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pcjck two cnrm ;mu'V..V
Wood row Wilson Says 'Democrats Ready and Free and Determined to Act
Sheriff Raids Seven-Mile House Women In' Squabble Qver. Vaccination
Affirms That Many Thousands
of Insurgents Who Would
Do Good In 0. 0. P. Pre
vented by Standpat Leaders
i i
BonfrveJl Disallows Challenges
'.Made by Chief Counsel for
the Defense of J. B. McNa
mara and Shuts Off Queries
Two Jurors Apparently Showed
Prejudice When Under Ex
.amination by Counsel.
11 r IViZ"
ooclrom Wilson.
irW4 It lM4 b I
' nePee, Teaaa Orl. St Oavaroof
TVaodro-w WUm, af Kw Jeretya a
rt af ihe Deltas county vodrw
.Wlleo eleb, epeke Ihla nreoa la
k Collm, Mfr Pmrr from
U rr IN UI.
, 0rnr WiImi mI4 lb rWtnocttiile
TAr n4 trr nl t(mnlnd lo
ft" la trremnoiJilKa t h rlrcww
ianra and f a nw ."
)( m4 th rr IhauMada af Jr
Vrlra la iba lirpuhllraa pny, but
that I her wrra n in ronirol at vara
aaablatla accotnplUb Ihrtr abjca ta
that rrty. .. ' ,
. , namr ri)aoa aa14 In pari:
. "Tbara waa a llm. but Ihra r far
yaara , whoa mn wha aioed tilIl
In lha rounarla of th nation. ,ornf
aakad tba jatlom 'What la ba
ratna f tha povera of th him' prraa
lnr lha Inquiry, fiat bwauaa thf n
tartainad yjaatuay af Iboaa powrra,
bat barauaa, arparrntly. tha alalaa wrra
not Infllnai to aiKrciaa tham, wrra
tharai and lnillffcrnt ' In tba praa
aaca ' af rondltloaa which ni44
thoughtful and affirtlra ramady 'But
aurb talk haa raaaad.' lha alatra hara
aaanrtad thamarlvra, aah atata la at
tarnptlnr ayatamatla traalmaat af Ha
awn problrrea. atudylnc tham train tha
point er rltw of ita own pooplr, and
adapting lha ramady lo the elrcum
tanraa. , i ( , Taxai bad tba Way. .
. .Tri lad tba way. In thtu rni!i
anr of tha functiona of tha atataa, but
aU tha country" la now quirk -with tha
nw Ufa and America la bralnnlng onea
arln to raallaa tha hHppy rlrcum- iiMllf Tkit II Amnan nl
unca that our , JlvmtflM eondltlona MUVV (.Viuciu. I nai ivibiiiwi vi
ran bantt without any futile attampt
to apply a too uniform remedy. Our
tataa are our taatlng grounda. and
they, hara full power and authority to
make trial of tha rrmrdlra which com
mend themae)vaa-to them. In 'many I
taya It la denlrablc. nny Itnperatlva,
it wa ahould - cooperate and bring
about aa nearly aa poaalble uniform i
regulation, But In othera wa anal! be I
avtrong only when we adapt ouraalvea
n-ioet perfectly to tha variety of our I
President's Administrative
vBody . Gathering i in Chicago I
to Talk Over Action.
ir.hea rwa Uum WW I
Hall af l(arrda. Lai Ang.l, OH. ft.
Tba dtfen la iba McXamara
I t an Important po4af today wbea
Judge fiord well ruled dlraetly agalaat
Iwe rhatUnaaa laiarpaaad by Ibam
agalnal oplnlonaiad ynirem. Nat
only ware tba cbaltengea dlaallawad by
Judge Bordwell. bat be aaramptorlly re
fuaad la permit Parraw to either argue
aaaloat tba ruling or ta further quea
Hon the two men.
