The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 31, 1911, Page 7, Image 7

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    Till! Ol:':G0;i DAILY JOUli.WAL. lOUTLAHO. TUtSDAV LVtlKlKO, OCTObt'Ii I!. 1IJI.
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afwv, fc,lt 4w-U.
l.a i f141.4a.11,, ao arl M
tt , 44 f aaar
M l. ,.M M 4 (-. KM.
. r -- .4 ctna rrwj la
r' or !.
"m tor ris
a it,. ri4 r fi
ko Hlf 14 4 Jim. kl
" 4a 14 alfcIV rw4 MwUj
11 4 iM r 14 MiMlwt
k4IWtr ar M Ik I aia e4
a-aaa. Ik trta of taa ImimI
t4a iHUMti at
a H It. II la, aa4 M ta.4
II. J o J.a t. mi. Mr. iMrm
.ia k 4i tUi M rf
aa 1 tatl'M'-a rra4a.
Oioara. r.ixw r UM W, tota
c iaau, r u t4Ur mm r
Akaaaoja. aiMa4. ! aa 14 C &?
iMi fv II . I .
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L'olfl I It yaaia of aaa Wr.
Wrao U4 mm e fam. II ta
II hm UM aM mMkh a
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4414 aM )j
IK af iKa totifarata t14 raaar
4 War A Ik, I III. Uf paolo.
. fitf of II koM for
Ik Patina iti ta aaana. aa4
tafc4 ri.atlaoo 44 July , t
vn l nral l rra la t:i for.
a i t K aw p frlg af kMC
rn.Mi Mitt a rracir, Acra.
ana l n uwai4 al TfA. Cat. a4
l4rU4 a tarthaa4ta witmtmm
H ia apm.- f ma, ia kka r
ira a eMdr. ralaraiaf u (a
rrt( ia ortoMr. llll.
rralrlila ZUa Oaa.
la lb apna ! till sqalr4
Ua al twwiiavart. Or. and la
HIT por-h4 om Ua4 al Clkion,
Cr. hta aa raid4 imiil 1(11, vba
l Roaarv and aagf4 la
tha aoJ iMtaiaaaa. rrem llll u ll
rrlnl4 iaarclkaa4l b(wMa lh
mlaia camra of Idaho and la Uta Ul
ler r&r r(ora4 i Cmion aM ra
atalad oa Iba frw ibara ualll llll.
na ramovaa l Mala4 ai4
Daniel Steams. '19cr, Was Freighter
, 1 mu Storekeeper During Cold Days
Cxi Days cf Ca:.ffr.!j Idxho
)acd Ortsen Knew Mm
'jl;AVMtty mmjio Aged.
DaeUI W. Sliartt, ks vaj boii4l
Boodir at Oakland. Or.
k a4 iJ II U
iMlki Ail ti I i kwt
a-4 t4 k ikri.k vita 4a aa4 am f Um t:i k. v4
t-l AM ka a(4 14 atit
an Mttaia Wik av4 lu M4i aul
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kiImm ik-a Ui i
M)M i4 - Wi ! IH
aa.4 M It raf M
ikr ikia avMka. 4
' A Utta a HaiW4r
a aa U TTa
il aa4 aeaAa4 la rkl
ii lu aiNi. k.a MulM
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af aaa a4 lllr.
Tta la tiu aia4 a
aaiy u a 4 IM
a arra4u w4
rair r4 llr ar
4 Urfa ika kU4 4rB la
IM tlrtaitr f la kuHt
4 Maa aa4 tiaaa! paa4
4 II ka a vif rU4 la aa
la IM ra. Til 4rll at
It" r4 wf
a arlra fa tf aaw aafalf la
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4. Tiu tu M hmiK III kM a)
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al I Mir 4aaiiika (My r4 4
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4) tHaaaua4 I Mr rwra4 la 4
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ly ! WartMimar arraaiM 4
alok, kl 1H Maa a la
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i4 a--l U-il f un t k4 a4
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raai44 al I hi a far tka paat II
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ta ITI Mr. Vttarsc Vk a4eu4 4
BaajMr of (aa ! femiM cf rtra
UUv a4 la lilt vu le4 a aiim-
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laaa; a. r.. oori J, ntim x
iaba, ail rl4lnc 0alj4,
Hotel Lrbnoa WrO Under Way.
