The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 29, 1911, Page 11, Image 11

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McrchnndlnoPurclmBcd On Credit Tomorrow unci Tueaflnyvvm iJc ennrned on NovcmDcrAccoum.rnynDic uc;c. ii
Urln n Your cnriaimna ncuirca io i-io i rnmcn L.nri y-uoiia mm iuyn Kcpnirco, am v loor- a uy ucpMnmt ni , "' . "";
Fancy Neckwear
Oi Grades '17c
- A tl W el W ' Fry U 3
( M Wl-, JtUtw SUta. .
IM' 4 ; 4 S.ay ! M CftUHM
M Ucs, !. liMAt a4 iW ti li4
hIkI Ci Jit tiom iit 1H lemon; 4'7
(r4t 14 . ft CM, tpUt l llu l-g m Jmu f C
Fine Embroideries
Dl Cm ties 48c
Aa 4if y a!a ef Dnty itoIans. uUa
fr rf ir4 $u 4 suiaaoeka til m.
cnp faunas U fteajattaft. sltairtt, atmi-l
fkMindatft, Uod, ia km toes, ftHooat. tit! 40C
wwtk la ft yard. ft4 it loaxxfo at, ysr4 iOv I
0 1.2 3 Drcflfl Nets for 430c
A gril cleanup uli of the Nsis. fU 4$ !
In tl l Pf njM-lt Miiimi yolft. fTQ
Wves. errrotts. tic; wu lo $l. yard, 1 UJU
4DMs9 W FUmmsimi & Wmg
Authoritative Fnshlon Shop-Morrison, Alder. Tenth, West Fark Sts,
028.50 Dresses for C1G.85
An authentic thowiag of Wocacn'i Drc in a dliiirvct.
irt Twiet ol nyUt that cater to man InJiykJutJ Uitti
arvi lAcHnationaiTbe matrnal. enjplored aro Tf b
rvary. Made and brown, aultlnxt la check and plauJa,
bcautiul yclrtt, ttc. In all tK newet and moat pfcaa
Inf atyU creationt 5om art trimmed la brakla, with
Uc yoicea, aalin banda, etc. otnera Kar Uoaddoth col
lart and cuff, ityled with high Of low netka, aallor or
ahawl coUara, etc Very exceptional Sral- Q C O C
utt to 50 Okmm from tKa lot at DI U.OO
S3.75 Waists at Only 01.88
S1C.50 Waists for 88.25
! k f CtrvwBl Sioft, Mro4 (luur. t mVI l.f iomff e
Uf co;Unu o Ut mimm'i tl MUiag !! i 4aljr daerU
t(li t. f. tuif, Us rif. All Ui4 truia tr irgaUr iiwk tl
t4 ItlUrt tiita ! Ufa r4iKf4 lo oaly U w , a k4 lary if
Wtmr4 ta Vlaai Urct, ka4 mbiu4tti4 yvit. cloay rd(tnt,
lait, But I CM (ro Of k(k, lMlf W tktlft U, B li L
fnutf iiu etr klkea, ic ( from 14 w !
1J7J Vi.u t !. S 50 Waiiti tl 91.TI IX M V. .. t f4.SS
l (O Waitlt ! fl.OO ACX) $3.00 f J Jtf 4,.l $.?
i.v) Wtiu tt lAjo Vftii i xsa 1 1 4 1 .,it t.o
tJw ti yjj vuit at $xra n&w w.i.u $a.xa
A IRellalble Sale ol
Women's Xailop'd
Positively No Lost Season's Styles
'"TKa fact that tKia itore alwara maintaina a
high atandard of quality of Women's Ap
parel is aaiuranc of the genuineness of this
off er These suits are made up of such de
pendable materials as Cheriots, Mixtures, Di
agonals, Homespuns, English and Scotch Nor
cities, etc Almost erery color one could
vriih for Is here The Coats come in the pop
ular 23 or 30-inch length, are plain tailored,
with velret collars The skirts are gored or
plaited, with panel front and back, many with
me nxgn waiac unes or cjnpuv wcw w
tractive,, atjliah suit, worth to
$40 regularly - Special price
$26.79 j
S10 Handbags lor $4.98
$5.00 Handbags for S2.9S
J gt ltf Kliy tul W llfcUk li )4
ri(iM!.l fik t a l IM I.M. fa
T i ail $4 tikr t a jmiI
litnit, uilt 04 4U , lik tfc.J.
