The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 04, 1911, Page 18, Image 18

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    18 .
.A V
In the Lobby of Oar Seventh Floor Tea Room Beautiful Our First Amateur Photographic Contest Opens TomorrowEntrics; Will
Beleceived Till 5 o'Clock Tuesday, Though Positively Closes on That Date Seventeen Prizes Are O
' r . ' ... ' ' .
I I iTTTn TtTTinTr ill ' iJlf ' ill.- J. A 1 1 1 J- J. T 3 I Jt- ia 4-A "nnnm'.. : "1 TTTf "' i 1 Jl 1 ' Jl ' A
THIS WEEK will see a repetition of the great event which last year astonished
tli a whnlA rnnntTv-sid vph thft entire merrantilft wnrlrl. with its edeantic scoDe.
Over 1000 leading American and European manufacturers, representing the
famous lines for which we are the Portland distributors, have united with us in tbe
Second Great Golden Harvest and Manufacturers' Sale, which begins at 8 tomorrow.
It IS the opening" trim" in our Fall and Winter eamnfliern intrnrlurmcr thft mant '
new stocks gathered from every corner of the world-dependable quality merchan-
aise to sen at AJNUWJN Uub i . "
This opening announcement barely hints at the amazing import of this exent.
Every day this week and throughout the month new features will be presented.
$ 3.00 to $5.00 New Jap Silk
Waists at $2.32
REACHED us just in time for the
"tUanti'fnl hlarl-
Harvest Sale. Beautiful black
and white Jap Silk Waists that
you'd pay $3 to $5 for if bought in
the regular way.
Note the pretty models
in plain tailored and
sailor collar styles.
Tailored Waists with high necks
and long sleeves the sailor collar
styles with short kimono sleeves.
Other dainty models trimmed in
pretty laces. Come early for
your choice of these $3 to $5
.Jap .bilk
Waists at
Harvest Sale $8.50 S. H.i R
Guaranteed Silk Petticoats $5.43
Mill Surplus Women's 50c
and 75c Underwear at 39c
kxxxx . nmrxv rcxar nooi
oassa st kaxl
k NDb'est of all, they are in the medium weights for fall
and winter wear. Splendid ribbed Vests, with high -or
low neck, long or short sleeves. Knee or ankle length pants.
A- mill surplus, arrived just in time for the Second i
Golden Harvest and Manufacturers' Sale. Regular
50c and' 75c Underwear, in all sizes, tomorrow at
Women's $1.00 Ribbed
Union Suits at Only 79c
Our own staple $1 Union
SuSts,.of fine ribbed cotton,
in lowtneck, no sleeves, knee
or article length. A weight for
early fall wear; all
sizes. Special, the suit fC
Women's 75c Ribbed
Union Suits at Only 47c
Women's medium weight
ribbed Union Suits for pres
ent and early fall wear. High
neck, with long or short
sleeves or low neck, sleeve
less. Knee or ankle jk
length. Priced now at C
usxsB ft nAjrx' szoojtd moon osbzb bt uaxb
Mb L I f If r 11 y- , a
$SvA.r;Oj ri,7,sssJ,, I "c oiuari, nowe oc may company nave
Msggrta WAyX 1 sold us 1000 of their famous guaranteed
bilk Petticoats splendid $7.50 to $8.5o grades
for a sensational Golden Harvest Sale feature
at $5.45.
i r . . .
every reiucoat Dears a
dated, numbered 3-monthV
guarantee, reading like this V
They are made of rich, all-silk Messalines and
Taffetas and in the regular sizes, the' deep
underlays axe also of pure 'silk. The extra
sizes, which come: in black only, have cottqn
Five new models note the illustration below. Thev're , finished with nlain 'circular.
i.rj.i i i i . - 1 i
lanur iutuieu, unire-piauea ana snirrea nounces, all
conforming with the present style of skirts. Black, blues,
greens, red, helio, lavender, brown, gray, etc. Regular , A iY fUH
u - . . - bb. asa mm m -
Purchasers guarantee i
Should this petticoat bearing trade mark
S. H. & M crack r epUt within three month
from data of purohaaa, return it with thi
guarantee to your dealer. He will replace
'it with a now one, provided the damage ha
not been cauaed by tearing, alteration or bjr
wear on bottom rutne..
THE S. H. & M. CO.
at only
ftw M
for this great Golden Harvest Sale
Sale of Ayer's Fine Plumes
ftEBZBB ft rmajnt's zooin yx.ooa OBoita. bt uaxl
tIE SECURED an immense purchase of finest French and
Willow Plumes from W. C Aver & Co. especially for the
Second Great Golden Harvest and Manufacturers' Sale.
Ayer's Plumes are . known the
country over for their superb qual
ity long, perfect flues, hardy male
stock and fadeless dye.
Here are all sizes at unmatched
Are in Black and White Only.
Size. Regular. Special.
15-inch... $ 7.50 S 4.95
16-inch. 8.50
18-inch 10.50
22-inch 15.00
24-inch 20.00
26-inch 25.00
Black, White, Pink, Blue, Cardinal,
Purple, etc.
Size. Regular. Special.
