The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 03, 1911, Page 25, Image 25

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    '.I,. li
" rcxcBANQ-BEAL Es?4 f 1
. For j Exchange
. Flanders .atrtT6 room bungalow,,
, modern, new. . lo 60x100, double con
struction, will tak touring car as first
payment, balance easy,
Madras,. Cook county, 2 story build
. lng with store room and 8 living rooms,
y : lot 20x100 feet, rent $75 per . month;
' price ,13000: -exchange . for rooming
.bouse, restaurant, saloon, Portland prop
erty or any legitimate business.
transient, rent 1250, income 1600, price
14600, part cash, balance lri Portland
property or good acreage. .
Cot tare. 4 rooms, lot 50x100 feet, size
4x26 feet, rent 120 ner month: nrlcu
iouu; win irage.y . ; r, ... .,
3 Vacant lots, well located, price
$1100 for exchange. -
Redmond, Or., 2 room cottage, 2 lots
ach .60x100 feet, rent $10 per month,
business lot on Main street 25x100 ft.,
fopulation of town 500; price on whole
2300; will exchange.
Qleason street 12 rooms, rent $85,
rooming house, clearing $75 per month;
will exchange for Portland property.
Alder street Rooming house, 11
rooms, bath, gas, income $113, rent $60,
rrlc $1660; exchange for 30 room, room
ng house or bungalow. , . . ..
Wa " have a number of otherood
trades on our list and If you have some
thing for exchange call and see us. We
can match It. S .
Portland Businesstxchange
808 Selling Bldg. Main 6816
16 H ACRES fine fruit land in the Ump
qua vauey, ior nouse ana lot in fort
land. 6 acres planted and cared for
near Buttevllle, for Vacant lot In city,
and assume some. 6 lots clear of in
cumbrance, at Ocean Park, for unim
proved land. 160, unimproved, near Sil
verton, for sawmill. 23 acres at Hood
River, joins R. R., mile from Dee,
for Improved acreage In the valley. 160
4 miles east of Yoncalla. partly im
proved, for house in Portland. 42 acres
fine pear land near Grants Pass, for
nouse ana lot in ortiana. suournan
lots, clear of Incumbrance, for unim
proved land. If you want to make le
gitimate trades at actual value, come
and see me. T. C. Staley, 627 Henry
piag, Marsnau i (4. ,
120 Acres
40 acres under plow, 60 acres more
good farm land; living stream ; station
of O.-W. R. & N. R. R. on place. Soil
dark loam, 15 feet deep; fine for al
falfa, timothy, clover, grain, potatoes,
no rock, fenced, would consider small
improved tract close ro Portland or res.
ldence in Portland, 1911 6 passenger
, auto as first payment; good for plat
ting, trice too per acre. Terms.
Peper & Baker,
Members Portland Realty Boar
444 wneriocK Ding,
160 ACRKS. 10 miles from Estacada
good house, $3500; to trade for house
and lot.
Lot for motorcycle.
1C0 acres improved, for Portland prop
Acreaae for rooming; house.
Lease and furniture of apartment
bouse for land.
Hardware store for Improved farm.
Several modern houses for land.
Rooming houses for houses and lots.
A number of other propositions.
WE have $12,000 In 7 per cent
paper, amply secured by real es
tate, to exchange for unincum
bered Portland property or acre
age near city.
Hunter Realty Co,,
223-5 Bosrd of Trade.
Marshall 1777, A-3307.
EXCHANGE 40 acres. 1 mile from
Banks, and i nited Electric R. R., 30
miles from Portland, with some crop;
black loam soil, 10 acres beaverdam,
well and spring water, good road, fair
buildings; will exchange for Portland
D, M. Baker,
303 Corhett bldg.
67' ACRES near Camas, Wash., $13,000,
4 miles from railroad, 7 room house,
good well, pump on porch, good spring,
barn, haymow, inoo prune trees, 100
apple trees, 20 mixed fruits, fruit and
milk house and 7 stands of bees to
trade for dry wheat farm in eastern
Washington or Oregon.
