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i on CROWD
mficld, : Veazey-and Girpt
Are Given Good Trimming;
Colts. Can't Score.
Elk Hikers Arrive on Trip FromMissouri
Vancouver walloped three Portland
pltehera thia morning, while Gervals
lieid Portland to four scattered hits and
' tha score waa 11 to 0. The Canadians
. knocked Bloomfield out of the box In
tha fourth inning, leaving the bases full
and none out, and Veazey, who suc-
ceeded him,- was touched up for two
t hits, .but they were enough to Rive the
I northernere sit runs. Jerry Ulrot fin
I Ished up the game. Poor base running
in' the first and fourth innlnKs robhed
tha Colts of a chance to break Inio
J tha fun column.
' Tha feature of the game was the
hitting- of tServals, the southpaw gct
3 ting credit for four'tn as many trip
to tha plate, while he added one sac
rifice to his credit.
.'JLrfalr alaed crowd wltncsted the
game. Score i
' ' AB. R, H. PO. A
BHnker. cf 6 o l l o
Gannett id e u i t a
Z ! It
Rrashear. lb ........ 4
YIsk, rf . 4 i
tXinnert. If 4 2
James, 8b 4 1
l Scharnweber, as 4 2
1 Hepulveda, c 4 1
t Gervals. d 4 1
TOUla 39 U 15 27 IS
ab. n. ii. po,
Menaor. cf 4 0 0 6
i Fries, rf 4 0.1 8
, Crulkshank. If 8 At 1 1
Speas, lb 4 0 1 11
: Harris, c 2 0 0 0
"'McDowell. 2b 8
. Kibble, 3b 8
r Coltrln. e 2
Bloomfield. p 1
Veasey. p 0
t Roche, o 2
r Glrot. p 2
( . . 4. . . .. mmim
tT6tala .-..-.. 0 4 27 10 l
Vancouver 00162200 011
H Hits 1 0 2 4 3 2 1 ) 218
! Portland '. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
J Hlta k 4..1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 14
- f TSiruclC out By Glrot 1, by Gervala 8.
i TtamM on bulla Off Glrot 2. nervals 2.
- Two' base hits Scharnweoer Seoul veda,
f Frisk, James. Double playa Braahear
" to Jamea. Sacrifice hits Senulveda,
- . ti Scharnweber. Gervala, Jamea. Stolen
' baaes Gervals, Bennett. Hit by pitched
ball Klppert by Bloomfield. Innings
4 pitched by Bloomfield. Baae hits otf
Bloomfield 6, runa 1. Veasey 2. funs .
? Charge of defeat to Bloomfield. Tim)
Nm & 1 (
Copyright photos by Marcall of Portland.
Left to right iH. F.. Clark, C. D. "Stone, F. 8. Lyon.
JSS S35.000
Bridges Are Burned to Prevent
Pursuit by tha, Victorious
' Federal Troops.
f game One hour ,45 minutes.
p ire van nauren.
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,the enthusiasm broke out stronger than
t ," Insist Ob Walking Upstairs.
S: : Followed by hundreds of Elks and
lothers. Including many women, the boye
:.: were escorted to the club rooms on the
third floor, walking the stairs, aa they
said .they wanted to finish the entire
a,trlp on foot Here they signed the vis-
iltors' book and, were greeted by many.
y As soon as they bad finished signing
the book they were again taken upstairs
!. t the lodge room on the fourth floor.
Here- they handed the letter of greet-
ing from Brookfleld lodge to Portland
. lodge, which had been Intrusted to their
f care to Exalted Ruler Bradley. The
t letter contained an. Introduction and
credential of the three men and words
of greeting to the local members of
. t the order. At the close of the reading
r ot the latter Mr. Bradley spoke words
j of greeting front Portland : lodge No.
. 1 142. He assured the boys that-their
' I Portland brethren and the people of
the city had watched their progress
f with great Interest and that they Were
1 extended the most cordial welcome in
Jth power of the lodge. He offered
them In behalf of the local lodge all of
t the courtesies of the lodge and of tho
' 1 quarters.
1'; "Do aa Ton Fleaaa," aaya Baker.
Nest Mr. Bradley Introduced George
L. Baker, preaident of the Portland
'city .council, who extended to the vi6l
tora the greeting of Mayor Rushlight
n ana oi me cjiy.
' ;ou like," said Mr. Baker. "We're with
t you and mean to show you that Port
l latid can give you the best kind of a
t time." '
. . "Tike" W. K Davis, preaident of the
i Miesc-url Society of Oregon, was among
tha-Intereated apecratunr and was railed
r upon to welcome the bovs in behalf nf
' the Miasourlans of Oregon He assured
:t " them that their Missouri brethren were
(TTulted trr TV Ire.