17- inch $ 8.50 $ 6.95
18- inch 10.50 7.95
19- inch 12.75 9.45
20- inch.. 15.00 11.95
2Vinch 18.75 ,13.95
21- inch 20.00 15.95
22- inch 24.00 18.75
Sale Wash Goods-25c Imported Dimities, 12'c
IN THIS Great Second Harvest Sale we're going to close
nut 2000 varrl r( homttiftil t::.. ... i..
j - iiiiuui icu jurillll ilea a l exactly
half. A score of dainty patterns flora"l,. figured and fj j I
dotted effects of all colors. Best 25c grade, yard IZiC
50c Imported Voiles, beautiful patterns, yard, 25c
$1.25 All-Linen Table Damask, 70-inch, yard, $1.00
oatm crochet Bed Spreads at, each, $1.98
uxxbm ft mnv-mii
ojr bt tun
Famous "Stronghair" Veils and
Veilings at Harvest Sale Prices
'E ARE princi
pal Portland
agents for these fa
mous btronghair .mu..Mtomce.
Veils and Veilings, recognized America over as
style and quality leaders.
All the smart fall styles in "Stronghair" Shet
land Drape and Chiffon Veils, as well as French
jSilk Veilings in dainty chenille dot, square and
Jiuxedo meshes, are here. Extraordinary specials
'on "Stronghair" Veils -in the Harvest Sale:
50c and 65c "Stronghair" Veilings Dainty
new French meshes in all colors and on
styles. For tomorrow we offer them at OuC
$1.25 New "Stronghair" Shetland Veils So
much the fad. Black, white and colors.
Various sized mesh VA vards Ion? at iZlf
flirt m f An av nr . -1 0
3.ou ana j.uu atrongnair" Chitton Veils Extra large all
silk i chitfon, also silk crepes. All new shades. Priced at
Buy Sugar By the Sack
SUGAR is advancing price every day! It'll pay you to
buy a sack at these Harvest Sale prices;
j Berry Sugar, special at 100 pounds, $6.98
Dry Granulated Sugar, special 100 lbs., $6.75
The Vogue for Laces, Marked!
ujbzbm ft nuii'i mti xxooa
LAVISH almost to the po?nt of the extreme will be tbe use pf
laces on garments for Fall. The. marked feature being the use
of many laces of different types rather than only a few styles. See
the attractive window display. We want you to see
The new Black Chenille, Cream Net, Spangled and Chiffon Robe patterns.
They're exquisite 1
The Dewdrop Nets embroidered in rosebuds and pale pink chenille.
The hand-wrought real Macrame Laces used extensively by Paris Mod
istes in both wraps and gowns, '
The course and fine Point de Venise, Chantilly, M. Aline, Brussels, Point
Milan, Shadow ana gold and silver laces.
The Cream Allovers with bands to match, priced from 50c to $10.
And see, too, the new arrivals in Chiffon and Chiffon Cloths, plain and in
rich designs, priced, a yard, at $1 and $1.50.
, Tetles Sunflower Tea lb. 57.
Tetley's Green Label Tea lb.,
; .Genuine Eastern Hams Deli
riously sugar cured. Special, lb.,
El Toro Olives Small cans, 10 ;
Urge, 23.
White Flyer Soap Box, $4.10;
6 cakes, 25.
25c Gold Dust or Citrus Washing
Powder, 19.
. Kingsford's Starch, 6-lb. boxes,
52. r
Grande Island Asparagus Dozen;
$2.25; each, 20cV
Kenrelli Peaches 2 cans, 15.
Banquet Peaches Can, llf.
Log Cabin Syrup Gal., $1.10;
V gallon, 60; quart, 32.
Taylor Mfg. Cos Fine Lace
Curtains Nearly H
xsxxb ft nun i-tszsd yz.ooa omoi
HE J. K. Taylor company is one of America's
largest and best lace Curtain manufacturers.
They have cooperated with us in this great Second
Golden Harvest and Manufacturers' Sale-i-over 3000
pairs of their finest curtains to sell at nearly half
price. , " '
$6 and $0.60
Curtains 36 pt
terns In hand
some Marie An
toinette and Re
naissance braid
designs. 45 ins.
by 2 to yds. pr.
93 and $3.50
Curtains Fif
teen patterns in
novelty braid,
plain net and
Renaissance edge
designs see cut
Harvest Sale,, pr.
97.50 Scrim
Curtains Twelve
dainty, new pat
terns in checks
and stripes, lace
edges. Ivory,
white and ecru
all full size. Pr.
$3.00 New No-Sag
Handbags at Only $1.29
LI AD it not been that the manufacturer cooper-
atetl with us we'd never have been able to
offer these famous No-Sag Handbags at such a
low price as this.
Every woman knows how many
leather Bags bulge and sag at the
Douom. xou carry tnem but a
short while and they're shabby
and unattractive. Buy a "No
Sag" and you'll have a bag that
will retain its shape perma
nently, no matter how heavy
the contents, because of-
perfected mechanical con
struction, i Always neat and
Over 300 of these celebrated No-Sag Bags
enter the Harvest.Sale tomorrow. Walrus and
seal grain leather, with German,silver and gilt
mountings.. Leather and moire lined; fitted
with coin purse. Buy these Jtt sea
$2.00 No-Sag Handbags to- YV I JLS
the low price of r
morrow at
New Models in Warner's
Corsets on Sale Tomorrow
1HE graceful, supple figure that the fashions
of the day demand, possible to women cor
seted in a Warner.
, No matter what your particular build no
matter what peculiarities of line, we have a War
ner that's exactly suited to your needs one that
will enhance every line of beauty or cover any
possible defects.;
Flexibility and natural figure lines are the
'features of the 1911 models, conforming in every
detail to the present style requirements. .Medium
and low bust models are prevalent.
I Style 24V as pictured, is perfectly made of a
dainty novelty fabric. Designed especially for
tall figures. This model at $2.50. , y".
, Other v Warner Corsets are priced from f 1 to 95
i i
1 J,'" ""t""
II' "