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Striking Contrast Between the
Frigate That Won Victories
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af .pa in o l anatne
SKt lfcVV mmm
Dreadriaught of Today
TT ti a. century ince the United Slates nearest frigate astern and
frigate Constitution, by Its memor- were fired for that purpose,
Iable victory over the British ship short, the practice ceased.
Guerriere In an enfsgement of 35 For tlyee days and Xhrt nlthts the
minutes' duration, raised the there- chase pursued, all the tricks of navlga-
tofore despised American navy to in tlon being; resorted to by either side
quality with the proudest of the world to gain an advantage. But the Amerl-
and drew from Great Britatn such an cans out-maneuvered the British and es-
expression of rage and humiliation as caped.
has r.ot since been heard. During that contest Hull outsailed,
Thus raised to a plane of proved ef- outhandled and outwitted his pursu-
flclency by the splendid performances ers, nd It Is easy to understand the
of the old frtgatet during the war of pride with which he said of his offl-
1112, the United States navy since has cers and crew: "Their conduct whilst
held Its place with the world powers under the guns of the enemy was such
and In the recent years, that have as might have been expected from
-brought such an astounding evolution In American officers and seamen." That
the construction of fighting monsters chase showed the kind of material of
of the dr$adnaught class, she has kept which the personnel of the navy at
pace with the armed progress. that time was made.
Twice this summer Portlanders have
had opportunities to Inspect two of The Navy in 1812.
Unci Bam Mn ships At the outbreak of the nar of 1811
moredcrulser Maryland and l the tat- tne Unlt?(J 8tat had ,n 'comml88lon but
hip Oregon and while neither craft f,ve Jrii TheB- wer, the Contltu.
reprewtits tn nln"' tlon, 44 guns; the President. 44; the time between 730 and 800 efficient emls- had her enemy at a disadvantage because dttlon of service aflot a hundred years men. After nightfall the living space, weather, and , the" Tew stoves allowed
val construction, Doin B""'C"J; United State. 44; the Congress. . and and England possessed In the West of the cover of the Intervening hase. To ago. were at best In a state of twilight, and were quite incapable of making the 1!-
purposes 01 , the the Essex, 32 guns. While, there were Indies, In Bermuda and at Halifax perts obtain the weather gauge'waa the aim A hundred years ago the sailor's slept 'or the enjoyment of their pipes the lng quarters of the crew really warm.
a . . in i rons truclion And J,11 this force a number of smaller within easy reath of the Amertcan coast, of the skilful nautical tactician. Every- between decks under hygenic condition men were allowed to gather only in Their food was of the coarsest and-lts
aavancement in navai cn u . crtft the tota, AmerCBn fighting fleet where her vessels of war could refit and thing depended upon the quick eye of that would appall a modern board of limited numbers around the smoking preparation was turned over to men but
i hrin Is the Florida and her sis- wa8 ridiculously small oompared with places of refuge for her prises. the captain and his sailing maater and health. Ventilation waa Imperfect when lamp In the neighborhood of little qualified, to make anything more
nailgnt Class as ine no . . . . the resources uoon which (3reat Rrlt1n The iinnnirr1r nf thnn Amv nmAurttA lha nrnrnut and ifflrnt rMnnnaa nf (h mtliaii waa atnrmv PanHlaa ... the ahlo's nllev. the nnnklna? AMn thania.lf wav mlatihla In thnu ilin
drew. dense clouds of smoke and the ship hav- every man from the deck to the loftiest the only lllumlnanta, and these were or stove was called. ships were at sea. for months at a time
There were In the British navy at the lng the advantage of the weather gauge top. Such was the general outward) oon- granted but sparingly to the enlisted There was but little comfort In cold nl salted provisions were the , staple
tuuu supplies. x was 10 ma. mess
provisions afford variety that the rather
weird concoctions known as aconse, lob
scouae, softtack, sktllgalee, burgoo; dog's
body, duff- nd similar dainties, came
into being.
and Walea. In the northern part of the laborers, carmen and, transport workers London was for a time la grave dan- of June this year was only well under . Because of scantiness of fresh, rege
principality 60,000 free soup kitchens went on strike. The bakers, suffering gr of a famine. Prices went soaring way when the middle Atlantic states tables and the absence of ny means of
were conducted by the various municl- from the fever to qujt work, also went in a manner almost undreamed of. The were swept by one of the most severe keeping them, scurvy was ail too eorn-
' - a ' ' " i
ter ship, the Utah, are considered, the
contrast Is more striking.