206 Rothohlld bldg.
SALOON and rooming house, trade for
automobile and some cash. P-846,
POLDING go-cart to exchange for la
djes' large black coat or dresses, size
86. V-86Z. journal,
WILL exchange first class carpenter
work for housefurnlshlngs. J-848,
$300, 7 per cent, 20' year bonds, ex-
change for good piano. Main 8353.
Eastern patty has the above to invest
In good first mortgages at low interest
In Bums to suit or will buy real estate
and a good paying business for cash at
the right price. See Mr. Ruthfleia wKh
Chamber of Commerce Bldg,
HAVE you a real home for $b000 to
176007 Anout K or rooms, moaern.
clear of lncumorance, tnai you win
ade for a new 7 passenger nign graae
uto, balance gilt edge contract araw
Ing 7 per cent interest. ..Will pay no
commission to brokers. Y-84, Journal.
I WANT a 5 or 6 room house
. or bungalow in . Vernon,
. Highland or Albina. T-8.51,
WANTED 5 or 6 room bungalow, must
be west side. Council Crest property
, tbo high in price but want good view
of city. S"mnl cash payment, bal
ance In monthly installments. Address
J. P. Gibson, care Willamette Valley
Land Co., Aumsvllle, Or.
I WANT to buy a modern-6 to 8 room
residence from private party who will
accept f ullv paid' non-assessable stock in
well organized local company as pay
ment. Value bacd on tangible assets
nd Increasing rapidly. D-856, Journal.
Acreage within 3 miles ef Salem
Electric, We have cash buyers and
some good city exchanges for same.
What have vou? G. A- Nichols- Invest
ment Co.. 506 Swetland 'bldg. .
WANT modern Portland home "to ap
ply on my close in 14 acre suburban
home worth $21,000. A place you've of
ten admired; running wator, springs,
maple snane, etc. journal.
WANTED To buy modern . unencum
bered residence in i-omnna, nui iu
rost over $500, from private party who
JOSt ov
vlll ac
f as payi
C to Bir
lecept aeveir,ea M acre orcnaru
rment- -xt, journal.
TO BUY. sell or exchange property, any
kind, anywnere. Annress iorinwrti-,
ern Businc-sB Agency, Minneapolis,
. Minn. ' .
WANT to trade lots in Portland City
Homestead for residence up to $6000.
These lots are in 2 mile circle. L-858,
x Journal.
HAVE a client for arsmall form, close
to electric line, par cash, part trade.
Nimmo Runev & Co., 424 Hamilton bldit.
. . phone Main 6'862. ;
POUR to 8 lots or acre on 5c carlim:,
' with or without Improvements. State
lowest cash price. R-850, Journal.
CORNER lot Alberta or near St. Johns
on car line, give location with price
and terms. M-lon. journal,
83000 worth of goods and nice business
for some cash and good - realty or
farm stock. P-846, Journal.
E?)R TRADE For anything of value,
CllOO equity In desirable lot, cash
ce. BeilWOOOiW u y venwga.
A V"SrY choice, close-in corner, west
side; will exchange for smaller place.
Address 1-861, Journal.. .
6 OR T ROOMS, modern, streets
Improved, some fruit preferred,
; from party who wants 160 acres
. In famous fruit belt, less than
100 miles from Portland; good
house, near new sohool. nursery
,and stores, best of soiL lays fine,
no better for fruit. Price $36 per
acre. Waggoner Real Estate Co.,
210-212 Abingtotv bldg, ';..:- :
I want 2 eood lots in Wav-
erly Heights and will, py cash
or ouy equiiy. rosmveiy no
agents. 1-802, journal,
Furnished house: west side: not over
$68 per month and unfurnished house,
a " f . I XT V. Ulll
Heights or Willamette Heights.
uooa tenants waning
Real Estate Dept. v
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
We hava customers who want, good
residences. Wha,t have youT Writs
or call on us.
