The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 04, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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Meets Poor Girl on Forest Es
. "tateWifevGiven'Half
X His
IV j ; y t.ii.t.... pm TaaaA Wire.)
Vienna. Sept. 4.-The forest loVd- ro
mance of ChierHerr Brniw" -""'
helm; i' minionalre, IT -years old. who
for- SO' yean has passed a hermit lit
t Nyirgyhaie, Hungary, has led to
his marriage witn jTauiem uq
. h-ai.tifui girl of 17; Herr Feldhelm
was the occupant, of a log house n'the
center of a lonely forest, where ha was
In the habit of taking long wains, a
..... -hA nAii that .a small cot-
v .iv - .
tage on his estate was occupied hy a
man named Kline, or gooa
reduced circumstances, and that ho had
, a beautiful daughter. After several
meetings, when, the old man would be
accompanied in nis waias oy ui ""b
hi ha mnUfA her to marry him.
By way of dowry Herr Feldhelm has
settled half or ma loriune un
bride, whose exquisite dresses have been
causing a sensation in Marlmbad,
" where the honeymoon la being spent.
Huge Aggregate of Bond Is-
- sues Goes- Before Taxpay
ers Tomorrow.
(UnltwJ Press Lewed Wire.)
Seattle, Sept. 4.-Bond Issues aggre
gating 13,646,000 will be voted on to
morrow. The question of making a port
of Seattle dlatrlct out of King county
will also be voted on. -
The bond Issues are: For tha con
struction of a county courthouse, 81.
800,000; for the condemnation of over
100 square mllea of land In the Cedar
River watershed for the purification of
city water, $1,000,000; for the alta of an
art museum, 1600,000; for sites for and
construction of fire houses, $266,000;
for city stables. $100,000 ;t for a bridge
on Westlake avenue and another .bridge
across West Waterway. $50,000 each;
for tha construction of police substa
tions, $30,000; for an laolatlon hospital,
$26,000; for a municipal dock, $26,000.
(Salem Buro of The JournuM
Salem. Or., Sept 4. John Wen
ger, conceded to be the best
Swiss yodler In the northwest
for the past 26 ycara, died early
this morning from an attack of
dropsy. Wenger and Dr. H. C.
Spley hava been singing together
for 20 years, generally having a
male quartette organization. Ten
years ago ' a 'stalwart quartette
was organised and became noted
throughout the northwest, sing
ing every year with the excep
tion of last year at the Oregon
atate fair. These four singers
weighed close to 1000 pounds.
Wenger generally had a booth at
state fairs, and in addition to
quartette work gave yodllng
concerts with his wife, who is
also a good singer. The mem
bership of th stalwart quartette
was Wenger, Kpley, George Sny
der and Ed Judd.
Where the NEW RAILROAD8 are
Just being completed. Will not stop
crowing In the njxt FIFTY YEARS. It
has just begun to grow, and In the last
fifteen months has INCREASED Its
and from now on will increase ,much
faster, as already the location has been
elected for several big enterprises
which followed the advent or the rail
roads, and either one of which would
make of BEND A CITY of 20,000 to 30,
000 people.
ING NOW. and will continue to rise
tnore rapidly within the next FEW
MONTHS. BEND, like every other sub
stantially established city, will soon
have a number of near millionaires
whose fortunes were made from a very
mail investment In EVERY big town
the old timers will point out where a lot
has been sold for HUNDREDS OF,
THOUSANDS of dollars and say. I cooler
have bought that jot a rfiw
VER and soores of other large cities
furnish lust such a precedent as will be
REPEATED IN BEND within five years
or less.
We own the plat of Weistoria
Which is within THREE BLOCKS of
the Union Depot' site, which is the
center of BEND. We are selling close
in resiaence ana Business ioib
50x140 near the depot at
$200 terms $10 per month
These prices and terms good for a
.limited time only. Do not wait, as you
"will never, never, never again be able to
nuy property at- such prices In Bend.
Free certified abstract, also. free maps
of Bend and central Oregon. Our office
is open evenings until g o'clock.
The Newfon-KoHer Co. Inc.
301 Buchanan bldg., 2S6H Wash. st.
Building Contractors
Fino proposition for builders. Holgate
' addition, recently platted; vicinity of
new car ahopa and manufacturing cen
ter,' southeast side. - Big damand for
houses on monthly payments.
617 Chamber of Oommsroe bldft. "
Piano studio of : Louis H. Boll will
open about September 10. Address all
communications. In care of Kohler A
Chase Piano House, 876 Washington st
CERTIFICATES of title made by the
Title A Trust i company, Lewi bdg.,
.Ladd Investment Co. to' Laurel-r ii.gws,.
nurst e.,,iot . block , ...
roihurst ,..,,....,.,...,....$ 886
NflmA in mmm In V.1 1r - S
Beaumont 1086
ueorge w. Tabiar and wire to J. .
Claverle et al-Jot 7, block 71.
Vernon ..,......,.......,,... 780
Samuel Holm to George A. Larra
bee, lota and , block BIN,
Albtna ......................... 8.600
Thomas C. -.Btewa'rt to- Boyd Wll- ..
Hams, lots 24, 26; and 26, block
12. Tremont Place 780
B. M. Lombard and .wife to H." C ""
iironaw, lot 6, oiocjt lo, uim
stead Park
Carolina Anderson et'al to Aaron
Rudeen. E. U of lota 7 and 8.
block 23, Albtna Homeatead. . . . 1,800
3. E. Windle and wife to Minnie.
I Blew, land commencing at
B. E. corner of lot 7, block 228
East Portland . , . . . 8.800
Syndicate Realty company to J. A.
Bercovlch, sama aa above, . .... 2,000
Moora Realty company to J. D.
