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' Edited by Mrs. Sarah A.Xvani ; : ;
1 8 IT HAS never mourned over any
A on woman, the club world la
IA mourning today over the loss of
. JL Mrs. Barah Flatt I'eeaer. wno
passed away at Ban Franclico
n the 7th of thla month. To her close
friends her going wa a not wholly un
expected, although H has seemed to
tiiom peculiarly impoesioie mat mm,
Decker should, be taken. Why 7 Only
aa all-wlae Providence can say, for the
-orJd ' liadJnucli.nei!(lof. women. Jlke
. Mrs. uecKer. Endowed wnn a marni
tlsm that wai extraordinary, ahe reached
" out and Influenced every one who came
uithln the -circle of her redlent-pres
" ftnce. - Her power over an audience wai
.... aa wonderful aa It wai abaolute; ahe
. waa al way a on a level with them, but
always the leader, and the gave the
f lmpreeafon that every ilngle peraon In
an mudleno( be It large or small waa
the ona Individual the was moat Inter-
eeted In. No penonal grievance waa too
Insignificant to touch her aympathy or
(, excite her Interest, and her perfect can
( dor and unreserve waa her shield and
(. dignity. To the newspaper fraternity
' aha waa their model; alwaya willing to
" Impart irhat was proper, but reserving
, . the right to withhold those things not
meant for the public, and invariably
,. treating, them with auch good nature
' Xhat aha was spared the personal crltl.
, clsm that might have fallen to others.
Mrs. Decker, waa not, perhaps, the
. .profound scholar or logical speaker that
many of" her contemporaries are, but
her .view was enlarged and aha often
:" saw the and while avoiding tha devious
'methods of reaching it She .was a
r most delightful story-teller and had an
inexhaustible story of witty and apropoa
stories, and never failed to produce one
at exactly tha right time. Many of her.
stories were original or woven about
soma Incident that some one had told
' her.'.
T' Wa 'recall having told her of an oo
curranee In a home club, which hadn't
any particular point to it other than to
show tha variety of dispositions one
f meets , with. A half-hour later Mrs.
Decker told tha atory to an Immense
audience and convulsed them with the
narrative. It waa repeated exactly as
v. she had heard It. but It was told to
Illustrate another matter, which gave it
-- an entirely new significance.
-; But these were email things in the
I. life of a great woman, and might only
be called the ornaments to her true
... worth. Her greatness fay in har master-
ly statesmanship.' She was a born poll-
, ticlan, and made It a sacred obligation
' to be one for the betterment of man
kind, i If a woman of thla decade could
have broken into the senate of. the
.- United Statea, that one woman would
have been Sarah Piatt Decker. Her
political aun waa rising as her physical
' being aank to rest.
r Her death 4 sot-only a- loss to Den-ver-
and Colorado, 'but to the United
! States, and peculiarly bo to every worn
an who came In contact with her. There
'is not a club woman In any land who
. ; does not feel that in Mrs. Decker's
T death he has met with a personal loss,
i and tha heart of every one goes out
to. KerbeauUfut and devoted -daughter,
HatUe, who was her mother'a comrade
and constant companion.
,- Mrs. Decker waa Invited to come to
Oregon after the biennial at San Fran
.;, ciaco,'- to which Invitation ahe replied
. mo lovingly and affectionately, eay
f ing how much she would Jove to accept
j he invitation, but giving reason why
ahe could not, and closing with the hope
coming at soma other time. Mrs. Decker
I often spoke of her visit to Oregon, and
It Is a pleasant memory to now know
' aha met so many of Oregon's women,
; for It was Just a touch that must last
through. life to many of them.
i ...,.-Y.. .' it .
. In her t arewell-addreas Mra. Moors,
! late president of the O. F. W, Q eald;
"Tha months have passed very auick
; ly from June,' 1808, to June, 1912, the
; full period allotted to your presiding of-ipfieerHo-form.
to further and, In soma
; few cases, to carry out certain policies
very dear to my heart. They are deai
; to ma because. In the first place, they
- made for tha welfare of the organiza
l tlon, for the great influence the organ
t Itatlon might exert upon the men and
women. of our time, for high ideals of
'service; and in the second place, they
. have taken every physical and mental
power 6f four years of ray life.
f f.i A'Wa have learned to know each other
. ni-t(t work wonderfully well together.
