The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 12, 1911, Page 9, Image 9

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Shoe New.;
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Town Topics
--. 4ji44 k-k4 l4 4yMt k
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(41 tJ4 I Ikf j I titf
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' 4 V 1 M4 4 - 4 4
UCf 4K41 U4 1.4 Al4 lj
14 4M Utf 4.1 tx43
ctik o.hc ruanr
Save $2 Now
urtTAjn u-rAvrnc nrxa
Cujn JIM, W4, W C Cm. V
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w rt. t i ,.. . .
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4J4 HfW tj r tt.1 W
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lF -' sja 44, j-14
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r.4 ,4 .. !. 4v ' 44t-l
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t .4, k.
I V 4t w ..- . i.f 4 -A-i
Mtt ,f .4. r trf lit 4t,
4l f -.,
wl '1I M !- At
w . & ! I IM (l: 4 )
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u-a m4 44 4 - V-44 44 4h
kVW M 44 A ' l4 444
. . . I -i.ii.i u. II Mil I.
ua iut I
Mrt if. !., ! t. uk-j t , .
ium m 4 w.iti m t . . " m Mf r r ii
W IM ;-! I trti M v M U a..'f f - IV ftJJ
m tv u4 r r.4 i mi rntirtl - a. , I r. . f 4:1 ts
. bu in. . i. H. iTi'jn -wrlT if-- a iuv4 M
UM h. 14 tt4, 14 irV iinM!, M'7'Im H U,
Mi Xi. l4 tW I ' I I
RECEPTlO.'i IH HOS'OR .-w2 V'i'
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tl 44 4v-4.t4
t. 4l 44 4,t 41 44 t4
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Cird cf Tharii
W 4U4 44 44444 444 44 f4444
N 44 4444 444f 4W.4 444wUrl
(Vr4 U 4444-1 ! 44 4-4 4U4.
MiMf 444 4I4. X'
V r" 4 i44444. w.i v w im.tim. ttr.l.
n44 44 44M 4444)4 n r4. I J " ' . -T.TJ . . , J , : f44
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UTM K441444 r4 CV444 4l
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MiU 444 WU44f 4f 4Cf444 44
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rsr4i l4f r wl.
A 444 4 Pt4 444444 r4fe
4r44f. KM lrr f14.
, Hli 44 IM )t 444 114
444-4t44T - 4r 4444fTt4 tirolata
t. 44 f4 Wf4 4.144 trtt4. nr 144
MV 44 rl4l4 44444 144 rtlr. 444
ltv44 iib rt 4la4fif 4 Ctr
, IV-4r4. nnt, til . U
4 V f I44 04 444.
SSO.OOO Stock Brand NewWomen Outer Wearing
Apparel at Phenomenal Bargain Prices nt tho
W.Y. S
C44I144 r44 fV4 C44
"" ! I4H1 4444
' 44 )-.!. 4f 4 444 444
44444. TH4 4f a U rl44. -"4 I ,1. V ',7- ... - H
,44 Mrt4 444 44 4 444(4. 4fc 1 ' : ' " W1
U 444 41 Ik HtkM. 44 44 el- -r 4441 I 4i4
, nj U4 mtT. 441 ik 4ikim -rr! ' v. '
. 41444. Itjr444 14l-4 44 tK 4.H4I' -4li ff M rrr4 44 444.
, IM hMUl (hi IM tm N IM (llll 'f411 ' ' 444lf4 f 44nJ
, n 441441 IH 4r14t n-4. Tfc4 fH '-T. m ..tT...!- ? r . .
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lHh. I p4JIr r rT444 44f 4IK) 4T (4444 4.
I II 14 144 44444. T 44444
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114 I4.4 14 444 lh 44rt P44444
tt ITi hf 14 44 M. 0444T H4
Rhrt It. Tfcor 4n-v 4f
44)l aaiomebt! rniinr. tU4 lr tbr
4414 M mrrl4L TM auroral I
4444 la antt f1l4 la tha rl 411
rt 4f kin Onir. rbr!a t at.
! Ita th4 anta 44r prnnl4 la nrry
" 4 iw a r dio4 in immi Ha 4a m . j
rlm.,B h 444 lata 44 44inUr rtU. aad tha ire.t i. .krr--.
l TUompaoB thaa abMittiaiy r4.orru pnr ta Wim.w J7rr4.
