The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 29, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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Town Topics
Ho! fuunuilists Launch Weekly Papr
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TMuUn AMtlsiUta
tW4 l"-m4 lfcH
L'c.Vf Suits, O.ertcats.
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Where ta 0
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ittwol rM'wl, 4- I
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lk tl I. !.!. n till!
44 IU Mkt II I 4 IM
firt-.i'. ii..',tMi Cil
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A MrtiiwiM f4a a
IVw 4M4A4 X 4k
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Wta I Uu 4-- lima, - 44.1
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m-l t.t II4 W 111 It. I H 44 4
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i t , 4tlt4 f 4 laakirwfal
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fMtad 4k. 4 wtii r-4t4r, M"
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Kl4 av4. 4 44 Mr.
.J, M. Otg IU k 41 Im
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1 41 I! MllMMa4fc tCML WIIK41M
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f tavrUa4.-tt l4 la Mirlin
xv. Mf linh Mm4i trri.
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4y 4f 4fcry 'am.4iI. 4k tiu4
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twfcl K k 4f 4U I V
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X. 4 TK4 IWIII U 4W4 4 4
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aMa4 a4 44 144 f la ttfU44 ! I T(,n a..4 m TT t w4m
ry 4Mav II 4 xi4r4 I..,.,l tvsa(. ar Ja4ia I
W UUavrU !r IJrr r 44 1 1K- UlIM la Utl
a (va4M-u 44 apHl4 fr laia r l.iri.. (a , s lb aal 4r
bom. Ta Ular4 from Hi mt ' alk. f (t Uf M
4rtHr. WI HI M44 I l4 nir
hrMbr It I It- a-.a
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aWt4ar r4 l4H
gv r.a,av .. II-4IUW r
4. -l- 4141 4 HI 41 444Ul
4tf. 4..-4 4MJ4-.4 - !
"Eight Bells
ad All's Well"
0U4al t 0all ft
jm1 kit Abimi K. Kal4M. wM
1t )mi 44 414 rl4al af
Tk city, rwaiir irrtiH la tut.
km lbf til la 4k 4 Ih4lr fiilur Ma,
Ta plr c44 M I coca acre Ih
roinl la rr I Ik lb llal
knot 1 1 Ml la la rlir T thrlr fular
hn. Th ran4y w4 pfforas4
irdy 4Ib( at II Ma Kn
ln(h irl, at Ih paraouf f U
Imnnwl l.uhfa rhurca. la p
lor. Kv. J. aKnr4 Olon, mcUUa
ya4l4a 0U W4Jam It
Kranadr. rapllallal. a4 Mr. M. Al
lr hrt44B. ktli mt Pndloa. 4rr
nam4 ftM7 iflimoo (h It
Callk4r t,L Stpha f In t
rrl church. F H. IC U. lUmaar. la
Ih Mwnc of fw lmmdtl frlarxla.
Th brtl la a promlnvBt rlab aromaa
f rn41loa. Mr. i4 Mr. Kfnrvd7
will ! for UI rv4 Nw Tork
clijr bfor riuntlD( to Itndtclon.
' Xill, liar mak your fall ult
W curni la suit both your ta( and
lrket hook. All au!t mad from tailor
cloth. TV I II not ahrlnk or f4d aad
mad br m.ta tailor. Bulla to acaaur
from IJ. Cail In and took r tb
woolna.- Tou will not b aakrd to or
dor. I'nlqu Tallorlna Co. Man'a and
Udl tailor. Stark. t lib and
tb at. . ,, '
Hint W Kako Tallro to ord OJotmoa
for lli to 4l. why ahoutd yon pr mora.
of wear ordinary aloro clotbiac. that
1 ear for oo oa in particular I our
cutter make a atudy of your flfur
from tlmo ho tak your mcaaur
till aull U flnlhd. Try na on your fall
ault. Unlquo Tallorlna: Co. Mcn'a and
ladle' tailor. 101 Stark, bL lib and
th aU. . . ,
: Mi lf4Mi4 Marvta.
f In Orrajoa) Library ai
al4; Mi4ttirr. mimn : Mr,
I, :u-t; mi Llnr. t
i fU a u, MMiaoita. all
Hall: Ml Hochaoaa.
44 Mr. CKm, lr4l
Aalorta: Mm. hroo McMlnaniU;
Mr. Towac Woo4bri Ml
OruM r kUAaalri4
booklet wklcb 111 of tb oaaawal ad.
ralai I b 1144 by lb boramih.
or la Uraal ro aad Joaopblno rooaiy.
