The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 05, 1912, Page 15, Image 15

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    l -A C . A i
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ic.s and r ..; .
Young men, why not better your con
dition and learn the automobile busW
We train itvn for this wc:K and as
sist them to positions after graduating.
Fxpert instructions in each department
To those interested, we ask them to in
16S-SS 11th, Cor. Jefferson. .
Men Take Notice!
We want men to learn auto drlvini
and repairing. We supply the help or
one of the leading taxicab automobile
and transfer company - in town, - and
need, men of rood habits. We guarantee
a position. You work on good machines
that are in use daily.
WANTED immediately, men and wom
en to learn the barber trade In eight
weeks at the International Barber
School. Special inducements., tools
free; percentage while learning; expert
lstruotors, 15 years In the business;
lifetime scholarship riven eaeh stu
dent Corner Sd and Couch ts., Port
land. Or. v -
MEI and women to learn tht barber
trade In I weeks. Special inducements.
rercentage earned while learning. Tools
ree, expert Instructors, 17 year In the
business. 17 schools. A life time schol
srshlp given to every student Moler
Barber college. 14 N. 4th sU. Portland,
WANTED Strong, capable girl for g en
teral housework, In small family, in
bungalow, in nicest part of Portland
Heights. This Is a good place for a will
ing girl who can appreciate good treat
ment. Will pay sad montn 10 suiisDie
party. Takt Portland Heights car, getf
off at Spring st, Inquire in drug store.
or can up Main jbb.
GIRL for general housework and young
girl to assist In care of children; po
sition will be open about March 10; one
must rneak some English. Address F
361, Journal, stating position and wages
COMPETENT girl for general house
work and assist la care of two child,
ren; pleasant home; best wage Call
697 Broadway,
WANTED Thirty experienced sales
ladies for a notion and case goods de
partment Apply tomorrow before noon.
Bannon It Co., 888-890 B. Morrison
WANTED Married lady without chll
dren to do chamber work for a suite
of housekeeping rooms and some wages.
3XH 1st st.
WANTED Good stenographer, must
hare experience.. Writeglvlng age, ex
perience apd salary expected. J-878,
: journal, t
YOUNG girl wanted In a tailor shop to
help out in office. Call at once, 8 2
N. Z3 St
STEADY middle aged housekeeper for.
working man, 2 children uau or ao
dress 187 West Wygant.
WANTED Collar lroner. . Portland
Laundry. 8th and Couch.-
, I-;:.: FEMALE ,20
LIVE coupon agents wanted at Peterson
Studio. 2S6tf Washington at. Bu
chanan block. - -
WE need a salesman In each of sev
eral excellent fields to sell our splen
did nursery stock. A permanent place:
"cash weekly nd asquai firm back of
you. Write for particulars. Washington
Nursery Co Toppen tsh, Wash.
vnt: riK'Tft hkt.P nut make money
selling ottt guarnteed-to-give-satts-faction
stocfiffree outfit; cash weekly:
exolustv territory. Yakima Vallfj
e-irr r . . ....
THERE'S money in selling our Yakima
grown, hardy, guaranteed stock. Out
fit free; cash weekly; eteady work.
Yakima Valley Nursery Co., Toppenian,
Wash. ' - - -
fllursory Co., Toppenian, vasn.
AGENTS wanted to sell the best close
In subdivision In the city, Just opened
up. We pay a high commission. Call
at office. 1108-10 Spalding bldg.
C, R. Hansen & Co,
, General EmDloyment Agencies
28 and 28 North 2d st, Portland, On
Women's Dept. 7th and Wash, sts.
Help Furnithed Free1
San Francisco office 8C5 Howard St
Bponane umce in pcniarn bu
Headquarters '
for competent loggers, mlllmen, R. R
confctruotlon men, farm hands, and all
classes of skilled and unskilled labor.
Write, wire, phone or call at our ex
pense. " ' i.M
MARSHALL 2271 A-7745.
- A square deal to employer and employe.
No charge to employer.
All clastes oY unskilled, skilled, pro
fessional and clerical, male and female
help furnished on sho-t notice.
No fees.
Men's department SIS id. cor. Salmon.
Women's department 146 Salmon st
Main 8665; A-6624.
Bennett's EmDloyment Agency
$4 N. Id. M'll 884: A-1989. Quick
service, reliable help to employer free.
Butts & Eldredp,e Emp. Co.
I4H N. Id st
Msin 8208. A-1291.
NOTICE to garage and auto owners:
I am looking for a position as ma
chinist or , foreman and I would like
to talk it over with you. Address or
call at once. Mr. O. D. Cameron, 144
Williams avenue.
MARRIED man wants farm (o man
age; good references; first class hand
with stock: state wages, also other con
riltlons. V-878, Journal.
POSITION as janitor or watchman, by
middle aged Scandinavian., B-860,
Journal. f ''
"A LIVE specialty salesman wants good
position, on the road; will pay cvn
expenses if desired. N-371. Journal.
AN.A-1 general merchandise clerk wants
position; 1ft or out of city. R-867,
" Journal. -...--.-r,-,r.
GROCERY man understands meat cut
ting. Wants work in suburban mar
ket or grocery. W-872. Journal.
WORK WANTED One, man with
' -team, excavation-basements and lev
ellng lots. Abel Grehlo. Tabor 3092,
CARPENTER wants work, day or job;
very reasonable. A-875. Journal.
CAKE baker, foreman, first class,
377. journal. I
WOULD like work on shares at truck
gardening, A-37S, Journal.
GARDEN and lawn work, spading lev
ellng, seeding. Phone East 1387.
YOUNG woman wants position as nurse
or will do second work. Apply Main
1871. - .
LACE CUTRAINS nicely hand laun
dered by a careful woman, called for
und returned. Main 6899.
WANTED By lady, day work, Ad
dress 89 W. Going st Phone Wood-
Inwn 394. '
.EXPERIENCED man would like a job
running a, fruit ranoh; married. Ad-
rtress V-S70, Journal.
WOMAN wishes day work. Phone East
ftoz4, n-aozq; room 7 o.
CURTAINS wanted.
LACE curtains washed, 9 years expert;
Tabor 2445, at home. '
NEAT, capable woman wants work by
day, Main 8771, room 104.
iWORK wanted
We'lnesdav. Friday.
LACE CURTAINS laundered ZSupj"
1st class work, quick service. Tabor 317
WANTED A'l k'.rsl of rnke.-ver work.
