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By MRS. Hlnry Symes
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UPIC hath charms to soothe '
avage breast," and It
"-- hath
th other charms as well.
It la distinctly, and quite apart from
any effect via mental suggestion, etc.,
a beautlflffr. There is 'no Instrument,
no form of music making, that has not
a direct effect on the health und beauty
of the performer, and an effect most
A few years ago a certain young'
French glr was told by har physician
that she was In the first stages of
tuberculosis; that she must atop work
and devote all her rime and attention
to regaining her health. To while away
her time" she took up the study of the
flute. In a few months she noticed a
tartllng Improvement In her general
condition: her chest seemed expanded,
she breathed with less difficulty, all her
ymptoms subsided. The doctor told
her It was the flute that had done the
good work. S
Of course, flute playhur is not a
panacea for consumption. t would be
nonsense to claim any such thing as
that. But It is a goad thing for the
sufferer from asthma, chronic bronchitis
and chronic influenia1 to look Into. And .
the healthy woman has much to gain
from the same accomplishment. She
will see', as 'ohe continues playing the
flute, her neck and throat round out
and become beautiful, her chin take on
the pretty oval that some have called
the "flute-player's curve" and her
hands learn grace through the agility
of her flng-ers. '
And the violin! Did you ever see a
vlollnl3t-evcn a man without beautiful
arms? It Is wl-dlrected. rhythmical
aerclne that develops any portion of
the body, and this is obtained to the
superlative degree In violin playing. It
Is not only the right arm that la thus
developed, but the left alto, since the
task of holding the Instrument in the
correct position Is a delicate one, re
quiring nice adjustment arid regulation
of the muscles and producing Just
sufficient strain for exercise and devel
opment. The finders share in the
general improvement.
$ut the real finger beautifter is the
piano. Watch a pianist's Angara; they.
REPLIES to letters sent to the
writer of this department will
be printed In regular order; but
no replies in print may be expected In
leas than three or four weeks.
Correspondents desiring immediate
replies to queries may get them by
Inclosing a stamped self-addressed
envelope. Personal inquiries will re
ceive prompt attention if accompanied
by a stamped and addressed envelope.
Lines Around the Mouth
Der Mrs. yymes.
I hava io Hues of wrinklri around my
:noulh. nU I tel as though every one
notices It. Cau you Rive me a simple but
effective remiy for it o:nethlng trtat will
not mk hair (row on the flee nor harm
my complexion In any way?
First of all, apply a liberal amount of
cold cream and then massage the lines
In an upward and outward stroke with
the tips of the fingers. This treatment '
will no doubt give the skin the nourish
ment which It lacks.
Nose Is Large
near Mrw. Bvmes.
' Will jou kindly tell me If there Is ny-
.Aline Is very flnshy. ,
How Is cCcoa butler applied to the cheeks
to All them out? A READER.
I do not think you can do anything
to reduce the size of the nose,
Apply the cocoa butter to your cheeks
with the tips of the Angers and rub
tfcem in a rotary motion.
To Develop the Bust
Crsr Mrs. Byrnes.
Will you olie tell me If olive civ will
develop the burnt, and it It will Intifre the
flesh? READER.
I think you win And that cocoa but
ter will be much better than olive. oil.
Along with this 1 advise you to practice
deep breathing, as it will develop: the
bust and fill out the chest,
Anxious for the Natural Color
tr Mrs. Bvmes, ; Ii
Abeut Due years ten I frttttW that my
heir rat rrawlna darker. I put Just a
Jittle peroxide In the rlne water and tinw
t seeme lo be lighter after each shampoo.
Xt Is still trying to grow drk at the root.
