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P 7
British Steamer in Collision Off
Dover Sued for Heavy Dam
ages for Cargo Lost; Port
land Bound.
When ready to nail from San Fran
rlsco last Saturday for Portland apd
Vancouver, B. C, to finish discharging
Korseral cargo from Europe the British
Btoamer Rannorkburn, Captain Dent,
as deluyed by a number of libel suits
as the rf;ilt of a collision off Dover,
and h6 was not reported this morning
as Rettlnif away.
Tlie llbellontn are the St.. Paul Fire
ft Marino Insurance company, $29,000
1 or cargo lost; Parrott & Co.. goods fur-
nlshed. -$22,500; Mery fe Co.. liquors,
$1734; Tnjijuary, Gordon 4; - Co-.. Ltd.,
rln, $190. and Meyer, Wilson & Co,,
$1600, for loss and damage to earfto of
teal bars enroute from Antwerp to
San Francisco.
The Bannockburn was beached at
Povor March 3 after a collision, badly
damaged aiid leaking. She was floated
March 4 and on the Itth she arrived at
London for repairs sailing again Juns
The Bannockburn was here last year
and took out a cargo of 3,600,684 feet of
lumber, valued at $37,804, sailing for
Shanghai January 1, 1910. Bo far as
Is known she has not yet received an
Outward charter.
British Ship Forfarshire Is Sold to
Norwegian Owners.
Another windjammer well known here
has been' reported as changing flags.
She Is the British bark Forfarshire,
which loaded wheat here last season,
and European advices state that she
has been sold to Norwegian owners
for a sum believed to be 2S50.
The ForfarBhlre sailed from this port
on January 19 of this year with a cargo
"of 76,425 bushels of wheat, valued at
$65,620. She was built by Blrrell, 8ten
house & Co., at Dumbarton In 1885, and
Is an Iron bark of 1300 net tons with a
carrying capacity of about 2060 tons. She
Is 239 feet In length, 36 feet beam and
21 feet depth of hold. She was on
of the well known fleet of Thomas Low
A Co., and was In command of Captain
R. Purdy when last hers.
Nine Other Western States
Will Join in Unique Publicity
Plan; Railroads to -Aid; Fine
Prizes Are Offered.
Fifteen Young Men, Members
of Methodist Church, Start
Today to Hunt for Missing
Man; Clue From The Dalles
The plan to exhibit the. productions of
Oregon and nlns other western states in
solid train load touring the continent
for two months and visiting- Omaha, St.
Paul and New York land shows en route.
has definitely materialized, according to
an announcement made today by C. C.
Chapman, secretary of the Oregon P-
ve.opmem league nortort th.t hhrf th iE.k,
The total cash cost of the tour Is to ma , r.i,..j. ,. w
LI. . . o , A AA . "
with this to work on and the fact
Two clues are at present being run
down In the effort to locate Charles W.
Jones, assistant manager of the Oregon
hotel.' who disappeared last Tuesday
nian, and of whom nothing definite has
been heard since.
Rev. W. R. F. Brown, of the Meth
odist church at Estacada, who was
slightly acquainted with Mr. Jones, re-
be $40,000, and of this amount $30,000 )nf?
has been raised, largely due to the ef
forts of ex-Ooveri-or James H. Brady of
Idaho. Twenty-five thousand dollars
will be given by the railroads, In addi
tion to carrying the train free over their
line, $5000 by the Panama-Pacific expo
sition company, and this leaves $10,000
to be raised by 10 states, or $1000 for
Our business n.en will give the $1000
necessary, J am sure," said Mr. Chapman.
Western States Snbserfbs.
'I do not know when Oregon has had
an opportunity to so cheaply and effec
tively advertise lb,:, productions and re-
ourceS of the state. For some time I
was doubtful as to whether a plan of
such magnitude could be arranged be
tween the states, but now I am sure It
will be a complete success."
Three of the 10 western states con
cerned in th monster traveling exhibit
have pledged their share of the expense.
They are Utah, Idaho and Washington.
The Oregon portion Is considered as
good as pledged. Other states to come
in are Colorado, California, Montana.
that should he have been drowned in
the Clackamas river his body would
pfobably rise to the surface by this
time, F. J. Stelnmetz. with 15 young
men of Taylor Stroet Methodist church,
who volunteered to assist at last night's
services, left this morning t 10:46
o'alock, for Estacada. A thorough
search will be made of the banks of
the river. The lake and flume above
the power plant at Caaadero will also
be searched, and both these and the
river will be dragged.
Clue From The Dalles.
The other clue Is a report that B.. A.