Rotation in office, however, is, in my
,: opinion, the very life of our organlaa
' tlon. . We are building solidly upon the
experiences of the past, but we are not
' getting into ruts the new officers, that
L eoma Jto mr will-respect the policica of
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Woman Than Beauty
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tha past, but they will work them out
from a different viewpoint; they will
hold fast, to all that la good and give a
broader outlook from tha new thought.
and tha new way of presenting tha Old.
Problems that had become burdensome
will disappear as if by magic, or ba
solved easily under different conditions,
"During the past four years I have
visited 41 state federations and over 80
additional cities, a well as often speak
Ing severs! times In one city. This has
meant over 70,006 miles of travel for
official business alone.
"The expense to any one person Is
naturally Jieavy-.. floma few states hava
paid what waa estimated as tha propor
tlonal traveling expense, and all have
entertained with generoua hospitality.
"Demanding aa the work has been,
hava only one assurance to give my sue
cessori It Is well worth while.
"Interests in .life have broadened,
friendships have strengthened and tha
constant close companionship' with the
best womanhood of the nation has made
me realise the loyalty of aervlce.
"You will all reallxe that the stepping
down from official life will not take
from my Interest In the future of thla
great force.
"Tha federation has been wlsoly led
in the paat; the present speaka for it
self; tha future has every possibility
that tha women and men of America can
work together.
"Oood-bye and Ood bless you, every
one. Faithfully youra,
st K K
Back again from tha biennial! Wel
come! And doesn't this old house-world
look bright and shiny and clean after
tha thorough house cleaning it has' had,
especially the sitting-room, America,
and Its grand bay window, California?
we've taken tha rugs of legislation and
shaken 1 them well, w varnished the
seats of Justice, veneered the woodwork
of industry. Oh, the biennial worked
splendidly!. It was tha vacuum cleaner
which, from Its own point of view, took
all tha grime and duat from thla work
aday world. For two years now we will
need only tha duatless and ceaseless
mop of clubdom to keep things going.
Best of all, in the bay window, hang
the new ourtalns of suffrage. Don t
tell me they obscure the vision. They
soften the glare of evil and If you are
a connoisseur or curtains, you win oo-
serve that they are of the colonial pat
tern ' of patriotism, the white back
ground of purity of purpose la woven
with the blue of loyalty. Moreover, the
curtains prove the eternal feminine of
auffrage after all; and they go to make
the old sitting room a mighty good
place to be and abide Los Angeles Ex
press. K K R
While the average man may not take
the local women's club of which hie
wife is a member any more eeriously
than to protest mildly when there is a
clash In domestic arrangements, a con
vention of the Federation of Women's
Clubs Is an event Of deep import to
every qltlsyi who would keep abreast of
the most pronounced movement of' re
cent years. In the sociological sense
this Is woman's age. The woman polit
ical and soclsl Is here, means to stay
and must be reckoned with.
Time waa when the comic Journal pic
tured women's meetings as terrorised
by the advent of a mouse and demoral
ised by the appearance-of a member in
a garment announced as a trophy from
a bargain aale.
The sex has changed all that. A
mouse has still Us terrors and a bar
gain sale Us magnetic attraction, but
in convention assembled women are as
businesslike and parliamentary as men
more so than many men In polftleal
For proof of the sex'a adaption to
the demands of public deliberative as
semblies we only need turn to tho pro
ceedings of the Council of the General
Federation of Women's Clubs now being
held in this city. However random the
various discussions may become In the
main convention, the officers chosen for
executive and advisory duties display a
keen sense of essentials and time
values. The speeches were short and to
the point and there was a healthy op
position to the proposal for a reorgani
zation of the whole federation. Evi
dently the council would proceed by
gradual amendment In preference to
Brevity In speech Is not usually cred
ited to women and it is not the least
sifnificant sign of the radical changes
wrought by public life in women that
there was no desire for a superfluous
or even the familiar last word.
It waa recognized that the biennial
fr ,
Develop Bust New Way
. . :. v. - .
conventions hove become unwieldy and
tha council seems to have been well ad
vised in suggesting -a reduction of del
egates as against the scheme for cre
ating a double chamber.
