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EVENIIIG.y JULY 3. 1012.
X OF coiii IS
Prcrtiotcr Watches Every Dol Into Money Box- for
,: i I fcttl ' J UIIMOVII. MUUI HllVbH
Leave Him Cleaned.
tBnlted Pwsi temed Wlre.1
East Las Vegas, N. July 3 With
the decreasing possibility or probability
f a crowd sufficient to meet Jack John
con's purse demands and to cover .the
expenses, of promotion, things are look-
In dubious today tor Thursdays ngiu.
Train after train has come In -without
expected crowds and the hopes of Jack
Curley have- fallen accordingly. That
there -will not be enough In the house
to meet -reneral expenses, aside from 4
the pursav guaranteed Johnson, seems
a foregone conclusion and because of
thWs; meeting, will be held late this,
afternoon between Johnson and Curley
to talk over the situation. ' 1
and Is not Inclined to force harsh terms,
but tf there Is not enough money as
sure4 Curley wfirtre put to his utmost
to make terms satisfactory to consum
mate, the fight
; - " Less Than $30,000 In.
This morning there was less than
$SO,000-4n the treasurer's hands and as
the promotion cost is almost that much,
and as Las Vegas merchants failed to
"coma through" with their promise to
buy tickets they agreed to before the
match was signed up, it looks very much
like- someone getting stung
At 3 p. m'yesterday tho entire mat
ter was. thresbed over. Jack Curley
last night was decidely worried over
the failure of the expected special
trains to- arrive. Unless they arrive
today or Thursday morning it will mean
the loss of thousands of dollars to him.
The arrivals yesterday were decidedly,
lean. Hundreds stopped off trains go
ing from east to west, dui tuny a per
cent reboarded thrxars after partaking
of their meals.
Johnson, Flynn and Curley were
scheduled to hold a joint conference
with Referee Smith last night at Cur
ley's headquarters. Flynn was on time,'
but after waiting 35 minutes for John
son, left in anger, venting his wrath
upon Manager Flanagan.
"Tell your man," he said, "that 'I was
here on time and that I will meet him
hers tomorrow night, if he isn't afraid
to show tip.
The Puebian showed surprising ginger
as' nTgniTtihi very little anxiety and
"You know what I said a couple of
days ago," he said. "I am ready, and
If Johnson beats me it will be when 1
am coming in. I'll never stop until
one of us falls. This feeling about my
being : whipped before I get into thd
ring Is something I cannot understand.
I don't own any private graveyard, so
far as I have heard, and as for his de
feat of Jeffries, why, if I couldn't
have beaten' Jeffries two years ago I'd
never draw on a glove again."
The moving picture men were on the
Job. yesterday. They first visited Flynn's
camp at Montezuma Springs, taking the
challenger In action. Later in tha ev
ening Johnson's camp was taken In,
but a heavy wind and rainstorm spoiled
the effect for the film people. When
the downpour became , too heavy the
crowd mads a rush for the porch of
Johnson's, cottage, but the rickety sup-
it collapsed with a crash. Nobody was
Injured. -
Tlyna Gets Letters.
-Jirn-Flynn is in receipt of many en
couraging telegrams and letters. One
of : them, most highly prized. Is that
from Billy Shannon and his wife, of
San Rafael, Cal.. where Flynn trained
for a number of fights.
Johnson's camp was in high feather
today, almost without exception the
champion's handlers picking the black
to win Inside of 11 rounds. Thus far,
the Johnson" backers have been unable
i to place their money at odds they think
right. They want the Flynn people
: to offer 2 to 1 that Johnson W9n't beat
Flynn in 10 rounds, even money that
. wnvt' Ka- him U 1 .'. 1 n
that the black will not win in 20 rounds,
-. The latter price, for some unexplained i
reason, also holds for the general re- '
Suit of the battle -
The Flynn fol.ewers. however, want j
I to 8 on the general result and in the :
face of the 20 round money offered hy I
the Johnson folks, they seem to have !
the better of the areumont.
Tuesday s only diversion was a.tle
cutting party organized by Johnson and
Tom Flanagan, who, peeved because
Johnson was not nominated for judge
of the "old town kangaroo court," de
cided to snip the tie of all of those
opposed to Jack. The first victims
, sought by the black and his manager
Were a patr of welterweight corres
pondents, who led the fight against
Johnson's nomination In thu kangaroo
i eoufr convention. ,
Ruthlessly In the presence of crowds
. at the depot, Flanagan and hl3 protece
clipped their ties and stuck them In
their buttonholes as souvenirs. When
the moving picture men arrived John
son was full of the tie-clipping fever
and before the "movies" could get busy
he and Flanagan had clipped 60 ties.
