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pf" vegetarlanlsib Is evef to win with Possibly there are 'Individuals able to do' and only tvben necessary, and also pro
the practical commonsenae folk or so. i nave- never seen one i nave vldfng he does not devote himself on
he world. It win Have to lo It in seen n uiei. ran always wim rvwnct tin Iv to alanahterlne
snire. or t ie aamncinc arguments m iitpiuu lanuie mini ihiik i "min
or tho natural food of the Infant. One
prominent cause. is the careless sense
less, eating of tho mothers. Grnhaih
hreaJ lustoad of white bread, ahould He
lined exclusively by nuralns mothers;
cake, canned foods,' vlngear salted
meats, salt and sugar ahould be lined
not at all or only In smallest quantity.
Coffee, tea, cocoa and beer should be
avoided. ;'lf young mothers and pros
pective mothera would go in for per
. Bonal health culture, (he problem of sav
ing the bablea would be solved.
An example of marketing waa the
for (TTdv4nced by the present vege- ued. In strong young persona this may (f) . .
tartan leader.- Tliare are ao many good not show for a long time, and many , ,f
. .... .......... ..i ... i. .... i . i. pt.. ii leiiu
iasons for It. and still more for a diet yontn.ul enthusiasts go In for tlie
approximately vegetarian, that It Is a fruitarian dhit and appear to thrive
I'lty that an untenable position ahould 'Pon It. The time cornea when nu
ll taken and fanatically held. iritlon is deficient, vitality and animal
The leading argument offered la. that spirit fall and they are wise who take
It la wrong to take life, yis a corollary warning and abandon strict vegetar
ii follows that meat-eaters a r aceea- lanlsm
Htjry to the crime, and we are told that Manv vcgctarianH, carried away by
they get their reward in grossnesg and enthusiasm for an Ideal, suffer In
v.-ant of spirituality. health. The humane vegetarians In
But it cannot be wrong to kill, when particular. In thla country, at' least,
man holds his place on thla ear,th by show tke effets of an unsuitable diet,
vlj-tue of killing, if life la sacred at 1 have met the prominent as well as
nan's hands, as vegetarian aver, then the obscure and have marked their want
Ipers, wolves, wildcats, mosquitoes, po- of vigor. , One conspicuous case Is that
tato bugs, apple pests and all other of a couple' who are of good coastltu
pestB must be allowed to live. It will tlon, British born, vegetarians from
then be only a question of time before early youth, and with a family of mld
the human race will be killed off. But die aged daughters. The parents are
if man' has the right to take life when aged, but for many years I know they
his own welfare demands It, then the have had Indifferent henlth and their
I no iroutiie with meat eating today following order from a vruinr hnuaa-
s excessive. Being execa- wife overheard the other dav. when ha
equlres the ralslnft and ship- mercury waa In the nineties; a loaf of
Ping of animals under conditions where bread (white, of course), a can of sour farm, with woods or only partly cleared
X.- Country Hoy and his Fets. . iei noon berorw. fiad been', exceedingly go to her nest when she Is lilting
SOME voun readers of Tha Rt.ndav hot'" thU ay WM " U auUy 0' bu' n "h Will talk to me and eat out
imirn.i t.h. h- I tmospherlo delight and landscape of my hand."
couniry ft of ,V eaoVnUhTTaded' " ,7 sun .nBob' t" "
ntp wn live, an toward ihi shades of night faded and the sun and Bob, the red squirrel, came racing
...:..-.! ' . -Jom'I.J flooded the woods and slopes and then along; the fence- and spranr upon the
................. v., - .v w ' v... 1..,.. tn1a Pilll 'o nl llav PlMV'a ittAnM.. l i . . r "
much suffering Is unavoidable. All kraut, a quart of vinegar, some dried
the nient the world really needs could beans and a pound of coffee. Not an-
e isco u-on tne rarma where came item befitting the season and common-
lire properly carta ror. siauen terea ov sense.
the farmer and marketed by him after
(slaughter. This la not saying that this
could be done In the present dispro
portion of farming population to city
population, which Is away off tho tru
hHlam-e. But something approximating
It Ih even now possible.
Tlie cutting down of meat would b
a great benefit. The reduction of reg
ular . slaughterers would be another.
land on three sides of It. Near the
house is an orchard, on ground slop
ing nearly to the evergreen forest, and
adjoining the lower edge of thla or
chard the boy has a UJtle enclosed
place where he visits and ,1s visited
by his animal playmates dumb crea
tures, some can them, but they are not
stomach everything but food and drink,
then In no rlnuht we fthmilrf all he hut .
The time will come when dairy foods ter off without dye-stuff in our food,
will lead and meat will be uaed merely Even some of the cottage cheese pur-
hb a by-nroduct. This is desirable and veyors have- taken to making -their
attainable within a few generatlona. product yellow. Surprised at the np-
A'baojute vegetarianism la Impracticable parent richness of the cheese that waa
T 18 regrettable that butter and
cheese makers have accustomed tho
public to colored products. How
ever harmless the butter color may dumb to thla bov. who seems to uncfer
oe said to be, it la not a food sub- stand all they say; at leaat, he tells
stance, but an adulterant; and since what he Imagines they' say, and they
It is gtood practice to keep out of the seem to understand much that he says
il r f . Imrlaslruhla uni a m alsf nnflultiln ami nl. . 1 . m .,. t . . . J J m i a.
