The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 11, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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12 PAGES ' V
0tla ReaI EQatc
Take Lunch In Our Cool, Restful Tea Room on Fourth Floor
La Camille and Howd Front Lace Corsets Now at Hall Price
Now at Only Hair Price
Our entire stock of Women 's Wash Skirts in the popu
lar weaves of linen, ratine, pique, crashes, reps and
cords; pure white and linen colors. lflnfin
Regular $1.75 up to $10-00 values at72JrTlC
Valuable Information for mothera of
mall children.' Ask for on at Infants'
Department, second floor, they're nil
.... ... ii ii
- iw w m '
' ft Retail Affi
' Shopping -
. . Only Retail Store West of Chicago Occupying an Entire City Block
We Are Agents for World-Famed Richardson Irish Linens
Also Agents for the Royal Worcester and Bon Ton Corsets
Manicuring and
Hairdres'ng Parlors
For Just Such Dainty Dresses as This
iseejne wtnaow display . ot tnese oeaumui rrencti, printed
voiles, tne "Cjream of tms season s wash tabnes in the most '
pleasing floral patterns and side band effects, suitable for
J making summer street dresses and-jrinter party dresses, and
I school dresses for the young lai'ei who go away to OQ
college. Qur regular 50c and 60c values at only, yard -OC
Fabrics 10 c -i
Over 16,000 yards will go in this sale. TheTwsortment com'
etc Pleasing patterns and good 25c grades at, yard xUC
35c Dotted Swiss 18c!
x," in rich plaids, snipes Jfj?i
row we place our "Qn yi1&Mrfsr
ial price, per yard JLOL -",,i,fi; -
35c Linaire for 19c
1 i a ' a . T J " V -m
oiore a aottea Swisses, i issue Kex
and neat checked patterns. Tomorrow
regular 35c values on sale at the special
Beautiful "Linaire' the fabric of quality, in'
checks, plaids, stripes and lace, effects and
plain weaves. Regular 35c grades at
the special Cleanyp price of only
We are offering our Remnants of Table Linens and our Soiled Linens at great reductions.
Dress Ginghams 8c
3000 yards of Dress Ginghams in all size
plaids, stripes and checks, absolutely fast
color?. Suitable for house dresses, chil- Q
dren's wear, etc., at the special price, yd. 01
60 Highest Contestan ts Up to 6 o'clock Friday
Baby Horn
. . .1,868,178
Portland Fruit and Flower Mis
sion Day Nurry..,..,.....lAatO00
Odd Fellows' Home,. ........ .1,469,335
Portland women's ( Willamette ;
Club . . . . 675,380
T. W. C. A. 630,338
Teachers' Retirement Fund .... 673,428
First M. E. Church South 567,100
St Apnea Baby Horn . 648,835
St. Francis Church 463,900
Portland Boy Scouts, Troop J. 404,633
First German Evangelical
-Churck.... ,,, miMl
K. O.K. X. Castle Rosei....... 331,075
T. M. C. A. Boys Homo 7. ; 309,000
Portland Women's Union.,..,. 804.S75
Newsboys' Home , t . . . . 983,839
St. Ann's Charitable Society- 870,331
Children's Horns 851,735
United Artisans' Piedmont As
sembly No. 458 , 233,675
Sunnyslde M. E. Church 030,760
Oregon Humane Society 801,775
Anabel Presbyterian Church... 301,378
Louise Home 181,985
Florence Crittenton Home ..... 184,300
Marguerite Camp, R. M. A 183,400
St. Elizabeth Housa 174,860
Patton Home for the Artd.... 153,085
"Wilkburg Cone. Church Aid
, Society 138,383
Industrial Home W. H. M. 6.
