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Calif ornians Appear to Be in
BestForm WFmish Inf1
T "7" FihalsT
Tacoma, WMh, Aug. 7. Three Port-
Jandt'yr; Brandt -Wlckersliam. Miss
Stella Fording and Miss Myrtle Sehaef
fer. remain In the running in the Wash-
- Ington-atae -championship tennis ...tour
nament, which is being held here under
,,lhajuifiplceaof the local tennis club.
Brandt Wlckersham was victor In "tna
second round over TannKa by the score
- of 6-0, tA. ' James F. Hwing lost In the
Mima Boniut to Joe TylX.t jgHS5
In the ladles' slnKles, Miss Myrtle
fichaeffer defeated Mies Myra Lambuth
In a. three-set match, 4-6, 8-6. 6-2, and
" . Mlsg' Stella Fording beat Mis Franeea
nurrtll. 8-1. 6-0.
.(lifornlft players still continued ti
win In their respective events from the
northern players, and from the present
etand It looks as If It would be a fight
The feature of today's play In the
twenty-second annual tournament of the
- Pacific NOrthwestr Tennis association,
' under the auspices of the Tacoma Lawn
Tennis club, la the mixed doubles ex
' " htbitlon with Miss May Sutton and
Ella. .Fottrell opposing Miss Florence
--Sutton and William Johnston, scheduled
. for & o'clock this afternoon.
- f " Idaho CbampWn Out.
Fottrell defeated T. C. Fulton, tho
Idaho champion, In a fast conteBt fea
turing, yesterday afternoon's play, 11-9,
8-8, S-S. It was the feature of the day.
Melville Long. Fottrell and Ward Daw
7C&rSaTn"ln "theTnen'B slnglesr i
The results: I
Men's Single. ' "' i
" First Round Rrchardson defeated
: Kettenbach, 6-1, -4;-Tanaka won from
Harlan Hoyt by default; Emerson de
1 featedjPaul Vaeth, 6'1 6-1; Fulton de
featwrP. S; Tyler. 6-0, 6-2; J. C. Tyler
' defeated R. T. Stafford. 6-0, 6-1; R. W.
Thompson defeated F. W Neal, 6-2. 6-0;
Turner won from Edward Kelly by de
' fault; R. H. Clark won from Captain J.
F. Foulkes by default
Second Round Black defeated Klser,
- -, -; Kelliher defeated Blackeston,
6-2, 6-8; Wickersham defeated Tanaka,
- -Gv 4t-Av-Of Le defeated Pratti.
4-6, 6-0; Emerson defeated Lalzure, 6-4,
: 4-6. 6-0; Fottrell defeated Fulton, 11-9,
1-6, 6-3; J. C. Tyler defeated Ewlng, 4-6,
6-0, 6-0; Stenger defeatedThompson, 7-5,
. 6-3; Bacon defeated Shannon 8-1, 6-4;
' Turner defeated Clarke. 6-2, 6-2.
' Third Round Dawson defeated Kel-
' liher, 6-0, 6-0. .
'',',".,;' :LL. Men's Doubles. .
Flfil foudEmerion' and"'" Russell
K- defeated Laizure and Stenger, 6-4, 6-3.
Richardson and Ewlng defeated Hewitt
anfThompson, 6-0, 6-0. Kettenbach
and ' Breeze won from Gardiner and
Kelly by default. Prlngleand Brown
defeatod -Turner and Clark, S-7, 6-37
Blakeston and Frlngle won,.from Pbulkes
and partner by default. Johnson and
Fottrell defeated Lee and Lee, 6-3, 6-1.
Kelliher and Hellbron defeated Fulton
and Fuhrman, 6-1, 6-4. McCutcheon and
' Van Kuran won from Tollefson and
' partner by default. Hart and Shannon
- defeated Hudson and Vaeth, 6-8, 6-4.
-r Lyon and Denton defeated McCutcheon
- and Kauffman, 6-0, 6-3.
w'oroen dingles.
' - . Preliminary round Miss May Leo
won from Mias iC. Ballllaby default
. Miss : Suhaef fer defeated Miss Myra
Iaambuth, 14-6; 8-6, f-2. . Mies Lowell
won from -Miss- Richardson by default.
"TSJien,--2, 6-1. Miss .May"' ButtoiTwOTr
from Mrs. Judge by default
First "round Mies Fording defeated
' Mlsa Frances Burrlll, 6-1, 6-0.
-wMa - Flnrenea-titt tton- defeated - Miss
""Oeraiarne'Tratt, 6-1, 6-0; .
- . Miss Leo defeated Miss Marlon Ball
lie. 6-2, 6-3.
Miss May Sutton defeated Miss Water
houee, 6-1, 6-2.
Mis Edens defeated Mrs. R. T, Staf
ford, 6-1. 6-7, 6-2. ,
Mlea Howcn' won -from Mtaa-Livingston
by default.
Mrs. Wheaton won from Miss Baknr
tj default.
f-ccind round Miss Bowcn defewd
..lllra.JVliealoii, 6-3. 6-7. 6-3.
Mixed Poufclrs.
riTfSt: jouhd-risa "Florence Sutton
and Bacon defeated Miss Bowen and
Pr. Lee, 6-0) 6-S; Miss Fording and
Wlekersham defeated - Mi- t'dn and
Black, 6-1, 6-3; Mlsa Kershaw and Ke'
llhef Won from Harlan Hoyt and part
,. tier by default; Miss May Sutton and
Young defeated Miss Grace Potter and
"Taschall, 6-1. 8-2.
t-. Taciflc Coast Leasiue.
' V. PC.
Vernon . . .t. . . . .... .......71 47 .R02
Los Aneeles .....68 49 .681
Oakland 68 51 .572
'--Portland 48 69 .449
Ban Kranciaco 47 71 .398
Sacramento 44 69 .385
Northwestern League.
