The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 05, 1912, Page 18, Image 18

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Hit l,!jif itiV,.,'1,i(t'.Kfe T'II r'-f-i-.
Last Wcetf bf the Exhibition of Franz A: Lundahl's $100,000
Our Great Semi-Annual Homefurnishing Sale Continues All Day
Extra Special From 8 to 9 A. M. Only
- Women t and Misses
Just 30 women's and misses' Suits
and colors-'some a trifle soiled and mussed. Between H to 9 a. m at only $5.
From 9 to
Broken Lines of $2.50
CcrseU Only 98c
A special that'll bring crowds!
Broken lines of $2.50 Corsets in
gobd, staple models. Low and
medium bust, long hips. Three
pairs supporters at- g
tached. From 9:00 J tjC
to 10 o'clock only, at -w
$1.50 Coats arid Skirts 48c
Odd Linen Skirts and Coats,
with short or three-quarter length
white or colored. Rcgu- JQ
larly $1.50.; from 9 to 10 at JOC
To 20c Ribbons, Yard 3c
10c to 20c all-silk, , high-grade
Taffeta" Ribbons. 2 to 3 inches
wide, in staple colors. From Q
9 to 10 o'clock, special only oC
25c Madrases, Yard 122c
White stripe and figured Mad
rases, for dresses, tailored waists,
men's and boys' shirts; 25c
grades, trom 9:00 to
at 12V2C
10 o'clock, the yard,
' 5c Flotilla Soap, Cake 3c
. Flotilla, floating Bath Soap,
best'' for the bath and toilet use.
Largest oval cakes. From
IpjOO to 10 a. m.,3c; dozen
Women's 25c Hose, Pair 15c.
Women's 25c black and tan
Boot Hose, seamless foot, light
weight, all sizes. From 1 r
9:00 to 10 a. ni., the pair 13C
Men's $3 to $5
Oxfords at Only
Every one of the 22Q' pairs will surely find
buyers between 1 1 and 2 o'clock! Broken lines
of Men's $3.50, $4 and $5 .Oxfords, in tans,
patents, gunmetals, velour calf. All sizes in the
lot. All eood makes. Genuine Goodvear welt
From 1 1 to 2, Third Floor, $1.59.
Women's $1.00 Silk
Hose Only 69c
The well-known 900 brand of
Silk Hose. Rich, lustrous qual
ity. Black, in sizes and 10.
-AH-sizes, 4n colors-
Reg. $1 Silk Hose, 3 BjfC
to 4 p. m., the pair, at
To $1.75 Brassieres $1.21
Brassieres made of batiste and
linori, trimmed with imitation
Irish and embroidery. Regular
$1.50 to $1.75 grades.
From 3 to 4 p. m., only d 1 u 1
85c Sandals at 59c
Misses' size in Low Barefoot
Sandals, two-strap style, broad
toes, in sizes 13 to 2. Regular 85c
grades, from 3 to 4 p. m.
only,"special at, the pair OuC
To $1 Embroideries 25c
r- Baby Irislj Embroidery Edges
and Insertions 1 to 3-in-. Bands,,
6 to 14-in. Edges: Assorted pat
terns; 50c to $1 grades, jr
from 3 to 4 p. m., yftrd at UoC
I 75c Massage Cream 49c
Pompeian Mas;age Cream a
compound for cleansing and
beautifying the skin. Regularly
iT5c, from 3 'to 4; p. m. iA
only, the jar, special at 45C
$7 Untriminedllats $L69
'.'Fpr one hour only, a table of
fine; XJritrimmed Hats of $3 to $7
grades. All popular shapes. From
your cnoice oi tne iot0lur.
, ,. - . ?v 3
1 f
Tailored Suits $5.00
f silk and woul. Black, navy, crcatu
10 A..M
25c to 75c Black Silk
Gloves Only 9c
Out on a center aisic table be
tween 9 and 10 o'clock. Black
Silk Gloves at this very low price!