The chief item for general 'discus
sion will ba that of the suffrage and
the Issue whether or not the federation
should commit itself for or against. Ex
tremists on both aides are keen for a
declaration, but there are many pros
and antla who contend that the best in
terests of the federation are best served
by an attitude of neutrality toward all
party political questions. There are o
many reforms upon which women of
all shades of political opinion are united,
it is perhaps wiser that they should be
fought for and (Secured before adding a
plank which must - necessarily -divide
forces snd possibly lose many members
and affiliated bodies. And this without
regard to the merits of the Issue. .
However, this commendation of the
work of the federation would have no
point if It left ths Implication that dele
gates may take ths most prudent course,
Editorial, Han Franolaco Chronicle.
It It
More than ever, before the club
women of ths state have been Interest
ing themselves In tha various Chautau
qua. They no doubt are beginning to
realise what a splendid place it Is to
promote club Ideas and make known
the value and utility of a woman's club.
It Is too early to have returns from
distant aasemblles, but Gladstone park
Is simply booming. If any ona wants
to know what la in the personnel of a
committee, or believes one person can
do a thing just aa well as another, they
can satisfy themselves by going to the
headquarters of ths Oregon Federation
of Women's Clubs and to ths Portland
woman's club tent at Gladstone and
observing ths fine and efficient work
of Mrs. M. A. Dalton, who for more
than 10 years has taken charge of, these
headquarters. Mrs. Dalton is ona of the
women to whom being on a committee
means taking charge of the work as
signed her, and doing it faithfully and
well, The Chautauqua committee means
work, and good hard work, both of
brain and hand, but It has never de
terred Mra. Dalton, and her headquar
ters are always the first to be ready for
the reception of gueata.
No attempt is being made this year
to rent cots, but the headquarters are
well supplied with cote and easy chairs
for visitors to rest. The tent is large
and airy and closs In, that olub women
may leave their wraps or baskets and
feel sure they are aafe, for Mrs. Dal
ton's watchful eye Is upon everything,
though the federation eannot hold Itself
responsible for things of value that are
left. .
The Oregon City club keeps the head
quarters abundantly supplied with
fresh flowers, so that no headquartera
on the ground Is mors attractive, or
popular, if the register is any criterion.
it it tr
Tuesday will be woman's day at Chau
tauqua and will have more significance
than any similar day of previous years,
for there Is now an lasue In the affairs
of the women of Oregon that has never
existed before.
Suffrage has several times been be.
fore the voters of the state, but never In
Just the same way and under the same
circumstances, for then neither Wash
ington or California had raised their
women to political equality, thereby
putting upon the men of the state such
an obligation. To make them see that
it is an obligation, and to show that
the earnest, representative women of
the state really want the ballot will be
one of the efforts of woman's day at
Chautauqua next Tuesday.
One of the great women of the coun
try,- Miss Helen V. Boswell, of New
York, will be the speaker of the after
noon, and will be one of tho big cards
of the session. No club wman can af
ford to miss hearing Mlas Boswell,
whether they are suffragists or not. She
Is a social and Industrial worker and
lecturer, and It will be along these lines
she will talk principally as there la,
auch an Immense relation between thla'
work and political freedom for women.
A chorus of fifty voices is rehears
ing, under the direction of Rose Cour-sen-Reed,
to sing at Chautauqua Tues
day morning, July 16, the day that Mrs.
Abigail Scott Dunntway presides. Fol
lowing are the names of those taking
part: Mesdames Nettle Oreer Taylor,
Guy Halnea, Clara Howell-Luders, Dora
Danforth, Sanderson Reed, W. J. Mar
shall, J. Ernest Laldlaw, W. A. Fish
burn, Lillian Powers, R. W. Sclimeer,
Nellie Noyes-Feemster, May L. Nichols,
'MtTlah Consor, Q. W. Stanley, Virginia
Merges-Kletzer. G. E. Reed, Donald
Lamont, Frances E, Maddock, R. D.
Stone, J. E. Bonbrlght, J. C. Simmons,
R. P. Dear, S. H. Wheeler. Misses Mau
ere Campbell; Irene Flynn. Clea Nlcker
son. Hazel Koontr, Laura Korell, Merce
des Sims. Mildred Kingsley, Erma Ewart,
Sadie Havely, Barbara Mlsley, Gertrude
Hoeber, Padle Thompson, Chrrstln.e Den.
holm, Elisabeth Johnston, Dorothy
Lewis, Joanna Parker, Ruth Dickinson,
Adah young, Annls Hagerman, Delta
Chambreau, Mamie Mullan, Alma Brune,
Louise Co.rbln, Helen Day, Miriam
Oberg, Ruby Schall, Grace Michael,
Marie Roberts, Winnlfrert Kmlgh; ac
companist. Mine Evelyn Ewart.