Ora, baa Juat ba ti4 by Ih
ComniTCtaJ club or Oraato raaa. Tb
booattac optrtt. wbtl Ih ao pra
lnit foator. la nt vrdon. Tb
work to odotlona la character aad It
ta alated that III Ceaiasorrtal club
par4 no ipno asak th book a
mm. Tb plcturo. of which tbor
r Trr It, mow
tb cllmat 40d th
la Joorphln county. Th llttt Ulka
about tb country attract tho Immodi.
at attcntlow of th rdr.
r. :; Mm rrrUI t Mtak a mu i
aa aia. Tb , to bo to ! ra fr "
, Or Oiy. prt, tf oaallty. Tbir "
; 11(4 t'oahur. Utf $ JJ
inanii; I Ba irkt rrwea m
IWy. U.4 low yrdy lbl L,k.rT!
will 4 an 4bibt of 1
bo f ppi- w "-:
.nrat aooiooa ba ro4a
poro for Uryo oabiWI of 'td prva
p ami: 14 Xkoo Soaxf will (llttar on
pretty ahouldtira thla winter If tho
fashion' follower will drop Into Atfyeh
iirotliera' handsom new store at Tenth
and Alder atreeta and seo th wonder
fully beautiful examples la these rich
scarfs which hava Jut arrlred. Home
lorers will enthuslabtlcally admlra th
new Importations In Oriental Rugs, too,
Aiiycn Brotners, itn ana Aider.
, i VortlKnd OOBorot Mo ft Saalpaaeat
s Oompaay will pay per cent dividend,
Certificate holders ar requested to send
in tlielr correct address on postal card
so there will be no mistake In mailing
out checks. .Portland Concrete Pll 4c
, Equipment company, 617 Lwis bulld-
mir . i -
. Asked to ply Mrs. Helen Curry,
or her husband William, formerly sec
tlon boas on tho Columbia Southern R.
R., at Wasco, Or., will find It rreatly
to their financial benefit to correspond
, Immediately with Mrs. Susan Reynolds,
; of Colo, Iowa. Oregon and Washing-ton
' papers, plea copy. . ., - :,,
Sooa 'toi BooTr 94000 Suit to . re
oovar $4000 was started In the circuit
court by Harold W. Sawyer agalnat
Julia Firestone Whyte. Failure to pay
for erecting a building. Is set forth In
the complaint. ' .-- .
t nosWA verdict
ti .m rtar4 U lb elrcull mmur
rtrdar aflri la f aeoo Of
BkO . . -a. f t k Ihi CjLwn . fll
coVooMF for pnl jajurio. r4.4
by tb plaintiff at La oraoa. "
was trockma. mm, ftl IMO aa aca-
. u KMIv naaaklBC both ft A
1144 was ror4 la tbo
1VB. VI W iHtTV 1 V w - - . aT
ih of oa f "Cv ,,ff KH,.h7
f.rtltlly Of Ih aoll I J. Cook coPy. Tb 7""!
r. Th. littu talk ult ss administratis of t..1! .
Frank Walker, wb waa aina or
r.iim wall of building at Fourth
' Tm., .imi. Walker waa on
ployed by tbo & J. Cook oompany.
Body of Man To Th remains ot
an unldentined ". , ""1'
been doad for soma time, waa lco.
.i iha brush near tbo CorIIa
i -rno Biato-or Toaayj- o road alx mil beyond Llantoa yes
Lymaif will speak oa lad- "T.!!Ti.--L- t.v im. CamDbell of
Ing Dramatist of tha.Doy." It I 1 1. .l.l m. cam to hi
a.. . k 4 . I BL dUIIRB). W ' -
proposal is iiorw auu"T ciuos in ran- k or who b wal tb coroner or
oua wiiivr wmmm buu ill". irvwyi fi. JohB DOUC hV Wto Slier-
th state. Consldarabla lntrt Is al- . oputy coroiver will acoom
ready espreaoed by many writers out-1 . r.-u ta tha acan thla mom
aide of IMrtlAod In this project and Mra. 7 nd bring- tb remain to Portland.
Blanch Rafalaky. th corresponding r" bell waa etrolllng through th
secretary, has recelyed maoy encour- hrumh .Ken bm aooldentalty came arroe
,. . i I tha rfmalno Mveral hundred yards from
i tn roao. , ? ..-.., .