Also natural chamoisettc. Two
clasp styles ; sizes Zl2
to 6 only ; 25c-75c grade, p
3 pairs for 25c ; the pair
65c Aluminum Pans at 37c
Aluminum Sauce Pans the
handiest size for everyday kit
chen use. Famous Wcarcver
brand, holds 3 pints. Regular (15c
grade. From 9:00 to 10
a. m. only, on sale at only u I C
To 25c Handkerchiefs at 6c
2Uc to 25c Embroidered Swiss
Handkerchiefs; large assortment;
soiled and mussed. From
9:00 to 10 a. m., each, onlv DC
10c Flannels, Yard at 5c
Cossack twilled Flannels, 27
inches wide, for kimonos, house
dresses, dressing sacques and bed
comforters. Regularly 10c. j
from 9:00rto 10 a. m., yard jC
Men's 75c Nightshirts 39c
Men's 50c and 75c grade White
Muslin Night Shirts, with low
neck and turn-down col- on
lars. From 9:00 to 10 at JjC
45c Baker's Chocolate 30c
One pound cakes of Walter
Baker's delicious Chocolate, sold
usually at 45c. From 9:00 r
to 10 a. m., in the grocery JlC
3000 Men's $1.00
Qolf Shirts, Only
$3 to $5 Silk Chiffon
Waists at $1.48
Dainty for late Summer and
early Fall wear these Silk Chif
fon Waists, in plain and fancy
low necks, from !f i mht
3 to 4 only, at V
25c Liquid Veneer 19c
Liquid Veneer, makes old
things new, applied with a cloth,
for woodwork, automobiles, fur-
niture, etc. Regular 25c f
From 3 to 4 p. m., each 1C
To $4 Sweaters $1.98
Men's and Women's Sweater
Coats, in Oxford, maroon, navy,
medium weight, pearl buttons.
Regular $3.50 to $4.00 d1 Qg
grades, 3 to 4 only, at 4) l0
$1.75 Suitcases $1.25
Hofti Fiber Suitcases of the
t roomy 24xl3-lnch size. They are
art cloth-lined. iMtnshed with
brass locks and catches.. Regu
larly $1.75, from 3 to Al
.4 o'clock only, each
Men's I2V2C Kerchiefs 4c
Fancy colored and white, 12c
Handkerchiefs. For fancy work
or pocket use. All colors, neat
patterns. From 4 to 5 p. A '
m. tomorrow, special, each f
50c Stationery at 26c
50c box of Somersby Linen Pa
per, 50 sheets of paper and 50 en-
to 4 p. m., the box, only ZuC
Extra Special From
Women s $3 to $4
Only 89c for these splendid, cood styles Oxfords and Pumps. Tans, Riinmetals,
patent and suede leathers, rormer $3
Women's $7.50 to
$12.50 Dusters $4.98
Linen Dusters for auto and tour
ist wear. Assorted styles of col
lars. They come in blue, old rose
or brown linen. Marked from $7.50
to $12.50. From
10 to H a. m.,
about 70 to sell
75c Sofa Pillows 25c
75c Linen Crash Sofa Pillow
Covers, ready for use, fancy trim'd,
rights and lefts. From 10 ftp
to 11 o'clock a. m. at, each ZDC
$1.50 Tailored Waists 69c
Tailored Waists of striped mad
ras and percales cuffs to match,
with white collars, half-inch tucks.
Regular $1.50 grades, 10 to
11 q'clock a. m., choice at
Laces at Half Price
Our entire line of Vals., French
and German Meshes, Edges and In
sertions to match. From j A DJ..
10 to 11 only, at just '2 I IltC
To $2.50 Parasols 57c
Women's $1.50 to $2.50 Parasols,
assorted colors, long bordered hard
wood handles,-eight and 10-ribbed
frames. From ' 10 to 11 'py
o'clock a. m. only, each, at 0 C
98c Wash Bas 49c
Not over 4 dozen of these dainty
pure linen embroidered Wash Bags,
with cordeliere handles. Slightly
soiled. Were 98c. From JA
39 c
ffFrom 10 to 11 A. liFrom 2 m 3 jrVg
Two bije: tables, will be filled with these ex
cellent Golf Shirts between. 11 and 2 o'clock
tomorrow at 39c! Plain or pleated fronts,
.light -arid dark patterns. All sizes in the lot.
A cleanup of $1 Shirts tomorrow, between
these hours only, 39c ,
Women's $1 to $2
Muslinwear 68c
Prettily made Corset Covers and
Drawers. Of good quality cambric
and nainsook. Lace and embroid-
ery t rimtnd . regttl ar -$1.00
to $2.00 garments,
special from 4 to 5 at
$3 Rockers $1.79
Natural finish Maple Rockers.
Splendid for porch and den. One to
a customer. No phone orders filled.
Regularly $3.00. From d nr
1 to 5 p. m.", special at 1 I 4
Children's Shoes 49c
Infants' and Children's Shoes or
Oxfords patents or vici kid, turn
soles; lace or bluchers; sizes JA
2 to 8. Special, 4 to 5 p. m, 1"C
Armour's 15c Talcum llc
Armour's Talcum Powder in vio
let, Carnation and sandalwood
odors. Pure and soft, in .
flesh or write; 15c cans at llC
65c Tea Spoons 49c
Set Tea Spoons, French gray fin
ish, of heavy silver plate on white
mejal base. From 4 to 5 ja
p: m., set of six for only tuC
To 50c Neckwear 5c
25c to 50c Embroidered Standing
r Ctillarsr ByrorrrTrmrville and - j
i Clutch, Collars. .4 .tQ .5 p. m. jC
Painting MThe Crucifixion Now on the Fifth Floor, Duildins
Tomorrov No Phone or Mail Orders Filled btf HbuH
8 to 9 A. M. Only
Low Shoes, Pair 89c
to $4 grades, at 89c.