Aa lha reeult af loday'a dadataa af
Judge BordwelL tha tfefmaa la eonald
arlng renewing Ha motion for a change
or Judge and wbea thla la refuee. aa
aiperted, making a motion for a change
or venue.
ajrara la QaerUon.
Tha Juror a In queation, who now eaa
only bo eliminated by peramptery rhal-
lenga, are ,A. c winter, a rail
buleber, who admitted a atrong prelu
dice agalnat orgajilaad labor, and that
be had acted aa a etrtbebreaker
butrh.ra' atrlka In. thl
yeara ago, and Walter
farmer, who aaid ha batleved McNamara
guilty beyond a , caaeoiuble doubt, but
later aald be could lay aalda bJa. opin
ion and preanme blna Innocent.
It waa Darrow'a Inalatenca on an Im
mediate ruling on theaa two caaea that
precipitated Jaat night a aanaattonal anl
aoda, when 'the dfenaa waa forced to
prooeed by direct order of Judge Bord
well and tha derlalon came aa a bitter
disappointment to McKamarn'a attor
ney Aa a-reault of It, It la poaalbla
that tne derenae may try to get, a
change of venue, although thla la a
point they have not yet decided upon.
. eieJoa Varied vr Claah.
. Today's morning aeaalon waa alao
marked by a bitter claeh between the
attorneys on both aldee and by Darrow,
in effect, charging Judge Bordwell with
unrairncaa. , i .
Darrow flatly eald that the court
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in -mm
Stem Wheeler Multnomah,
Built in East Portland in
1BS5, Ues in 300 Feet" of
Water; Passenjers Safe. f
Sunken Vessel Is Valued at
S30.000, Probably Can-
not Be Salved.
VacciriatibtiWarBrealcsOutiriMothers 'Congress
H ll , ' H at H at H H H ; H , at - ,. at . at -
(Oolted rreei Laaeed Wire.)
Chicago, Oct.,- 28. That , tha govern
ment 'a ault for the dissolution of tha
tMl i Iruat' will ba - tha aublect af a
-people, ot our ao'l. of our producta, of eonferenca between President Taft.and
"The etatea are the political labora-1 " , " -"-- -- --
torlea of a free peopled Their aelf- v,slt ,n ch,ca aeeraa practically cer
adjuatment la the moat vital proceea of tain today. . Businesa and buatla were
our life. Tha danger of a too great I everywhere evident, In", tile preeldent'i
concentration of authority I if tha gov- I vicinity and tha corridors of hit hotel
emment at Waahlngton la , not ao raaembled. the White Houae atthe .be-
munn a conautuuonai aanger aa a prac- i ginning of ,a congrosaional aeaalon..
' ' .. -i-'- I
(- -: V V . . ..
r v . (
' " f-' . V,
.vv- S --: .
Mrs. R. If; Tat.
tlcal danger. It Is the danger of an
; artlflplal uniformity, rof an arbitrary
..unity, of a system without elasticity,
' of regulation without . local . accommo
' uatlon. 4 -if ' V"'.
JPubllo' Opinion Stifled": :
' "One of tha"eaeona why our, atatea
flagged in the exercise of their powers;
one of th reaona why the queation
arose whether they were going to ex
ercise them , or let them lapse by; neg
, lect, waa that - they did not have
such political arrangements as made
it easy for public opinion to tell upon
legislation and effect the objoots which
thoughtful and public spirited , men
hd long had in mind. There haa been
City Milk Chemist Telis Deal
ers They Must Keep Places
Clean, and Pass Score, or
Quit Business.V
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The cabinet -is. well represented.' Sec
retary of the . Treasury MacVeagh,. Sec
retary of the Interior. Fisher, ana Sec
retary of tha Navy Oeorge Von. I Meyer
all , being present. Attorney General
WlcXersham ,ls expected today, but If
be falls to arrive, ha iWill ba represented
u?.or who. tzyzz. ;;ted'bythT;i. th :b:0
nrnev n.r.l to rllnnt th laral K.t. the City? health Office is about to put
tie agalnat the eteel trnat. r, 1IHnal cwa merles of the city out
Secretary of War Stimaon-and Poet- f bualness several creamery . owners
master General Hltelicock may also its Waited the office of City Milk Chemist
rive before PreeldenV Taft leaves Chi- yesterday to find out wht the city pro-
The president.
haa joined the Brick-
poses to do.