Bryaa ti) rn kaora apUoaa
t Uia at ImcrUa MtrmUni 1444
14a nomla wui rt. a4 ha 111 ha -a
4 traat UDomx 1aT4, Mr. Ras-tMli
Uiaa. . O-C ll-TW RT&4Wa I
Wh - 144 44444 H m 4447 444
444 IM4 WU ni44 44tai4 4T, 44
I IHtrf 44 41414 r4J. T4 44.
444 111 MMUt 44 14 444-T4 I
44T4a 44 4444144 n444. 444t4 t4l
r 4444 44144
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1Utrt at 14.
4444 rn.
Uf 44-4 Wf414) 441,' faahi44
" rr4ja 4t --t4ua r4jia
I1U-4 4a)l4 44 4444 14 a4444 44
14 n4, a4 I44 at a4444
I 44 f44 bf lb 4CI144 4f 4444 --MI
raacua. i il rt4 at 14a 44 44 I
I U il4l aaacoa bWara 4ra kM
T 4i4 4 aara 4 iaraa 4r4Ua4tlJ
f '"'- I 44 4444 4IUlr 44(4T4 44
444144 Ur. Tart 4rh af iba tin 44 bi
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to! I 4444.
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120a a4ief
ti pri4--
17 44 M Ai
tklrtv'M-f 4
VW4 4rf44
444 f44T 4&U
rr4 l
a Tailored Suits $'14.95
From a Portland Ctixcn.
Ob4ffa44 4i4- qarr4 Tb 4
cnaurrur ror l l-artund Tlrab com-
, - iviiiunf innoini wmrij will at mora anclauaa at lb ltmkti.
? . nNl4 at Blith aod 0Urtj raaaoq for thl la bt tba 444444 ara
tha traffic ord 11004. , Vaaca waa drlr- ,. is. " " aoaraoip.
lag 44 tba left band slda of tba a tract
and waa about ta turn onto fllith atri
ha Ih polloa a a to pd by an4 ha
erah4 into it. I4ttl4 dm44 waa dona
19 nnr Biaenina.
bat tba ral ldr.
Ur. Munlork daclarad a pbatleaJty
for rlioa of tha voo urtff. and Mid
ba baUrrad tba blU wload by thm pr.
dBt abotild 144 baaa a4d orar Ui
vat. 1114 only oblacUoa vaa ihmt tba
Ira 444 o4mi t -v.i.i I D,4l framed by tha Damoeratla hova did
of lS North Blitaanth atraat. who dld
auaaniy ii saturriay artcrnoon, and
from 4-bo hom 4414 tn rtrloualy dla
appraPn. failed to ahow any alma of
polaonlnr. It la bellavad that tha man'
daath waa do to alcoholism and aut
inairaaiion. Tba thaory that ba ound
t WlWt , Will Dill 4 IH irM m
ah-, and JuaUflad tha praaldaat -la
Ttoln Jt.
It haa baad tb4 habit of polltldana
J!1 broadly and vacnaly of tha
Urlff. ba ooatlnaad. It Ii t aim-
cuit auojact 44 a whole bat not dim.
rd tba money haa bn aoeeptad a I for a man who maka a atudy of a
in oorraci ona ajjo zuruar lavaaug atton
Will aot ba made
Xa br4 aM4 443 rainfall
D44 It 4C44 44ctolly nr oaarUoaf
la U44 a ot ac44 to tha kldaay r
Tha vrti4ai4 tadkata waak
Tbara I 4Uam ta dlay.
Waab: kld4y4 ft vt wakr.
Olv yr trovbU prompt attlo.
r44J-4 Kldaoy nila act anlrkty,
Tbay 4traa4Ttb44 waak kldaaya.