.tuestlon of killing fish, fowl, sheep and daughter, are all markedly deficient In ,)8(.k the florlt ct progress for cen- were colored. It did not render the
..X turns upon wnemer ne neeaa uiem. r. uuiie i nmrneu nor nave ,url(. lf lt dld not dMtov thc human dish mur. .nn.ll.ln' I thr..,l,t ., I". ' " .."1
to ... " i, ... i i ,, L, . . ,: r, . ;? i""' iiuicaiy wnn tne aiu oi a cruicn.
to titvm. They are not penned up or
cuged In this enclosure, except a new
member of the family briefly, till he
becomes acquainted; they come. and go
at will, but a call by him will bring
several of them at almoat any time.
The boy's name Is Howard Ritchie,
and he has been a cripple since he was
two years' old, but can get around
acc as
went to
take life.
or the products of any of them. In his they had the beauty and vMallty
dietary. Impart to another generation.
For If milk, butter, cheese or eggs Another family of three generations,
nre required for food and most vege- also from England, shows decided fall-
tarians consume one or more or mem ure oi vigor in me successive genera- nient is repu'1vlve,v and they can gef orlng Cheddar cheese.
men me aining oi iowib anu uumi hub runic kiuii m nevvrai along very well If they make use ef excellent thlna.
win nave iu ihj uuuv. ncnto u io evi- au.m,,,, ivuuu nui urn?, niui iiiutu in eggs and inllk toouH. ulllldrcn and
dent that the vegetarian who eats the good physique.' Complexions were bad, those of delicate or fine nervous or-
dalry foods is accessory to the slaugh- figures were wretched and nerve power ganlzatlons need Utile if any meat;
ter of the superfluous animals which at a low ebb. It will be observed that they are frequently over-stimulated and
It ) naeaaanrv tn hroeil In tho nrflrtur.' Vegetarian extremists become' neaatlvn i i... . ...,n ,. ..,. .
up at' hlni with a chuckle, and he .re
ii wuuiu inevuaoiy ao u it tne eating or soured eca. The state m fnri,n,.u i. i..i i.i ..,.
. . . - . . , , . r - vuitavv ass list v &J Wk nil IliaiU
the extieme of refusing to chemist promised to put a stop to Jhls, aunt, a teacher for many yeara aa a
would be an and has read many books, but stories
about animals Is what he likes best. He several yeara before, and he had bound
: ; . . loves all animals and on short acquaint- It up .and cared for her, and thereafter
Guarding a Half Billion. , . ance they love and trust him. she had separated herself mostly from
From an Exchange. Howard, though deprived of mingling her kind and beeomone of his proteges.
the. lower lands with brilliant day, were boy's ahoulder, obeying his command to
enougn to impel a memar prayer or jump oown and stand on his hind feet
thankfulness and an inaudible but In- and catch a haselnut. Soon after a
wardly thrilling song of praise thank- gray squirrel, at a penetrating call,
fulness and praise for life, health, vis- appeared an-1 went through the same
Ion, capacity for appreciation of the maneuver. , ... .
heavenly beauty of a summer morn. t ' .
lng In region of Intermingled forest ,."fOt and Crow.
"n,d. V11".?.' tu .u' 'J . ,' - '" '; ThsVagVrI other birds put In an
It is then that the chantecler crows appearance and last of them-a crow
most lustily, that the birds sing most cautiously Jit on a tall post and eyed
exuberantly, that colors are the rich me suspiciously, r stood apart from
est, that the manifold garments .of th boy, but he finally at the boy's
Mother Earth arc the cleanest, that the assurance, "Come on down, Nig you
life-renewing oeone Is purest, that all won't bo harmed." hopped down' aud
growing things are freshest, that evil picked up the grains of corn thrown to
Is farthest removed from the mind, and him. "When no one else Is here he
Ood, and Beauty, and Love., and Duty, -will come to me and mimic words I
all harmonious, seem to fill earth and say, though not as well as the parrot "
all thereon, the sky and all thereunder, which had been so far a silent and dlg
. , . . v., vv obaervjer of the proceedinc
Many Pet Birdg.' ' , What ar you so glum about, this
As we went toward Howard Jittl. -m "5; Ndr. 8kd th boy-
nA a 1.r hrt .Ith a timn Innkart ..BIf.K Cr0W " gOOd.'' rasped Ned:
" ' . ........ (... tallt anrlh ,
.-. - -- . . m . kmt. iiirii iiiiiiiiv
II he had tlie POWer tO re- numhtr nf h f.mll- ho l .. K- unnnHsH "llnnH mnrnlnir Rttlv' rMa -v" iro Or Criticism Of the
There will always be those to whom quire the .cheese factories to cease col- ter scholar than moat' bova of bl on and aet your breakfast." He ex- ft" end"" y demanding hla
i plained that her leg had been broken "Thd wiMwa
. ' man (UIID iiuw, said
Howard, "but one pair will come back
thU fall and stay here all winter, and
mvmc oiner migrating birds too. I
sometimes have other animal pets for
rinn or suen rnoas. i nonea. anv con- auu waniiiiK in norce -1 not in one n.r.i,na nn
sumcr of. milk or eggs ougnt to be generation, certainly in two or three. In a rundown condition will nick ud V'"1.'
