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Governor Marshall Formally Notified of His Nomination
Indianan Pledges Support to Platform Adopted at Baltimore
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Governor Thomas Marshall df Indiana, Democratic nominee for vice president, and! Mrs. Marshall.
VOV. XI. "NO. 142.
Rev. H. A. Green, Eugene, Or.,
Goes to Call Daughter and
Finds Her With Head Cut
Nearly Off.
Retired After Family Prayer,
Agreeing to Rise Early to
Do Housework.
(Special to The Journal.
Eugene, Or., Auk. 20. When Rev. H,
A. Green went upstairs to call to breuk
fast his 12-year-old daughter- Mildred
thlt morning and looked Into her bed
room ho beheld her lying with her head
cut almost off. Without his having
heard u Bound during the t night, some
one hud enterud the child'' bedchamber
and cut her throut clear across with a
raacr or sharp knife.
The perpetrator of a crime that has
horrified Eugene beyond description
then departed as he came, noiselessly
and without leaving apparently any
trace. The murder had been committed
several hours when Hev. Mr. Green went
upstairs at 8 o'clock this morning The
body was already culd.
Kev. Air. Gietn is pastor of the Bap
tist church and resides at 668 West
Sixth street. He and Mildred having
been living nlone recently, for three of
the older children are visiting at Mc
Gregor, Iowa, having left here for Iowa
in July. The child's room was directly
above her father's.
Nothing downstairs or upstairs was
disturbed, indicating that no robbery
was committed.
Hot a Trace Is Left.
The police and sheriff's forces, which
are working together, are at a loss for
a clew. They have examined the premises
thoroughly but have been unable to
find the least trace of any finger marks
of blood or of any footprints in the rear
yard that might lead to any clew. They
have vlKlted the railway construction
crews nearby with the hope of learning
something of the crime among the
many foreigners at work In and around
the city, but no satisfaction has been
gained thereby. . ,
Prys Sefoce Betiriag lion.
t,MV night When Rv.r Oren and
Ills daughter retired after Baying their
prayers together In the living " room,
after an evening spent in the house, she
j)laj'lnc. tfce..pLn. .jind he reading, hg
little dreamed what fate awaited his
daughter and today is prostrated with
grief. His wife died here several years'
ago and Mildred, his youngest child,
was his favorite. The three others,
Paul, Khoda and Lois, at McGregor,
Iowa, visiting relatives, have been no
tified and liaVe replied that they will
at once start for home. Rev. Mr. Green
when seen at the home this forenoon
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Total Amount Subscribed Now
Is $718,75; Oregon Making
Good Showing, .. -
Contributions to the .WUsbn Fund.
Previously acknowledged $688.25
A Democrat, Portland '26.00
John .Van Zante, Portland 6.0U
Blind man and niece. Woodburn.. .50
Total $718.75
The campaign for the election of Wil
son and Marshall has taken an early
Start, reports from the eastern head
quarters -Showing the Wilson forces are
far ahead In the preparations they have
made. It is the desire of the managers
to keep In this pDsitlon all the way
through. . y
To do this funds are necessary. Bills
must be paid to maintain headquarters,
send out literature and get the speakers
under way, and bills are not being paid
by the corporations this time. An east
ern dispatch says a surprisingly large
number of small contributions are being
Some of these are coming from The
Journal's fund. This Is being augment
ed from day to day and the money Is
going forward to help In the early ex
penses, when funds count the most.
A conalderftWa' portion has com from
outside Portland, and the letters that
often come with the money Bhow that
the spirit of work is abroad.
Contributions should be forwarded to
The Journal, accompanied by a coupon
clipped from the first page of the paper
end properly filled out, so credit may
be given for every sum received.
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
Herewith I inclose. .for the Woodrow Wilson cam
paign fund. " .
-- (ADDRESS) ...
Mail this coupon, with your contribution enclosed, to The Journal, "Wll
ion Campaign Puna, JPortlftnd, Or. CUeoks should he wade parable to The
Hearing Before Governor West
on ' Appeal of Dismissed
Guard Officers Brings Out
New Facts.
(Special to The Journal.)
