The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 31, 1911, Page 22, Image 22

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    4 , -
Institution Entering Pest Croup of Pressed iJoii.,nis
j Tin:
IK l U.WK CO. 37U 6TII, MO.'iWON AI D! it
-v " i -jut: M1U H a I RANK COMPANY, I-STAUUSlit 1) US1 j . ll'-l
. - r --v O - CV
'nil-,,- V
. . a 1 PrtTmtt -,1 (nV,."n'.lfY J TTTTrin Till 'u'TTTrn? f-i'ti,J! ,
- r "SF r 1 1 , 1 II sr- i i a? 1 W i
is r
j ; k x r . a. ' m as
" T 7 ', .. nr,. iviiur. W. !r crowJ out of ll throurh tuffiefcnl floor i"
r'-t-r-:- - " -J--' :'"Lf , - J- ) lllHl
nii r 5 ji i-esii
I '
I)r k rf rira eoctly lilt U
I rsce To cU out JJlUU
Other nTcp Dek
l icj r-" ll,-sf
ii CO C : '.rn O.IU f Jf k!,?!-!
I m . , it. .. jTi i -
Typewriter Detk -
t Ji xf G.! Vn O. k..rui Jt 6
i4$ CO H h ( Ttpkl .
3123.50 Roll-Top
Desk. Only 568.35
Ufiutiful golJcn oak Koll Tcp
OKkc Dokt, exactly m U!uitrate4
above. Snitiry Hylf, (4 inches ixe.
Priced regularly. "CCQ Of
JiriW. to clo outOUO.Jt)
Other Deaks la Dctin Pictxtm!
HUM Ool4MiOtkje4 tnchjMjira-T
i 1 1 SOOO MHony fc6"TtcK, t fc 03
RoIlTop De&kj Not illiutrmted
tM-OOjIm. M;hcinyS4 tnch, 3Q.8
jiOO CoMen'Otk. 60 tncii. 3lTl S.
7t0 jm. Mthopn, 60 Inchw, tji
j40M Typewriter Dk. at enly 23.3 0
iiCK) TrpewnttT Df k. 50 in, f 29. 1
w , r r '
PlfnnKla Fillrn tunplied with dctks marked $50 and kbore.
- t
Tha regular 50ent Fillert t 30 ctnU with de3u under $50.
This S40 Roll-Top
Desk. Only Q23.50
Almoit kalfrrict ro thfe W-inch
Mniury IUU Top Dc a r,ftB,rt
atrrt. GolJea oak finish. Maike4
JO h regular atock. o MO r A
clove out at low price JU
Other Roll-Top Deaka,
AH Golden Oak Finlah
$40.00 Sanitary. lUoch g23.R5
jjaSniury. e0 inch 20.70
$45.00 &nitary. t0-lnch$27.
lUoliaM Peak. ft04rch g27.7
$430 Bate Dnk, ft44nch $21.l 6
jjyOO liaie"Dek. fli-irvch 30.1
jOQ Sanitary. 60-Inch 333.C5
i V
$05 Office Chair.
To dot Out, $5.75
The RoUry Office
Thirt. aellinr regularly
lot $3.25. Of gulden
ok, exactly ' as illus
trated. 5re-(f
cial to (lottODtlJ
1X00 Kury . Chlr, t
clot otu. ely
flOOO KotATf Chair, to
cIom eat at en?y 033
tll.00 Rotary Ctlr, to
ctoM ot at ooljr .B0
2TX) Roury Oalr. t
cIom out. only a)l3.0O
$32.00 Rotary Chair, to
cloM out. only aiovSO
I1S.00 Go Idea Oak. 41
taenia, now only f
$3040 CoMen Oak, 60
lam, now only f 16,a5
$MS0 O old en Oak, 71
Ina bow only f 1T.SO
$13100 Uahormny, 71 lna-
BOW at only 74.85
Dfe Sale ot "Harvard Mills"
T? T Irs ArtinifQf f
; .... -Ji
s STLamTT run rxoo
Nn wnmin will vmt to miss .this
opportunity to buy a se on's supply
Of tnfi Iimous ' narvara m nu-
Finishcd Underwear at tne pnecs:
50c "Harrard Mills" Underwear at 43c
75c "HarTard Mills" Underwear at 57c
S1.00 "Harvard Mill" Underwear 87c
S1.25 "Harrard Mills" Underwear 98c
I . r W i. i W '
$1.50 Harr'd Mills" Underwear $1.33
$1 "UarM Mills" Union SuiU $1.19
i2 and S2.25 4,R M" Union Suita $1.79
SSQHaiVd Mills" Underwear $2.19
&L00 HarM MUls" Union SuiU $2.69
Hayd Mills" Union SuiU $2.93
ij Vndarwtar.
