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Events in Society
It ! lmpmtiTe Hint thw rontrlbutlnf now!
for the iinl,y wk-Ii-Ij pc ihoiild it
roifli h dwk of lb wx-ltt.r trtltur not Utcr
hu f Hilar wfclhr hroiifbt In. mtlM or t-l-lKnd.
' In !) BKint wi'l'mt, I'nt
ttwf who biM ffln rrlr In the wk
would cnnfrr cn-t hut br wmlinir tbHr
roHirt In tooa aftiT paMlMr. ntliwlt
h volume of lute rr on HtdinUr mtf
, dmIhi kiui Items being Irft vn-r for
tlir dr.
Sisters Complimented.
ItS. R. E. DAVIS Pompllmentil
her nlBterii, Mrs. 8. Z. Mitchell
nd Mrs. C. M. Maxwell of Nw
York, with ' tea yesterday,
Wfitoh annembd about 100 old-
tlm friends of .the visitors. Receiving
With the iruestn of honor and the host
ess was Mrs. James 11. Gray, another
- Bister. ' Caroline TVstout roses were ef-
-Tootivsly placed about the drawing: room
and golden (flow was a beautiful hall
decoration. Pink gladioli and. Brides
maid roses were used In the dining
.room. Tea was served on a rare old
splndle-leg mahogany table, which had
liolongcd to Governor Gaines, the sec
ond governor of Oregon. After his
death,' at the request of Mrs. Gaines,
the table was purchased by Mrs. Davis'
" father; " Colonel John Colgate Bell. A
Venetian lace cloth was used and the
table was centered with a beautiful
cluster of the roses. Mrs. 8. D. Hamil
ton, Mrs. Roger B. Slnnott and Mrs.
J. -J: Pan ton presided. Miss Stewart
served punch, and the hostess was as
sisted about the rooms by Mrs. William
Jones, Mrs. Fletcher' Linn and Mrs.
Rufus B. von KlelnSmtd (Miss Eliza
beth Sawyers).
Mrs. XV. W, Cotton Is planning to
compliment Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs.
MaKwnll a week from tomorrow. Mrs.
Mitchell left today for Tacoma to be
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. Per
kins during the remainder of tennis
week. One of the delightful, affairs
planned for her Is a cruise on the sound.
" "
Skating Party.
Mr. and-Mrs. Charles T. Whitney Rave
a skating party at Council Crest last
evening for the enjoyment of their niece,
Miss Loretta. Hardy of San FraTielsco.
After the hours of skating supper was
served at the Whitney home. In the
party were Miss Hardy, Miss Marte
Greer of San Francisco, Miss Frances
Hltt of Berkeley, Miss Frances Russell
of Rutte, Mont., Miss Marjorle Forbls,
Miss .lane Hoge, Samuel Hltt of Berke
ley, Eugene Meacham of 8rattle, Alli
son Cluff, recently of Pennsylvania:
Ross Hopkins, recently of Baltimore:
Frank Glover, Robert Parkinson and
Howard Stokes.
rrotty Luncheon.
Mrrf. H. F. Johnson and Mrs. M. F.
Johnson presided at a pretty luncheon
In the Arcedlan garden of the Hotel
Multnomah yesterday, when their guests
were Mrs. C. S. Jackson, Mrs. Freder
ick Ratlin, Mrs. Norbourno Berkeley Jr.
of Pendleton, Mrs. M. J. Lane and Miss
Neva Lane of Pendleton, and Mrs. Hal
dane. Dickson. A centerpiece was ar
ranged of Caroline Testout roses.
Wedding Anniversary.
Tuesday evening about 65 friends
gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Elten Shaw. 4402 Seventy-ninth south
east, to celebrate their tenth-wedding
anniversary. The affair was a com-
By JeanfCabeH O'Neill.
