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All the Principal Events of the Week Briefly Sketched for
fhe Ediffcation of Journal Readers Foreign, Eastern,
Political and Congressional News Notes to Be Pre-
" served for Reference.
GOVGRES8 got down to actual work
this week and accomplished per-
. haps , more than during any one
week of the present session. Most of
' IU work, however, was nullified by
IYealdent Taft, who vetoed three lm-
Jwirlant measures the wool tariff re
: vision bill, the atcel bill and the legis
latlv. executive and Judiciary bill. The
wool and teel vetoes were overridden
by V-n house, but the president was sus
lfll! hifl jeto flf the suppy .sieaaure,
and It la considered certain that the
' enat will sustain all three vetoes.
' - The senate has passed the house cot
ton bill by a vote of 36 to 19. A substi
tute measure by Senator La Follette
waa defeated. 46 to 14. As passed by
the Mnate, an amendment was carried
: recalling all of the Canadian reciprocity
act, except the wood pulp and print pa
.per. provision.
. Recause of the large sum of money
' Used tn-W election, the house has un
seated Representative Catlin of Mls-
' sour! and seated Patrick F. Gill, his
i Democratic opponent. v
, Sen iter La Follette created a sensa
tion In the senate last Monday when he
JlrfiberatffTy charged postofric officials
with rifling his mall In an attempt to
' delve Into an Investigation he was mak-
v Inff Into the postal service. Department
fficla!s characterize- the charge as "ab-
surd and ridiculous"
Finding no ground of compromise be
tween th house and senate bttl. con
t ferces on the sugar tariff measure have
: reported a disagreement. This action
Is ep"cted to mark the end of sugar
tariff consideration at this session.
y v The house elections commute') inves
tigating the contest between Rppresen-
. tatlve Dowman of the Eleventh Penn
sylvania district and George IX. Mc-1
Lean. l:as prepared a report recom
mending Mr. Bowman's unseating, on
' the groiind of large expenditures In his
- election.
""' " The annual postoffiee appropriation
bill was passed by the sennte Tuesday
night. As It goes back to the house. It
- -contains some restrictions upon the
, right of postal employes to join outside
organizations, and an entirely new sys
" tern Of parcels post, based on the "ione
plan." wfth varying rates for varying
7 j The senate on Wednesday passed the
'pension appropriation bill, carrying
160,on,0,oO0. wli; a- provision nbolish-
Ing all pension agendas January 81,
1913. T'ie bill was Kent to the house,
passed by that body Thursday, and
' signed by the president, thus making
r the appropriation Immediately avail
' ; able. .
. The . report -of the house committee
- which Investigated the Florida Ever-i
glides land charges, exonerates BecreT
ary .Wilson, but Assistant Secretary
:Havs com In fer adverse criticism,
and the report hints that impeachment
proceedings were narrowly escaped.
The conference committee has reached
sn agreement on the Panama canal' ad-tilnlitraian-
MO, In which free passage
in denied to American owned ships en
grd tn foreign trade; foreign ship
building materials are admitted free of
' tnrlff; trust owned: ships are prohibited
" frem ne'ng the canal, and railroads are
j.rv'liiblied from owning competing wa-.,-
terv llnea.
If t'f! program as planned by the last
TVufiVtlc caucus Is carried out, pro-
. Ittia JfJt .wif UHphlwllI bo. made
in Ui.uuvai blllnjaud an effort will be
mads to hars tha warship to bs author
ized the largest and most formidable
fighting craft ever laid down.
The army bill, carrying $94,000,000,
was passed by the senate Thursday
night. The provisions objected to by
the pfefetdenl, and which caused Its
veto, were eliminated.
The senate has passed a bill placing
at the disposal of Luther liurbank 12
sections of semi-arid land for the propa
gation of spineless cacti. If the land
proves suitable It will be eold to him
for SI. CO an acre.
The fur seal treaties with Japan,
England and "Russia for the protection
of seals In the Prlbyloff islands have
been made effective by the senate. A
provision was placed in the bill pro
hibiting land killing on the Islands for
10 years.
