for growing children or
for any membeY of the family. Stop at the demonstration
booth on the Main Floor and try a cup. - Special reduced
prices during demonstration. , ;i - -
$3.75 Hospital Sizd ipecially priced only $2.03
$1.00 Medium Size ipecially priced at only COc
50c Medium Size specially priced at only 40c
In mikinf purchases never fall to sk for "S. & H." Often
Trading Stamps. : They, are an added economy that you
cannot afford, to overlook. ,"S. & H.'VStamp Booth on the
Main Floor... . r:;;; . ,!';