Raad thl rortlaad taaUasooys
Q K. Baiatar. 1144 X. TTaahlnftaa I
0L, rorttaM. Or rem, aayat -Wfcaa mit.
frta from a otlff and Urn back and
difficulty wife toa kldnay aaeraUonav 1
4d Doaut'4 dny rtlla Tba ooetaata
af tbr4 box rid ta af tha trouble.
aad Ml of rratltnda X ( tbla ramady
my ladoraaniaof
. For aal by an dara. Trio It I
oaota. rootaioaUlbara Cev, Buffalo,
Now York, aola aonta for tha United
IUmmbr tha aa a Doaa'a and
tab no other.
lath otraet wblla on bla way AWw4.-4.-
mtht on a Sunoyalda ear waa I TATT"'
f f tha ear at Eaat Twnty. -
Brnabad Off Car. Pet Wahnnan of
11 Thirtieth
homo laat
bruahed Off
third and MorrUon atreta. b a tela. I
4traph pola which atanda near tha car l
track. The nan waa rendered unoon- 5
aoloua and Partolman Olace who waa at I ?
tna acene or tha accident aent tha uf
ferer to hi home In tha ambulanoe. Uia
tnjurlea were not eerloua. , .
BUck 4b4 14-7 mgt 4nt fancy mlatrr4, 23 an. iH-inrk
eo4ti; tw panel aklrta. Yoa caanot daphc4t4 Ihrm any
vber for 144 thai 12$ 00 to 2&00. Oar Qli Q
cJoainf out eHc U OJitJO
300 NewFafl$22-$25 Coals, $12.45
One of th4 t4t coat manofacturtra in Kaw York taprttttti
to ua thM 300 coaca bfxt recairinf our te!fram notify
tflf hlra W4.wtra folnf out of boaiaraa, and aooncr than hara
them returned, ba wired to tia; "Don't return coata, a til
them 4-en at a loa4 So, hera ar4 thcta new, clef ant. warm
coata, la all tba new fancy atylea and color. CfO AtZ
aellinf rcr-larlr at $23 to 2i, to b doaed out 0140
Eyaty woman knowa we eold better W4leta fpr lea moner
than any other 4tore in this city, and here'a our entire atock
of Flannel ind Colored Tailored WaSata at immenee reduc
tiona. .No exaggerated yaluea quoted Jut our regular and
Cloaiog-Oot pricea. Buy them now for a year.
Reg. tlM Walataj ......08d I Rag. 2J0 Walat ... .f 1.65
Reg. 12X0 Walata ....f 1.80 Reg. $iCO WaJatt ....f 1.0S
Exfra! $30 Blue Serge Snifs, $17.45
100 perfectly made man-tailored Blue Serge Sulta in indigo
blue, nary and midnight blue; eelling' regu- Qtrr Mr?
Urly at $30, to ba doaed out at AD
Remember the New Location at
145 7th,Bet. Morrison andAlder
1 1
,1 yasy roa. rrtaay KpactaX Our tl
i par-aaiion. lur
111.40 (Trade or. Wlnaa at 7lo par gaU
Ion. - Stralaht Kantucky . Wblkr. - T
year . old,- regular 14.80, at 11.10 par
rallon,' Kantucky " Wblakay, regular
1.80, at 12.50 pr gallon. Our t3 gradea
ot whiaiten Rum, Gin and Brandy, $1.10
par gallon. Friday only. 174-181 - n
MorrUon at Pbonea Eaat 187. 8-1414.
Fraa deUvery. Si,'," , ;" -
' iobbad Of 48 Oant4 When Jack Ran.
deraon of 484 Seventeenth avenue
north heard a alight nolae in bia room
tma morning, di rubbed bla area and
rained up in bed and aaw a man Jump
from the window, and when ba looked
tnrougn nia trouaere pocket, as cent
was mtssin; Re did not aecura a de
scription of the man. ' ,V v.-: J .
! I WW
Yoo will find oor
Dink the moit cent
al in the city, reid
i!y reached from a!!
car line i.
Satinet lcccmnti
opened with $1.00
or more. 4 per cent
Check accounts
receired without
reitrictioni in
amounts, if in rood
faith. '
Capital $150,000
o. o.
.i 4 aaai
TIN 4444a4
.., . .. ..Oaahtae
4V44ra. UUwb, tpaabta
Opm Svhir3ay Eren
Ingt 6 to 8.
tvra 4uppr van to. epeciai aer- f
Our twenty-firat "priday Only" aal apella E-C-O-N-O-M-Y In grt
big capital letters There is a very considerable saving on each Glove
-4W J T7 J ' Ttl . it a at ' . . . . i
ilfuB noncry uem nignest uraod Merciiandiaa, with tba "Xeanon'a i
- icy" ,n,r,nte. btck of every article sold. 1 r , ' .