M. E. Church 188,800
Scholarship- Fund Orefon Fed
eration Women's Club 186,838
Oregon Congress of Mothers... 119,050
Jewish Neirhborhood House. . . 118.850
Piedmont Presbyterian Church. 85.850
Forbes . Presbyterian Church, .r 90,050""
Atxinson Memorial Congrega-,
tlonal Church 88,935
Sunbeam Society 81,000
Immanuel Church Pip Organ
Fund 80,050
All Saints' Church 78,600
Oood Samaritan Hospital 77,600
Orphans' Homa 68,800
Arlon Philharmonic Society.... 66,130
Deutsche Altenheim 50,075
jmhBUapa,,J3ilg-l. . J8-
Bunnyslda Cong. Church Aid So
ciety 9fl26
Boys' and Girls' Aid 8ocletyA., 45,150
Old People's Home 41,375
Brentwood M. E. Church Aid
Society 39,475
St. Vincent's Hospital 37,000
Christian Science Church 37,430
St. Patrick; Church 31,700
Westminster Presb. Church.... " 30,835
St. Mary's Home 30,483
American Women's League.,.. 89,100
St. Stephens Pro-Cathedral 88,600
First United Brethren Church... 87,450
First Presbyterian Church, Van
couver 84,885
Lincoln High Alumni 88,136
Baptist Church, Lents 81,385
Untversallst Church of Oood
Tidings 81,080
Visiting Nurse Association.... 19,730
St. David's Church 18,975
1 - Second Floor, East
We maintain the best and most sanitary
and up-to-date parlors irr Portland. Ex
pert Attendants--Polite Attention Always.
An Endless Variety of Styles
Mnen Coats
$5 Values Only $2.50 1 U
$32.50 Values $16.25 V2
Garment Department Second Floor
A large and comprehensive showino; of Women's
Linen Goats, suitable to wear on almost any occa
sion. As in previous seasons, wehave planned
for a complete clean-up of the stock. We have
prices that will close them quickly.
5.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $2.50
$6.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $3.00
J17.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $3.50
$7.50 Linen Coats specially priced at only $3.75
$10.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $5.00
$13.50 Linen Coats specially priced at only $6.75
$15.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $7.50
$17.50 Linen Coats specially priced at only $8.75
$18.50 Linen Coats specially priced at, only $9.25
$20.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $10.00
$25.00 Linen Coats specially priced at only $12.50
Original Agta.
for Ladies'
Home Journ'l
Sale of Entire Stock
em Dresses
$8.75 Dresses at 04.98
$15 Dresses at 88.48
025 Dresses $13.85
Garment Department, Second Floor. v
The' tremendous reductions offered, in our women's ready-to-wear
store have keyed activity to the highest pitch and encour
aged the bringing of prices down to the point where vast quan
tities of merchandise may be moved out in a short time.
These Dresses comprise our entire stock of linens and. heavy
cottons, plain styles buttoned down the front, with lace cuffs
and collars. Beautiful Ratine Dresses trimmed with heavy laces
and hand-embroidered with scalloped and lace peplums, linen
Norfolks; also embroidered voiles trimmed in lace and black
velvet and French lawns in neat Dresden patterns with sailor
collars, with lace and ball trimming. All sizes in the Q QQ
lot. Our regular values to $8.75 on special sale at only vr.tO
Choose any Dre'ss PQ AO
Choose any Dress (11 9 QK
from $18.50 to $25 D10tOU
from $10 to $15 for
Felt Hats at V4 Of f
$8.50 Hat S6.38-817.50 Hat $13.13
In the Millinery Salon, second floor, we are making unusual preparations for the
arrival of the next season's stock. All those early fall styles in Felt Hats, smart
ly trimmed in wings, hemp bands and novelty scarfs, in exquisite colorings and
materials. The latest productions from Gage and Hyland. A splendid assort
ment, no two alike. Pale pinks and blues, Champagne and white, etc Ja flff
Regular $8.50 to $17.50 values tt the great money-saving reduction of I
Peptainni Ktases U
Waist Dept. Second Floor West.
Tliose beautiful "Peplum" and "Coupy" Waists or
Blouses,- exact reproductions of high-class French
novelties which sold at fabulous prices when first
introduced into America. Now we offer your un
restricted choice of our fine stock at half. The
daintiest and most pleasing styles in lace and em
broidered effects. On sale at the following prices:
$5.25 Peplum Blouses, special for only f
$ 5.95 Peplum Blouses, special for" only- f
$ 6-95 Peplum Blouses, special for onlv
$ 8.50 Peplum Blouses, special for only
$ 9.75 Peplum Blouses, special for only
$10.00 Peplum Blouses, special for only
$12.50 Peplum Blouses, special for only
ij.du repium mouses, special- lor only
614.00 Peplum Blouses, special for only $ 7.00
13.iaj repium mouses, special for only f 7.50
$16.50 Peplum Blouses, special for only $ 8.25
$17.50 Peplum Blouses, special for only f 8.75
$22.50 Peplum Blouses, special' for only f 11.25
Every Liieiii
$6.50 Linen Suits $3.25
$35 Linen Suits $17.50
. Garment Department Second Floor "
Buy tomorrow don't put it off another daynever
again will such a splendid opportunity be offered. You
will want just such suits -for-your-visits -to-the -State
Fair, the Round-Up, the Country Gub, events, etc. You
will wear them all through September every day and
save them for common use next seasonv. Look ahead
study economy wisdom bids you "Buy tomorrow, be
for the sizes are broken."