J. E, Nichols Co,,
616 Yeon Bldg.
WANTED A residence In Portland up
" to $10,000; will trade the finest and
most up .to date ranch In Oregon. L-
Furnlture of 9 room house, within 5
minutes walk to center of city. 2 year
lease, rent $25. Price $376,. some terms,
This Is Fine
a AAm. Mlr.A In s-rf Anl.r tOR
fine building, all beautiful outside
ruoine. long iepa; an new una line lur
nlture; could frent some transient If de
sired and clear $75 month; price $700,
terms. You can sell for' $1000 before
H. E. JAMES CO.. 88 10TH (near Stark)
40 'Rooms, Best in City
This house has been run by one party
for a long time and positively one of the
best money makers in Portland; house
la modern, located only 4 blocks from
P. O., corner location; its a Bandy; ex
tremely low price, only $4500; rent
$250; 3 years' lease: $2500 cash, balance
$100 per month at 7 per cent. Can you
beat it? Call at 310 Oak st.
11 room house, modern conveniences,
beautiful home, close in, good income.
Here's a chance for, your own furni
ture. H. E. JAMES CO., 88 10th (near Stark)
24 Rooms, Very Fine
All in 2 rooms, housekeeping, fine
oak furniture, extra good ca.rpets, very
fine house In and out, corner location,
never any vacant rooms in this build
in. 2 years' lease, rent only $80, In
come $280 per month. A snap at $2000.
t all at 310 oak st.
40 Modern Furnished Rooms
Price $4500, $2600 cash balance $100
per month and Interest. Corner build
ing, within one block from Washing
ton street. Owner forced to sacrifice,
A bargain that will not last; so hurry.
.406 Henry bldg.
Fine House, Swell Location
11 room modern house, extra good
furniture and carpets, everything up to
date. If you want a nice house in
good location, you will buy this one; a
real bares In at $1060; good terms. Call
at 310 Oak st.
Fine for Transient
7 rooms and bath, above stores and
very nice and clean; Just the thing for
anyone who wants to run a small tran
sient house; rent only $37; located elope
to 6th and Pine. Price only $560. Call
at once, 310 Oak st.
FOR SALE A new apartment nouse on
west side: leased ror rive years witn
guarantee and nets nearly 13 per cent;
will take less than $60,000 to buy; good
terms. Yamhill County Realty Co ,, 410
Rothchlld . bldg., 4th and Washington
sts., Portland.
Close to 23d and Glisan Sts,
0 rooms and bath in ihis beautiful
location: It is a home wfth an income;
everything extra good; rent $40. Price
onlv $750: $300 cash, balance time. Call
at 310 Oak st.
14 ROOMS, right down town on cor
1 ner, I block from Washington st.,
furnace heat, clearing $100 per mo.
No reasonable offer refused.
H. E, JAMES CO.. 88 10TH (near Stark)
8 rooms in center of business dis
trict. Owner clears $36 and her rooms
monthly. Business calls her east. Will
sell at a great loss lr taken now. u.
A. Nichols Inv. Co.. 606 Swetland bldg.
48 rooms, partly furnished. Fine lo
cation, long lease, rent cheap. Owner
is retiring and win sacrifice ror ouick
sale. Some exchange or terms. G. A.
Nichols Inv. Co., 606 Swetland bldg.
40 rooms, mostly housekeeping, best
of location, clears $150 monthly. Brick
building with 2 years' lease. G. A.
Nichols Inv, Co.. 606 Swetland bldg.
70 ROOMS, corner brick, centrally lo
cated, west side, long lease, clears
$600 per month. Will take good farm
as part payment. Particulars 310 Hen-
ry bldg.
FREE rent and living expenses by
srnalP Investment; rooming house,
well furnished, best location; no agent,
owner direct. 475 Taylor.
12 ROOMS, delightful resiflence. fur
nace heat, fine furniture, dandy good
Income. Price $800.
H. E. JAMES CO. S8 10th (near Stark)
15 ROOMS, fine location, 4 blocks from
P. O., $1000, H cash. For further par
ticulars see Nimmo. Runey & Co., 424
Hamilton Ding, h-none Main burz.
411 Henry bldg. Marshall 664.
Hotels, apartment houses, rooming
houses bought, sold and exchanged.
POft SALE -Good rooming house; T5
rooms and basement, good furniture,
$350 handles, balance easy payments.