Salem, Or,. Aug. 20. Admitting that
he had made no investigation ot the
condition of the men of the Second Bat
talia a O. N. G., whose officers have ben
mustered out for mutiny when they re
fused to march from Gate, Wash,, to
Oakvllle, Colonel Poorman, commander
of the Third Infantry, defended his
stand in voting to dismiss the accused
men by saying he was so thoroughly
possessed of facts that he didn't need
to make an investigation.
In the hearing being held today of
the cases of five dismissed officers of
the Second Battalion, Colonel Poorman
was the only witness at tae morning
session. District Attorney John Mc
Nary is representing th accused men
and is conducting the examination in
their behalf.
Colonel Poorman said the men had
breakfasted at Oakvllle about 5:15 a. m.
and had cleared camp at 5:80. The
Second and Third battalions comprised
the advance guard, thus being engage!
more nctlvaly than the main body of
troops. " - -
After covering a distance of four and
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A (Salom Bureau of The Journal.)
!3alem, Or., Aug. 20. Nearly
4 4000 more automobiles are reg-
4 lstered In Oregon this. year than
were registered in 1911. The
1912 registration will reach 10,-
4 250 and last year it was 6300.
There are 1650 chauffeurs regls-
tered this year as against 1500
If last year.
Secretary of State Ben Olcott
today gave the order for the new
A automobile tags for 1913. The
A tags will be of aluminum with
A black letters. The aluminum
a will bj strengthened with a wire
band. The tags have been sub
a- mitted to many automobllists In
A the state, who say they are the
4 nicest ones the state has yet se-
lected. The chauffeur's badge
next year will be In the form of
a shield.
', ,
'' '
-:; . fyS' 'AA
v-i: Vakj ' -'
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J7A ' ' I ta
' ' .r,-- w Miftsi ' nir
Indiana Executive Formally Told of His Choice for Vice Pres
idency by Democratic Natiorml Convention; Judge
Parker Bearer of Word Wilson Is Absent.
(United Tress las4 Wlrs.)
Indianapolis, Aug. 20. In ths prs
fiM ol nundred of promlne- Demo
crats, Governor Thomas E. Marshall of
Indiana was today formally notified
here of his nomination for the vice pres
idency of the United States. Marshall
rspUeflJferisflSV pledging Jitaupportjo
the Baltimore platform.
Governor Woodrow Wilson of New
Jersey, the Democratic presidential nom
inee, and William F. McCombs, chair
man of the Democratic national commit
tee, were unable to attend. Governor
Marshall was formally notified by Judge
Alton B. Purker of New York, who was
temporary chairman of the Baltimore
convention. The ceremonies were held
on a platform erected In front of the
Democratic club.
Judge Parker was Introduced to the
gathering by .Samuel Ralston, Demo
cratic candidate for governor of In
diana. After the ceremonies the notifi
cation committee and other distin
guished guests attended a reception at
the home of Governor Marshall.
Speech of Acceptance.
Governor Marshall said:
"Permit me to say that It is not my
purpose on this occasion to present de
tails. I wish merely to present some
general observations clothed In home
spun language In the belief that they
mov Via nf valno lii ""ffxlfiir tli onfhlon
and determining the conduct of - the In
telligent voter this year.
"It will be well for the voter to clear
up some hazy definitions. We have fori
1ST j- ShSk
many years been entertaining a belief
founded upon no fact whatever, that
Democracy and Republicanism repre
sent different Ideas of government.
The Republican has looked upon the
Democrat as a man opposed to the gov
ernment. The Democrat has looked
upon the Republican as a man opposed
to .the peoplala- r.ula.ajid,.ln fa.vnr
tocratlc sway. It Is time for us . to
remember that Democracy is not a sys
tem of government. Indeed, Democ
racy may find its expression In any one
of numerous systems.
Two Boles Differ.
"The rule of the people is not essen
tially rule by the people. By their
votes, even when Democracy has un
folded to full manhood suffrage, the
people "may have a monarchical form
of government The people's rule does
not depend upon the. number of votes
nor necessarily upon the system of
government under which they vote.
Good or bad government must go back
to good or bad citizenship, to Intelli
gent or Ignorant, to honest or dishon
est electors. I venture the assertion
that If the electoral franchise were now
granted to all the citizens of Russia,
the Little Father would again be
orowned in Peter's City.