Mi'.iinery WrK j-nop, 1S lark st
All Kinds of nt'.i'.ini-ry done at modern
prices; shape arid making, $1.60; trim
ming 25o and up according to amount of
worn; lady furnishes own materials.
frp.Tip, etc.
A LADY withes situation tO'do second
work in rooming house or hotel, an
swer by letter. Mrs. B. R. B 184 East
6"th st.
WANTED by a lady as housekeeper or
chambermaid in hotel or widower's
home. Room 13, The Hyland, 4SJ0 Mor
LACE curtains laundered, sun dried
-and bleached; work guaranteed. Main
FIRST CLASS laundress wishes work
bv day or home. Marshall 4467, A
,7868. AN elderly lad- wishes to keep bouse
for a small familv or widow family.
Address Mrs. B. R. B.. 184 E. 0th st.
EXPERIENCED colored laundress wants
day work or bundle washing. Phone
Marshall 4040,
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and stenog-
racher wishes permanent
none woocnawn 1C4S.
'OSITION by young lady bookkeeper,
SICK garments made well at Hildreth's
Ladles' Tailor Garment Hospital De
partment, 109 Central bldg., 10th and
ADIES tailoring, alterations, coats re-
lined. Mrs. Muckler, 581 Davis. ' W
cars. Marshall 4646.
NURSE wants confinement cases, $10
r weeK; colored, woodiawn ez.
FOR an experienced nurse, phone Tabor
too or Main 4.
Week $2 and up; transient BOo and up:
are you getting rooms like ours, it
not, change; all outside rooms, hot and
cold 'water in each room, steam heat
and bath, also housekeeping rooms.
REX. 648M, Washington st.
The heart of the business renter, 7th
and Taylor, opposite Helllg theatre, a
Quiet home for quiet people, strictly
modem, permanent; transient Main 91$
A BEAUTIFUL room with private bath,
phone and all modern conveniences for
ISO per month; also single rooms, SIS
per month and upwards. Calumet hotel.
160 park st.
BEAUTIFUL room, private bath, phone
and all modern conveniences, $30 per
month; single rooms, $15 per month and
upwara. caiumet notei. 16Q fin st
STRICTLY modern, heated, beautifully
furnished rooms suitable for one or
two persons; lovely home, very cheap;
azo Montgomery st
NICELY furnished rooms in private
borne. Modern conveniences. Walk
ing distance. References. 473 Main st
i ei. main suo.
LARGE, neatly furnished front room,
also side rooms, en suite or single,
suitable for business. 168 H 10th, near
FURNISHED rooms eultable for one
or two In room within five blocks of
postofflce; reabnable. 188 Salmon, near
west raric
THE KlNi., 309 Jefferson Nicely fur
nlshed rooms, modern conveniences,
central, rates Including bath, $2.50 week
PALMER HOUSE, 850 H Alder st 61n
gle rooms, $2.60 per week and up.
steam neat and rree Dams.
EILEEN COURT. 16th and. Morrison;
newly furnished Aooms, modern, 60o
ana np per day, $a and up per ween,
ONE large front parlor; alao- other nle
light sleeping rooms; cheap rent 8b0
NICE clean sleeping room. $1.60 week,
heat, light, bath free. Mrs. Johnson,
168 10th st.
434 Burnside, two room suite; also sin-
gle room, cheap; conveniences. Mar
shall 4762. ' -
147V4 8th st, moms
'1.60 un Per week.
Free phone and
,th. Main 7784.
LARGE 8 room, furnace heat, privilege
of piano, light and parlor, suitable for
SLEEPING rooms, neatly furnished;
reasonable; walking distance. 645 H
SUNNY front rooms in a new and up to
date house, 208 17th; easy walking
FOR RENT 8 clean, furnished house
keeping rooms, bath, yard, on first
rioor. ezo xnurman. Marsnan 1Z7
447 6TH STl, near College, large newly
iurninea ironi room - simaoie lor
two. .
PLEASANT front room, board 1 or f
girls; phone privileges; reasonable;
pnone Main maci, iv in. mtn.
FURNISH ED Fooni; private family,
home privileges, walking distance.
Marsnan bvi Davis,
FURNISHED rooms, housekeeping and
single; neai. teiepnone and batn; 1
niocK rrom wasnington, b7 mverett,
LARGE, light, beautifully furnished
room in good home. References. . 738
NICELY furnished rooms, suitable for
2 gentlemen, with board; references.
195 16th Kt.
LARGE, well furnished front room;
suitable for one or two; modern con
veniences. 661 Everett, corner 17th.
HOTEL NORRIS. 633 H Alder, corner
17th; modern, close in, quiet, reason-
apie rates to permanent people,
KICK room to rent In-a splendid local
ity. Price $3.60 a week. H. Gunther,
i Yeon ning. Marsnan is.
tiiiKKfiNU room ror l or it persons.
$2.60 per week: basement rooms $1
per week. 165 16th st, cor Morrison.
NEAT room, home privileges, all con
veniences, for young man employed
409 Yamhill.
CLEAN well furnished rooms, $1.60 per
week." 269 7th.
NEWLY furnished clean, little room, In
modern nouse,1 xz. us mn at
iEATLY furnished rooms for rent
821H Ollsan.
tICELY furnished rooms, close in. 609
Kverett et.
424 6th St. Very desirable rooVns,
modem, close In, clean, $2 and tip.
SLEEPING room for one or two per
sons, $2.60 per week. 807 Jefferson st.
ROOMS, 31. b0 up per week, free baths.
The clay. 343 Morrison at
$1.50 to $6, all conveniences, also tran
sient, z n. i4tn. Marshall 2588
ROOM 3, 50c, $1 per day; $2 up week;
THE CLAY, 848 H Morrison st
BASEMENT- sleeping rooms, : close- in.
i.zft per ween. 4ut utarK st
FOR RENT To' gentleman, neat room,
$1.60 per week. 456 5th st. '
S'ICELY located rooms, light and steam
neaten. 471 Morrison.
FURNISHED front room, rent cheap.
621 Kearney st. ' ' - " - :'
$2-60 WEEK, furnished housekeeping
rooms, 742 Savler st :
The finest most un to date hotel nn
the east side. E. 6th and Morrison,
block from Grand ave, -
Just Opened
Special rates to permanent gnesta .