THE figures rclven out by the presi
dent of (She Hebrew Technical
School for Girls, which state that
the graduates from that Instltu
- tlon averagea wage of nearly $900
' a, vear per capita, are very remarkable
, and worthy of wld publicity. They
' show espcclallr tha the Hebrew society
lias far iut-dlstanrwfl the public school
In providing education of a practical
. rt for American gfirls who must earn
their own living. j
For, notwithstanding more than half
a. century of sincere i effort of the gov
ernment to give Its rhlldren gratis the
aort-of .knowledge that will arm them
to collect the living ' the world is sup-
posed trrwo them, ItJ h more patriotic
than truthful man who would dare af
firm that the averajge woman worker
turned out as a flnlrfied product of the
BubUoaohools can command as good, a
' yaarly wg as the amount mentioned
by President Lerwlsohn as given to the
graduates of hls technical school ,
'Theoretically, nothing could be more
fatherly them the attitude of the gov
ernment to Its children than to give
them free education, then, by competi
tive examination, test their worth, and
if. found not "wanting," to open wide
the ranks of civil service to them, thus
"Supposedly providing them with a means
4f livelihood for all the years they need
or wish to work.
"But the fly In thla delightful pot of
ointment Is a lmple though not to be
; disputed fact that the government wage
for the first erad and the usual exam
ination for which 4 his education fits the
competitors Is too' small to be consid
ered living. Fifty dollars a month.
with a month leave f absence and sick
leave on doctor's certificate, being rsth-
er better than thex ranS: and file secure.
Civil service examinations re fair
- and no difficulty la encountered in
honing: what you kno but after'you
' pass, and are so lucky' as to secure a
..vacancy, you are more than likely to
find your pay envelope contains $1.25,
or poewtbly $1.50, a day for a 30 day
The departments of agriculture, In
terior, patent office, part of the ipost
offlce, the bureau of printing aril en
graving and the great printing office
have an even scale for those who pass
high, above 96 In tfce first grade exam
ination," and this wage 7s $1.40 Tor cacn
day of actual work.
" ' ' Tllff'ieTOTifl g i ater'0"-wtW-4ma-BtTwt
might give a better opportunity; fruit,
ad to relate, that Is for the railway
mall service, largely for men. .
The third grade examinations carry
" good salaries, but, unless -one has been
rather an exceptional scholar while at
T lh pnhMi- school she nag hardly a gport
lng chance to scrape through.
" ' It might be suggested that entrance
' once secured at the bottom Of the grade
promotion would come In time, but It Is
onlyby death and resignation that ad-
-aneeiPinade,- few resign, and to the
waiting list It seems that none die; so
they are tempted to drink the toast of
the officers of the navy ' during the
pesceful years between the-war of 184$
and of 18(1 vli., "a bloody war and a
sickly season." .
Few of us ever give thought to the
paper, money of dally use or wonder
bow bank notes are made. They are
really made by government first grade
clerks as assistants to plate printers.
This 'Is a well filed branch of the
service at Washington. The printers,
being of the trade,, receive splendid
wags, for they are the most skillful
of their class.
In this work the assistant plays a
most Important part, for If the paper Is
not exactly wet enough, the Impression
is a failure. Or if the plate was not
polished and the Impression In any way
lacks In clearness the sheet Is discarded
and the printer charged for Its waste.
Also he, loses the time occupied on that
For the condition of the paper, feed
ing It onto the plate, taking It off, ex
amining It and Instantly reporting to
the printer If anything la wrong, the girl
Is responsible. The printer never looks
at the work unless his attention is
called to It by the girl.
She stands at her work all day, from
8 to 6, with SO minutes for lunch. :3he
must change entirely from street toildt
to working clothes, even her shoos, for
the odor of the Ink Is so pungent she
would not be permitted to rlda In the
cars If she wore the bureau clothes on
her way home.
For this work $1.25 a day Is pa!d.
Many printers do 1000 sheets.
For years the girls have struggled
to obtain an Increase without avail.
The government deducts the prloe r-f
the assistant's wage from the printer's
earnings, some of them making . $10 a
day. They could not make 6 cents witn
out intelligent, helpers. .
If a printer's assistant lives throush'
10 or more years of bureau work nho moved over, having passed many
grades In the bureau, to the treasury
building itself, to take part In export
money counting. The average -jf the
sheets examined dally- Is SO, 000, but
many clerks can and doaccompll.jh 45,
000. Every sheet Is so carefully watched
that the clusters of numbers are noted,
for the bank notes must run consecu
tively. Half doien other things must
be watched for also.