A musical program will be given at
the Immanual Lutheran church, Nine
teenth and Irving, on Sunjay evening,
under the direction of Charles Stevenson.
Solos will be sung by Carl Lindegren,
Miss Eggbcrt and Mr. Odeen. The choir
and mule chorus wMl sing several selec
Hons. Mrs. Sorenson will preside at the
II. A. Webber will take his juvenile
orchestra for Its Hummer outing to
Gearhart by the 6-ea. A 1" day engage
ment will be played at the Gfarhart
Chautauqua, and after that the orches
tra will stay two weeks at the Hotel
Gearhart. '. Mr. Webber will chaperone
the orchestra. Mr. . Webber,' who has
been quite eeriously III for nine weeks,
will upon his return from Gearhart go
to his farm at Orenco, where he Intends
remaining till October 1. On-account of
his lllnesH Mr. Webber had to cancel
Juvenile orchestra engagements at Vic
toria, Vancouver. Seattle and Tacoma
this summer.
Miss Lina LInehan made a very fav
orable impresnlon t Chautauqua Wed
nesday. Her numbers that were so well
received were: Waltz Song from Tom
Jones-German; "Secrets," Haines-Kues-ter;
'Irish Love Song," Lang; "Burst Ye
Apple Buds," "Emery" and "Vllllnett,"
Del' Aqua. Mrs. J. Harvey Johnson was
her able accompanist.
The last service ofthe aeason by the
quartet choir of Temple Beth Israel
was given Friday evening, Luclen
Becker at the organ. The choir will re
sume work again on September first,
Mrs R. Ji. Bauer, soprano and director.
For the aummc? montha Mrs. DelDhlns
Marx and Dom Zan will sing with Wil
liam Boone at the organ during August.
Mra. Grace Josephine irown,. contral
to, will leave soon for her home In Med
ford. Miss Brown was contralto of the
South M. g. .Church hig jast season aad
will return early in the fall to be pre.
aented In recital by Mrs. R. B. Bauer.
Oregon Conservatory of Music AH
branches taught by staff gt teachers,
j Music Notes.
h n
Sweet Pea Exhibit Revelation to Thousands of Visitors
Deoplte the Fart That Disease
Mt ii
Philadelphia, July 13. Plans of several
philanthropic citizens to organize a loan
society to protect the public against rob
bery by loan sharks has been approved
by Mayor Blankenburg. It Is proposed
to make loans to worthy persons at a
moderate rate of Interest, and thus drive
the loan sharks out of business.
"I am In hearty sympathy with auch
a movement," said the mayor. "I at
tempted to organUe such a company In
189). We had a company incorporated
for 1100,000, of which ITS. 000 waa paid
In. We attempted to obtain permission
from the legislature to lend money at
1 per cent a month.. The bill was be
fore three legislatures. Once it passed
the senate and once the house. The
tllrd time it passed both bodies, but
wai Vetoed by Governor Hastings.
"The pawnbrokers and money. loan
agencies opposed the bill. I am told
that they had a large fund to fight Us
paasage. I do not mean to criticise Gov
ernor Hastings when I say this.
. "A similar society has since been or
gan I red In New York city, and last year
It lent 112,000,000. Jt now has a large
aurplus and will reduce Its rates."
The carriage of an eleetrla crane used
by a French, steel, ilm la mounted on
a horlsontal girder, one end of wlileh
runs on a circular track while the other
Is pivoted to a standard In the center.
11 1111 ' 1 iftfyf ""
Summer Household Article
Henry Jenning & Sons-"The Home of Good Furniture"
The Great Big Furniture
uuiwv (u iivuiai jr uou auic ivt warm wcauicr.
Supply Your Summer Needs Here-.-Save Money
Originality in Garland Gas Ranges
Some- say that " gas tangts are dangerous that leaky valves some
times fill the oven with gas and an explosion occurs. But this is
not true with the "Garland." It i impossible to light the oven burner
until the oven door is open, and if any gas should by accident ac
cumulate in the oven, it will escape before harm can be done. Ac
cidents may occur with other methods, but net with this. The "Gar
land" Safety Lighter and Safety Door Latch are original with us and
fully patented.