Voce, lots 4 and ,, block 8,
Lorlnton 800
O. M. Burbank and wife to Hod 8.
Allen, lots 44 and 46, block 4,
Stanley's second addition ..... . 400
B. E. Mel vine and wife to J. E.
Walling, lots 4 and 6. block 7,
Failing addition 600
Charles W. Herald and wife to.
, Hattia Frlnk. north half of lots
7 and 8, block 2. Brown tract. . 8,000
AuguHta Miller and husband to
Jeanetta Rprenateln, Iota 9, 10,
11 and 12,. clock 4k Greenwood
addition 8.000
Irvlngton Investment company to
Arnold ir. Brunko, lot S, DlocK
68, Irvlngton 1,800
Same to Oliver P. Brunkow, lot
6. block - 68. Irvlneton 1.600
Investment company to L. Hal-
eri. lot is, diocic i, irvingion
?ark 200
Charles J. Backstrom and wife to
K. C. Couch, lot 8, block 2,'Baclt
stroma addition 600
H. .1. Pulfer and wlfa to Nellia
M. Smith, lot 7, block 20, Lin-
niiiiqA nuuiiiuo. i. . ciivv
Frank Peters and wife to George
Schafer lot 7, block 14. subdi
vision Proebstels addition to Al
blna 1.900
Thcnias C. Stewart to Alice M.
Perdew. lot 19. block 2. Span
tons addition . 360
R. u Stevens (aherlff) to F. E- --.
viutney at al, lot 8. block S,
Woodlawn Heisrhts 478
Jetns Soeby and wife to Wllhelm
hsecKer, lot ZD, bloclc 8, Arieta
Park No. 2 825
William Becker and wife to R.
Krlckson et al, lot 25, block
O 1.1.1b rB1r XT 9 iKA
v, -n, iou. a. n ,v. ... ....... ivv
Swinson Land company to Peter
Funke, lot 11, block 24, Swin-
ton 800
William W. Prlble and wife to
Herman O. Glass, lota 16 and
17. block 2. Portsmouth 1.600
William Fellette and wife to R.
W. Glass, lots 17 and 18, block
3. Fortune Place 600
J. D. Nellan and wife, to Frank S.
Hallock, lot 1, block 4. Dlel's ad
dition 495
W. E. Mallory and wife to W. E.
Brldwoll, 60x180 rest, beginning
In center bf east 14th st. extend
ed, 60 feet south from where
same would Intersect with south
line of East Alder street ' 100
Portland Trust Company of Ore-
fon to R. A. Smith, lots 13 and
4, block 87, Weal Portland
Park 120
Same to Cleveland Trevey, lots
14 and IB, block 67, West Port
land Park 120
Sama to Prudence J. Currln, lots
B and 6, block 67, West Portland
Park . ' 180
William Gall Jenks and wife to
Beatrice Jones Fautx, land be
ginning at southwest corner of
section 36, township 1 south,
range 1 east . . 2,050
Mary Martin to Martha J. Hat
field, lot 6, block 72, Unlveralty
Park 660
V ,.,,. IK,,..,., j t rv. ,,! I
Lawyers Abstract & Trust Co., capital
$200,000. 6 Board of Trade bid.
PACIFIC Title & Trust Co.. the leading
anstractors. a un. com., ground floor.
In Effect Anrll IB. 1811.
Dally or Sunday.
1 time, 8c per. line.
2 consecutive times, 7c per line per In
( or more consecutive times, c per line
per insertion, or 7 Insertions for price
or .
No ad counted for less than 2 lines.
The above ratea apply to "New To
day" and all other classifications ex
1 cepting the following: "Situations
Wanted, To Rent and Wanted to Rent"
ads. -'
The rates In these classifications are:
6 c per line per insertion.
Three Insertions for the price of two.
Seven Insertions for the price of five.
No ad taken for less than 16c,
1 time, 9c per line.
S consecutive times $o per line per in
sertion. 7 or more consecutlvt times, 7o per
line per Insertion.
The above rates apply to "New To
day" and all other classifications ex
cept the following: "Situations Wanted,
To Rent and Wanted to Rent" ads.
The rate In these classifications Is 7c
per line per insertion.
No ad charged for less than two lines,
or 16c. i
ANSWERS to classified advertisements
which appeared in The Journal await
those possessing certificate for the fol
lowing, numners
C 740
750. 762. 766. 760. 764. 768.
li 407, 704, 735, 746, 761, 768, 771.
772, 777.
E 737, 742. 748, 748, 760. 767. 768.
761, 73. 769, 773, 775. 779, 787.
F 742. 743, 746, 71,- 784. 766, 76$,
G 752. 768. 762, 764, 768, 770. 772,
H 738. 748," 747. 760. 766. 768. !T67.
769, 789..
J 728, 743, 761. 762, 756. 761. 771. 778.
1C 737, 74i. 764, 768,
L 735. 743, 768, 766, '769, 762, 763.
n l i n f baa Mm ft bar " ' '
iO, I no, (DO, (D, Hi WO
l"Vf tWU, (T, fl. 110.
1T 717 7R9 TJCC 4RD fA Vst1
766 774 77R 777 T7
o -741, 749, 766. 762, 787, 771. 77$,
P 702, 730, 786, 741. 746, 760, 767.
itta nun TTft
R696, 693, -749, 751, 766. 774.
' B 780, 748. 760, 782, 766. 770. 771.
T 746, 764, 765, 767, 768, 769, 778.
V 700, 747. 760. 762, 766, 789, 784.
W760i 764, 766 773, 774, 776. 788.
779 781. 783.
X 748, 745, 780, 763, 766, 769. 770,
771. 781. 7.82. 786. 789.
Y 758. 78l.