Beautiful outside rooms with
:: steam heat, electricity, hot
and cold running' water in every
room, $15 and C20 per month.
i Rooms with private bath, $20 and
125 per month. - , - .
Two room, with bath, for j
two, $40 per month.
;Beautifully furnished, handsome
i lobby, best Of service..
We c6rdlally invite your inspection.
THE GAYOSA-Modcrn ronmsl hot and
. cold water. Thone in rooms, elevator.
brick building, $3 week up, with bath.
f uv, wrwa ave., ana uaai utarx.
THI3 ALM-:R. GRAND, nice, clean rocms,
steam ht-ated, $2 per week up. 1214
Grand avs.
144 LEECH st; furnihed room with
bath and light Mlsa, or Kussell
Fhaver car.
IKIV'ATE family, strictly modern, new
house, entrance, bath, convenient, 20
minutes' walk. 54S E. Ash.
rison and East 8th; nicely furnished
rooms, 2 to 82.50 per week. Close In.
'iaIE LARRAB.:e. 227 4 Lanabee st;
modern, permanent and transient
$2.60 up. Close in. East 84. C-2788,
ONE newly furnished sleeping room, $1
per week. 892H E. Burnside.
UNFURNISHED rooms, t large house
keeping rooms for rent cheap; square
grand piano for sale. 40Vi 2d, cor. Ash.
room 2.
LARGE, bright, unfurnished house
keeplng room, good location. Main
9451. ;
THREE unfurnished rooms, 178 20th, 1
block south of Washington. .
$ ROOM, unfurnished flat. $11; gas,
water. 1 92 H Market st
SUNNY room, with windows facing east,
board If desired; $25; home privileges,
in private family. Main 8694. 410ft
TWO nicely furnished rooms, modern
conveniences, with or without board,
884 Gllsan st. Phone Marshall 2956.
WANTED Two young ladies to share
noma wun rour other young women.
Good meals. 762 Lovejoy. Main 8936.
OUTSIDE room, board,." heat, bath!
$5.60 week up; table board $4.60; meal
tickets $4.50. 284 Main st.
THE! CASA ROSA Large, airy, fur
- nlshed rooms, with board, splendid lo
catlon. 300 Jefferson.
PLEASANT, large, clean room for one,
$22; for 2, $40; all new, modern con-
veniences. 88 17th. near Everett
IF you are lookirig for good board and
room where you can make yourself
comfortable, come to 687 Washington st
MODERN rooms, home cooking and
baking, $6.50 up, 66$ E. Couoh st
rnone b-zuzz.
NICELY furnished room, suitable for I
gentlemen, with board. 196 16th st;
ONE large room, suitable for. 4 young
men, $25 each. 300 Jefferson., .
FINE home, 2 meals, very reasonable.
164 N. 16th st
hoOM and board at 66' Water and
FINE home, $ meals, very reasonable.
151 N. 16th st
NEATLY furnished rooms with board.
699 Everett.
ilOOM and board, 492 Taylor st, home
cpomng, moaerate prices. Main 7343.
BOARD and room, 889 Taylor st
-; v y-y81 SU3E t--- '
21 ROOMS, housekeeping: hot, cold wa
ter well furnished; west aide. $1500;
will exchange for city lota. P-367, Jour
nal. TWO room cottage, furnished for hous
keeplng; suitable for working people;
two beds: gas, electrio lights, wood
neater; -pnone A-53Z4. 55$ 6th st
FOR. RENT 3 clean furnished hoiise
kacping rooms; yard and bath and on
first floor. (26 Thurraan at Marshall
TWO housekeeping rooms in private
ranniv, reasonable, walking distance.
809 Jackson st, between 6th and 6th.
THREE clean, light, furnished house
keeping rooms, gas, bath, $15 month.
892 Front. .
THE CQLUN8, 15th and Alder, large
outside apartments, $3.50 ; single, $2;
running water, sma; rree pnone.
$164 furnished housekeeping rooms;
gas plate, steel range. 620 7th. Main
NICEST, cleanest housekeeping rooms
in city at ana z per week. 184
Sherman st. , - .
CLEAN, plain housekeeping rooms,
Cheap to permanent parties. $08 13th
st.' Phone Main 7196.
NICELY furnished housekeeping suites,
private family reasonable, heat, light.
pnone Tree, til win, near mn.
COZY housekeeping rooms. $3 per week
up. 249 4th. st, bet city .hall and
TWO nicely furnished single housekeep
ing rooms, $14 and $16; walking die-
tance, bath, gas, phone; 475 Main.
VERY desirable housekeeping rooms,
low rates during dull season, no ob-
Jectlon to children" 104 11th st.
CLEAN, pleasant housekeeping rooms,
very reasonable, phone, sink, gas,
bath. Call after 6,-248 N, 18th st.--
$123 furnished housekeeping rooms;
gas plate, steel range. 618 7th. Main
4629. ...
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms;
also sleeping room, modern, oheap.
$24 Main, corner 6th.
CLEAN housekeeping rooms $2 weekly,
also sleeping room $1.60 week; bath.
ou VI nsnint;iune.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, fine location,
all conveniences, reasonable; 429 Mar
ket, near 11th. -
HOUSEKEEPING two front rooms,
clean and llKht, no children; rent $11
month. 270 Market.
HOUSEKEEPING and furnished rooms.
Gem hotel, 665 let; steam, heated, new
building, rooms $1:26 up.
TWO large front housekeeping rooms,
modern, and strictly clean, $18 month;
511 H Columbia st.
HOUSEKEEPING room, nicely furn
ished, gas, light, heat, bath; 546 Gli
san. TWO modern housekeeping rooms, bath,
water, phone. $15; west side; phone
CAMBRIDGE bldg.. furnished and un
furnished housekeeplngToomB; cheap
rent: apply room 36, 3d and Morrison.
PLEASANT front housekeeping room,
light and phone, $10 per month. Phone
Main 87Zi; 194 n. 15th st.
LARGE furnished front housekeeping
room with large closet, $2.60 week;
free wood; 289 Hall.
SUITE 2 and 3 housekeeping rooms;
also single rooms; modern; lights,
nam, pnone. an Kverett: reasonania,
16 rooms, housekeeping, 1 and 2 room
suites, close in, west aide, cheap if
tanen at once, rnone owner. A-447S
SINGLE housekeeping room for rent,
walking distance, $12. Main 9029, A-
8318 - - -
COMFORTABLE furnished housokeep
ingfooma, cheap rent. 91 1st st. -
THREE housekeeping rooms for rent
at 308 6th St., rent $16 a month.