fu4a) a4 i4 i4r, igUf f tdcQ Je
tl M; ft,MUr f&M 4ct UMi C) QIJ
fttl.r f ) U) g4t fwr4 Jx in,mu l V"JO
S5.00 Dead Dags at S3.78
$6.50 Dead Dags at S4.98
0r imprint t( Vttiii fU.J4 Pf ,
t4 4aib tflctt. I 4utif c4f4 IVw! tr A
C4 ikir l 4 r, I) fi'ifi Q 4 QQ
I SJ.7S, 4 vt ft.f S&SO ft4rt fit4 0i0
7ffcRtbbonant Only 37c
T1io4 ol )r4 d Talf'it KiM- i crry imif
Jn.tU hJ. MUtW lor ttfjf iiifNc; K Tlftta
Kitbon, vnK 75. pl ti 17c. 4 3'i fh 1Q
PEIow.MaEdng. and Sale o Pillows
Sco Window Demonstration Tomorrow
SS.OO "Sunset" Pllloia Mow at S4.25
08.00Goosc Down Pillows lor S6.8G
Come and see the thrifty little German lady and her clever eese in our win
dow tomorrow. See for vourself how the real live feathers are nirkJ. f!n?J.
cured and put into the pillow a knowledge which will tv? of value to vou. We
have brought this demonstration direct from the factory especially for this reat
sale of Guaranteed Feather pillows. During this sale we will price the best
Goose Down Filled Pillows, covered with the best rrade of stand- tZ or
ard linen ticking regularly sold at $8.00 a pair, for this special price DUaOO
THREE vtry emcrpiiootl grades 0f the Tint Coot Fctthtr filled Tillomt, covered iib th be
quality A. C A. Tickinr. cl! made nd rturanierd lo rleie. Our regular 1100 Pillow i. ? OP
M regular $7.00 Pi!low, IS 31-regular S7.S0 IMiowt. priced lor tomorrow's telling at 00.00
$22.50 Brass Beds for $15.00
In the big Bedding store. 3d floor, we offer a tale of Drais Beds
ert; siiet 4 feel 6, or 3 feet 6 inchct; pattern like CI CT flfl
illustration; $22.50 grades, priced for tomorrow at OXU.UU
515.00 Brass Beds for $9.95 M
A' splendid tine of satin finish Brass Beds, with 2-inch pillars
inches. Our best regular $15 quality, special at only QutVp
Imported Cretonne Bed
Spreads. 54.50 Val. S2.U5
In the Daroery store, third loor. we offer 'fin im
ported Colored Cretonne Bed' Spreads, in beantiful.
large floral.-patterns in yellow, pink and blue; strictly ,
' " ' - II V ' ' ' S A -i ' m m mm
03.00 Silk Stocklnao for Sl.OS
Women's Italian Silk Stocking with hand embroidered insteps in a
ereat varietr of colors. Many, will take advantage of this unusual price
and. buy now for the holidays. Tomorrow we price these flt QK'
V -a- w
fast colors, suitable for woor-or metal cds. (PO QJT II and . buy now for the holidays. Tomorrow we price tDese
Oer fegularvtock $4.50 gTadcs, special at VWtJ. II grades .to at a big reduction your choice, the pair
A nlp nf T npp rnrfnfnc
$5.00 Grades at $2.70
Best quality Bobbinett Lace Curtains,,wiUi 2-inch cluny
lace insertions and wide lace edge. to matrh, one of tbe
newest and most durable curtains made, full flJO 'Tfl
IS ins. ide, 3 yards long, white only; $5 grades VaVa f v
CGaOO Couch Covers 53.95
date Oriental patterns; and rich dark colorings; reversi
ble and finished with heavy knotted fringe, JJO QC
60 ins. wide and 108 ins. : long; $6 grades for Vtfai7i)
Save 60 on All
Single pairs Of fine'Lace Curtains In all the most mod
ern styles of Arabian Lace,' Duchess Lace, .Cluny Brus
sels, Irish Point and Scrim, at 60 per ItflQ&ft Off
cent off , the, regular price. tomorrow If "
SOc Silk Hose, 3
Pairs loroi.uu
Women's . Black Silk Stockings,
writh liale tons and lisle soles, ex-
tra heavw aoles. ' heels and. toes;
srood wearinar aualities; 01 flH
50c grades, 3 pairs for PlUU
25c Hone for lOc
Clark's Make
Women's "Clark's Make" Egyptian
l-trrle Hose, with extra 'strong
heels and toes, with garter tops;
black and colors. . Our best 1
regular 25S sellers, special xv
Only two more days to select your
party favors, place cards, greeting
cards, etc. .Laughing Pumpkins,
Ghosts. Decorations, Lanterns, etc.