TsfTm!' -ill1: 762' a8" 717' 768' 7"'
E. B. HALL, 37th and Hawthorne ave.,
season 1911-12, society and club
dances, etc., $10 per night. Fleming &
Winters. 617 Chamber CommerceJ Main
8elling-Hlrsch bldg., Washington near
10th. Phone clerk. Main 24; A-4826.
b ss i ?rrr t' ' ... t
Af. a., isv. fiuae cmp, nieeiB xucs,
evenings, Swiss hall, 3d and Jefferson.
W.-'C. SMITH & CO. :
Wedding and visiting card engravers
and monogram stationers. Washington
uiuK., wnnminwn St., pet,. a sna m.
PRESS Suits for rent all sixes. Unique
Tailoring Co., -809 Btsrk st
CLARKE BR084 florists, flna flowers
and floral designs. 288 Morrison st
HARRIS AN At his family residence,
766 East Pine, John C. Harrlgan, be
loved on of Mr. and Mrs.' Daniel Harrl
gan, aged & months, 11 days, j Funeral
writ be held at the above residence,
Wednesday, September 6. . at 10 ' a. m.
Interment St Mary's cemetery. . - .
CLBARKINIn thli citv. William E.
Clearkln, beloved huaband of Ma
uieamn, a gee i years, i montns
days. Deceased was a member of the
Eagles, t Baker, Or. & Funeral serv.
ices will be held from the East Slda Fu
neral PI rectors' Parlors, 414 East Alder,
corner East Sixth, Tuesday, September
6. at 2 p. m. - Friends respectfully In
vited. ' interment Rosa City Cemetery.
Maner papers please copy.
VIRTZ--At his family residenoa. 66
Klrby, 'Joseph Wlrts, aged 16 years,
beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Wlrts
and brother of Russell, Vernon and
Sadie Wlrts. - Friends ape respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services,
which will be held from tha above rest
dence Tuesday, -September 6, ' at 10 a.
m. Interment at HUlaboro, Or. Oregon
Electric car will be at North Bank depot,
MAX M. SMITH, florist, 16Q 6th sU
opp. Meier A Frank's. Main 7218.
Dunning & McEntee vl&22??n
very detail. 7th and Pine. Main 480,
a-iodb. uaay asaiatant.
J, P, Rnley & Son
Third and Madison.
Lady attendant. Main 9,A-1S99.
A. R, ZELLER CO, Both Phfnes.
Buc. Zeller-Byrnea Co. Lady attendant.
Undertaker. Ladv assistant.
B-1888. E.-781. E. 6th-Alder.
PsorcAn Pn Funeral directors, 369-
rearson uo( 7i Russeii et. e. ioso.
r PIPCnM Undertaking Co. Main
L.nlLOUIl 6133, A-2235. Lady asa't.
EAST BIDE funeral dlreotors. success-
or to F. S. Dunning, Inc, E. .62, B-2525
EDWARD HOLMAN. undertaker, 220
sa st. iaay assistant. Main cot
HEMSTOCK 1687 E. 13th, Sellwood 71;
also 694 tPawson, Woodlawn 1874.
TO LEASE 225 acre Jarm all In cul
tivation, first claaa poll and best lo
cation; mile to depot and shipping
point. F-866, Journal. '
6 room bungalow, modern, near Haw
thorne ave. Will take $1200 in vacant
property, balance payable $20 per
month. 402 Lumber Exchange, 2d and
FOR BALE Good 7 room house, V,
acre, bath room and electric lights,
fruit, terries, chicken nous and yards.
$3200, terms. Phone Sellwood 303 or
1214 Francis ave. 4 blocks from Ivan
hoe station on W.-W. car.
HOME to be proud of; 5 room cottage,
electric lights. Bull Run water, fine
finish, lrlock from Mt. Scott car line;
cost $1400; terms $100 down, $500 mort
gage, bal. monthly. Inquire Howe's
store, urays crossing
$2900 FOR a fine C room with den, on
corner, racing east, one block irom
car; all modern and up to date. No
better buy In the city; very fine view
from this. Investigate. Easy terms.
Owiier, 66 Blxth st. '
FOR SALE West side, modern house
and lot, 't block from car line, 12
minute car service; furnished or unfur
nished. I am. owner and will make you
right price; terms. 395 Guilds at.; take
23d st. car to 23d and Thurman.
$100 cash balance easy terms for
100x100 with small house, on Mt. Scott
line. 402 Lumber Exchange, 2d and
By Owner
Modern 5 room bunpalow, half block
from Richmond car. $2950; liberal dis
count for large cash payment. 496 E.
36th st. Phono Tabor 1143.
$2660, on terms to suit purchaser, will
obtain a strictly modern first class
B-room bungalow, on a fine high lot and
Improved street. Loyal H. McCarthy,
,nfl T -wia v.a Mamhnli !9ft
owner, 808 Iewls bldg. Marshall Z69Q.
$250 Cash,
mes In Hawthoi
ms, with all e
Modern homes In Hawthorne district,
6 and b rooms, witn an conveniences,
$2900 and $3000. Owner, 418 Corbett
Bldg-. Marshall 5B,: A-2644. ,
$1700 FOR a 4 room house and 2 lots, I
running from street to street: $400 !
casn, nai. terms.
Blanchard & Clemson,
66 Sixth st.
One block from car, restricted district,
street Improvements paid, lawn and
trees Easy terms. A bargain. Call
owner, C-2224.
82660, on terms to suit purchnser, will
obtain a strictly modern first class
5 room bungalow, on a fine high lot and
Improved street. Loyal H. McCarthy,
owner. 808 Lewis bldg. Marshall 2690.
$200 Down
Will furnish a lot and build to suit
you for (200 or 3300 cash down. 1248
Hawthorne. .
