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Bates & Chesebrough Charter
: Coaster for Service From
North Pacific Ports Third
One to Be Taken.
.' .it has been announced that the
steamer St. HeWns, now on her last
5 voyage to Alaska from Seattle, has been
" chartered by Bates & cnesenrougn irom
h. p .1 Dndee Lumber company, own
. r of the veuel. for service on the
- r-.Hfnrnla-Atla.ntlc steamship line be
tween Panama and North Pacific port.
Veer, during the summer monthil,
a ik R Helens has been operated be
in Kan Francisco and Portland,
where she is well known, and other
. coast points, bringing general cargo
- north and returning to the Golden Gate
- with lumber cargoes ror ner owners
She is In command of Captain Thomas
A. Jamleson, and during the summer she
made the record trip ror a rreignie
from Nome. ,
With her decks piled high with pro
duce and her holds full of general men
; chandlae and supplies the St. Helens,
sailed from the Puget sound port on
Auarust 21 on her last trip of the sea
eon to Alaska. On her return she will
. he turned over to Bates & Chesebrough
This Is the third coaster chartered
bv the California-Atlantic in the last
montht the other steamers being the
Tampieo and the Seward, both of which
' have been engaged in tne Aiasga traae,
' end they are apparently ready to take
any tonnage of the rig ht description
that la free or about to? become so,
which argues well for the rapid in
crease of shipments to and from this
- coast by way of the Isthmus of Panama.
At the time the Seward was taken for
- the Panama service the steamer Port
land was also chartered, and she will
bring a cargo around from Philadelphia
and New York.
The next of the California-Atlantic
steamships to arrive here will be the
Stanley Dollar, which is scheduled to
arrive from Balboa direct about next
British Ship Invermay Makes Long
Trip, Portland to Que-onstown.
Among 'the Portland 19MM1 grain
: fleet the longest passage so far has
been that of the British ship Jnvermay,
which sailed from here on March 11
last. She arrived at Queenstown Au
gust 11 after a passage of 172 days.
She sailed from the river with 87,646
bushels of wheat valued at $74,498 be
ing; under charter to Hind, Rolph & Co.
. But two more vessels are yet to be ac
counted for. They are the Russian
bark. Ocean, which sailed from here
April 22, and the British ship Vincent,
sailing from here May 8.
The record long passage of the 1910-'
11 grain fleet from, here, aside from
the Invermay, was that of the British
ship Inveravon. which was 170 davs in
maklmr the passage' from' Portland to"
Limerick.' The record long passage for
1S10 for the same voyage is held by the bark Duquesne, which was 174
days from Astoria to Falmouth.
' The smartest passage of the year so
far from this port is that of the Ger
man ship Wilhelmine. which reached
. London August 27, 113 days. out. She
carried a cargo of 1,627,518 feet of lum
ber valued at $20,486.
Lloyd's Register Publishes Statis
tical Summiry for 1910.
The statistical summary of vessels
totally lost, condemned, etc., during the
ear 1910. Just lnsued by Lloyd s Regis.
r. shows that the total number of
vessels so removed from the register
was 562. of 591. 53 tons, of which :93
of 421,549 tons were steamers and 269
of 169.987 tons were sailers. The na
ture of the losses was as follows: Aban
doned, 42; broken up. condemned, etc.,
IS; burned. 31; collision. 71. foundered,
66; lost, etc.. 6; missing, 41: wrecked,
Tha picture shows the master of finance
Picture shows girls in Swedish echottische dance, only one of the many
The second annual play festival.
which will be held at Peninsula Park,
Mississippi avenue and Willamette
boulevard, on the Mississippi car. line,
tomorrow afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock.
wll have many Interesting features.
chief among which will be the pretty
folk dances and Maypole drills by the
girls of different playgrounds. Another
Interesting event will be the display and
judging of the articles made by the
girls of the playgrounds from raffia.