Medford Scrappers Ready,
uv Medford, Or., July 3. Walter Mono-
Yian snri KnWllar VIIat tv.A i
'completed their training y,.sterdav f'ir
"their-48 round bout here tomnrrow. Polh are confident of vlrtorv.'
Ray "Campbell, who meets llnrb Whita
at 133 pounds as a fimi-final to the
heavyweight contest, arrived In the city
yesterday and appears to be in first
Class condition.
White has been training here tome,
' time and says he will he the victor he
fore the 10 rounds are over.
"The medium
between a of and a
i 1 l
sloven is wnat a man
S sense would
endeavor to keep."
Men's Clothes Shop
1 IlfJS K
Portland Club Advances . to
Fourth -Place, in Pacific ,
Coast League.
' Sacramento, Cal., July 3. MeCredle's
Beavers advanced to fourth pla'ccln the
Coast league as the result of an easy
victory over Van Bur-en's .team yester
day. It was a free-for-all hitting and
error making game,' and when the. last
out was made the score stood 14 to 7,
With the Beavers on the long end.
McCredles men hit like the cham
pions of, 1911, annexing 18 blngles, two
home runs, one triple and two doubles
being among the number. Fisher, Doane,
Chadbourne, Rodgers and Krueger were
responsible for 15 of the hits made by
tne Heavers.
Koestnr pitched for Portland or
rather lobbed them across the plate,
after the Beavers took a nine run lead
in: the first two innings. Baum pitched
for the Senators and in the first Inning
he was touched up for five runs, and
flye hits, including Fisher's first homer.
Byram took up tha mound duties and In
his first inning against the Beavers he
was touched up for five more tallies.
In the first inning Doane beat out
a bunt and advanced to second oiv Chad
bourne s out, Shinn dropped Lindsay's
fly and Swain fumbled Rodgers' drive
to center field, and Doane and Lindsay
tallied, Krueger lined out a hit to cen
ter and scored Rodgers and before the
ball was found by Swain, Krueger
scored. Fisher brought the total to
five runs by putting the ball over the
fence. Butler followed with a single
but was out stealing and Rapps ended
the inning.
This ls-how Byram. was treated in
his first inning. Koestner was out.
Doane beat out an infield hit and stole
second and third. Chadbourne walked
and stole second. Heister dropped Lind
say's fly, filling the bases. Rodgers
followed, with a double and Doane and
Chadbourne scored. Krueger followed
with a triple and Lindsayand Rodgers
counted. Butler singled and Krueger
counted. Rapps ended the Inning with
a 10 run load,
Sacramento cut the lead to nine runs
in their half on Swain's triple and Hels
ter's out. Portland failed to tally in
the third inning but the Senators came
back with another on Byram's single
and two outfield flies.
Fisher put the ball over the fence in
the fourth inning for the second time.
Portland tallied in the fifth Inning on
singles by Doane, Chadbourne and Lind
say. Sacramento added two to their to
tal In the second half on Kreltz's double
and singles by Byram, Irelan and Lewis.
Portland -added another run-in the
seventh inning on Doane's fourth hit
and third stolen base. Chadbourne's
third single netted Portland its thlr
teenth run. '
Sacramento made three runs in the
eighth. Heister's single, an error of
Sheehan's grounder, Byram's double and
Irelan's hit, netting three runs. Port
land's final run was made in the ninth
on Fisher's single, a stolen base, a
passed ball and Rapp's out.
The score
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Doane, rf. . ,
Lindsay, 3b.
Rodgers, 2b.
Krueger, cf.
Fisher, c. . .
Butior, ss. ,
Rapps, lb. ,
Koestner, p.
Totals . .
43 14 18
!7 16 3
AB. R. H. PO. A.
Irelan. ss r o 4 5 j
Shinn, 2b o 0 0 1 0
Lewis, If r 0 1-3 0
J. Williams, rf r. o o i o
Swain, cf 5 t 1 2 0
Miller, lb 5 0 0 10 0
Heister, lf.-2b 4 1 2 0 I
Sherman, 3b 4 1 1 2 5
Kreitz, c , 4 1 1 4 4
Baum, p o 0 0 0 0
Byram, p 4 3 3 0 2
...41 713
17 14 6
Portland 5 5 0 1 1 0 1 0 114
Hits 5 4 113 12 0 118
RBrmmento 01102003 0 7
Hits 0 1 2 1 4-1 1 3 013
Nine hits, 5 runs off Baum in one in-
nins; 4arre defeat to Baum. Home
runs Fisher 2. Three base hits Krue
ger, Swain. Two bas hits Rodgers 2,
Kreitz, Sheehsn, Byram. Stolen bases
Doane 3. Chadbourne 2, Krueger, Fisher.