' Vancouver 65 49 .670
Bpokane 62 48 .664
' fieattle 60 63 .531
Portland 53 68 .477
Victoria 49 61 ,445
. Tacoma 47 67 .412
5 ' American League.
W. L. ' PC.
Boston . .70 33 .680
Washington 64 39 .622
- Philadelphia 59 42 ,684
Chicago 51 48 .511
-Detriot 63 52 ,600
" Cleveland 46 56 .451
- New lorlt S3 66 .827
' Bt. Louis , .32 63 .317
National League.
W. I.. PC.
New I'Ork 71 26 ,1M
Chicago 63 35 .$43
Pitst)Urg ; 57 38 .600
, Philadelphia 47 47 .600
. Cincinnati 46 64 .48'i
, 'St. Louis 44 67 .436
Urooklyn 36 64 .360
1 lioston . 27 70 .278
Vienna's new wntcr works system
brings 60,000,000 Kalions of water a day
.' from a point in tho Alps 113 miles dis-
furnished Bungalow
at a Sacrifice
Owner ordered to Winnipeg, Canada,
and leaves a completely furnished home,
'. taking only family photographs. Quick
buyer geta this for $1200 CHKh, baian.'u
like rent Clope to Rose City car. De-
tail: rooms, bath, laundry tubs, fur
nace, all in fine shape. Talk.nuick if
you want-thia snap. See Adams.
Chapin-Herlow Mortgage
- -&-Trust Company
' Third Floor Chamber of Commerce
"Seaside, Oregon"
3 stories, 3(5 rooms, completely
furnishedri-f if e'placesr4-private
baths. 'Bus and harness cost $700.
Dining-room overlooks the ocean.
The grounds are beautiful, being
This oooular resort is known all
oyer t h d Coast as t h e best f am i ly
hotel in Oregon. It will pay you
ta investigate.
-Inquire 803 Yeon Building .....
M.. Marshall 1456.
Gentlemen's resident!? with 3V4 lota,
n most exclusive dlatrlft of Portlani.
Has unobstructed view of river, moun
tains and city. Seventeen minutes
-from potitof tiee-r servants' fHw-r-twsr
sun room, sleeping porch, fireplaces.
baths, toilets, furnace, and street im
provements. Owner must sell at once.
325,000; $12,500 down, balance easy
607 Spalding Blda.
-41S4- , llarshall 3951
TOtnt B BOOM rLATS and 6 room cot
tage on lot 60x100, Salmon street. In
come 51770 per year. My price: $1S,
000; good buildings and sightly.
AT.BO 100x100 onCorbetr street, with
two 7 room flats and 5 room cottage.
Room for another flat. Income $756
per year. My price $8500.
MIXLB, 813-313 Board of Trad bid?.
You caa rtUl bn7 a cholca lot In
Tot 81000, on easy tsrma $100 down.
616 Inmbermens Bldg., 6th and Stark.
Bolt 43a Yeon Bide
itatn 768JL.. 1 A-4374.
CEKTIF1CATKS f title made. Title A
Trust Co., Lewis bid.. 4th and Oak.
CarLHoltetvadinlii Jranlt -Tufts.-:
lot 1. block 3, subd. lota 1 to
( 10. North St. Johns 350
W R. HAIZL1P CO., J no. A fast .-tora,'
605 Qprlinger bldg., 2d snrl Aldi;r r
CAMP meets every
Wednesday evenlna
In W. O. 'V. temple. 128
11th st. All members
requested to attend.
Visitors welcome:
W. 8. SNIDER, C. C."
" Clerk.
MOOSE Portland lodge 291 meets evefy
Wednesday night in Moose hall, Roy-
1 oiag., Morrison near fark. visiting
ft.-" MtrRRmVr
T. R.
R. ti,
A. Ore. Rose Camp, meets Frt,
Allsky hall. Jd and Morrison.
James Schenck Jr.. 6101 4?d ave. S. E.,
21, and Lennls Iawrence, 20.
W, 6. Smith & Co. VWnV
g ana
g Cards.
Washington hldg., cor. 4th. on Wash'ton
LRK.-b nulls for rent, allsizes. Unique
- TiUvrtnf-o.r S69 Stark t;
CL'AHKE BHOrf.. floilets. fine flowers
anil florsl desirnt. 289 Morrison St.
BKATTT -The funeral services of Dora
Realty, beloved Wtfa. of Jaroes. B.
Tleatty, will be held from the Sollwocwl
M. E. church Thursday, Aug.. 8, at 2 p.
m. Will leave Hemstock's funeral par
lors at 1:30. Friends invited. Inter
rnent, Klvervrew cemeTery.
SPRINGER At her residence, 164
North Twenty-first, July 31, Mrs.
Amalla Bprlnger, aged 63 years 6
rnontns gays
DUfKIEIilJAt the Qood Samaritan
hospiul, Aug. 13, Percy J. Dufficld..
Remains ot Lurch's Undertaking par
lors. TiineroT"nolTc'elatff." "
6PAlY John Sjtady, St. Vintnr hos
pital A ugust 3. ape 63. hemnrrhngp.
JaliKSO-N--Hajia . JShnuoi.? ifil .Kart v
sixth avenue suuthuabt. August 4, age
76. pneumonia.
WII.LKON Walter Willson. Good Sa
maritan hospital, August 4. as? 57.
CrLTLTt -Chester Cultpr, foot nf Rus
sell street. August 4. age 45. run over
bv train.
ROUSE Mary Rouse, 1006 East Stark
Ktrcet, August 6, age 69.
MAX M. SMITH, florist. 141 Gth si,
In Selling bldg., Main 7215.
J, P, Finley k Son
Third and Madison.
Lady attendant. Main 9, A-1599.
Dunning & McEntee ttn"11"
every detail. 7th and Pine. Main 430.