CLEAN" ilght 2 room . suite $16 per
montn, laa ittn Bt., cor, Morrison.
MITCHELL housekeeping roomer light
gas: moderate 7th-Vla'wdere A-4676.
THREE nice furnished housekeeping
rooms, furnace heat. $47 Hall.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, gas, bath,
pnone, neat. in . nm at
6NE nice, large, single housekeeping
' room; all conveniences. 29H N. 16th,
TWO light phjjisant rooms for house-
keeping, reasonable, 554 Taylor st.
VERY desirable housekeeping, reason-
aoie, ciose in. sz in. ntn st.
PLEASANT suites housekeeping rooms,
light phone and bath. 448 Columbia.
$10 MAIN st., a homelike cottage suite,
nimisneq ror nouseKeeping, close in.
LARGE . front suite of 3 rooms for
housekeeping, also others. 848 Clay.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping
suites. 190 W. Park.
HOUSEKEEPING suite, $3.50 per week.
221 H Morrison.
TWO large, comfortable housekeeping
rooms, neat, ugnt, pnone. bv fciveret t.
FOR KENT 3 furnished housekeeping
rooms, . .gas -iayinr st ,-
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms,
cheap; 809 Grant. , '
TWO suites', housekeeping, light and
clean, $10 and $13; i.88 6th st.
TWO housekeeping rooms, cheap. Take
106 20tb, corner Flanders, furnished and
unfurnished housekeeping rooms." -
-.3 1 Klj.j
$18 Lartro bay window, front room and
large kitchen with pantry, pna and
wood stoves, newly papered, larpe win
dows overlooking river, beautiful lawn
and roses. Including lights, .bath, water
and gas, laundry privileges, nice house
nnu neiRnnornooa, waiKIni distance, 2
blocks from "S" and Fulton cars, 134 t
Porter at Also 2 beautitful housekeeo-
ing rooms on east side. $14, walking
uisianoe. 664 E. 6th st Phone Sell
wood llft.
Hunt's Exoress & Baggage Co
1 trunk. 60s. Additional trunks. 26c
..Orlp with trunka free,
A-3416. ' Marshall i418.
Baggage 4 -Omnibus -Transfer
.Baggage moved and stored. Phone
weinj BSHO. A-3333
THREE room housekeeping suite, sink
and your own private bath only 816
month' also single front housekeeping
m ta ween. 4U5 Mali St
BEAUTIFULLY furnished, very large
nunc, wun private bathnght house
keeping. 16 a week; lovely home. 320
jHunifjunipry si.
REAL BARGAIN Housekeeping rooms
completely furnlshedv near 10th and
Stark; bath, gas, heat. $4 week. 40 S
Stark st. . .
1 room, furnished or tin.
lurnished. for housekeeping, modern
conveniences. 271 N. 22d . si Main
688 Lovejoy et, near 21st, suite house
keeplng rooms; also sleeping rooms;
phoney bath, electrio lights; call Sunday
ihu.n , . -. : .
I T 1 r,oom,s- H- K i private porch.
tier a
large Closet, all conveniences. One sin.
gle H. K., $3.60 per week. 310 Clay.
PRIVATE family. For rent, $ or 4 nice
ly furnished H. K. rooms, toilet and
,ftihino.?her romr: I". $12 month.
195 E. 74th st N. M-V car..
$25 6 outside rooms, private, bath, tol
let, electrle lights, gas range and
phone, on Sunnyslde carline; for par-
m-uiwra can i anor nit. Adults only.
Buiin vi. completely lurmsned rooms,
light and bath, large back porch and
use p garden. 6419 60th ave. and (4th
st, Woodstock.
CTTI'M M , . '. ... "
3C.HREE completely furnished rooms,
closets. Bleeping porch, electricity,
phone, no objection to children, $16. ii6
THE ST. MARK'S, 892 H E. Burnside
. well furnished front suite of house
keeping rooms, walking distance, gas
range, lovely rooms. '
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, $10
p: free light and water; walking
distance. 692 H E. Morrison. Phone
East 6901.
$1.75, $2.76 week, furnished housekeep
ing i rooms, free heat, phone, batn,
laundry. 669 Commercial st TJ car.
THREE neatly furnished rooms, with
Dutch kitchen, ground floor, .' 749
Mississippi ave,
FOUR furnished housekeeping rooms,
bath, hot and cold water. 660 East
Morrison st.
TWO furnished housekeeping Moms;
..liht tu"' Sundry, $8 per month.
98 Knott L car.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, or
slaffle. 82 rter WAolr anH un m 1SU.
wee ana u
A. Case, prop
uritna ve. n.
ilOUSEKEEPINO rooms for rent, two
o, i i per inonin; iuei, Ugnt,
jnuuuf.v. vr IV not V. ' Li. car.
THREE housekeeping rooms, gas, bath
and phone, suitable for $ adults. 9
East 7th. Phone East 8764.
HOUSEKEEPING and sleeping rooms;
w phone, bath and close in; cheap. 848
THREE furnished housekeeping suites,
new!L-Vnted'. c!ose ,n reasonable
rent. 870 H E. Morrison.
llrnlahen hoiiaeknanlnp mn
w? Of three suites. 674 E. Salmon
cor. 19th.
V A.H ... '
, icBBunapiq,
THE GAYOSA Modern housekeeping
rooms. $20 per month uo. Grand v
and E. Stark.
ICELY furnished housekeeping room".
718 E. Morrison
iwu nicely i furnished housekeeping
. P, iiiuiuii, ion casi itn
.V, r,, front "uites. fine location.
632 Williams sve. C-1623.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. 409
E. Salmon, near Orand.
9 ROOM modem house, close in, one
block from car; room for family down
stairs and 8 large rooms opening off
parlor to rent upstairs; fine lawn and
irees. A. A. Clark, 6$1 Chamber of
NINk. room bouse, partly furnished,
desirable neighborhood, 20th and Gll
san sts. Inquire 667 Gllsan st. Phone
Main 68 or A-1643.
FOR RENT Modern room house.
large yard and fruit trees. 47th and
Hancock sts., Rose Uty Park, key next
FIVE room bungalow for rent very
cheap, furnishedi or IH "ell furniture
pUa'-McT Montery.