5J? l
ball Kreitz. Double plays Lindsay to
Rodgers to Rapps; Heister to Irelan to
Miller. Time of game Ono hour and 45
minutes. empires McCarthy and
Angels Rcat Oaks.
Los Angeles, July 3. Los Angeles
defeated 'Oakland In tha first game of
the series for Becond place by the score
of 7 to 3. Abies was hit hard In the
early part ot the game. The score;
R. H. E.
Los Angeles 7 H 1
Oakland 3 9 1
Batteries Chech and Brooks, Abies
and Mitze.
New Man's Error Costly.
Fpn Francisco, July 3. Vernon de
feated Ran Francisco yesterday by the
1 score of 5 to 4. Wuffll's error opened
the way for a victory for the Tigers.
The score: R. II. E.
San Francisco 4 11 1
Vernon 6 6 6
Batteries Toner, Baker and Schmidt;
Castleton, Gray. Stewart and Agnew.
I American League Gaines
1 At Itroit R. H. E.
iritvoland 7 11 4
8 12 1
Batteries Krapp, Blanding,
Lake, Dubuc and Stanage.
O'Neill; L
Umpires Dlneen and b'herldan.
At Washington: R. H. E.
Philadelphia 3 8 1
Washington 5 5 0
li.v.U-rles li'om-k end Lapp; Hughes.
I'eliy and Henry. Umpires Wester
clt and Evar.s.
At Rf. I,ou!r
First game R, H. E.
Chicago 1 6 0
St,. Louis 2 7 2
Batttries Bens and Kuhn; Hamilton
and Kilchpll.
Umpires Hart and Connolly.
Second game R. H. E.
Chlcaso .V ;. E 12 0
Bt. Louis 4 7 S
Batteries-waish, White, and Block;
E. Brown, Powell and Stephens. .
empires Connolly and Hart
At Boston R. H. E.
New York 9 18 3
Boston 7 11 J
Batteries Ford and Sweeney; Bedi-
ent and Carrlgan.
Umpires O'Doughlin and Egan.
Jim Corkery of Toronto, who won the
great hngllsh Marathon race last
Uionlb, lb. 2 Uour i6-mimi 3-6
seconds, which Is faster time than ever
recorded In the- Olympic race, will rep
resent Canada in the Stockholm Mara-
Greatest Woman
The greatest woman baseball fanln
the world Is in Portland. She is Miss
May Tully, comedienne, who is appear
ing at the Orphetfm-ln The Battlecry
of Freedom," a satire on jReno divorces
Bosemaa Bulger. As proof that she is
the greatest fair fan Miss Tully ex
hibits a pass presented to her by the
National Baseball commission which en
titles her to free admittance to any base
ball , grounds on which any member of
the National association playst Such a
pass is Issued only to managers, . but an
c-ceptlon was made in Miss Tully's case
and y . right Of the pasteboard she
possesses she may enter, unchallenged,
the turnstile of baseball grounds in
more than 150 cities In the United
States. Miss Tully is the only woman
In the world to possess such a pass.
Another noteworthy pass in the pos
session of Miss Tully Is that presented
to her by the New York Giants. It
entitles her to an honor seat In the
Giants' Stadium to witness any base
ball game played there. The pass is In
the form of a pocket manicure set on
the leather case of which is inscribed
Giants" Stadium to Miss May Tully.
Open Sesame. John T. Brush, - Presi
dent" This season was the first time In
five years that Miss Tully missed a
game played by the Giants and until
1912 she arranged, her stage bookings
to be free in the baseball season. Miss
Tully with Bozeman Bulger wrote the
baseball skit. "Curves," in which she
appeared with Christy Matthewson and
Chief Meyers, the famous New York
battery, and while she was on 4e
boards in that skit in tha east "Mugsy"
Wolgast and Rivers Will Re
port at Arena at Two
(United Press Leaicd Wlre.l
Los Angeles, Cal.. July 3. Gloves and
training paraphernalia were packed
away and the reserve liniment supply
and bandage remnants fed to Jack
Doyle's goat at the Vernon camp today
when Ad Wolgast bade farewell to the
training routine for his 20 round battle
with Joe Rivers tomorrow in defense of
his title.