"I told them," , raid Mr. Calloway to-
layers' union, which formally Initiated day, 'that the health department Is aim.
ply carrying but 'its campaign for pure
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' s (Speelsl to Tbe Jonrail.l
Spokane, i Wash., Oct. ; 28.--In a wrlt
taM confession made and signed before
rtficlals of the Coeur d'Alene Racing
association last night," Jockey Clifford
. Gilbert, who waa ruled off the turf
Wednesday, following; a threatened riot
over a race at the Alan, Idaho,-track,
. - accuaed Eugene Crump of offering him
$1600 for pulling Enfield, tba dav'a fa
vorite. - - ,. .
Crump la associated with Powell, Par
ker &.Co., owning one of the largest
atablea at the races. The boy a confea
alon - resulted in the racing ' officials
issuing orders that Powell, Parker A
Co.'s entries ba refused during the re-
: mainder or the meet, ending today. Fol
lowing Is the confession.
'I,. Clifford Gilbert, of m'y own free
will, hereby make the following state
ment about tha sixth race of the I6tn
of October: .
"rrod the horse EnfleJd and waa to
get about $1680 from Eugene Crump
; for, pulling thahorae Enfield, ao that
Napa Nick could win and waa to Ret
the money if Napa Nick won. We had
a conversation at the barn of Powell, j
milk. We want clean milk and wo will
enforce tho law agalnat all unsanitary
establishments. . That Is all tho author
ity we have. Of course. If a creamery
doea.not comply with the law by making
a minimum score or 60 per cent for
cleanliness It will have to discontinue
operations. '
"The only reason the health depart
ment has not recommended the revo
cation Of a number of creamery licenses
before is that the milk ordlnancea con
tained i a , loophoid through . which the
creameries escaped. The council has
frkcr, f on tb m.ofnJn'r t the dlnaBCa and haa lao authorised an as-
Zoth or October. ,, - J f. v k.i. nii. nr.
shall commence in score local creameries
Yokohama Bank Turns Down
Manchu Government Offi
cials Doubt New Dictator's
Ability" to Put Down Rebels.
fffiCAl "TRUST"
( trntted Press Leased Wire".) 1
Peking, Oct, 8. It is officially an
nounced . that the - imperial troops at
Hankow, completely, routed ythe rebels
alter a nara . rougnr. . engagement last
ing all day yesterday, and that the city
has .been' recaptured and Is again under
government control. No details of the
battle have been ' announced.
next montrf" The law provides that thOae
creameries that fail to .make the re-
:',.'-.,.; ?-v -F. W.' SMITH."
Napa.-; Nick got , away Shadly and Mona quired mark on the first scoring shall
Canomann, a rank outsider, nosed out he warned to clean up, and that if they
Enfield for flret plaoe In. a. close fin- 'ail to corns up to standard on a second
ish. Crump and his friends are . da- Inspection 'the health board shall have
clared to have loat over $9000 as a re-1 power to revoke their lloenaea.