When Captain Hull of the frigate Con
stitution, immortalised by Oliver Wen
dell Hofmes Iti his thrilling poem, "Old
Ironsides," engaged the Guerrleie In
battle at aa 100 miles east of Boston,
In August 1812, he was in command of
a wooden sailing ship 175 feet long,
having a displacement of 1200 tons; and
eatable of atta nlng a speed or u.o
WILL 1912 PROVE THE TERRIBLE YEAR? Continued" From Page 1 This Section
Jn India, likewise, famine and plague,
are ever present menaces during 1912 as
To estimate the millions tiat were
lost- through this' long and -d!strous
disturbance would be futiUs. The in
direct cost, both, to English and to
knots. His officers and men numhereu m otner years.
460 and the main battery of the Coristl- Nor Is the plague any longer confined
4utlon included 22 impounders, Sa.Jl- to the orUnt. With Ita accustomed per-
pounders and one 18 pounder. Were the iBtence it has been working its way
commander of the battleship Florida .,., ,,,, ci. a..i. hm
VHTou d dectaWstl"tetmradHven been fighting it. San Francisco -r be
gea fighter 620 feet inches long, with It out by the most strenuous methods, hundreds of millions, anyhow
a displacement of 23,088 tons and iisrerttgg''?rOTKeyy'P''Bs;' gp
- aped of 21.4 knots, His officers and . poslte. coast and shunted over to San
men would include over 1000 "persons jUan, Portn Rico. " :
and he would direct the operation of should the plague ever get enough of
10 12 Inch guns each weighing 128,000 a 8tart t0 jigpUy its old time virulence,
pounds, 18 5 Inch rapid fire uns, four 1912 WOuld indeed be the most terrible
8-pounder automatics ana omer smauor yeat.of this generation
pieces. In addition two submerged tor
pedo tubas would be available. The
tea victory of 1812 was won with a
craft coating 1302,719, and coating $193,.
S20 for annual upkeep; the battle of
todav would engage ships costing up
wards of 110,000,000 each, and on each
To famine and the pestilence Is added
an unusual number of wars. The one In
China has been mentioned under the
head of civil strife. Another of the
same nature has been waging In Mex
ico. How many thousands have per
ished, from disease as well as from
out. and there was menacing unrest in ordinary staples, like bread and meat, wind and electrical storms that has mon among seamen. Corned beef and
many of the other trades. In the wre almost fmposslble to secure. Faml- visited them In a long period. Five per-, salted pork were the dletry mainstay,
Thames there were hundreds of thou -! 'that had not provisioned for allege, sons -were killed, three of them - in -a combined with haratackUm Juice er..
eanda of tons of foodstuffs held up. and those were few, experienced some cloudburst at Allentown, Pa., and acores lemon Juice was indispensable to the
Imagine the amount of produce it takes very trying times, were Injured, while damage to property navy dootor in fighting off the scurvy
to feed 7.000,000 people, and think of " Nature added its unleashed terrors merited with ruin trails that were miles and the daily tot of half a pint of spirits
a good part of the supplies stranded when the summer season of sudden in length. Dlaved an lmnortant cart In keenlna the
ageriy,jihw.iJioheg. Not. ajreek-elanaed hef ore iirr. .alintr,. n v. v
strike died down than 125,000 dock men went out. for Its frequent cyclones; but the month in of tornadoes, devastating Missouri, him under the conditions of hl life
unio ana western Pennsylvania, killed, afloat ..So Important waa. this stlmu
80 '-"people,' Injured hundrede 61 there ""-laht that the navy reguTallonaexpress
and wrought havoo that amountedto Jyput aJlmiLof one jveeaLonjthe wtth
81.000.000. holding of grog from a sailor suffering
It seemed aa though the United States punishment . .. .
wuum do caiiea o Dear ine orunt or the
If President Madison Had Granted John Jacob Astor'a Request for Letters of Marque fn 1812, History ef
Pacific Northwest Might Ilave Been Mnrh Different.
of which 8680,000 are spent annually for bullets, in the hot alkali deserts we
maintenance. cannot tell at present But the num-
ber must be great.