rendtlV nn n tnnHarata n I Innun. ShOUlO n
grateful to the meat eater who Is will- Proof of this can be found all over this more readilV on a moderat ilnnc
lng to consume tne aairy oy-proauct or cuunirjr wneiever veaeinrinna congre.
meat and make It possible for vege
tarians to have their eggs and milk
and butter.
This relation of vegetarians to the
slaughtering industry Is not to be de
nied, but they are slow to grasp the
tfact. Otherwise they would cease as-
Burning virtuous airs over the carnlvor-
n' fripat than atthnnr 11
gaie. iius is tne conviction or one. Aa an nccompanlmeht to meat, or any
herself for many years a vegetarian, animal foods for that matter, there
and for half a life time a near-vege- should be a liberal supply of vegetables,
tarian. cither In the form of salads or served
The crand mistake Is In going to plain. A generous tomato and cucum-
extremes; Is In ullowing false sentl- ber salad dressed with oil and lemon
ment to run away with one and becom- juke will complete a meal of fish flesh
lng ranatlcal. Man and his welfarb are or fowl, and nothing else Is needed.
whin fnnirmi rin ,h lu.i.i,. in ma more Hctiva snorts nr nt her inv in tne enclosure were several loresi
.. ...... " w v- . v . i juui t v, 1 1 ' wiiiih. an.i thai. .,,,t. . ,
currency bill In 1908 provjd- " 'sissy." but though slender. Is "ees in wnicn were many, oirus- nests, thm-to com, litk .nn Km. hZ.n, X
. . - .. . tnnm H- 1 11..... .... nnv hinilniiiil K..f liirila H7 nrnnar. "' 111 Mim lC, and bOllle DecOlllO
no compiruner oi iqo currency " "" uu n. niu.u, - , so mischievous that thev Imvi- tn h
ave printed and cause to be u Ooo"- One of his family of oy and responded merrily to hi. .. klUed B " V alwavs i . 1!
hand at all times, 60 per cent re " aqulrrel, which-he saved w were aiso aoveooies on tail clally birds and r ,.a :
r,nm h.ln kn fr. - . .i.uw. ' nnafa anil rha ilnt. u; I ! 1 1 en f nn fh.i ... - ""'"I" iium
na - -j . . . vc.,1- .iivl t m nci.uuur u 1 1 v ' i , - . " - nn. r i . . ,,
kept on
(if tlut total cpnllal afnrk nf th.
tional banks of the country, few had olar and larger than himself. This by' anna and shoulders If invited,
cause to realize what the passage of the b0v hl nl pointed at the chat- Du would fly away at a word of corn-
bill meant more than the comptroller terlng squirrel In a tree when Harold, mand; - On his uttering . a peculiar
himself. Briefly. It meant tho print' approaching, called to him not to shoot, wnisne a hock or quau. evioeimy
lng and storing Of half a billion dollars Th DOy waited until Howard came up, mother and her well grown brood cai
of printed currency, aggregating the
designated 60 per cent of the total re.
but sneered at him and said he woulJ w,th whirring wings from the adjueent
S'ome one. In wrltlnu of th latn'Ken.
ator Dolllver, said that he was so elo
quent that "he could talk the birds out
of the troes." And It Hcems that thla
crippled boy can literally do that.
inere were a pair of rabbits, a young
oua on the around that vecetarlans do the first consideration and sliould gov- But meat Is not needed at everv meal, sources of the 7000 national banks of
not . take Ufa, while meat eaters do. ern In this as In all other questions, nor even at every dinner. The practical tno United States.
For. If milk and eggs were the products It Is the business of the Individual dletltlclan will learn to steer carefully The new vaults" have recently been
for which cows and hens were kept, to keep himself healthy and efficient between the Charybdls of the negative, completed and the negotiable currency
then ths superfluous cocks and calves "P to the full measure of his ability, meatless and mllkless dietary and the contained therein amounts to slightly
would be by-products. The dairy lq- He must be willing to let go of fine Scylla of excessive carnlvorism. The over $510,000,000 at this writing, this
cWstry would soon be swamped lf lt "Pun. theories when they are found un- one will deplete and thc other will amount having been said to be the larg-
er .endeavored to keep these use- serviceable. If his health depends on poison. As an old writer puts It, "Mod- est amount of money ever kept In a
less animals alive. ' and if they a diet of humming birds' tongues, and
were killed and wasted, the loss to the they are available, the practical man
farmer would necessitate such a rise have humming birds' tongues.