"American Democracy In Its purity
was intended to mean, and I believe
does mean, something more than voting,
something more than selecting officers.
Like the sunlight, we cannot see It, yet
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Three Cent Fare Measure and
One Reducing Minimum
Monthly Rate on Gas, Elec
tricity Effective in 30 Days.
P. R., 1. & P. CO. TO FIGHT
Owl Car Measure Is Not Yet
Signed by Mayor Rush
light. Mayor Rushlight at noon today signed
the Magulre "straphangor" ordinance
and the Clyde ordinance reducing the
minimum monthly rate on gas and elec
tricity from )1 to 50 cents. Both meas
ures will, therefore, become effective
30 days from this date. . President
Josselyn of the Portland Railway, Light
& Power company, has already " an
nounced that he will fight the meas
ures In the courts. "
Tne Magulre ordinance was passed at
last Wednesday's session of the city
council amidst the acclaim of hundreds
of the populace who thronged the gall
ery and floor of the council chamber.
The ordinance provides for a 3 cent cash
fare for passengers who can not obtain
a seat on street cars, or for a 2V4 cent
fare If the passenger purchases a book
of 100 tickets for J2.50. Two such
tickets entitle the passenger to a seat.
If passenger gets on a car where no
seats are available he, pays 3 cents In
cash or one ticket and is entitled to take
the first vacant seat thereafter without
payment of any additional fare.
The Clyde ordinance, reducing the
minimum rate charged to consumers of
gas and electricity, is intended to help
the small householder. It was passed
by unanimous vote of the council.
The mayor has not yet signed the
Monks "owl" car ordinance. lie be
lieves this measure contains a few min
or defects and is Investigating the ord
inance before deciding as to whether to
sign or veto It.
Frank Baunvacrts, Who Murdered Portland Widow and Girl of The
Dalles, Will Bo One of Those Hanged on Friday, September 13, Ex
ecutive Finds Not Enough Signatures on Petition Decrying Capital
(United rtei'i Leased Wire.)
Sacramento. Cal.. Aug. 20. Because
the agitation for the abolition of the
death penalty in California failed to en
list more than a few thousand signatures
to the petition seeking to make hang
ings impossible henceforth, Governor
Hiram JohnBon announced today that all
of the seven men whom he had re
prieved from time to time because of
the existence of this petition, must die.
He declared that he had no other alter
native and that the law must be en
forced. Alexander"' SzaTscar and George Fl
gueroa are under sentence to be hanged
at San Quehtih September 6, the week
Just preceding the celebration of Ad
mission day; Willie Luis, a Chinese;
William Burk and Prank Baurwaerts
are to die Friday, September 13; Charles
Carson, whose sanity has been denied by
the warden and prison guards, is to give
Mayor Rushlight and Chief of
Police Slover Among Those
Who Would Be Glad to See
Governor Take Hand
If Conditions Demand It, Then
Let Light Be Turned on,
They Declare.
Portland city officials wjll welcome
Governor West and hlsa"vlce fighting"
squad, according to their statements
when Informed this afternoon of the
chief executive's intention. District At
torney Cameron and Chief of Police
Slover say they will help the governor
all they can, and will welcome his
tightening up of the moral situation If
he really, finds that It Is In need of
Sheriff Stevens Is In Salem today, but
Information from his office is that no
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(United Frrn Lcssod Wire.)
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 20. Fifty
persons were Injured There this after
noon when a grandstand filled with spec
tators at the notification of Governor
Marshall of his nomination for the vice
presidency on the Democratic ticket col
lapsed. Three hundred parsons occupied
the stand, but no one was fatally In
jured. A stampede followed, and a
number of others were Injured In the
up his life September 20, and Ed Wil
liams Is under sentence to be hanged
September 27.
-veral Others Await Noose,
These are only the men whose sen
tences have been reprieved. There are
five or six others awaiting execution,
whose hope of securing commutation to
lil'9 imprisonment is shattered by the
governor's decision.
Governor Johnson has at no time ex
pressed any sympathy with the move
ment to abolish capital punishment
When Governor West of Oregon de
clared, last January, that no man
s hould hang In that state while, ha was
Its chief executive the New York news
papers wired the California governor
for confirmation of a report that he
would take similar action. He said
then that he would not set aside the
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Says He's Prepared to Shake
State's Chief City to Its
Foundations Unless Law' Is
Enforced at Once.