Women's $1 Night
Gowns Only 49c
We doubt if the lot we have will
last an hour out! Well made
gowns of good' quality muslin.
Dainty slipover style, trimmed
with linen lace. Regit- A tfk
larly $1.00. From 10 lhfc
to 11 o'clock for only
35c Scrims at 23c
35c Fancy Scrims, in ecru, white
or ivory, drop stitch, checks of all
sizes, 38 ins. wide, rrom 10
to 11 o'clock only, the yard
10c Spool Silk Four for,25c
From 10 to 11 o'clock, Carlson
Currier's best 10c Spools of Black
Sewing Silk. Limit 4 to customer,
at 4 FOR S5.
$1 Hemstitched Sheets 75c
Heavy, fine, firm hemstitched
Sheets, of best quality. Full
81x90-inch. Regular $1.00 r
grade, 10 to 11 o'clock onlv OC
. 10c Yeloban Milk 5c
Usual 10c cans of Yeloban Con
densed Milk. From lCLto 11
o'clock, in the grocery, can oC
15c Hose Two Pairs 15c
Children's black cotton Hose
sizes 6, hy2, Vi and 10. Our 15c
grade. Special from 10 to j
11 o'clock, 2 pairs at only X )C
Women's Neckwear 2c
Plain and fancy trimmed Ja
bots, Rabats and Laundered n
T? in a ii i r
iuuais. rruni au tu 11, eacn
, ..iCi
Men's 25c and 35c
Sdcks, Tomorrow at
We expect to sell thousands of pairs of these
splendid Socks between 11 and 2 o'clock tomor
row. Lisle thread, silk lisle and mercerized cot
ton, in solid colors and fancies. Plenty of tans
and blacks. Regular 25c and 35c grades for
these hours only, the pair 16c.
$1.50 Marquisettes
Yard at 39c
Fully a thousand yards of pretty
Striped Marquisette. In street and
evening shades navy, king's blue,
brown, -cream, white,
black; 44 inches wide.
From 4 to 5 o'clock at
Blazer Coats $2.98
The Clever Blazer Coats in large
assortment of stripes. Misses' and
juniors' sizes in plain or Norfolk
styles. Regular $5 to A fin
$8.50 models, 4 to 5, at,.5?0
To $1.50 "Hurt" Books 25c
Miscellaneous fiction, books slight-!
ly shopworn, that sold formerly
from $1 to $1.50. Good titles to
choose from. On sale from nj
4 to 5 o'clock only,. per copy CitfC
39c Centers 27c
39c Linen Battenberg Centers, 18
inches wide, in round and square
designs. From 4 to 5 p. m. 0JT
on the Third Floor for only Ca
Ta $2 Kiser Photos 50c
Unusual "offering of the famous
Kiser Hand-Colored Photos of the
Northwest. Hundreds of beauti
ful subjects, regularly 75c f C
to $2. " From 4 to 5 p. m. at' OUC
Men's Underwear 33c
Men's Balbriggan Shirts and
Drawer, all colors and' sizes, in
regrty lev pam-or- f ancy, o 1
75c grade, from 4 to 0 p. m.
39 c
Extra Special From 8 to 9 A. M. Only
$1 to $1.50 Dress Goods, Yard at 39c
300 yards of silk-and-wool Eolinnes and Creoe de Paris, in light and me-
Vdium shades. Tretty for street and
Women's $2.50 to $5
House Gowns $1.95
An hourly sale on House
Gowns and Sacques of lawn and
swiss, all white or with colors.
Lace and embroidery-trimmed.
Regular prices f f?