The welsht ofahls amount of money
is iitia.Ety.a. quarter of-a. ton. lox-jeaub.
Although C..S. Clark was a director
plete. surprise. 'The Visitors brought r
freshtnents, and In place of the usual
tinware the friends presented an oak
rocker, of mission design. The evening
was spent, In playing games with music j
ana recitations. Those present were , th(. ro..t tam-rit eomtnn. hi. voi
Mi anil J r-m Tn .. 1 Tanam ! Iff nnt TB 1
mi, u 11 v. . t i , ipu, Huiia, Nil. u . . u -
Murray, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Shaw, Uv
and Mrs. Swansen, Mr. and Mrs, Moore,
Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
Bnyder, Mr. and Mrs. Paque, Mr. and Mrs.
O'Mealey, Mr. and Mrs. Wiseman, Mr. and
Mrs. Frans, Mr. and Mrs. Cruni, Mr. and
Mrs. Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine,
Mr. and Mrs. Carman, Mr. and Mrs.
Elam Shaw. Mrs. Hlckllng, Mrs. Oras
slck, Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Odle, Mrs. Bow
man, Mrs: Stanbery, Miss Edith Forbes,
Mies Kate Hlckllng. Miss Dorothy John,
son, Miss Daisy Thomas, Miss Queenle
Swansen, MInn Claudlne Moore, Miss
Ruth Murry, Miss Agnes Murry, Miss
Francis Jones, Miss Cathrlne Snider,
Miss Dorothy Snider, Miss Martha
Haynes, Miss Bernlce Paisley, Miss
Llnnle Shaw, Miss Luclle Bhaw, Mr.
Forbes, Rev. Levi Johnson, Roland
Moore, William Murry, Edward Haynes,
Harold Shaw, Paulus Shaw, Baby
Moore and Baby O'Mealey.
w ;j-x
Relief Corps ricTdc' "'"
Gordon Orange Relief corps No. 43
will give a picnic In Peninsula Park
tomorrow afternoon. Supper will be
served in the evening. Other corps and
posts are Invited.
w w
Here and There.
Mrs. James Barron, accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Anna Barron, and
son, Robert Barron, are expected home
Saturday or Sunday, after having spent
this much of the summer In Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Consldlne, the
Misses Ruth and Floronce Consldlne
and Johri W. Jr., of a.attle, In company
with Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Dunlap of Port
land, left last evening on the Shasta
Limited for California, where they will
enjoy a month motoring.
Howard Charlton went to Los Angeles
on Sunday.' He will continue to Avalon,
Catalina Islands, where the Zeta Psl
fraternity men of Stanford university
are enjoying their annual two weeks'
Mr. and Mrs. Larkln Shell are now
established In their attractive new bun
galow, on East Forty-seventh, Just off
Hawthorne avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Knighton,
Mr. and Mrs. Rollln K. Page and Mrs. E.
E. - Waters of Salem, motored to Port
land In the Knighton's car for the week
Mrs, Mary E. Mann, her, two sons, and
Mrs. Matthew Steele are spending a
few weeks' vacation at Mrs. Mann's
country home, Camp Saskatchewan, near
Mount Hood, and one of the most pic
turesque spots In that district. It Is
located on the Ztf Zag river and sur
rounded by nine mountaln""streams with
in a mile and a half. There is trout
fishing In abundance, and a promise of
good hunting.
woman. Fajty-five dollars a month,
with a month's leave, Is the average
for those who have been promoted after
years of service.
Tkls la not hearsay, but the outcome
of ' actual experience of the writer.
Would It not be Just or right for Uncle
Bari'Ho-raise the "scaTeTIT f aTaries"TnfiIi
service or give to women a trade so
that they may find fields to yield a
rather better crop for the winter that
comts early In the life -of the woman
1 L 1 I Kf
The National's
Money Saving to Women
Fall Goods arriving daily, all our re
maining Summer Garments
Must Be Sold at Once
To close out
These nifty Summer Garments are all
the rage, and come in many different
patterns and colors.
