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Told That Project Will Be
Taken Up in Earnest, Sen
ator Decides That Game Is
Worth While.
( Warning toa Bureau ef Tb Joaraal.)
; Washington, March 5. Statesmen at
times have their moments of gratifica
tion when they feel that perhaps, after
all. the game is worth while. Senator
Chamberlain' experienced one of these
pieasurable sensations .when, after e
year's efforts, or more, he succeeded In
getting assurance ihe west Umatilla Ir
rigation project would be taken up la
earnest. This means that the govern-
Georgia's State Chemist Praises
Cottolene -
; Mr. J. II. McCandless, State Chemist
bf Georgia, before a recent gathering,
gave emphatic testimony to the high
guality of Cottolene. He said:
"The sale of this product (Cottolene)
end the proclamation that It is made
from cotton oil, have done more to bring;
cotton seed oil ttuthfully and favorably
before the public than anything' else in
recent, history.' .
Mr. McCandless then pointed out why
a pure, refined, vezetable-oil base, such
as is used in Cottolene, is the only as
surance that a woman has of a clean,!
digestible cooking product j
merit rfr!rrs will lay cut about
$3,000,0i0 !:i petting a large body of
land" Htnler water. The first two units
will embrace about 30.000 acres. Then
It is probable that there will be more
land Brought under water.
The task involved in getting this pro!
ect adopted was no light one. It took
many interviews with the secretary of
the interior. th he nn... .v,.
' - " incri vk i it w
recjamauon service and other govern
ment officials. Senator Chamberlain at
different times took J. JC. Teal and Gov
ernor West to see Secretary Fisher on
this subject and It was at one of these
conferences that th svivtin u trr-A.i m
appoint a board to examine into the
feaSibilitV Of tha Tlw r.r.4nn c......
Chamberlain had outlined what he
thought could ha A
When It renortMf. fnl.Aw east i rTATl In h-Itf
closely the recommendations made, by
Orejon's senator.
Protests Hot Considered.
1 While these rather tertian mnA lanrthv
negotiations were In progress. Senator
Chamberlain at various times received
protests from persons In Oregon, and
demands that he fii nrntMti wits ih.
department of the interior against the
project, cut he declined to consider them.
He regards the adoption of the West
Umatilla DrOleCt Ba nn Of h mnmt lm.
portant things which has come up for
me development or the state for some
time, and somewhat naturally he takes
oride In the nart h h
ting it thus near realization.
senator - Bourne Is Incensed Koran
President Taft withdrew his nomina
tions for federal of fir-lain in North rim.
Una. and in a recent Interview he con
demned It as a move to barter the pat
ronage Of that Hate for vnten In th.
convention. He aav that he ronaMpra
It far niore reprehensible for the presi
dent to so corrupt- the electorate than
It is for a candidate to buy votes.
Standard Bin Alarms.
The Oregon renresentativaa in Kr.. v
houses of consrress look with roi .la-m
on the possibility, of the enactment of
the Lafean bill as reintroduced by Rep
resentative Sulser, to establish standard
packages and grades for tnniu
other purposes. This bill has been re
ferred to - the committee on - coinage,
weights and measures, unit th Mmmii.
tee on interstate and foreign commerce,
to l,n-fl it was rcf'rrf i ?::
Congressmen Ilawley has d-man.led a
hearing and expects a delegation of
Oregonians to come on and present ar
guments against it. una of these artru
merit will be that the bill fixes two and
one half inches as the standard of size,
while many Oregon apples are four and
one half Inches. Hawley succeeded in
110 in killing this measure, or rather
one similar to it, before the committee
on agriculture. Now it Is being pushed
4 (United PrM Leaa4 Wlra.t A
,- Bucharest,-Itoumacia, March
a 6. Mile. Tacanesco, a Hon tamer.
d caused great commotion, amount-
ing to a panic, in an audience at
d Iasst by fainting In the midst 4
a or ner performance while the 4
e animals were perfectly quiet. a
e he was quickly removed before
a the beasts could attack her and a
e on recovering consciousness ex-
4 claimed: "If you don't take 4
e away that oeetie crawling on
4 . one of the bars I will not go In 4
4 the den again." 4
The northwestern Una Hakes Conces
sion to Tourists.