A-4568. Lady annletHnt.
MR. KDWARIJ HOLMAN. the leading
funeral director and undprtaker 22u
3d ft., cor. Salmon: lady assistant.
rDirCHM Undertakln
Co. Main
X-223B. i.ady ass't
EAST SIDE funeral directors, success
or to F. S. PunnlTitr. Inc. K. 62, H-2525.
I CRP U Undertaker, Lady assista
LLnVjll B-1SSS. E-7S1. E. 6th-AM-
HEM STOCK, 1687 E. 13th. Sell. 71, H
1122: and Unlvers. Park. Col. S94-39t.
Pocircnn Pc Funeral directors,
yui uum uu) g l mi
1HSP11 Ht., E. 108.).
OTTO SCHUMANN, granlto and marble
wrks. Eat gd and Pine. Kant 74S.
Ground Iibor Lewis Bid. M. and A-1743.
502 McKay Bldg.
Main 649.
832 Chamber of Commerce Alain 1(152.
212-1 3 Board of Trade. M. and A-2010.
Orand ave and Mtllt. K 67, C-17S.
I0B Oerllneer Hldg. lnln S43 I.
2 FINE , apartment house sites; west
side; walking distance; big buys. See
IMKBm- mh Mil Si
M. V.. I.EE.
311 Corbett bldg.
f CAMP 4
WANTED Permission- te photograph
200 Portland's prettiest residences, for
eastern newspaper and; tnagasines; pic
ture from. I to. 4 feet long on exhibi
tion In Portland store windows, before
forwarding east No expense. Tabor
4123. Murray & Murray. 2926 71st, 8. E.
Irvineton' Sh&ps
$6250 Fine -7-room house in Irving-
ton; two nrfpiacsa.. hardwood rioors,
fixtures, sliadta,. everything, complete;
owner has instructed us to eacrifice;
part cash; see this and make an offer.
$4600 $500 cash and balance per
month, without interest, buys this mod
ern little 8-room bungalow In Irvlng-toiu-owner-jalliL,4a-Cana(ia
and must
be sold; built for a home and is the
cheapest buy in this district
See" our list of fiousea in Irvlngton,
Rose City nnd Piedmont. We have a
large list of bargains.
Chamber of Commerce.
. . $300 Down
room iicee. iTartfsfbod floors..
flroplnoe. , bookcases-,., .iaandry
trvs; 1 block from Bcr
school. IT
Cottage, 5 large rooms, 50x100
foot lot, beautiful view, fireplace.
- Hite.h "kitchen,- every thlnmoTtei'ii.
I'rlce JZ700.
Miss Powell, Owner, Tabor 1147.
Don't You Want a Home of
Your Own? -
Wouldn't you rather put your rent
money Into your property than the
other fellow's? I will put you in your
own home. You select the location,
plan your house and I'll do the rest.
Come in or phone. I will explain and
assure you It can be done. Phone Main
278. 414 Railway Exchange,
Hawthorne district, new 6 room bun
galow, 3 largo bedrooms, double win
dows, full cement basement, hardwood
floors, fireplace, buffet, bookcases,
Dutch kitchen, east front; a -real home
at the right price. It will cost ypu
nothing to see It. Just nhone owner.
Tabor 651
Fine new 5 room bungalow on 60 foot
lot near ar and, beautiful park.
Modern and complete. Double con
structed. Fireplace, oak floors, built In
buffet, bookcases, scats, etc., buffet
Thin Is a little beauty;- built for a
home and will be sold at Actual cost
of construction $2760. Small cash pay
ment and' balance like rent.
OWNER, 301 Wilcox bldg.
This Is the Home
Tou have so long been loklng for. Ifa
only $2750 cash or terms. It Is modern
in evefy detail, splendid lot, fine loca
tion, l block to car. I have othera to
BhOW you. " ' ' '
Owner," Sellwbod 87 7"
"Why Not?
our my new modern DlingaiOW !n
Hawthorne district, artistically finished,
3 hardwood, floors, .Dutch -kitchen . 4
white enamel, full cement basement and
built-in conveniences. I built this for
my home; will sacrifice for good cash
payment. Call Main 6097.
$60 CASH.
6 rtwimjr, built-in buffet, bookcase,
solid ORk floors, fireplace, furnace. $50,
monthly, including Interest, price' J4400.
Natlonnl Realty & Trust Co., 723 Cham
!L!! Co.;.,im.l(,e- P'OJ? Main 5129.
SNAlC2"250" terms to suit purchase
buys dandy modern 5 room bungalow,
full basement, French doors, hat
boxes, dressers, etc; Dutch kitchen,
fine lot on paved street, paid for; one
block to Mt. Scott car; cement walks,
shade trees: don't mles it. Call Mnndav
lJaa, - C, tagm, 8U fe'twldlag-bklg-MaT-
A-2489." '" '
$50 DOWN.
6 rooms, fireplace. basAment.
cash $50, balance $35 per month, lnelud.
ing Interest. National Realty & Trust
y o., ui namDer or commerce. Alain
1 W1I.L sell rav Htrlntlv modorn S .rAAm
hoiiHe and full lot for $1000 less than
actual cost If taken before August 15.
If you hirve 32250 to invest and want a
beautiful home In fine location at your
own prif-e, ete mis ai once, uwncr.
$4000 BUNGALOW FOR $3250.
Every modern convenience, well Im
proved grounds, Alberta or Union ave.
cars. If you want home (not merely a
house) see owner, 702 Swethyid bldg.
Terms v .
Bungalow Home, New ;
? rooms, modern, hardwood floors all
built-in conveniences, full size finished
oasment; r Mocks irom car, beautiful
location. Deal with owner; small pay
ment down, balance like rent. Phone
wain Zis. , .i
$50 Down and $15 a Month
Ituys 10.1x100 and cheap 3 room hoiise;
city water and graded street. M-V car-
Hnei Pik- ijfiO.