In prices that dairy products would be Killing animals Is not necessarily
out of reach. Milk and eggs simply cruel. Leaving them to die a natural
could not bo produced on such terms, death, preyed upon by other animals,
This, ought to take the wind out of or starving to death from weakness and
-iths igflWDf the-hnmane vegetarians If -Inability to get food, a they do in
hla braids are in good working order thlr wt'n state. Is far moro cruel, and
3ie will see that his only claim to su- thls nature does.
perlorlty must lie , In the proof that Neither Is It necessarily degrading to
meat. as a,fobd Is harmful to man, He ' U moral quality of a man to kill anl
can only :lear himself of complicity m'. providing he does It humanely
In the slaughter of animals by. eschew
eration la the llken string running
through tho pearl chain of all virtues."
single vault In the United States.
hivit and fnimaA hi. i ..k... ooose ana settled in the vam. neenina
lrZurr. -geH There were boxes with -Iff.-: fi"-TAZll l,
his crutch and struck tho other boy's ertt 'ood? t" them and a bench to alt h d ,ak?, By Vf fort,
arm so that he had to drop the gun, ". and sea lng himself on this the t0 have them so are almost completely
which Howard seised and kept until bov f,'1: ''Maisie, come and tell us subservient to him o l completely
the little animal was out of danger. a'ut The mother quail walked to The only times when Howard becomes
Afterwards he coaxed the squirrel into 'Jim. hopped upon his knee, and began ,ngry,.I was told, are on the . occasions
acquaintance and friendship, and when Pe''pln y"S0r0U loo.kln "P l "' of anlmais being abused When he M
I visited his family the animal, in vol- fa So' tailing about my finding grown he av k" a "aluab
uble chatter, told all about his rescue he.r a"d avln ber life, ' he said, member of the Socletv foe ,11
NE fruitful cause of Infant mor
tality, much overlooked. Is the fall-
as the boy Interpreted It.
An-Early Summer Morning.'
Business having called me Into that
neighborhood and detained me till dark
I stayed at the Ritchie home over night
Blind People Kide Free In Glasgow.
From Exchange.
Blind neonle are now nermlttad tn rlda
ure of mothers to nurse their free on the streetcar of Olawo-nw S..nt.
l)8bles. No milk of beast Is adapted land. The local town council has dls-
"' iniam. Hnn wnere trlbuted a supply or brass tokens among and In the evening Howard s pets were
the latter is delicate, with a sensitive the various Institutions for aiding the discussed and I aeked him to take me
Btomacn. me neauniesi cow s miiK is blind, and an ordinary car ticket is
llabla to disagree. Then the blame Is given In exchange when a token Is pre-
lald upon thc unoffending cow. sented by a blind person deslrlrfg a free
There are many causes of failure ride.
"though she was too young to remem
ber; she only knows what I told her.
I found her mother dead one evening
and five little quails trying to gel
under her cold body to be brojpded. I
tried to save them, but all died but
to see them very early In the morn
ing. He wakened me before the sun
was up and we went obt Into the delic
ious, fragrant, ton icy morning air. Tho
ventlon of Cruelty to Animals unless'
be becomes a tamer of vMld beasts, for
which vocation he has a yearning.
"I wonder why It Is." he said to me,
that while an elephant will live to be
thlu t vale. ,4 hK anrf uh h.roo J " HOtBO Or a COW
as tame as a kitten for me The net . , . n ,eW yMr"- or whV a ''"
ub tame as a Kitten, ror me. ine next i 0d at (our or f years like Betav
spring she went away and found a whilo vVo mMV llv. e l . vj
llljlti nnrl rfllRri1 a hrnrtrl In thA aHou . ... jvw, , IIHU
... , . ... iu ten nun
or me wooas, dui rrequeniiy came
home, and laler brought her brood, so
thut they became half tame too. I can
that I did not know. There
are many thpgs a boy wants to know
that no old man can tell hlni.
:. Sng all forms of animal food, arid this
. Jw are likely to do. He is hereby of
fered the- consolation of the poet:
"We of our age are part, and every
' thrill that wakes
The tremulous air of life Its motion
j. .".' In us makes." .
if cannot escape, sharing the life of
the age we 11 ve la; i however,: we niay
Next, let us see If spirituality of the
highest order la Incompatible with the
moderate or sparing use of meat. Among
the names carried on the cover of the
Vegetarian Magazine, with the implica
. tlon that they are names of great men
who were vegetarian, are, Swedenborg,
' Krankltn and Wesley. Two of these
were unquestionably men of wonderful
spiritual power, but they were not vege
tarians. According to Swedenborg's bl-
ographers he "seldom touched flesh
meat." Wesley tried vegetarianism for
a time when he Was young, but he
abandoned It and foe many years most
; of his life. In fact he was a meat eat
er. - Franklin, greatest of Americans,
did the, same, bis vegetarian practice
being' comparatively brief.
Another man of the finest and seren
est type,, called "ethereal" by his con
temporaries, was Kalph Waldo Emer
son. IIS once tried vegetarianism for a
very short Ume, "but soon gave It up,
finding It of no particular advantage."