Brooks of Rowena had recognized him
Friday night at that place, and that an
unknown man reported at the Oregon
hotel that he had seen a man In The
Dallea answering his description. Mr.
Brooks and the unknown man both rec
ognized him from the descriptions
printed in the papers. It Is said, and
Brooks asked the man where he was
going and received no answer. When
Brooks remarked that he looked too
well dressed to be a tramp, the man
replied that he had to go tha,t way. Tho
only thing about the man that did not
) Schooner Which Hit Rocks to Go on
5 Oregon Dry Dock,
'f. The steam schooner Baglnaw, Captain
Koffold, which struck Fox rock In the
fog on August 24. on her way ' from
; Ban Francisco to Portland, -and was"
towed Into Coos Bay In a sinking con
. dltion, reached the Couch street dock
t at 2 o'clock this morning. Her entire
; cargo of cement was damaged and a
part of It discharged at Marshfleld
1 where It will be used for crushed rock.
The remainder amounting to about 100
' tons will be discharged here and dls
J posed of in some manner while 200
j barrels of asphalt will also be dls
- charged here after which she will be
. raised on the Oregon drydock for re
pairs. Captain Koffold said that the
extent of her damage was not yet
J Laden with general cargo for south
I ern Oregon ports the gas schooner Wll
! helmlna. Captain Tyler, Is scheduled to
- sail tomorrow.
Delayed a day at Astoria because of
fog. the steamer Golden Gate, Captain
Erlrkson, arrived at 6 o'clock last night
r from Tillamook with passengers and
; freight
S When the steamer Alliance reached
! quarantine at Astoria from Eureka and
Coos Bay a member of the crew was
: taken ashore with what was said to be
7 a caso of smallpox. The vessel was
fumigated and proceeded on up here,
j This is the second time In the last few
. trips that he hns been detained at
t quarantine from the same cause.
7 Tho gas schooner Delia, Captain Cas-
sidy, Is scheduled to sail for Nestucca
tomorrow morning with general cargo.
" Carrying passengers and general
freight the steamship Roanoko, Captain
Jeesen, arrived at Martin's dock from
Ran Diego, San eodro and San Fran
- clsco last night.
r At 1 o'clock this morning the British
f. tramp Earl of Forfar was floated over
t Reeder's Crossing and the Port of Tort
! land tug went on down to Henrlcfg with
her from which place she continued on
; down at 2 o'clock.
1 .Laden with 894 tons of general do
J mestlc freight from New York the
i Amerlcan-Jlawallan steamer Fnlcon,
? Captain Schage, will be due to arrive In
; the harbor tomorrow evening. The
! Patient Chfirlrs B. Gordon, 722 N.
. Italiroad St., Salisbury,-N. C.
, Case Chronic nephritis.
Symptoms Patient In bed; dropsy In.
volved the limbs and face; the eye
symptom was In evld ence ; blood pres-
pure was so high that there was a
J plight stroke of paralysis, patient
' being helpless and speechless for eight
-S Prognosis Several (.killed physicians
, were callo.d In and told the patient
i nothing could help h i in. Patient there-
J upon started taking Fulton's Renal
I Compound.
1 Two weeks thereafter he gave us the
1 following changes In his condition:
. The swelling had left tho limbs and
. fuc; eye growing (stronger; patient
walking around and ga'nlng dally. His
1 local physician Is making weekly
i analyses and mid the patient that "the
j poison is- nearly out of his system."
The above made up a hopfilens case
v ef kidney disease under the old treat
j rnent. We submit the changes effected
? In two weeks In this case to physicians
A. anting as umpires to say aa to the value
J of the results Fulton's Renal Com-
pound Is getting In many of these
t aM. How can physicians have the
tieart to hold patient to almost certslfc
. J failure on the old-time treatment when
j reactions Tlkn, these are being had In
j auppoaed' Incurable cases. The simple
addition of, an agent to relax the kldT
ncy to the ellmlnatlve, heart and tonic
:.i Iroutmeitt the physician Is now giving
? change the prognosis from' despair to
hops. There Is no conflict Druggists
supplied J7 Clark-Woodard Drug Co,
land Bluroauer-Frank Drag Co.
Nevada. Arizona. New Mexico, Wyora-! tally to descriptions was a dark bag
lng and North and South Dakota and
Nebraska are seriously considering par
Oregon producers are urged to pre
pare their exhlbtta for the New York
land show, the date of which Is Novem
ber 8-12, and the place Madison Square
J. 3. B1U 91000 Cap.
A letter was sent by the Oregon De
velopment league today to all affiliating
bodies asking definite action, that the
Oregon exhibit may as a whole and in
parts win prizes from other states. A
letter to the eothmerclal club from F.