IF you want a NEW TWO room 'house,
ft lively little cottaue. on lot 50x100.
Bull Run water, 3 blocks from Rose Cltv
carllne, in nice district for $750. $75
cash. $15 month, pet busy; it won't last
lotitr. K-2H2. .lournnl.
Ql AUTKR Mock and old house.' Sll
wood. 2 blocks from car line. $1850;
or corner with house, $1200. The inside
lot alone $850; half cash. Owner's busi
ness call him to California; must sell.
Culver. 612 McKay bldg.
FIVE room new modern house, 1 block
from L car; lot 60x100; close In, good
nelphborhood: $34. Anderson, phone
V.'oodlawn 2220. No agents or real es
tatn inf!i wanted.
$21006 ROOM, eaxt front, good
plumbing, electric Hshts. etc., lot 50
xlOO, street graded, cement walk, one
block from car; terms. .1ns. D. Ogden,
848 Mississippi av AVoodlawn 202.
SMALL payment down and eusy month
ly instalments, will buy a nice 3
room bungalow on sightly lot, only 20
minutes from center of Portland; price
$1000. See owner at 414 Boaldlnir hid.
$i)0 CASH. 115 MONTH : Minn
4 room plastered cottage,' lot 'fflHx
100. Of course It beats paying rent.
Fred W. German, 436 Chamber of Com
merce. Main 6445.
FIVE room house In Alberta district.
Full basement with barn or garage
close to carllne. Trlcx $.2750. Terms
easy. Particulars, H-29'7, Journal
MN'E 8 room housn in Council Crest
I'ark on Mt. AdRms drive, benutlfullly
finished, 2 lots, fine view, 3 blocks from
car line. Phone A-4939.
50"5n 8 room house, Mi'."" tabor, paved
streets, 1 block to car; terms or part
trade, Phone or call evenings. Tabor
3666. Owner, 136 E. 68th
Will accept one as first payment on
new bungal,ow;-balance $20 month; well
located. Dolnn, 309 Railway Exchange
Home, half price. Several lots. C-1866.
Eatt 273. W.' H. Herdman.
JVHY pay rent when you can buy a
-pruoa nuriin lur mo price Or a lot.
Owner, K-204, Journal. '
NEW, 8 room, well built, beautiful
house on 41st near Fremont. Reld,
th owner, at hotisp. Eapt 6189.
ARTISTIC- liomt-s. plans 15 nrt tin
hundreds to-select from; book free.
romiinn ping, ass n. aza Mohawk bldnr.
uutt room Douse and lot. $280; near
, .J. cute. llaO Journal.
FOR SALE $330 equity In 4 room cot
tage. $75., K-143, JournaL
, 01
Brand new room bungalow, close to
Hawthorns ave. and In good residence
district. Some -of the most attractive
features, an east front, wide cement
walk leading to porch, larga reception
Tiali with coat closet, full bevel plate
mirror in closet door, larga living room
with pressed brick fireplace on each side
of which Is bu tlt-ln feookca sea. yen eered
panel dining room, wide buffet, polished
hardwood floors, two bedrooms finished
in white enamel on first floor, two bed
rooms on second floor, well equipped
bath, complete cabinet kitchen with all
built-in conveniences, full - basement
wlth-cement- floor and lattndry traya;
Walls will be tinted to auit purchaser.
Tabor 451 or Call on Owner,
300 F, 39th, One Block South
Hawthorne Avenue,
Swell Little Home '
The biggest twrgn-hr-we-tiave yef been
able to offar: A brand new, strictly
modern 4 room house, full basement,
built in conveniences, tiled bathroom, in
fact everything that--geesto- make a
house modern. It is elaborately fur
nished at a cost of $400, which is thrown
in tree, in addition to giving you a good
bargain in the house. You must see
this to appreciate it Price la $1650;
small payment down..
j. miHuia cu., bib reon niag.
Laurelhurst "
New 5-story house with all modern
conveniences; oak floors, fireplace, fur
nace, reception hall with mirror doors,
paneled staircase. 3 large bedrooms, lot
,50x100. close to car; $500 cash, balance
10 suit. ',
J, R, Henderson & Co. .
' 507 Spalding blda.
Marshall 3952. A-4154.
Residence in Piedmont
For sala or exchange for acreage, well
located near Portland;. lot 100x150, beau
tifully Improved with 8 large rooms, full
cement- basement. Price $6500. Mortgage
Ubuu, flue 2 years at 7 per cont. will
take acreage worth up to $6600 or $7000.
Smith & Shetler
122 Chamber of Commerce.
Phone Main 5826.
west of 35th st., 2-story house, large
rooms, full basement, 'street paved, all
Improvements paid; $600 cash, terms on
J, R, Henderson & Co,
Mar. 3952. 607 Spalding bldg. A-4151.
A BARGAIN If taken at once, 6 room
-flioaern -Bunpnow;- gas -ami iectne,
lot 5 0x1 OOr- 31850,- terms,- owner. - 1 1 8 1
B. 16th at. N. Alberta car.
Lot 50x100
0U M PLUJVJVnt'nfflSi
About 6 blocks from th Lents school
house. Lot cleared, good soli, city wa
ter. It's cheap.
Corner Orand ave and R. Ankeny.
80x100 lot, close to Hawthorne ave.,
all improvements In and cement walk
paid for; only $860 cash. Phone Tabor
628 or call 1405 Hawthorne ave,, cor,
60th st. '
$25 Down, $10 a Month
on Mount Tabor and remember the price
is only $975.
.L. WEfiB.
Rossnfere Only $725 . -
Close In, on E. 37th st., and conven
ient to two carllnes; street improve
Wehts all paid for; this Is a bargain for
someone. DeYoung & Johnson, 514
Chamber of Commerce bldg.