-. - ' ' 1 "'.', !.- ' ''
1 i
are long, tapering and slender. Do you
think that they must necessarily ba so '
if she la to learn to play-rthat"' there Is
a "planlst'a hand"? No; that Is an ex
ploded theory. Her fingers were Just
like yours before she started, my
stubby-fingered friend; but she length
ened them and tapered then and nude
them slender by her playing. Isn't
there a hint there for youT
Do you want to have beautiful shoul
ders and a lovely back? Then, If for
no other reason, learn to play the vio
loncello. A French magazine re ently
took up the question of whether a
woman can prorerly play the c ello,
and decided that she certainly can do
so, if she will hold the instrument in
front of her knees and mt between her
legs, In the ugly, sprawling attitude that
men assume. The cciulant stooping,
combined with rhythmical movement
of the bow, Is as good as a course of
beauty treatment! for the back. The
- ' f : .
jr . : i; - :vv
How ran I darken It gradually en as to
allow nature to lake her vuuree? Bome au(
geat henna loavea. but they redden I he hlr
too much. FANNIE.
If you want nature to take her course.
I advise you to try no artificial means
to put her on the road. From' this time
on do not uae anything but soap and
water to shampoo your hair. To keep
the hair In good condition maaage the
scalp every day and brush the hair
baseline for Eyebrows
Dear Mn. Bvmea.
1. Fleue nil me the best vaseline for
mxklnK grow.
2. I am ao yeare old. five feet four tnchea
tall. Do you think I shall grow any mire,
and do vou call me tall? ,
s. Please atve m a bleaching cream for
the face, n
4. If Kieen enao l used on the face every
day. will It Injure It?
6. I have liver blotches. Do you think
ralonirl wli i-lear them? How often should
U be taken?
". I weigh 110 pounds. Can you tell me
how to gain weight? THANKFl'U
t. I cannot mention any one brand
of vaseline, but I am sure the drug
gist will give you the best.
2. It Is Impossible for me to say
whether you will grow more or not.
There is no ago limit, so thete may
be some chance for you. However,
you come wlthm one Inch of '-being
the standard height.
3. Here la the recipe for a very
.,good bleaching cream: ,
Fetrolatnm I ennea av.
' Lanolin (anhydrous). t ounce av.
Hydrogen peroxide 1 tU'td ounce
Acetic acid 1 fluid dram
4. If yOur akin Is very tender. I do
not think you will be able to uae the
green aoap dally.
ii. Many persons take calomel, and
It Is very fine; but I think you hd bet
ter consult physician. . ,
0. To gain weight I advise you to
take one egg in a glass of milk three
times a day. Kxorelse freely In the
open air nh l aieep nine hours out or
every twenty-four. Eat plenty of
nourishing food, Avoid excitement
and worry.,
, ' Pomade to Reduce
Pear Mrs. Svmes.
Ig therft envthlng wtllfh eflkn be rubtod
on the fleth to rtdiice same? My arma,
nck and bint are too large for the rest of ...
my body. I am 20 years of age and meas
V x
p7tf?po err"
ure nv feet two Inches tall and weigh
uounds. I (ear thai dieting would le
duce mv hlne as quirklv as the dther por
tions, nnd that would not better mv situ
ation any PIRATE.
Following la the rea'lpe for a pomade
which you may rind helpful. Your
weight ia very light in pVoportlon 10
your height. The normal weight for
one of your height is 124 pounds:
Iodide of potassium 46 grains
Vaseline 14 ounces
Inolln 1 ounree
Tincture of benroin SO drjpe
Make Into pomade and rub over the fatty
parta twite a day.
Cure for Bald Spots
Dear Mrs. Symes.
My hair is beiomlng seerce at the tem
ples, ('in jou lell me what to do to rover
the bald epote? YKKA
A Very efficient remedy for bald
spots is made of the following:
'Mallrylle acid 10 gralna
Resorcln Ii grains
Phenol , i drops
Lanolin (nr verellne) 1 ounce
Hub Into the part night and morning.
Peroxide on the Face
f Deic-Mra. Symes.
Would like you to advise me about the
use of pejoxlfle. Will It whiten ihe fa-",
and do you think It Injurious? My complex- '
Ion Is not at all clear, and I have a few
freckles and plmpli-e. I have been advised
to uae peroxide, but would not without con
sulting you. fhcnld It be used at night and
must It be diluted?