The bill creating a commission, on In
dustrial relations to Investigate labor
conditions and the relations of employ
ers and employes. Is (Vow a law, It hav
ing passefd the senate Friday.
PRESIDENT TAFT was relentless
this week In the use of the veto
po rcr, returning to the house with
his disapproval .the wool tariff revision
measure, the steel bill and the legisla
tive, executive and Judicial appropria
tion bill. To tha wool and steel bills
his objections were that they had been
prepared without ample study and
would be disastrous to the industries
affeeted. He opposed the appropria
tion bill because of its amendments to
abolish the commerce court and limit
the tenure of office of civil service em
ployes to seven years. x'
The president has commuted to life
Imprisonment the death sentence of
Mattie Ixiniax. a negro woman convict
ed In Washington of murdering -her hus
band. Secretary Knox has left "Washington
for Japan, where he "Will attend the fu
neral of the late emperor as the special
representative of tHeCnlted States. He
will be accompanied by Rear Admiral
It Is "said the administration is plan
ning to reward Colonel Goethals, build
er of the Panama canal, which he re
ports will be so far finished next March
that he win relinquish the work. As
soon as he leaves the canal he Is to be
promoted to brigadier general and then
elevated to major general, and made the
next chief of staff of the army.
Oeneral Leonard Wood, chief of staff,
has submitted to Representative Haw
ley tentative plans and detailed esti
mates for making Vancouver barracks
a brigade po?t. The necessary expense
aggregates $1,160,000 for Infantry and
$1,168,000 for cavalry.
In a statement made public Tuesday,
Secretary of the Navy Meyer assailed
the naval policy of the Democrats of
the house of representatives ,and de
clared that jjndflr the present program
the I'nlted States will take fifth place
in two years.
. President Taft has removed from of
fice Vf.K. Landls; postmaster at San
Juan, Porto RicOi charges having
reached the White House that Landis
was neglecting his duties.
Secretary of the Treasury Mao Veagh
has requested, "for the good of the serv.
ice," the resignation of Louis P. Bry
ant, surveyor of customs at New Or
leans. Bryant declares the request is
the result of bis active support of Colo-'
jjel poppevelt,
President TafThaa sent to" the senate
!SULUUJ.!LSfi - - ii. L it.
tha nomination of Jacob O. Schurman,
president of Cornell university, to be
minister from, the United States to
Greece and Montenegro, and that of
Christopher Kalahan to be receiver of
public moneys at Vancouver, Wash.
The state department has ordered an
Trnmeaiate' TiiVestlgattmr-iof fh "tepotT
that William Bruce MacMaster, Ameri
can vlee consvl at Cnrtagena, Colombo,
has been murdered. The crime Is be
lieved to have been the work of rebels.
AT a conference of progressive Re
publicans In Washington, In which
Senators La Follette, ,Gronna of
North Dakota, Borah of Idaho, 'Kenyon
of Iowa, and others took part, the form
of a statement was agreed upon which
gives -reasons why La Follette follow
ers should jef use to lesve the .RepubJi
ran party and join the third party
At a mass meeting called to welcome
to San Francisco Governor Johnson on
the occasion of his return-, from the
Progressive party convention in Chica
go, the California governor was hailed
as the party's logical candidate for pres
ident, four years hence.
The Republican nomination for gover.
nor of Idaho under the recent primary
goes to John M. Haines of Boise, who
has a majority of IS votes over tPaaf
Clagstone. When' urged to run for the
office on a third party ticket, Clagstone
answered that he entered the race as a
straight out and out Roosevelt Progres
sive and would abide by the result.
At a conference of Progressive leaders
in Seattle It was decided that a third
party ticket with candidates for all
congressional, state' and county offices
shall be put In the field by the Pro
gressive party In Washington. Septem
ber 10 Is the date for the contention.
Returns from Alaska Indicate the re
election of James Wlckersham as dele
gate to congress.