The Constitution 8 Escape. Besides the revolutions, there is a war
HI3 year of the centenary of the the American continent exoept the Hud- lng arrangement wth the Russian Fur
bearinnln? of the War of 1812 fur- mn'i rv mmnim nhinh v,a wiivaif comeanv. which rnntrnllMl the tr1
nishes a fit occasion for reviving ltg patent from Charles II. back in 1670 throughout Russian America, our Alaska dents of theyoungjClty were crushed in terment of the naval calling. HumiliaL
in aimosi luriouon iuuucui vvu- ,v. nv.ih...t nmnnnv h ho1 oiiice iooi. ana toe eEiaoiisnmenL or a " r iuu
season's storms, as it has in the east: The Nne nf TMm.'' ' ' v'-'-'a,.-
but the year's occult, mysterious spite . Z- '' ' '"'.
against ail humanity was evidenced as Tn rorc 01 ofneers, -. gearaen , asel
the month closed by the first terrlole rinea In the nary today exoeeds aft,,
news of the disaster at Regina, in 000 persons. Both the officer and the
Saskatchewan, Canada, when 60 resi- enlisted man refleat the intetlertneJ het.
nected with that conflict wh eh bwn organlEej bv mnaianXa 0f Montre- lt in the Sandwich Islands, our ter- the d amage wrought amounted to The. sailor I
touched the fortunes of the United al j of tneM Brlt,h cop. ritory of Hawaii since theennexatlon of W.000.000. PP '"T"'''
States pretty closely, writes Chl p0rations had Its principal field of op- 1898. Both these plana were carried out , "
M. Harvey, in the New fork Evening rationa ,n Canada; but had many posts time. Mans Follies Are Many. o. In place of the .ta
. . ... u or conquesi proceeaing in Ainca. ine
It was 100 years ago last week that TtalUnwnamn;1,n , r,rr,.4 on M. Harvey.
the Constitution made her memorable v.,, .J,.,i.., Tout. Aesoclated with It waa a narfle t-i . b,... t.r.itnrv -..t But Astor's nlans had a eoHal nA iw.
escape from the pursulng British ships . h(l with which Americans are somewhat of thft Af...issiDni as weir as eaat of lltlcal side as well as a business pur
. in a manner
high quality of American seamanship
of that time as her victory over the
Guerriere shortly after proved the su
periority of American gunnery and
On June 19, 1812, the Constitution waa
lying off Alexandria, Va., loading for
sea:. The crew were piped to quarters
and the declaration of war was read
her log
Meanwhile man's own follies and
rashness have been working with na
ture's exceptional pltllessness to mark
ing punishments have substantially dls-
now lives better
hundred years
tallow dip he has
the widespread . glow., ef hundreds of
electrle lights. . i v','".-;;
No silverware was supplied a century
ago to a captain or flag officer, while
now both the government and patriotic
bodlea help to make the modern naval
the Turks and Arabs. The white man familiar. This was tne rounaer 01 ine lt veither In Canada nor In the United ?? Anl" the srae which made a
- j i.. i i . hnnc. nf Aatnr o..AM v.a.... v.. .v.... . alrect annrAl to JefferMnn TTnfnrttin
lines. Here, again, we may not know Congress declared war on England on west of the Rocky mountains. Astor tely when lt was put Into operation a ln year ror on 01 norror "d death
tnr a nnmhAr nf vun. how mn Uvea .Time 18. 181J. and shortly afterward ninnnM to rut ahenfl of them In the man with far less imagination, initiative Perhaps it is not altogether an un-
have been blotted out on the sun beaten John Jacob Astor petitioned President vast field on the sunset side of that an courage, James Madison, was in the mixed evil, for the world's gasps of skipper's table a thing of ' beauty with
wastes of Tripoli. Madison to issue letters of marque to range. wnue nouse. mis was in 1810. when appalled dread have led to new emphasis 118 pousnea piaie. 'k,,
Floods, too, have added their quota him under which he couia arm vessels After reading Patrick Gass's account l" cuuiainoa omy .uwu.uoo peo- on the significance of such figures aa we"' r" lno cnmniee ox tne een
and the sea officer, there is still greater
. ' ...... . ..... . . . - it u I . . . . . . . . . nl a etvl Anlv 1 7 ...... .na 1 . 1
to tne numoers or auiea ana sweuea ine ai ms own npenaa 10 ucuu u. ot xna region irjiversea oy iewis ena -- , "" "i iugw h. b nr-n-red bv the- axerutlve
monetary loss Dy many millions., ine es.on un m rutuiv ilul"i. .. vwrx, no conaiuieu r-rBBRjeiit jeiioraon - " ..iv iuo mis-
. " 1 . . . . i- (rr rr IT,.. f T (h. ,mnti rv inn . ... .