SMALL payment down, $16 per month,
6 room modern bungalow, Dutch
kitchen, china closet, woodllft, wash
trays and fine view of city; 60x100 lot.
Phone owner, Sellwood 816.
. $2500
6 room modern bungalow near Haw
thorne ave; easy terms. 403 Lumber
Exchange, 2d and Stark..
COMPLETE attractive new 8 room
modern home on car line near school.
Don't miss this If you are buying a
home. 611 Gerltnger bldg., 2d and Alder.
Phone 8ellwood 69.
$600 cash, balance monthly payments.
Several more, choicest In Irvlngton. No
agents. C-1866. East 273. W. H. Herd
man. $3000 FOR a-S room cottage on Van
couver ave., facing east; fine lot with
roses, lawn and fruit, in fine neighbor
hood, not far from new high school.
Some terms. Call at 66 Sixth st.
Beautiful 100x100. lawn, roses, garden,
fruit trees, hen house; fi room plastered
lintea coitage. uam; oniy zouuf tele-,
phone Tabor 1392.
YOUR choice qf.S fine houses In Alrov,
E. 60th et., tbetween Taylor and Sal
mon If you are looking for something
extra soe ttwese, terms. W. L. Wash, 19J
fhone Taoor 73.
FOR SALE Fine location, hard sur
" face pavement, 4 room modern house:
bath, gas, etc. Cheap, $1600. 816 Wll-
llams aye.
$4600 for fine modern 7 room house In
tinner Alblna close In between Union
and Williams aves.; a fine home, cash
$?500. Marshall 751.
6 ROOM house, corner lot, close In, In
nod location: small tiaVment down. '
balance $15 per month. 361 E. 11th st.
E. 6023.
5" - - ' :. -- -
HOME for sale, new house, close In,
Improvements, hear hlch school and
two carllnes. Call at 925 Gantenbeln
avenue. .
SMALL house and corner lot 60x100,
price $450, $45 cash, $in per month
Call at Gregory Heights office, end of
Rose City Park-car line.
THE best place for tha money In Irv
lngton,, on carline, modern, new. 9
rooms, basement, furnace, sleeping
orcn. wuiierworin. a-soi.
WILL allow you $100 discount for $1000
cash on this nice new 7 room house.
Pee Dugan, 820 Chamber of Commerce.
Phone Marshall 662.
WILL pay cash for first an second '
mortgages either straight or install-1
ment. stare run particulars. l-838.
A Bargain "
8 mom bungalow, modern - and new.
1248 Hawthorne.
Good 6 room house on Mt. Scott car
line: $100 down, $10 month. Tabor 1387,
8-ROOM housa, 729 East Stark " near
22d. $2600. Owner. 720 Insley ave.
Phone Sellwood 1785.
NEW 7 room house, Ladd addition.
861 E. 11th 8 E. 5023.
IF YOU want 6 roqm bungalow on car
see me. mo agents. s-47, journal
$80 MONTHLY buys new, modern JK
room noma, rnone owner, u-ast2741. 1
Hawthor'ne District . !
; Only $300 Down
Hers Is your opportunity to secure
a new modern 6 room bungalow on very
easy terms; this hom is located in
flna residence district, just. 200 feet
from Hawthorne avenua; the house is
up to date in every respect,- with fire
place, built-in buffet, panel dining room.
Dutch kitchen, eto. If you Are looking
for a dandy little home at the right
pries be aura to aee this today. Owner,
1406 Hawthorns ave., corner 60th et.
Tabor 626
Finest residence district in city, beau,
tlful new 6 room 1H story houwe, large
reception hall, pantry, aleeplng porch,
extra large closets, hardwood floors
with mahogany borders, attractive fire
place, 6 foot buffet, leaded dodrs, three
French plate beveled mlrrora, beautiful
oak door, furnace, etc.: Improvements
In and paid; 10 foot parking. Thla fa a
real home; investigate; terms. Take
ROSE CITY" ,PARK CAR to 453 Eaat
41st st. north, near Tillamook at. Phone
Main 4144.
$1400 .
$140 Cash
Fine new 4 room bungalow, street im
provements consisting of graded streets,
cement sidewalks. Bull Run water, all
In and paid foV.
. , Call br phone
418 Corbett bldjr.
Marshall 657. A-2644.
Walking Distance
6 room 2 story house, almost new and
in perfect condition, paneled dining
room, fireplace and furnace, cement
basement with laundry trays, attic, fine
electric and gas fixtures, beautiful
lawn, east face, all Improvements paid
for. Just the place for family with
children of school age, as it is near
Hawthorne and Eaat Side High schools.
Price $5300; terms. Owner, 87 E. 19th
St., near E. Washington.
A Good Home
Little Money
5 room modern bungalow with base
ment and attic, located on a high view
lot, east front. T block from car, near
gooa school; price $2700; will take $200
caah and balance of equity iA trade.
bus sppirtlng Mdg.
A New 7 Room Bungalow
$3000 will buy this modern up to date
bungalow, with bath, totlet, wash basin.
fireplace, large, porches, full concrete
. ", c'JiitriLie aina
n.vj'D, II' iii, 471 UjULAn lit, III
car on E. 16th st. Terms; owner must
have some money.
Blanchard & Clemson
66 Sixth st.
$250 Cash
New R room bungalow, lot 67x100; 2
blocks from car, 20 minutes' ride from
1st and Alder cts A snap at $2100;
terms $260 cash, balance like rent
J. M, Kerr & Co,
311 Henry bl d
6-room bungalow, lays high, faces
east, modern, new, 1 block north of car
lino, on 45th st. $S25 down, balance
terms, look up at oilce. This is value.
Ben Mitchell
Main 4842. 401 Railway Exchange.