WBas Ft C9ab Th Stat Worn-
4oa Fra club of Oregon will meet
nat Wednesday velng In a commit
tee room oa iha aeonaa floor or the city
hall, at I o'clock.. Mra. Nathan Herri
will dlaouaa "The SUge'of Today," and
MUS Sarah
aging letters on th subject, :
Chlekoa Tklreoa y Mr. S. U.
Vlnard of 111 Portland bouUvard re
ports toh police fhst nln of bar
finest chicken wer sioin yri7.
Mha Biata that sh susDOCts a man
who worked In her yard yesterday of
tho theft.. A. Burwlck of i7 missis-
Bays "Xortgago" Was XJeedWlll E.
Purdy, former head of a mission in
the north end and who recently claimed
the 180.000 estate of II. D. Winters,
deceased, by reason of a deed later de-
Tork m 1 44 At the regular meet
Ing of tho Woodlawn Improvement aa
aoclatlon. Charles E. Tork, first presi
dent of - th . association, wss again
unanimously' elected to serv for th
ensuing teraC C. F. Hendrickaon was
continued In office aa treasurer, and
V. Vfanl Cook, waa alacted aaeratarv.
Tha nt miliar natlna will ha hald lainnl avvnu discovered Cecil Murdoch,
at th hall on Dekum avenue November I sge , of 1JI1 Kuasen sirei ana wouo
t at S o'clock aharp.; All people' Inter-ISUrbuck. age it,. or in AiDina avenu
ested in .Improvement of street with I In tho act of robbing hi chicken coop
cement sidewalks and curb should at-land h turnsd them over to Patrolman
tsnd. ICrane. They wut oa tasen oeiure am
Juvenll court, -
XalllJah Wed ding A hallelujah . . ,
wedding- will take place In th Taylor OOlUdM wni iiaw w-eni "
Street Methodlat church - tomorrow Rlngler. with offlcea at 211 Lewis pulld-
evenlng. when two Salvation Army of- Ing. reported to tho police yesterday that
fleers will be united tn marrlag. Th whll driving in hi automobile Friday
principals la tho happy event will be n'srru ne comueowiin iwo Vmc.
Ensign Jessie Long and Ensign William ber East SUteenth nt 1 Thompson
Darwent, both of whom have been mem- BUrwo . Vh- 72?
bers of tho Portland Salvation Annrfor P.0"1'? I!u" tha..."!;
some time. Th ceremony will be per- 'TV a "u K .L..,,' m"ZZ ZL,"W
formed by Colonel 8. U Brengle, Inter- T' "'."
national revlvallat of the . Salvation 1T"? " , "T
rr B6ln4r. a. U4o4 T?mtm. K4t taaa4r.
ll Tv m f" 4 lklf
f ifW
TM 4f. l il4 4t-lfcl4 44
ta ! f Mr UM4M4, Toil
fir 44 Mr 4llla TV
foil f r4ku4x) la giaiaa l
ni W Vim rr 4. I awtktiiiag a4
llfc- B4 4rrlHia44 41
a 4 ar v4rivr aa4
4 I ( l4 I Bnb II Mf.
k4 li,la Maa4re 1 wat.ii !
kil 'mm 444 I 14 trtlk
f 4iir a4 4i(M aiwK lb
mT mrm prti, kiiiiait 4
I l ll law a. b4l4t4 Mar.
la Waakly isrM a raejpAiga I ad
la rBllal of law al Of ta
Il4ki4 44 B4ir bak for prek4t.
Two ' biug , ca. 'obmbo
ar oa ta riu4 Ul4U b4r
Uaoea 1 4 us K fuit mt JUai
Tbry r4l pkiift.f ibv U 4-
r sag 44r is 4mI4mi 4asar
f tb -Ii.i4t W4.4U." Th 4tu
14 Mhiadkrr. It ra 4U. a of
U A. IlKliHlh, 4M 14 lnuail k
r U I64w Tin lea, II yro 44.
sua mt K U TVa(M4'
Tb Ue44Bl nllr' tk ' 4H
tmrtl 14 ( 14 mnm ta walilag a
lt ) lb lii-4U rr arty tare
taaifca a. ai H t aly iikta IB
laal tar wk h aouiabcr
bar gtv it a aw yrmJ r ar
BrtallBg H 44 i nivltr prtatlsg pre.
Th reading saanac ta art I regular I
fro Xsetui ' Fre lectures will be
given by L A. Ariel this afternoon -at
S:S0 o'clock on Th Riddle of Life."