My braid Is turning lighter. Can ynu tell
ma what 1 must use to make It darker? My
hair la almoit b;ack some might cell it
dark brown. . FRECKLE'S.
Peroxide will whiter) the face, but the
constant iter of It .will give the akin a
dry and rough appearance. To remove
the freckles I advise you to use the fol
lowing recipe:
Oxide-of xlno V, dram
. Hul lotlde of , bismuth... 'i dram
!extrina ...4.?. 1 drams
S Glycerin 1H drams
Spread ; the paate upon the frecklta at
night before going to bed. In tee morning
remove what remains with a little powdered
boras and sweet oil.
To get rid of the plmnles, bathe them
in very hot water, and ,dp not plrk them,k
for very often the finger nails prove
pcltonous. Keep ' your blood In good
condition and thi skin clean and you
will not be troubled with the eruptions.
fae '?77?e5.
Here Is a recipe for a stain which I
advise you to uae on your braid to
darken It.
Urei-n walnut sheila ...
Pure oil
. . 2 ounces
.. 14 ounc e
...4 ounces
Heat together In m. water bath until the
water has been completely evaporated; then
express, filter and perfume.
The Vaucaxre Tablets
Dear Mrs. Symea.
Will the, Vaucalre tablete develop the
bust? if so, how long will they have to be
taken? ANNA.
Yes, the Vaucalre tablets will de
velop the bust: but it is Impossible to
say Just how long they will nave to be
taken, for it all depends upon the indi
vidual. To Remove a Mole
Dear Mrs. Symes.
Will you pleite elate whether a mole can
be successfully removed and In what way?
A mole can be successfully removed,
by electricity; but It Is necessary that
you go to a thoroughly reliable 01'erator,
so that the work be properly done.
For the Hair
Dear Mrs. Byrnes.
I have heard that coal oil Is good for the
hair. Kindly let m know if this- la true
and how It should be used. Will It Injure
the sralp? Mr hatr la fat ing out. 'It Is
rather mly and I am troubled with da"druh.
Will sulphur help? DARLING.
Coal oil Ig excellent for the hair. It
Improves the growth, prevents It from
turning gray and cure dandrtm. If
you use It, the sulphur cure will not be
nereasary. a few dr ps'of the oil may
be applied to the scalp through a medi
cine dropper ever day. Hub the oil
Into the scalp and thyi brush the hair
Objects to Features
Dear Mrs. Symes.
Could you reommnd something that
would make the face lock shorter? I have
a rather long lace; otheiwiee. I should be
pretty. ANX!OtTB READER.
I do not think you can do anything to
change the shape of your face. How
ever, the maimer In which you dresa
and.-arrnnge your hslr will have some
effect. The latter i should be arranged
M 1
re;b Arfte fart 7Zi'3c&s
telllst need never hesitate to appear In
evening dress; she will always look her
besL and she will have her Instrument
to1 fharfk 'for It.
Only a word need be said as to the
beautifying effects of g.nging; singing
lessons are often prescribed as a means
of developing the neck and throat.
There never was a singer yet who did
not have a lovely neck; or a whistler,
either, for that matter. All that la
needed Is regular and sufficient prac
tice. I 'should not like to go on record as
advocating the learning r f some form of
music-making simply for its beautify
ing effects Music Is too high and holy
nn art to be thus employed. But for
those of us and that means nparly all
of ua who have music In our eouls It is
gratifying to know that the Inward
beauty will be matched by outward
beauty also, through the medium of the
art we love.
in a flat pompadour or parted. Do not
wear low 1 ollars and avoid the V shape
in yokes, etc. Bows at the neck would
have better effect than long Jabots.
Wart on Knuckle
Dear Mrs. Symes.
I have a apeclea of wart on my knuckle,
wnlcn glvea me no end of uou. le and
pain. Caustic will not remove It. Tan vou
gl.e me a simple remedy? W. A
It is never well to experiment with
any kind of a growth, so I advl.e you
to go to a doctor, who will be able 10
give you proper attention.