Proposals for the purchase and re
moval of the frame building at 7th and
Yamhill sts., known as the Lyale T.albot.
will be received by the undersigned.
Rtilldlng could be removed to a west
side lot at reasonable cost and made to
produce a eood revenue. This Is an ot-
portunlty for the owner of a vacant
lot- A- L. Fish, Journal office.
Proposals for the purchase 'and re
moval of the Buckingham hotel bulldlne
from Yamhill street between 6th and
7th, will he received by the underslgnod.
This building la of brick construction
and contains enough building material
for a substantial brick structure, fiend
proposals to A. u Fish, Journal office.:
You can Improve It with a house by
paying as low as $50 down and $16 per
604 Beck Bldg.. 7th and Oak sts.
47th, Rose City
2 blocks from car, east front, beauti
ful 7 room house, now, modern and
everything up to date $4500 and will
take $500 cash and balance monthly;
this Is the best offer on the market.
609 Spalding bldg.
Yes, and partly furnish It.
We have a larger number and greater
variety of designs than you will find m
any book. Complete working plans and
specifications, FIVE DOLLARS.
Portland Bldg. Assn.. 322 Mohawk Bldg.
:50 CASH
7 rooms, built in buffet, bookcases,
den, solid oak floors, mirror doors, fur
nace, fireplace. National Realtv &
Trust Co., room 723 Chamber of Com
merce bldg. Phone M. 6129.
A Fine New 5 Room
$600 cash, balance terms to suit This
Is modern with bnth, toilet, wood hoist,
hot and rold l Mnrr . i
...... . no...,,. .''I'.l .V 3 LlllBrilltllL,
larp-e porches, neir the" best car service
in the city and only 20 minutes' ride,
for $2700. See owner. 66 Sixth st.
EIGHT modern, 6 to 9 room houses to
sell on easy terms. I have six on
Hawthorne ave., built this spring.
Would rent them to' good partle or
would trade for a good farm. Ell
Hogan, 617 Poard of Trade. Portland.
Oreg. Phone Main 4875.
Don't Pay Rent
have 4, 5 snd 6 room hon
We have 4. 5 and 6 room hnm.i oil
modern, inrestrlcted districts, for 'sale
on easy terms. Provident Investment
rur r company, zui-2-3 UOsrd OT
fan n nff h iirihn A . .
A nice 4 room house, always rented
for 13 per cent on the amount mentioned.
If you want a small investment' this
cannot be beaten. No phone calls.
66 8!xth st.
BUSINESS corner on Alblnit ave., 75x60
feet. $1400, $110 cash, balance $15 per
month. Here Is o chance to make some
money. Johnson & odson, 620-22 Board
of l raae o log.
A NICE 60x100 corner lot oneTjlock to
car, above grade, $1600; building re
striction. $900, $9) cash. $10 ner month.
Johnson & Dodaon, 620-22 Board of
Trade bldg.
FOR SALE By owner a swell east
. front residence lot 45x118, on Mar
guerltte near Hairlson; for particulars,
see owner, jutir Kjiza,
50x100 CORNER lot. 2 blocks from car.
fine district, cement Walks In and paid
for, gas, etc., $960. This Is away be
low the market price. G-847, 'Journal.
6 2-3 LOTS near Mliwaukie Heigh ts
station, high and sightly, $1200. 141 ',4
1st, room 4. .,
WILL accept small paying business aa
part payment on a beauftful corner.
Sellwood 768. ' ;
ONEof the best apartment sites In the
city, easy terms. Be Roelofsz. 432
hamher of Commerce. ' .
QUARTER block, with Income, on N.
itstn st., io.uuo. Apply tv Front. ,
$850 A $1000 lot 60x100, surrounded
' by $6000 and $7000 homes. East
47th St., Wlberg Heights, between
Broadway and Hancock sts. All
assessments paid, 2 blocks to car
line, H cash.
, 903 Yeon bldg. .
. Bargains in Lots
$600 for a 47 font lot on Sumner near
Vernon ave.
$626 lot on WeUster near E. 14th st
$700, 60 foot lot on Webster near E.
18th st.
$750 for 60 foot lot on E.18th. ltt
block from car.
$1660 for a corner 86x112, facing east,
near Alberta car ecst of Union avenue.
This la a bargain if you want some fine
lots at the right price. Investigate. .
Blanchard & Clemson
66 Sixth at.
LOTS $150
$10 DOWN. $5 A MONTH.
Water mains In and paid for; inside
city limits, close to 6c carline, lots all
level and free from stonea. We are the
owners. That Is why we can sell at
this prlceT Take M V car to 80th st
Phono Tabor 378'.
Widell & Wilson
2002 E. Gllsan St.
$10 Down, $10 Per Month
Fine vlow lot, matured fruit trees;
restricted district, near car, cement
walks, Bull Run water, fruit cared for
free of charge. 202 Board of Trade
bldff.Marshall 478; A-1023.
WOULD you like to buy si lot 60x126, on
the Macadam road, at a bargain? This
lot Is .located near the manufacturing
district and faces two streets; an ideal
location for a amall manufacturing oon
cern. If intereated address owner, E
37B, Journal
Uest looxiou in .nose uny i-ara.
100 feet from Sandy boulevard.
Get our book of artistic homes.
Portland Bldg. Ass'n., 322 Mohawk bldg
Few fir treea. water, faclne the east.
3 minutes from car, 5c fare, 20 minutes
from the heart of Portland. Worth S9DO.
Will scrlflce; make, offer; must be cash,
liox 677. Lents, Or.
I.OT 38lxl00 street Improved, water in
paid for. cement waias, diock irura
Alhlria enr line. Price $450. $45 cash.
balance $7 per month. Johnson & Doa
son, 520-22 Board of Trade bldg.