3 ROOM house for rent big yard and
party who rents. 25 W. Church st Takai
St. Johns car; pet off at Riverside H
''""i wwum ime to taae ooara with
renw. zb w. church st. 1
rar; ret off at Riverside.
11 ROOM house, Park and Couch- 7
rom house, 17th st Inoulre. k?s
Irving st.
8 ROOM modern cottage, fine view, corl
.,n9r,T,vear V.csn II Fremont Only
$16, Phone Marshall 8408,
8 ROOM cottage with running water,
bath and phone; also large front H.
K. room, 421 2d st, Main 2610.
$30 MONTHLY rent -buys home; no
East274Laymen necessary- Owner
A NEW modern 6 room bungalow, nlce
ly furnished. Owner going to leave
town: cheap. A-370, Journal.
NEW modern 5 room house and sleeping
PErc.h'h(J , blo,ok.1' r?outh o' Jefferson
Hl"h school. 898 Congress: $22.
6 ROOMS In fine condition, cheap to
responalble party. C-8062, Woodiawn
10 room house, 66 E. 80th st, on Ut.
w1:1'.?1.," , monin; wui give lease.
T. B. Hallock. owner; phone Tabor 1536.
6 ROOM house, electric, gas, furnace,
stationary tubs and lawn. 886 Grand
to. niiu nttrriBon si., i a.
MODERN 6 room apartment, large yard
; good location, $14. Phone A-3935. 143
iuemetny et.
$8. $10 4 room cottage, S room upper
flat unfurnished; 2 room upper flat
furnished. Kellwnni mm .Jr
FOR RENTNew modern house and lot
urar vi uuuniwn niKii scnooi, iio per
month. Phone Main 2132.
NEW modern
cottage, 46th, E Lincoln;
Main 8199; Tabor 3326,
iwvm uuiiaiow, ciose in, in good con
dltion. nicely located.
Phone Wood-
lawn 1092.
MODERN 6 room house. Williams ave..
newly tinted, $18, East 4702.
FOR RENT 3 room tent bouse, ' &
J blocks from car. Woodiawn 9S0.
FOUR room cottage, E. 29th, near Sandy,
blvd,, $16. 117 E. 32nd st Taboril
SIX room house for rent 720 E. Davis
- st, $20 per month. . '
tOR RENT 7 room house, 629 East
Ankeny. Phone East 2670.
S ROOM cottage for rent. $7 per month,
6103 97th av Stewarts, Mt, Scott car.
5 ROOM cottage. Beech .and Rodney.
Inquire 863 Fargo. Phone C-2263.
T ROOM furnished bungalow, furnace,
everything modern; 1081 E. 21st et
North. Cheap. Phone Woodiawn 675.
SIX roonr flat, yard, fireplace, gas and
eieotrio ugnis.
Marshall 4220.
$28. 262 Stout at
FURNISHED house. 1 rooms, piano; $30
mo.-rl 868.-E. Yamhirl.Appt to Hall.
381 Water. Main 2208,
NEW, clean, modern 7 room house, new
furniture, silver and linens, furnace.
Hawthorne ave.. close in. , Tabor 2270.
FOR RENT Furnished, 3 room cottage.
4 4-J-ermemr-
NICELY furnished 6 room modern bun
galow, $2a mo. Key 850 Clinton.
FOR RENT 7 room nicely rarnifhed
house, modern, with piano, fruit of eil
k', garden spaded, some plante-t;
first door ust University Park. 637
Depsuw st '
MODERN 5 room bungalow, close to
Hawthorne ave.; completely furnished.
Including piano and sewing machine; no
chiMren. Price $25 per mo. Tabor 864.
FOR RENT Modern furnished cottase.
All conveniences and electrio lights.
Key -at Miller Drug Co.. 63 1H 1st Rent
$15: house at 1111 Mllwaukle ava.
COMPLETELY; and nicely furnished
bungalow, owner will board or room
with occupants if desired. 915 Williams.
Woodiawn 188.
$z9 6 room, clean, modern., completely
furnished house. ,574 Mill. Main
FURNISHED 6 room house,' choice loca
tlon; long term, very reasonable. East
MODERN 6 room cottage, partly fur
nished, on carline. $34 Clinton st
Phone Sellwood 246
FURNISHED 6 room cottage to respon
sloie parties only. 880 East Davis st
MODERN 3 room cottage, adults, nice
yard. 353 Sacramento. C-1160J
IF YOU mean business and looking
for nice home my beautiful furnish
ings are a bargain; house desirable; $
rooms pay rent $35; west side; easy
walking; nice locality. 88$ Harrison,
near 7th. Phone A-6361. "
WILL sell my furniture of 6 room flat
cheap; am going away; this is no
cheap dump; everything good: nearly
new; price $425. 800 12th. Phone A-
6345. .
FIVE room modern flat, elegantly fur
nished, parties leaving town, will sac
rifice. This is strictly high class furni
ture. Price $335. Main 7785.
FURNITURE of 8 room modern house,
clone In; Income $56.60 and $ rooms
for family use; rent only $32.60. 423
jerterson st
FURNITURE of modern 6 room cot
tage for sale and cottage for rent;
?rlce $90; rent $14 per mo. Enquire
91 East 17th st Brooklyn car.
MUST sell balance of high grade fur
nlture of 6 room house in next two
weeks: rare bargains; also 5 h. p. Twin
Indian motor cycle. 1007 E. 21st N.
1300 8 rooms, down totwn, nicely fur
nlshed for housekeepers; spring clean
$123 room furnished lower flat 64$
Journal. . ,
SIX room flat, furniture In good con
dltion, rooms all full, cheap for cash.
$22 H 7th. -
A SNAP If taken at onoe, furniture of
6 room flat for $160. $26 hk Grand
ave. East 1672.
FURNITURE of 6 rooms for sale and
house for rent, $1$; 2 car lines; must
sell at once; leaving city. 142 Stanton.
6 ROOM house $ completely furnished,
small amount balance $10 a month;
bargain; act quick. 64 E. $lst.
FURNITURE of 6 room flat for sale,
cheap. Main 6703. 0H N. 16th st
ALMOST new furniture of 6 room flat,
lens than half price, 610 East Alder,
between 15th and 16th. East 8031.
FURNITURE of 9 room house with
rooms all rented, for $300; rent $25.
249 Grant. Marshall 3234.
MODERN seven room house, furni
ture for sale; bargain; block steel
bridge 291 Crosby.