W. Graham of the Great Northern,
states that there will be no entry
charges, while on the other hand the
prizes In cups and cash are of such
value aa to be worthy tha keenest of
The J. J. Hill $1000 cup will be of-
-fered for the beit wheat exhibit. The
prize cup for the best apples Is $600,
which is taken aa tangible evidence of
the recent policy not to advertise apples
SO much as the products of diversified
farming. For each of the best exhibits
of corn, potatoes, sugar beets and oats
there Is either a $1000 cup -or cash to
that amount For the best barley ex
hibit the prize la $1500.
Entry blanks to enter will be fur
nished. Itli announced, by F. W. Gra
ham, Great Northern, Portland
Riley Atkinson, well known western
development promoter. It Is announced,
will 'have charge of the 10-states ex
hibit train. The train will carry repre
sentative business men from every state,
and at all times there will be on the
train at least one governor from one of
the 10 states.
amount of bonded freight that she has
could not be learned.
With passengers and freight the
steamer Breakwater sailed for Coos
Bay this morning.
(Special to The Journal.)
Florence, Or., Sept. 4. I. B. Cushman,
president of the Port of Sluslaw com
mission, yesterday returned from Port
land, where he wss advised by the
I nlted States engineer's office that blda
for the building of the north Jetty will
be asked for at once, which' means that
the contract will probably be let early
In October. Engineer Berry of the
Wakefield Construction company, which
built the south Jetty, came In with Mr.
Cushman to examine the work and pre
pare a bid. The Wakefield company Just
recently finished the south Jetty, which
was paid for by bonds sold by the port
to the amount of $100,000. The port
raised $115,000 for the north Jetty, and
the federal government furnished a like
he carried, which he did not have when
he left home. The description given by
the man from The Dalles Is correct ex
cept for the shoes, which he declared
were lace, while Jones left with button
Every effort is being made to com
municate with the unknown man. In
hopes that he may be able to give fur
ther Information. He asked the clerk
at the Oregon hotel for a picture of
Jones to try to Identify the man by and
was directed to the newspaper offices.
The clerk neglected to obtain his name
and he has disappeared completely, but
watch Is being kept for him.
Been on Train.
A circumstance which still further
clinches the theory that Jones started
east Is the report of a conductor on the
Troutdale line of the P. R.. L. & P.
company about noon Tuesday; the day
he disappeared, that he rode on his
car. This would give him a chance to
leave town without getting on a train
at the Union depot If he wished, tak
ing it at Troutdale, Instead. This re
port was received soon after Jones' dis
appearance, but little thought was given
at that time as It was supposed then
that he had gone to Estacada.
Several incidents which happened Just
prior to his departure lead to the be
lief that he was out of his mind be
fore he left and that to a certain ex
tent he planned to leave. The morning
of bis disappearance he withdrew his
papers and some Jewelry belonging to
Mrs. Jones from the safety deposit
vault where he had been keeping them
In his bank. He did this with the ex
planation that he would not need the
vault longer, although his time did not
expire until next Wednesday.
When he brought the Jewelry home
he laid It on the table, saying: "There's
your- Jewelry." While Mrs. Jones had
not asked for it, she did not think much
of It at the time. Another peculiar
action he made was to pull his money
from his pocket and hand Mrs. Jones
a couple of dollars, telling her to go
shopping and buy herself something.
This fact was not so unusual, but the
manner In which he offered the money
surprised Mrs. Jones.
His revolver, which he used to carry
with him when he had occasion to be
out late, Ik missing from Its usual
place andr-has not been found, which
mite, for Pan Pedro. Sailed at 9:15 Generally Tell of Sick KlA.
, Norwegian steamer Henrlk Ibsen, CnCra" C" . , "
neys. a jroniana rtesiaem
Shows You the Cure.
Astoria. 8ept 4. Arrived down dur
ing the night, steamers General Hub
bard and Maverick. Arrived at 7:15 a.
m., British sloop of war Shearwater,
from Victoria. Palled at 10 a. m., steam
er Maverick, for San Francisco.
Honolulu, Sept. 3. Sailed, British
steamer Strifthlyon, for Portland.
Astoria. S'ept. 8. Arrived at 7 a. m.
and left up at 2 r. m., steamer Alliance,
from Eviitka and way ports Sailed at
4 a. m.t ateamer Jim Butler, for Ever
ett. Sailed at 8:30 a m., steamer
Washtenaw, for Port San Luis, steamer
a. m
for Auckland via Puget sound. Arrived
at 8:46 a. m. and left- up at 12:40 p. m.,
steamer Roanoke, from S"an Diego and
way ports. Arrived at 2 and left up at
4 p. m., steamer Saginaw, from San
Francisco via Coos bay. Sailed at 4:15
p. nv, steamer Catania, for San Fran
cisco. Sailed at B p. m., steamer Breaks
water, for Coos bay. .