On the main floor nd fourth floor..
f n r Runrifl
SHR fistoclclnqs Ol
Women's Onyx Brand Silk Stock
ings in black, white or tan, with
lisle garter tops, lisle soles, heels
and toes, the best wear- (Jt Aft
ing silk hose ever made vi-alll
Child's Fine ariose
2Sc Grade for lOc
Children's "Clark's Make" Hose in
the. ribbed cotton, with extra
strong splicing at heels and toes,
and with seamless foot. Al- "I Q
ways sold at 25c, special, pr; XUXj
Free Lessons In Fine Art Work
Embroidering, Crocheting. Knitting
Thoroughly experienced teachers in Art Needlework, Embroidery, Yarn
Crochet and Knitting. Classes for women e"very day. Classes for school
girls; Saturday mornings. Inquire at Art Store, on the second floor.
51.00 Grades for 57c
A great sale of 3000 yards of Fancy Silks in the fancy checks, stripes and
Persians; plafds andv scroll effects; very beautiful color combinations,
.suitable for-waists, - trimmings, linings, fancy work, etc. Our C'7
regular $1.00 grades, special for this sale tomorrow at only, yard Ol v
$1.50: Velvet Corduroy for 31.19
$1.75 Velvet Corduroy for $1.48
1500 yards of Velvet Corduroys, the ideal fabric for suits and for one
piece dresses in shades of black, navy, marine, tan, Copenhagen, castorM
golden brown, medium brown, cardinal. and green. Our reg- 1" AO
ular $1.50 grades for $1.19, and $175 grades, special at, yard pAa0
Newest Polo Coatings. $3.50, $4, $6 Yd.
A new shipment of the very popular Polo Coatings in blues,' browns,
tans, grays, etc; double-faced materials, suitable for street coats, sum
coats and delicate shades for evening coats at, yard f3.50, f-i and 96
E e Glasses
Let' our optician examine your
eyes, he will have no object in
prescribing glasses unless you ac
tually need them. Tie- is required
by this institution togive honest
advice, and his work is absolutely
guaranteed. Give hrm a trial.
ginning tomorrow, morning we will give free to all customers whose purchases amount to $5.00 during this
ck, choice of a beautiful line of E. M, Burt's Studio made Pictures. Oil paintings on canvassize 14x22 inches.
Nota picture in the lot worth less than $5.00.. As a special holiday offer we give you one free this Ir Hfj
week-vhen your purchases amount to $5.00, and the picture easily worth ......... .... PJall V
To all whose purchases amount to $10.00 during this week we will give , one of E. M.i Burt's Paintings, oil
on canvas, in beautiful landscape, marine and scenic subjects, size 22x36 inches absolutely free.; Not a picture
in the lot -worth less than $10.00. As a special early holiday offer we give you one of these beauti- fl1 A AA
ful pictures in oil free this week if your-purchases amount to ' tiXVaW
Early Holiday
Sale SHverwre
Latest Fancy Designs
William Rogers JSilverware in fancy designa
in the latest French gray finish, ail reduced:
Set of six Tea Spoons, specially priced 59c
Set of aix Dessert Spoons, special price 98c
Set of six Table Spoons, special only $1.18
Rogers Berry Spoons, special price, ea. 59c
Set of six Dessert Forks,' special at only 98c
Set of six -Table Forks, special only $1.18
Set of aix Oyster Forks, special price 97c
Set of aix Individual Salad Forks for $1.40
Cold Meat Forks, specially priced at, ea. 39c
Pickle Forks with long handles, special 32c
Cream Ladies, specially priced at, each 32c
Rogers Gravy Ladles, 'specially priced . 48c!