Chairman Hllles of the national Re
publican committee, has announced the
names of the advisory board of the com
mittee. William Barnes Jr.. chairman
of the Republican state committee of
New York, Is chairman of the board.
Accused of showing "prejudice and
bias" and of using "every fair and un
fair means" In the conduct of her of
fice, Mrs. M. A. Hall, superintendent of
'chools of Plumas county, California. Is
racing the recall.
Division In the Republican county
central committee of San Francisco was
accentuated this week when the "regu
lar" Republican members held a meet
ing, declared vacant the seats of 39 Pro
gressives and selected their successors.
The Taft Republican state convention
at Dallas, Texas, has nominated C. W.
Johnson of Oroham, for governor.
Chairman Hillos, of the Republican na
tional committee, has Just given out his
first forecast of the November election.'
Without giving Roosevelt a single elec
toral vote, ha concedes 114 to Wilson,
claims 384 for President Taft and re
gards 34 as doubtful. The number re
quired to elect Is 267.
In his testimony before the senate
campaign fund investigating committee,
ex-Governar Odoll stated that . E. H,
Harrlman raised $240,000 for the cam
paign of 1904, at the request of Colonel
Roosevelt, and turned it over to' the Re
publican national committee. Roosevelt
denies the statement and Intimates that
Odell Is "dishonest and untruthful."
Woodrow Wilson made his first
speech of the campaign at Gloucester,
N. J., Thursday. He spoke at a picnic
and was listened to by thousands of
farmers. He attacked the doctrlrta of
protection, declared It an Imposition up
on the consumers and a foo to tha pros
perity of the farmer.
John B. Gleed. a negro, has been ap
pointed ajnambr. ol tba provisional
Progressiva party stata committee; and
will take charge of a campaign among
the negroes of New York state.
Paul A. Ewart, assistant to Attorney
General Wlckersham, has resigned to be
free to support Roosevelt for president
Commercial and Industrial
FOREIGN steamship companies are
beginning to feel the effects of
China's maritime awakening. Dr.
Sun Tat Sen has put himself to the
task of commercial reform, and steam
ship lines and railways connecting tha
Interior of China with coast porta have
been undertaken with vigor. It Is said
that Chinese In the United States, Mex
ico and South America hava already
subscribed half of the capital of $10,
000,000 for the organization of a new
line between San Francisco and Hong
kong to compete with tha Japanese
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
has sold to a syndicate the block on
Broadway, New York, on which Its old
building stood that was destroyed by
fire last winter. The syndicate, headed
by General T. Coleman Dupont, will
erect a 86 story building on the site
which, will be the horns of the Equit
able society;
An order for a rehearing In the cases
of tha railroad commissioners of Ore
gon vs. the O.-W. R. & N. and the Na
tional Woolgrowcrs' association vs. the
Oregon Short Line has bean ssued by
the interstate commerce commission,
the rehearing to be held in Denver Sep
tember 16. ,
fhe first unit of the project in the
short space of 18 months proving such
a success, the Willamette Valley Irrlga
tion Land 'company has decided to
increase the capital stock from $100,000
to $200,000.
Railroad men are predicting a short
age of cars for the removal of the enor
mous crop expected this fall. It Is
stated that the visible supply of cars
Is 60,000 short of the expected demand.
It is shown that the wheat ;crop of
Kansas will be approximately 60,000
carloads greater than It was last year,
and that the crop of the northwestern
states will amount to nearly 100,000
more carloads than in 1911.
Live beef was sold at the stock yards
in Chicago this week at $10.60 per hun
dredweight, tha highest price on record.
DAVENPORT, Iowa, claims the
youngest mother In medical his
tory She is an 11-year-old girl,
who gave birth last Monday to a
healthy 8Vi pound child.
Julius Rosenwall of Chicago, who
was 60 years old last Monday,'- made
birthday gifts amounting to $687,500.