Itnwial tm TM Jiul I
Ltioa, ur- Oct II. un (ba naw a
la Lebanon, J. C Darlaa proprietor, la
eoaeralo work la nnUhad p lo Iba aao
Ml aterr ko4 lha frana work; la batoa
4oaa m Iba aocoad atery. Wbaa aon
platad tbt aaw haul will ba tbraa aior
taax-UJ la TW rtt
Labasoo. dr. Ovl. 1 1. ft lor Vf. A.
Millar aa4 J. C bfayar. Tic araaldaxl
f Iba Flral halloiuil bank. haa pur
abaaad ulna arraa of Ua4 from Ur. Olb
aoo, paylo pr rr which la Iba
blabaat prlea avar paid for ba ra Land
ta Lhla part of tha coaniy. Moat of iba
land la la a fir yroa and bad aavar baoa
usdor elll ration. It la otiuatod la lb
nortbaaat part of tba city, aad la off
Iba WlliLasi Ralaton daaalloa land lJm.
Tba aaw awnara will bar tba land plat-
f a44a fk imitm.if,
iNwMi at M wt I
Ca' Wa
l-.i ktf 4 i..a -.
u4 M- im !--
, M IUI ' .t.L kok lv4
i. a a kawfl in
la r M a lu i 4
IkA AIKA. K. AftASA .a m
14 B.M a J a4r-Ma 4 IM nu.t-4
li a l4 Ufa
14 fcA-i4 b rii-!H II
I of aa la ttHM a-w j.
ia a4 !.. aM ka arrt4
fv VlJ4 trM ltU U 4
tt't la IM any, a f4 al IM I
) at in hi 1 1 in an i
T Tha Hoi la VtUao-Tlia Ueii la Quality
144 aXi
ta V44
IT T W rr I
Observe Thoso Substantial Savinco
fta tnt kAa a44 ba (aM ila ! '
4aod rta 4rk PVI C
barf rm aaora
tl4l M f If
pa aoaaJkl
a lVa4 b f-r
ail p a tt tt
ft amaiktiy ba
btU. 4 It
M a MM 4 4T41
bo tUi fta r
ba bow 4 Piw.
or a a a y or4M
far a a. I oat
Vo4a aa rt-V ai
pruoa rvrkl aa4 a
fir bora! baniia,
$15 to $35
Juit dow In our frcat DreM GooJj 5tioi you will
find exinordlnArx nJuci In the wttret auu coloring
tiut FftuKIon faron modt. Among tKrm tr many
rmx DOTtItie itliom found ouUkfe of ih mott rx
dutirt drc4 foodd itortf of th Urj Ett
cm cities, r or thit bif aMortmtnU aro
wtll daplayd and pricta plainly market!, to
at a gUnctt you can j if the ipeoai of
,feringo of ours appeal lo you. OrmtockcJ
U the principaJ rtavaon for these reduction.
Plain & Fancy
Suitings SI. 39
An unsurjusttJ showing of this
season's choiewt Suitinjjs'In cor
rect Fall and Winter weights.
Fine double -warp, pure -wool
fabrics, full 56 Inches wide,
y There are over 40 styles to
choose from, all of $2.00 Q nQ
quality, and all reduced to 4) 10 7
- I
I ; j i l .; Is Yours Provided For?
: ? ; J 5 I & 1 Do you possess or haveVou the assurance of possessing anything that yields or I I
I 1' - V I 'J If I will vield vou and vours a comfnrtable existenre? ' WrWW nr nnf vnnrt t th I I
Drfv II f r it, cs
. mm m
Novelty Fabrics 98o
50 to 54-Inch All-Wool Dress Fabrics Novelty Cheviots,
Fancy Worsteds and Herringbone Weaves, snown in a
large variety of neat and attractive designs. Reg. OQV
$1.50 grade priced at "01
Novelty Blistures 69c
52-Inch Aqua-Proof Mixtures, a splendid-wearing heavy
fabric for wet-weather garments. Comes in a large va
riety of colorings arid sold regularly at 85c yard. ifL(n
Priced for this sale at VyL
Scotch Plaids 80o
Anderson's Pure-Wool Scotch Plaids, full
42 inches wide, shown In an unlimited
assortment of rich color combination fab
rics that are always sold at $1.25 QQrr
a yard. Now on sale at ...... . I
Silk Plaids 39c
36-inch Silk-and-Wool Plaids and 38-inch
Novelty Suitings, in a full variety of new
designs in desirable colorings. Regular
5oc and 65c grades. Specially QQ
priced for this sale at only O J L
'Important and Timely
Sale of Bedltlim
it's a safe, a profitable investment not a burdensome obliga
tion but a splendid, inexpensive, proven-successful proposition.