GREAT sacrifice 50x100, Rose City
Park district. Price for 6 days only,
$875 rash. Owner, Maln 9461
MUST sell 2 lots Boston addition Rose
owner. Phone Sellwood 292
1(1 ncres. nil In high state of cultivation
lies beautifully, 6 acres fine young
orchard, on main county road, all fenced
with woven wire, 6 blocks from electric
station, -20 miles rrom Portland; the soil
Is the finest in tne state oi urenun
Ti.i. ir nut Intn triiclf Ln(1 herrtcl
is a money maker; close to good schools
and churches; illicitly semea uiaiuci
r..i fnr ninlr snip 12500: 1400 cash
balance as many years as you want at
6 per cent.
Coo t'kiiativf; realty company,
519-20-21 Railway Exchange,
4th and Stark street.
1, 2. 6 and 10 acre trcts In tha
beautiful valley Just west of
Council Crest; 2 carlines, good
water, best of soli and sold on
easy monthly payment plan. Any
amount you may dealre at 8260 to
JfiOft per acre. Let us show you
Main 36. 102 Fourth St. A-3600.
Five, ten and twenty acre tracts, all
cleared and In cultivation, finest dark
loam soil, splendidly drained, adapted
to all kinds or rrults, vcRetanies, cnicK
en raising; located from five to ten
minutes' walk from the railway sta
tlon, and on the river front; only $150
to $200 an acre. Positively the cheap
est acreage tributary to Portland.
Lumbermens bldg.. 5th and Ktarff
FIVE acra tracts. 2 miles west of
Willamette river, opposite St.
Johns; on macadam road, run
ning water, good Roll, no rock or
gravel. $150 to $350 per acre and
upon easy monthly payment plan.
"Let us show vou these.
Main 36. 102 Fourth St. A-3G00.
CHICKEN and fruit rancnes near Port
land, walking distance to good town,
running water, best soil, free wood,
splendid fruit district, view of Colum
bia river and snow peaks 2 acres $253;
i acres $400; 10 acres J700; 10 per cent
cash, easy payments, other tracts near
railway station $25 to $40 per acra
309 Yeon bldg., Portland.
Exceptional 80, truck-garden soil;
wood, timber pay for clearing; near
sawmill; cltv, car; all or port; exchange.
Fir and cedar, rapidly emhancing no
fires, splendid holding Investment.. Port
land realty or close in acreage. Tele-
phone l abor 13!''
A Rare ODDortunitv
A choice 10 acre tract, 2 mires from
Vancouver, 12 miles from Pdrtland post
office; $125 per acre, terms. N. W.
Merrlfleld, 810 Washington at., Vancou
ver. 480 acres 2 miles from Estacada car,
good fruit land, flno timber, good
trout stream, 6ac car fare; branch line
through land, $40 acre; will divide In
40 acre tracts; 203 Gerllnger bldg. Phone
Main 7311; come go and aee this land;
no atrents. I
4 1-2 Acre Chicken Ranch
u .
17 miles from Portland, In a nice R.
R. town, only 3 blocks from depot, run-
and other Imlldlngs; price $2600, $1600
I'tit-'h. roper ti linker. 114 Sherlock bldg.
16.53 ACRES $20 on terms. No rock
or gravel. Good fruit, garden or
chicken ranch. One hour from Port
land, 2 "4 miles from river and rail
transportation within 4 mile of mac
adam wagon road, school and rural mall
delivery 215 iutnner icxcnange.
acres, (1 miles from Dufur, Or., 20
acres In cultivation, 5 room box
house, telephone In house; will exchange
for vncant lots or house arid lot and
mine i rtMh; price $ Uuin. See owner at
1217 let nt., south. S. I.. Dollar.
Have 2000 acres in Klickitat county,
Wash. Show me you can handle It and
yqu can pay me aa you sell. J-849,-Jour
TWO acres of ground, firwt clas soil,
in southeast Mt, Tabor; will sell all or
part or will trade. Inquire Glbbs' gro
cery store, 82d and Powell Valley road.
O. R. Larsoiv
10. 20 and 40 acres, rich soli, running
water, $100 to $160 per acre; Donald
station, Oregon electric. J. J. Ryan,
Uu tteyllle. Or. Owner.
CHOICE 10 acre farm, I 'i miles from
Oregon City j good building;' all culti
vated. 864 E. 11th St. E. 5023.
TWO acres, 66 bearing tres, good
house. $3200. terms, st Kendall sta
tion. Cnnndern cnm. T-ri-.-r Ornt owner.
tiuuu r, l i i in 'mi! - av.u ti'Hci; all
under cultivation, flno aoll, clsse to
electric line. Owner. 418 Corbett Bldg..
Marshal 657; A-2644.
4ft ACRES with 6 room bungalow, good
chicken ranch, on electric line. $2700:
f00; I
easy terms. '-s3, journal
Use Your Eyes
And notice the size of kale,
corn, etc., also how parched
the meadows look. Then
v.lslt West Stayton and see
our splendid kale and corn,
admitted by Prof. Powers
of the O. A. C, to be the
- finest in the valley, and aee
our beana, alfalfa, eta
Everything green and
bright, because Irrigated. A
regular "oasis in the des
ert." Come In and let us
show you the pictures
taken of our fields a few
days ago. See Mr. Bishop,
Hartman & Thompson, 4th
and Stark.
Oak Park
Is situated Just 21 miles from
Portland; 1 mile from Hlllsboro,
the prettiest town In the valley;
the Oregon Electric line runa
through the tract; the Base Line
road along the south; the soil Is
A-l: water Is plentiful and good;
it is platted in 1 and B acre
tracts; the price Is $175 to $400
per acre and the terms 10 per
cent cash and 114 per cent per
month at 6 per cent. What more
do you want for a garden, berry
patch, or a suburban home.