Choose any $6.50 Linen Suit at special price $3.25
Choose any $8.50 Linen Suit at special price $4.25
Choose any . $9.50LLirien Suit at -special price $4.75
Choose any $12.50 Linen Suit at special price $6.25
Choose any $13.50 Linen Suit at special price $6.75
Choose any $16.50 Linen Suit at special price $8.25
Choose any $18.50 Linen Suit at special price $9.25
Choose any $20.00. Linen -Suit, special price$iO.OO-
Choose any $22.50 Linen Suit, special price $11.25
Choose any $25.00 Linen Suit, special price $12.50
Choose any $35.00 Linen Suit, special price $17.50
Choose any $39.50 Linen Suit, special price $10.75
New Millinery Ribbons
Our first showing of beautiful new Millinery Ribbons in plaids, Persians, Dresdens and
novelty velvets in all widths, and in every wanted color combination suitable for trimming.
Now ready for your inspection in the Ribbon-Dept. on' first floor.
Irish Crochet Neckwear at 1-4 Off
7 Our entire stockf beautiful hand-made Irish -crochet Neckwear in Jabots. Stocks! I
iuica vouars, -oai sonars, eic irom tne cneapest to the best you buy. Buy and save
S1.50 Auto Veils 98c
S3 Auto Veils $1.98
A large assortment of extra quality Chiffon
Auto Veils, full size hemstitched borders,
every" wanted shade to choose from. Just the
thing for outing and traveling by train or
auto. $1.60 grades 08f and the (PI QQ
$3.00 grades are placed on sale at tDlt0
50c Laces at 25c Yd
25c Laces 12c Yard
In the lace section, first floor, a new line of
; Valenciennes Laces in Edges and Insertions
I to match in widths to 4 inches is offered at
sale prices. All desirable patterns for present
needs and for fall use. 25c grades OfT
12e and the 50c grades are on sale atUv
Ths popularity of the famous Gossard Corset has YMAtfi- ''''
brought out many Imitations called "iust as food." I SVM-;i lfl
The Gossard is exceptional in construction and de
sign. It has individual points which are superior to
all others and which will be discovered only by
wearing. Don't experiment. Ask for the genuine
Gossard. ou can tell it by the guarantee, label
bearing the Gossard name stitched on the inside.
Surgical Corsets Oar Specially
Expert Fitters.
Women's $1.25 Chamois Gloves at 59c
Tomorrow in the main aisle, Morrison street
way, an unusual "sale of Women's Chamois
Gloves in the natural color, pique or P. X.
M. sewn; our regular $1.00 and $1.25
values special to close out at, the pair
The popular Kavser Silk Gloyesj(vithdouble
finger tips, the kind that outwear. The Gloves
are black, white and a full range of colors. j
All sizes in the lot. We are offering PA
exceptional values at low price, pair JUC
Wayne Knit Hose, Three Pairs for 51.00
Women's $1.75 Pure Silk Hose $1.49
Women's "Wayne Knit," indestructible Hose
in the silk lisle with four-ply sea island cot
ton toes and heels, deep garter tops, black
and tan. all sizes. The best hose (PI ff
on the market at 3 pairs for only Pl"U
Women's pure thread Silk Hose In a goodi
heavy weight with silk feet and tops, double
garter; welt with lisle inside, all siTes."We
are offering our regular $1.73 CT A(
values at the very special low price DJLsTti - -
Women's Black Bloomers, Special OCc
Something new to be used for swimming or gymnasium; fine ribbed, black lisle
thread, elastic around waist and knee. On sale at the very low price of, special UuLj
'i ii r ii mi i in j t, a ji.wjv m : rr n
mm ma mm
Lace Curtains
$4 Grades Only $2.85
Drapery Department, Third Floor.