Besides ' these events there will be
several games or baseball, playground
ball, volley ban and races and athletic
events for both boys and girls. The
game 6f most interest is the playing off I
87- Among the missing figure 21
steamers of 35,248 tons and 20 sailers of
9231 tons, of which the United States
contributed one steamer of 22H tons.
nd 4 sailers of 1946 tons. The percent
age of losses to tonnage owned was as
follows: Austro-Hungarlan. 0.41; Dutch,
.80; German, 1.02: French, 1.10; British
(U. K. ), 1.27; Danish, 1.29; Italian, 1.40;
Swedish, 1.66; United States, 1.82; Brit
ish Colonies. 1.86; Russian, 2.19; Span
ish, 2.30; Norwegian, 3.37.
There Will Be Music in the
When Croakers Tune Up.
White Salmon. Wash.. Sept. 2. Cap
tain Charles R. Spencer of Portland is
literally making things Jump on his
Spring creek ranch. In order to make
his artificial lake more -realistic he is
Ving. 400. fat, warranted-to-croak frogs
dumped into the water, and trout will
follow later. The captain is a great
rOK fancier, knows all their points,' and
will not only propagate them for a table
delicacy, but for their jumping quali
ties, intending to equal even Mark
Twain's famous frog of Calaveras
Portland Man Fitting Out Boat for
Deep Sea Work.
Profiting by the experience of others
in deep gea crab fishing Wachsmuth-
Brothers, of the Oregon Oyster com
pany, have secured one of the big life
boats formerly in use in the Fort Can
by lifesavlng station and are installing
a gasoline engine with the Intention of
go 1 rig after the big crustaceans farther
off shore than they are uuually se
cured. Louis Wachsmuth said yesterday that
the lifeboat will be fitted up with a
leg-of-mutton sail in addition to a 10
horsepower auxilliary engine and she
will go out about 10 miles off Shoal-
leaning over th . .
Events to Be Seen at Annual Pldy
of the tie between the teams of North
Park and Columbia Park, the members
of whom are over 4 feet 8 Inches In
height. This game is for the cham
pionship of the playgrounds. Another
interesting contest will be the game of
playground ball between the girls of
Peninsula, ' champions of the girls'
league and the Brooklyn Midgets, cham
pions of the boys' league, each member
of which Is under 4 feet 8 inches in
height. The boys will give the girls a
handicap of 16 runs. - V
In the raffia exhibit the girls will
be divided into four classes: Under 8
years, between 8 and 10, 10 and 14,
and over 14. -In the athletic events the
division will be Into those under 4 feet
8 Inches, between 4 feet 8 inches and
water Bay to do her fishing as it is
expected that a better and larger class
Of crabs could be secured well out.
The boat will begin her fishing oper
ations about October 1 and will be in
command of Captain M. Wachsmuth
who has been in the Itfesavlng service
at Fort Canby for the last 10 years. It
will carry a crew and three men.
It has been the experience of those
who have tried fishing for crabs at
Buch a distance out that they were apt
to capsize and a large number of drown
ings have occurred from this cause. The
new4 owners of the lifeboat, however,
expect to be able to avoid serious acci
dents because of the type of boat that
they have secured. They expect to
make two trips a day from Tokeland.
where a large float Is being constructed
to receive the crabs and from which
they will be sent to Portland to be dis
tributed to other coast points.
Reported Death of Skipper of the
William Bowden Received.
A report to the Merchants' Exchange
from Caleta Colosa, dated September 1
states that the schooner William Bow
den had arrived there and that Captain
Knudsen, the skipper, had died June 26.
The Bowden arrived out 83 days from
the Columbia river, laden with lumber
No details of the death. of Captain Khud-
sen. whose home is said to be at Bel-
llngham, were given.
Bringing freight and passengers from
Tillamook the steamer Golden Gate,
Captain Erickson, will be due to arrive
In the harbor this morning.'
With passengers and freight the
steamer Roanoke, Captain Jessen, is
scheduled to arrive today from San
Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
When the French bark Edouard De
tallle, now discharging coal at As
toria, has finished she will drydock
here for cleaning and painting before
loadins wheat out. She will come up
here with at least enough coal for
To load lumber for California the
steamer Nehalem left down the river
last night for Tongue Point.