$"4.00 iWd Mills" Union SaiU $37
Other Undcrvfr Specials
Women . 50c Under- J
weatFbie s ribbed ,CoN
ton Vests and Tants in
all atylei regular and
extra" aires;; sale 9Jr
price vs fof::-onlyV"V
Wornen's flioo, UbIoii
Suit Fine ribbed white
liile in all styles and
, iis. Splendid Winter ,
weight; price, to- 7Qr
morrow, per suit
Children's Underwear
'Odd lines of fine ribbed
fleece-lined Vests and
Pants in all sizes; our
regular 35c grade, 0
priced for. only fcifc
All g 2 0 D o ublgtofcuroand
Heversible Coats, $ 1 5.85
Tha tJprdureuealUnjelopiojCoatsjxich cjman
warTti to raiew this ron I Ll 5ht. medi um arJjySbi
-". " i" t i"i..n. Mirit--raa-
i tana and towns--rn.ariy wun wih rp
! UTs7ciranoci A
rriirnirrrrrriiiiz a., in ol 120 Coats ia 1
WIUl uiuunuB mm. - - , - c
amlaaes and women's aires, 1 1 ft)
SpeciaJ for tomorrow s saie i y ..
this wonderfully low prke, only ,
Ml $25 Reversible Coats, $19A5
$27.50 and $30 Coats $22.65
S30 to g35 FnH Snits Only 021.65
awwwBa , ii . ST aL., afHBA
-r - - - j
K'nvft ;ulti of the firored i
rhr-vinti. tveeds and men's wear weaves, in rrays. rrou-ns, i
tans, etc Even rMn mvy Hue serges are Included. HanJ-J
some nev models, marked from $10 to 135, CJOI AC
specially priced for tomorrow's sale at only 4)1 .UU.
S7,50 to $10 Skirts, Tomorrow
Few women that can't find place for i , Separate SUrt!
m - . I f 1 . ... mm A Wp I wtl tf SS
tweeas, cncviois, sciw auu uuhuim
. . a.r i.'.m ik J A aw
i ii
in handsome new. models. Worth 17.50 to 10. (Pi QC
Atnin enrHaiiv nriced for tomorrow's sate it only.tPTaUU
i v r -
1 1 - . (nun acaA
A wonderful aaring, for.itV only one or twice in year, that these aplendid Wilton CarpeU ara sold under tha regular -jgg?
wonacrim sariny, ipt.ub uiuy onto or twiw in yem uun . . . .
long-wcaring quaJitiea, with or without borders. Handsome designs in rich greens. Uns, browns and bluea, auiUble
gelllls)Mday Sale
rx.oom : qbssb wr suxa
None too early to think of the holiday, and
there'a no gift so acceptable aa that of your
own Kawnrk. Profit by thU rousing aale
of I inena Stamped for Embroidering.
? 3Sc tinen Huck Towels
These Towels come in 6!z
18x36-in, stamped for 1 r
embroidering. i Each 6V
50c to 65c Linen Huck
22x4S-inch size.
sumped in many new d.7i T
siVns. - Sale price I
fitmn( Pillow Caaea
-Fine quality, 22x36-inth
tubijiff, stamped, in CO
many , pretty designs vJV
35c Lace Trimmed Apron
With pocket, stamped for
embroidering, S a 1 e O
price tomorrow only
Great Sale of Stamped
MnEsMia ;Pin. Ojshions
. THE '
; n ,. . i i i 7r r- . -i : i li'ntnt r( ramets without border.
tor nails, dining-rooms, Deorooma ana omces. yrxini enmrge ior icwun, j " . p
llcTtomorrow and Tmrraday we place ruU? $2.50 WUton CarpeU on sale at this special low price, the yardonl
S L6d Extra Axminster Carpets for $1,20
Extra - Axminster Carpets, noted for their 'lon-wearinj qualities.
Regular 1.60 grade, in designs .for living ana fining
rooms, with or without border. For; two days, special
32.50 National Carpet Svecpcrs at g!
The-famous National "Perpetuar .arpet Sweeper, which -wix
the work of high-priced styles. Strongly made and fin-
ished. Regular 2.50 Sveepers, for'two days at only VliU
Sale of ttrti
It's the sensational'' DlstribuUon Sale ' Oean-up of thou- pIfPMj
a- DArt.rM rAA mIn . falrm from our t . )i
anas oi pii w a vi wv. -. wvn -
regular stocks ' to which have been added several big spe
cial purchases. These four lots
IS and $6 Figured Portieres
Of figured rep, tapestry and
fancy portieres in all ff 4Q
colors. Tomorrow at vl.Tri
, $10 to $12 Portieres Of rep
and tapestry, , Oriental colors.
The pair tomorrow fjO tfO
at the , low : price of aya-.VU
114 to tlfi Portieres Mercer
ized rep arid fancy .imported
materials. 'Priced for OQ
tomorrow ; at, each J07
$20 . to I $30 ' Portieres -Velours,
silk and satin damasks of
beautiful designs and' frA OA
colors, tomorrow,' pr.' It.Ov
$2.5052.75 Ck)nc1iCdvers$1.95
xt... r,..yi nv.r. 5n rrwx4 ortrtint of colors and
Binoiiv ... ; . - -
Ani. Orientala and strioes m the fancy, cashgar weave. - Full
size; regular $2.50 and .75 Couch Covers, priced at only fl.95
Children's 25c and 35c
Wbbloques at 19c
' atszxai sr Tsujrjrav-limT , rtoo . :
They're so clever and comfortable, theae
littler Wool Toquea for boya and girls.