If They Take It, Well and Good
-If Not, He May Ask..
Resignations. ';
(Salem Bureau of The Journal,)
Salem, Or., Aug. 20. Routing vie
from Its haunts in Redmond and Hunt-'
ington has been but preliminary to the
real fight Governor West Is preparing -In
his law enforcement campaign, ile
is now ready to tackle the biggest Job
In the state. The next town on his lht
Is th,clty of Portland. -.
Last night the city council of Red
mond teiographed the governor that Uiw
resignations of Mayor Jones and City
Marshal HcClay had been accepted ftml
new officials would be appointed. Jus-.'
tlce of the Peace Woods at Huntington
also resigned immediately, so the state
Is cleaned for new action. t , ,
When asked today where he would
strike next, the governor said:
I'm going to clean up Portland neat."
He said he did not refer merely to
madhouses, but to the city Itself, ile
said ho did not care to discuss his plans,''
except to say he war prepared to shaku
the metropolis to Its foundations unless
tha laws were enforced there.
It is to be presumed that his line of
procedure will not vary greatly from'
his attacks on smaller places. This" '
being true, the matter of law enforce
ment will undoubtedly be put squarely
up to Mayor Rushlight and Chief of
Police Slover, as well as Bhertff Stev r.
ens and county officials. In his cam
paigns the governor also never "over-1
looks the district attorney's office.. -. .
If these officials do not respond to '
his demands it. is not at all unlikely
that the governor will demand their
resignations under threat of putting tho.
city under martial law. It la believed,
he has been gathering evidence on Port-,
land for some time, as he has made U '
a practice to be well prepared for every',
showdown that might arise before open
ing fire ra a oity.' ' ' k ,',.
M. F. Jones Gives "Object Les-
son for Other Towns" in
Statement to Journal.
(Telegraphed to The Journal by 11 F.
Jones, resigning mayor of Redmond,
Or.) . -
Redmond,' Or., Aug. 20. In regard to
the present trouble In Redinond in which
the goTeraor-Tsrs"laKehInT star "part"
in the cast, a few lines In explanation
of the causes may be an object lesson7
to other towns who are looking' for the
same kind of notoriety Redmond hat
been receiving for a few days.
The present trouble started at th
general election In November, 1910, when
Crook county voted wet. Redmond at
this time was the fountain-head of the
dry element and published a paper here
ealled the Citizens' Call, which stopped
after being sued for libel. At the city
election held In Redmond tn December, -1910,
I received 96 votes against 84
vote3 cast for the airtight candidate.'
Things quieted down after this elec
tion and took a new lease of life after
the arrival of Rev. J. M. Cramshaw,
whom Portland may remember from his
scrap with another preacher over Bora
land deal.
Council Hot Asked for View. ,1
After our governor had expressed his
views In regard to methods of municipal
control, he was appealed to for his as
sistance. For answer, he Immediately,
rushed into print telling the pubU
what he Intended to do to Redmond,
without asking for any opinion from th
city council, officers of the Commercial
club, business men, or inquiring Just
how large a faction in Redmond were
A short time after the above dates the
governor passed through Redmond on.
horseback on his trip to Idaho, and re
ceived no recognition here,fronvths
Commercial club officers or cltjr of,1
I will leave the readers of The Jour
nal to- be the Judge from the following
statement of facts as to the fairness
or justice of Governor West's wild west
program, for without the governor's
support the smalt number of sooalleOi
reformers here could do ths town very,
little harm.
Absence of Crime Alleged,
Since my election down to date there,
has not been a case.of felony front,
Redmond reported to the grand Jury.
Not a single case has been reported to
either, the recorder or Justice of the
peace; of. any one being robbed In any
game of chance. The minor mlsdemean-,
ors and cases of drunkenness have num.
bered Just seven. Where arrests and
trials 'were had In the recorder's court.
' Redmond was the . headquarters t
over a year during this time for. the
contractors of ths .Oregon Trunk rail
way and the men were alt paid off hr.
Faro wheels, games or sltt macliliff
have' never been .operated here.
From the above statement this io:
I rr-
' (Continued on I'M :.....),
. 4
I S ) ii