304 Henry bldg.
40 Acres Well Improved
Cloaa to Portland, mile from Wil
lamette river and town, on county road;
mail delivered at your door, close to
school; fruit all kinds in bearing; spring
and wel-at house, with running water
on the back of farm. If you want a
small farm on easy terms here you
have It.
PEPER & BAKER. 444 Sherlock bldg.
Members of Portland Keatfy noara.
IMPROVED ranch. 10 acres, good 6
room house and barn, all kinds of
fruit and berries. Jerspy cow, good
horse and buggy, all Tmplementa, 8
miles from Portland, 1 mile froha elec
tric station west side. $500 caah will
handle Will consider city property in
exchange. Provident Investment &
Trustee Co., 201, 202. 203 Board of
Trade blilg
30 Acres
16 miles from Portland, 1 miles from
town and railroad, 20 acres In cultiva
tion, part beaverdam; running water,
good well, stock, crop and Implements;
good buildings. "$5500, Vi 'cash.
PEPER & BAKER. 4 44 Sherlock bldg.
Members of Portland Realty Board.
240 Acres in Marion Co,
Partly Improved, 6,000,000 feet of. tim
ber; this will make a fine atoek ranch.
Price $25 per acre. cash.
444 Sherlock bldg.
7 ACRES land. 6 acrea under fence, 1
acre In cultivation; water for irriga
tion, small orchard, Vt mile from sta
tion, close to good school; price $600.
Jesse Orme, Leland, Or.
40 ACRES good productive land, 36
miles of Portland, $1000; easy terms;
no waste land and would make a fine
ranch If Improved. D. M. Baker, 808
Corbett bldg. A-4493. M. 7491.
FOR RENT To responsible party who
has equipment for cultivating it, 800
acres of good wheat land in Morrow
county, Oregon. For the right party
who will take the land for a period of
years will give an exceptionally good
deal. Apply to John 8. Beall, 309 E.
Yamhill St., Portland, Or.
A FINE 20-acre farm, close In, good
buildings. Inquire Wolfstein, 227
Front street
Have several customers waiting for
us to find them a good farm or small
acre tract. If you have any to sell
call or write us at once.
J, E. Nichols Co.
616 Yeon Bldg.
FARM wanted, to rent or work on
shares, bv experienced farmer with
best of reference. D-864, Journal.
FRUIT trees, finest budded stock, de
scriptive catalogue containing Inter
esting information on request. Carlton
Nursery, 416 Chamber of Commerce.
Main 867.
Good vacant land, Tillamook county.
location guaranteed,
Woodlawn 3025. 1792 Haven st.
FREE homesteads, timber water, level
land, near Portland; K. JR.. postorrlce
and river. Good value. Covey, 267 Oak,
room 21.
DANDY new 7 room house, modern, in
Rose City Park, price $4200. no Incum
brance, will exchange for bunch of good
cheap lots. 5?0 Railway Exchange bldg..
4th ana stark. Mr. cate.
EQUITY In 2 good lots on Broadway
at. Mortgage $750' to trade for equity
in good modern bungalow, up to $4600;
will pay small casn difference ana as
sume, v. M. JuaKer, zus uoroett oiog.
11150 first mortgage on farm, 7 per
cent, end equity .of 31000 In 5 room
bungalow, to exchange for farms or
house of little encumbrance. D. M.
Hak-r. .103 Corbett bldg.
Have fine orchard In the celebrated
rine Grove district, to exchange for
city property or sell outright; bargain.
Owner, M-161, JournaU
IRRIGATED LAND in the rich Twin
rails district, also one farm In Wil
lamette valley to exchange for good
cljy property or merchandise. Owner
only. o-Btu, journal.
WANT small tract near electric lines
to trada for nna lot. Have good
paying grocery outside city to trade
ror income property or rarni. merriii
Investment Co , 20B Rothchlld bldg.
FOR SALE New 6 room bungalow.
very reasonable; $300 down, $20
monthly. This Is a snap. D. M.
Baker, 3U3 Corbett bldg
HAVE seller's and first mortgage con-
tracts drawing 7 per cent; wll trade
any amount up to $18,000 for real es
tate. v-sijU. journal. ;
HAVE two nice lots in Swlnton, will
trade my equity for nrst class much
cow. Houhe tent pn, thpm- V-S53, Jour
nal. WILL take lot as first payment on 6
room bungalow or 7 room house. All
modern and new. 1248 Hawthorne.
HAVE small tract near city to exchange
for good house and lot. Owners only.
0-H:i3, Journal.
LOT taken as first payment on 6 room
modern home, balance monthly pay
then t k H k rent. Owner, Ea s t2 741.
SOME close In acreage for 1911 pr 191,2
model automobile; state make and
price asked. D-851, Journal.
WE trade for anything anvwhere. 271 V4j
Morrison, room jttroaasireet s Ex.
WILL accept small paying business as
part payment on a beautiful corner.
Beiiwooo vs.
WANTED To trade fine timber land
for .Portland property, ima nawtnorno
HAVE you anything to- trade for a
farm In Alberta? 1313 Burrage St.. city
8L1C us tor real estate trades anywhete.
80S Board of Trade bldg.
' WILL buy. sell or trade anything.
H. jr. Lite. luin uonro oi iraae Diag.
-r !' 'U A''"1 "'i X . 1 xl
NEW strictly "WW date S room modern f
bungalow; what have youT East 1146. lj
1ft mIIam .1... , A.' .
trade for city property. What hava jrout
J. t, NlChOIS U0.
pap x cun -Piaff. "
40 Acres for' House ' '
,i25 my8 TOm Portland, ideal orchard
5?,1 v.1 ant house and lot in eity
What have you? Bet Kleppsr, 840 Cham
ber of Commerce. .