$2.50 to $5.00; I V J
2 to 3 o'clock r
20c Fruit Jar Caps 16c
Boyd Jar Caps, to fit Mason
Jars, the original Mason Jar Cov
ers, porcelain lined. Reg-
! ularly 20c ; 2 to 3, dozen 1 DC
Poplin Remnants Half Price
Regular $1.50 and $2 Silk-and-W'ool
Poplins, plain, self-figured
and bordered. Light, medium
and dark shades. Lengths from
V2 to 5 yards. Onln --
sale at just exactly vv
To $1.75 Gloves 69c
Women's $1.25 to $1.75 two
chsp, Glace Kid, Suede and
Chamois Gloves, broken sizes and
colors. From 2 to 3 tr
o'clock only, the pair at U7C
To $2 Pajamas 47c ;
Men's $1.50 to $2'.00 Pajamas,
broker lines of sizes. In clim
bray and soisette materials, light
and dark colors. From 2 Jy
toi3 o'clock p. m. only, at Tf C
$2 Pillows at $1.59
Feather Bed Pillows, covered
with the best grade fancy art tick
ing. Special from 21 (Q
to 3 o'clock only, atM D7
16 c
25c and 35c Silk and
Wash Ties, Tomo'rov
You'll buy . them by the dozens at this ridicu
lously low price. Fully 5000 of these Silk-Knit
ted, Batwing and
color and pattern. Ordinary 25c and 35c
Neckwear; your choice between 11 and 2 o'clock
$l Oriental Stripe
Couch Covers at 69c
Red, blue and green arc colors
which predominate. Size 50 inches
wide and 3 yards long. Regular
$lJ)0LjQuch Covers
from 5 to 6 p. m. to
morrow, your choice
$9 Go-Carts $4.95
Durable, comfortable Collaps
ible Go-Carts with - long,- large
hoods, l.0-in. rubber-tired' wheels,
14J4 ins. wide, 36 ini. rf J nr
long. From 5 to 6 at Hk if J
20c Silk Ribbons I2c
Beautiful V2 and 4-inch all-silk
Taffeta and Moire Ribbons, in all
colors. Reg. I5c grade, o
5 to 6 o'clock only, a yard l&C
Infants' 35c Socks I2c
Infants' lace silk Lisle Socks, ini
pink, bhte, tan. Sizes 4, 4J, 5,
by2. Reg. 35c grades, o
from 5 to & p. m., special lZC
Swiss Challies Special
Swiss Challies, cotton, 1st qual
ity, 30 ins. wide; 18c grade, 13c;
2d quality, for dresses and kimo
nos, refular 9c grade, from 7
5 to 6 p. irj., special, yard, at C
35c Stationery 16c
35c Crane's Stationery in fancy
boxes, each box containing 24
-sheets paperr2 iivekpr:-
1 r roni 0 to 0 p. m., special JL vi.
IV 0
afternoon dresses. Reg. $1 to $1.50, at 39c
25c Dotted Silk Mulls
the Yard at 14c
The lot can't last an hour out,
when women see how pretty are
these Dotted Silk Mulls. Blues!
pinks, lavender, helio, green, etc.
Summer dresses. Reg- 1 A
ular 25c grade; 2 to I rf
3 o'clock, the yard, at
75c Union Suits 37c
Women's Union Suits of fine
ribbed cotton; low necksleeve
less, loose or tight knee. Regu
lar 75c grade, from 2 to
3 o'clock p. m., the suit J f C
To 50c Ribbons 12c
A big lot of short ends of rib
bons, plain and fancy. Two-yard
lengths, from 3 to 6 inches wide.
From 2 to 3 o'clock p. t n
m., choice oflot, the yard. . lC
Hammocks, Swings, Off
Choice of any Hammock, in
stock up to $10; any Porch Swing
up to $22; any Couch Hammock
Up to $24. Entire lineV
2 to 3 p. m. tomorrow V4 VlII
$12 Linen Squares $6.50
Only 20 of these Hemstitched
and Jap. Drawnwork Squares.
Plain and fancy embroidered, 54x
54-inch. Regular $12- p
grade; 2 to 3 o'clock D.JU
Victor Flour, Sack $L28
Our Victor selected, full patent
Flour, every sack guafatitefid
From 2 to 3 o'clock rf q
only, special, the sackl.Q
Washable Ties, in most any 1
: . : Ji
Women's $1 and
$2 Gloves 43c
Broken lines of Women's one
and two-clasp Chamois and Cane
Gloves; two-clasp style in odd
colors and sizes.Keg. A
$1.00-$1.25 grades,
50c Bolero Shields 29c
For this hour only, famous
Naiad Bolero Shields selling regu
larly at 50c. Special from
5 to 6 o'clock; the pair, at ZiC
10c Kerchiefs 5c
Women's 10c hemstitched Lin
en Handkerchiefs, with neat
inch hems. Just 2000; for 5 p -to
6 p. m. only. Special, ea.' oC
Men's Undershirts 19c
A great lot 6f Undershirts,$n
Mmmk iP-PiPfflesh athletic
styles. Usual 50c td $1 fl
garments, from 5 to 6, ea. i JC
$1.60 Kodak Tripods $1.09
No. 0 Kodak Tripod, light
weight and compact; telescoping
legs' of brass tubing. Reg. $1.60,
On sale from 10 tod A A
11 o'clock only, atlaU7
$1.25 Small Rugs 89c
Alexander Smith's small Ax
minster Rugs, 18x36-inch size, iti
pretty floral and medallion pat
ternsr Regularr$i.2-qual-Q
tersn. .Reg. $1.25 qual- OUC
mrm. X II
'T ' r - - - - -
1 Oc
j .... -,.. 1 m.v , . . .