$800 Yqu cannot beat this. It contains
4 lots, '40x150 each, with good water
pipe4 -to It; fine wollT.ftne-v4w, -fine
road. 20 minutes' car ride: fine garden
and fruit soil; 4 mile circle; $26 cash,
$10 per month. M. E. Lee. 311 Corbett
bldar. -
FINE, sightly H acre at Ryan station,
on Oregon Electric Ry.. 20 minutes
from Portland. 6c fare, for less than
you can-buy eity lot. Lovely location
for family home, garden, fmit, etc.
Your own terms, ttox 336, P. O., Port
land. $325 buys a beautiful 50x100 lot, 20 tnin
utcs' ride, 4 mile circle; fine neigh
bors; ow-n your own home; do not pay
rent; $15 cash, $5 per month. M. E.
Lee. 311 Corbett bldg.
$725, wrtlt buyu chotce lot. in Irvtngton
district; I am offering ' this at this
low price on easy terms In order to
close an estate. . Call on. attorney at
414 Snaldlne bldir.
$350 buys a fine acre, good view, fine
soil, good water - ilpdl t o It; a big
honie-stter-ar-big baisatnr-tfr: vasii, t
per month. M. E. Lee. 311 Corbett hi dir.
$600 buys a fine Vs acre. 5 cent fare, 16
minutes' ride Mg bargain; $2ft- cash,
$10 per month. M. E. Lee, 311 Corbett
THREE Fairport lots or 20 acre WI1
Bonville farm dirt chean. Main 106.
C. L. 1-inmberyer. TPS Hnaldlnir bld.
SEP' Le Noir Co. ror west aide prop
erty, exclusive dealers In west side
reany. nay Lnamoer or comerce.
LOTS 3 and 4. block 21. Council Crest
Park, for sale by owner at big bar
gain. A-30R, Journal.
Big lot. 60xl3J, cheap, on 29th ave.
Inquire 2832 62d st
Hence this wicrlfice ef 10 acres of 6
year old walnut and cherry orchard at
Amity, Or. Price $25nO. This is Jtist
half what this cost. Cherries will pay
a dividend after this year. Jacob Haas.
400 Yeon bldg.
FOR SALE 20 acres A-l fcoll. neat
Kelso,; $20 terms
40 acres, $12.60; terms."
-,ot and half, University Park; bar
gain. F. L, Moore, Sumner, Wash.
WILL sell you 5 to 60 acres of Improved
land at station on Oregon Electric
line, $200 to $225 per acre, $2 down an
acre and 60c per week. Owner, 'KM 02,
7c fare, cm Oregon Electric.
acre cleared. I defy you to duplicate
this price. Fred W. German, 436 Cham
ber of Commerce. Main 64 45
6.628 acres, with house and outbuild
ings, oiu cai'llpe soon to be electri
fied. Fine so,' cleared, etc. Prlco
$2460. Particulars, H-298, Journal.
SNAP for caishr 1 acre, 1 block from
Boardrnan station. Oregon City car.
set to fruit and vegetables,-small house,
chicken house and well. R. F. Fisher.
WILL sell you 10 acre tracts of land
In Union county, near Elgin, Or., $40
per acre, $10 down on 10 acre tract, and
25c . per week. Owner, K-103.Jqu.rnal.
HALF acre garden tracts $400 each-;
easy terms; 30 minutes' ride ori Cas
adero line. Owner, 620 Lumbermen's
l ACRES, beautiful view nrnnertv Rn
lfare.'r This Is a snap $1500, V4- cash.
rMT E. Lee. 311 Corbett bldg.
80 ACRES in Drain. Or., for sale bv own-
-ea-et-j&-6th st.
FOR SALE I acre Alberta st. and 89th.
Call Woodlawn 694. - 910 ET 14th N.
Within 25 Miles of Portland
Easy Terms
On a" railroad, large number of men
employed ut headquarters on tract;
plenty of spring and creek watar. Call
or write fir information.
Lueddemann-Bothfur & Co,
K13-17 Chamber of Commare UUlg.
Office open till 8:30 p. m, Mam 6367,
1 l-S ACRKS, abutting on Fourth
atreet line of Southern Pacific,
40 minutes west of 4th and Wash--lngton;
poles and trolley wlna
now being put over this line to
run electric rars; commuters' fare
14c. This alLcleared at;$5p0 per
acre, payable $50 cash ana $5 In
terest pfer motv."
The Shaw-Fear Co,
Main So. 102 Fourth St. 'A-3500.
Splendid 10 Acres -
Nonresident who is buying on con
tract (easy monthly payments) a fine
10 acre tract Just on tho edge of town
of Yamhill; well settled neighborhood;
all splendid soil; aprlng water; no waste
land, for $1600, writes "Sell my $260
equity for $150 cash; must have money."
Ifena'jan opportunity for anyone In
the market for a fine 10-acre tract to
get It at low price and very easy terms
of payment. The So. Par. Ry. now elec
trtfying Its' line through Yamhill and
values are advancing.
J. W. CRt)SSLKY, 61 ! Corbett Rldg.
6 ACRES at 1250 per acre, only
mile south of St. Mary's sta
tion, on Fourth-st line; only" 120
fnre to commuters; 30 minutes
from 4th and Washington sts., on
monthly payments. ' ,
v The Shaw-Fear Co,
Main 35. 102 Fourth St. A-3500.
6 miles from North Plains. $500; half
cash, balance easy.
40 acres, $700; half cash; fine springs
on each 40..
65 acres, .house, good barn, 30 fruit
trees, 8 acres in meadow, $1550; $560
cash, balance easy.