ault. , (J I Of II creameries Scored last summer
Gilbert lay back agalnat the relna I only II fulfilled .he requirements. Noth
with all" his might at the finish, the 1 ing could be done then to remedy eondl-
norae rigntmg ana roaming at tne itions, however, as the health board did
mouth in Ita struggle to surge to the I not have tha revocation power at that
itaa. ii was paipaoiy a piece vi crooa-i time.- .. ; . .... ,,. ,v
72. w S , Jey. p. 1 "na oaT' , -It may be." ald Mr. Calloway." that
Iff McFarland- or Kootenai, county was , ,forc,n, tha milk, ordinance, we
? .VJ'T: ...i "Jl0 l!.?1 'CrlZ wtU aldlna; in the formation of an ul
of the infuriated crowd when It wu "u,f -flfth
announced that tha favortta had bwrn ma owners may prefer selling out to
beaten. Many hundreds of. dollara waa tb ,arf er ones to remodeling unsanitary
loat by innocent bettora. J panta In rented buildlns-s However, the
. Powell and Parker ar both hlm!aa I neaun oepanmeni j:an not Slop to con
In the affair, according to further atata- eider the possible economic effect of the
ments.. made by Gilbert, he declaring I Pure milk -law. All we can do Is to
they neither' frequented the rtablea and I see that the people of thla city get as
knew nothing of the alleged d'.aL - clean a sujply as (osslbla,'
Tokio, Oct4 28. Overtures by the Chi
nese government for a ' $5,000,000 war
loan from . tha Yokohama Specie bank
were refused today, '
Peking, Oct. 15. Foreign legation of
ficials here today doubt whether the ap
pointment of Tuan Shi Kal aa practi
cal dictator of China will be sufficient
to quell the rebellion against the Manchu
dynasty.; Many doubt that Yuan will
really try. to suppreos tne revolution If
he can gain anythiror for himaelf.
Yuan Shf Kaf has been given supreme
command of - the - army with authority
over all viceroys.; He haa gone today to
Sin Tang Chow to assume control of tho
military establishment there. Hia first
order sent Genetal Yin, minister of war,
back to Peking because of hla Inactivity,
Ha then appointed General Suan Chi Jul
to the command oi the aecond corps.
Yuan Shi Kai'e preliminary steps indi
cate thaf , he Intends . to temporize, . and
that he rosy try tt arrange a peace rath
er than to risk' all on a deaperato at
tempt to crush out tha rebellion in the
field. ' . -. . .. . :
The. dowager empress today, ta re
ported- to have contributed. 1.060.000
taela from her private purse to the war
fund. " , ' . ' '. "r " ' ,.
San Francisco, Oct.. !.-Canton has
not fallen into the Lands of tha revo-
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This Is Claim Made by Anti
Vaccinationist Doctors
. Deny There Is Any Attempt
,to Control the Meeting .
The vaccination war", haa broken out
In the Mothers' Congress and haa as
sumed such .alarming; proportions that
It w. l attacking tha child-welfare ex
hibit scheduled to come off fn the Ar
mory' next week. According to the
antls," led by Mrs. Lor a C. Little and
Mrs. Thomas , Hawkes, the ."doctors'
trust" has captured the program. of the
exhibit and forced all the ant la off.
They say Mrs. Robert Tate, president
or the congress, is amiable but weak.
and aa a result tha doctors are having
tneir own way. ...
It la claimed by -them that tha atate
board of health, the visiting Nurse as
aoclatlon and ' the Consumers' league
threatened to withdraw. from tha exhibit
unless Mrs. Little and Dr. Louis Dech
mann of Seattle were kept off the pro
gram. ' " .--'.,-,."'...:
-Mrs. Tate declares that aha did not
yield to anybody In deciding that neither
Mrs. Little nor Dr. Dechmann ahould be
on the program of speakers at the ex
hibit, but that it waa decided, not to
have ' any disturbing elements on the
program. ' She says they never were on
the. program, but merely wanted to be.
. Denial Is Xada. .
' Dr. White 'denies that he "or anyone
from hla association told 'Mrs.' Tate she
woum nave to taae toe namea or . Mrs.
Little and Dr. Dechmann off 'the Mat
of speakers, but "says when she came to
him for i help he . told her the state
board would aid the exhibit if It stood
for right principles in the rearing of
children, but certainly . would not lend
ita aid to an exhibit that went agalnat
whatfit thought waa best for the child.