Women's $1.25 Gloves at 89c f
. i l i " -' ft I
Women'4 one-cla4p picjue kid in black, white and colors; women'4 two 5 1
J -.1 . 4 444 I
ana wiree-ciasp real Kia, m, many good shades. Some JfJO OAj $
J ' quality. Not a pair worth U44 than $US--"Friday Only sale OC
vioeav preparatory to the sacrament of
the Lord's Supper will 1 ba held ' in the
First United Presbyterian church. 4th
and Montgomery, Thursday and Friday
avenlnga of thia week 7:45 o'clock. In
these meetings the pastor will be assist.
d by Dr. w, r.,. Beagor and Dr. J. R.
Knodell.-;y;Jj.4i:'a)-'X,';;v'i;fi ;; ' "
The Mothers' aad Teachers' olub of
Brooklyn public school will be at home
in the assembly room of tba school at
.1:80 p. m. tomorrow. An -addreea .on
sex hygiene will, be delivered bv a well
known physician, of tha city. All par.
; ent and friends . are requested to be
present, WKiJ't:'.: "J
I Women's $1.35 Gloves
,'" ' ' 4- '' " t ' ... ,i. . . ' ' . ..V1
Women 'a one-clasp "Co-Ed" En-i
guan v,ape uioves, also genuine
mocha and gray doe skins; $1.50
ana valuea rri- U? 1 flQ
day Only" Sale aplbUO
ttrand Columbns Bay BaU at Armor
Thursday, October 12. Concert at 7:80
m. Qrand " jinarch led bv in
Ferdinand : and : Queen Isabalia at
:S9 D. ' m. fi" Mu4iC. 80 ofeeM, hv T.i
feor Tlgano'a celebrated band. Ad.
mission, gentlemen II, ladles free whan
T44d a TrtxUi o Bagr Save money
toy buying trunk now, aa X have on sale
in biock m mi treeriees Trunk com
pany. r formerly of : 421 H Waahington
etreet. J. B. Wllaon, "The Trunk Man,"
B4... iiinaioa aireei. : , - ,
Br.'i". X. Yoakum at Pisgah Mission
church. East Seventh and jfast Ankany
ireccs. onigai i i:t9 ana each day at
t p. m. ana p. m. Teaching full
gospeL Coma and hear him. Free. All
welcome. i-. - . . c v:,, . ... a
Alberta- School MeatlngwTbe Alberta
Motfters' and Teaehora" club vtIU meet
mdfty arternoon at 1:45 o'clock at the
Alberta choolf A paper on "Mor.l"
wjii ie given. .
' Itoamar jfess Jgarkln for Cam aa,
TVaahougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leavea Waahington street
flock at I p. m. . .
Aa aatrtaiiimB4 ill be given Fri-Sy-Tning,
October 13, . at Clinton
, Women's 16-Butfon :
; Length Kid Gloves
In white only; $3 value CO l A
"Friday Only" Sale O-S.liJ
Women's WcSilkUsle
v Hose at 23c
Our famoua "Heather Silk" Hose
for women j lustrous, 4trong, fine
gauge; aplendid "wearing hose:
; wc value "Friday . , 00
Only" Sale ZoC
Women's 75c Pure Silk 5
Lf -. a a,o
, fJUC aff tOC
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose,
lisle garter tops, reinforced lil-
toe and heel, with the main part 4
tof pure thread 4ilk; 4trong and
auraoie; 5c valuo--"Fri- A 0
day Only" Sale 4oC
lpk Sausaae
em. t- ,ts VP111" Saturday morning at your
JlTAu g t i de of Prk only Government
Inspected little pigs, seasoned with purest spices.
You'll find It the best pork sausage you ever ate. It costs less than Eastern
made sausage and is fresher. - .
Jven orde totoy f. carton of this savory breakfast treat (put up in
pound cartons only) to be deUvered to you for your Sunday morning breaiast.