, j- .1. . in 1 . ...1,... . ui. waa mir Mb I . .4 1.1 vi. 4.. v. kl nik.t B1SB1DDI. HT tne Ivilil alana n nf " ' " " . "k rl If for An-, hetwaen tne mrviern iMn Jir
them. The following terse entry in ftn6 g t a $10,000,000 worth of lt been granted and Astor had some alert Virginian promised to give him from France, we had obtained terrl- nent men who ar" laboring for the es- the battle line and her predecessor , Of
. f , 7 r, ;,J.V.;.V. uln property and cost more than 80 lives, right to expect it to be granted the government recognition in this enter- lorT extending rrom tne Mississippi to taDiisnment or a national neaitn depart- wood and sails. Except for purposes of
"" " kk""- - - .i. v, .n,m.lii hlatnrv nt the Pacific coast would nave nrlaa aa far aa thta miiM he tnne ieH. me oaoine ana ea rivers and the Rockv nient
or of the United States Flagg by re
questing of leave to cheer on the oc
casion. (Granted them.)" At that time
the major part of the crew were mer
clufht seamen, whose fellows had suf
fered by British impressment and4hey
burned with a desire to avenge those
The Constitution, was commanded by
Captain Isaac Hull. During the after
noon of July 17. while tire frigate was
running along u infer easy sail in a light
wind,- bound from the Chesapeake to a
rendezvous off New York to join Com
modore Rodgers' squadron, sails were
Of tbe deaths which occur an- observation the modern shin carries no
was forced to appropriate $500,000 forbeen altereu. and the area of lt which tlmately. As Astor outlined his scheme mouniains. uur present states or Texas, nually in the united States, it liar been masts, and her 20,000 odd thousand tons
40,000 families were homeless and destl- would have eventually come unaer me to Jefferson, lt contemplated' the t"" "'". rnuna, uiao, ntvaaa ano rouna mat m per ceni are preventaoie. or steel ciaa duik ue imrnooue . upon
Ttute. American flag might well have been far strengthening of his posts along the LU"onu oeiongea to spam. That
Mine disasters were not behindhand larger than lt is today. lakes to the Mississippi, the establish. """"T aso set up a snaaowy claim
in collecting their annual toll. Within Beginning in a small way, soon after ment of a line of stations along the t0o.er0.l! Washington and Idaho, then murders; every year Is a terrible year day the - dreadnought goes forging on
a week, in the latter part of March, he landed as an immigrant from Oer- Missouri to the Hoclty mountains and CIU," c . 1,ec"v"i tns Ureon country,"
there .were two terrible explosions, one many In 1783, and steadily and rapidly thence by way of the Columbia and its likewise, Aid Russia. Both tuose na-
ln McCurtaln, Qkla.. and the other in broadening his field of operations, Astor principal tributaries to the Pacific with UonJ? drPP"d their claims soon after-
Blueflelds, W. Va. AUthe former place had gained control of much of the fur abase at some convenient point on that Kard.
66 bodies were taken from the SanBols trade south of 'the great lakes and on- coast and a great central collecting and T "the Oregon Count"
.ml mine fnllnsrlna. tVi nliulnn wMI. ,.A tn tv, Mlanlaalnnl rl vol- hw 1 tft7 tt rlhll t lart ninnl at St Tlllla Th. lat. VUUIlll.
36 more were entombed, the total loss From letters and talks by Cook, Gray, er place was then a frontier village of .uu.r V?1 competitor ror this Oregon flciently appalling, and the impulse It the water line-rbarely t hinting at, the
reaching well on to a hundred. Fifteen Vancouver and other navigators, the en- a few hundred inhabitants, many 0f-country. of course, England, whose gave to the endeavor to improve the many hundredfold, horsepower pent up
mpre would have perishedj but they terprlslng German had learned that sea whom were engaged in the fur trade. navigators had touched at several points factor of safety promised a substantial in , those great steel- cauldrons. But
. . r . . . ... ... o Inn tne Ornn anH TTro h(an .. . i i . i i . ... , . . ... - . '. .
managea to reacn a room in wnicn there otter, seal and oeaver in great num- in carrying out inis conception, in us rr ..."?." uirea 111 lne "u'u!r 01 years this rieeting veu ox steam aoea not
There Is no other nation In the world
which tacitly permits so many .wanton
when this Is considered.
Among all the misfortunes of the year
1912, the roost impressive, although not
so startling in point of total numbers.
have fcoen the fatalities attending evla-
troubied waters which would have made
the old Constitution roll violently. To-
at full speed against wind and wave.
Where acres of snowy canvas , told 'of
the speed of a ship of war a century
back, just the faintest escape -of steam
at a smokestack's top Indicates the ever
tlon. Last year's total of 71 was suf- pressure In the throbbing boilers below-
discovered to the northward in the " . , iW , , ,., v. .i ! . .u. .u1 v... - - The United Sates' claims rested on the victim, nut when th.'fimt .i mti.. . ...
nB .U B .. Ulliy, null IfcVk 1.11CI1I.T71 V D. UUUIU VO 1VUIIV wu llic JUltu"W J . O "J, na,vi vUkllim Ct ,. ' ...w..v..0 ou()ai I U aw.w . .il.ntl.H.v.l -
neighborhood of Barnegat. Believing
the vessels to be Rodgers' ships, Cap
tain Hull made all sail to join the
distant vessels, 'but was unsuccessful
before nightfall
At dawn he realized his error when he
alive with that. At the Jed mine, in Pacific. This information led him to New York charter for the American cov,ry A , y . ende1 41 doomed rlvrs hftd crashed iltaries which draw-; their ' energising
Bluefields, 82 were killed. await, with greater interest than any Fur company in 1808, a name which was e skipper uray in 1782. and on the down from the sky, among them sev- force from 'the boiler and ' dotvaried
Along with these wars and disasters other person In the country except Jef- to cover all his enterprises, and he sub-' Poration or the valley of that river eral who were accounted the most ex- service throughout the complex internal
have come industrial uprisings that ferson, the author of the Lewis and. scribed its entire $1,000,000 of capital. ,m . . t rleft by Lewls Pelt in the,r art- July had no sooner getup of the fighting ship of today..
V.n... n.vhan. ..f.n -.1.. rMsU ..n.lllnn th. ilnrv rVl.h thu. Tn he fnrmeH Ih. Tanfln H.. nn. CIBrlC in 1SU0-US. TO theSS Were heEUn the BPCOnd half Of the twelve. - - -- '
spread and far reaching in their effects explorers would fell of. the fur-bearing pany. which Was to operate the far now., be aaaed the stronger title of oc- month than Harlret Qulmby, this coun-
On October 8, 1810, the bark Tonquln, the shocking, tragedy at Atlantic 'city,
found three English frigates within six mankind. First animals whleh they encountered on their western end of his nroleeted line of cupation. through the planting of the try s first woman aviator, fell near Bos
c foremost was the great English Journey from the mouth of the Missis- transcontinental posts. He himself was ?J u the mouth of that ton. with her companion, from a height
" wv.-a w . to-vc, . en,- a . a ka rAlmVi. A , enR.(k.,. ell K j v Of 11)00 TftPt I flnrt fllP flTt tisl V Vltneeeeil
8,000,000 men oat of employment One back, in 1804-06. The outline of this supplies for the latter corporation, to
third of these were miners, the other story, told in a crude way, Astor read hold
2,000,000 were men who could not work from the Journal of Patrick Gass, one of the
because the shortage of coal had para- the members of the expedition, which most
lysed their fields of employment was published in 1807, several years P.
Almost a famine there was through- before the official report of Lewis and Lellan. Joseph Miller, Ramsey Crooks,
out the British isles, Not only did the ciarx saw tne lignt
families of the miners suffer severely, . David Stuart and his nephew, Robert
but lt was almost "impossible to trans- Astor s flans Comprehensive. . Stuart Hunt was to have supreme con
and aided by their boats which they had
put. overboard for the purpose of In
creasing their speed by towing. Those
three frigates were part of the British
blockading fleet under Captain Sir
Philip Vere Broke, consisting of one line
of battleship, four frigates, one of them
the Guerriere, and a brig and a schoon
er, the two last armed prises.
Hull was determined not to be taken
Touglr for Students.
The difficulties of tbe Kngllsh lan
guage are illustrated in the experience
of the three French boys who were dolrni
Shakespeare into English' from their
i. , . ...... . i . . i . . i.c.i....ia, i ' . . u. ioiui b iuick. uiiurr wn.n nriiiriMn n rin n iniif. r-n m r . r. , a n .
iinii ine aiuca, biiu 10 uisiriDuie .... :. .. . . it. irrenih veralnna When thev came tn
other half among his partners, the ?! ' .i.uan' " .rougn came hurtling down from an equal . Hamlet -To
prominent of whom were Wilson "e ."rr"" "I ew .... . JHn! . h!h. ' th the dirigible, to b. the three translations eame o-.t
Hunt, 0onald McKenxie. Robert Mo- r,"w: " r"uno1 p wnicn nao oeen aeemea me perrectlon of , , ,-.. . ..Tn ... or not to am - -t.i
Horn on Christmas, touched at the Sand-
Duncan McDoueall. Alexander M.v reoruary ll, nil,
im atiuH Kui is cm ui mo ciDin win mt .t o..
dows,- and added to this force on the Millions Ner Starvation.
- Bawl 8 W- wita- bie Utva4 ve 4lne-f
posts along the south side of the great
lakes and with a dozen vessels in the
trol of the field activities of the Pacinc
1. A . 111 1 1 1 V11" " ' . ,II'.M HI
Reaches Agreement With Russia.
ie oar or the Columbia . on
March 24, and laid the foundations of
Astoria thefirst United States settle-
,4ttt-.veu.tla n Ud -tta big - waetaji
o'jean. Another party, under Hunt left
is mere any answer to rne riddle, so , .
tragic and so dark? We of the United 10 wwt"
States, with our disasters so near to our
horrlflod vision, may be Tfone to fancy
yitatboree acme
were or Is to pot" and "To should or
No Argument Here.
"Shall we ra It on our rftnirrenmn H
special erudse aaalnst us. But a aurvev
.-v - "' lakes and with a dozen veaaela in the . . .... . st r.nula in Ortnher itin trat.ei.i4 e th. tan,A ik.t-..i,i.j . "r flviira It this wav. If we r 1
poop deck two pther. guns,a 24-pounder At one time It was estimated that trade 'with England. China and other cnca grcement vviui Russia. overland, marked otft cohverifent sites eral! v ia befns- nuraued hv a. vari.t. body he ll lust make us a srerh."
nd ah 18-pbunder,' which had iwrts'fully. 10,000,000 people were actually at countries, Astor wae the richest mer- By 111, when he founded the Pacific for stations on the way, and, divided misfortunes, and only a few of them "Well r v
hastily hewn ror tnem in tne tarrrau. tne verge or starvation. Food riots chant in the united States, and he had Fur company, Astor extended the scope Into several sections, reached Astoria at can be Justly laid to the door ef hu- "But if we rail lnrtlvf! , ' ' l 'li
He hoped to damage the masts, of the were common, particularly -in Scotland no eerioue rivals In the fur business on .of his scheme so aa to' Include a work- different dates la 1S11.
manlty'a own rashness or improvidence, l Uke us'iach cut t; I,..
; . . .. . .' .. . . t . .... ' J
.1 . v