. Dr. White also denies that he asked
the city council to revoke an appro-
. J ;
v" - ...!-: V;'
' ! I ' I . '
Mr. Thomas Hawkes.
(aetat.1 ta Tka J-tal
Matlla. Wh Ort. :. The slam.
whal, wooden staaoiar atutlnomaa.
aulit at East fwiland la lilt, Itea la
If fathaano In aallle barfeor aa Un
reawli af a rollleioa with the pasaaas.r
ataeiwar Iroqaola at salJnlght, . Tba
mtahap axNmrred la a dense fog and
gavo afiaiB llaary Vrtr and lia
mm of the Iroqunia a ahaoce lo dis
play great praeearo sf mind In saving
avary peron pa the Multnemab and
keeping lha latur afloat aa hour In a
vain effort to baeeh. bar.
Tha Iroouola waa leaving eat for
Victoria while tba Mattnomah, with two
faanfera. delayed by fng, was ap
proaching the dork after the run front
Olympls. Both were proceeding alowly
but It was Impoaalbte to bark tba Iro
quois to prevent ahrtklng tha Uult-
nomah on the starboard quarter. The
Multnomah Immediately began to fill
and' there waa considerable consterna
tion among those aboard. Captain Car
counsel ltd 'them lo remain qalet.
keeplnr lha Iroquala steaming ahead
with her bow la the dent in the
Multnomah's bull. Popes were paased,
from ono veaael to tha other while the
Iroquois crew aaalated the passengers
and the Multnomatjs erew off la
safety. ' - - ' i -
The Multnomah aank quickly -to tha
hiirrlana iIm-It anrf then remained oa
'the aurfaro'for an hour while Captain
Carter Steamed along the harbor, seek
ing. a ahallow place to bea'h her. Oa
account of tha fog aha waa unable to
find a good beach and .finally tha Mult
nomah went, down "in the harbor In
nearly 100 feet of water. . Aa aha sank
the ropea war cut to aave the larrer
ateal' vessel. Thirteen head of cattle
were. lost on the Multnomah. . . : ."
Tho Multnomah 'waa a sternwheelcr. .
14 feet long. She put In many- yeara
on Puget Sound. She waa owned by the
Olymoia-Tacoma Navigation company.
land of lata yeara has been uaed mostly
for freight between , Olympia, Tacoma
and Seattle. - She was valued at about
$10,000, and is In such deep water that
aalvage Is believed Impracticable. Tha
Iroquois was brought from -the great
lakes several yeara ago and la operated;
between here and British Columbia. .
In the fog off Fraaer river laat Sun
day the Iroquois ran down and aank
tha steam tug Noname. This accident
waa Investigated yesterday by the In ,
speotors. v'' '.v.-1' ' i
Raid on Seven-Mile House Results in Arrest of Three Men ,
and. One Woman Girls Tell Pitiful Tale of How They i
. Were Held in Auto and Locked in Roadhouse- WithTwo t
Men One Escapes knd Comes to ' City to Authorities. t
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a ' (Special to Tba Journal. I : a
d - ' Spokane, - Waab ' Oct. 28. e
d , Corpses secured from ths medical q
4 departmenta of colleges will "no .
e longer -be used in Kappa Sigma
a . fraternity, inltlatlona, ahould the e
e .active chapters concur in tha de-
d ciaiona reached In tne northweat e
: conclave1 of - this " orgaoixatlon
. here laat night: .? . . ; '
Sv Reeolutiona wer reported from
tho committee in; which it is aug-
gested that hereafter candidates ' d
for Initiation be not required to d
ait "astride uatiff,'' as the.