Yet there was nothing In the least
gross about Emerson. Had he ' been
more ethereal than he .was ho would
have been ready for Immediate transla
tion. The good arguments for vegetarian
ism, or for something approaching lt,
are: the argument of tho garden and
orchard, against the cow stable and
hencoop; work unions fruit and flow
ers, agaimst work in filth and stenches;
the certainty of pure vegetable food,
against the ever-present danger of dis
eased animal feed which at Its best
lacks the purity of fruit and vegetable.
These points can be enlarged upon
with Increasing advantage to the side
. pt vegetarianism. The question viewed
jpn the esthetic side U wholly in fuvor
Of vegetarianism at leasU until we
come to the beauty and power of man
Mmself, wil then there Is sometlilnK
to be said on both sides. We may be
sure, also, that man In JiIh prlstin
purity on earth lived iipoh the fruit
or the earth. Primitive man had
fire. He would naturally eat the seeds
hnd fruits and leaves and roots which
he found agreeable and satisfying. He
'Would never think of catching; u fel
low creature and toarlnR it limb from
limb, devouring the dripping; curcass.
Starvation and the use of fire were
probably the causes that led to the eat
ing of meat. Thc natural food of man
was without doulit the brat food for
primitive man. Mke the lower animals
he was strong and healthy nourished
upon vegetable food that was sun
cooked only.
But that was a long time ago. Sev
eral things have happened in the In
terval. Instead of life in the open, man
lias come to live a large part of hla
life shut Into Instead of llvln
a life of bodily activity chit-fly. that
kpt him Ftioni? and his digestion vig
orous, he has come to live largely by
mental activity while his body lies Idle
and languishes. Where once his skin
was named with tlie pur,, air of heaven
TorUand Mellboyg Gather Property and Gnln Independence by Frugally Savin and Carefully Investing the Silver Pieces Given Them by Travelers for Faithful Attention to Their
Wants. White Boys Are Usually Meat Successful Help at Better Class of Hotels.
r kit;- (( i - fv??TA '$FS) Y
V !li ii i iJ 1 1 nil II J a .f m ft'MWi
Tjjiical group of prosperous Portland bellboys
Written for Tlie Journal by Claude L..
BELLHOP with a bank account;
a bellhop landlord; a bellhop
landed proprietor.
This sounds a bit extrava
gant, doera't It?
Is true, nevertheless. The sRgre
wealth of :'fl representative bell
hops In the leading hotels of Portland
would buy a city block. A number of
these frugal, lndiintrious lada own their
homes; some are the inainatay of their
parents: others are buying ri-nl estate
a an Investment.
-A. J. Martlneau, head bellman at the
Imperial, owns a 14 room house with
lot. The house Ih fully furnished anil
the owner Is deriving a good monthly
rental from the property. He U alao
buying three lotn In Klamath Kalln.
Willie Gibson, who has been In the
business two years, owns a lot on
Gregory Heights, and Is saving money
each niontn from his earnings. Bench
indorse tipping. On the contrary, they
abhor It. Hut the people are e lucated
to the habit and despite the pleasure
that a few "tightwads" might derive
from the blotting out of the system, the
majority of the traveling public are
willing to pay for good service.
"I'rrsonully, 1 would like to see the
whole -abominable system of tipping
abolished." ile'-lmerl Phil M'tachnn .Ir.,
manager of the Hotel Imperial. "Rut
what are we to do about it? The pa
watchful tye of the clerks and the man
ager between his superiors on one Jiand
and the guests on the other he must
ever be thero, "Johnny on thc spot." It
Is no place for a laggard.
Elevator Lightens Work.
Since the advent of the elevator thc
bellhop's life, however, has really been
worth living. In early days, when ele
vators were few and far between. It was
T t T Tt -.
le Land W here JJ
f1 T
vome l rue
By John H. Cradlebi.ugh.
They came of brave and hardy stock.
Those Oregon pioneers.
1 nelr sires had braved the wilderness,
I he van of the wild frontiers
From where the fierce Atlantic waves
I.ashed the wooded coast of Maine,
To where Missouri's vellow flood
Poured out of an unknown plain
Crusaders they, of the modern ilavs,
who cam with the axe and plow
1 "f1' fls, the wagon a canvas tops
And to win,'' their only vow.
Dreamers anu "seers." who dreaming
And Beelng they dared to do
Turning their faces toward the West
And the land where dreams come
Dreamers they were, those pioneers
Of the "fortlrs." three and four;
lio braved the unknown of the plains
In search of an untried shore.
Brave of sobl were the women folk,
, And the beardrd turn vrre strong.
They counted not the trail was roiirh.
Nor cared that the whv was long.
Week after week, month after month
Steadily, surely but slow.
They pressed on till they reached the
Where the waters westward flow.
And they could see the mountains where
Mght drew her curtain of blue
Deyond which- lav the land they
The land where the dreams come true.
And from the loftv mountain tops
The vallev was wondrous fair.
Kor billowed plains of dimming -raps
And winding streamlets were there.
I'""d where (he red man wandered free.
Nor civilisation trod;
Mich dm the fields of Uden were.
W hen fresh from the hand of Ood,
An emerald world, a turquols sky.
A hundred amethyst atieams;
frown jewel of the continent;
The land they had seen In dreams.
Worth all the toil thev had endured
The hardshlns thev struggled
mi 'U II-
tnmH stand for It yes, they encourage necess-iry for tltcxboy to lug baggage up tht parents," he said. "When a family
Intrude. Be patient. Never engage the them trustworthy, and entirely satls-
gucst In conversation unless first ad- factory In every particular," declared Land of the elvos and fairies' homes,
"'"""i nun. or umeifB it is iircessary m r. jvieiscnan. i h statement nas
to ask a question. Most guests expect been made that the white youths are
to pay for service but they rebel If they insolent to guests. I (ake Issue with
inina tnat you a,re roistlng your atten
tion on them for the sole object of get
ting a pittance In return."
"Yes, and don't forget the babies," In
terrupted another of the "hoppers."
"Make friends with the kids,' and do It
quick. If you would get a stand-in with
this statement, and believe that It Is
an Injustice to the boys of the white
race. In fact I contend that the white
boy is more courteous than the little
brown lad. Our guests have more eon-
And the land where dreams come true.
It was a dream, a vision fair
To the wearv nloneara
A dreapi came true to vou and I
In the larise of seventv years.
Billowing fields nf waving- grain
io set the jewels In gold;
MMes unon mass of nrNinnl bloom.
fldenc. in them and will trust them Th'p' busy niart th whlrrlna wb..i.
quicker than they will the Japanese! Vd" tSnthlnfihthrt,'nIn,iJ,m:dgi
II. If l were possible I would prefer
to pay the' buys a higher salary, and
luck tlie difference onto the guests'
hills," he lidded.
Oii'-e a bellboy, a'wnys- a hcllboy. Is
a popular theorj airtong the hotel gen
try. In the mnli this Is true. Kike all
rules, however, there sro exceptions.
Not Infrequently these tyros become
rtianagcrs and sometimes owners of ho
tels. The boys In many cases would
rather remain In the role of servant
se up comes Into the hotel lobby don't forget Sticking to the Jfob
juent to see that the baby does not get lost -
In the crowd, it may be hard going to
warm up to everybody's youngster at
first, but remember that usually at the
end of the thorny path tftere Is a shin
ing coin awaiting you.
Captain Ferdinand Rodby Is buying and take the miner's chance of making
a strike In the way of tips- now and
then than tn assume the more roppnn
Klblo and dignified position behind the
counter, where they would have to bldo
their time waiting for promotion.
land. Joe Martlneau has a substantial
bank account. Joe McGuffen has a sav
ings account. Jim Smith owns five
acres of land and has a lot In Canada.
Another has a five room house at Fifty
first and Kast Madison streets.
Tips Main Source of Profits
How did they get lt? From
It is now bathed day and night In the mainly. At any rate they got it lion
carbonic acid gas which lt exhales and
which Is retained by the garinents in
which' he Is muffled. Where onc bis
skin ws brown with exposure to the
Ilfe-glving sun, It Is now pallid, like
a plant growing In n dark cellar
Eellhops a Type.
Apropos It may be said that the bell
hop Is not always a boy In his teens.
The term "bellhop" li oftentimes a mls-
talrs afoot. Carrying a suit case
five flights of stairs was a fie
"I recall In one hotel where I worked
that the rule of th house was that the
bellhop had to beat the elevator to the
floor of the gupst'B room," said Al.
Martlneau, head bellman at the Imperial.
"In those primitive days there was a
general unwritten law that the boys
should not ride In the elevators. In this
particular hostelry the elevator was as
slow as an emigrant team scaling the
Jtocky mountains, l hererore It may be foot work fall to meet with financial
readily understood that the bellhop with results in the end. Bo a good loser,
a good pair of legs could, by putting on Don't carry all your brains In your
a little steam, mount thetalra and beat heels. Use a little common horse sense
the cage with Its guest, lo the 'summit.' in ministering to the wants and cater
ing waa a mcmcuaoie experience, jng to-the whims of the guests. A mer
f hi.lln.'A 4 n 4 it Im .In.. T ...... ........I. ...... .
uriiciv iu iiiio . i j
how many steps
four flights of stairs
schools and pleasant
Much Labor of Love.
"But don't feel bad about It if all your
"One of our boys has been with us
four years. Another has been with us
three years, and others have been Jn
our service one to three years. After
we have broken the boys In, and thy
understand what Is expected nf them,
we have no difficulty In keeping them.
It Is better for the. boy and better for
the hotel,- and more satisfactory to
Churches and
The lft of the "l'n-afrald"
Gift of the women strong of soul
Of the men who dared to do
lio d-eamlna- saw and showed the
To the land where dreams come true.
Hunnah's Famous Bridge.
From Exchange.