At Venice late today Rivers will work
before tho moving picture makers, after
which he will give a final smlla to the
war correspondents who-wlll Interpret
the challenger's winning- grin into
signed statements composed of polysyl
labic words that the little Mexican
might meet on the street and never rec
ognize. Then the stage will im Bet for
what the fans of Los Angeles believe
will be one of the most stubborn and
brilliant ring battles ever fought on the
coast. !
Wolgast will attend a theatre to
night. He will be accompanied by Man
ager Tom Jones and a few guests.
At Arena at Two.
Rivers will, come from Venice this
evening and spend the night at the
home of his manager, Joe Levy. ' The
boys will report at the arena at 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Friends of the champion were over
joyed last evening, and after Ad worI:d
for tho moving picture men, stepped on
the scales and raised the beam at 130 Vi.
This was a clear gain of two pounds in
24 hours, and the German smiled de
lightedly as he predicted that he would
be within a pound of the lightweight
limit at the bell.
In spite of his rather drawn appear
ance, Wolgast seems to be In real condi
tion for a hard battle. His skin Is as
brown as an Indian, and as tough as
sole leather. To prove this point for a
curious crowd, Tom Jones took a roll
and twisted it until the flesh for two
inches around showed white. Tn spite
of the gouging not a crease showed
when the red faced manager turned
loose his" grip.
Wolgast declares that the . appendi
citis bugaboo need cause his friends to
worry. He saidr
"It took me years to get to the title,
which is still worth 1100,000.
Knows Zs Zs Bight.
"Therefore, don't imagine, for a min
ute that 1 would risk all this In a bat
tle with a strong, clever lad like Rivers
unless I knew I was right."
Rivers is the most confident challen
ger in Los Angeles. He refuses to be
come ruffled when the battle Is men
tioned. Practically every seat in McCarey's
enlarged stadium has been sold. Ref
eee Jack Welsh has visited each fight.
er and explained his interpretation of
the rules. The first preliminary will
be staged tomorrow at 1:30 o'clock Two
appetizers win oe oirerea oi in rounds
Wagering on the battle, which has
been fajrly active, has established a 10
to 6 price tcday with, the champion fa
Roy Brown and Harry Brant will rep
resent the Portland Motorcycle club in
the motorcycle races, which will be
held in Seattle . tomorrow afternoon.
Brown will ride a Merkle and Brant will
use a Thor.
J. B. Lindsay, treasurer, of the club
and northwest delegate of the F. A. M.,
left for Seattle last night to attend the
races. A party of eight riders left
Portland early this morning for Seattle
on their cycles.
-One Qame.
AB. H.
Poane 5 4
Chadbourne 4 3
Lindsay ,.6 1
Rodgers 6 2
Krueger r 6 3
Fisher ." 6 ' 3
Butler 4 3
Rapps S 0
Koestner 6 0
43 IS
Colts One Game.
AB. H.
Mensor 2
Fries 4
Crulkshank 3
Williams 5
Harris 4
McDowell 2
Klbbl 4
Coltrln 3
I 21 10
X - . .
Fan in Portland
s v.
9 4
Miss May Tully.
McGraw. of the Nationals declared Miss
Tully knew more "Inside baseball" than
any other person In the world.
Miss Tully's credentials list her as
the greatest woman baseball fan; Ray
Cot, alsn- n comedienne, occupies second
place, and Ethel Barrymore Is listed as
the third greatest woman fan irf the
United States.
Twilighters Will -Start Games
- July 9 With 12 Teams
The schedule of the Twilight league
was completed late yesterday. The
season for section I will open July 9,
and on the following day section II will
have its opening. The season will run
a little over six weeks. ' ''
The teams in section I are Irvlngton,
Tlmms-Cress, Baltimore, Weonas, Hon
eyman and Dooley & Co. In section II,
Warren company, Keystone, Studebaker,
Bell phone, Wntnn six and Mall clerks
will fight it out for the championship.
. The league is composed of the best
amateur nines in the city. Games will
be played Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday nights each week.
The schedule:
Section I July 9, Irvlngton. vs. Balti
more, Weonas vs. Tlmms Cress, Honey
man vs. Dooley & Co.; July 11, Weonas
vs. Irvlngton, Baltimore vs. Dooley &
Co., Honeyman vs. Tlmms Cress; July
IT, Honeyman vs. Baltimore, Weonas vs.
Dooley & Co., Tlmms Cress vs. Irving
ton: Julv IS, Honeyman vs. Irvlngton;
Weonas vs. Baltimore, Timms Cress vs.