Level, Cleared Acreage
Rich, deep, black loam; finest land In
the state for garden, fruit, berries and
poultry; 1V4 miles to town; no chance
to overflow; no stumps ta dig out, no
brush to clear: plant your crop today;
this Is the land that pavs Its . way; 5,
10 and-10 acre Iracts $100 per:iacrei
easy terms. Owner, 419 Lumber Ex
change bldg.
5 and 10 Acres Cheap
$20 up to $45 per acre, on terms.
Tracts of 6 acres or more: deep, red
shot soil,, well watered: easily cleared;
Ideal for general farming, fruit vege
tables, .dairying nnd chicken raising; lo-
caiea on county roaci, ciose to live town
on R. R. and river near Portland. Own
ers, 703 Lewis bldg., 4th and Oak sts.
Main 8078. Evenings East 394.
5 ACRES down the Willamette, on
west side and 2 miles back
from river and 6o car .fare, for
$175 per . acre, on monthly pay-
The Shaw-Fear Co,
Main 36. 102 Fourth St. A-3500.
12 acres highly cultivated; five
slashed, 1 in timber; no rock or gravel;
best of soil; fine living spring can be
piped to any part of land; no buildings
on this land; land fronts on Base Line
roadclose to Troutdale. Price $170 an
acre. 1905" cash wITrHanaierjacob
Haas, 400 Yeon bldg.
5 acres, all planted to rhoico varieties
of commercial apples, on main county
road, only a few miles out of town of
Hood River; in fine condition; 2 to 4
years old. Price .only $300Q Will ac
cept unincumbered residenc lot In Port
land as first payment and give long time
on balance. Address owner, J-719, Jour
nal. ,
CHICrCEN ar.d fruit ranches near Port
land. Best soil, good roads, spring
water, free wood, settled country, 10
acres. $400, $500. $600 per tract; 20
acres, $800; 40 acres, $l?00: ;) acres.
$2000; 40 acres "timber, $2400. Aanrhes
all kinds for sale. Easy terms. Frank
McFarland Reajty Co., 309 Yeon bldg..
Portland. Or'
A Choice Half Acre Tract
-On Estacada carllne; -mHe-fwm-eHv
MmitB BH.-i-.-Wr-i-0--y,ty
water, ea.fy terms; see owner, 912 Cham
ber of Commerce tlde. Phone Marshall
15S5. Resldence-Petlwood-4J.
$35 Per Acre
Buys a fine 40 acre tract near Silver
ton, adjoining R. R.. 15 acres fienrlv
ready for plow; lies well; No. l noli,
beautiful farms adjoining"; $250 down
balance terms. 282 Wash., room 1!
FOR SALE OR RENT 3 acres, on 6re
gon Electric. J0c fare, 4 room house,
fine water, barn, family orchard, 6
kinds small fruit, 2 acres strawberries,
only 3 blocks from station; some furni
ture in house: terms. Room 10 Cam
bridge bids, 3d and Morrison. ' -
16 ACRES level land, with' creek, close
to town With graded school, bank,
churches, etc.; 46 minutes Portland. If
you wHiit a good piece of land and have
$1000 to psy down, it will pay you to
look this up. Owner, 542 6th st Mar
shall S485, Call or phone after p. m
$10 Down
$5 monthly, 80x212. $475v Oregon City
car, 25 minutes out Cleared, fine soil.
See Marsters, 202 .Wilcox bldg. Main
3517. A-7340. "
16-ACRE farm. 10 acres under cultlvn
tion, running water, 8 miles west of
court house, 20 minutes' walk from St
Marys station-on Oregon Ele-ctrlc R, H
Will take house and lot In city as part
payment. Price $4000. Inquire for M
RUter at Orecgm Journal betwen S- and
Ifr o'clock in iffe-eveningi
BY OWNER 160 acres about 3
cleared; 3 14 miles from town; good
soil; free range;- large, house, barn, log
root house, spring watar; stock and im
plements; on Tuttle' river. Write own
er F. O. Anderson, box 94, C-astlerock
YOUR opportunity. Montana, test farm
lands, $1'5 per acre and up; 10 yeara
to pay for it. 6 per cent Interest ori do'
ferred payments. Round trip excursion
rates, $33.50, See owner, -307 Railway
Exchance blda-. " '
POULTRY ranch for sale, one mile from
o. v., iv acres wun creek i acres in
fruit, new house, barn, chicken house.
Will also sell poultry. Price $2000
Owner, W. C. Graddv, Cornelius,, Or.
40 acres all tillable, running-water,-in
Washington county, only $1100 $2.i0
cash, balance to suit. 1203 Yeon bldar.
20' ac
crea, 'all- tillable, good son and
and boat landing, only $20 per acre;
terma. 1203 Yeon bldg. .
: Farm-Bargain .
Washington County
" $60 Per Acre' -
Bead the description of thli farm
carefully. It is one of the very best
farm bargains neap the city. There are
169 acres. 35 acres In high state of cul
tivation, balance some timber and pas
ture, with living water. The entire tract
nn . it-lies.
well. Be vert room -house, barn 40x807B Terms, $600 caah,T)aIance longtime. S
other onthiiilrtinirs. Jood family or
chard. Price 1 60 per. aenr. $1800 cash,'
1 I . B ...... .. . a. . InfAPAU, I
There la no such bargain to be. found
near the city. It le located in one pf
the most fertile and best dairy sec
tions of Washington county, 2 H miles
from North Plains on united uanway,
i4- mile tg. school And church. I)on't
miss this opp6rtunIlyl6 Wutile your
Hargrove & Sons
Choice 10 Acre'
4 1-2 Miles Out
Price $4500
Just W-mll fromtatlonlO-cent.iarIisi.v oao:uihliikens.-cream sen- 8
Io"thecrtv7 We TtvT a" spTendtd" buy tn
a 10-acre tract. It Is all in a high stata
of cultivation,' best of' soil; lies perfect
ly; new 6-room plastered house, oarn
and outbuildings. Personal property:
Cow, 100 chickens. Implements and
household goods. Price 4500. Good
terras. This is a season of bargains and
this is one of the very best
Hargrove & Sons
122 N. 6th st.. Cor, th and Glison.
Main 4381, A-7269.