Homely Nails
Dear Mrs. Svmes.
I take aolendid care of my nails, but they
do not abow It. 1 inrau tnat thy Br full
of rldgea and never have a pietiy .lnk t lit.
The nails are tine Imllcatois of the
general health. My opinion lg that vour
system Is not In good order, and I sug
gest that jou conxultid our phvslcian,
for by attending to the matter at once
a serious illness may be avoided.
Dear Mrs. flvmes.
Whi can I "o to rirevent pimples from
appearing on my fare?
I am U years old and weigh 81 pounda.
My height la 1 feet 3 Inches. Do I weigh
Ho should I wear my hair?
How long ehould my dreaaes be?
8hould a etlrl of my age. wear a'rorset?
I am rather slim. AN ORPHAN.
To prevent the appearance of the pim
ples you should pay strict attention to
your diet. Bit plenty of fresh fruit and
green vegetablea. but avoid the rich and
greasy food, h Is also important that
you exercise freely. Do not neglect the
dally bath.
Your welerbt ! not In propcrllon with
your height, but as ycu grow older
vour body w'll develop, and your welaht
A v. vour age you can wear your hair
hanging down your back or tied up witn
Tour eklrta ahould reach halfway be
tween your knees and ahoetopa.
It Is not advisable for the growing
girl to wear a corset, for it Intfe'-es
with the development of the entlrekbody
and Its organs .and all beauty of form
.is prevented.
flirt t- JXfivjtdetHJW
THERE are certain broad rules of
driving with whlchmost of ua
are conversant, yet these should
be supplemented by little niceties
that, after all, make for the truly well
bred qualities which all of us admire.
If a gentleman hag Invited a woman
to drive, with him, he should, remember
that wheela are frequently not clean
and have a habit of soiling dresses He
should turn the wheels out as far as
possible and stand behind "his compan
ion aa she steps up. In order to guard
her agalnat danger.
A gentleman,' when recognizing an
acquaintance on the road, should lift
his hat, or If his hands be too full,
should touch the brim of hla hat with
the stock of hla whip. This form of
ralute Is also given when the right of
way has ,been accorded him by another
When a woman Ig the driving hostess
she can expect that a man meet her
Postals and Souvenirs
EAR Mrs. Adams.
When a young man tak a lady
An r,iB,ir irln. is It DroDer for
him to pay for postals, souvenirs, etc.. If
the young lady ,UM',1,A".,nlIn,-:s
I think It would be less embarrassing
If you would allow her to purchase them
Religious Differences
To Deeply In Love: The religious
question ia a moat Important one when
marriage la being considered. Many
times the difference makes no trouble
whatever, and then again It iausea
much unhapplneaa. It Is not for me to
decide what you should do. . You and
vour sweetheart muat know whether or
hot each would be willing and liberal
minded enough to allow the other to go
his or her way, since neither one wishes
to give up his religion. I advise you to
weigh the matter thoroughly.
Anxious to Get in the' Croud
Pear Mrs Adams. V '
I am a voting man H vears of age and
would like to know how I could get In
with a crowd of y.iung men and young glrli
my age. I have been Introduced to a lot
if girls and bovs. but have never eeen them
If you have an opportunity to tilk
with the girl after meeting her, you
could ask iermlsslon to call. If your
presence Is welcomed, you can call again
and then take her to placea of enter
tainment Then she In turn can Intrc
duce you to her friends, and in. this way
you will soon form a large circle of
I should think It would be an easy
matter to have boy friends. As aion aa
you meet a boy or two. make arrange
ments to go out wltlt them and you
will soon become acquainted.
No Relatives to Make
Dear Mrs Adams.
Please advise me how I should go about,
hiving my marriage announced and Invita
tions sent out to a church wedd'ng.
I am an orphan, with no near relatives,
and am boarding with frleftda. Would It
be pnijr lor mv name's mother to send
out the Invltatbihs; and In this cne how
should they be worde? Or should I hve
th ieople with whom I am boarding, who
are good frlnda of mine, send out the In
vitations? And In thia case how should the
Invitation be worded?
I am at a loss to know just what to do,
with no relative to lake my parentt' place,
and I do want to aend out Invitations.
M. M. T.
Instead of allowing your fiance's
mother or your friends to Issue the In
vitations, you can send them out In the
following form;
The honor of your presence Is requested
at the marriage of
Miss Mary A. White
Mr. John C Smith,
on Wednesday evening, May the fifth,
St eight o'clock.
Holy Trinity Church.
Tf vou wirh to send announcements
to the friends to whom nn Invitation
has been Rent, they may be worded thus;
Mr. John -. Smith
Mlsa Mary A While
have the benor of announcing
their marriage,
on Wedneaday, May the fifth.
Nineteen hundred and eleven, at
the Holy Trinity Church.
Using the Napkin
Dear Mrs. Adaine.
Should a napkin be entirely unfolded when
using It?
When the gueirta are standing, from which
side of the chair should each one sit down?
No; unfold It until It is creaaed In
If you mean that the guest are stand
ing before fitting at a table, each one
should draw out the chair, if It is not
pulled out for him. and approach It from
the front.
Just Sixteen
Pear Mrs. Adam.
I am II vears old and I have a young'
gentleman friend of 19. He once, not long
ago made hla love for ne obvious, but r
!me has turned hla attentions toward other
Kit-In W ill you kindly advise me as to whnt
course I should take In this matter? Tours,
In eusierne., 'T. J. M.
A girl of vour tender years should not
be troubling her head with such affairs.
Tjka my advice and do not let the sub
ject of boys bother you, Why shouldn't
your young friend share his time with
ether KldJ'.' You must not allow Jtal
ousy to enter your heart, for once you
do you will never know happiness. Be
liberal with your friends and let others
enjoy their society.
Improper Aclions
De- Mrs, Adams. '
will you please tefl me what yon would',
ronalder right for rre tn do? Pom time
ago I met a marrltd ma whem I Ilka
vary much. Hj telle me ha earea for
m". ilia wife la leaving , town now
and heretofore we have bees eoalne one ,
another secretly, but aow be wanta la meat
at the door of her own home. She of
course calls for a woman, and assists;
her guest Into place.
A gentleman Invariably offers assist' .
ante to a woman with whom he is rid"
lng on horseback. He sees that her foot ,
is properly pluced In the stirrup and her
skirt properly adjusted. He make a
quick inspection of the saddle girths..
After she Is 'ully mounted and ttartej;
he mounts. He should keep to her rlghtj
when riding. 4
A woman should wait for her ecot. .
to dismount, and with one hand on hla,
shoulder and the other in his right)
hand, she should make her descent toj
the ground. -j ,
Riding dresa for women Is, first of all
simple. The skirt should In summer b
of light-weight cloth or khaki cloth.,
and a simple blouse or shirt, with j
soft stock-of linen or phue. For cross,,
saddle riding the skirt should be walk)
lng length and divi led. .
A straw hat, either In sailor or derbyV
shape, should be worn, with an elaailOj
band to keep it securely on the head..
The hair should be braided and tlefJL,
at the nape of the neck with a black
ribben. Puttees or riding boots arav.
worn. No Jewels should be worn. ,?
And this, with a consideration of,
others, a courtesy for all kindnesses,
will Inaure correct conduct while "OaV
the road."
me In public.1 He Is well known I care '
for him too much to mind what people,
aay. What shall I do? M. M. R. '.?
My dear girl, you are playing with flrev
If you wish to be happy in tne future,
wlah you would keep away from the
young man rf whom you speak. Kef user
to talk with him. and. If necessary, go
away from your present surroundings
Can't you see that you are doing his,
family, as well as yourself, a great Inn.
Justice? Just now you feel that every-,
thing is bound to turn out all right, but,
such cases never have a happy ending,.