Distant from Mandalay. nurmah.
business Is to cast the age of a bellhop.
He may be anywhere from HI to SO.
Nnt'ire appenrs to have designed him
for this special purpose. Without re
sorting to the art of "mnklng up" the
bellhop always seems to be young.
Natty uniforms, clean shaven faces,
'good morning, sirs,' how's the little guests, to have boys of the steady class. Tn,I". "tsnds one of the most retnark
lndy. Mams,' and all your patience and I hav my doubts If the profes-sicnal nbl' railway brdge In the world. It
bell boy who Jumps from job to Job ,n '""g"' " t the four
Is as reliable aa the one who Is a teenth trestle has a height of 830 feet,
fixture. It Is not my practice to cm- " w"8 buUt y an American firm In 18
p!6y the migratory boy. Our guests "1nths. nearly 6000 tons of steel .being
have no difficulty in making a white rnp oyed In Its construction. Not only
hnv unrfAPatanH u-hii nu .1.0 r for Its extreme height Is It remarkable.
lay I can recall Just cenary eye and an Itching palm don't the other hand the Japanese will often. b.ut .0,M" for daring curve, two dls
there were those get you anything In. the long run. Don't when ne ' displeased because he has ,?1 "harp b,,na" belna; taken by the
j learned tne blur your menfa vis on with the hati,,. not received a tin. nretend not tn ha "r-v va mm vaney.
IH ir lilrv 1 1 "
A Noble Spirit.
From Ideas.
"You are quite comfortable,
multiplication table by heart counting einatlon that every person vou see out able to understand what Is said to him.
those Infernal steps. How many carpets hla name on the hotel register wearn a Joe Martlneau, employed at the Im
One of the problems of the 1 wore out ""o'ng this stunt day atter suit of clothes plastered over. with two- perlal, .who has been a bell boy for 11
day only the books of the hotel will bit Dlecea.
ShoW. FlnallV I KOt SO I COIlld. Tiro. ?"T nnarK. Ik.a. . nui tr at Ito k.lH . ....... Ju.ri
- .11 , .1 ' - - " J iii'BW up a R 1 1 1 HI JUIJ UllCe ' 1 ' -' -" -1. iJ uuniiiton , will crvciy ' .
years, says:
I started In the bust- Husband-
ewtly. The salary of the average bell-.
boy In Portland Is $26 a month. Tho
Income from tips varies according to
the service the uniformed. beardless
youths give the guests nnd the energy
thai' dlsrilnv in mfllclnr thmaelvpa vi.ti.
aii tnese ann many other changes erally iisvful to the hostelry's patrons,
liave taken place In the environment Month by month, an active, ambitious
are nOy, obbedof"' theli" ny,U M,hy P"rn" f" T',1 T' T'u 8S,hfi hrlht -'e and 'if lick steps veil the In
. frequently robbed of their natural average experienced bank clerk. How ,.nart nf irther Time
jiminsnmenr nj maternal feebleness, so much he saves Is another matter. That ..r ... .. i..i ... niake lt In about five seconds. But e-entlemsn. allm.ert ma a ei... .... ha will a-at bi.av
that' but for the milk nature meant denanria ti. hnv Pahi.'. .,.ti 4 """V" thanks to tho nresant dav mothmla all 1 .. u-'ilJ 1 - 'I "r. . ' - " " V
. . . - rrflnv vnars h nn inn wi nr nr mv iue. . . . "mi iiibi-u iuv n iitc-iiiuri miiiii rH
comes of the bell boy. "li V. ' u''"'8 lne . v. a., ana tne pedagogue uumDing tne Juaaaer 01 success.
viaing 1 was not loaded down with more because the tfps were not at first com- .angle. It has been my experience and
uum two sun cases run or sample ore jng fast. enough to suit me. For three observation that the Japanese pell boy
from Montana, skip about every second weeks I ran errands for an old maid. I" more Independent In his treatment
step on the trip up. Coming down, pro- buttoned a fat man's shoes and sup- of guests than is the whtteboy. As
yiding there were no fat men or babies, plied a dyspeptic school teacher with rule the Japanese don't understand
V? -J' ,. .. a y I010)" my ,cel tea without getting a sou in real anything unless h first sees a tip, "And there Is no draft on my Iamb
breath and sliding down the banister, coin. The twentv-third dav th and he nflist have it in his flat bafnre is there?"
,-Wife "Yea love."
'The cushions are easy and soft?"
"Yes, darling."
"You don't feel ny Jolts?"
"No sweetest."
',.'f ?r Jl.WJllp h,,ma" ,nrant wtM,ld RrmV of "ut''" who' jump like a sprint- iT.VLJn'wli " be.
S"l"tdT."de"l'f.J lh.'nf"l Pr..t the rraok of the gun when the 1 nerVcoms t
"No, my ownest own."
"Then change seats with ma."