Cooley & Co.; July 24, Weonas vs. Irv
lngton, Honeyman vs. Timms Cress, Bal
timore vs. Dooley & Co.; July 26, Weonas
vs. Honeyman, Timms Cress vs. Balti
more, Irvirgton vs. Dooley & Co.; July 30,
Tlmms Cress vs. Dooley & Co., Honey
man vs. Irvlngton, Weonas vs. Balti
more: August 1, Weonas vs. Tlmms
Cress, Irvlngton vs. Baltimore, Honey
man vs, Dooley & Co.; August 6, Honey
man vs. Baltimore, Weonas vs. Dooley
& Co., Irvlngton vs. Tlmms jCress; Au
gust 8. Weonas vs. Honeyman, Irvlngton
vs. Dooley & Co., Timms Cress vs. BaltU
more; August 14, Honeyman vs. Dooley
& Co., Irvlngton vs. Baltimore, weonas
vs. Timms Cress; August 16, Weonas
vs. Irvlngton, Honeyman vs. Tlmms
Crea, Baltimore vs. Dooley & Co.; Au
gust .,21, Timms Cress vs. Baltimore,
Irvlngton vs. Dooley & Co., Weonas vs.
Honeyman; August 23, Honeyman vs.
Irvington, Weonas vs. Baltimore, Timms
Cress vs. Dooley & Co.; August 29, Weo
nas vs. Dooley & Co., Honeyman vs.
Baltimore, Irvington vs. Timms Cress.
Section II July 10, Warren company
vs. Keystone, Studebaker vs. wlnton.
Bell Phone vs. ,Mail Clerks; July 12,
Studebaker vs. Bell Phone, Mail Clerks
vs. Keystone, Warren vs. Wlnton Six;
July 16 Wlnton vs. Keystone, Studebak
er vs. Mail Clerks, Warren vs. Bell
Phone; July 18, Bell Phone vs. Wlnton,
Htudebaker vs. Keystone, Warren vs.
Mail Clerks; July 23, Winton vs. Mall
Clerks, Bell Phone vs. Keystone, Stude
baker vs. Warren; July 25, Warren vs.
Wintoi, Mail Clerks vs. Keystone, Stude
baker vs. Bell Phone; August 1, Bell
Phone vs. Mall Clerks, Warren vs. Key
stone, Studebaker vs. Winton Six; July
31, Studebaker vs. Mail Clerks, Warren
company vs. Bell Phone, Wlnton vs.
Keystone; August 7. Warren company
vs. Mall Clerks; Bell Phone vs. Win
ton, Studebaker vs. Keystone; Aug
ust 9, Studebaker vs. Warren company;
Bell Phone vs. Keystone, Winton vs. Mail
Clerks; August 13, Studebaker vs. Wln
ton, Warren vs. Keystone, Bell Phone
vs. Mall Clerks; August 15, Studebaker
vs. Warren company, Wlnton vs. Mall
Clerks, Bell Phone vs. Keystone; Aug
ust 20, Studebaker vs. Bell Phone; War
ren company vs. Wlnton; Mall Clerks
vs. Keystone; August 22, Warren com
pany vs. Bell Phone, Studebaker vs.
Mall Clerks, Wlnton vs. Keystone; Aug
ust 28, Studebaker vs. Keystone, Bell
Phone vs. Winton, Warren, company vs.
Mall Clerks.
The cricket match for July 4 will be
the annual fixture. Married vs. Single.
This always produces a close and in
teresting game, as both sides are keen
on winning. Up to date the married
men have the most victories, but the
single men are trylngrto place their best
team in the field this year and secure
a victory. The match will commenoe at
11 a. m., sharp. All members wishing
to play are requested to be -out early.
Lunch- will be served by the ladles In
the club bouse at 1 p. m. All who are
Interested in cricket are Invited out to
witness the game. The grounds are
located at East Sixty-seventh street on
the Montavllla carllne, two blocks north
of the track.
National League Games.
At Philadelphia 'R. H, E.
Brooklyn 6 7 0
Philadelphia 7 11 2
Batteries Barger and Miller; Alexan
der, Brennan and Dooln.
Umpires Brennan and Emslle.
At Pittsburg R.H.K
Chicago '. 9 H v0
Pittsburg 2 S 3
Batteries Cheney and Archer; Rob
inson, Cole, Warner and 61m on,'
Umpires Rlgler A FlnnersA.
At New . York .
New York 7 TO
Batteries Dickson and Raridan; Cran-
rdall arid Meyers.