FURNITURE of 6 room cottage for sale
cheap; party leaving city. 251 Ban-
croft ave. -
9 ROOMS. 6 rented to men. Call at 403
7th st, Marshall 9466.
FREE RENT 9 rooms," 6 rented;' cash
or trade; bargain. Marshall 2486.
FURNITURE of a 12 room house for
sale; a good paying house. 407 Stark.
MUST sell new furniture, eight rooms.
671 Kearney. Rent $90. '
FURNITURE 6 roomn for aale, cottage
for rent 491 Mill.
288 1 1th St.
No humbug; positive facts; come
and see for yoursulvo; clieaonat and
nicest 2 room apartments in the city;
new house, nicely furnlnhad, close in,
modern and all outilde rooms. Fair
mont apartments. .
j-Bf.l-room spartments; select
tenancy. Apply .on premises. .171
King st
New modern brick building corner $d
and Montgomery, two room apartments
furnished complete, private bath, phone
and elevator service, five minutes' walk
to business center; no children; rates
$27 up. Main 9466.
Burch Aaartments
110 21st st. N. Marshall 4141.
One elegantly furnished 2 room apart
ment andT dressing room; reasonable
rent " -
Nicely furnished 4 room apartments,
steam heat private phone and bath, new
and modern, on East Ankeny and Mon
tavllla car lines,' corner of 28th and E.
mi o a T 1 jnA
- "s "'
LINCOLN APTS., Cor. 4th and Lincoln.
All outside 2 room - apartments;
Holmes beds, built In writing isks.
vacuum cleaner, ianltor service; $22.50
to $30. including lights, private phones.
A-847. Main 1877.
THE MEREDITH is now open, fur
nished new, "1th the beet J. S end
4 room apartments; -hardwood floors,
private phone and bath, best janitor
service: references required; ne man
ager. 71 z wasnington et.
429 a MORR.'SON, COR. 7TH.
t, $ and 4 -room apartments, . fur
nished up to date, private baths, free
phone, moderate prices, new manage
ment. best service.
Nicely furnishod and unfurnished
steam heated apts.: take Mississippi L
car, 3d and Wash, sts., 20 minutes' ride,
corner of Killlngaworth, Woodiawn 2259
APARTMENTS 2 room i unfurnished,
large winoows, corner rooms, rim
floor, close In, walking distance and
handy to S. S. carline. 89 E. 12th or
East 6270.
Drickston Apartment
448 11th near College, i and 8 room
suites, strictly first class, baohelor ap
artments a specialty. $25 up.
" East 8th and Burnside -
Strictly modern, furnished unfurnished
apartments, nrlvate phones and bath.
12th and Columbia. Beautiful two and
three room apartments, nicely situated,
beautifully furnished. Prices reasonable.
WINSTON aaprtments; 34l 14th st; new;
completely jumisnea two-room nouse
keeping suites,! $25; walking distance.
Phone Main 17397
288 10th st
One completely furnished flat. S rooms
and sleeping porch: walking distance.
OR 4 room beautifully furnished
apartment suitable for 1 or 2 enunien
Lights, furnace heat, phone and bath
furnished, reasonable. 889 11th st. '
SAN MARCO apartments, E. 8th and
Couch, new brick, modern, t rooms,
private bath and phone; rente reasona
ble, uaii ta. Z76i
THE DAVENPORT, newly furnished j
room apartment, nrlvate bath, phone,
reasonable. 606 Jefferson. Main 6435.
Flanders, $ and S rooms furnished; 4
rooms unfurnished. Cheap. Main 2782.
' Furnished housekeeping rooms. 614
Jefferson st Phone Main 5432.
LOVEJOY -APTS., Main 215, 17th and
Ixivejoy. Two and three room fur
nished apts., for rent
apartments; also single rooms; 2 mln
utes from P. p. 262 6th. Main 6682.
IRIS 4 end 6 rooms, unfurnished. $d
ana Mill, its ana 340.
jijliaette LrooniafurniBhed and
NICELY furnished modern 6 room
"4 apartment rent $25, phone East 4267.
12'h and Tvlor.
Most maenlfieently furnished apart
ments in the city: location perfect: rent
als reasonable; every moWn conven
ience, banquet hall and roof garden;
hirh class service; references required.
I'oth phones in all apartments. Main
2276. , "
Newly opened, consisting of 3 room
suites; hot and cold watpr. steam heat,
modern conveniences. Close In. $21.60
up. Manager.rFannle Talbot, late of The
Lysle-Taloot. 2S9 10th st.
NEWLY furnished., npw ready The
Upshur, 36th and-Upshur sts., fur
nished 2 room apartments, $16, $18, $!0
and up. This Includes steam heat"hot
and cold water In every apartment pri
vate phones, public batn, electric lights,
gas range, laundry- room, all free. Take
S. 23d or W cars north. No children.
Dogs not allowed. Phone Main 869.
Page Apartments .
East 8th and Burnside ets... 1,5 min
utes' walk, good location: new, modern
brick bldg., with very desirable 2 and 3
room apartments, for $25 and $30
These conveniences on the west side
would cost double the money; Investl-
t and 8 room apartments; steam heat,
private bath, phone; walking distance
East 4198. 383 Williams ave.
NEW modern room flat 1040H Albins
ve on L car line: furnace, gas range.
Mnoleum In kitchen and bathroom, fold--ing
bed. spacious front and rear porches:
rent IL'O. Phone woodiawn izo.
MODERN 4 room lower flat, clean and
new. basement, gaa and bath, 473 Fail
ing, $12 60. Union a've. car. Call Tabor
2896. Woodiawn 1943.
FOR RENT Strictly modern, elegant 6
room upper flat. 606 E. Alder st. near
15th. Inquire forenoons and evenings,
395 Taylor st .Main 6635.
$18 Modern 5 room flat, 91 4 H E. Mor
rison and 30th; gas, electricity, lino
leum, stoves, shades, - fireplace, near
sunnysiae car. Taoor n5
LOWER flat, 6 rooms and bathroom,
at 189H Stanton st, bet Kerby and
Commercial sts., $20. Phone Woodiawn
$27.50. new 6 room upper flat, west side,
walking distance, Jefferson car to
end of line, walk west 1 block. $67
19th st. ' Main 8311.
NEW, modern 4 room hous," near Rus
sell and Williams ave.; gas range,
water heater 'and water, $20. East "4702.