The Northwestern XJne announces the
sale of colonist tickets from March 1 to
April 16 from all eastern points to the
Pacific northwest Take advantage of
this golden opportunity to bring friends
or relatives west. Deposit your money
with R. V. Holder, 10 Third street.
who will make all necessary arrange
ments oy wire. '
Select patronage with efficient serr-
tee makes Oaks Rink popular place.
Journal Want Ads bring results.
Ar:r;ou;;cEs self Fon
I i
: ' .!
i i
it . . i
: ; !
' i
' r " .
j Roscoe P. Hurst.
Roscoe P. Hurst Is a candidate for the
Democrats nomination for district at
torney, and today framed his formal an
nouncement, which reads: .
If I am nominated and elected. -1
promise to eonduct the office of district
attorney in an honest and efficient man
ner, vigorously enforce the laws of the
state of .Oregon, and will appoint none
but capable lawyers as deputies."
After his name on -the ballot will be
printed: "An honest, efficient, consci
entious administration." Mr. Hurst says
he will make a vigorous fight for the
nomination, his opponent . in the prt
manes being John A. Jeffrey.
(I'Bitfd tttm Ltaed Wtra.)
San Francisco, March 5. With five
men under arrest in connection with an
attempt to smuggle 11 Chinese into
Oakland on the fishing smack Morning
Star, and other arrests expected soon.
Immigration officials here believe to-
aay mat iney lam hare coast wide
smuggling conspiracy and smashed a
ring that operated successfully years.
no men unaer arrest are:
TUI J. McCarf on of Portland and As
toria: H. A. LI or d. Ran Dlern; Hrn
Lynch. San Pedro: John rkrru& ran.
tain ana part owner of the Morning
star, ana josecn LUscaila. member or
tne crew or tne smack.
Government officials hltv th Mil
splrators used San Diego as their home
DorL' They era aaM tn hv nwlv1
$600 for each Chinese they smuggled
into mis country from Knsenada, Mex
IFnlted PnM Leawd Wlrc.k
Berlin, March 8. Among the 110 So
cialist members of the new relchstag.
now In session, are S3 writers, editors
and newspaper men; 61 have common
school education; 21 are high school
graduates and 20 attendedhigher edu
cational institutions.
" (ftpecia! to Tha JonraaLt
The Dalle, March 6. Users of elec
tricity in The Dalles will soon have a
probable opportunity to get current for
both power and light at a reduced rata,
at least there will be competition be-
!.k!l. c:"ts tJ f..ri ':'! :.."':: .--1 cur
rent at a re.tuctton c'f rs per c-nt from
. present rates. The Hydro tleotrical
company; of Hood River bus accepted
the terms of tha city council grantln?
the franchise for use of the streets
through which to run Its lines, afteride
poslting the required forfeit, and prom
ises In the near future to commence
construction of a line from Hood River
to this city.
Russia Curbs Black Hand.
(United Presa Leawd Wlra.1
Belgrade, March 6. Pressure brought
to bear by Russia seems for the time
being, to have curbed the activity of the
"Black Hand." the secret organization
among the officers of the Servian army,
which is opposed to the present dynasty.
Fear is felt that Russia may lay her
mailed fist -upon the little kingdom ta
the event that another royal tragedy,
such as that nine years ago, when King
Alexander and his consort. Drags, were
brutally murdered, Is reenacted.
DUaK.3 i L....i iu, , ',L
UrllO lu LiM.1,1 i
4 Seattle, March E. Mrs. Roa-
d niond Densmore, who was the
dr- first woman Juror drawn to serve
d during territorial days and whose.
d last service was in the court of
4 Judge Roger S. Greene In 1887,
d has been drawn as a Juror again.
d Mrs. Densmore came to Seattle
40 years ago. The woman suf-
d frags law was operated for only
dji a short time In territorial days
d and was killed by a court. decls-
d Ion through some defect tai the
4 law.' .
pn.ES emtio is r to u dajs.
Your druggist will 'refund money If
Paso Ointment fails, to cure Itching,
Blind, Bleeding or Protrdulng Plies, 6O0.
