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I'OKTtAJi'O. OKf-GOM. .TUWDAY fcVi.NlNii. - OCTOiiKW 81, Hll -TENTY'TO PACtl
V.'hr N'ot, X-'Int! Out
It ll W.I '. -.IS f .
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't f ll : J .l A fc-.t.a
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Tt t'.i - r.'r i-t'iU 4
Wel-4J;' .4it.c.
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a't. 1
Rebels Recapture Burned City of Hankow
. ,n, ' m n m n n n i
Combatants Chop One Another to Pieces
Architectural Jury Rcndert.a C50 BuMnq PcrmitsYafucd
Supplemental Report; Mar- at 51,660,530, Issued
It i
kct Block Plan Uq Aban
doned Yet, Says Wilcox.
Gain in 10 Months $1 ,000,. I
000 Lumber Shipments,
Crowe's Una Shorts at New
York and Los Angeles,
Where Atlantic and Pacific
' Fleets Arc on Dress Parade.
TV f tk t plOm Kit-1 CtmmtrtUUf 4 U4wtrUtt. rw1 I
Ufl t h'lMimlk 4 tiet m r Mk4 l( Nr tM
rc. a k. oi. I ' T mm ij niimm f I
I im r mi. r. i-f
1 tr M WVU rU to
T jury n4a im tvX ftr
i law vtilt thf ManiMte KUk
wftel i4 44 l mom 4af.
lis rrfwrt ! rid(l m
MpI4 tnt n4 kf lb 41leiium
Clrtaat fvr lk aolk aKaw am
fai r Ik canaiM.
rUt ralle af Ovlttfewr. Ilia Ik I
lolal far laa moaili racha k
pria nnn or iik.iij.iij, aa
r uii iiM.a for
l1o4 ena ywar ara.
la (MMtaJ rrip(a lha fer arf I
uat urtotwr will t4beit f Mr raL I
fttaat ll aVMkk4fltAai " lhaa ti 1 I aa4 O.trmaa T. U. U iTZZZj; ZSiZ!!?. V'- 7T
fV lha auJUorlum cwl4 not ba wada. durir tba moaih. At
hr U uu..iln r tie4taaey to- p,miia had baa laaatf
ald.' ald Mr. Wllcoi. "I am not lMLHnirii ia th.
rr:T T . ,7 h raealpia for lha
Mr. Wiico. far tba aifoalttow Build. I Moain would amount la allfhl m
(toed laat tba dllortuoi ajr tnara ta BsilaMa rtrmHa,
Jatatad. , 1 r "aoat ala-nlfleant fralura
- J I 1 " --anowir.f mad la tba numtxr and !
fc. Woe had .bandoaad aa ' of saw batUlnra JiborUd by parmit
ooa today lit
autbocialna nw
I HlKlnirlHui ia lha vl of tl alalia
dtrimiaJy tactUd In my wn tnlad UbHo for Ociobar. If it. ill 'parnilt'
bout lha mat tar. All wa raa da ! .trt i,iUa iua. .i n in ift iiim.
cotuldoi 'lha raport af lha architactoral lng faptor IL E. riummar atlmatd
Jury al lanf lb. jlhat tba tout for tba monlh aroald
Tba rpvrt af tha lury. dlacuMlof tbt ca ik. i . of An. VUr mm
advanlavva of tha alia and othar eoa- tbouaand dollars, ror tha ftrat It
aldaratioaa, la. aa folloB: , , tnootha of 1111 iba axeae. In building
'. Ooaaariaaioa'a rtmdiac. ' . partniu oror tha aamo parted la lilt la
"Tour Jury that reported to you upon practically Il.t00.t00. .
tha merit of tha architectural com pa- aata tlvity'aa ahoara by tha
, tlUon for tba pmpoaed publlo auditor aum oar and taJua of tranafara ftlad for
turn haa. In accordance wltb your ra record la practloally a at4)doff for Oe
' quaat axamlned Into tha merit of tha lobar llt and !1L Tha number of
several propoaed arte -that bate bo I tranrra mad for record thla month
under consideration aa the location foriwa iaia ana tna aaiua cr tn property
thla bulldlnr. .Three or there altee are aold waa fl.tt7.lfl, aa eomparad with
each to tbemtelvaa posaeaaed of char- f m , tranaf era and ll.40I.lll for Octo-
SB wm im'
m .--a ii fnj-:i i - i. i k xii a t w .v
il-wJ V GZVOtV vXZl- ' V" ' IM le -q4ra will eichaa.e poata
. . rKLXJfT7TaJ' .Jil. . a4 flaally raaaaaanbl. U New Trh
(tvn.4 Wa la... WW I
Now Twa. ivc II tl .Mimi ef tfc.
a af liaad Iba abofa f Iba
I M lltar 4ay iaa a
aab4aa af Iba ftaeieet flbUa ftatl
e fibet4 la L'atl tal a tare
lead la e sarieiary f Iba Jay Merer
aad Me alaae aba Iba arHcUi taapee.
Twaaif MUiaa af aarirw r.aeV-
Itl af t'aela aia a aaaai
tora4 ,t yard apart la I bra jJaaa,
aujna taa araaada. laieraat waa raa.
tared la tba an pa rd read aaubi a. tba
rtenda aad tb llaa. Itaar Admiral
(Coatloued on Pate Thirteen.)
(Continued on JPage Thirtaao.)
iwcmcpuicr. mm
bar bar for iba holldara.
Iiai aibi a Uiwmtaatloa af tha war
ablpa waa iba (noel apactacular alectrV
eat dlaplay la Anirtnn hletory.
llbaueiiod la Iboaaaada f lacaadaaeont
lamp a ild huadrede af buaa aaarcb
tifhta. baamlnj airaigbt up, tba lludaoa
rtver rmada preaantad a reanarbabla
ceaa police eatlmaia thai the a peel fe
ci a we antMaaad by Tat.ttt eopla.
t Ada-air. Oct. IL Tventy-elt of
Uncle Sam e wauadoaa will drp aa
cbor la sa Padra harbor tonlgbt for
rwmw. af their fiahtior atrenath. For
foar dare thla aouadroa with Ita 11.000
ofneera and mea may ba seen la double
eoJuma abeam af Point Lema lthL
Ifrom malnmaat to maJnmaat tha- re
lala will kaeta a ctlatane af ltta varda
Massachusetts Women Open Wall Street 'Assured That No mi-YJar.oTcrt:
Oraat crow da Una tba a bora.
Owing to tha rovolt rn China 1t ha
ot been definitely decided Juat ho
lone tha veeeela will remain In port.
It la almoet oertaln. however that they
will stay four da ye. when a datachment
may ba pent to tha orient to safeguard
American Urea and Inter eat.
Announce Intention of Italy to Thousands of Corpses, Haded
Make a Demonstration In and Maimed In BartarcL's
Turkish Waters Despite the
Demand, Riles Northerners.
Manner, Float Down Riur
Toward ShanQhal
ltad Vaa laaaad wtral
TrUe I a. Uec II llaly aaiaad aad
rl faaaa taaaad VVa)
eTbeafc. Oct. II Capr4 afvar a
Fight on Frothlngham; Un
married Candidate.
Warfarojs Contemplated
Some Have Doubts.
-. . i
(Tatted Praaa Laaaad Wire.! ' ' " I (Tattad rraaa Leaaad Wtra.)
fioaton. Oct 11. Becauee ba Is a I Kw Tork. Oct. Aaauraacea war
baebalor, tba Woman's llomeetead aa-liTea financiers by tba federal autborl
aodatlon has allraad practically all Oaa today that no action toward dle-
Haaaaenuaatu women s orgwiona. , th, 8mtt wma
with a total membership of a bundrod I v . ,
thousand atalnat Ioula rrothlnabam. ht'n-P ... . . -..
tha Republican dubarnaUonal condidata I w rt took tba government at
Official announcement of -the women's I Its word this Urn and plaead the en
orcanlsod opposlUon la made by. Char. .tttek -,,- .-harnla hlrhar than
Appointment Pleasing to the Harvey
Members of Department
New JChief to Take Office
Jomorrow Morning.; b
J. Beckwith, Dr.
Straw, John McrMuIty, A. J.
Capron, and C. S. G under
son Compose the Body."
Ifkieis ajoraas af Tba loornaLI
Salem, Or., Oct, II. Reorganisation
: Chief af tha fir department of tha
eltT of Portland. i.
. TMa win be tha nrond tit la ere fixed I of th Oregon Naval MUltla was torn
to tha nama of B. P. Dowell, begin- Pted - today bj ,Jwrnop WeaV com-
tat . mom,- . Mayor Ruahllgbt this .T0Bf 7 nav VimiaTnTe; tb.
am l m , finMlnf.J . thai i tuinnlBfr1 na I r - -
uiiiiii ( .... , I board compoaea or xjv oommisaionea
fighter to the place mad vacant bj thai 0ff1wrs. t it has -boon found that It la
death of former Chief Campbell last not good business to have this board
prlng. . (mad up of officers In active service
j Biddy." as ba waa ' . nicknamed af-1 "J n raorganlsation la with a view
m h , i-ai vnv. vmm I of leaving th men fre to ehooa their
. . , ,.Zy I own officers and of having a board to
lias Dean in w. .y. Mnduct tb buainsa affairs made up
Three jevm ago nn rannionoui wriio( men not In active service and ap-
aeoured for him )th position of battalion I pointed by th governor.
chief. J ' ' t v i - ti ; I Th following .have Dban appointed
When Acting Chief ludnklos bn-1 metnbAra om&i Hr-
nounced ahortly after tha death of tha I"',.-' n. l r' 1D"1
fat. Chief Campbell that ho would Jot i S'fFLSEPS:
lott Smith, esecutiva of tha organisa
tion. Tha resolution to tha affect that
no bachelor ahou Id be elected governor
of th state reada: ;
"Resolved that no man. ahould b
elected" governor no matter what his
party - afflllatlona, who Is a bachelor.
Bachelore ahlrk their duty to aoclety.
They are failures, and they always have
been, aJwaya will be, and are not good
cltlsena.,, ' ,
yesterday, although In some , quarters
It was contended .that, tha sssuraaea
really 'did hot amount to anything as
tb asm thing- was said previous to
th declaration of war agalnat th Unit
ad States Steel corporation. '
In any event tba financial trad waa
encouraged sufficiently today to pay S
polnta a share more for United State
Steel common and IS polnta more for
tha preferred. ' Union Pacific-advanced
1.- New Torlr Central I.. Southern
Paclflo K. Canadian Paciflo 1H. A marl
can .Smelter 114 and. Amalgamated Cop
per 1H polnta over yeaterday.
: ' (Vattad Praaa Iaeed Wire.) -. -r -Boston,
Oct. II. Tha grand Jury In
dicted -Pastor Rlcheson for- the murder
of Avla Llnnell at 4:16 p. m. . ,
' Cabinet Resignations Accepted. , f
New Orleans, Xa., Oct 11. President
and the roorganlsaUon ia with a view I Adolfo ,'Dias of Nicaragua has accepted
th resignationa oi an caDinet members
except the ones offered '' by. General
Man a, minister of war, and Alejandro
Canton, . minister of f omento. President, j
elect Mens - la - reported 1 aa favoring a
new. cabinet; - r '" -.. .
... ' -'- - r -
(Cnlted Praaa Lcaae Wlra.1 -
. Winnipeg,.', Man., Oct II. -A, tribe of
"atone age" Eeklmoa who- atlll uae
atone Implements snd hunt with bow
and arrow, have been dlacoverad be
tween tb Great Bear like and tba
Arctic ocean., east of MacKensle. The
Right Rev. Dr. Holmes, bishop of Atha
basca, who has Juat arrived here from
down the M-cKenzle river," mad the
discovery. He aaya the tribe, number
ing about 1000 eoula, are of higher, in
telligence' than usual, havo broad Imag
inations and are hospitable. . 1
V . . " mrtoa bailie la abkb lb e-biaaie
'a- eafiag a Miua a; a-1 hiii .
pairbaa ll U b.lle-a4 Ibal ibla ul". "Z' ' . " " . "
part r Iba aal daelrattaa Ifcraat. " "I" ' ' ' 01
a,od agataai Tuibay Is r.lU.U, far 'V1?1?1"
tba rat THpl caea Tb actio 'TJ ' ,,ly '
la btgbly ffavtr t Aaatrta. Wtb.ed ruiaa.
"a r i a aka raU of Xaakew
naaaa. Ort IL -Passer ef a etaeb I alr.l.a aaaaaasa frtM lb
lib llaly. wblca aaf H all Europe I Hrlllah warablp tt. T sag tea Klarg.
riama -in war. ia ntoal Tbey aay th fiaal battle rame a -...
Urnag1er la gwveraaieat circle ta-lday aad Ibat iba inmul t
-r. IbaatUa aad la wild at .,. r ,
Tb I la 11a a revaraa la Tripoli aad las i rthtar kr-r . i. .
Ibe lAfnlaeara af aatt-astllurtat aad pvblica-a. i
aatl aaeaarcotal autbreaba la Italy are I -tl,t . - .
b-Ueved to bav ca uead lb llallaa B la. I . , .,V- .
lairy t -Vh It b-aT wim tb a..Sl..1-,? fr Wu Ch'
g.r g-vat that all Curop way be em- 7"C,,r.;. IT 1 .
broilX. IiT Imperial Iroop bead l
. , ,. . - I "" n-ar i nil or liaaaaw.
AaatrU gbaws Ceaaeta. I There iaa ai.u.hi.r ... .....n- ... .'
Auatila la gravaly , coaoemed avr Ida. tbayua r K.,ki ...
luiys annouaced Inuniloa t rood act maimed la barbarous faahlon, cev.r ih
a aaal damoaatrauon la Tarblab a-1 boaora r ih. n- .. . .
tar la opaa deflaac ef Austria 'a warn-1 toward ghaagbaL
tag. It I underatood Roma baa boos I Th ham. -.k .w ..
aabad i tplla. and that la case tbefaaeeed from tha nrin.h M,.- .-.
asplaoatloa u pot aalUfaciory aa IU- .ln gunboats, was Incredibly furtou., .
malum taay b at from Vienna. tb fighting Chinee battling like C-
Wbtle African war new a so far iw-lmona with nr. a .-... .
eelved bare baa been nagra. ther la ihrougbout tbe whole eltr. ;
apparently a doubt that the Turfca bevel , .. 1 . .
rooccupled ia outaktrta of tbe elty of I . ,. . " .
Tripoli, a la reported that Ifttt Iuilaaa ,m,.r,K V7.J.?l 1 tB
have baa killed and that 700t are th . T-CjM . !i!T T vVf h
prisoners of tbs Turks. Thes reporu .,1 '''.I.f! XV7 ' "ot!rl1
are era. I tod bar. l.0?Kb -"".V ! nl fo'
u mm if mm Hi. I from' the wat.r Ih a valnt ni.n.i A
If Tripoli baa been recaptured. It ia I make a landlna.
aspecied that th Turk will meseacre rinariy. whan a fore which bad land
every Italian In tb city. Tha Italians ed further up .the river, attacked the
maaaaered all tha Turka la Tripoli, In- impr!allete on tba flank, the royal
cli ilng woman and children, Juat b- troop yielded to tb onslaught and
ror Be Tursien su organ, ana me withdrew Into th City; her they main.
Moslems are believed aura to retaliate ItaJaed a street to a treat and house to
with th elaughtar-of every living sub-1 house fight for hours v
Ject of Kin Victor Emmanuel, should I Mabels Am !.
th eltyagaln fall Into tbatr b.da, nmiatoream0ntm
. for .lha ...K.1. i v.-.
xne uiornaia aiiaiia oi noma - in .,. :
whi aicrvw 111.
Tangtaa KlSng from their fortraee at
IWu -Chang, on th oppoalte aide, and
aoon tba Imperial troops were partly
(Continued on Psge 1va)
(Continued on Psg Thirteen.)
tSpeelal to T mrn '
Antelope, Or., Oct II. "BUT Gleaaron,
a drunken aheepharder of ; about 41
years, after a two weeks' drunk, stabbed
his 78-year-old mother with a butcher
knife at It o'clock this morning. She
died In JO mlnQtea. . ". '
His profeaaed Intention was to kill
his brother, A Gleason. next and fin
ally ..hi father, Edward Gleason. Tha
father and brother, who were on th
premises, seised and tied him, however,
before he could harm them.
Th - rrayhalred mother , eald practi
cally nothing after aha 1 was stabbed.
When an Antelope physician arrived, ah
was Just dying. : Th knir thrust struck
her tn the back and ranged upward, pen
etrating a vital spot. v. v :
Gleason la on of H. C. Rooper's herd
ers, Rooper being : one or the leaning
sheepmen of tha Antelope country. .- This
season he- haa. been ranging .'a band of
Roper's sheep, in the Cascade National
forest and returned only about - two
weeks. sgo. ' He ' Immediately began
drinking snd "during much of the time
A! Gleaaon and Eugene Gleason, anoth
er brother, are also farmers.
Tbs matricide was brought to Ant,
lop and put in th Jail her to await
arrival of Sheriff Chrisman from Tha
Dalles. Sheriff Chriaman left within an
hour after tha murder and is expected
here about o clock. . utmost Indiana
tlon exists her agalnat th murderer.
whose reputation la one of meannesa,
particularly when drinking.. ' '
ram of M-wm:
wmw w
New York Authorities Investi
gating Editor's Statement
That Jurists Obtained Nom
Inatibns by Money, Use.
- (Special to Tbe Jeamal.)
Port Orford. - Or., Oct' 11 --Returns
from all precincts give a majority of
three in favor of th Port 'of. Port Or-
ford. Port Orford precinct gav a ma
Jority of 101. Nonresident timber inter
ests made a hard fight to defeat the
has been in an intoxicated condition. I proposition, the object of which la to
Edward -Gleason. the father.- la a I construct a breakwater ' to protect ship-
rancher l'vlng on mll from Antelope, ping from heavy winds. .'; -..::"'"';:'
1st Chief Campbell that he would .not
. k 7Lu, T chiefs neit iZ. Z I tnt r-"-te ' ""tenant commander
"Biddy was one ot -.neae,:.; tna
- two being Jay ; Stevens and
All three took the examination
by the city servlc commission to
cur eligible for tha .chieftaincy
all three paased laat month, Mayor
KUSBJlgnT. naa , u-"!.-.,! th. p,0lfl coast.
records of each ever since and today he
i,vfT rr , -,'-- : : , .
i J 1 1 ' " : T jTa&: ?7 . : - : ' : i : : 2
I mmtmmmmmmm ai.iLLaiiiiiiiiwi.ii-.iaai . ,1 ii.iiiiiai mij n '.. lfefW'MOa;.&ii."?v.,- J. :.if . ' t .. .. f . ..?' ... 5 V
of. th Weus...Fargo company;1 Dreidni!::-S:M . , . .... ... . . '. s.4 . v 4
of' th Portland chamber of ooaheiw ? kfUt r it ) - ' e t . y " 7 t fc 'J" -
Vi and -prominent In .; th business , llf of
. Portland. y-r-: :x.-.
oortallon service of the Columbia ' river 1
-..i-- iwird th tortsa- ta f'hl.f -vtl" ?l l
mvv.-". - ---- -iFortiana Drancn im, united States
xiuwcji. s - I hvdroarraDhlo : aervibe. with : offl.a. .f
The appointment win oe a popular th. .tom house, w.form.ri.. t Z1
ttr th. a.i . . . . . i
1 JL .
'nartmant Judglnr Jrom the numbers! ... 1- .
that have during tha past two weeks,. witB offices in th AlnawTirti,
visited the mayor's offlc on Dowell'. rti.nd A,n,worth
behalf. More than ZOO, firemen person
ally requested tbe mayor to present
."liiddy" with the chieftaincy. .
Glorious beer now
InncAltlao 1U UU UP
. Tha price of beer is taking- a 4
bint from the recent advances in )
, sugar, and while sugar la dowa '
10O per 100 pounds today, bar
reled beer la. higher at eastern
polnta There has been an ad
vance of about 100 per cent in
tb price Tf all materials that
enter Into the making of beer,
and local brewers admit - that
while there has been no advance
a yet here, the price ia likely
to fellow tha movement of other
placea, ' f, j.-
building, Portland.
Dr. Et .Straw la mayor of Marsh-
field. Or., one or tn leading physicians
of that city and prominent In its busi
ness activities.' : .-,.'" ;'-.t;-vi -i-..-
Th business affairs of Captain John
J. Reynolds having compelled , him to
tender bis resignation aa captain, the
aame vwaa accepted to take effect aa
aoon aa hie successor was elected. This
will be done- st the election to be held
bv th reserve on November .4.- 1911.
Csptain Keynoias is commended for i
faithful - services) rendered th militia
during the time he baa been in-command
of tha hip.- -
in. v.wwia - - w., wca pro
moted: .-; . .
Dr. E. E. Straw. Gustav J. Blombera-.
and William H. Rover, lieutenants ef
senior grade, to bo lieutenant command-
era laeutenani uommanoer Blomberg
to be e-xecotlvo officer of th ahlp. Xeo
man John A, Beckwith to be ensign and officer. W. E. Bouschor, from
lieutenant of th Junior grade to be lieu
tenant of tbe senior grade and ordnance
:8a :,.: SS-f:-.::S.- "
I"- - i;xj. 1 s :
s ?rv- ; , .i -
v., K.-. .v:i- .-: :-:.
t'? !
- - .
t':c;s;;'S;;:::g;f v.&fi.'! -jrt':;S-v,f :S- :;:"fS; ::fSM: s-v;- C?. . ;? ?:
, - i , : fl ' - ( ' ! ' ' " - " ' j
"H " "'.'"'' s" .'.. 'v-'V'V ' ' , ' " ' - " - i
.,,...,.:.---.----'-. - ... ., .1 ? - ; i-o - . - ... . ...... (
. , .- .j : : S , - v : - ' r. . ' t ':'-" i-.. - " .j .' . ' t! --J-if-V "i --x
:'' : ' ' ; . -:.' - -' ' ;'. - ' " t'-- ' --J.;' '-s' ' T ''" ' ' '- ' . ' ' I
-, . ...' " w" . - . c --v'- . kj-' ' - - . . .r " : ".. . ' . . ' t
" -" ' " v ' w ""'Tl" - - - - 5 .1 .. ' - - ;
.I. . c :.: u'i'lv' " " " ;
" "Cx,""-? . r-i - "ZLrf-" ' .,.--,- - w iiihwv ... ' ' ' i
... f
Ignited Praaa Leased vTira.-r.: .''., .
-New York. Oct 11. Tammany Hall
today faces what Ita , enemies declar
tobs on of the biggest scandals In Us
history through an -,f- investigation
launched her by District Attornev tin.
wltt of Queens boroush Into i -m
of selling Judicial positions. V '
Jo Doe proceedings have been start
ed by District Attorney Whitman ' of
New Tork before Juda-e RossIkIcv . m.
trict Attorney Dewltt of Queens started
tha Inquiry and Assistant District At
torney Elder is investigating tha charge
ia Brooklyn. . . ... "
fito Kakas Charraa.
William Berrt. editor of th. Dmi,
lyn Standards Union, recently charge.!
tha use Of money to secure th nomina
tion of some of mTimnn...--i '
dates for positions on the bsnch.' wn .
Congressman Wlllett. Patrick Callahan
and 8. Herbert Ketcbam, th three Tam
many .candidates for Judges of -th su-
preme court., had Berrl arrested on a
charge) of criminal , libel.'- j .-
Berrl demanded trial and offsra t
prove the charges. Later th thr can
didates publicly apologised- to Rrrt for
the arrests and withdrew their suits.
Ketcham and Callahan declared they hs t
Karned that there was good ground f ir
(Continued on Pago Eleven.)
This Is the vanj-uaxd fef the immense Icet of fighting. vessels of every description, from the .monster dreadnaught to the i ibmnrine, n--,
in-New York harbor for Teview by Secretary of th Xavy BIey era" and other govemment officials. The view is taVcn from t!i- top f t'
- ' r bmildlng tower ia New York City, looking toward the Xew Jersey shore.
A Baby for
Every Fortune
There is no race suicide taint to
( the richest of American gjrla
and infant heirs to millions are
quite numerous.- See Journal
Magazine. . ." ...
Horn Big Business
Balked at the Chorus
The rumpus ia the Uoul.1
a-ays that was klrk-.1 lip 1
aha was fnrr:?-r!y i: .'!. !