4 ROOM flat, bath, modern; walking
distance. 4 Cherry and , Vancouver.
$25 Holladay addition, 8 rooms, walk-
ing distance, near 2 car lines. In
quire 412H Wasco st. East 8805
MODERN 6 room flat, & blocks north
steel bridge, fronting river. 290 Mar-
gin. 3rtW.
TWO 6 room modern flats, Sdl-301
East 12th, near Hawthorne, walking
a l s tance, Tine location. Kast 4ia
FOUR room steam heated flats, furn
lshed and unfurnished; modern; ex
clusive. Cottell Drug Co. i
$25 Holladay addition, 8 rooms, walk
lng distance.- near 2 carllnes. Apply
412 H Wasco.. East 3805;
FIVE or 6 room modern flats, furnace,
fireplace, Holladay's add.; nice loca
tlon. Inquire 840 Clackamas. C-1001.
FOUR room flat, modern, clean, sunny.
,672H Mississippi ave, East 2911.
MODERN 4 room flat, over store, $"l2.6o!
811 Williams ave., Woodiawn 1607.
THREE ro6mft,.unfurnlBhed. steam beat.
gas, phone, private bath, $23, 402H 3d
Minn v i..-n!Uv,j o v-onrvi fut
modern, reasonable,-: 1 043
Gantenfaein, cor, Alberta. ;
MODERN 4 room flats. $31, with water.
639 Commercial Court, between Knott,
Russell, Kerby and Commercial st
THREE furnished rooms, walking dis
tance. Main 8938. Key at 329 Hall.
UNDER old management Hotel Mitch
ell. Mrs. J. M. Mitchell, Joseph, Or.
HOTEL PORTLAND European plan
only $3, $6 day.
BELVETjERE European. 4th and Alder
GOOD storeroom, suitable for paint
store. I have a great deal of paint
ing done all th time. More than to
pay the rent N. F. Noren, 805 Grand
FOR RENT Stores and office rooms:
new building; hot water heat: large
rlate glass show windows; best'loca
lon on Sandy blvd.. and 62nd st Owner,
117 E. 82nd st. Tabor 818.
Northwest corner of Union and Pine
ets. Call on Brown, at 225 Ablngton
100x64 feet, new, one story concrete
Dunamg, Aioina ave. ana KUiings
wortb. Phone East 1187, Cheap rent W.
CAMBRIDGE bldg., office rooms, cheap
rent Apply room 36, 3rd and Morri
son. STORE, with counters and shelves; 2
small rooms, $16. 842 Front" st -
FOR RENT A garage suitable for 2
auton. $24 Jackson.
LADY, employed,, wants room in refined
private family by March 7; must have
piano or room for one; walking distance
west side preferred. W-873, Journal.
WANTED Furnished front room on
west side of city; price no object W
870. Journal.
BAKER wants to rent store and baker
shop. L-378. Journal
ROSE City Park Sales Stable at 62d
and Sandy road, has good horses for
sale at reasonable prices. It will pay
you to see them; they are guaranteed.
Aoams a; lampnen, props,
JUST arrived Car hot-sea, some of best
draught horses In city, fine delivery
and ranch stuff; two pair mules. Can
be seen 294 Montgomery, , corner 5th.
fnii uueiter.
work team far sale cheap or will
exchange for smaller horses. Also
two nearly new 8 4 wagons.. 14 Union
ave., cor. Asn,
JUST arrived, carload of good, chunky
mares and horses, 1300 to 1600 lbs.
Some well matched teams, all horses
guaranteed. Foot of Main st.
FOR 8ALE by owner, span of trusty
mares, weigh over 2900 lbs.7 host of
recommendations. . 160 : Boundary ave.
Marshall 1696.
EIGHT head mares and horses, several
sets of harness, 4 farm wagons. These
horses are all gentle and good workers.
z7 fj. iztn, cor- Manison.
WANTED To buy l'young mare weigh
lng between 1200 and 1300 lbs. Must
be sound and free from all blemishes.
pnone Kast 4U4
HORSES and' bugglea for rent by day,
week and month; special ratei to
business houses.
East 72.
6th and Uawuorne.
FOR BALE 9 head of horses, -weighing
from 900 to 14,00; one team, weight
8000: new harness, new wagon, for $400.
664 i. lotn etr- rnone eeuwooa 69.
TEN head of cheap horses from $25 up;
2 nearly new I hi wagons.
14 Union
ave., cor. Ash.
WANTED 1 mare not -ver 9 years,
weigning aooui ltvu; will tans team
if matched. Address 429 E. Davis.
HORSES, mules, harness; farm, delivery
and express wagons; cheap. Hubert &
Hall., 3 1 Water etcor. Montgomery.
flOHSFiS'of alt kl4o-at Madit.h STabT
1 85 Madison st, at Hawthorne
cnage, west siae,
HORSES, wagomr-for rent and boarded.
rewsonaoie. cotumpia Btames, soa Front
FOR SALE .1 Nl) 1 tllDS 1- .r-.
wagon. $26.... A. Grtblo,. at.liaaumoutll
STALLS for rent. Team for sale, 1250
lbs. 129 N. 11th.
It T
L Li u u -j .
lot are well matched teams, from .'
to loOO per sian.. according to t
and aga. Farm wnsons, dfllverv ...:
one surrey, buggies, ponv an.l nirt B': i
small mule- harness of all kind. b.t i
, "r' "u uuuin'i secona r.ana and ne;
T .i, ct everything ia.-the -horae lice,
i. All stock sold with a written guarantee
I s Prsented or vour money re
funded. Bank and business references
vi. ruuinuu Dinum, i-j, v. nag-
Couohts ETana' prP 15lh nd
Wednesday, March 6, 1912. at $ o'clock.
28 gelipgs, mares and mulea This
stock to ill ages and colors, from lOOO
lbr 'PJISOO lbs. This stock is right
put of Mird work end must be sold for
the Detent of my creditors; also 10 sets
of harness and several wagons; sale will
take place at 646- South Front st. Port
eJl Auo,1oneer wanted. Phone Main
6863. W. S. MeMorrl.
2400 lb. team, new 3 Inch Studebaker
wa gen, new heavy breeching harness.
These horses are sound and true in
every way, and broken both single and
double. Anyone in need of an outfit
f nu:a, see this bargain at $250. Port-
mmeg, loin anq uoucn sts.
