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Larger Part1 of Wheat Crop
- - Goes Over Columbia Bar
Wool Will In Future.
" '( Thr-firlh of tha Umatilla wheat
erofla goes ovar the Columbia river bar
either v wheat or Tour! therefor.
Wfidlctoa and Umatilla, county are vitally-
4terUJ In the campaign w
deepen the bar channel, eaya a letter
receive from Dr. T. 34- Henderson Jf
ysndlcton, by Dr. Alfred Kinney, chair
man of the Porta of Columbia commit
tee. The Umatilla county wheat crop
thia year la eald to be 6.000,000 buah-
el. ? .
v "One., day last week three-fourths of
'a million buahels passed from the pi'J
uucer to the Bhlpper. When the canal
Is opened our wool will be flipped to
tha eaat via the Columbia river, no that
are all vitally interested." concJudis
Dr. Henderson's letter.
, Kpokane la aqually Interested, aaya
Daniel Morgan of tn Inland Kmpi.-t
metropolis, an a letter. Thera are Iden
tical cxpreaalona from R. C. Beach of
Lewlaton. a leader of the Celilo canul
campaign, and J. l, Currle, secretary of
the Commercial club, uamas, -wasn.
Former Owner of Cheese FaC'
tory Trying to Raise Money
to Pay Obligations.
P. V. Mcintosh, of Woodland, W'aeh.,
who formerly conducted a cheese fac
tory near Menlo, Waah.. la in Portland
today with a denial of the publlahed
accounts that he haa disappeared from
Menlo. leaving unpaid claims to the
amount of 112,000. Mr. Mcintosh aa-
aerta that he became Involved finan
daily because of to poor market con
dltlona. and adds that he la now endeav
orlng to settle all claims, pledging money
out of his private resources to complete
the payments. Mr. Mcintosh gves nis
side of the controversy in the follow
lnt letter:
Portland. Or., Sept. 4. To the Editor
of The Journal On September 2 an ar
ticle uppoared In your paper, dated
Raymond. Wash., etating I had dla-
appeaied from Menlo, leaving about
$12,000 of unpaid checks, The fact is I
never lived at Menlo but have operated
tha Menlo cheese factory for the past
three years and have had my head
quartera at Woodland, Wash.
"August IS I issued checks' to . tha
amount of about $8000 in payment for
July milk and other expenses and on
August 20 1 deposited in the Woodlawn
State bank 25W.30. There la still to
be collected in Tacoma. Seattle and
1 that flnri mArl
perfect the ship's channel at the mouth, I Everett In tha neighborhood of $3000.
. , . . ... I Vf uivhuTiHtuA anA phut nn hunH At
fha greater, tne ueneui to we
greav Columbia and Snake waterway
frofn "Astoria to Lewlston, Nature'
great transportation waterway, 1(0 mllea
in length, eays Mr. Beach in his let
ter.' -' ,: .
v "Wa desire to cooperate with you in
this great work," he continues, "and
know you will be pleased to help us
n the great work yet to be accom
plished after the completion of tha
canal and locks at Celilo, namely the
canalisation - of the Columbia and
fcnakc, in 'order to make possible the
great economy of power boat and barge
transportation and the great develop
ment of water power with which to
bperate feeder lines aeid Irrigate the
Contiguous rich territory.
! "Let everybody from Aatorla to Lew
Iston and to the Canadian boundary
Unite to make the grand Columbia one
of the : most modern Improved water
weye. In the worlu."
. George H. Kelly of the Whitmer
Kelley company haa accepted, appoint
ment on the porta of Columbia commit
tee. ...
Merchandise and cheese on hand at
Menlo and Sllvano amount to $2000.
"I have never had any occasion to run
away or do anything dishonorable. I
own the Sllvano factory and some other
property which I am perfectly willing
to turn over for the benefit of my
"I have been trying my best to raise
sufficient funds to meet my obligations
in full, but so far have not been suc
cessful. The reason I am short now la
that last fall and winter we had a bad
cheese market and high priced milk, a
condition hard to cope with. The con
sequence whs I lost from 10 to 20 per
cent on milk.