Charity and education received the en
tire sum. Chicago university, Hebrew
Institute, schools for negroes, the Chi
cago Tuberculosis sanitarium and the
T. M. C. A. were the Institutions aided.
The scho&l census -of Chicago, Just
completed, shows the total number of
minors in the city to be 882,516. Ac
cording to the count, there are only 167
children over 12 years pf age who are
unable to read or write either English'
or -some other language.
In an Interview at Southampton, L. I.,
Cardinal Gibbons compared race suicide
with the slaughter of theHSMsMnis by
King Herod. "Race suicide," he said,
"is a inotit Inhuman practice, and one
which wantonly sacrifices the human
race. It Is a violation of the laws of
nature and defeats the ends and. alms
Of divine providence."
In gratitude for being cured. ftf a
cJironla. case, of . stomach- trasAtjTaad
having bis appetite restored, "Diamond
1 District Attorney Charles "W. Whitman of New York, who Is conducting the police graft Investigation
that Is the outcome of the Roseh the efforts of Mr. Whitman thatnthal murder. It Is largely throug
the - inquiry has "proceeded to Its -present stage; -
2Governor Hiram Johnson of California, rice presidential nominee of the Progressive party, photographed
in Chicago during the bull moose convention.
3 Mrs. J. Borden Harrlman of New York at her desk. Mrs. Harrlman Is at the head of the Women's Na
tional Wilson and Marshall organization which Is working In the interest of the Democratic ticket
4 Wireless operator, doing field duty with: the Blue army. In the eastern army . maneuvers.
5 Cornelius Vanderbllt in the uniform of a colonel of militia, photographed on his way to Join his regi
ment for the army maneuvers.
6 (Copyright by International News Service) Governors Wilson and Marshall photographed at Sea Girt
with the Democratic notification committee.
7 Lieutenant Gelger of the United States army aviation corps, detailed for duty In the great eastern
war game.
gScene without the Astor manslonln New York showing group awaiting news of the condition of Mrs. John
jBcoIr Astor1 and her- baby-. -
Jim" Brady of New York has donated
$220,000 to Johns H,opklns hospital at
John Jacob Astor, the fifth Astor of
that name, was born at New York Wed
nesday morning to the widow of Colo
nel John Jacob Astor, who heroically
lost his life on April 14 In the wreck
of the Titanic.
Miss Jane Addams Is being severely
criticised by sociologists - and charity
workers for her, activity in the Roose
velt caussj, it being claimed that no one
who permits the use of her name with
any great non-political work should
Identify herself with any -political
party. For thia reason Miss Mabel T.
Boardman, president of tha National
Red Cross,, has refused to. conduct the
woman's work for tha reelection . of
President Taft.
According to health officials of vari
ous eastern cities, Infantile paralysis
Is being traced to common house cats.
Well developed cases In cats have been
discovered In Springfield, Mass. Tho
health officer In Chit-ago declares there
are 3,000,000 cats In that city, and rec
ommends their extermination.
Legal and Criminal
IN SING SING prison, New York, last
Monday, seven murderers wero elec
trocuted, .the largest number to suf
fer the death penalty by electricity
on ona day since tha electric chair was
adopted. Ona had killed a policeman,
ona was a wife murderer and five had
been convicted of the murder of Mra.
JJary Hall last November.
D. D. Williams of Benson, Arls., a
railroad conductor,, Is under arrest, 'n
Los Angeles on a charge of having opi
um in his possession. Customs offi
cials seized 300 five-tael tins of the
drug valued at $22,000.
Sam Bchepps. who acted as paymas
ter to the gunmen who killed Herman
Rosenthal, the New York gambler, was
apprehended at Hot Springs, Ark., and
returned to New York. It Is understood
he is anxious to make complete confes-"
slon In return for immunity.
Huntington Is seething over a mur
derous assault on Mrs. William Bar
clay, one of tha most highly respected
women in the city; She was alone tn
her home and In bed when the intruder
entered, and the assault was exceed
ingly brutal. Posses with bloodhounds
are hunting the fiend.
In an apartment house at Venice,
Cel., was found ths dead body of 8-
year-old. Vivian Greenfield, with her
throat cut from ear to ear with a razor.