ONE pair, wel'h 2600, mare and gelding,
good workers and gentle, a first class
farm team. Price $150. Blocky built
road mare, weight 1350; good, gentle
work mare, $125. And 1 have some good
cbsap horses besides these, and span
m.u,1,es'. t,injLT Jre 0l(L wlht 2350.
Call at 289 Front at.
ONE sorrel horse, 4 years, works slngU
.rioilble! on bay team, 4 years,
weight 2500, $360; one team blacks, i
yars. $325; also 1000 team, $150.
Star Stables, 308 Front.
FOR SALE Kellerstrass White Orping
ton eggs. $3.60 for 16; also $ White
cockerels, $r and $$.60; J799 Dwlght st
Phone C-2989. ' .
7 BLUE blooded white Minorca hens,
$1.60 each; 1 cockerel, $8; $ White
Wyandotjte pullets, $1.2$ each, Mll
waukle. Red 482.
D eggs. Buff ftrnln.'
tons. Ancona. Buff Lerh
cheap lots. -1164 E. 18th st N. Take
imerra car.
F K3T for hatching on short notice; all
breeds; baby chicks; Incubators and
supplies. The Poultry Supply House,
till CTdlFNUfl Bl.
FOR SALE or exchange for other
chickens, 1 thoroughbred Barred Rock
cockerel, 1 White Orpington cookereL
Kellerstrasse strain. Phone 1845.
WHITB Wyandotte eggs for hatching
$1.50 for 15: from strain of winter
laying hens. H. Friable, 1336 E. 10th
street, north.
280 CHICKS, 1 incubator, i brooders' for
sale at a bargain. Call Tabor 8. or '
BUFF Leghorns, the kind that lay; U
eggs, $1 and $1.60. "Lonsdale's," 172$
E. 49th st. near Powell Valley road.
S. C. RROVVN Tghorn bb h.avv l.v.
era, $6 per 100; any quantity. Jas. Ira.
land. Main 4128. jl4 Bnaldlng bldg.
els. ergs and bahv rhlclr Patm flail.
Vi tm
LlOHT Brahmas, prise stock, 1$ eggs'
$2; hens $2, cockerels, $2.60. Red 463,
M Iwaukle.
per dozen; also rooster; $L60. 735 E.
$9th st W-W car.
THOROUGHBRED White Leghorn eggs
"tiinn, i.ou. g e i ti, 7tn St., a.
WHAT about those White Leghorn eggs
and bnbv chicks? ' .
Have an option on 300 head of cattle
which I can pasture on my land until
fall and sell at a profit of $20 per head;
will divide profit with man who will
loan me $6000; will furnish $20,000 se
curity. G. C. Harboldt, $40 Chamber of
FRESH dairy cow and some that will be
fresh In a few days; all extra fine
big cows, and 8 fresh family cows, 8
to 4 gallons rich milk; both Jersey. 709
iiaroia sve., geiiwooq car.
WANTED 10 head of fresh cows or
i springers to nil orders, also IS bead
of stock cattle. V. R. Sexton, $5 B. 80th
st, Portland, Or. Phone East 6805.
SINGERS,. $3.60 and u. Take Wood
iawn car. 90 Shaver st
FOR SALE Thoroughbred male Spits
pups; also white English (female)
thoroughbred Bulldog. Phone Main
bios or TSDor isit.
BOYD, the dog man; boarding, expert
care; anything for'the dogt A-3604.
Office Furniture ;
One roll top desk, t flat top desks,
solid mahogany; will sell cheap If tak
en at once. 15 I eon bldg.
FOR SALE New and second-hand Car-
om and pocket billiard table, and
bowling alleys and accessories; bar fix-,
vres of all kinds; easy payments. The
Brunswick-Balke-CoUender Co, 46-4$
Kth st.
WE .sell cash registers, scales, credit
registers, cheese cutters, coffee mills,
etc., at greatly reduced prices, either for
cash or payments. The Portland Store
Supply Co.. 250 2d st. Marshall 4548.
FOR SALE 6x6 double steam engine,
serviceable with friction hoisting
drum at a sacrifice. James W. Green,
the well drilling contractor, $90 Van
couver ave.. Portland. C-2478.
FOR SALE Imported Dahlia bulb, all
colors; also pipe cutting tool. 4 Inch
to 2-inch die stocks, wrenches, i valves
fittings. Call 901 Cleveland ave north.
none tzt7.
SAFES New and 2d hand; low prices;
easy terms; safes opened, repaired and
painted. Purcell Safe Co. and Portland
Bare Co., 86 ttn st. Main 6309, A-4118.
SLIGHTLY used cash registers, credit
registers, computing scales, etc.,
boueht and sold. The Paclflo Store
Service Co.. 227 Stark st. Main 7711.
FOR SALE A 14-foot French range,
second hand and 100 gal. hot water
boiler, cheap for cash. Room 7, 234
First street.
SPECIAL sal of slightly used Singers.
"W. & W" White and Standard sew.
ing machines; easy payment. Call 88$
E, Morrison near Grand.
PARLOR cabinet standard sewmg ma
chine, used one month; very cheap.
403 Washington st
GAS range, steel range, water heater.
folding oea ana oicycie. , oio wu
Hams ave. '
ALL kinds house furnishings bought,
old end exchanged. Star Furniture
Co.. 880 Hawthorne ave. Eat 1067.
CAPITAL JUNK CO dealer in iron,
metal, rubber, sack, machinery, pipe,
tools, job lots. 67N. let st. Mar. $889,
Well rotted cow and horse mannrede-
Hverad to any pgrt of the elty. E. 2 276.
BUTCHER fixture complete; used only
seven, months; a bargain Owner 526
Flanders st. ;;. - - ;
PRIVATE sale, furniture two room
must he sold. Tabor S8. Main 445!.
8ALE Tent
house. , Call ICat
First and Irving.
FOR home grown roses address . Rose
Valley Nursery, 1052 Corhett st., city,
GENTS' "bicycle, In goodrepIr7?or a.l
cheap. 181 Madison. -
THAeTION giisollne ,;'Siir"fur VaTi
cheap for cwsh. call Tabor $809.
vvATEPnscELyJA,KO';s s
BE WISE; get more fr yonj penrf
4iawd furniture by je:;injf H to f . i
Auction Co tl 31 u?''n '"'I, a '
WAN 1 KIK u iiaiul (uiituti. i j
348 Howthorne ave, i .nivt A I: