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Portraits of Emperor and Em-
prm ar.d Ctoatt Prir.c to
Be Displayed Consul Ida
to Give Dinner,
1 . r u ut. tiu,u r
M t"f Jtk U-
lu tl I. Vv t ft4
li tik.c W 4i 14 l
k w m r m. la. ni r .
M Ik tw ( H 4 II
a. Mfcr L rv immi ! mui
l- tia la ifcal 4JI ft
r N tf r ir ir ul a
fttmil- MWUlIlM Will v tk
ft ia at Ykf W
I I ttMUl CUIM M ttr
j r Ift jaM euitu -tt4
k ftM(Ua t la txra
I 4 hI a wiiM Tk r.
. if4i f rrntltj Ci j la
aaitctj.aU f lit sio!, kiMa-
el U tae ( hi Iftf I
kw kai riry.
Oft Ik Ib Xvftit (W
I 14 ft III k k et 4lar U ft
! l Ik MUM ImmL lUatft
r f III 4fttrvsaa k fts lll4
riruw f tk imr 4 ftvr.
iur4. ! lcj errvrt!, co4
'. 4 a rsUft lft lit rr
ioftft ftftd ft4ft ft.
rUol frrtr tktuk 4f Ik 11 f
fcliry J tk Mrr 4 at f- j
. Tk fvlgatef r,r f Jar. Mai
ft-IIHA, fteft kOTft NOltr . I III.
an I Ik Ibroa U Jtiurf
HIT, t U ftrtr r 14 rr ks4
naftlka. though Ik eraiiy f
coroauo 414 set tka 1a ubIU Ot-
ioor (u iit. ujr Ihfti urn Ik Tok-
SbfMftai h4 fall a h oourt
4 irArr4 frow th itnpnai
rtlta, Kr4v to Ik 4relnltrmHT
'P'tU Tokyo. Krnbifta 11 wa la
k rormr city. whr Ik Mlk4o k4
1 ria ftWCft A. IX Til. UAt um eor-
lie imiift4. '
f kfati-llio I rordd ky kt ak
u ixxb4 rpnwuUTi f a
lift ftf avrlKM oabrokft alee BL C.
if. hM thir itmi kacMier. Jlmma.
. ra4 japftA at u k4 f k la
Vftdtac fore cocnlnf from aa ftrar r
ties woJck rftmaJaa I Ihl day a my-
1 iry dyautl roord without paraJ
11 la ay ihr roun try.
Mulau-Hlto aaay b mI4 f fcar
bom at th partlm of Uta war,
li waa aim a baby in artna whn th
rirat trMty aa alsiMd with th Unit.
tata; Takohama fca4 ba apa4 b-
for h OOIDDll4 hi allth ur mnA
fi b bad an oaly II a u mm era whan aa-
L iDW ftqua4roo appMrd Off Ryor l
I I dsmaad yi rauncatlon of tb traaUaa.
I J SaftlmalaK Baaik.
f la oommonly auppoaad that th -
- m a w vt wmw avftmHraw IUIVHI SITm
rrotn th arllat Umti bahtnd as Im
penetrable vail, which eompUUly hid
tharo from lb world and tha world
from tham. Such la not th caaa.
In th opnlnc pataa of hlatory w
flad tha aovarcla-n morin frly among
Ma. aubjaota. taking tntlraata cornlaanc
ofl their aoDdltlon. and. admltdng tham
frankly to hla prac. . Tha aaronct
orlualon to which h waa afterward
banlahcd dated from medieval daya, had
li origin la the ambltloua uaurpatlon
of.powerful nobJea, and racbd Ita cul
ruination under tha ayatem devlaed by
tha founder of th Tokuwaga dynaaty
of Khogune, who' converted tha Kyoto
court Into a veritable eloUter and the
uvcupant of tha throne Into an-anchor
lte. x
In Octobef. 1(I, tha emperhr made
n progrma to Tokyo and eatabilahed
Ma court n the entitle where the Toku
waga had administered the government
lnce the eventecnth century. Very
in the court ceremonial waa altered
mo aa to accord with occidental cua
toms. and hla majesty granted audience
fit tly not only to foreign envoy but
alo to dlfitlngulahcd visitor from over
fpu and even to foreign employee of
ins government. Constantly, too, ha at
tended military and naval revlewa, grad
uation cerAmnnla rti rii mMhn uia
I le Vfea at tha New Tear- untarialiuH
v notables at banquets, and gave garden
V parties In tha seaaons of chryaanth
jxums and cherry blossoms. But he has
wcwi yrowtit mi m vmii 2 n west
ern style; tha round dano does not
appfcal to him.
ICantes la 186. .
In Japanese eyes tha sovereign' most
striking departure from old customs
was conneeted with the empress. He
married In February, -1869, Princess
Hanu, daughter of Prince Ichljo, , and
by degrees tha nation learned to place
tne imperial iaoy on pedestal of rev
erent love, seeing that, her Ufa waa one
long round of, deeds of duty or 'charity,
performed with unostentatious grace: and
unflagging assiduity. But at th aam
time the old fashioned habit 'of mascu
line hauteur aeemed to exclude her
from any direct part In her sovereign
master's career, which, of course, be
ing quite In acoord with the rigorous
etiquette of other ages, might have been
continued without evoking any com
ment. .,' ..', . ' .
Nevertheless, on the day when, the
empress was seen to take her place by
the emperor's .side the exclamations of
the people evinced as much gratifica
tion as surprise. ..V"..':1;';'
Among; outsiders (here exists scep
ticism aa to the active part taken by the
Japanese' sovereign in arrairs of state.
But those who are In dally contact with
his majesty affirm that he brings to
the discharge of his duties seal and
ability. Like William . the v great of
Prussia, he Is gifted with almost un
erring presplcaclty- in reading charac
ter. His Judgment of men; has never
been erroneous. Prince Ito was a con- Graduates and former students of the
spreious ease.-, v jfTom me nrst he won University of Nebraska will gather In
the emperor's confidence, and that he .Portland this week to enjoy "talk
fully deserved It the world will admit jfeef and a dinner to be held In honor
Whenever matters of moment are to; of Samuel Avery, chancellor of the unl
be, debated, th emperors -ttendance vePrity,w!r is isitlng the alumni
at the meetings f the Privy counciHclubs of that inatltution In. the west
is constant, and It is on record that his jnd northwest ' -
majesty never once failed to be present The dinner will be given Friday night
at the conference of the special com- by the Nebraska-University club. As It
mission charged with the duty of was only yesterday that the announc
draf ting a constitution ot Japan. . Prob-I monf af rhnniiinr vrv h.r.
bly the disposition shown ; In some was1 received, the place for holding the
"- - iii-;aincer nan am y onn aeieciea. 11 jb
ant,' like so many of his predecessors,' expected that all la Portland or vicln
Is due to a self effacing tendency which jlty who have ever attended the Univer-
Is certainly a trait of bia majesty's dis- slty of Nebraska will attend the ban
position. He makes ao attempt to ap- quet and enjoy the : atmosphere of col-
propnaw any snare m me credit of I lege days again. . . -: . V4 V '
-success, being entirely content that thai Chancellor Averr Is exnected to-at-.
country interests . snouid he promot- rive In Portland Friday morning. No-
ea -ny wnatever nacds. " ; x j vcmber 4, and , will spend the day and
The emperor la liberal ,patroa of j braska Vnlverslty club. On Tuesday
art and ft. discerning Judge of , 'its wUI visit the Nebraska University
productrt. trut he denies himself th club at Boise. Idaho, and from her he
pleasure of collecting. In the Dalae Jw,u to Tacoma, Seattle, 8pokaneand
J . v. ,i - . , '
WcukJHi.eMar.ejrW at In
terest to KeLTburce Shp.
. pm hr Whi! the
Wert ts h Pfcorf ts
i J.JLJI mui L -
!. a f lk paw vw-m-4 lMit
tvt ia. W . u - !
(M,ft tM f iw mv-m l Ik
VI kM4 tM'M'! I-
mf M) ttir e I
k ) MMiiiig la- -
luktlf I ! -4a- kf Ik 4l
l -l a -- f I
! M mml aWv4tr af 11
1H .! kioi ? Kr. ,
HU4 Ik aw ltii 4i4 l
1 fi Ik 4a. lk
)4 kf klw 4, 4 W.I- ml
Ik i at !MM f Ik t'kl4
ii r, 4 4t 4k T '
fcl t ai4 ( ,
rii4 ky im-4 i im ii
Oiy tnJ tk a4
1A 4 Ika Ivwft. Ik llaje
! k ta I I I IK
ti4 j4 ta.ll ftl Ik ksl
Hr4 kl Ik gWMil MIIMMI a
JltvH fMIIHkv, ! vf Ik
4 l kMikg 4I k ! :!
4 ftft ife ! M44V lfl( Ik
in ik vine i'iiaM4 l
laatlina al k r,bnrtl tltt. I
l(4. Ulk al kr Ik
k Ik cashU wmm4 4 Ww kt.
fUa fee fr l4.
In aa Iairv1w efir Ik lat llo
kkd i la ki ravk at Ik Nant-
L -Ua tri krtaM a tUa
re ruriAg aaw4ially Ik k tfll f
n- larks ky awttla- lew !
t;tl-4 fr Bircii ar tft-
rciio o ltifi aa4 abbiriBg Ik
taiat I ik t i nl of eol loll
Tku. k au-d. i4 tis about
Ik ktni ef fr tlsll) whil
Ik 4Ua) ef all I tola tkrkd
vt aa4 wall lb work of ronire
11 aa w la -. II ) aussi4
Ikal II aaay it la krinstng about a
war ff oft lb ! of lb prt
lock, ekeiild Ibis purrh b dmd
daaitfabla. and b etld lhal la hi
oMftloft lb ie.4 fcd by lb Tort
lead ftailway. Ugbi ft I'or oompasy
for lb old lock vii loo high.
Major klelndo Mid b doubi4 lh
precUoabltity of litis plaa. ini- II will
k acaary for him le officially rport
le Ibe g9vrnmtel bo aol la what
amounts th fjee.toe approurUtd by
lb stale wUI be rady to b lurnl ovr
lo tb govmfnat He frartd th at-
Uatpt to place the etet' hr of tb
at'propiiallOD fta dpolt or to loan It
would make th gevmmet appropria
tion ef 1100.94 Boa-vailabla.
Aaaaal Juveaa gkopa
Aa act of th Irglalatur would In
any vnt b araary to permit th
Inureat reonvy to bo applld to pay
ment of canal loll. Major Mclndo at
tb aeane tim suggested that a new act
of eokgreae might make II poaalbl to
li mm lha m t m I m' m fima In K I m. I K n. ff
Top Picture Main street of EgUcAda. Middle) picture The Tlrrlo E-prll to the goverament.approprtation.
W.I f ll l l-l U i 11
u toKwi . k It II ee r. i
mi: 3 4mft 4 lk
.-. y.. .MM 4 a ..i
mV-m tt Mlw M
t-W4 ltra4 4 IV WW
JtM.V. kU.r kti. - W
"' JVfiak l04al UM1 r-
a-n aaft.a, - txattM
K t'M 4 rar a ft
1 1 1 lw 4a4 M Mr.
ai tlHU kt Mk -
M .4i 4 4Ma4 I Ik4 I
ftaak I'M
lUMkM ft QiUafti.
T !. r-
I iiie nuft l 1 1 . fx-0 lw
taa4. 4 i lkla, ftkMI ll
a4 Ik cm- ttiy .
4 k ff 4aMajll4 IWI
tfet dft4 If ftajr44 l ftfty
t oal iliM4. !
et ie ! I !- err,k
Mi4 la - en imi
r:U-4 IWkii T ewrartlKi f-
t- k u i iky ei.i g aie
lk ml I i ftft ft4j4M4 Iftlft.
iL iie
ii M l i-4. -) lk kcty
kr t (t.aft.rl Ivi aai till
4 Ur, a4 j:ila W il.
- ft Ik ftW w4 ke I ..
lAnvntM Waat, ) k44 k rVJ
l.4 ftaMk4Wf $ e4 t-aiMrll lt
s 14 k-A.f.av fta4 4auft )Ul k
)al.ftav4 k l Ml kw'4 -lU
ft CI l4y feftJa t-
af U H.I 4 fti f
rB u M Mik4
v-4 ke kW444 t4(4
ttMa at TV aill
k.Wie. Mt. urv ll A fv K4V
4ft a Ukw'. us
t4 k we wtik a . W k
lk aMl, 4 tJft4 4 baftvy
rr.r4r f Ik ekWi kU (U
4alft It kt 41U ftlle ! lie tW4l4
HI t4wr MUMU ft!
k kMJft4 04 kl fiklt4
k ke mm fJft U 4 ewe.!
4r ft4 lia
A rwltry rrUac Sag.
A Wu!lry fJ:4 k l' T-l-'k
at kt laMftI IwinllK ftft t wt-4
ftaaa4raU. rJai4L llaft4
ftftl tW ksA f l4 ftftft-V tl-4
la U el WMk 4 ftl k4'4
frft ml ftMeftataM.
IV 4wwU I 4
4M t. La. ft k ft
Sft4kl i4 Iwft 4v jt 1 4
H- JSttkUkftft 44 W4ft katl 4
4W4 M 1 14 4
e4 kft4 II e
ft- -M e iiiw T 4
a-aftAiwi ft-4 44 -l 4
TV o-Aftet smAo 4 a ri-
lr e Mwe k-l ft mL 4 j iii 4
i k a-i tl 4A k-ft
l4 44 miw k4e
4 l 4 ia iy kl4 k. 4
k t kik 4M. It k 4
w tft inmiina 4 Ik n
A ru n4i a 1 1. i
A titf lwir i . ---i'l
4 ft kk Wllft ft ll-aal
II ift k 4t4k4 fra it a ' f
k4 k est! II lut. w.t4
1 1 I eftftt4 ka eW4fti4 rMv,
N k 4raft m ftaatiy.
The only complete assortment
The only large stoclc The only
fancy grade of select top root Hol
land Bulbs offered in Portland
180-2-40 Front, Corner Yumhlll
Do Not Overlook This
Seasonable Offering
Planting conditions are perfect The weather It Ideal Aral
youraelf of thia opportunity to have beautiful Spring Flower.
Duiba are ao cheap anyone can afford them, and price arc
lower than ever before.
Plant a few Daffodils for Cut Flowert
Their graceful, dainty Motsomi in many formi arc beautiful, iweetlr
perfumed and xtty bating Should be cut before fully opened.
' foreat. Lower plctnr 'A tardea patch; "kome" cabUsa.
Eslacada la ambitious to become the
center of a famous fruit district. Its
resident are urosreasive and ear the
district haa all the natural advantages
and that wonders will be brought out
oy developbent.
Saturday evenlne a week ago the
Ekucada Commercial club gave 4 heg
banquet at the. Eatacada hotel. Gov
ernor West. Theodor B. Wilcox, preel-
dnt of the Oregon Development league;
li. B. Josselyn. president of th Port
land Railway, Light 4r Power company;
f. B. Kiley, vice president for Oregon
or the Pacific highway; W. H. Chapln,
president of the Oregon realty board,
and Harvey Beck with, president of the
Portland Commercial club, were the
All of them forecasted a brilliant
future for the community and pointed
out how they thought the section had
been especially favored In many ways.
In that It has the soil, water, elevation.
the least expensive of power and
transportation facilities.
A large number of apple orchards
have been aet out In the foothills a
few miles,. back of Estacada and the
trees are showing rapid and -perfect
growth. Older orchards bear fruit that ,
from the
compares fully with fruit
mor famous districts.
But th soli I sla splndldly sdapted
for berries, garden truck and crops ef
sii kinds grown In diversified farming.
Just now the Estacada Commercial clu
Is Interesting land owners In growing
lutnbert raapberrle. a canning com
pany having offered to contract for
the crop ef 100 acres for four years In
advance. About 16 acres have been
algned up and It la hoped to get enough
growers Interested to meet Jha desire
or the canning company. It la said
that raspberries yield enormously In
the vicinity of Cstaeada so that even
at the comparatively low price offered
oy me canners the grower caa reap
nandsome and certain profit.
Strawberries. . prunes. cherries,
peaches and pear are grown to per
recuon and Kstacada folk nolnt with
pride to 4 large and bountifully bear
ing wainut orcnaruv
Loganberries, currants, gooseberries
and blackberries are also extensively
raised wun profit,
Kstacada has a fruit erowers' aaao-
elation that la taklnr a very active
interest in the direction of the nlant
lag of orchards and the care thereof.
foreign potentates or distinguished vis
Itors, while the examples of ancient art
are lent unreservedly for public display
in the Interests of aesthetic education.
. If the emperor can be said to have
any passion, It is for poetry. Much of
his brief leisure Is devoted ' to com
posing the Impressionist verselets which
represent this branch of the national
literature, and the subjects selected, as
well as the manner of treating; them,
show at once grace of thought and sin
cerity of feeling.
Crown prince in his twenty-first year,
married Princess Sada, who has pre
sented him vrtth three lusty sons, to the
great satisfaction of the nation.
'Eleven empresses have occupied the
throne of Japan sines the third century
of the Christian era when the semi
mythical Jingo is traditionally credited
with the conquest of Korea. But the
law no , longer permits a female ruler.
and the imperial museum, , however,
many fine specimens-are - preserved,
eome bequeathed from bygone daya,' but
the great majority purchased at com
petitive exhibitions In, recent years for
the sake , of encouraging artUta. It is
rrcm tfc! collection that articles are
a2ecttd (frequently fur presenting to
other point where clubs are argaalsed.
Cryatala From Crbrandum. '
By the addition of a small portion of
chromic oxide le th mixture, colorless
crystals of carborundum have been pro
duced, but too hard to be cut Into gems
that wouid rival diamuada in brilliancy.
W. H. Ferguson, owner of the
Grande Ronde hotel at La Grande,
has secured - a patent on a ro
tary snow plow that he believes will
make the clearing of railroad tracks of
snow an easy matter. All of the rail
roads In the country whore snow falls
In the winter have tried for years to
satisfactorily solve this problem and If
they approve Mr, Ferguson's Invention
It will probably, not be long before ev
ery line is provided with theee plows.
wr. Ferguson applies the centrifugal
force in his Invention and bv th jnenna
of a combination' of propellers or fans
succeeds in blowing the snow off the
trackras long as It is not deeper than
1 the height of an ordinary railroad car.
1 nv- u..tu. v,i..i..j.. 1-1.
r HiTflunuu uiciuuea u. specially
built car that-Is pushed by a locomo
tive, the car. carrying a powerful engine
to operate the fans.- In front of the
two large fans that create the blow
Ing or suction ; force are , two' smaller
fans revolving. In - opposite directions
that loosen the snow, in the same fash
ion as the knives on a suction dredee.
The large fans blow the enow through
two funnels, one on either Side,, and
witn sucn xorce that itils throwa-sev-oral
feet from the track. . ' These, fun
nels rotate and caa be- turned In any
direction with the wind so as to- leave
the least resistance to the snow. '
The car is of especially strong con
struction, being; uulit or steel with
heavy . beams running both - c rout-wise
and from end to end. , The machinery Is
operated from the inside, but directed
by a man in a shielded box on the front
of the car. ' .. -
New York. Oct ti. The palatial horn
of Arthur P. Helnie on Madison ave
nue Is offered for sale or rent for busi
ness purposes. According to the rent
ing agency, a, beauty doctor's establish
ment Is figuring on taking it for a term
of yeara.. . ,.-.-r-..-. , - ' -' ' v- -'.".
Tha house 1 between Thirty-sixth
and Thirty-seventh streets, opposite th
handsome ground and home of J. p.
Morgan and hla son and adjoining the'
home of Mrs. 'WUllam Osthout, ilr.
Merges a aistar.
Tb annual revenue from canal tolls
reclv4 by th Portland Hallway. Light
A Power company la about IIOOO a year.
and th governor pointed out thnt Inter-
eat at I per cent on the state' appro
priation, or f per rent on half of It.
would be enough to make the river free
to shippers.
All the speakers st the luncheon Joined
wun Jod t Hertgea. the loastmaater, in
declaring that the purpose sought Is to
aecur th opening of th river In th
shortest possible time, and they gave
assurance mat the state cane I board
will, do all. la Its no war to hasten lb
day of actual construction.
If the purchase Of the Dreaent lorka
is aeciaea upon, or It becomes necea.
sary to condemn privet property. for
omi . otner location. aatd Governor
Weat. "I shall be In favor of allnwln
these all their property ia worth. Thev
are entitled -to receive whatever their
rights are worth, but not one penny
more. . It seems to me th prices placed
upon the property are far too much.
and much more than will be alio wad
upon a fair valuation."
Treasurer Kay Speaks.
"I take It for granted that Oreron
City wants only the greatest good to
the greatest number," said Treasurer
Ksy. "You will benefit, it Is true.
rrom the work or construction and for
th maintenance of the locks. -but the
great ben en t will be to the valley above
here. We are to look at the matter
from the standpoint of state benefit.
We can say nothing now as to the loca
tion to be favored."
Secretary of State Olcott gave some
reminiscences of his early life In Ore
gon City, and Joined with other mem
bers of the board in promising that the
canal board will protect the state's
interests, moving as fast aa possible
toward the beginning of construction. -
Major Mclndoe gave a resume of the
legislation respecting , the locks. lie
said tne report or tne engineer upon
hlch he made his recommendation for
the east side route was based on the
showing that It would cost less on the
cost of construction and rights of way
than to purchase the old locks and re
build them. Besides this. It .would be
necessary to close the river for two
or three years while the old locks are
being rebuilt.
State Canal Board.
The report of the engineers and the
recommendation have been forwarded
to the secretary of war. Major Mclndoe
explained, and are now . awaiting his
action. . He said that In the meantime
the state canal board will submit its
views, and he believed there will be no.
difficulty in reaching an agreement.
Whether any change will be made in J
recommendation zoiiowing conference
with the state officials or- in contempla
tion of the large amount of damages
claimed by property owners on the east
side Major Mclndoe offered no opinion.
He said it would hot be proper to state
this. If he had made up his mind, and as
yet he has not decided for himself.
W. T. Buchanan, publicity manager
for the Portland Railway, Light & Pow
er company, who accompanied the party,
assured the governor that the offer of
the company to sell the old locks for
1600,000 is not arbitrary, but that the
company will be willing to have the
price fixed by farther negotiation and
arjoralsement. The comnany wants to
dispose of the locks, he said, which each
year produce a deficit, Maut la vitally
interested In the conservation - of Its
water power rights. . - . - . '. -
. Tout Estimates.
