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IBig Pitcher Drops Ball at First
in Sixth and Kores Throws
I; - High in 12th.
- -Kn Francisco. gept, 4. Shortstop
Arthur Kores of the Portland Beavers,
'vho has been out of the game for a
CQuplt of weeks with a right hand spiked
ty Harl Maggart, hasn't got his range
finding machine carefully adjusted as
'. 't.' This was proved when he broke
fcack Into the game yesterday at short
find threw high to lius Fisher in the
twelfth Inning of a terrific struggle
with the Oaks to morgue Kid Kaylor
't the Hlate. Fisher couldn't pull ahe
, 'pall "out', of the sky In time and the
'fcommutera carried off the first game,
il to :.
' Harry Abies and James, the two
pehemoths of the league, both pitched
great bajl. Ten hits were made off the
Oakland southpaw, while Oakland gath
ered eight blnga off the Beaver rlght
I bander,
Portland got away to a temporary lead
on the Oaks In the sixth Inning when
Derrick and Rodgers singled and the
former took third on Kreltz's error.
Lindsay was an Infield out, but Bpeas
singled and scored Derrick, sending
, Rodgers to third. Lober fanned and
Bpeas stole, but Cook and Gardner dis-
' posed of Kores.
Oakland came right back in their half
; and assumed the lead. James fanned
KreiU and Ablea but Leard go. away
with a triple when Lober misjudged the
ball.. Then Jamea hit Gardner, who stole
second. Then James ran over to cover
first on Metllngg grounder but failed
to .hold Derrick's throw and Leard and
Gardner' crossed. That beat Portland.
Singles by Lindsay and peas and Lo
ner's walk followed by Kores" sacrifice
fly to Coy. gave Portland the tying run
in the eighth.
: In the last half, of the twelfth Kaylor
Started with a single to center but Cook
fanned. Kreitx surprised everybody by
shooting to right center, sending Kay
lor io third. Here Mltze sent in a pinch
: hitter, Schlrm.. Schlrm, with three and
two on him, tapped the ball to Korea,
X wltoshotHt high to the plate and Kay
lor slid under Fisher.
. Score:
AB. It. H. TO. A. B.
Ctoadliourne. ef.
Derrick, lb. ...
Rodrera, 2b. . . .
Mndaay, lib. ...
Kpoaa. rf . ......
Lober, If
kmva, as. .......
Flhir, t
Jamea, p
...8 II 1 1 0 0
6 I I
... a
.43 .31034 -11-8
H. PO.
Ir4, 2b. .
ItetUnit. ab.
t or, rf
Zaohfr. rf. .
Kaylor. If. . .
Cook, a. . . .
Krelra, e. ..
A Mm. p. . . .
8 38 SO
; - aflattcd for Ablea In the twelfth.
lrtland 0 0000 1 O I 000 o 2
Hits 1 0 0 1 1 3 2 2 0 0 0 0 10
Oakland 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 13
lilts 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 3-8
Stolen baaea Chadhourne, 8pi-aa, Gardner.
Three bane. tH i-rd. Tw baae hit Uardner.
. SaiTlflfe fly Korea. First on balls Janirs 2.
AMea-S: Htmck out Jamea 11, AI'lea 8. Hit
by pitcher (iardner. Double play Korea to
. Derrb-k to Llndnay. Earned rune Oakland I.
Left ou baaed Portland 12. Oakland 8. Time
U:;4S. l mplrea Held and McCarthy.
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 4. Orte more vic
tory and Boise cinches the pennant for
the second half of the Western Trl
Ptate season. The locals trimmed
Valla Walla yesterday, 4 to 1.
The score: R. H. E.
Walla Walla l g 2
BuTse" TTTTT-. 4 8
nntterjps Leonard and Brown, Bon
ner and Gard.
North Yakima, Wash., Sept. 4. North
Yakima was put out or the running
for the championship yesterday by los
ing to Pendleton, 2 to 0. Welch al
- lowed the locals but four hits.
'l..e score: H. TL E.