Phone Main 8491.
46- ROOMS, new corner brick, swell fur
niture, 6 year lease, clears $350. Will
take lots or house and lots as part pay
men t. Particulars 310 Henry bldg.
58 ROOMS, new furniture, modern, long
lease, clears $250 per month, $1000
will handle. 310 Henry bldg.
SEVEN rooms, cheap rent, going east,
all full. 2 blocks to depot; clears $36
per month. 435 Everett.
FOR SALE Rooming house, 20 house
keeplng rooms, good location, lease,
$1000 down. Apply 608 Alder. .
44 ROOMS, best location on east side,
22 furnished; long lease, $1800 with
terms. Owner, G-840. Journal.
VERY profitable rooming house, central
location; see owner; terms all cash. A-
4006. . ; '
FOR SALE or trade for lots or acre
age or larger rouse; -U0 rooms, well
furnished, 680 4th St. S, -
Ti ELEGANT ' rooms, fine location;
must sell at once; make offer. Phone
owner. Main- 9693.
25 ROOMS, good furniture, 8 year lease,
rent $76, clears $150, $2500, easy terms,
310 Henry bldg. '
12 ROOMS,, new furniture, lease, clears
$75 per month. $860, $250 cash. 810
Henry "bldg.- ; . . :'.; .. , -.
32 ROOMS, corner brlckf Inass; clears
$150 per month, $700 required, 810
ijenry piia.
FOR SALE Lease, T6 room hotel; par-
, ... A T ... ... .
ROOMTNG house , for sale by owner.
Phone A-6714.
TEL. MARSHALL 468. iA.1050,
Apartment House Extraordi
Owner's Misfortune, Your Gain
cost her over 90uu; win sen , ior
$6000, which includes $1000 cash upon
tease; terms V, cash. Do you ever ex
pect to get another bargain like this?
Strictly modern, brick building, electric
elevator, private baths, telephone- In
every apartment and the lease Is. for
5 Years at $400 a Month
There are $0 rooms, 34 apartments
anoV 17 completely furnished with the
best of furniture; bouse located in the
best Nob Hill dletrlot Full informa
tion at our offices. No phones answered.
Handled exclusively by us- . v , t
32 Room Transient House
Prominent down town rorner, west
side, average furniture, rent $6 a room,
8 year lease. Priei $2800, H cash;
clears $200 a month.
20 Rooms, Rent $54, Lease
Average furniture, fine west side lo
cation, clears $86 month. Price $1800,
cash. . .
14 Rooms, Offer Wanted
Owner nfust sell at once, fine close in
west side location; furniture very fine,
rent $5 a room. It will certainly pay
you to aee this house. (
9. R6oms, Partly Furnished
' Here is a chance to work In your
furniture; fine west side location; fur
nace heat; rent $40; requires $600 cash.
12 Rooms, Swell Furniture
Trade $700 Eauitv for Lot
House newly furnished one year, fine
Nob Hill district, nice large rooms,
front and back yard, furnace neat; rent
right, with lease. This Is as fine a
small house as ever listed with us. Bee
It. You will buy It quick.
Office Closed at Noon Monday
13 room house On Everett street. 6
minutes walk to P. O. If taken at once
will sell for $200 less than any one
J, E, Nichols Co,,
"Has it for less."
616 Yeon Bldg.
10 Rooms $550
This Is the best bargain in the city.
I must leave the city .on account of
sickness; house will take in from $115
to $125 a month; good furniture and
carpets; located in the heart of the
citv. It must be cash or no sale.
Call at 310 Oak St. - .
Fine Home, With Income
Best proposition in Portland; 12
rooms and bath; rent only $38 per
month; most beautiful location, grand
view of whole city; dry and airy; Just
what everybody needB In this damp cli
mate; walking distance, close to car;
can rent all the rooms you can spare to
the -verv best class of people on ac
count of the fine location; 6 rooms ele
gantly furnished; 7 rooms unfurnished;
just what you are looking for; snap at
$650 cash; positively no terms. Phone
today. Main 1018; tomorrow. Main 1283.