The Norwegian steamship Henrik
Ibsen was expected to complete her
lumber cargo for Australia last night
at Tongue Point and she will probably
gei away loaay on ner rirst voyage
In the Australian Mall line.
The steam schooner Aurelta was
raised on the Port of Portland drydock
esterday afternoon for survey and re
pairs. A general average of 25 per
tent was declared on hfijr cargo dis
charged at Couch street dock by the
Bringing passengers and general
freight the steamer Sue H. Eimor
t-aptain Schrader, arrived yesterday
anernoon irom ruiamooK.
Officials of the Open River Trans
portatlon company stated yesterday
inai me steamer inland Empire would
be ready to go Into service again short
ly helping the steamer Twin Cities In
the transportation of grain of which
there is a larger amount than usual
this year.
It was announced yesterday tha. tie
steamer Oregona, of the Oregon City
i ransportation company s fleet, would
leave Monday morning at 6:45 o'clock
for Mission Landing? making tne round
trip each day for a week to accommo
date the hop pickers.
Astoria, Sept. 2 Arrived at V m..
bark W. B. Flint, from ..Koggiung; ar
rived and left up at i a. m.. steamer
Elmore, from Tillamook; arrived down
at 9:3o and sailed at 10:40 a. m , steam
er Shoshone for Grays Harjjor; arrived
and left up at 10:60 a. m., gasoline
schooner Wllhelmlna. from Yaqulna;
arrived at 4 p. m. and left up, steamer
Golden Gate, from Tillamook.
San Francisco, apt. 2. Arrived at
a. m., steamer Bear, from Portland;
arrived, steamer Geo. W. Elder, from
Portland; steamer Beaver, from San
Pedro; sailed, British ship Torrlsdale in
tow of tug Hercules, for Portland; ar
rived at noon steamer Oleum, from Port
San Luis; sailed last night steamer's
Coaster, Bowdoln and Nome City, for
Noyo, Sept. 1. Arrived, British
steamer Wakefield, from San Francisco,
for Portland.
Gavlota, Sept. 2. -Sailed, steamer W.
F. Herrln. for Portland. --. V? ,
Monterey. Sept. 1. Sailed, steamer
Rosecrans,. for Portland. . v
Coos Bay. Sept. 2. Sailed, steamer
Alliance for Portland. .
Caleta Colosa, Sept. I. Arrived.
schooner Wm, Bowden, from Columbia
river. Captain died June. 26th. .-,
interesting features promised for
Park. -
5 feet inches, and a class open to all
sixes. Three entries will be permitted
a playground in each division of an
event. Blue, red and white ribbons will
be presented to the three first players
in each event.
The presentation of the cups offered
by the "Sane Fourth" committee for the
winners in the ball leagues of the play
grounds will be presented during the
afternoon by Acting Mayor George I.
Baker. The opening games were playad
on the Fourth.
In the raffia exhibit there will be
specimens of hats, hammocks, bags, bas
kets, mats, sunbonnets, napkin rings.
picture frames and needle books..
The events for the boys will consist
of: 12-pound shot; 100-yard dash: shoe
ter, 10:20 a. m., 8.1 feet; 9:08 p. m., 7.2
feet; low water: 3.28 a. m., 1.1 feet; 3:40
p. m., 4.6 feet.
One to Arrive,
Str. Roanoke, San Pedro Sept
Str. Anvil, Bandon Sept.
Str. Golden Gate. Tillamook Sept.
Str. Alliance, Eureka Sept
Str. Rose City. San Pedro .Sept.
Str. Beaver, San Pedro Sept.
Ortertc. Orient Sept.