Rogers Soup Ladles, specially priced $1.20
Rogers Sugar Spoons, specially priced 25d
Rogers Butter Knives, specially priced 30c
Rogers Table Knives, set of six only $1.45
Special sale of Tea Sets, Sugar and Creams, Bak
ing Dishes, Bread Baskets, Spoon Trays, Sand
wich Trays, etc. . ' '
Free ossWlbtiiiaon, iBeaota- N e fit o i e f gpcc'l Prices TSifis Weekon
jt J'- ti- aTiWa 'r . ;l rm r. ft n t - The WONDERFUL .! ,
iiuiiiii jrraiiinuiirtto cleanser
An Early Holiday Gift of JE. 1VI . Bupt's Studio Work: Preparation
Third Floor
See Monday Papers for
Menu and .Subject "
"Marquise" represent the highest art in cor
setry at the most rrrbderate prices. ; -For,
after all, "Corset Art" lies in the fitting and
the perfect lines which ' are given to the
wearer. -The ' corset is the foundation of
.every perfectly gowned woman, forno gar
ment will fit well over an m-titting corset.
The Marquise Corsets are not expensive, yet
they eive the same effect as the high-priced
V corsets. - Our Miss MmogueV an expert cor
s'settere of broad experience gives personal
inspection of all fittings. Our Corsetiers are
J all thoroughly experienced.. They know how
. J to overcome all corset ails. 1 Every corset is
sold with a positive guarantee of satisfac
tion. .Ask to see the "Marquise Corset.
Dept. Second Floo' .
c . 25c VcIoup Flannels 17c
High Grade Outings 11c
"Best German Velour Flannels for
kimonos,' dressing sacques, . bath
robes, etc; reg. 2Sc grades, " 91
sale in .Bargain Circle, yd. X I lv
Very best quality Outing Flannels
fof gowns, pajamas, petticoats,
sacques, etc.' Special r tor 11
this sale tomorrow, . yard A A',
T T ; 7'--
1 nrM
Our Patrons Can Read With Interest What This Brand of Underwear
' Means to Them:
It MEANS that the name "Merode" stands for Superior Quality.
It MEANS that every garment sold rives Complete Satisfaction.
It MEANS that you will get Full-Sized, Well-Fitting and Properly Shaped
underwear. -
It MEANS that this brand affords the Widest Range of Weights, Fabrics
and Shapes. ' .
It MEANS that it is made under the Most Careful Hygienic Auspices.
It MEANS everything that stands for High-Class Reputable Merchandise.
It MEANS that the "Merode'.' Brand will Meet Every Requirement which
our critical patrons demand.
It MEANS that we fully indorse the "Merode" Underwear as worthy of,
us and you. , K .. ; - v.
It MEANS that any of the styles you buy will give you comfort, warmth "
and wear. ; -
tlmU ... l
Great Sale Dainty Laces, Allovero,
35c Laces 12c
Dainty Laces here for Christmas
work, just such as you will need
in an enormous assortment, widths
2'i to 5 inches.; edges and-
insertions, w'th 35c yd., spl. Xaiii
Oi.25 IMets COc
White, Cream and Ecru Nety 45
inches wide, for dresses, trimmings,
stc; all good ; patterns; KQ
irorth to $15 yard, only uVl
6c Laces ior 2c
12c Laces at 5c
17c Laces at 9c
35c Laces at 12c
Italian, French and' German Mesh
Laces, ; Edges ;' and Insertions;
widths up to, V inches.' -1
51 Bands 37 c
Beautiful Venise Qands, in white,-
cream, and ecru, in widths to ZVt
inches; many pleasing patterns to
:hoose from. : Our regular Oy
$1.00 values, priced at only 0 1 1.
C3 All overs C 1.4 O
Many of the season's bast design j
tn white, cream and ecru; 2.25
aTades', for 98c, i "and J"j AQ
$3.00 grades, for only VXal
A Great Sale of Andiron
fij&Wi-JFtre Sets, ESc.
$4.50 Brass Andirons only f 3.60
$8.00 Brass Andirons only 6.40
$10.00 Brass Andirons only f 8.00
$12.50 Brass Andirons only f 10.00
r$3.2T"BrassAndirons only f 6.60
SI6.TO Brass Andirons only 91Z.SO
Urass Andirons only f 14.00
$2.50 '.Black Andirons only f-'.O
$5.50 Black Andirons only fl.H
$7.50 Black Andiron oh! fi.f
$575 Black Fire S-t t r -Uy '
$8.00 Black'Fire Sn .-it " '
$5.50 Black 1 ire Srrro at -
$J.50 Black Fire Sthi,, ;,! :
$10.50 4-Fold Brass Fire Screens, special for this si!c at t