Do heed my warning! t '.,,
Deceiving Her Parents '
Pear Mrs. Adnns . Jt
Although-' 1 am. still a young girl I have.,;
been thrown with mn of varying charac-j,
tens, many of wl om try patent have not ,
?pproved. One young I car: especially.,
or I have been meeting In secret, fearing '
. my parents woui'i msapprove or mm. mil'-'
you kindly advise me aa to whether I "
ahould prolong this deception or not?
B. H. p. .
I think your conscience troubles you
else you would not have bothered to"
consult me. By all means discontinue"
the clandestine meetings. I can assured
you that your parents are better able to
Judge your companions than you are."
Kxperlence a wonderful teacher, andU
very often a cruel one, go why not fol
low your parents' advice before you are)
caused any unhapplnessT - i
. rv
Wedding Announcements'
Leer Mrs. Adams.
When one receives an announcement of s
wtUnlne. is it tuswrrta! If so. how
shuuld It be wrltteu?
W hen calling at a house where death has
visited and the enrpre la In the house,
should one ring the bell or walk In? .
No acknowledgment if a. wedding an
nouncement need he made, .but the course
teoue usually sends a note ofl
best wishes; or, if she Uvea In the same1
town or city, a call should be made on,
the bride's clay at home. 1
The fact that death has visited hnnae
doea not give one the privilege of walk-1
4 n a InlVi ike V-i -t ah k eas, ihAiii ant m aa1 a
wib nwuee tiuuuw I iifil. V
He Objects to Her Actions
Dear Mrs. Adema.
I am a girl II years old and will ask yen)
how I can eat alonar with a. friend. w
hive been S'veothr c 1 te fur some time and
nave been engaged for two years. He re- ,
fuses to marrv m until t Drove that I.
ran do right and will do. right. First, he if
aiacoveren me in two nones ant tnen ne t
ebjecta to flirting, which I do sometlmea. 4
I think the young man Is Justified, foil
your actions are certainly not those of si '
renned young woman. To gain his re
spect you mint he truthful and youmuit
refrain froth flirting.
Her Boy Friends T
Dear Mrs. Adams.
I am a girl IS years old. and am getnff' :
away for a visit. A boy of 37 asked me t.
write to him while away. Would this be
proper, or la It hla place to write Brat? ti
I have s hoy fr'end 14 years old whom V,j
like eery much, but some people seem to.j
thtnk he la too young for ne. Do vou think. J
'o? 1 like him better than the boys of myi
Should not a friendly letter to a boy bU
answered in about aix weeks? 1 ,
If your visit Is to be a short one, I dg
not helleve there is any necessity for sf
correstiondence to be started. But If you
are to be away for a long time, your
frlonda will naturally want to hear front
you. I suggest, however, that you allow
the boy friend lo take the Initiative. '
The dlffer-nce In your ages should not ,.
prevent you from claiming the boy a4
a friend. "
Yes. that Is allowing plenty of Umx, .
to elapse between letters, t
f'isiting H er Parents ,
Deir Mrs. Adams. .
I was married a few year ago away
home. I am now vialting my pai-enta, and
we expert my huebancl to be with ua In
few months. What I want to know is this:
(Should mv relatives end friend rail nn any.
hufbend and me or ahould we go to see
tnemr rnivrbtAAVi .4
According to the rules Of etiquette, th)
friends and relatives should call on youl
but this rule Is often broken with one's
relatives and Intimate friends.
Clearing the "Voice
THK Arriba hiive a most agreeable,
remedy for tb loaf cf voire. Th '
rtron afRi'. tt) I nourished ea
chislvely on the pulp of apricots until '
cure Is efTx-fed. Tiiey are cooked In the
usual wav and dried 1,1 the sunshine of
th ftahtira detert. !'"' ,
A garr'e of salt wntef 1 recommended
for a s 'ght irritation of the throat and
vocal rhfrde, , re
Inhaling vapor arising from hog
milk. In whjfit ripe 11 u a have b,r
.bolleJ give swestnest 10 the voire, ,
Fumigations are excelleint. H
little : amber and ' pulverUed nirrl
throwthe r''4'i on a h ahoval and)
inhale the fumea, .