Str. Breakwater. Coos Bay Sept
Str. Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. .Sent
str. near. San Pedro Sept 10
Str. Geo. W. Elder, San Diego. .Sept 10
Suverie. Orient Oct If
Kumerlc, Orienf vr. ....... .Nov. IS
Dne to Depart. -
Str. Breakwater, Cooa Bay Sept 4
Str. Golden Gate, Tillamook ....Sept. 6
Str. Alliance, Eureka....; Sept 5
Str. Sue H. Elmore, Tillamook. .8ept fi
gtr. Rose City San Pedw ...Sept 6
Str. Roanoke. San Pedro ....!. .Sept
Ptr. Anvil Bandon gept 6
Str. Beaver, San Diego sect 19
Str. Geo. W. Elder. San Diego.. Sept 13
tomorrow's play, festival at Peninsula
.-r ' : '
race, In which the shoes are piled in
heap arid every bojr tries to get his
own and put them on first; 400-yard
relay race, 4-boy. team.
For the girls there will be: SO-yard
dash; climbing Inclined ladder; 200-yard
relay race, 4-girl team.
The folk dances and Maypole drills
will be: City park, Swedish schottisohe
and Danish shoemaker dance; Sellwood,
Danish folk dance, "Ace of Diamonds;"
Brooklyn, Hungarian folk dance and
Maypole drill; Peninsula, Maypole drill.
Two games of volley ball will also
be played, the boys of Peninsula vs. the
boys of Brooklyn, and the girls of Pe
ninsula vs. the girls of Kenilworth.
The Kenilworth girls will-, receive I
handicap of 10 points.
str. Bear, San Pedro Sept. 15
Orteric, Orient Sept 20
Diiun,uu, urioni UCL 10
Suverie, Orient Oct 80
Kumerlc. Orient Nov. 19
Miscellaneous Tessels Baroata.
Bannockburn. Br. sir. Antwerp
Carondelet. Am. bse. ....Ban Francisco
Ethel Zane. Am. sen. San Pedrf
Hampton, Br. str. San Francisco
Koan Maru, Jap. str. Honolulu
Louisiana. Am. bge Troadale
St David Am. bge Irondale
Solvelg. Nor. str Antwerp
Qrala Tonnage Buroma,
Col. de Vlllebols Mareull, Fr. bk.
Jules Oommes "Fr.- bk." NewcasUeenT!
Fr. bk Newcastle, A.
St George, Br. atr. Antwero
Stralthbeg Br. str .AMwirp
St Rogatlen, Fr. bk. London
Barmbek. Oer. ah ..Sta. Rosalia
Rene. Ft. bk. Nawea3a?iL
BretaaTie. Fr. bk Newcastle on T.
Kirkcudbrightshire, Br. sh NewcasUe A.
easels la Fort.
Rose City. A.m. s. . . . .AInsworth
H. K. Hale, Am. sch Westport
Duguay Trouin. Fr. sh North Bank
Hercules, Nor. as. St Johns
H. D. Bendixen, Am. sch... Stella
clioo! Nes Week
Fit out the boy in one of Moyer's
splendidly made, splendid looking
suits. We have them at ; prices
running from $2.50 up to $6.00
chool S
Our Great Duplex Suit, (two pairs
of trousers) bears the sure Moyer all
wool guarantee. We sell this mag-,
nificent suit, particularly adapted for
school use at :
" . , -: ' .. - .....
First and Morrison
First and Yamhill
Second and Morrison
' Third and Oak
89 Third '
Missing Hotel 'Man May Be
Wandering Aimlessly About
; the City; Think Friends.
The only development In the search
for Charles W, Jones', assistant man
ager of the Oregon hotel, who disap-
peard last Tuesday morning after start
ing tor n, flshin trip to Estacada, is
the discovery that he tookva Waverly
Richmond ear to go from his home to
the city. , The conductor of this car has
not been located and it ia hoped that
when . he is found he will be able to
rive a. clue as to where Mr. Jones left
the car' And ill which direction he start.
ea. Mr, Jones took the car about . 11
o'clock. . ... i :" '. ';
Another point that throws some light
on tne subject is the fact that Mrs
Jones recalls rather Strange moves lie
made and several statements which
were not quite usual. These did not
cause ,her any Suspicion s at the time
that anything was wrong, but they seem
to prove the theory that he is suffering
temporary aberration of the mind. . ,
The theory most generally accented is
that he is in or near Portland, either
wandering around or hidden, and that
he is deranged. The police and his
friends, going on this theory, ' are
searching for some clue to bis where-
bouta in the city.