Grays Harbor, Bept 3. Arrived,
steamer Shoshone, from Portland.
Bandon, Sept. 8. Sailed, gasoline
schooner Anvil, for Portland.
San Francisco, Sept 8. Sailed at
noon, steamer Geo. W. Elder, for San
Diego. Sailed at 1 p. m.. steamers
Beaver. Thomas L. Wand and Oleum, for
Astoria,. Sept. 4. Condition at the
mouth of the river at 8 a. m., smooth;
wind, northwest 18 mllee; weather,
cloudy. '
Tides - at Astoria Tuesday High
water. 11:37 a. m.. 7.0 feet: 10:53 p. m..
7.8 feet; low water, 6:05 a. m., 0.4 feet;
6:26 p. m., $.7 feet.
Good For You
You can't have a clear brain,
active muscles and firm
nerves, if your bowels are
sluggish ; but see what a help
to you will be a few doses of
Sold Everywhere. In box at 10c and 2 Sc.
Wireless Messages.
8. S. Chanslor, at sea, midnight, Sept.
8. (Via North HeadV In latitude 29.13
N longitude 143.49 W. Wind N. E. ;
force 4, Pea moderate, sky clou4y, ba
rometer 30.22; temperature 70 dgrees.
fi. S. Ilarrln, t sea, 4 p. m.. Sept. 3.
Latitude 39.20 N.. longitude 123.01 - W.
Barometer 80.08, rising. Temperature
62 degrees. Wind N. W.. sky -clear,
gentle N. W. swell. MDONALD.
The sharp twinge of pain In the small
of the back that strikes you after an$
sudden twist or awkward motion, tells
of weak, slek kidneys. Early signs of
weakened kidneys are: backache, lame
back, sharp, darting pains, dizzy spells,
tlred-out state, despondency. And there
are usually disturbances of the urine
too frequent urination, scalding or burn
ing pain during passage, discolored
urine and sediment
.Doan'a Kidney Pills are prepared es
pecially for alck, weakened kidneys,
backache and urinary disorders have
cured thousands .of such cases. Doan's
are indorsed throughout the civilized
world are recommended by Portland
Mr J. L. More, 160 Beach at, Port
land, Oregon, says: "Doan'a Kidney
Pills have been used fti my family -with
good results. I can praise this remedy
highly, knowing that it is effective in
curing kidney trouble."
For sale by all dealers. Pnjce 80
rents. Foster-M!lhirn Co., Buffalo, New
York, sole agents for the. United States.
Remember the name Dpan'av-and
take no other.
Indicates n took it with him. H4 had
not been in the habit of carrying It t
all lately. The notebooks which might
ieaa to nis identification were taken
from his pocket nd left at home. - They
had add r asses and notes oonoern lng both
his hotel and -church affalra and he al
ways kept. them with hln. ,
The sheriffs of Wasco and Umatflla
counties have been asked to aid in the
Joaee' Description. v
The latest description of Jones Is:
Coat and vest of black and white
checked or striped 'material; trousers of
a different shade but also dark; a soft
felt hat either brown or black; light
black button shoes; wine colored socks.
His clothes are worn and wrinkled. He
Is a man of 63 years of age, but younger
In looks, 6 feet 7 Inches In height,
weighs about 166 pound; has sandy
hair slightly streaked with gray, es
pecially about the temples, and of
rather ruddy complexion. He waa
smooth shaven when he left but might
have a week's growth of beard by. this
time. He carried a hunting case watch
with a leather fob which might have
an Elks' charm or Rose Festival button
attached. Hi is nervous in speech and
manner, speaking quickly and wtth very
few words.
Southern Pacific and Subsid
iary Company Are De
fendants. '.. .
Daily River Readings.
Height Change. Rainfall.
Lewlston 0.4 0.1 0
Rlpnrla 0.9 0.1 0
Umatilla B.2 0.1 9
Portland 8.3 0.1 .84
Harrieburg ... 1.0 0 ,2S
Albany -v 0.5 0 .14
Falem 0.6 ' 0.1 .12
WllsonylUe . . .1.4 0.1 l.4
Rising; ( felling.
For the purpose of. making an effort
to recover oil "lands In California val
ued at half a billion dollars, the govern
ment will begin suit against the South
ern Faolfio company within a few
weeks. Special representative for the
department of Justloe Townsand will
have charge of the prosecution.