corpses are known, while be log , a
given various degrees of the fra-1 4
ternity: i - It .lso ; recommended '
that each chapter be more exclijU, e
aive in choosing members. , d
Seattle waa cnosen unanimous-
ly aa tha next convention city. a)
Kidnaped," carried, t to ..the .notorious
Seven Mile roadhouse, ; and there held
over night" la the atory told by two
young women." who this "morning; were
caught. In a raid on the place by Depu
ty Sheriffs Harry Bulger and Robert
Phillips. Three men," the .two g-Irla and
another woman were brought from the
roadhouse to the county "jail and 'the;
off Icera 1 are looking- for two men who
have' ' been conducting the roadhouse
without a liquor license. v
The two -youna;' women-i who " claim
they were spirited away and taken to
the i tavern: are Maggie s Smith and t a
woman known by ; the name or King.
They live at 81 J Savier street with Mrs.
G. W. Shepherd. Misa Smith fought off
the two men until 5 o'cloclc thla morn
ing, she .says, and then escaped ..from
the roadhouse,- making her way to the
city,- where she. informed . Mrs.'. Shep
herd, her mother, who. In turn. Informed
the sheriffs office. .
May K. Belmont is . the third woman
in the custody of the officers. The men
gave the names of Jame Burns, Harry
Thomaa and Fred Long. .Long repre
aented to the two young .women that
ha is a physiciafl and Invited them to
take a ahort automobile ride laat even
Ing about 10 o'clock. " Mra. Shepherd
protested agalnat - the gtrla going out
at-that hour, but Long and the other
man with him promised to be back -with
In an hour. :- ' ' . V: ' , " " ;
. No sooner.had the two "young .'women
entered the auto' than. Instructions were
given the driver, to start for, the Seven
Mile house, they, claim. Tho glrla pro
tested, and attempted to escape from the
machine, but were held inside by Long
and hia friend. Orce at the tavern, the
two men promised to return within a
few. minutes, if the women would no
Inside and have a drink. After Jhej- en
tered the road l.cuse, the doors e
bolted and all chunce of escape was cut
of f. , Liquors flawed . freely. , and ttia
two women charge they- wera drugged
In the f irat drink. - " - ; v
Mlsa Srnlth.mada several attempts to
escape, and gave 15 to tha proprietor to.
uso- tho -telephone for a- taxlcab. 1 Sli '
charges: he stole he rest of her-eaone
She got sway about ( o'clock this morn
ing, and cam a to the ctty. .This, waa tha
firstnews of tho two girla Mrs,- Shep
herd had. ' . , 1
Vhen'Deputy Sheriffs Harry Bulger
and Robert Phillips arrived, they founI
all doors locked. Entrance was forced,
and. the King woman was found in one
room with Jamea Burns and Harry
Thomas. .. May Bolmont was found in
another room with Fred Long. All were
placed ; under - arrest.. The two ; men
supposed to be conducting the place,
escaped. -.. A Chinese cook known as -"Han,1,,
was alao brought to the city.
" Two automobiles were used . by th
deputy sheriff. When the six penla
were loaded Into ' these, Fred -Lonr
Jumped from the machine and ran fai
ths underbrush. Deputy Sheriff Bui?-?
fired four a hot a over hia haad, but tna
man kept on running until ha ran Into
a barbed wire fence. Tha deputy sheriff
threatened to ahoot to kilL and Lon
give up. " i
A large quantity of liquor waa fo'in l
In the roadhouse, and aufflcimt rvi.
dence of the night's debauch. Tha li
omen taken from their Porthm I
homes tell a revolting atory, r-I m
being cared for In the women's q !
at tha city JaJL The sheriffs v; ;
getting out tha nwffry a:.
agalnat the parties imt-li'-at.-.!,
charges will ba filed thta afir i.
The df-puti.a - i i
Fe'ven Mile bouse m n,
svrl da5. it 1 l I
' laat ut '-' "."I!"-.-
FrpHh,. t rf ifi ' - -" ' -
kn'?-n ' ' 1 r ! i - i