Afford to BLTy
40 acres. 12 In cultivation, S acres In
potatoes, 12 tons of hay in barn and hay
carrier," good'Tope Elfngs; barn 80x5!
feet; 5 room house, blacksmith shop
with tools; good team of mares and har
ness, cart and single harness; hay rack
and mowing machine, plow, cultivator,
spring-tooth and spike-tooth harrows;
one cow and heifer calf, two dozen
rJilekensz:.Tinezail:-ateet doublciJower
stump puller with 200 feet of cable,
take-up and grub plow, 16 ricks of wood
cut and split; water piped to the house
from hydraulic ram arM household
goods. This all goes for $3650. $2000
,cath, balance 3 years at 6 per cent. Ad
dress GUY D. BELL.
Banks. Or,. R. F. D or MerMnn Trust
Co 312 Henry Mdff., Pvrtfand. -
Farm land
. 20 acres, 14 miles to Portland, 2 to
town; fine roads ahd view; 15 a-fes In
spuds, splendid orchard; box house, run
ning water and well. Only $3200; small
amount .down, balance long time.
20 acres and stock, 13 miles to rnrt-tendrf-Mr.tortowttrt:'tffmttt''reirf;Treet;-orchard;
9 room house,, good buildings,
and all stock, cheap.
40 acres, 14 miles to Portland, 2 to
town; good roadr and view; box house,
well and .creek; best of soil, al) tillable;
10 acres in crop, balance line wood.
Only $3200; terms.
10 or 20 acres, 2V4 miles to Sherwood,
13 to Portland; good roads, fine soil, $75
per acre; $200 cash, balance $100 per
years at 6 per cent.
. W, H, Seitz & Co,
310 Spalding Bldg. Main 6584.
Alberta Land
la going fast. The C. P. R. R. has soil
nearly 160,000 acres of land In the last
three months and you must hurrv If
you get some of this cheap land. When
this is -gone there will no no more $11
land close to a railroad In a cllmnte
that is so productive and so delightful
to live in. ,
- Saturday,- August- 10, at 9- p m. a
large party Is leaving Tor Calgary.
Return fare $40.
Joinus-at that time ar.d look this
country over.
Canadian Pacific Ry. Lands,
2 Lumbermen's bldg..
tirouna Floor.
LookL look! Great-Bargain
24 acres, with new $1350 hoii.e, close
jp-feavfiEtgrnand lmitta:irtgg.Jtit.
Rtat4oHFntrre places In furtlvatiori,'1 fruit
of all kinds in abundance, 62 apple, 3
penr 27 prune. It plum, 22 cherry, 20
peach,- 6000 t ra vthcjxr rf antsy- a hnu t
dOOO berry plants, such ns currants,
gooseberries, raspberries, loganberries,
blackberries, etc.; 6000 rhubarb plants,
vegetables potatoes, etc.. all in lienr
lng. LOVELY HOME, $2650; $250 r:ish.
balance $25 per month at 6 per cent.
H. H. FARNHAM. 1203 Yeon Bldir.
$75 Per Acre
15 miles from Portland, good suto
road; 1 mile from Tualatin river; close
to-town and railroad; lies fine, -with
running water; all good land, no rock;
timber enough to pay for the land; will
sell anv amount from 20 to 200 Hcres
MO par acre cash, balance to suit at
6 per cent; easy terms. Peper Raker
444 Sherlock hldg-,, cor. od and fink
70 acres ef very good high shot soil
714 miles from town and railway sta
tion, a good location, flna water, all
fenced, buildings, a good benrlng'orchurd
of 3 acres, all kinds of berries and fruit,
school 14 mile, church V, mile. Price
$8400- $200 cash, remainder term nnd
low interest, 6 per cent. Write to F R
Roltemiller, Rldgefleld, Wash. Route
No, 2, box 135.
20 Acres, $600
Buys you a splendid piece of farm land
14 miles of town, $1 fare from Port
land, H mile of school, clone neighbors,
springs and running water, $100 cash,
balance easy terms.
917 Board of Trade bldg.
30 ACRES. Just 1 miles from Canby,
all well improved with flfi'e biilMinuN.
It Is well fenced and lies beautifully
on main road and on the river. Price
Including, about $4000 worth of imple
ments and tools and stock is $5700.
Owner will exchange for good property
In -Portland up to $5000. DeYounff &
Johnson. 514 Chamber of Commerce bldg,
, Desire to Sell at Once 1
1 Jft 1. IAA M.I'll. . nKAln. . , r. 1 1 . . . I .
near -Portland, all tillable and in crop
Lies adjoining a growing town of about
AOlin Wlufi aitrfftilnflcil ,v flm
farm.- Here from the east until the
6000 ACRE.H.
With water for irrigation, good builrt
ings, in the famous Shields river valley.
MontHmrr big crops' every year assure !,
price $RO,000, ery easy-terms or wll;
trade for Portland property. -A snlen
did bargain. See owner. . 307- Railway
ffxclis-ng'e-"1frMg. 1 1 wpwp,!!, 'i ' "ii . ii 1 1 WI...IJH.
CALIFORNIA Irrigated rarm lands, ...
. C. I BAMBERGER, 705 Spalding Bldg.