Values from
$15 to $25, at
Closing Out All Summer Suits
r $5.95
Wash Waists
Take the elevator to second floor, Swetland building, Fifth
and Washington Sts. Entrance on Fifth, next to PostaShop
The National Sample Suit & Cloak Co.
In the direction of the conoern did not
amount to much, according, to his suit
filed today In the circuit court In thla
action he asks that the court appoint a
receiver to take charge of the business,
and give hlxn a aquare deal In settling
up 20 shares of stock he purchased. .
The comitjalnt' recites that A. B.
Thompson Ik manager and secretary
of the comiMiny. Other members are
Lewis L. Winters, A. J. Johnson, Alex
O. Englund, . ft '8. Ronnie and Martin
Nana. It was organised May 10, 110,
with a capital stock of 1100,000. 1
Cleric ' iaya he purchased 10 ahares
at 175 a share, being guaranteed a per
manent position with the company. He
got the stock July 10, 1910, and hie em
ployment began at that time, he alleges,
working, until December of the same
year, when he alleges he was discharged
by no fault of his. lie alleges part' of
his salary was withheld, Respite the fact
that hs waa a director of the company.
Why Is it that baby is good-natured
In the morning when grown people are
grouchy T
The first meeting of thai recently or
tanked Stenographers' league will be
held next Monday evening at the head
quarters of the State Equal Suffrage
association, Sl Selling building,- at I
O'clock. The new league Js-to. ,beia
perrnanent organization for the mutual
benefit of stenographers, and was or
ganised at the hom of Mrs, II, W. Coe
about a month ago. During the present
campaign for equal suffrage the league
will aid In the fight Both men and
women are eligible to membership,' and
those backing the club hops 'to enroll
practically evory atonograpber In the
city. -.; ; y-v I ? t;'r,;
Counollmsn Allan IU Joy has drafted,
n "ordinance requiring pwnersof prpp-
arty'covered by stsgnant pools of water
In the vicinity of Thlrty-flfth and Tib
betts streets and In other places nearby
to be filled. Three boys have been
drowned In these pools In the past few
months and the city health department
has declared them a public nuisance.
The Multnomah County V. C. T. U.
held an all day meeting at the beauti
ful home of Mrs. McCourt, president of
Woodstock union, on Tuesday, August 5,
Various phases of the work were dis
cussed and plans made for the national
convention to be held In Tortland Octo
ber lji-26.
The following resolution was adopted:
"That the Multnomah County W. C. T.
U. In convention assembled, condemn
the granting of a permit for any public
dance hall as a recreation center In the
' All W. C. T. II. women were urged
not to do any shopping on Saturday
afternoons or evenings during the sum
mer months, thereby lessening the bur
dens of the tired clerks. A splendid i
luncheon was served at noon. i
Central W. C. T. li. discussed "The
Duty of Church Members Toward the
Temperance Cause.",--Mrs. M. M. Sleeth
and Mrs. Ma Barkley talked on the sub
ject. They emphasised the ne-d of a
need of the woman's vote to represent
fthe church which is largely vomposed
of women. Rose bags for the national
convention are in preparation. Next
week the subject will be "Itallroad
Work." !
Apartment Piano
The Daintiest lit the Piano World
We Invite all lovers of the piano to
hear this wonderful instrument. It
is the most compact, full-scale piano
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er, volume and beauty of tone here
tofore thought possible only in larg
est size upright and grand pianos.
Ideal for apartments, bungalows, cot
tages, and powerful enough for thea
tres and halls. Made in all woods
and finished to harmonize with your
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Open Saturday Evenings
In order to accommodate people; who- are unable to
come tp the bank during thej day, our offices are open
on Saturday evenings from 6 to 8 o'clock.
We invite you to open a savings account, now and
get the benefit of the protection it will afford as well
as the 4 per cent compound interest it will earn.
We want YOU to know more about how' this
bank can help you in your business or toward
a business ol your own. Our officers and di
rectors are easily accessible -and 'wilt, be glad
to talk the matter over with you any time.
Hartman-Thompson Bank
.Fourth and Stark.Strccits
100 Safety, A Interest.
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