Umpires Eason,. and Johnstone,
ffill'S Tf IE
Eddie Cleans Bases in Second
Inning and Colts Gather
: - . Opener. " , "
Tddie Mensors three base hit in the
second inning yesterday with the .bases
bulging, put .Portland la the lead and
the-Co Us were never headed, while Ag
new was chased out of the box after the
third. - The Vancouver club was beaten
7 to 4, Eastley letting up-a- bit when
the game was clinched by his hard hit
ting mates. . ' ,
---Eastley-was wild in the first inning
and presented the visitors with their
first run, making it appear as If the
northerners were to make a jrynaway
of the battlej However, Frank, steadied
down after that and pitched good ball
tintiUjeiad a-chance to let tiit 1at9 4n
the fray.
Dode Brlnker," the first to face East
ley, was turned back on three strikes.
Bennett secured ' a pass and took thid
on Brashear's first double. Frisk also
walked and the bases were full. Kib
ble retired Kippert on a fly and then
James followed with a walk that forced
Bennett in. Eastley got out of a bad
hfifta bv causing Sfiharnwoher to ground
to Coltrln, who tossed Him out at first
Mensor In the Initial inning stopped
a pitched ball for tho first time dur
ing the afternoon and Fries. Singled to
left, followed by Crulkshank's perfect
bunt Williams hit into a double play,
James to Lewis to Brashear, and Har
ris, was thrown out Brashear to Agnew,
staying the Colts.
Get to Agnew In Second.
Hotvever, - they got" to Agnew in - the
second inning. McDowell started with
a walk and Kibble beat out a bunt down
the first bas llne. Coltrln followed
with another safe bunt that Agnew
couldn't handle. Eastley struck out
but Mensor drove a terrific triple to left
center and cleaned the bases. Kippert
was playing in close and in attempting
to back up on the liner stumbled and
fell. . Fries struck out, but Mensor
scored on Cmfkshank's scratch hit to
James. Williams forced Crulk at sec
ond for the last but.
Jack Kibble, who has lately devel
oped a liking for home runs, laced the
ball out of the lot in the third inning.
via the right field fence, adding one to
the sum total of Portland runs.
"Smoke" Thomas- relieved Agnew at
the start of' the fourth Inning and Im
mediately walked Mensor. In trying to
catch Eddie off first, "Smoke" threw
badly to Brashear and Mensor stopped
at third. Fries was out, Scharney to
Brashear, but Eddie scored on Crulk
shank's single to right center. Cruik
shank took second on the throw-In;
took third on Scharney's error of Wll
Hams' grounder, and scored on a wild
pitch. After that Thomas tightened up
and there were no more Portland runs.
Brashear's Double Scores Two.
With two out in the seventh, Brinker
was hit and Bennett singled back of
second. Brashear followed with a
double to right center, cleaning the
bases. Klppcrt's walk in the eighth,
Scharney's infield out and Lewis' sin
gle to right scored the champions'
fourth run.
Crulkshank, who made but one hit
against the Seattle pitchers In the en
tire seven games, came' back yesterday
against Vancouver witfc a vengeance,
getting threo b.its and a walk In four
trips to the plate. Mensor was walked,
hit twice and blngled twice in five trips
to the plate, having a perfect batting
average also. The score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Brinker. cf 4 1 1 3 0 0
iirtnnett. 2b 4 2 1 5 1 0
ashear, lb , . 5
Frisk, rf , 3
Kippert, If 4
James, 3b , 3
Sfharnweber, ss 4
Lewis, c 3
Agnew, p 1
Thomas, p '8
Totals ..34 4 8 24 14 2
AB. R. H. PO. A. K.
Mensor cf . . . ,
I'rles. rf
Cruikshank. If
Williams, lb .
Harris, 0
McDowell, 2b ,
Kibble, 3b
Coltrln. ss . . : ;
Eastley, p
Speas, cf
Totals ...31- 7 10 27 11 1
Vancouver 10000021 0 4
Hits 1 1 0 2 0 1 2 2 09
Portland 0 4120000 7
Hits 2 4 2 1 1 0 .00 10
Struck out By Eastley K, by Agnew
2. by Thomas 2. Bases on balls Off
Fjistley 4. off Agnew 1. off Thomas 7.
Two base hits Brashear 2. Three base
hits Mensor. Home runs Kibble.
Double plays James to Lewis to
Brashear, Coltrln to McDowell to Wil
liams. Bennett to Scharnweber to Bra
shear. Stolen bases McDowell, Fries.
Hit by pitched balls Mensor by Ag
new, Mensor by Thomas. Wild pitches
Thomas 2. Innings pitched by Agnew
3. Base hits off Agnew 8. runs 6.
Time of same One hour, 65 mihutes.