Fine and heavy knit styles, plain and
striped, light and dark colors. V. Splendid
for school wear keefif the' little toU
snug and warm. V Regular 25c
and 35c wool toquea tomorrow
Big Savings on Groceries
50c Ideal Skirt Markers for 25c
Famous 'Ideal" Nickel-PUtea
Skirt Markera for professional
and home dressmakers. Sell
regularly for 50c On Q
sale tomorrow, each
Charter Oak Threed? 6 spools at 24
Xanfield'a Snow-white
Wash Shields, prleea at . omy cT
10c Collar: Stay, the card,- 5
20c Nickel-Plated Spool Hold
era, priced at only, each, lof
Fancy Needles, tome to assort
ed aizes, the package, for 15f
- it i .trincHi - Beltine.
white and blacky the yd 12
10c Large Cubes bmck pma, w
15c Verabest Hat Faaternera, at
low price, while they last, JO
25c Bone Hairpins, 6 for Wf
Sugar Cured Hams, lhil 6c
Delicious for" breakfaathia fresh fla
vored Eastern Sugar-Cured Ham.
Special for tomorrow, per pound
Fancy Eastern Bacon, for tomorrow, pound 8j
Picnic Hams, special for tomorrow, the pound 16
English Bacon, special for" tomorrow, pound 16
Holly 3 Milk, dozen, 85v--4 cans -j at only 30
Eastern Lard, priced tomorrow,' S-lb. paila at 65
Special Blend .Coffee, priced tomorrow, pound 26J
Meierfrank Coffee, priced tomorrow; pound at 32
Loe Cabin Corn and Maple Syrup, the gallon 1.20
Round-up ; Cleanser, for tomorrow, f cana at ao
Fresa watcnes, xor wmonow, t.MB- ' Z ,
Huntley & Palmert 25cvBUcuiU, priced at 12el
Kingsford's ' Gloss Surch, 6 pounds; at. only ;50
8c Cushions, 4x4-iru, 4e
10c Cushions, 6x6-ia, 5f
18c Cushions, 8x8-hv, 9
20c Cush'ne, 9x9-in 10
12c Cushions, 4x94a, 4
15c Cush'ns, 4xl0-in, 8
He Cush'ns, 4xl2-to, 94
20e Cush'a, 4xl5-in, 10e
25c Cash'a, 4xl84n, 1&4
ZOc Pin Cushions, 4x24-;
12c Cushions,-5x9-ln, 84
15c Cushions, 5xl2-inch
siee, each at only 10
20c Pin Cushions, 5x 15
inch size, 'each at 13
25c -Pin Cushions, 5x18
inch size, each at lTe
10c Oblong, 4x4-ul, 14
18c Oblong, 6x6-iit, 12
Dhlonr. Sx9-in 21rf
25c Obkmg. 4x10, 1T
30c . Oblong. 4x12, 21
35c Oblong, 4x15, 23e
40c Oblong. 4x18. 28e
25c Oblong, 5x9-in-, lf
50c Obl'ng. 4x24-in, 3T
30c Oblong. 5x12, 22e
40c Oblong. 5x18, 31
20c Round. 3x3-bw 16 4
25c Round, 4x4-iiL, 18
30c Round, 5x5-iiv, 24
35e Round. 6x&4nJ 27
40c Round. 7x7-in, 31
trrSi rr r: . , . - -,.
VV""..' -v.. w... - ,
10c Hair Nets In tubes, 4 for
only 25c, or the single net si w
30c Frilled Elastic, yardr
35c Curly Mohair Rjlla, at. the
low price of only, the yd., lBe
Handled Ironing Wax, 4 for 5
.Improved Petticoat Yokes 24
Chflilren'B i 25c Lisle ; Support
ers.' oeclal .at only, pair,' 94
tasting Cot
ton at the low price of only 3e
5c black and white
Sale Canary Birdj $249
Anjmported Warbling! Canary m
your home for only ' $2.49. An
express shipment of j the :- Genuine;
Hartx Mountain Caharies has just
: reached tisv ) Bright, 'cheery aong
r aters that would sell in the regular
way for much more than the price.
Come and chooe e ftf
yours tomorrow r for
-. a ... f
.,WBW(-l'He,' .FKI V AT-" EXtANU i liOJv.i, A-ltiO
le: Blanket
$t M Comforters at only f 11Q
$1.30 Comforters at onfr fl2?
$1J5 Comforters at only flg3
$2.00 Comforters at -only 81.60
Comforters at -enlyLfg
Comfortera at only 2.C9
rr' 'z ixooa
Comforters at only
$3.75 Comforters at only
at only f 3.15
f 3.33
f $4-50 Blankets-now st only 3.TS
$5.00 Blankets now at only 84.29
$6.50 Blankets now at only S5.65
$70 Blankets now at onry fS.SS
$6.50 PlaldJBUnkets now at 85.55
$7.50 Plaid Blankets now at f 6.55
Blue Army Blankets now f 4.QO
Khaki "Color Blankets at f 3.00
inch size, each at 21
18c Oblong. 4x8-in, 12 e