Mr. Townsend has been In conference
with the chiefs of the field division of
the land office at Ban Francisco and
Los Angeles, Desendorf and Helms,
in which It la believed plans for -prosecuting
the case were snapped out Mr.
Townsend, it Is said, will go to Cali
fornia next month.
The oil land In question waa acquired
by the Southern Paolfio company
through a grant by congress of July
27, 1868. The grant embraced odd sec
tions of land at Coalings, Devlfs Den,
Midway, McKlttrick and Maricopa. The
exception of mineral lands, however,
was made in the grant, and the gov
ernment is expected to hold that the
exception was carried into the patents
pursuant to the praetloe of ht interlof
department, ant In that form were! ac
cepted by the railroad company.
The Kern Oil Trading company,
aid to be a subsidiary company of the
Southern ' Pacific . will bo made de
fendant with tha railroad .company and
it Is expected that the government will
ask for an accounting of the several
million dollars . worth cf oil' that has
been taken from these fields. . - -
. Between 100,000 and 150,009 acres
of land is Involved in the suit - ,. .
AllVlms Lose All Vim. " 1
' (Special te Tb Journal) '
Hood Rtvr. Or.. Sept 4 The All-:
Vim, tSasehall team of Portland had all
the Vim taken out of it by tha locals
Sunday afternoon on the Hood r River
diamond by a, score of, 12 to 2. ?
:' . ' (Special to The Journal. ) '
LyleWaeb... Sept 4.. An unidentified
Japanese was found dead with bis
throat cut in the smoker on North Bank
train No. , 8 this morning, Tho body
was left her and the coroner notified.
It Is supposedly a case of suicide..
treatment of Contagious Blood Pn form nhri wuu r... ;t..
a lasting cure will result. There are certain mWrai ,4ii ,t,:u
will temporarily remove the external symptoms of Contagious Blood
wJe3 He ti;e?Jtm.ent ,is Icft P? lhc discflse always returns in '
worse form, and the delicate tissues of the stomach and bowels are
Sll! bJthySe sirkon8 mi?erals. S.5.5, made entirely of non
injurious roots, herbs and barks of recognized curative and tonic value,
removes every particle of the virus from the circulation, and by enrich
c$ lni strengthening the blood, cures the disease permanently.
5 .d0Jcs "ot hde or cover up the symptoms, but removes them by
first eliminating the cause. Home Treatment Book and any medical
advice free. S.S.S. is sold at drugstores.
Amotlhieir Telegram
That Explains Iltselff
1 . - 1
fin J
mw-ufsiiii iMfiBi iiUfflti'iimca
;n P8$tattlsrapa-Cahla tmemf. (hoqtpntl) tmwntti sod deltaCs this etfit fettorffwn tubjact ta
tsTTMtntonilantMbictoftliit Ma.' cumn h. iiacKay. caW.'
t w mm : III it
1 wm
Is I
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 13, 1911
Another and the third national victory for F LANDERS "20"
within a month. This time a olean sweep in America's hill climbing
classic The THREE speed FLANDERS "20" won event in her class Satur
day at Woroester, Mass. climbing Dead Horse Hill in 1 minute 18.85
seconds, breaking all previous reoords for her class by 46 seconds,
and defeating seoond car in her class by -37 seoond's. She also boat
records made by the following high powered and higher priced cars in
other olasses. Velie Buicfk, Cole, Hudson, Firestone, Oakland, Cameron,
3xit and Empire.
FLANDERS "20" was the lowest priced car in the contest. Dead
Horse Hill is one mile long with a rise of over 400 feet to tho mile,
newspaper aooounts say course was slow because of bad surface and. one
very bad spot near finish line.
FLANDERS time better than, time made in 1909 by any car les3
than three times her price. And faster than time made last year by
any car but one of three times her size and price. She averaged a
little over 46 miles an hour up to the eight per cent grade. Strictly
' i
etook chassis. Event run under A. A. A. rules and supervision. FLANDERS
O" was sensation of the sixty and seventy horse power cars barely
beating her phenomenal performance.
Sending you photograph 'of WITT in victorious FLANDERS on
the hill.
She has now only to win the three hundred mile Savanna Road
Eace to prove her invincibility in speed-as she proved her reliability
v - i ,
in the Little Glidden; her staying powers in. Minneapolis, to Helena
Montana reliability run, and her hill climbing qualities on Dead Horse
Hill. Watch the, little wonder at Savanna.
E. M. F. Noii:Ewesf Gompsiinijr
Phones, Main 5969; A 2436
3 H-VV; .Ptfrf W'Jr