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C tlooov!irIabof -)rogrsm,77M et
forth In -his speech to the bull moose
convention, may have Important Influ
ence on the campaign in ' Multnomah
--county - before it grows much older,
-Third party leaders iust nowre -wooing
the labor interests, and attention is
turned to possible action by tba Work
ing men's Political club. ' '
This club was a factor In the last city
campaign and again In the last county
campaign, when It backed several suc-
cessful candidates. Nominees who car
ried its indorsement were Congressman
Lafferty. . W. H. Fitssrerald for sheriff.
A. W. Lawrence and M. J, Murnane for
tha leglalatura and J, H. Jones for Jus
tice oX tha peaca.
Now tha third earty men -hop to
carry tho Worklngmen's Political club
into tha Rooaevalt camp. If this cafe.
ba accomplished tba candidates indorsed
by it will be expected to follow. It is
reported , that soma' balk en - declaring
themselraa for Roosevelt, while others
are willing to follow the club In any
action It may take. In the club are sup
porters of Wilson-and Debs as well as
of Roosevelt, and some of the Rooae
velt members are said to healtate as
to the advisability of lining up the club
for the bull mooae, . -
Btt-thls Is thej plan the third party
men are working-' on. With the labor
candidates from the Republican ticket
they hope to get at least one . or two
Democratic candidates to stand for
Rooaevelt, Then they plan to fill in
the remainder of ths officers . with
straight third party men, They want
to indorse men from the regular Re
publican and Democratic tickets, if pos
slble, hoping thus to add confusion to
tha situation in the eld parties, par
ticularly the Republicans, and thus to
strengthen their own. - . . ;
. v . - I .
Secretary K. C OUtner of the Port
land chamber of commerce has been ap
pointed counselor for the Portland cham
ber before, tha United States chamber
of commerce, the body recently organ
ised at Washington, D. C and counting
among Its membership practically every
chamber in; Iherllnited: States.
Each' individual chamber will be en
titled to a counselor, who will act for
that particular chamber on all questions
that may arise. The chamber will also
issue a bulletin on matters of general
interest to the commerce of the country:
On an average, every resident of the
United States eats five quarta of ice
cream a year. - '
What reports-show- to bare been a
most brutal and cowardly assault, fol
lowing a roadhouae escapade, was that
last midnight Of Bennle Newman, an
auto driver-at Sixth and Stark streets,
Daniel Black and Lee Nicholas upon C.
Ulrlch, another auto driver, and Harry
Lehrfat -the-"Hut" tavern on the Unn
ton road The three assallanta are in
the county jail, four charges being filed
against them,, The two men assaulted
are under the care of physicians.
Ulrlch took Lloyd Murray, Robert
Madison and two women to the tavern.
Newman and hla partners followed.
Starting ths fight ss Ulrlch left the
place, fhe latter waa beaten into in
sensibility by Newman and his com
panions. When Lehr, a bartender at the
tavern, sought to interfere, - Newman
and Black turned upon him. beating
him with a heavy wrench and an empty
bottle. Deputy Sheriff Bulger and Cap
tain of Police Keller were called to ar
reat the, men. They- found them on
Washington street at ft - o'clock thla
morning. Roy King,' special deputy
sheriff, donated his automobile In .the
hunt for the assallanta. William Swag
gart, proprietor of the Hut," signed
the complaint againat the three men.
who are held in the county Jail on ball
of 0(Ha cash.
When David Bass sent hla wife to
the coaiit 1n July; 1911,-1 premised to
come later. She was before the circuit
court this morning, asking for a divoroe
on the ground that' be did not fulfill;
his promise, , thereby deserting her.
They were married October 10, Ills.
Tted Oled secured a divorce from Mary
C Oieb on similar grounds,' alleging
that aha left him Jsnsary. I. 1111.
Theyl were married August (, 1119.
Ofhsr divorces granted were Louis
R. Cottrel from Lena Cot trail for de
sertion. Alice I. Wllllsms from Chaun-
cey Williams - for desertions and - LeenH
Lewis from ueorga Lwi for trroeity.
Divorces set, . bu J not ready for .trial
were. Belle Peck from Harry Peck for
desertion, Edna Cooper from John L.
Cooper for cruelty, Elisabeth Hopkins
from John E. Hopkins, for eruelty, and
Clara A. Morser from Chsrles M. Mor
ser. Judge McGinn heard the divorces
this morning. Hs did not require cor
roborative evidence.
Electric food and water heaters are
said to increase hens' egg laying pow
era and to prevent poultry diseases due
i to cold food.