Pendleton 2 6 o
North Yakima . . . 0 4 2
Batterlet Welch and Haworth; Kile
' and Taylor.
Los Angeles, r!pt. 4. Klght crack
; golfers are Jourripylnft to Del Monte to
day to represent Southern California In
the state tournament which begins there
Saturday. The party Included Edward
Tufts, K. K. Parrott, Dudley Fulton,
Sumner Hunt, Jack Jevne, Thomas Mc
Call and Guy Cochrane, of Los Angeles
. and A. C. Sellery of Long Beach.
R. L. Tatum of Ios Angeles and W.
It. Campbell and A. M. Goodhue of Long
lieach will reach Del Monte early Sat
tl ill 1 t The secret of
Mil I m the d i s t i n c t ive
mil III flavor is the extra
III I Ell amunt of imported hops k
Jill Hi WC U8C' N matter what beer
rm&fL youve tried and found want-
zffltrlpfi ingthere's a pleasant surprise
rj Mj in store when you taste Rose J j
"tlffirT Star Brewery 'J
' . . 1 ' IJa J Horthern Brawtnr Oo.
!'., '' 0,tl'ul Vaaoouf f
?JS , 1
Los Angeles, Car., Sept. 4. A triple
by Litschl In the seventh Inning with
the bases full gave Venice a victory
over the Seals yesterday, 4 to 2. The
Seals had a two-run lead up to the
seventh and Fanning was pitching shut
out ball.
With two down and the bases full.
Fanning put one over the center of
the plate and Litschl labeled It a triple
to centerfield on Us return Journey.
Koestner twirled for Venice and was
touched up for six hits.
The scorg :
Mimdorff.rf. 2 o 1 0 Oarllale.lf. H 0 "J 0 3
18 1 Kant.iT 4 Z 4 II
1 1 0 Ha.vlens.rf. . 4 2 10
1 1 0! Mi l)on'11.2b. 4 0 0 1
0 13! u'Hutirke.aa. 2 1 o .1
Johnston, i-f . 4
login. If. .. 4
Powni.-b.. 4 0
(.'urban, a. .4 1
Cb.arlre.3b. S 0
Schmidt.?.. 4 1
4 a U Inch I.. 'Hi. . 2 12 1
2 2! I'at .,!!. . .10 110
II 0
0 2
Klllotl.r 3 0 T
Fanning, p. 2
Tobln 1
Koeatner.p.. 3 10 3
0 0 0
tH,,uarit . 1 O 0 II
Total ... .32 6 2t lo Tota
....28 7 27 10
Batted for Charles In ulnth.
tBattad for Fanning In ninth.
San Franrlaco '. .0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0-2
H1U 10 10 12 10 06
Venice 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 4
Hits 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 2 '7
Buna Hflgan and Hrbmidt. Kane, Unrlcaa.
O'Rourke and Koealner. Error" u'Kourke 2.
Elliott. Two bane bit l.lticbl. Three Imao lilts
Johnston. Corban. Kiicrlflre hlta Utschl, Kan
nlug, (arllitle. Stolen baae MeArdle. Sacrifice
fly McAidle. Flrat on balls Off Koeatner 2.
Fannlnf 1. Btruck out Koeatner .8, Fanning 4.
Double play Fanning to McArdlc to Corban.
Time 1:38. Lmplrea Outhrle and Buab.
Pacific Coast League.
W. I.. Pet. I W. L. Pet.
Portland ....Si fi2 .SOO! S. Franclaco.74 HO .41
Venice 79 70 .iHo'l.oe An(elea..73 70 .4o
Sacramento 72 72 .M0 Oakland 72 82 .468
Northwestern League.
Portland ...
.83 H7 .o'J.'tl Victoria . .
.73 81 .M4 Tai-nm. ...
.74 88 J2l!HNkaiie ...
.67 77 .4116
.04 70 .44S
.61 80 .433
Western League.
Denver 85 48 .': Omaha
Dea Molnea..7fl AO .M.'l Topeka ...
St. Joaeph..72 .533:kiiix City.
Lincoln To 68 .BIS! Wichita ...
.72 89 .511
.80 74 .44S
..'.0 77 .434
.82 81 .391
Southern League.
Atlanta 78 73 .MS Chattanooga 64 60 Bin
Mobile nnM .f52 Memphla 71 70 .dm
Birmingham 73 en .W' NaahTllle ...1)11 77 .4112
Montgom'ry 05 61 .1161 New Orleans. 40 88 .317
National League.
Sew Y'6fk:T.4TT2fBoWoji rr :. f4 H8 443
rbLadelphia 74 46 .617 Brooklyn 53 70 'm
Chicago Tl 56 . Cincinnati ..54 7s 409
Pittsburg ..60 58 .532181. Louis 4S 84 .340
American League,
Philadelphia M 41 .8751 Ronton 62 62
Clerelaud ...77 51 6)1 : Detroit 56 71
Washington 60 58.5521 St. Ixinla 4K S3
Chicago 67 63 .5151 New York... 43 80
American Association.
Milwaukee .83 56 . 5971 St. Paul 83 74
Minneapolis 7ft 68 .672 Toledo 60 70
Columbus.. 80 2 .6631 Kansas City. 5 80
LouiSTlllsj . .78 61 .681 Indianapolis 63 84
Western Trl-State.
Boise 29 21 .680! N. Yakima. .24 26 4S0
Walla W" 11a 23 25 .600; Pendleton ...22 28 .44
American League Games.
At Boston: HUE
New York u g 0
Boston 4 7 4
Batteries Caldwell and Sweeney; An
derson and Thomas.
Umpires Connolly and Egan.
At Philadelphia: R h K
Washington j 8 3
Philadelphia 4 8 0
Batteries Groom. Johnson and Wen.
jjL; Brown, Bender and Schang.
vmpires Kvans and Ferguson.
Here's the Beer With the
Different Flavor
East 46
New Lightweight Springs Up
in Oregon Boxing Game and
His First Name Is Bud, Too,
Medfiird, Or, Sept. 4 Medford, the
city that made Hud Anderson famous,
is about to venture forth aain on the
puijllistic waters with Bud Uoyd as the
aspirant for Anderson's place In the
hearts of the Medford nports. Boyd
hHils from Los Angeles, and-will box
ten rounds next Thursday night with
Krankle Edwards of Oakland, t'al.
Dick Honalov -manager . oi Anderson,
will promote the bouts, having reorgan
ized the Medford Athletic club, the or
ganization before which Anderson paved
the way for his lights with Trott,
Brown, Mandot anil Cross.
Boyd Is working out dally In the
gymnasium of the club, and looks good
to the fans here. Edwards will arrive
tomorrow from .San Francisco and be
gin aotlve training.
Rarrieau Helps Welsh .
Vancouver, ii. C. Sept. 4. Freddie
Welsh, British lightweight champion,
his ankle now apparently as good as
ever, today added Ernie Barrleau, to
the corps of sparring partners with
whom lie is training for Ills comtiiK
fight with Willie Ritchie. Welsh had
done no boxing until yesterday since he
Injured his ankle. Yesterday exhibition
bouts at the Imperial rink, English hay,
with Eddie Moy. Bob Bracken and
Charlie Fattatn convlnred the many fans
who saw him perforin, however, that
he is again In perfect condition. Ititchie.
has gone up to the mountains for a
short rest, but will be back tomorrow
to resume training.
Al Palzer Knocked Out.
New York, Sept. 4. Through the
knockout here lust night of Al Palzer,
the Iowa giant, by Frank Moran of
Pittsburg, only four men remain In
the white hope ranks today who are
deemed worTTiy of note tJuriboaT
Smith. Jess W'lllard, Moran, and the
alleged title holder, Arthur Pclkey.
Palzer'fi finish came before a crowil
which jammed the .St. Nicholas Athletic
club. Moran, though .13 pounds lighter,
had forced the flRht nil the way. Palzer
went down in the third, again In the
sixth, and in the seventh round a right
lo the Jqw sent the hl fighter down
flat on hlsTace for the count.
JiU'k Johnson Hurts Hack.
London, Kept. 4. Jin-it Johnson, the
negro pugilist, sustiilned slight Injury
to his back here today when a taxlcab
collided with Ills automobile. The driver
of the taxlcab was nnested.
The taxlcab driver was remanded to
Jail without ball. The iiero's white
wife testified that physicians feared
Johnson's spine in seriously injured.
A.evedo to Meet Itlvers.
Kan Francisco, Kept. 4. Joe Azevedo
of Sacramento, the latest scrapper to
best. Ad W'olgast, in soon to go against
Joe Itlvers of Los Angeles, according U
reports here today. The Oaklirml
Wheelmen's club, before which Wol
gast and Azeveilo fought, already Is at
work on tVn October A upwlo- Rivers
match. The Los Apgelan Is said to be
The average golfer who follows the
play of some important test of,skill
between class players cannot help be
lng Impressed with the deadly accuracy
of the experts when once the putting
green has been closely approached.
There Is little or no lost motion In thair
operations of getting the ball dead to
the hole and then safely to the bottom
of the cup.
If the average player could by prac
tice, bring himself to go down in twi
from all distances up to say five yard
off the green, he would cut perhaps 10
and perhaps 15 strokes off his record
for the round. This Is Just about tli-i
requirement of winning, golf between
experts. The saved puts equalize tri
fling Irregularities on the way round, m
To the average player thq display of
such ability may seem an impossibility,
but It Is not, If he will but devote as
much practice to the short game as he
now does and has done In the past to
develop a straight drive down tho
course for 200 yards. A short approach
to the green or an approach putt counts
Juit the same In the total score for the
round as a full drive, -
There Is no especial Instruction that
can be given short of dilllgent practice
at trying to snuggle the ball closely up
to the pin with mldlfon. jigger, mashle.
or putter, mere us no royal road to to
Pacramento, Cal., Sept. 4. The
Wolves celebrated their return to their
home ground by a 2 to 1 victory over
the Angels. Perritt was on the mound
for the Angels and Stroud twirled for
the locals.
The locals scored their first run In
the fifth Inning on Lewis' double and
Shinn's single. These two hits tied the
rore, ts Los Angeles had scored In
the fourth Inning. The winning tally
was made In the seventh on Page's error
and singles by Lewis and Shinn.
The score:
Yoiinir aa.. fi O 4 3 . 2 0 2 0
Inls.lf... 3 1 1 Hi . .
Hhlnu.rf... 4 3 0 1' MeUger.3b. 4 111 1 Kllis.lf
1 0 1
2 0 13
3 2 0 0
4 12 0
4 1 12 0
3 0 2 6
3 0 0 0
3 2 1 (1
Moran. rf.. 2 11 ! Mowarfl, id.
IIalllnan.3b. 3
1 a z Howard, 0.
0 4 31 Page.2h
0 3 l Kmerer.rf .
0 18
K'wortby,2b 2
fheek.e.... 4
Stroud. p.. . 4
Perritt, p. . .
0 B
0 O
10 0 0
T.ul ....31 7 27 17
Total ....27 fi 24 15
B.itted for Metxger In ninth.
Los Angeles 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Hits 0 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 ,1
Snemmento 0 0 0 0 10 10 -2
Hit. 0 1 0 1 3 0 2 0 7
Huns Maggart. Lewis 2. Errors Tnge. Two
bane hits Howard. LewlJ. Sacrifice bits Meti
eer, Arbogast. Struck out By 1'errltt o, br
Stmiid 2. First on balls Off I'errlt 3, off
Stroud 2. Hit bv pitcher Kenwortbj 2. Moran.
Double plajs Stroud to Kenworthj-. Left on
buses Sacramento 11, Los Angeles 3. F.srned
runs Sicramento 1. Time 1:40. Umpires
Pbjle and llnnej.
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 4. The' 2:09
trot, which required seven heats to de
cide, a winner, was won by Fan Patch.
James W. finished second In the last
heat and Derby Boy was third. The
money was divided as follows: Kan
Patch first. James W. second, Ruth Me.
Gregor third and Derby Boy fourth.
One of the features of yesterday's pro
gram was the victory of Directum I over
a classy field of horses. Directum I
won In three straight heats. The best
time was In tbe last heat, 2:06U.
George Rex captured the 2:20 trot for
3-year-olds, winning the first and third
heats. The best time was made in the
third heat. 2:11.
t'heeney won the Capital City stake,
valued at $3000. Fleming's mount fln-
ialiedXLtllLjnJM.first heat and then
captured the next three heats
willing and anxious to test Azevedo's
punch, and the latter, after a few
weeks of theatrical "realizing'' on his
Wolgast win. will be ready to make
anottier bid for fame.
Watson to Meet Dalton.
MnrfcnnH Cal.. Sent. 4. "Red'' Wat
son and "Kid" Dalton are signed here
today to nox -u rounns Derore me jvtar
lcopa Athletic club Sept. 13 The win
ner may be matched with Joe Azevedo,
the Sacramento lightweight who defeat
ed Al Wolgast pt Oakland on Labor
From 105 to LiR't Heavyweight.
San Francisco, Sept. 4. Jumping in
a year and a half from the 105 pound
class, Willie Aleehan of San Francisco
will show here 'in a four-round bout
tomorrow night as a light-heavyweight
against Roy Kcnney, who has been
fighting In Australia with success.
Meehan has never tqken the count.
Other attractions will be Willie Rob
inson of San Francisco against K1J
Exposito, a Portland boy, and Eddie
Miller, a good bantam, against Maurice
Flynn of St. Louis.
curate approaching and putting. Salva
tion must be sought and attained by
faithful practice, backed by a deter
mination to get up or past the hole
every time.
When the player has made up his
mind that he must improve his short
game in order to accomplish what ambi
tion Induces him to seek, he must not
be dismayed If for round after round
bis ball persists In rolling yards past
the cup. In time, and as a matter of
fact. In a very short time he will bn
surprised to find that he has acquired
a delicacy of touch and control that ho
never before thought could be sectireJ.
On the shots from off the green 1st
him, first, consider them as simply elon
gated putts with midiron or putter. If
tho grass is rough off the green. It may
be necessary to give the ball a little chip
'at the start. Make the nshot with due
allowance for any slope or irregularity
In the surface of the green Just the same
as would be done with a longish. putt.
,There Is no easier Way for 'Improv
ing the play of the game than by saving
the strokes so ruthlessly thrown away
a;.the green sldend on the green it
self by the average player. When the
player Is confident of holding out In two
from any point on the green, the holes
where he gets down In ont putt through
accurate approaching close up to the pin
from off the green constitute the secret
of low scoring. STRAIGHT DRIVE.
If Rain Does. Not Fall Too
Heavily Grounds Will Be in
Shape for Today.
If the grounds clear up sufficiently
this afternoon there will be a ball game
befweeinhe "Portland C6Itr"andr"tha-SeR
attle Giants. Two games have been
lost .already by rain, and Judge Mo
Credle Is planning on a double header
for Sunday. Two more games remain
to be played off from the last series
here of the Seattle club, when they got
In but four of the seven scheduled
games. .One, of the postponed games
was played off at Seattle and unless
there is a double header Saturday more
of the games will have to be played off
In the Giants' new park on the next visit
north of the Equlnes.
Manager Nick Is sorry to see the
rain. He figured on stepping all over
Seattle this week In order to regain
some ground recently lost at the hands
of the Victoria and Vancouver clubs.
D. E. Dugdale, the Seattle baseball
magnate, la sending out Invitations for
the grand opening of the new Seattle
baseball park, Monday afternoon. Sep
tember 8, at 3 o'clock, Seattle and Spo
kane being the opposing teams. The
game will be preceded by an automobile
Harry Todd, whose real name Is Dr.
Henry Thlelman, dentist, has been re
leased by the Portland Colts. Todd
Joined the Beavers several months ago,
pitched end lobt one game and was then
turned over to the Colts, where he has
not had much success. Several ' years
ago he was a star pitcher with Jersey
City and was given a trial by the Brook
lyn club. Todd- came out to the coast
on a vacation and took up baseball to
pass the time. He will likely return
eutt to resume his practice.
Spokane gets another San Francisco
pitcher in the person of Frosty Thomas,
provided the San Francisco club can
get waivers. Thomas is known as one
of the hard luck pitchers of the league.
It seems that no matter how good a
game he pitches he Invariably has the
break against him. He has won 6 and
lost 10 games so far this season.
Reports from Philadelphia have It
that Jack Coombs wrenched his side
during batting practice on Labor day,
aftor having rejoined the White Ele
phants after a several months' absence
on account of Illness. The doctors say
he will ha'dly be In shape for the
world's series.
Bill Steen, the ex-Portlander, with
Cleveland, who was bumped out of the
box on his first start after- belng-eu
for a long spell with an injured hand,
bids fair to give the Naps a lot of help
In the la9t month of the American
league race. Bill la iald to be In pretty
good shape again.
National League Games.
At Brooklyn: First game R H E
Philadelphia 4 9 4
Brooklyn 3 5 3
Batteries Camnitz, Brennan and Kll
llfer; Pheffer and Fisher, Umpires
Brennan and Eason.
Second game
Score R, H.E.
Philadelphia 3 5 0
Brooklyn 6 7 2
Batteries Chalmers, Alexander and
Burns, Kllllfer; Ruelbach and McCarty.
Umpires Eason and Brennan.
At Pittsburg: R H E
Cincinnati 3 10 0
Pittsburg 1 9 0
Batteries Brown and Clark; Adams
and Simon.
Umpires Klem and Orth.
At St. Louis: R H E
Chicago 7 9 1
St. Louts .'.2 8 3
Batteries Watson and Bresnahap;
Treckell and Wlngo. Umpires Byron
and Quigley.
f A t New -York t
Boston 2 9 1
New York 1 1 0
Batteries Tyler and Raridan;
Mathewson and Meyers.
Umpires O'Day and Emslle.
Western League Results.
Denver 6, Lincoln 6.
Wichita 7, Topeka 6.
No other games scheduled.
nil I
! ill- j
take rsoM Lira1 ' '
Seven riders of the Portland-Seattle
and return endurance race finished with
perfect scores. It ia likely that an
other test, run will be held in the near
C. T. Hamilton of Seattle, who made
tho run from Seattle to Portland, fin
ished with a perfect score. He ia a
Seattle rider.
The scores of the various riders above
the 600 mark are:
H. E. Meads, Excelsior, score 1000;
Ed Berreth, Harley Davldaon, 1000; C.
A. Hunt, Excelsior, 1000; C. T. Hamil
ton, Excelsior. 1000; Dan Boone, Ex
celsior, 1000; C. C. Simmons, Excelsior,
1000; Carl Rose, . Excelsior, 1000; Guy
Vernon, Excelsior, 999; Bert Hedderly,
Haiity Davidson, 996; Harry Eaton, Ex
celsior. 992; Archie Rife, Harley David
son, 998; A. Klldahl, Eagle, 991; Victor
Carlson, Harley Davidson, 987; D. D.
Hull, Indian, 974; M. C, Webster, In
dian, 964; Gus Peppel, Excelsior, 963;
S-fl a v I V Exeels 1 op-i 4 74-J ov45haateen
Flying Merkel, 947; Zob Eppensteln,
Harlyy Davidson, 888; Page Williams,
Excelsior, 880; William R. Singletary,
Excelsior, 669, and John Carlson, Thor,
Spokane Wins Another.
Spokane, Wash.. Sept, 4. The Indians
gained another half game in the pen
nant race yesterday, defeating the Bees,
7 to 6. McCorry outpitched Narveson
and held Victoria to one run till the
eighth, when he was touched up for
four runs. Swain drove out anqther
home run, which makes his record for
the season 30. This equals Ping Bodie's
record of 1911 in the Coast league.
The Score: R. H. E.
Victoria 6 7 0
Spokane Til 1
. Batteries Narveson and Shea; Mc
Corry and Hannah. ,
American Association Results.
Columbus 9. Indianapolis S.
Louisville 10. Toledo 4.
St. Paul 1, Milwaukee 0.
Minneapolis-Kansas City game post
poned, rain.
Southern League Results.
Atlanta 4, Mobile 3.
Birmingham 9, Memphis 4.
Chattanooga 10, New Orleans 3.
Nashville 1, Montgomery 0.
Los Angeles, Sept. 4. Carelessness
of a flagman and a motorman's disre
gard of regulations caused the wrecK
at Vineyard station, on the Pacific
Electric railroad, July 13, in which 14
passengers met death, according to the
report on the-accident of the Interstate
corrfmeree commission which was made
public here today. Inspector Belknap
severely criticised the railroad company
and recommended the installation of an
automatic train control system.
There were 1011 fatalities on British
railroads last year, 69 less than the
year before.
Tho Best Food 'Drink
m m
9 Mnrsarsw amnnrnn
Avoid Imitations Take No Substitute
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form. More healthful than tea or coffee.
ForinfantinvaJidsandgrovvingcliildren. Agrees with the weakest dgestion.
Fenutrition.upbuildingthewholebody. Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Invigorates nursing mothers and the aged. A quick lunch prepared in a mjpitfej.
Order Your Fall Suit Now
My stock of Fall and Winter .
Woolens has arrived and I
am ready to take your order
Fall Suits
All my tailoring is done in
tary workshops, right above
and Stark streets.
Pasadena, Cal, Sept. 4. After months ' .
of preparation, accompanied by mishaps .
and hard luck 6f various sorts. Roy
Knabenshue mad a a successful flight
today in his huge passenger dirlgtbH
with which he proposes to Institute tho '
first regular aerial passenger servloa in ,
the United Statea from this city - w
nearby beach and mountain resorts. .
Knabenshue was accompanied by two
passengers and carried more than 2,000 u
pounds extra weight, representing what
his dirigible could do as a passenger '1
carrier. He rose about 800 feet, circbsd
around tile city for 20 minutes and
returned to his starting point.
Clerk Elopes With Heiress.
San Jose, Cal., Sept. 4. The marriage '
of Eli Mothersford, a Salinas clerk, to
Miss Bertha Gertrude Bardin of the
same place, heiress of more than 1 800,- ,
ooo. was the sensation in society circles
in this vicinity today. Mothersford and
Miss- Bardin slippedquietly. lntOSaa
IrtQ, t rr1 n r nyi(4 wrs wedded At fit. .
j j " r
Paul's Methodist church.
An Acid Test
Charlie Crawford, designer of one of :
America's most popular medium priced '
automobiles. Is vlBitlng Portland on ,a
testing tour, the first of the kind to
reuch the Pacific northwest. Mr. Craw-
ford has driven his test car more than J
0000 miles over every conceivable kind
of road. When the steepest hills were
encountered, the car was made to do all '
kinds of fancy stunts, such as backing -
. i . u . kill A eini le ,
any weak spots in the car. Mr. Craw-
ford is authority for the statement that n
lh. oi tu nno in 1 M t an vntA mnAiUnn 11
as the dav It left the factory. The
classified columns of The Journal are '
full of second-hand automobiles that '
have run not more than 6000 miles tha
can bebought at half their original colt. "
Have you looked at the many bargain
offered in the automobile section of the
classified pages today? Do it now, and
surely you will find Just the bargain you, t
want. j
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arosTH bahx statioh.
roBT&jurs, obeooit.
Lunch at Fountalao
mm : '
Portland, in my own sani- .
my premises, corner Sixth
Sixth and Stark