Dr. Benjamin F. Toun of Taylor
street Aietnoaisi cnurcn, one of his
closest personal friends, together with
Mr. Jones son, Harold, went over his
private papers yesterday in an endeavor
to find some cause for his strange dis-
annftArfLnne- hut his nerflnnal ffeta
were found to be in excellent .shape.
On the dayvof his disappearance, Mr.
Jones wore a gray suit, gray felt hat,
wine colored socka and light black but
ton shoes. He is about 60 years of age.
feet 7 Inches tall and weighs about
165 pounds. His hair is light brown,
streaked with gray and he was smooth
Bhaven when he left home. His beard
would be of about a six days' growth
ana rather sandy.
m V
i (Snedal to Tb Journal.
Clatskanie, Or., Sept. 2. The shin
gle mill, some valuable timber and don
keys belonging to Dippold A Johnson.
teack of this city, were entirely con
sumed by lire Thursday night Mr.
Dlppold's house and contents went also.
The fire caught from the one raging
in Jennings & McRae's logging camp
at Marshland, and Is still burning.
Mr. uippoia places the loss at f 20,000.
Eduard Detailla. Fr. bk Astoria
Win. Nottingham, Am, sch. .. .Westport
Ernest Legouve, Fr. bk.....
...Pac. Coal RnnVorH
Defiance. Am. sch. ..'.....North Pacific
Irene, Am. sen ..St. Helens
The Coffey Farm" to be sold.
classified farms for sale.
PassengerDepot Is to 6o;on
4 North Side of Fifth Near
' Willamette Street.
(Special to Xbe Journal.)
Eugene, Or., Sept. The fact leaked
out here today that the Oregon Electrio.
Railway is behind the men who-have
been buying up much toroperty on Fifth
tnut n t,U .U.. A l il. i
... vnjr uuinig ine pane weeK
and that the passenger depot ' of the
company is to be erected on the strip '
of land purchased by these men on the
north side of Fifth street between Wil
lamette and Pearl. . This strip, which
is two blocks long and ovqjp half a block
wide, adjoins the Southern Pacific. pas
senger depot grounds, ' The , men who
owned tle property just bought In this-
tract are Cal M. Young, who sold a
corner lot - at Fifth and Willamette
streets for $17,qoO; Dr. F. E. Selover,
Frank Hampton, S. M, Douglas, Steve
Strawn, J. F. Berger and B. F. Dorris.
Options have been taken by these agents
for the company on other . residence
properties further west on Fifth street,
but It is not- known to what use this
property will be put.
The funeral of J. Lloyd Magness, who
was drowned near the Oregon Yacht
club late last Tuesday night and whose
body was discovered yesterday morning
floating near the house boats moored
just south of the clubhouse, will be held
from tho Third Presbyterian church.
East Pine and Thirteenth, this after
noon at 2:30 p. m. Interment will be
the -Rose City Park cemetery. '
Mr. Magness was son of P. O. Mag
ness. of 761! East Oak street, and was ,
employed as cashier in the baggage
room of the Union depot by the North
ern Pacific Terminal company. He was
to have married Miss 'Nina Joy, daugh
ter of Councilman Allan R. Joy, next
Wednesday evening.
His death occurred while he was row-
ing on the river alone and the cause of
his drowning is still a mystery. He was
suffering from a headache brought on
by overwork due . to breaking in a man
to take Bis place while he was gone on
his wedding trip and he Is supposed to
ave become dliiy and fallen into the
Uncle Horace Predict Flood.
(Fnblisbira' Pre twa Wire.)
New Haven, Conn.. Sept 3. Uncle
Horace Johnson oLMlddle Haddara fore
sees a deluge ana, like Noah of old, la
preparing for it. Country folk swear
by Uncle Horace's weather predictions.
Uncle Horace makes this announcement:
I have been following refrigerators
and sunshades for the last 99 days' to
keep comfortable. I have now com
menced arl ark. It 'will be needed be--fore
Thanksgiving day. There is noth
ing small about me; I will take all."
Tides at Astoria Sunday: High wa