Prices lower than others (quality considered)
U ce wwasiNCMiseiveayou I i i I , s, '..-.j
Mt ftp i
Attacked Vines Early la the Spring m
as Remarkable One.
m-, .
i . , r . 1 11,1
, a i .... a.. 1 i s
''". '4 i
"''X'GtiHlTii m
A - fe tii I
Top 8ection of exhibit by Henry Clemns of Newberg; he had 81 en
tries. Bottom First prlie la commercial growers' claki for beit
decorated table, by 'Clarke Brothers.
.My Priced This Week
Store, situated in the very
Liberal Credit If Dired
Showing 1$ Made Which Is Regarded
. : .. v .
h f(f
heart of the city, replete with
"Cold Storage, Refrigerators
at Special Closeout Prices
We offer a nurobetof j)je well known
' uiu "HUM" v1"- 1,1 viuci iu liusc om tnis special
line. White enameled throughout, glass syphon trap, sanitary silver
tin shelves, storage compartment absolutely sanitary; no round cor
ners, making cleanliness a feature with no exertion.
Home of j, Good Furniture
Many. Professional Growers
.Score Close to 100 With
vy:, Their Displays. - (
, Ths Second Annua; Oregon 6 west Pea '
society -eahlWt' nelcJ-st the-eourthouse""
In Judge Cleeton's court room on July
and 10 has passed Into history ss an
unqualified,-, success! Notwithstanding -
that the disease attacking, ths vines our
Ing ths early spring played havoc with,
tbe expectation of many professional
as ell as amateur grpwera. tbs extent
of ths exhibits, prove conclusively that
enough good flowers were grown to sat
lafy ths most enthusiasts txhlbltor.
Ths professional growers mads a large
shewing. Henry Clemmens, the gold
medalist of last year, was on hand this
year with about 80 varieties. While
Portland Seed and Floral company bad '
a splendid exhibit of the latest and new
est Vsrletles, their flowers wers sx
ceedlngly well grown, scoring close to
100 points. They wrs awarded the gold
medal of the society. X
Mrs. Henry Clemmfne of Newbsrg,
carried off the Portland Bead company's '
challenge trophy. The long distance
shipping exhibit was won" by Mrs. Slela
Bryant, who had four sxhlblts on sx-'
hlbltlon- from Renton, Wash. Eugene,
Oregon City and Salem did not exhibit,
owing to an almost total failure of the
sweet pea seed. For this reason the
two trophys provided by ths society
for Intra state exhibits will be carried
over to 1913. It Is estimated that fully
10,000 people viewed the show, and many
were ths comments of the visitors prais
ing the slse of the flowers and ths great
length of stems. Mrs. George Pope ex
hibited a single vase of purple Spenc
ers, every stem of which exceeded it
Inehes tn length and carrying four flow
ere to the stem. Among the women who
contributed flowers for decorative pur
poses, those of Mrs. George HIU an
Mrs. Harriet Hendee wers particularly
fine. Mrs. J. Henderson's exhibit waa
very fine and deserves particular favor
able mention on account of her shewing
two new shades of Spencers not yet
numbered by the National Sweet Pea
society. The committee on spools!
awards has not completed its work yet,
but will hand tn its report next Wed
nesday, when notice will be sent to all '
winners to call for the awards.
Chjcaio, July 13, Theodore Deln, who
wasKcandldate for the Democratic
noiWriatlon for alderman from the sev
enteenth ward, waji ordered to repay
1200 by Municipal Judge Rooney. which
he said had been donated to his cam
paign fund. Lain was sued for ths
mo. , -
Lain was sued for the !03 by Henry.
"I would never give money to any
politician for a campaign fund," Henry
told the court.
"Mr. Hanry gave me the money to use
In obtaining the nomination," said Leln.
"Just because I got licked and can't do
him any favors he wanta his money
beck. Everybody Jumps onto the de
feated candidate.1
many attractive articlet of
Wisconsin "Cold Storage" Re-
mmmmm mmm,
Jut. lit i''7YT'fc
' 'iTna'iiS"iii"T"'r