As the, situation- now stands, the gov
ernment engineers have submitted four
estimates of 'cos;' For the recommend
ed location, the inside location on the
east-aide, the estimated cost for con
struction and. rights of way is f 825,00
For th outside route on the eefct side
the estimate is 1774.000. For the Im
provement of the old locks without
widening the estimated cost Is JJOO.000,
snd' for widening to 4$ feoVaddlne; 9
tet to the prent canal, the estimate.
Should be In every lawn.
One plald. glv rl
lt Spring flowr fr
many rrara. Planted la
oldld bd of on color.
ere Incomparable. They
are the lat xpanftlve
flowering butb.
Our Fall importation ia now on aale. AlTR
ATUM and SPECIOSUM varieties in large
assortment. Also a few choice LILLIUM
CANDIDUM the white St. Joaeph Lil.
These shonld be planted now.
rianted now will flower in the early Spring. A great advantage over late Spring planting. PEONIES in
splendid assortment. Fine, large clumps of the following: 1 v
English Primroses, Cailtardia Grandiflora Coreopaia, Campanula, Hollyhocka
Poppy, Iceland, Helanthua, Rudbeclda, HclUntboa SparsifoU, Poppy, Oriental
Golden Glow, Shasta Daisy -ANEMOES - - -, -'
These popular and beautiful flowera are now in great demand' We offer them in .two color pink and white
fine, large clumps. Be sure to plant them.
We offer a splendid assortment of new ferns, varie
ties that are easily grown. All plants well rooted and
in fine; healthy condition. All sizes from 3-inch pots
up to the largest, most magnificent specimen plants.
We have a specially fine assortment of the newer
decorative palms tor table decorations snd house
plants, priced from 75c. up. These are all splendid
values. ,
Our first fall-shipment ef Irish Roses from the Hugh Dickson Royal Nurs
eries, Belfast. Ireland, Including th most recent European tntroauotiona, are
now on the way, and will De reaay sdoui Leomor imu
ran con-
Other Europe
slgnments are due in a rew aaya. w now nav reaay ior immraiiii
delivery standard varieties and many Of the newer roses. Orders should be
laced at onoe, while stocks are complete. Our littl book, "How to Orow
,os," wrltua by th Sr. Bpeaoe Salllgar, for Oregon rose growers, fr
oa reqnest. Ask for It. , .
For ferns, palms and house plants. Clean,
odorless,' highly concentrated. Produces
luxuriant foliage, brilliant, and lasting
flowers. A 25-cent package will feed a
dozen large house plants a whole year.
Our SI page Fall catalogue of "Diamond Qual
ity" Bulbs, Rosea, Fruit and Ornamental Treae,
Shrubs, Berries, Vines, Ferns and House Plants
llating only such varieties as havs proven sat
isfactory Is a safe guide to your purchases.
If not on our mailing list, aend now. Free for
the asking. v
NOTE We Give Free Pipe Organ Certificates with each 25c purchase. Halp your church. Ask for them.
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Does the Chicken Business Pay?
Poultry farming isdestined to become the leading industry of Oregon, which fact ia
self evident when we KNOW that more than $1,000,000- worth of eggs (alone) were
shipped into Oregon from the Eastern markets during 1911. v
' ' . . -.-.I. ':; '-..':'.- '.'' . 5;. ','" .''.''"''".''.'.'f. ;'
In buying one of our Oakland Poultry Farms you will be taught the poultry business, :
absolutely free of cost, by the best poultry expert in the country, whom we have en-
'gaged to be on the ground continuousry. We have reserved 40 acres of this land for our
plant, in which we will install a 10,000 capacity incubator. We will co-operate with you '
at all times,- ao that you cannot help but be successful. , . - ,
Our property is located at Oakland, Oregon, tha greatest poultry-raising section ,
in'theUmted States. ., -;i ; -v ..;:'. ' , 5,;:iv :y .v.:
t 5 and 10-Acre Tracts, $75 to $150 Per Acre
Write for literature. -v "
Oakland Iultry Prod Goi, Inc.
303 Spalding Bldg.
Originators tjf Exclusive Poultry Colonies
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