6 block from Whitford 9
S station On the Oregon Electric; H S
S cleared, all level, very best of oll; 8
8 price $350 per acre. Terms 1-3 8
8 cash, balance long time.' This -1a 8
8 one of the best buys on the market. 8
8 'IISOO 40 fccres: 'on Cowllt river. 8
S miles from K. R. station and boat 8
landing. --acres in cultivation,-10 8
8 acres slashed and seeded, k mile &
S tine fir timber, small orchard, land 8
8 all level, spring and creek, small 8
8 honseand barn, very best of soil, 8
8 A snap. 8
S - 1 1 '' ' '' '' - '',!-- ' 8
8 " ' $35U0W acrestn 'cowllta'Co.T 8
8 Wash, 26 acres in cultivation, most 8
8 all slashed and seeded. 1300 bear- 8
8 ing apple trees. All kinds of small 8
8 fruits, Land i all level. Well and 8
8 spring. 2 story 8 room house, large 8
8 barn, on main county road, H. V. IX 8
B aud "tetephons route."JVeT'r est t)f 8
8 soil., Terms, cash. Would con- 8
8 80 acres on Cowlita river. 6 miles 8
8 from good town on main line of N. 8
a x n --.i hn.t in anres R
a in cultivation, 80 acres bottom a
& land easllv cleared . Land all level. 8
S Well and spring. - Old house and 8
S barn. On main county road, 1 8
8 miles to hlgh-aohool. Very best ot-B-
8 soil. Price only $20 per acre. 1-1 8
8 cash, balance long time. . 8
8 '
8 120 acres on Cowllt-river- 20 8
8 acres In cultivation, good family 8
S orchard and small fruits; well and 8
8 aprlng. All tillable. 4 room houn 8
S and large barn. Very beat of soil. 8
S Price $20 per acre. Terms, $500 8
8 cash, balance long time. 8
8 . S
8 $370040 acres on Cowlltg rlv 8
S er. 4 miles from R. It. and boat 8
8 landing; 18 acres in cultivation: 8
8 land all level; well creek and S
8 spring; fine soil; good tiearlng or- 8
8 chard and amall fruits; IVi story 8
S 6 room 'house, barns; 1 mile to 8
a a.Vinn1 rnnd maris: tem WSZOn. 8
K nrfltor. all farm machinery ana o
S crops, household goods. Would con- -B
8 elder about $2500 in exchange for 8
8 Portland property. This Is a snap. 8
3 8
8 $240040 acres on Co wilts river, 8
8 2 -miles from R. R. and boat land- 8
8 ing; 17 acres in cultivation; good 8
8 orohard and small fruits; all land 8
8 tillable; small house, good large 8
8 barn, team, Cow, some hogs, several 8
8 dozen chickens, machinery and a
8 crops; 1 mile to high school. Terms 8
S H or less cash, balance long time, 8
S Good soil. 8
J. H, Shields,
S 20S Gerllnger Bldg., cor. Id and S
9 TMor. Matn-4fe.-r:
S 8
SS8B88S8S8B8 8'8 B 8 8 8 8 8
15 Acre Bargain -
40 Rods From Station
Just 17 miles southwest of Portland,
on the Portland-Rex state road and lust
r.mall farm buv near Portland. Thera
are 15 acres, alxmt'10 acres in high state
of cultivation, balance some timber and
pasture. All the very best of land
and lies well. Nlco living water, good
i-room house, good barn and outbuild
ings, largo family orchard, lots of
grapes and berries. In fact, this la
one of the most homelike little farms
.3tJLU...jiAAn-.:.jcui afimtt..ttnfi.;i: Parmnul
property: 2 horses, cow, 2 hogs, 50
chickens, wagon, buggy, mower, culti
vator.;, harrow, plow and other personal
property. Price only 350(. 4
Hargrove & 'Sons
122 in. Bin at., . or, tin ana uusan.
Main 4381, A-725J.
Good Dairy Farm
4(Aefes atrf or est-Grove-
Price $6300
Near Forest Grove and in one of the
..)!- . , I , . 1 QS
miles west' of Portland, we have a
splendid buy in a 40-acre tract. There
are 15 acres in high, slate of cultiva
tion, balance good pasture, and some
timber. ' The entire tract lies perfectly
anj -is .ihA-i'Ai'v l-mut nf nrtfl ftrtlAnrilf
S-room house that cost $2000 to build,
barn and outbulldlmrs. Good spring.
wagon, o cows, netrer ana an rarm lm-
rarm lm-
imrmm M
nlAmnnta Prli . Ck9AA larma m
per Gent interest.
Hargrove & Sons
123 N. 6th st., cor. 6th and (
Main 38L A-7259
320 Acres of Good
. Level Sage Brush Land
Close to Valo.ln artesian belt and oil
belt; covered by Bully Creek project;
for one-third of what land Is selling
forr worth investigating; owner must
sell; $10 per acre.
M. 6967. 435 Chamber of -Commerce.
-'4 60' acres, close tn Columbia river, tO
trade. What. have you?
HOMESTKALR. located, timber, water,
level land; house and furniture; can
see in one day. Covey, 267 Oak, room 21.
HOMESTKAD relinquishment $f50 it
tJ.kPnJlscek1 Call 708 Selling bldg.
50 ACRES, in cultivation, plenty of
water for irrigation, good soil, near
city limits; will lease to gardeners for
a term of years. K, Coleman, Milwau
kle, R. V. 1). No. J. .
FOR KENT Good patitur. B. M. Ran
dall, ClackmasT Or. Phono Farmers
1X2. " :
10 acres, pears, 3 years .Old, 1 mile t)
iuwii niiti ruiiruau, uu per acre, in
cludes all care and cultivation 3 more
years; cash," balance 4 years, no ln
terewt. See owner, -314 Couch' bldg,
160 ACRKS land, $4800; trade for Port
land home or business property. Ta
hor 3571,
WANTKlj Stock or goods, j3665"'to "
$4000, in exchange for good property,
I WILL buy, sell or trade anythlmr.
A 8'iOUY and Clarkapiano; will trade'
;ior a lot. 1 128 lUhV, . u'u'
8 ' 5 acres
V " -.1. ,'-' 'V-