3 Pair at $1.00
Women'a regular S0c; Hos.
aiating of Ingrain lisle, with white
tipa and - white atrioeH
lisle, with lavender topa; medium
weight ailk and plain lisle? at! 4T
regular 50c valuea"Friday Only"
Sale , . ... ' S
35c a Pah X I
, .. : -I-.
a i.
i il- ZZ .-C" .r-d
. . r , . , .. . I a bbb aa 444a4444 . '. .:TTrB I
II , . t . -
aTBAsojra inn 4 t
(XA 4)aloa a Ballams Saa)
lOO. 4opl4 100 O a Orchtra
Brloaa Botkt Bvoaiag aad Mali
Entire lower floor. SI: haloonv.
flrat 4 row. 81.40: nasi i row, 1;
80o: aalierv. rwaarved. T4o: adm.. SAa:
box eeata 18.(0.. 7
Auto and carrier eat 14:41 o'clock.
JLJLM.JL0XJt Tib aad Tayloe
rbowa Kla X, A-UBfl.
S BTOaTTS, Srtaalag 4Tx4 SV3TOAT
Special Price Matinee Tuesday. '
Mort H. Singer Offers ,
Tba Favorlta Com4di40 .
la the Musical Comedy Suoceea "
tmm rzoBTnro notoxuu-
Bvonlngs: Lower floor. 41.40. 41.
last 11 rows. 80c Gallery, res. and adm.
60c Special Tuee. Mat: Lower floor,
81; balcony, first S rows. 78c: la rr
first 4 rows. 60c: aalierv. res. 26c: adm..
TI14T1I '
Mala and 4-8300
00. Im. Baker. Hrc.
rhtAU Week Mat Sat. 2te. 60c.
The Tuneful Musical Comedy
vziOwzb or m mamcm
, By Jos, Howard.
With Jess Harris, Betty Caldwell and
great oaat and chorus. Beautiful son
numbers. Rich In laughter. Evenlnc
prlce 26e, 60o. 76c, 41.
weeTne yraveung gaiaanian.
uaqu4U4d vandeviua.
WBBK, OOT. 4. Sebastian atarrOl A
Oo XTaloyollsts. - Dayton, roar-Tolotd
iagsr A-Baja s Postal Album. Dorla
Qrand opera xrio. veianay a vobu
man. Oartrnd MoOlU 4) Oo. Pantag .
cop. Matinee daily. Curtain aao. 4:30
and a:00. ."'..;.
Gloves Cleaned In a Saoerior Manner t
4 All Lenafhs. tnrlnHnn in.Rt, r ..iL. n
....ity wvuitvii j ic rr
Or3Palrfor$1.00 j mm yoa Break Your
. . ,
M ; 44 4 aa aJB W
V s3 Thaa Xakaa it BJgUl ; Tflc
7J Op B I
P. O.s
glasses, remember we are in a poai
tion to replace them on short notice.
Our modern workshop turns out first
class work at modest prices, and we
are alwaya willing to re-test ' them
without any extra charge for our sci
entific examination. Established bere
.1896. : ,. :
414-414 TAH-QTO BXBC.
Oor. Tbird and Waabiagtoa Btr.
Seooad riMb i Taka Zlrrator
It any person who has pur
the guaranteed 3-minute corn
remover, 'haa not obtained re-rolta--will
call at our atore,
FREE.. '
Woodard, Clarke & Co
Conat tet Asphalt and 44tar Rltnm.
Inoue Pave 4fita, 406-404 Elvrtrt
B'da, PwOjand. Or. CUr Uvku
., . y tnae4 -
Bitulithic pavement haa
been adopted for repay
ing WiUhire boulevard,
the principal avenue
from Los Angeles to the
Pacific Ocean coast re-aorta.
i THEATRE M-25-S-7i
vmBX Hat M, WlUa, Tha Hr"T
OOT, Tramp." X.a Tltoomb. k.
' Brown Brother. Maud Kail
Btaoy a Oo. Vedarsaa Brotbere. Jun
Im. x,a Araaera 4j Vlotor. -
Nana Bvery Day.
U Bnllivan a CoB":n
W Bfla4 VaudViu4
Yoraeriy Oraad i
WTH OCTOBZB 4 -Itaa-Xtroach C
MlUer, liagl B Millar. C" l -r.
tholomaw. Vnt1a Tonr. i soit t .
gora. Blblo B auly. rrlcas Its n.j t . .
in- r m
Teacher of r ', .-
Tilford I"' - . ;