Her stepfather, Charles E. Greenfield,
was arrested ind, -confessed ths deed,
aylnsMbe-gtTtwantdta 4lerthat tha
two bad entered Into a suicide pact, but
he had been unable to kill himself.
Accused of killing Cedron Land, a
white boy, T. Z. Cotton, a 16-year-old
negro, was taken from Jail at Columbus,
Ohio, by a mob of 40 men and lynched.
A suit filed in Los Angeles against
tha Santa Fe railroad for alleged viola
tion of the long and short haul clause
of tha stata constitution, Is said to be
the most voluminous ever filed In the
history of Jurisprudence. The mere
complaint comprised 16,000 pages of
separate charges, and piled up, paper on
paper, the lawsuit stood mora than
four feet high.
At the frontier celebration at Chey
enne, Wyo., Bert Rogers of North
Platte attempted to rub a feather tick
ler in the face of a young woman and
was stabbed through the heart by the
woman's escort.
Determined to rid the police force of
graft and blackmail, a mass meeting
of 4000 citizens at Cooper Union In
New York appointed a vigilance com
mittee of prominent men and women to
see that tie public officers now en
gaged In exposing the alliance of the
police with crime do their full duty.
District Attorney Whitman has se
cured the statements from banks that
Lieutenant Becker had deposited $62,-
345 In the last six months on a salary
of $185 a month.
When a Southern railway train ar
rived at Ashevllle, N. C, Thursday
night It was found that a robber had
entered the express car, stole $3000,
bound the messenger and locked him lft
ths express chest, and then escaped.
At Edmonton, Alberta, Philip Mc
Eachern, whose duties required him to
work at night, returned home at 6:30
o'clock Thursday morning and found
his wife lying dead on' the floor with
a bullet hole through her head. There
was a ullet hole' through the screen
door and in ths wall opposite the bul
let was found.
Tha dynamiting cases will be called
Seeley's Spermatic Shield Truss,
as Fitted to the Czar of Russia
and now used and approved by the Uni
ted States Government, will not only re
tain, any case of rupture perfectly, af
fording immediate relief, but also closes
the opening in 10 days on the average case.
If you can't come send for descriptive
literature. ----- .
Truss Experts and Exclusive Agents
In tha federal court at Indianapolis en
October 1. United States Senator Kant
has been engaged as ona of tha counsel
for the 54 defendanta.
Bernard C. Murphy, son of a former
fir commissioner of Hartford, Conn., -has
confessed to having set fir to S9
hotels and public buildings in Con
necticut and Massachusetts in tha last
four months, causing a loss of nearly
A band of robbers secured $72,009 by
tunneling through the celling of a bass
ment room, then cutting through tha
steel floor of a vault of a bank in New
York. -
THE post of adviser to tha new re
public of China has been offered
to William Rockhlll, ths American
ambassador at Constantinople It la
thought that Admiral Lord Charles
Beresford, the retired British navsl
commander, will be appointed naval ad
viser to the Chinese government
Thirty-six soldiers add mora than 20
passengers were slaughtered last Sun
day by Zapatistas In a canyon 110 miles
southeast of Mexico City when a south
bound passenger train was attacked
from ambush. After the murderous
rifle fire had ceased the rebels swarmed
downj tha hillside and set ftra to tha -train,
burning to death many of tho
For reasons of ill' health and to pre
vent a possible fanatlo outbreak, Mulai
Hafld, the sultan of Morocco, has volun
tarily abdicated the thrwna and Mulal
Youssef, bis brother, has bean pro
claimed. Panic reigns In Nicaragua. Managua,
the capital, has been fired upon by tha
rebels and many women and children
wounded. The government has Issued a
proclamation warning the people to
leave tha city and many are heeding
the advtca. Bluejackets from tha gun-
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Seeley's Spermatic
p matla
BhTsld Pad. so
Jon "O" tne
for , Seeley's -Spermatic1 Shield ;Trusi t "