"Hoping this will explain the situa
tion fully. Yours very truly,
V-V . 1 '
; Avoid Reflection- of His
( :' Flashlight,
While the family of Fred A. Daly.
tl Seat Twelfth street north, alept
Tuesday night, a burglar ransacked the
home.' A gold watch and $30 in money
Was all that was taken, although much
valuable Jewelry and money was over
looked. '.,. In order to not cause a reflection in
the. mirror of the burglar's flash light,
he turned the mirror to the wall, then
Arthur Daly, who was asleep on the ad
joining sleeping porch. The burglar
then went to Mr. Daly's bedroom, took
his trousers to the den and got the $.10.
' When Daly went to the basement yes
terday morning to build a fire in the
furnace, he noticed the kitchen window
Talsed. The curtain was neatly tied
abore tha window. Further Investiga
tion revealed the visit of the burglar.
A report was Immediately made to the
"Daly la manager of the Alaska-Portland
Packing association. He returned
Saturday from his regular , trip to
Alaska In the interest of his company.
i ..
County's Financial Standing.
"Financially Aiulinomah county waain
excellent condition on September 1. ac
. cording to Auditor Martin's monthly
report, aa there was the sum of $672,-
$14.61 in the general fund and $1.-
IMJ.In the road fund. On August 1
the general fund had a balance of $628,
$48.01 and during the month $.2,114.46
was paid In, while $74,437.86 was paid
oat. .The road fund amounted to $179.-
801,84 on August 1 and during the
month $1137.21 was paid In and $11,
218.73 paid out.
"It is estimated that 25
per cent (one out of every
four) of twenty million (20,
000,000) pupils in the schools
of this country have defect
ive vision."
This startling fact is found
in ' an article published in
the July issue of World's
Glasses -"if needed as
low as $2.00. ' . . .
209-10-1 1 Corbett Bldg.,
; Fifth and Morrison
Request of Ports Committee to
Hasten Work Receives
Immediate Attention,
Early-afitlon upon-the request of the
ports of the Columbia to hasten work
on the proposed north Jetty la expected
to follow the return to this city of
Major James F. Mclndoe of the United
States engineer corps. Major Mclndoe,
who has Just arrived back In Portland
from his vacation,, was at Ills desk to
day and prepared to delve into tha Jetty
problem at once.
"I have not had time to go Into the
details of the ports of the Columbia
committee's request, but will give the
matter immediate consideration." de
clared Major Mclndoe. "As to a report
on conditions at the bar, I am not at
this time ready to give any Information.
Soundings are now belng taken, and
until this work lias been completed,
nothing definite can be given out."
At its recent meeting the ports of the
Columbia committee, headed by Dr. Al
fred Kinney of Astoria, decided to ask
for a supplemental report on the pro
posed construction of the north Jetty.
The need of hastening the work was
dwelt uron forcibly by prominent men
present, among them being T. B. Wil
cox, ex-United States Senator Jonathan
Bourne and J. N. Teal. It ws their
opinion that no time should be lost and
no reasonable expense spared in rush
ing completion of the Jetty.
The chairman, Dr. Kinney, named a
committee, of which Jonathan Bourne
U chairman, to take the matter up with
tho govtrnn-.ent Off Iclals. It la desired
to have double .shift crews work day
and nlglft on the Jetty. The question
of procuring a sufficient quantity of
rock waa discussed. It was atated that
the government could handle 8000 tuns
of stone a day If that quantity was
An additional duty of the new com
mittee is to ascertain all the facta re
garding rock deliveries.
Chairman Bourne is at present out
of the city. Upon his return a meeting
of tho committee will likely be called.
Heir to Late Sylvester Pen
nnver Estate Loses on Re
valuation of Property.