EXCHANGE 40 acres, i mile from
Banks, and United Electrlo R. R., $0
miles from Portland, with some crop:
black loam soli, 10 acres beaverdam.
weAl.."nd Pr?ns' water, good road, fair;
buildings; will exchange for Portland
D, M. Baker, .
aa uornett Diag.
67 ACRES near Camas, Wash.. $18,000,
4 miles from railroad, 7 room house,
good well, pump on porch, good spring,
barn, haymow, lflOO prune trees, 100
apple trees,' 20 mixed fruits, fruit and
milk house and 7 stands of bees ta
trade for dry wheat farm In eastern
Washington or Oregon.
206 Rothchlld bldg. '
FOR SALE or trade. 20 acres, nice, level.
no rock nor gravel, 10 miles from
Vancouver, Wash., unimproved; 1 mile
east Main st. road, nice spring, creek
crosses land. Price $2000. Will con
sider 5 room cottage. For particulars
address C. E. Wallensteln, 18 E. 6th at
north. City.
1 60 Acre Farm
Will take trade to amount of $4000.
balance $2000 back mortgage. Thla in
eludes all stock and Implements, val- '
ued at $2000. 402 Lumber Exchange.
2d and Stark. '
I HAVE a first mortgage of $8800 at
6 per cent Interest, semi-annually,
on property worth $7000. that I wish to
iTrS f?r h048e and lot in Portland.
C-868. Journal.
EIGHT modern 6 to 9 room houses to
trade part or all for good improved
stoca farm with stock, crop and im
plements; Willamette valley place with
running water preferred. Eli Hogan.
617 Board of Trade, Portland Or. Phone
Main 4676.
Eastern party has the above to invest
In good first mortgages at low interest
In sums to suit or will buy real aetata
and a good paying business for cash at
tha right price. See Mr. Ruthfleld with
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
We have customers who want
residences. What have you?
or call on us.
J. E, Nichols Co.,
pip icon mag.
CORNER lot Alberta or near St. Johns
on car Une, give location with price
and terms. M-156 Journal.
Furniture of 8 room house, within S
minutes walk to center of city. 2 year
lease, rent $25. Price $376, some terms,
615 YEON BLDG. ,
$200 and Some Trade
Will buy these houses:
8 rooms, rent $16, price $350.
10 rooms, rent $37.60, $600.
10 rooms, rent $45. $700.
11 rooms, extra fine, $975.
17 rooms, rent $60, price $1500.
18 rooms, rent $90, price $2400
84 rooms, $7000.
271 Morrison St., room 62.
12 room house on Everett street
minutes walk to P. O. If taken at ones
will sell for $200 less than any one
J. E. Nichols Co.,
"Has It for less."
616- Yeon Bldg.
A 20 room rooming house, with 1H
year lease, on Yamhill street, part cash,
balance terms; will take city lot as first
J, E. Nichols Co.,
"Has it for less."
615 Yeon Bldg. '
Best Transient House $2850
Now is the time to buy this house; our
contract expires the 10th, and the prioe
goes up to $3800; don't wait, but come
and see. It is on Washington, Ions
lease, rent only $5 a room.
8 ROOMS, elegantlv furnished, good
lease, rent only $36. - Here is a snap,
and can clear $75 month above all ex
pensear. If you have $600 cash, see thla
at once. Call 88 10th St.. near Btark.
FREE rent and living expenses by
small Investment;' rooming house,
well furnished, best location; no agent,
owner direct. 475 Taylor.
411 Henry bldg. Marshall C64.
Hotels, apartment houses, ' rooming
houses bought, sold and exchanged.
I HAVE sellers and real estate con-
tracts drawing 7 per cent; will ex
change for a home clear of Incumbrance
up to $sooo. G-866. Journal. .
S3 ROOMS Rent $80, lease; $840 cash,!
balance $20 per month. Corner brick,
flno location. Owner. R-852, Journal.
SEVEN rooms, cheap rent, going east.
all full, 8 blocks to depot; clears $$
per month. 436 Everett.
44 ROOMS, best location on east side,
22 furnished; long lease, $1800 with
terms. Owner, G-840,urnal.
VERY profitablertfoniing house, central
location; see owner: terms ail casn. A
40O6. - - - .
FOR SALE or trade for lots or acre
age or larger house; 10 rooms, well
furnished, 580 4th St. S.
NICELY furnished flat. $225. $160 cashl
balance terms. 401 3d. cor, Harrison,
ROOMING house for sale by owner.
Phone A-5714.
MINING and Industrial stocks; tele--phone
and other bonds bought and
sold. . C. S. Fletcher. 126 Ablngton bldg.
ESTABLISHED' grocery, notions, eto.,
for sale or trade; will take auto up
to $1000, balance cash. 986 Alblna ave.
L car.' .i' '" i ij in i
Letter Heads, Envelopes, Cards
Acorn Press, 612 Buchanan bldg, M. 6654
FOR SALE Pop corn wagon and outTlt,
good paying business, clears $( per
day. H-846, Journal. -
WANT 'good ' man In laundry propos!?
tlon In city. Experience pot needed.
V-851, journal;-
RESTAURANT for sale; goo! location
Gocu business. Owner, l3 Grn4
dly. ;
Ft". SALE Grocery store, below ln
volce; good reason for selling. Owner,
W-84.7. Journal. j ;
SHALL bakery" at invoice,1 about! IS iT'O ,
by owner; good business. , Chaa M.
.Tnhniinn. Beavertnn. f r. k
SMALL bakery and confectionery ao'1
stock of groceries for sale cheap. 914
Williams. . i'
. ...