Monday evening at 7 o'clock the subject
will be "The Working Man's Dream."
Tho meeting will be in suite 71-73 Sell-ing-Hirsch
building, Washington, near
Tenth. . . i. '.,.-.,.:v;,; .. , ,K-r-,v;
In FroUim William Thurston
Brown, prlnolpsl of the Modern school.
will speak on "The Sex Problflti" , this
evenlns;'. at 8 o'clockxat Chrlstensen's
hall, Eleventh and TamhllL . Admission
la free. ; .. . -
aVOad to Baad-NeKt Wednesday tho
Orea-on Trunk lino open for
freisht and passenger traffic to Bend
and' both the Oregon Trunk and tho
Deschutes River Kaiiroaa company,
which operate Jointly from- Culver
Junction, will begin to haul in larg
quantities of freight that have been
held for tho completion of the roaj(
While tno main roaa nas ueen: com
pleted. considerable work remains yet
to be done In the way of providing
terminal facilities.; - ,.':.''
Xaadsom Mom for 'Zrrlagtoav One
of -the handsomest of tho many new
homes planned for Irvlngton and to be
"Talu of ; nrreatloa" Members of I erected during the next few months Is
tho Northwest University club of Port
land were guests last Tuesday evening
Jewelry, Silver,; Etc.
Portland Made
You'll find it at Portland's most progressive Jewelry ;
Store. :. The name at the bottom of . this ad is a 'familiar
. onet9 you; for it's been .before you for over 26 years.
It'vto Portland what Tiffany is to New Yorkthe home
oi dependable and exquisitely wrought' JEWELRY, SIL
practical knowledge of gold and silver smithing, a com
plete "stock from the most exclusive ornate jewelry ;down
.to cheap but standardized silverware. ' Deal at the store -that
gives you exactly, what your money calls f6r plus
a modest profit to us.' ; . . 1 - - - . - :
' - - r. : c . ' '-"- h . - . .
G. Heitkemper Company
Ycon Building - Fifth Street
that of Mrs. Helen M. Green, which Is
to occupy a full block on Stanton street
between East Thirty-sixth and Marguer
ite avenue. , The building is to be a
three story framo structure, containing
10 rooms and a largo billiard hall on the
third floor. Its estimated cost Is
$7500. - ' '
Xtaad Orant Suit AppealedNotice of
appeal was filed in the United States
circuit court yesterday by Attorneys
Arthur I. Moulton, P. A. Laffetty and
A. W. Lafferty, representing SO cross
complainants In the Oregon and Cali
fornia land grant suit. The attorneys
will appeal direct from tho decision of
Judge Wolverton, which was adverse i
to them, to the circuit court of appeals.
Fabllo Formm-Next Monday even
in at -8 o'clock at 611 Yamhill, .near
Lownsdale, -; the subject for, discussion
will ' be "Qoctar Evils-snd the. Modern
tscnoois, to do mwoaucea oy vonn ijmr
son. as a reply to DrSperry'a discus
sion of tho "Sex Question." , The public
is Invited to participate. -Admission
free. VM;' ": ;i " i-tv-'f! -'"-:'
Isala early trday avarBtng. ' Oa
which wa ala la th atakla.
Thr raaa. 4llrrr wai
barM-a4 a U's aiork of bay aad
grata - 4a4ryd. Tmm I la par
tially coversa ay ierae.
MlaAst gaVDay gaslaa - Thlr-
ly r ta tm waa tl tlc snelad
out I I K. Clllot. a miniaiar. tar-
y by JuCgm Tl f Ih wiualrtpal
court. -Klliot wa charged with bating
oawimtttad aa immoral art. aad with
vie) ting 'aa .Immoral hoo. Martha
papol, ea of th 14 girl lavolvad
with him. wa itira4 over lo Mra.
Iialdwta. and lb other, Viola Hardy,
waa dismissed.
Wa sail fealr msttrissis retail "al
whalaaal prUmm tor II pound beds frata
IJt aad op. . Ws roaavat snattreaaes
aad return them tb aam day. part
land Curled Hair Factory. IL Mlagr.
aroprtetor. ttf-tll Froot atroot. Mala
4T4, A-11T4. o
W alaa aad Frasa one suit of elotb4S
arh week. Call for and dUver for
11.44 pr month. Phono Main 114. A-
4114, Unique Tailoring Co.. Ijl stark
street' Mm's and ladle' tailor,
"arky pay aaor when you caa get Pr-1
feet fitting eyeglasses adjusted by sal
expert optician at price from 11.44 to J
tit Ooorg Rubensteln. th optician. III I
Third street. South.