The Inheritance tax to be paid by
Annie Russell, granddaughter of Gov
ernor Sylvester Pennoyer, who died
several years ago, and his wife, Mary
A. Pennoyer. was raised $1125 aa the
result of an order muUe yesterday by
Circuit Judge Cleeton.' ansa Kusseu re
ceived from her grandmother's estate
the Quarter block at Tenth and Morn
son street which forms ia quarter of
the property occupied By the Olds,
Wortinan & King store. Judge Cleeton
ordured that the value of this prop
erty be made $200,000.
Under the flrat appraisal this prop
erty waa valued at $87,600. On the ob
jection of Deputy Htate Treasurer Ryan
the property was reappiaiaed at lllil,-
bov. still rurtner objection uy Mr.
Ryan resulted in two reports, one that
under the lease now in force the value
la $112,600, and the other that, leaving
the lease out of consideration, tha prop
erty Is worth $250,000 and the building
$126,000. On the date of the lease the
property .was valued at. $160,000.
under tne terms of tne lease tne
quarter block was leased for $375 a
month for the flrat five years after Feb
ruary 15, 1907, the date of the lease,
and $62.50 a month more each succeed
ing five years until during the last five
years of the 60 year lease it produces an
Income of $837.50 av month.
This lease Attorney W, M. Gregory,
representing Miss Russell, -contends de
creases the value of the property during
its life. Mr. Ryan contended that It
does not decrease the value and set his
valuation of the property at $250,000,
and of the quarter of the building, which
reverie to Miss Russell when the lease
expires, at $50,000.;
Juuge Cleeton held that the lease af
fected the value to a certain extent, but
that $100,000 would be a Just valuation.
Attorney Gregory will probably appeal
from Judge Cleeton'a decision.
Under the original valuation of $37,-
600, Miss Russell would have paid $885
n taxea, aa she waa also 'left a lot In
Meade s addition valued at $16,000. Un
der . the new valuation, the tax will
amount to $2110. Miss Russell will, as
provided by law, be exempted from pay-
ng a tax on $6000 on the inheritance,
and will pay a 1 per cent tax on the
' - - TT
Heads of all the railroads centering in
Portland have received invitations from
J. W. Coon, assistant to the general
manager of the Baltimore it Ohio rail
road, to be represented at the meeting
of the American Railway Safety asso
ciation, which was organized June 9.
Mr. Coon is chairman of the member
ship committee of the association.
Most of the railroads are pushing tho
"safety first" movement, but until this
, summer there had been no concerted
jilan involving all the roads. About ten
of the larger lines are already enrolled
and the association is desirous that all
others ally themselves.
The association will meet at Chicago,
September 22, for a more permanent or
ganization. President J. H. Young of
the 3. P. & 8. has referred the action
of his line to General Claim lm n v
Relf, who has called a meeting of the
safety committee, which' may take ac
tion on Joining the movement.
Whether Dr not there can he a "$2
ury in the municipal court is a ques-
Ion taken under, advisement this morn
ing by Judge Stevenson.
f he "case la oner -tn which Attorney
John Jeffrey appeared for a street
speaker recently arrested, demanded a
ury and was acquitted.
The municipal court code provides
'that a Jury In this court shall consist
of alx men, for which the defendant
shall pay $6 as a Jury fee before the
case Is heard." It has been the custom,
however, to agree upon a amaller num
ber than six, but the $ Jury fee is
always required.
Attorney Jeffrey and Assistant City
Attorney Stadter agreed to hear tha
case with two Jurors, so Attorney Jef
frey wants the city to return $4, which
was unused as a Jury fee.
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i gin a three year term In the state ln
f dustrial srhool for girls. The g)rl
, pleaded guilty to all the charges made
against her oftaUing clothing and also
securing Kooris from local department
The clothing, she says, was taken
wUh the intention of making a good
! appearance on a trip aha planned to
j8t. faul, Minn., to vlalt her grand-
Homer. i ne wedding dreas waa in
the Hutchinson home, to which nii.
irahe had access. It was taken whll. fh
family was at the seaside.
Open Air Meeting.
An open air meeting of the antl
capltal punishment -rrusaders will" be
held t 8 o'clock tonight at tha corner
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- 4