Umpire Van Haltren.
Spokane peats Tacoma.
Tacoma, Wash., July 3. The Spoksne
Indians defeated the locals yesterday
by the score of 4 to 3 in a close and ex
citing game, which was played before
6000 people in the Tacoma Stadium.
Cooney's home run In the seventh in
ning netted the winning run. Umpire
Moran called Neighbors out at the plate
and was nearly mobbed by the fans.
The score: R. H. &
Spokane-. . 4 8 0
Tacoma 3 10 4
Batteries -.- Cochrane and OstdleK;
Beikle and La Longe. -
Seattle Beats Victoria
Seattle, Wash., July 3. Seattle de
feated the Bees yesterday by the score
of 9 to 0. Thompson pitched great ball
and was given great support The score:
, k. h. 12.
Victoria i... 0 4 2
Seattle 9 7 1
Batteries Wilson. McCreery and
Meek; Thompson and Whaling.
Sprlal tn Tho JooraaX1
Roseburg, Or., July 3. No more box
ing exhibitions will be held in Roseburg.
The city council, under suspension of
rules, passed an emergency ordinance
making prise fights and boxing con
tests misdemeanors. The emergency or
dinance was passed to prevent a bout
scheduled to be pulled off in Rose
burg on July 4.
Attell and Marino in Pink.
. Tacoma, Wash., July S. Abe Attell,
his right hand still sore Jrom training
for his propqsed' bout with Harlem
Tommy Murphy, and Eddie Marino, in
tne pink or condition, are toaay await-
will send them into the ring for 10
of the fastest rounds of boxing ever
KMn hpFA. hfY)i thm TiLrnmft. AthlAtl
I club. . v . ; .. . . :, ,
Cleveland Alliance Holds Up
Cash Offer fop Fast Colt
" Outfielder.
Developments are . being awaited in
tbs Pittsburg bid ot $300 casH for
Eddla Mensor, star outfielder of the
Northwestern league. Walter .McCredle,
presumably, ' . Is holding ' up the deal
until he can hear from Cleveland as
to th disposition of Mensor. ; If Cleve
land wants the young peed marvel it
is likely that ha will go there through
the Nap-Beaver alliance next year, but
It Is understood that the Pirates are
asking for immediate delivery. Pitts
burg is badly in need of an outfielder,
and that accounts for the big price
offered for Mensor,
- Should the Northwestern league club
accept Pittsburg's cash offer It would go
a Ion gway toward making the Colt club
break even on the season, and the way
the crowds are now turning out. would
doubtless show a bid profit On the
other hand, if Cleveland takes Mensor,
Portland will probably be rewarded
with a couple of Stones; and tho Colt
Club regarded as a losing proposition
financially. It is a, well known fact
that a number of the NoTthwestern
league magnates rely Upon the sale of
players to put them on the right side of
the lodger at the end of the year.
Manager Nick Williams, "when seen
yesterday, was reticent about discuss
ing Pittsburg's offer, but admitted that
he would not stant in the way of
Mensor's advancement to major league
baseball, if he was to be assured of a
good outfielder from the Portland
Coast league club. He stated that If
he could get Doane be would be ready
to turn over Mensor to either Pittsburg
or Cleveland immediately.
Scout Van Haltren stated yesterday
that he had received no further news
than that President Dreyfuss had taken
the matter up with Manager Clarke,
who seemed f avbrable to the purchase.
Harry Sutor, the new Beaver left
hander, arrived yesterday from Kan
sas City, where he was called by ill
ness of his mother. Sutor says he
wants to work in two games against
his old mates, the Seals, next week.
While In Portland, Bob Brown, pres
ident of the Vancouver baseball club
will examine the plans or tne itortiana
park closely in order to get Ideas for
the new park he proposes to build next
fall. Brown has a 20-year lease on a
suitable tract a couple of minutes far
ther out than his present park, and will
erect stand and bleachers to . accom
modate 13,000 people. The lacrosse
games will also be played at Brown's
new park. Baseball Is a moneymak
er in Vancouver this year, according to
Brown. Bob has taken on obout 15
pounds of weight since his last visit
Pacific Coast League.
Won. Lost. P. C.
Vernon 62 32 .619
Oakland 47 86 .566
Los Angeles 46 36 .661
Portland 32 4 4 .421
Sacramento 33 47 .4 IB
San Francisco .... 34 43 .410
Northwestern League.
Spokane 40
Seattle 40
Portland 37
Vancouver 38
Victoria 37
Tacoma 32
P. C.
American Lvague.