Of the present ate udoo tho iifo nr ..inrk n, . 1. 1
th healthier and stronger lower anl- "Front." have the reputation of holding
Ii Is typical of the -dependence of fast to their nickels, dimes and qiiRr-
-Itae whole human race upon the lower ters.
animals for their food supply. We Neatness, politeness, alertness these
.r?..d,"nerat8' we"' lacking vitality, are the three cardinal virtues of the
WO gain a certain amount nf vii,.iw.. ni. . ..:
- . . - ....... J "yV TT - H R-.I.I.fT. 1TIVII lllfT Dlfltle
iiicic imiuci wiin iiie lower anl
.tfllicrn Ul Llli: IT 1 1 1 11 - y . . . . . . - - --. .... -' Ki'UnBiiug
... i.v.1.. haiard. has been done away with. Bell- cava ma a atnnriina- inviainn .
ne 1 r, r pvt-ino kiuw w 1 1 1 ' 1 ' v 1 1 it 1 y . ... ... , . , tJ - ---- - ........ . . . . . . ...... .1.
Idcr nnd he Is always 'on thc job.' If h,"P" " r ,? ow Pr,vl'"el to ride Jn the out to her father's farm where I .could
""'1 """ me gain in vitality from
handling and caring for horses. We
unquestionably gain further from the
use of nnlmnl foods. They may have
their- dangers, they may be repulsive
to the fastidious, but they Imnart a
vitality which vegetable foods do not.
of these principles the lad's duty to
ward his house is done, figuratively
speaking. What he receives In the way
Ponce de Ijeon had been a bellhop he
would Ifave been spared (hat fruitless
voyage In search of the fountain of per
petual youth,"- said Harry Hamilton,
room clerk at the Imperial.
Thc duties of a bellboy are legion. To
Tact Brings Tips.
get all the real thick cream I could aat
nnd plonty of hunting and fishing."'
Playing Detective, Too.
In the role of amateur sleuth the
From Llpplncott's Magazine)
"J'aity," said. Grandma, "I think
"How do I get my tips? Well, there
la no royal road to success In this
game," said another lad who has grown
Ilia 1. tn I ... I . I 1,1. ...i. . .1 ....I... . .. .. . 111... ..... .1.1 . 1 - . . , . . - r ......... .....
C" i H 1 1 hV . ' . I VT , MUBiiuiuiia; me inirsi eyes ana Keen ears are ready to detect ence of a bell boy, are: Charles H,
..j. v.,..... ..... " ini v fan im n.vii iwvtwici anu am iiszea, insnv an irrfKUSniv on tne nart of Rowlev Clsrenra- I . Tavlor Tna riA- '.ivt
he Molomon-Wlse and .Tnh.naHnnt l.llra "Ti. lra tblna tnr a t,AllV. tn An im ....... ru "Ji. 'i-i. ".. r" .. OI "owl"y' V'SJ6"0?.-". Sylor, JOB 1J0- em.
rr'".'.tK-L"!JU ".lkVJn,ef.gler,hc must uKVyuwin, to th, tip.' hV ir"The VperU the 'rnanager'wltn" iCSi W' " Met '
the, difference be- the house detective often brinn iiia - tini n nt -rnrit.r, v,n.i. ...
to acount. emnlovlnsr white bovs. The' Portland. ...f l?arP'r Bssar.
7aSh-all... M t. . T. ' Du . VWUItW I TOU leMII
Among the enterprising hotel em
ployes who formerly "hopped" are:
Harry Hamilton, room clerk : . Otto W.
Metschan, cashier, Clarence W. Cook, sbout time you stopped playlftg with
man cier; Lieonaru . noaoy, ironi. ooyn. iiimt gins ought not to care to
clerk. Those, at tha lmnarlal vhn nlav With hnva avhaa v,... .- i.
ball h n.rrrm. kU . I.. . - . v ... ...V ' .11.1 ... ". Z. ' .. , " "' S
. "w j . w. .... . . u. .,, v bcoiuv lur rcucrira iieir fjrcBoni posmons Dcnina s you, .
the management, frequently. His sharp the counter without having tha exnerl- "Oh. thot'a all right, rieandma- ivhi
the bigger we get, the better w Ilk'
'.an '
ins own -cooks. Tlie msnager does tn
not concern himself about the earnings nf
"y "ny "'ore man oo ine poys jumps at the tap of the gong has noth-
the centerof 'the "ring" at tho call enced traveler know
tlmei The trained fire horse that tween good and bad sejrvlcc. He Is quick offenders
i. .... . v. . . . . - " ' - r rm '.'.' -" J ...... ........... U . B.UM- IIULfl IllMIlltKt'ia IlflQ I nil WDIM I . (J f ft 1 1 1 1 . a all IIAM'I h.u TdnDnM.a
Trt met generally- la todaV unrit t.. , Ii .1 V iwiam mi sruiius 01 me ipg on tne neiinop whose every action servlency. Don't be a boot 'lleker. That bell boys are preferable to Japanese The 1" Seward has nearo heii hnva Tha
Pretty Quicfc.
r's Bai
you learn to lovs
me. Anna?"
She "I don't think I could, Harry."
Ha (reaching for his hat "It IsvJs
I feared you art too old to Jcarn