. And you will jgree with us after you have investigated CO
LUMBIA ACRES (and it will necessitate but little of your time),
that there's unusual merit and attractiveness in" our offer.
The-present and future welfare (.the masses who habitate our
cities is the greatest problem that confronts the American people.
It" is solvd economically and satisfactorily, in opportunities such
It is solved economically and satisfactorily, in opportunities such
Begin right now today provide for your future by buying a
tract of this rich, creek-bottom and valley land, wonderfully adapt
ed for orchard and farming purposes, within 33 miles of Portland
and with every home requisite and transportation facilities that'
few sections can boast of.. . v.-- ':-::
, - Consider what has been so sqccesfully accomplished by those
; whose foresight prompted them to take advantage of the oppor
tunities that were offered in the now world-famous Hood River,
White. Salmon and other sections but a few years ago. Think of
Tracts of from 5 Acres to 80 Acres
at $20 to $60 aii AcTe
the fortunes that have been made and will be made from the in
vestments in these sections.
COLUMBIA ACRES presents equally as good; if not' better.
opportunities We stand ready to-prove it 1 ' ' .
f . .; F. B. MOLBROOK GO. '
. :. .' ' . OFHCESIN , t . . . r
One of the chief attraction at this itore to
morrow will be a sale of Bedding.
Pillow Cae, Wzc Quality, at 9c These are
made of excellent quality muslin and come in a
good, large size, 42 by 36 Inches, and are finished
with neat hem, ready to use.
Bleached Sheet, 70c Quality, at 58c Full
Bleached Heavy Linen-Finished Sheets, full size
for double beds. They are unusually durable and
well finished throughout.
$5.00 Woolen Blanket at $3.95 Two hundred ui i nit, vvuuicu uiaiiA-tio ui (.Ac&iitiii vuai-
ity, shown in gray and wnite, with neat colored
borders. They come full double size and are per
feet in every way. ' ffi
$5.00 Cotton Comforter at $3.95 -Fortv-eteht HI
only in this lot of fine Silk and Silkoline Covered
Comforters. They are filled with the best qual
ity pure white cotton and are unusually well made.
Some are tied with ribbons and others are scroll
stitched, and all are shown in desirable colorings.
They are high-grade comforters. On sale at an
important price reduction.
IJTh4L'VVtA44i a.."? 1 nJUr v 1 it -
u n 'iNiVbJvcw j ?'. vr tnw
White Spreads
91.16 Values at
A splendid line of White Crochet Bed
spreads, full size for double beds. They
come in a variety of neat patterns and
are neatly hemmed.
White Spreads fe -i AQ
$1,75 Values at
Fine, Extra ; Heavy White Bedspreads,
suitable for double beds, shown in the
best Marseilles designs. ' They come
hemmed, ready to use.
Seasonable Sale of Union Suits
The most extensive line of Women's and Children's Knit Underwear you have ever
had the opportunity to elect from in this city is now to be seen in our Underwear
Section. These two specials: ; '
FOR WOMEN A splendid new line of
Women's Part-Wool Union Suits, shown
in high-neck, long-sleeve style, in ankle
length." They come in gray and - crc r
colors and in -all sizes. Fine form f .i:
garments, neatly trimmed
and of. seasonal:! v.-r';!.f,
! !
FOR CHILDREN At this price we are
showing a new line of Children's .Fine
Fleeced-Lined Union Suits," in gray and
cream colors and in all sizes from 2 to
4 years. They are neatly finished "gar
ments, soft fleeced, warm and durable.
Unusual values at 65c -
f f -