A 20 room rooming house, with Vt
year lease, on Yamhill street, part cash,
balance terms; will take city lot as first
J, E, Nichols Co,,
"Has it for less."
616 Yeon Bldg.
23 rooms, H. K.. close "IjS TV-500, terms.
12 rooms, part H. K., elegant; make
33 H. K. rooms, close in, $1800; terms.
9 rooms, extra nice, close In, $950.
9 rooms, verv good, $529.
22 H. K. rooms, center town; make
If you want a bargain, see Berrey s
Realty Co., 249 4th St. Marshall 2828.
Rooming Houses All Sizes
In any part of the city, housekeeping,
transient or sleeping; prices are right;
easy terms; sell or trade; most reliable
offfce lp Portland.
311 Allsky Bldg
Beautiful Little Hotel.
New pressed brick building, hot and
cold water in every room, private and
public baths; 4 -sawed oak furniture.
Axminster carpets; Is simply swell; 36
rooms, and the rent only $27fi per
month, with 3 years' lease; $3000 cash
will handle it. Call at 310 Oak SV
All California ell stocks.
10 Alaska Coal Oil bid
38,095 Almeda Con. trans bid
400 Almeda Coii. trans 50
40 Am. Life & Acc bid
1,000 Cascadla M & D bargain
10 Coin Machine Potter) .. .special
6,000 Columbia Rlv. Orchard bonds
to trade tor unincumbered
real estate.
1,000 Costock G. & Q 10
100 Gibson MI. Co ....Old
300 Govt. Stand. Powder cheap
10 Grey Eagle Leasing. bid
1,000 Meader-Oochrane Press t.00
2,000 Metaline Consol 25
100 Nelson Firder bid
600 Ontario Co-Op. O. & O bid
2,600 Oriole CSo. Ore.) cheap
5.000 Oriole Metaline bid
1,000 Pac. Coal & Gas bid
150 Peck Anto Wheel bargain
600 Portland Cement bond bid
100 Portland Concrete Pile. .. .special
60 Simonson Fix-It market
6,000 Skamania G. & C. ,.. .big bargain
300 Spring Tire 50
St. Johns Oil & G bargain
75 I. S. Cashier bargain
All other, stock:, sr.d bonds; see me be
fore buying; may be able to do better.
Alaska Pet. & CoalGov. Stand. Powder
Favarv Tire Omaha Tel. bonds
Fidelity Copper - Simonson Fix-It
Portland Home Tel. Bonds and Stock.
226 Ablngton bldg.
MINING and industrial stocks; tele-
fihone and other bonds bought and
d. C. S. Fletcher. 125 Ablngton bldg.
SPLENDID opening for an active man
with a few hundred dollars, in an es
tablished manufacturing and Jobbing
business: household bottled goods and
specialties. Live man wants a live part
ner. Call 808 Board of Trade Mdg.
HERE. is a money maker for some one:
Will' exchange $400 In gilt-edge stock
In manufactory on east side, all or part
for clear lot. grocery stock, motorcycle.
What have you? V-854. Journal.
FOR RENT or sale, easy terms, well
known Riverside house, 660-662 Mac
adam St.. Oct. 1, 60 rooms furnished.
F. I'ayton, owner. 194 1st.
FOR SALE Butter and fgg rouie, with
hoi-Fe, wagon end harness; pays a
profit' of $18 a week; alj for $200 cash.
3S5 Russell st,
MAN or woman to assist me with small
amount money to locate valuable
quarts claim In new gold district, Alas
ka; am s 1 1 fortune both. F-852. Journa 1 .
HA-P" Interest In first clues pool and"
billiard hall, on east sjde, for sale,
reasonable. Tabor 8059. ,
FOR SALE Moving picture outfit,. 150
charrs. ele.ctrlc piano, picture ma
chines, phonograph, etc.- 403 Lp wis bldg.
SMALL bakery and confectionery aril
stock of groceries for sale cheap, 911
WbH SALE Aito delivery or express
$400. or trade for property,
Journal. -
ELEGANT location for dressmaker or
corset business st small expense. Call
Monday, 336 Journal bldg. .
a aril T
'Restaurant with fixtures in for $70;
good trade, inquire ostt warKet st.