Fun and exercise, skating, Oaks rink.
"Our Personal (Juaranlec
to all SIdn Sufferers"
Ws have been In business in this town
for some time, and we are looking to
build up trade by always advising our
patrons tight
So when we tell you that we have
found the eczema remedy and that we
stand back of It with the manufacturer's
Iron clad guarantee, acked by ourselves
you ean depend upon it that we give our
advice not in order to sell a few bottles
of medicine to skin sufferers, but be
cause we know how it will help our
business if we help our patrons.
we keep In stock and sell, all the well
known skin .remedies. But we will say
this: If you are suffering from any
kind of skin trouble, eczema, psoriasis,
rash or tetter, we want you to try a full
size bottle of D. D. D. Prescription. And,
of it does not do the work, this bottle
will cost you nothing. Tou alone to
Judge. ' ;- "' '
Again and again we have sesn hew a
few drops of this simple wash applied '
to the skin, takes away the itch, instantly.-
And the cures all seem to be per
manent. D. V. D. Prescription made by. ths
D. D. D. Laboratories of Chicago, is
composed of thymol, glycerine, oil of
wlntergreen and other healing, soothing,
cooling Ingredients. And if you are
Just crazy with itch, you will feel
soothed and cooled, the itch absolutely
washed away the moment you applied
this D. D. D.
We have mads fast friends of more
than one fauily by recommending this
remedy to a skin sufferer here and
there and we want you to try it now
on our positive -no-pay guarantee.
...... ,- - - ... t- mm
9(? HOI tT
Oregonian Building
Oregonian Building
One of the Finest Stocks of Clothing and Men's Haberdashery in the City of Portland
J m,
This store is one of the exclusive houses and one of the finest, stores in Portland, and has catered to the select trade of the' city.
The .
Have :
r? r?
This Fine
Place Go
SnTuLH501 t0 Pibc wholesale and retail, and it must go. Stock consists of the highest grade of HAND TAILORED
rnnrS r E t asLevy Rochester and Griffin clothes, just arrived in the last few days for the Easter trade. CONTRACT
ouuua Ainu ALL WILL GO. All standard made shirts, Cooper's underwear, Mallory and Stetson hats, finest neckwear, hosiery.
Everything Mus Items as an Idea of Prices:
1 . - . ....v........ . ... .
25c Boston Garters cut to
a a
25c Men's Linen Handkerchiefs at 6c
25c Sox cut to ..... . . . . . ; 9c
50c Sox, Silk Lisle, cut to . . . . 19c
50c and 75c Neckties cut to . . . 19c
$1.50 to $2.00 Dress Shirts at . . 79c
$1.50 Silk and Wool Underwear 58c
$2.00 Cooper's Underwear cut to 88c
. . . $1.48
$3.00 Conqueror Hats .
$22.50 All New Spring and Summer
Suits for Men cut to . . ... 8 7.88
$25.00 and $27.50 Men'sSuits $10.88
$32.50 and $35 Men's Suits . $12.88
$40.00 Dress Tuxedo Suits . .,$14.88
$50.00 Full Dress Suits cut to $19.88
$25.00 Spring Overcoats cut to $7.88
$30.00 Overcoats cut to . . . SIQ.8'8
$1.50 Union Suits ......... 59c
$3.00 Pajamas, cut to. . . . .'. $1.29
$5.00 Pajamas cut to . . . . ; . $1:88
$3.00 Fine Cooper's Underwear $1.48
$2.00 Night Shirts ... ; . . . . 88c
$2.50 and $3.00 Hats cut to . . . 98c
$5.00 and $6.00 Hats, including Stet
son and Mallory, cut to .... . $2.48
$2.00.Men's;Dress Gloves . .$1.29
$1.00 Silk Hose cut to . ; . ; : , 48c
aiie Marts'
And Will Continue Until
sday9 Mairdhi 60 10 Ac Mo
Every Dollar's Worth of Merchandise Is Disposed of
Oregonian Building
11 iiw ii ir
W A a
UjmV U f LH alA 1 EaV
17 nrn(TJ Tjnj
-Oregonian Building " "