El Paso, Texas, July 4. Defeated by
General Huerta at Bachimba, the entire
Mexican rebel army today la in retreat
to Chihuahua and will move on to
Juarex. All bridges are being burned
bv the rebels aa thev cross them, to
prevent federal pursuit.
The engagement lasted all day yes
terday in the mountains of northern
Mexico. Bachlma canyon was the key
to Clndad Chihuahua, 40 miles away.
William Adams, an American, has been
killed by rebels -at Colonla Dlax. .Thia
makes nine colonists who have been
killed by rebels In the settlements south
of Juarx since the revolution started
General Balazar. with 300 rebel troops
and 200 military prisoners, reached
Casaa Orandes yesterday from Juarez
and looting Is said to have started soon
after hia arrival.
Mexico City, July 4. Confirmation of
the rebel defeat1 at Bachimba has been
received here from General Huerta. The
rebel stronghold was evacuated at an
early hour after eight hours of severe
fighting. The' rebels were practically
out of ammunition- and the town bad
been wrecked by Huerta'a shells.
Today the rebel array reached Chihua
hua. Orozco remained there, sending
the army on to Juarex. General Huerta
la In pursuit of the rebels, but as every
bridge has been burned behind the reb
els It will require several days' work
before ha can reach the city. Rebel
losses at Bachimba, were heavy.
ordinary !
A man sayj tlic classes
he bought from us
increased lus effici
ency for work and
brought him an in
crease in salary.
This is an unusual
case, but it is the usual
thing for a man to
maintain his efficiency
with the aid of our
glasses and prevent a
DECREASE in salary.
We know the glasses
we make are efficient.
. Second Floor Corbett .Bldg.
more than overjoyed at their arrival
and that they would get the beat that
Oregon and Portland could offer.
"We will ahow you such a good time
that you will want to stay," said Mr.
Davis. "We of Missouri have organ
ized not to boost our old home etate
only but to let the people who atlll
remain know that Oregon la some state.
We want you to have such a good time
that you will not be satisfied to go
"How about Oregon's pretty women.?"
yelled a man.
"The women are all right, aa I have
recently found out," retorted Mr, Davis,
and a general laugh waa enjoyed heart
ily by all. Including the visitors.
With the singing of "Auld Lang
Syne," the reception closed and the
crowd . surgad, a,biiut.the..bjaixt-filing
them warmly and doing everything to
make them fel at home. Later they
registered at the registration headquar
ters nn the first floor of the annex to
the Oregon hotel. Tftcy will stay while
In the city at the Portland hotel, guests
of the 1912 reunion commission, and
every courtesy will 'be shown them.
"We had a fine trip across the coun
try," hb. Id I, yon, "and' are In the beat
of health. Each one of us lost about
1J pounds, but we are as hard as nails.
tjrjgklfjilfery where people are enthusiastic over
cflved. could not have been more cor
dial or enjoyable. Of course, all was not
rosy, but the good times made up for the
hardships. '
Fonrth Man Turns Back.
The three left Brookfleld on April 8
as the result of a dare made in fun.
They were attending a lodge meeting
last March and someone suggested the
trip. The suggestion met with favor
and soon plans were made. Four. start
ed, but after traveling 208 miles, the
feet of C. G. Johnson, the fourth, gave
out and blood poisoning set In. Broken-
hearted, he turned back, while the others
continued. Days of actual walking num
bered. 74 and the boys averaged 29 miles
a May. They have been entertained by
.'0 lodges of Elks en route.
riir-y left 'home penniless and have
made their way by selling photographs
and benefit entertainments. At Trout
dale they arrived with b centa each,
fcmce reaching Oregon they have loafed
I six and a half daya. Their feet are
i In excellent condition according to Dr.
! I. , 8. E. Kletcher, a local chiropodist
who examined them after their arrival.
I The return trip of the boys la to be
paid for by the local lodge.
I Many . Register.
Thp registration headquarters . which
wei- opened in the new Oregon hotel
annex which is under construction at
beenth andak etreeta have been
crowded all nvornlng. . Several,1 hundred
had registerd at noon todar.
The first man to register waa T.' 3.
Haggerty of' Blnghampton. N. Y. Mr.
Hageerty Is on a 16,000 mile tour about
the United states and arranged hie trip
ao mat he could be present the r
union. lie left home last February and
alnce that time, hae visited many of
tbe lodges .i8auteaJB4U.caiB
through the south and everywhere found
me greatest enthusiasm ever wnewn
lore a grand lodge reunion. He reports
viuwus coming in addition. io aeie
gatea. He will return .through the
northern states and will; have passed
Postoffice, Drug Store, Two
Millinery Shops, Offices and
Lodge Hall1 Lost,
'Special to Tb Journil.i
.Bend, Or., July 4. In the midst of a
big Fourth celebration. Bend was vis
ited by a. fire that wiped out a block
of business houses early last evening.
The loss Is about $35,000. The flames
started from an overheated stove in a
barber shop bathroom.
Mrs. A. H. Brown of Newton, Iowa,
an aged woman here on a visit, barely
eacaped, being taken out of an upper
story window. A volunteer fireman
sustained severe burns and is In the
The buildings were all frame and
burned fiercely. Absence of wind saved
the town.
The following places were wiped out:
Postoffice, Owl pharmacy, Innea & Dav
idson barber shop; Mrs. Mcintosh's mil
linery shop, Mrs. A. H. Black's millin
ery shop, O. A. Thorson'a Jewelry store.
Hunter Bros.' paint shop, Central Ore
gon Trucking company, Oregon Land A
Immigration company, M. S. Lattin A
Co.'s offices, lodjre hall used by four
lodges and the rooms of several families
upstairs. W. C. McCulstori's grocery
store was partly destroyed. AH the mall
and postoffice fixtures were saved.
The loss Is half covered by insurance.
(United Pri Teaed Wlre.
Los Angeles, July 4. Both principals
In the lightweight pugilistic champion
ship affray at Vernon today were de
fendants in court actions when they
entered the ring. Suit has been filed
against Rivera by Mrs. Katherlne
Thompson of Venice, who alleges that
her blue ribbon bulldog was taken from
her home and harbored at the home of
the Mexican contender In Los Angeles.
She asks $1000 damages.
Wolgast has been served with papers
In a damage suit for $50,000 following
a collision between his automobile and
a house mover's, outfit.
through the greater number of the
Another prominent Elk to register
this morning was Exalted Kuler Rich
ard J. Decker of Rochester, N. T. Mr.
Decker has the distinction of having
held the office of exalted ruler longer
than any other man In a consecutive
term, as he as headed his lodge for
the past eight years. Mrs. Decker ac
companied him and they are staying at
the Multnomah hotel.
Both Mr. Haggerty and Mr. Decker
are enthusiastic over the prospects of
Rochester to awing the next reunion in
1913. Both declare the city to have most
excellent facilities for entertaining, vis
itors in great numbers and claim that
they have the best location as Rochester
Is practically in the center of over one
half of the population of the United
Potrland merchants do not seem to be
thoroughly aware of the special' prizes
offered by the Elks for the windows
which are most handsomely decorated
during the gran lodge reunion next
week. For the handsomest a prize of
$150 will be given, for the next $100
and the third $50.
The special train on which the grand
lodge, officers are en route to Portland
has been delayed over 20 hours and will
arrive at the union depot at 6:30 o'clock
this evening. The reception squad will
meet at the lodge rooms at 5 o'clock
and will march to the depot. They will
escort the visitors and the reception
committee to the Multnomah hotel,
which has been selected as headquar
One. Loses Eye and Gets Head
. Split, ; Another's Skutl 1$
caaiy rusnea. ;
'Rwrlat in. Tb Jonrail)
Ashland, -Or., July' 4. -Two men are
close to death, another la confined to
his i bed with aerioua injuries ana a
fourth la limping about with a badly
bruised limbs as the result of a col
lision between a motorcycle and a bi
cycle at 11 o'clock this morning on the
racing right of way here.' C. Edwards,
driving a racing' automobile, waa try
ing out the track with Billy Smith of
Med ford on his motorcycle, Betting the
pace. As they approached the Loomla
confectionery on ?the boulevard, Lloyl
Chapman of. thts city stepped onto the
pavement and mounted his bicycle and
at the same time, p. O., Raudebaugh
started to cross the street.
Smith attempted to dodge Mr. Raude
baugh and In so ' doing struck Chap
man on his wheel and also Raudebaugh.
Both Chapman and Smith struck the
curb on their heads with the result
that Smith's eye was gouged out and
his head spilt, open .while Chapman's
skull was frightfully crushed. Both
men were put into autos and carried
unconscious and bleeding to tbe Gran
ite City hospital. Smith la reported to
be , recovering, while Chapman'e con
dition is very doubtful:
Raudebaugh was knocked senseless,
his head being badly bruised and hit
left thigh swollen, a fractured leg- be
ing narrowly averted. Victor Payne was
knocked down and suffered slight
Other bystanders narrowly escaped.
Modford. Or., ' July 4. The "Billy
Smith injured at Ashland Is Tyler
Smith of Medford. He was formerly a
resident of Portland and a member of
the Multnomah Amateur Athletic club.