SEVEN per cent 20-year bonds in ex
change for real (estate. Fletcher, 226
Ablngton oiag. t -
F'5& RENt-ftore' with '8 living rooms,
on canine, -jnone woouiawn- ,
J "Grocery Snaps
Yamhill t central, dallv Income $100,
rent $70, long lease, will Invoice about
tsuuu; win sen all or naif interest.
, Twenty-sixth st., dally, income $12;
rent $10. Price $460.
' Alberta St., dally income, $14; rent
$15: 4 living rooms. Price $1000 or In
voice. Division st., daily Income $40; rent
$30; good lease: ( living rooms. Invoice
about $1500.
Nar depot, dally Income $90; rent $160;
clearing $20 dally; lease; price $2600,
some trade.
SJath, near Washington, dally Income
$260; rent $500; 5 year lease; price
Washington St., dally income $200;
rent $460; price $4000.
Washington st, dally Incoms $360;
will lease to responsible parties and In
voice stock. If this sounds good come
in and talk it over.
Washington st... central. 80 rooms;
rooms always rented; rent $700; lease;
income $1400, $3000 cash, balance easy.
Tenth St.; 40 rooms; rent $260; In
come $550 ; price $4500, part cash, some
tra-de. . -
Knob Hill district, apartment hotel,
newly furnished, 25 suites of 8 and 4
room apartments; rent from $40 to $60
per suite; price $11,000, $4600 cash, bal.
monthly, live year lease.
W have a number of other good
propositions on our lists, so if you are
in tne marKei. see us Deiuro nujin.
Portland Business Exchange
806 Belling Bldg. Main 6816.
If so see us
J, E. Nichols Co,,
616 Yeon Bldg.
Some Chances Left.
Blacksmith shop chance; OONE.
Livery stable chance; GONE.
General merchandise chance; GONE.
Wagon repair shop chance; GONE.
Billiard hall and barber shon chrfnee;
Hotel chance; STILL OPEN.
See our other ad for details. Will
build for right party.
Nursery chance; STILL PEN. No
charge for first year.
See Mr. Bishop, Hartman & Thomp
son 4th and Stark.
Will at once erect small mod
ern hotel in choice location at
West Stavton for the right party
who will furnish It neatly and
run it right, with option to buy.
Will make rental moderate as
main object Is to secure right
people. See Mr. Bishop at Hart
mnn & Thompson, 4th and Stark.
RELIABLE man Tilling to work and in
vest $300 to J500, can get large inter
est In Mfg. and operating one of the
FASTEST and SUREST money earners
AL BANK. It will bring you a large
dividend every year for life. If you can
devote vour time, to it will earn you
over $200 per month. No saloon or
drinking men wanted. PleHse give your
phone number. C-857. Journal.
A pool hall with 5 tables, cigars, to
bacco, confectionery.- etr in connection.
First class, up to date fixtures all In
fine shape. Pays me over $100 per
month net. Expense includes salary of
two men. I do not have any time to de
vote to the business. If you have $3000
cash to invest let me hear from you.
It will stand a thorough investigation.
Address 0-857, Journal.
Roat corner on Washington St., with
long lease and good business, but owner
has too much other business. Will in
ventory or sell at cash figure.
Knapp & Wisdom,
619 Henry Bldg. M. 3263, A-8265.
i $500 stock of groceries to trade ror
any tiling. v nat nave yuu:
J, t. Nichols uo,
615 Yeon Bldg.
$2rtu0 cash will purchase well estab-,
llshed plumbinp; shop In one of the
best cities in the state, rent very rea
sonable, good lease, brick building, does
$30,000 business annually. For further
information, see S. T. Dove, Inc., 420-2
Board of Trade.'
FOR SALE The only home made con
fectionery and ice cream parlor in
best suburb in Portland, near large
school. Fine location for any line of
goods. For particulars phone Sell
wood 257.