Business for the Hester Manufactur
ing company did not develop as -planned '
by the promoter, tleorge X Hester,
therefore a. suit in the circuit court by
a. p. cierin aneraeorge B Van waters
against Hester ban been started. The
two plaintiffs allege they; were wd ta
believe that the company ' would make
130,000 the first year, 150,000 the sec
ond year, $100,000 the third year, and
within a few years the concern would
be fabulously rich. They each purchased
15000 worth of stock. The company waa
to manufacture metal window sash, i
Heater's headquarters are in Chicago, .
but he was induced to) come to Portland
last week to attend a meeting , of the
board of directors. When he arrived,
the two plaintiffs served him with the -suit.
No board meeting was oalled, .
t Journal Want Ada bring results. .
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rl-I p
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ular 25c values, special, 2 pairs 0
Clark's Make Hose,
3 Pairs lor 50c
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dinal, etc.; Clark's make; reg- KHp
ular 25c values, 3 pairs for tllV
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Women's Imported Black Lisle Hose,
with split sole, Hermsdorf dyed. An
iimiMinl 35c quality, very spe- OKr
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Women's sweaters
Special at $2.98
An extra special offering of women's. Sweat
ers in plain and fancy weaves, with roll coir
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Sizes run from 34 to 44. Very AO
special fo tomorrow" at only... 9m0
Sale louse Dresses-
$1.75 Grades 98c
On the Center 'Circle First Floor
A Urge assortment of women's House Dresses of s;ood (jusllty percale and
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Mi i-
Men's $1.50 Shirts 95c
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ANOTHER LOT of high-grade Negligee Shirts,
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40c COFFEE 28 Our O. V. K. Imperial Roast
Coffee, fresh ground and roasted' fresh evcrv day.
favorite brand for luncheons and picnics. Try them.
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Order your Bread, Cakes, Pics, etc., for your Sun
day dinner from our Home Bakery on 4th floor.
"(). V, K. Special," on sale in the basement.
Drugs and Toilet Sundries
Newbro'n !Irp1ol. S0c for 404
Kpnm Balt. 1-1!. phf. for 10
Tnflrfixit Fly I'aprr, thru dou
ble 'hert, on pn'tal for
Ktf' Urnml-Prlse Toothpick.
pr'Hul tomorrow. flv for 3
Ulvro-Thytvollne. $1.00 for 7W
l:oubl ImtllVd Extrtct of Witch
lUsl. rit1rlv 5r. only
Mr-k'a Milk Huaar, 1 pound 20
Atrbnt Cotton, 1 -pound roll.
rfulrlr SSr on ) for 25
AMorbMit Cotton, l-oiinr, Bauer
and muck, rular do pk. for 3
Vnamilto Taletim I'owder, riru
lr ;Sr. on al at onlv, ran 1W
Kutilfoam. for tha tcth. 5o 1t
rl)K-co Tooth TnatP. 0r. at 3
t"C Hax llounrhold Ammonia He
.Krarrant ljivnrlr Htlrka. the
od ir I pt rlaatlnif . ench, nt 3ft
llaautlful a IliUiUJl Face
I'hamola. FDriliil. nu ll, only 2H
C'ioth Bruahea. aaeorted alvlea
and li. valuea to $1. only $06
Hand Bruahrt; a good aaaortment
rotularly Jic. on aala only 15
Ptnaud'a Violet D Tarma Toilet
Water, rraularly 11, on aala BO
Oillette ltaior Uladea aharpened
at the low prlra of, a doten SO
KOO-ahaet Rolla Toilet Paper,
ref. lie value on aale, roll 10
le Ivory or Fairy Hoap to a
ruatomer dellverlea made only
with other aood from Dru Ie
rartment, apeMal aale. a rake 3
Peart' L'nerented Glycerine H'ap,
regular la value, the rake 12
Colaate'a Rlbhon Iental Cream,
large site, recularly J 5c, at 20
l a Primera Caatlle ftoap, regular
10c value, aale at onlv, rake T
Oilda and enda In Fine Toilet
Pcapa, ape-lal only, two for B
Veolay'a. VA Ptnaud'a. Roaer
rfK lariy -"c. on eaie, 10 f
:o-ilul Tatn Boraa, 1-pound
parkagea, aparlal at, pkg. 10
87 Grade 35.48
Dept. Fourth Floor
Genuine Cowfiide Suitcase, 24 Inchei
long, with leather corner, 2 itrapi
all around caie, brait lock tnd
catchei, itwed-on handle, Iteel
frame, linen lined, ihirt fold and
itrapi iniide. Our betX?r '40
$7,00 value, on salt at only PtFalO
$1.75 Matting Suitctie', aale at $1.20
$2.00 Matting Suite, aU at $t.CQ
13.00 Matting Suitcaie, aale t 2.48
Trunk, in medium ana bcitct u
re offered for aale here tomor-
:. A