Colonel Thompson's Feed Is
Taken From Steamer Fin
land to Private Yacht. :
(United Prwt Leased Wire.)
Stockholm, Sweden, July 4. A social
near-riot was narrowly averted on the
American training ship Finland, when
It was learned that President Thompson,
the millionaire head of the American
Olympic team, had planned an extensive
Fourth of July dinner aboard the ves
sel, to which none of the athletes was
Invited. Trouble finally was prevented
by Thompson, who transferred his din
ner to a private yacht.
The Americans had no fireworks with
which to celebrate Independence day
and were forced by necessity to observe
a "sane fourth" but they gave a recep
tion on the Finland this afternoon,
commemorating their nation's birth
with lemonade. Hundreds of guests, in
cluding the members of other- teams,
ewarmed over the side of the liner.
(Unltod Presa Ued Wlr.
Seattle, Wash.. May 4. John D.
Spreckels, multi-millionaire from San
Diego, arrived yesterday on his steam
yacht Venitia. He will leave In a few
days for a three weeks' cruise to
Refuse to Endorse Taft.
Huron, 8. D., July 4 By a vote of
two to one the Republican atate con
vention of South Dakota here elected
five Roosevelt electore, refusing to In
dorse President Taft or the action of
the. Republican national convention
heldrecently In Chicago. The conven
tion also adopted alatforrn vhtch
makes no mention of Taft or national
Issues. -
Northwestern League.
At Spokane R. H. E.
Tacoma ...00000000 0 0 2 3
Spokane ...4 0000003 ? 8 1
Batteries uriger ana vjriuenaen;
Kraft and Ostdick, . ,
At Portland R. H. E.
Vancouver .0 0182200 0-i-U 15 1
Portland ...0 0000 0. 000 0 4 1
Batteries Oervais and Sapulveda;
Bloomfield and Harris.
At Seattle i R. H. E.
Victoria ...0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 0 6 8 6
Seattle 01 200900 0 41
Batteries Marveson and Grindle;
Schneider and Walley.
Pacific Coast League.
At Sacramento R. H. E.
Portland ...00000100 2 t 6 8
Sacramento 00010102 4 8 2
Batteries Gregg and Bureh; Gaddy
and Kreltz.
At Los Angeles R. Hf E.
Oakland ...43002000 514 7 0
Los.Ange's 00O0Q0200 -2 4
, Batteriea-KUlilay and Rohrer: Nagle
and Brooks. '
At San Francisco
Vernon 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 o I 8
San Fran. 10000000 0 111
8 0
Batteries Ewalt
and Berry.!
and Agnew; .Delhi
It assured by systematic saying
Open an account in our Savings Department and deposit
part of your earnings regularly. In addition to the interest
earned, you are prepared to meet the unexpected expenses that
always, arise, or to take advantage of a good investment.
r";:" '" Morrttoatind Flftrr Streets; PortlafiarOregdr
Big Westerner Meets , Bone
; mian, Heavyweight in Chi
'., cago; 2 Falls iri 3, '
. i.-' (United rrM teaMd Wire. " '
Chicago, July 4. Frank Ootch thla
afternoon will defend his championship
title against. Joe Bmejkal, the Bohemian
heavyweight wrestling' champion.
The match will start at 8 o'clock and
will be to a finish, two falls In three.
Alderman Anton . Cermak will referee.
No betting will be permitted In the Coll.
seum. i . 1 '
Work for Roosevelt.
Colorado Springs, Colo., July -4. At
a meeting Of 100 .leading progressive
Republicans of the state here a . reso.
lutlon introduced by P. D. Stewart.. Re
publican ifomlnee for governor, which
provided that a committee of seven be
named to work for the election of Roose
velt electors was adopted. The reso
lution also condemned the action of the
Republican 'national convention In un
seating the Roosevelt delegates. ; '" v
Journal Want Ada bring results. ' ' ,
e Cottage Grovo, or., Julv 4
The fact that Mrs. JJ. IT. Wyntt
waa Buffering wllh rheumatism
and unable to Bleep undoubtedly
aaved the new Charlea Adams
home, from destruction by fire
thla morning.
Mrs, Wyatt heard what she
thouirht to be tha ft-aifiio.
the window, she saw a small
4 ' blaze on the porch of the -Adams' ti
( house. , She Immediately awoke
her son.1 Tha scorching of tha A
door and a few boards on the jk
., porch was the only damage done. V
-P:- X"' "
WML''"- v?;
f a friend hasn't heard of
The gloriously good Cigarette
Don't let him get away.
Give him one.
- 1 " "
Watcli Kim chortle ffo
ear Kim say: "Gee! wKere
can I get a box?"
lin eac
. .. .
. - t f ' ' . ! 1 - - ... ' '