A great Clean-up sale of fine white Battenberg Lace
X Curtains, made of the best grade double thread net
with pretty lace insertion and edge to match; also
' plain net, trimmed with attractive Batten- CO OCT
berg lace, excellent values at $4.00, special 0OtJ
Lace Curtain Corners for 75c
Lace Curtain corners, in beautiful' Irish point lace,
VA yards long, 45 inches wide; large variety of pat
terns to select irom; plain and scroll centers, if in
f i . f r A 0 AIM
long curtains, worm irom sa.uu to a pair.
Special price T5f each.
31.70 SllkMadrasSl.25
fWm Imported Silk Midrat In attractive diamond de
.: .i :t. . t.i x
uuc, mi mu green; suii- for overhangings or small windows and doors;
1 very durable quality; 50 inches wide. $1.75, special
J $1.25 yard.
Mjt!f designs and rich colorings; reversible; 32 inches
SfW wide; ac, special oe yard.
ltmporle'ddlorerTradras I n
floral patterns; unusually attrac
wide; l-iU, special vof yard.
beautiful open lace
attractive colors; 50 iaches
Giroceiry pec9ls
For Monday and Tuesday
Phone Your Orders Marshall 4800. A-6231
O. W. K. Flour S1.35 Sack, $2.25 Bbl.
Now is the time to lay in a good, supply of the old wheat flour at
a good saving soon the new wheat will be in the mills. v
Hams I6V2C
Best Eastern sugar-cured. The price
of Hams has advanced. This is below
market price on this grade of Hams.
The small white. Clean and good.
Choose from any standard brands,
Gravenstein Apples. Very choice. Will
"improve every day you keep "them.
$1.25 Vanilla, 8-ounce bottle, at 85
85c Lemon, 8-ounce bottle, only 60
Imported, stuffed... . Come, in bottles.
Bacon 17c
Best English style bacon, with streaks of
lean and streaks of fat, from corn-fed
hogs. A very fine quality.
Imported, uncoated, pure food.
The regular 45c size can.
The regular 35c size can.
Hunt's "staple quality" stock.
Hunt's "staple quality" stock. .
" ' '- " -
... . ... . ..... .. . '
. - - - - .:.-.-'
Rcdcird ThS Ufeek
In the Bi; House Fur
nishing Department on
the Tbirsl Tloac Plume
your orders.
75c Tea Kettles. No. 8 size, for 55
17c Saucepans, 2 quart size 13
20c Saucepans, 3 quart size 15
27c Saucepans, 5 quart size 20
23c Kettles. 4 quart size IT
13c Deep Pudding Pans, 2 quart 10
17c Deep Pudding Pans, 4 quart 13
40c Handled Oblong Pans, 9 1-4x13 Jc432
10c Cake Turner 7 12c Pie rrJtes....9
50c Dishpan, 14 quart size .39
35c Collanders, special at only. ,...2T
I3c Enameled Layer Cake Pans.... .5
0c Enameled Muffin Pans ...32
15c Enameled Ladles, special. .....Hf
18c Pierced Labels, special .13
20c Biscuit Pans, 6x10 inches. 15
10c Baiting Spoons, 14 inch.. ......7
14c Basting Spoons, 18 inch at ...10
Sale of Aluminumware
$3.50 Aluminum Teakettle
for 82.80
95c Aluminum Vry Pan.. 75
$1.25 Aluminum try'Pan-flS
,40c Aluminum Ladles... .32
'75c Water Dippers at....60
75c Soup Strainers for 60
$1.00 Soup Strainers for,. 80
$3.30 Potato Boilers.; $2.64
$2.25 Oval Covered Casseroles
for 81.80
$2.00 Omelet Pan or Double Skillet, for 81.59
75c Lipped Saucepans, 2Vt quart size 59
-Sr.tO- Lipprd Sattceyan874"titigrftte . .'. .' .. 88
V5c Lipped bauce Kettle, 3 quart size 75
$175 Lipped Sauce Kettle, 6 quart size.
$1J5 Covered Saucepans, 4 quart. size.
lor .
Oval Covered Casseroles
Round Covered Casse
Round Covered Casser-
Round Covered Caster
Potato Boilers. ..f 3.00
Pudding Moulds.. f 3.00
innovattdu,a 6ounf
Iron, guaranteed CO trt
.for 10 years, for wJJU
' -