Oa aad atar Brmbr 1 th firm of
Whltebouso ' Foullhoux, architects. I
will b la their new offices st 0-lll
Wilcox building. Sixth and Washington
, Wis and assoclstes. painless
dentists. Third and Washington.
Bargains for aTrsrybody. Goods at
your own price, lit Washington st
Aaetloa galas Bally, S:io and 7:19 p.
. Whltaker and Codoti, auction mart,
tSt Washington St.
Beautlfnl Acre In excluilve residence
Intrlct, overlooking river; terms. Main
.. ... I , . ; ,
Tha World's . AdvaBoe , Thooarht free I
reading room will be open In its new
home, fill Yamhill street, October 2.
Tha-Out Glass Tas given away by!
the Blu Jay Drug company,. 143 HI
Wshl4sioa iumI, aa woa by Mr. J.
a WInM of Tsiwma, 4ik
Vraka tjaj4ty paopt ( Hag
I (l4 di4Br for fhaaoaHor Ay
Frtdar. ailfy Iut lieaiil. Orsgoaiaa
bulldiag. Mala :ill.
44an I mm aTarmtaa f eamaa.
Wah(4l aad way laadiaca, dally s
ept Survday. Laaeaa Waaigta 4r4
dock at t p. aa.
fmbraUa sVeaalriag. quirk aad good
rrovnc. front 7i up. lit llh suL
betwoea Yamhill aad Taylor (. .
TaUra ta La 41. Huffman A Oraat
ault t:t. Northwe! building. Pboa
Mala lltL ounlra frea.
Croat Bisk. Msaqu rede Hallo wa.
Tuaaday rJght. Bpaclal prtsea.
Oaks aVlak, Tueday
ZTr. Soatt. FrooUgtsV. Selllag bldg.e
atalghta of Pytalaa, you ar rord lolly
lnrttd to attead -a dancing and card
$tc our nc- Ship's Iklt
Oocks, the must clever
novelty we've recelveJ In
some time.
Tliey're In lr, Kr'l
nt. Ihc kin.l tf fk-:Wi that
rii with ny (timiture tr ny
riant! dcrcaTlHn.
fjuint, aUractite, accurite.
Were jtHi awre that wf car-
rifj one ! " urft
inrnti of cWV lo be f-tind
a rtt of Clieajt)?
Sine tf ihf m are
orriCE clocks
Is) ibr regti'.ator or drop rkrufonsl
style. OUk clock aith talfa
la whit raamcl lo match the ry
pofHilsr fkouh lor lb4 room
k S-T and tip. Kverr oe giur
antced a reliable nmrktrprr.
Swrel toned" Chime Clocks.
8AID "Let ihc public know roit
hive a food thine and then
have if
Thia i the principle of our aJvrr
tiatng to tril you of the good
thing we havt and ihcn lo be sure
they are all we claim, when you
come lo tee them.
f f -r ;.
m :
eairii aaia
1 .. . . I ymm ,
BKaBaYaBBaxaxaBtaaaaaK ,
Jaeger Bros.
Tha Large Jewelry 8tor ,
266 Morrison St
Between Third and Fourth '
TM blndvr la anrwrlnr to all
others for U4 In Ih ofdc. fac
tory or shipping room, well
ss for varlou nevda In th horn.
II has a larger rapaHtr and
grrater hotdlna tanarlty than anv
other tha oorklng parta are of
iar and 4r pr4rti-ally Inde
irortlbl. It 1 mad In a large
variety of stork stars and ran
b mad to order In practically
any sl4 dratred.
fiend for llluatrated and de
scriptive prlc list,
1 .-i
Chawing annl Stolon J.. F. McMahon
of 1S4J .UJision street reported to tho
police yeetefflay that on Friday night
someone broke into his store and stole
a -quantity of chewing gum and about
800 pennies that were In tbo cash till.
He believes tho work was done by boys.
The side door to the -store waa forced
open. ' . . , .-
Cohea ta Oo East Attorney Max G
Cohen win leave this morning for an
extensive tour of the east- lie will visit
Chicago, Galenburgv 111., New Terr,
Washington, St Augustine, Fls., and
New Orleans, and possibly Mexico. He
will return December It. - . 1 ,
Why suffer or take chances on atrang-
ulation when I can give you absolute
protection- -ana a possible curer
YOUR ' HERNIA, regardless of occupa
tion, ago or sex. No spring. No elas
tic. Indorsed by all physicians who
have used It. ' - Don't wait: delays sre I
always, unwise : ana frequently ratal.