WANTED Man with family to woik
on and take an Interest in an au
nle orchard In the Hood River district;
'permanent work; salary $58.60 per
montn; must nave ouu casn to in
vest. 0-855, Journal.
OREGON needs poultry; carload of eggs
imported daily; z.tuu, uuu worm ot
poultry shipped yearly from the east.
Do you have $100 or a $1000 to Invest
In land and poultry proposition, paying
big interest? 0-852, Journal.
Will sacrifice cash business $200
(net) monthly. A deposit will give you
trial to prove this true. Terms to suit.
G. A Nichols Inv. Co., 506 Swetland
WANTED Capital or partner who has
$200 or more to invest, r me oppor
tunity. Will bear closest Investigation.
For particulars call at 317 Hamilton
GoOD workingmen's hotel, rooms always
full; a big bargain. 1'rice only jr.'iiu.
Can bo bought on easy terms; present
owners retiring. Address L-850. Jour
A dandy place netting $20 weekly;
rent $15; Just the place for man and
wife. A sacrifice If taken quick. G. A.
Nichols Inv. Co , 506 Swetland bldg,
I AM in the market for a good cash
grocery, well located, that Is doing
the business. Will go as high as $300;).
LI 852 Journal. . ;
MOVING picture theatre for sale by
owner. Fine location; can show good
profits; $900 cash, balance monthly.
E-855, Journal.
"RELIABLE man wanted In central
long established real estate office.
Little money required.. Call room 207
Rothchlld bldg.
Am alone, need help. If you wish a
food paying bUHlness see G. A. Nlcholr
nv. Co.. 606 Swetland bldg, .
FOR SALE at bargain: up to date
country hotel and feed barn on heav
ily traveled road. Good fishing close.
Address, M-158. Journal.
GROCERY and confectionery; good lo-
cation, cheap if .taken at once; call
777 Mississippi.
SACRIFICE sale of small stock paints,
wall paper and all painting utensils.
W-S48. journal.
ClkP ABLE-and reliable business man
will Join you with a little money. Z
855, Journal.
dftOTSRY, confectionery, on busy cor
ner; toe cream parlor In connection.
Phone E. 167. Call 328 Russell st.
WGk SALE cheap, pool hall and cigar
job; Ice cream: long lease. 694 Mil-
waukle St., uroomyn.
AM looking, for .a grocery from $600 1 to
Journal.' , , . . '
1 WANT to buy a rooming house of 12
to 20 rooms, well located, showing
good Income. Address T-844, Journal.
For Sale bv Owner Cheap
; Good general blacksmith shop, doing
a good business, on N. P. R. R.; about
60 miles rfrom Portland, in town of
1600 population; good country around
It; no competition; tools, consisting of
1 , jtsrooK- uia tire n-uer, a w-u
equipped fires, hub auger, rubber tire
.machine, ' tire bender, set of dlea
1H. power arm press ana otner too is
too numerous to mention. This ! a
good bargain, aS owner haa to sell on
account of sickness. ' For particulars
address or Inquire for Frank Wells, at
300 Front, bet. Columbia ana ciay,
Portland. Or.
We have some small gilt edge Invest
ments from $500 to $5000, that we can
fruarantee to De as gooa as your sav
nga bank, with better returns. Call
mt oncM And see.
.1,1 . JUfcJ
We have a new and handsomely fur
nished confectionery on Union ave. ; a
valuable lease can also be made on eight
S-room apartments In same building.
Chas, Ringler & Co,
211 Lewis Bldg.
Furniture Manufacturing
$1800 for an up to date wood factory
paying well, cheap rent, doing good bus
iness; good reason for selling; investi
gate. Will consider trade for Portland
anchard & biemson
66 Sixth st.
GENERAL merchandise. feed.
grain. and shipping business, In
the Willamette valley. This Is
a first class proposition and will
bear the closest inspection; will
consider trade. If Interested call
Main 937 or A-2693. J. V. Guth
rie. 272 Stark st.
The Biggest Snap Ever Offered
Grocery store close In on east .side,
that will invoice rrom 38uu io aov.