... 47
... 39
... 39
... 34
... 83
... 19
... 19
, 47
P. C.
Boston ,
Cleveland . .
New .York .
St. Louis ..
New York 62
Chicago 36
P. C.
Pittsburg hi
Cincinnati 3fi
PhMadelphia 26
Brooklyn , ...... 25
St Louis 27
Boston 20
17. S- Wins Shooting.
Stockholm, Sweden, July 3. The Unit
ed States won the pistol combination
shoot (team shooting, 50 meters) by
making the score of 1916. Sweden fin
ished second and Great Britain third.
American Association Result.
Toledo 7, Louisville 0. Columbus 3,
Indianapolis 1. Minneapolis 6, Kanras
City 6. St Paul. 1-1, Minneapolis 3-0.
Mm of Every Parity. .Umfte Under .
Tf5) (Ri ' T1T1
All Sorts; of Aquatic Sports
and Big Dance in Club '
J BalirQom.1
The Oregon . Yacht clubv has arranged
an elaborate prorram for tomorrow af
ternoon and evening and all members
are Invited to bring their friends to the ,
anmjal Fourth of July celebration. . The
entire program will be staged at the
clubhouse' near the Oaks. ,
In the afternoon there will be canoe
races, canoe tilting, motor boat races,
fancy diving, lass B sailing boat race
A ... , , , , . .
bjiu, at u oc-iui -aw enuing doi races.
All the races can be easily seen from
the clubhouse, prizes nav been of
fered to the winners in each event 1
- ine irees-ior-air yacni race Bnouid fur'
nlah the main event of the afternoon '
program. Last Sunday, 1ft Mheflrst""
race of the year, the finishes were close
ana it is expected tpat they will be
Mlsaatf title! sanoAn ' , ; W
UIUV1I vtvaci v 11 o xasuui .';.
A dance will be held at the clubhouse -
In the evening! Members are invited
to brlnir llii'li lnmilin mini ln Inn.
United greH Leuei! Wlre.t '
Tacoma, Wash., July 8. The Full-
moon, owned by Commodore Knox
Walkem of the Royal Vancouver Tacht
club, won the Pacific, International
rowerooat Association s endurance raca
jLiviii lanuuufcr iu j. bv;uiii(&, wurcu end
ed yesterday. " The cruiser WeyriU, W.
A. Bauer, was second; the Soya, B. R.
Lewis, Seattle, ran third, and Corsair,
B. F. Jacobs, Tacoma, fourth.
The cruiser Soya, owned by Lewis,
started scratch. The Cofsalf had t .
handicap of 2 hours 9 minutes and St
seconds; the Weyrlll, 2 hours 13 mtn-
utes and 43 seconds; the Fullmoon, 4
heure 21 minutes and 9 seeondsrn4L
the Tsldro, 6 hours and 12 minutes. The
four first named cruisers left the stake- 7
boat at English Bay, Friday morning at
10 o'clock.
Joe L. Markham, captain of the fa
mous triple basketball team, composed
of members of the B. P. O. E. Billings
lodge 394, arrived in this city yester
day and had a conference with Manager
Mackle of the Multnomah club team re
garding the game which will be played
a week from tomorrow night. "
Markham Is confident that his team
will keep up its winning streak. Mark
ham Is foreman of the Billings Evening
Journal and sport writer of the same
paper. Markham stated that the team
would arrive either Sunday night or
Monday morning.
(United Prr laMl Wlro
New York, July 3.. One of the best
ipitchers' battles of the season is ex
pected today, when Marquard of the
Giants hooks up ItTi Ruckor of the
Brooklyns. The two are rated here as
the greatest southpaws in the game and
both have been going Btrong.
Marquard has 18 straight games to
his credit.
Western League Results.
At Topeka Topcka 9, Denver t.
At Sioux City Sioux City 9, St. Jo
seph 8.
At Wichita Wichita 5, Lincoln 3.
At Des Moines Opaha 10, L'es
Moines 3.
Union Association Results.
At Salt Lake City Salt Lake City T,
Helena 4.
At Butte First game, Butte 8, Mis
soula 6; second game, Butte 4, Mis
soula 2.
Fights Returns.
Returns by wire of the champlonshtp
fights will be given at Denny's saloon.
Third and Jefferson street, Thursday
at 2 p. m.
Before the roping and riding begin
at Dewey. Okla., July 4, during th
prairie1 sports, which are an annual feat-
ure attracting thousands, an Innovation
in the way of preliminaries will be In
troduced in the arena, where Art Ma girl
and Kid "Wildcat" Ferns meet In a wel
terweight contest at 1:30 p. m.
- I