Try tb Wilson Way; 30 day, frea. ,
M Sixth Bt twB Oak and Fin Sta
ijpstairs aotn mono.
- Ask or write for booklet, "A Sensible
Telle on Rupture and Its Cura" It a fra.
f 11000 Fir at XfOata A 1 15.900 fir
caused the death of 14 horses and com
pletely burned tbe-large two-etory barn
belonging to th Rose City Van A Stor-
company and the home- of F. W.
Tussey, manager of th oompa&y, at
To the best of my ability. .
It m make a boostr of
Sou, Z xamlna your month,
ill yon what X oaa do, whst
-V whst it will cost (a rsasoa-
able ohargs). If ready wa
barlni If not, the axamlna-
tioa has oost yoa nothing.
-All work guaranteed. If I
. can't guarantee it, I don't
do it, and if I ever did it,
' it'a guaranteed. " '
Office Kjnlppd - With , all .
, modern appuaaoes. X.ady at--
tnd4t. r:
- r. - . - : -
BorthwMt Oorasr Sixth aal
Oak gts Ssooad floor. Tlo- .
' phoa afarshaU t. Take -V
- - 4 " Xlevator. - - -
A Store Where LaHiea Can Trade
Waliona! IVlne Co. Family tfqnor Store
The Lariat Mail Order House in the Northwest
Highest Qualities and Attractive Prices at All Times
One or
a Dozen
bottles can . be obtained
here. Just ask anyone fa
miliar with our stock
what our
v Liquors
are like. '.Youj will then hear more in their praise than, we
would .dare say.- Every one who has sampled them is ever
after a customer.. Special preparations are beinp; made for our
Holiday Stock Better make inquiries now.
CLARET,' 75c value, , per gallon . . . . . . . . . : . . . . . 40c
WHITE REISLING, $1.50 value, per gallon. .... .90c
SAUTlE,' $ 1 .50 value, per gallon ...... y.... 90c
$1.00 to $4.00 Per Gallon
value, per . quart . ..; .V. . . . . . . ... .... . .$1.25
full 10-year-old whiskey, absolutely pure, full
quart $1.25
HILLWOOD, full quart ;$1.00
MULTNOMAH RYE, full quart .$1.00
Our delivery wagons carry no sifirns, insuring no publicity
on delivery.
. Express prepaid on. out-of-town orders of $4.00 or over,
National Wine Co.
j . Fortland, Oragon.
Fifth and Btark Btxaats,
rhoaooi Main
499, ' A-4499.
Commercial Stationer.
Offic Outfitters. .
Printers, Engravers,
. . . Booklet Makers and ...
Bookbinders. . '"''
Architect' and Engineer' Instruments
, snd buppncs.
The paving in this city waa initially
' under my administration . as mayor.
II.. .l'; ; a: : . i
ailU a UlO Jclll Wii wsvumvu ivt biiu
I con regarding the different pavements
! was going on I several times made the
'statement that the Test of time' .was
the only satisfactory test that could be
made. This was some eight years ago.
I have had an opportunity to investi
gate the Bitulithic paving in Boston
and other Eastern cities, as well as dif
ferent cities in the Northwest, espe-
' -,. ir-i ' itr-ti . l 'im x
viaiiy null ua, aiiu wuue ificnuiy
with all the different paving compa-
nies with which we do business, I am
compelled to admit that the Bitulithic -
'pavement has stood the 'test of time'
better than any pavement I have had
occasion to investigate. Gilbert
Hunt, Walla Walla. Wash. -
Portland Marble Works
Established 1885. .
We carry the largest and
' best stock on the coast Cal)
and get Our prices bef or
purchasing elsewhere,
864 aal 864 Fourth Street
Opposite City Hall.'
Phones Hain 8584, AU31S.
Foster & Kllescr
: High Grade Commercial and ElrctrU
Bast Tth aad Bast Evsroil Kts.
Bast inn B-aaa. - " -
toii life
Beautiful 'prizes for "best dressed lady, for best dressed gentle
man, most comic and most original costumes, bpecial refresh
ments free. Finest and fastest floor in the northwest. Every
body, come up' and have a good time.
Constructs Asphalt and Hier Bitum
inous Pavement 0t 0S , Electrte
B'dg. Portland. Or. Oakar liubar,
Wn'.J to f -'1