As the party wants to go away. In the
next five days he vfU sell It for $3000
nr will Invoice nnd allow a (rood dis
count. This Ib a good, clean and up-
to-date stock. If you want a grocery
vou can t beat this for ff nargnin.
Mr. BrooKS, n i if nenry "i"B-
Proposals for the purchase and re
moval of the frame building at 7th and
Yamhill sts.. known as the Lysle Talbot,
will be received by the undersigned.
Building could be removed to a west
side lot at reasonable cost and made to
produce a good revenue. Thta is an op
portunity for the owner of a vacant
lot. A. L. Jrisn, journal cilice.
FOR HAL,!!..
d-ahamIi trr t h o nurrhfi.Se and re-
moval of the Buckingham hotel building
from Yamhill street, oetween oin
7th. will be received bv the undersigned,
ph. v., .nto- i. hrlck construction
and contains enough building material
for a substantial ones: sir. ciu-
proposals to A. L. Fish. Journal office.,
30 Rooms, $2700
J urn nnwlv furnished a little
over one year ago; 3 private and one j real estate proposition In Oregon; Ub
nnhiic tint hot and cold water; best eral commission: cash every day.
location in 'city. If you mean business
and have the money call or aaviBe own-
er. Capital Hotel, Salem, Or.
ik n'
Dl n fl D
This is a snap for a couple or taoy
barbers. For fun particulars can i
205 H Morrison St., room z.
STOCK and fixtures, candy and ice
...a rr mnnnfflrlnrV Outfit for BRlS,
bulldlrrg for rent, with good lease; it
will Involae about $4000: doing business
$40 per day. Rent $30. This is the owner;
no agents. InqulreM-155, Journal.
"Grocery Snap
Kmnll srocerv. with living rooms,
cheap rent, fine location; $800; a snap.
C. J. Culllson, 205 H Morrison st.
ri'i ' 1 AII D-- Ctn vrs i
raini anu VVdll rdyol OlUICrtorcopptentdrugKlst East aide. Ad-
Contracting business; good location, jrf,B8 postofftee box 33, clty
cheap rent, on canine,
i"16' irCsTKtraiCnt.?mr
ts. F-845. Journal.
hand; cheap: no sgen
AUTOMOBILE delivery and express
bUBlnens exceptional opportunity, nun
nrosDects. ' $300 will handle half-inter
est, reliable, honest man wanted, fnone
Marshall 3ZE; A-t44J
i n a location, near car oarns, scnooi
and fire station; doing a good business,
.inna rVAn KVt 654
AUTO feV ,,tT,nit. for bfiaht
Exceptional oportunlty for orignt
young men to leern a trade. Apply to
Fred Mossman, master painter.
86 Tentn hi., near nnn,
IF you have $600 I have the location
and cart of stock and fixtures. A dan
dy corner for mall order and novelty
business. Apply from iu to roum oi,
264 Morrson st.
Si-TrHER shoo for sale cheap in
BlflTriv1ngRllUlePcli?. Smiles of W-
land using 8 to 10 head of cattle a
weok For Information call at 302
Front st. Phone Main 33Q.
WANTED Capital to promote new in-
vent ' n; automatic coin machine; good
propositi in : Investigate at tnoe. Ad
dress I. i-:. Blcr, 1285 ae.,
Portlit'i, or.
v h a t .17! bv owner, meat market, ful
ly equipped, fine location, close in
on east side: rent cheap; price $300;
will take one-half cash, balance on or
before six montnu. n-mi, journal
A PRACTICAL laundryman wlth'a few
,ho..nd and service can find a No.
1 nroDOSltlon by addressing G-833.
- r '.
aTTJOOD business for sale cheap for
cash: fine chance for steady man to
Increase business. Address Box 815. St
FOR SALE Only hotel in nice little
fruit town. $4600, $2000 down, rest
on easy terms.
Write Mrs. Grace Foye,
Cove, or.
vTLL sell or lease weekly newspaper
and Job office in good growing town,
cash or terms. Box 8, Lostlne, Or. An
swer immediately.
500 Business Cards $1
Hose City Printery, 192 3d.
A REAL BARGAIN. Mention this ad
SALE or trade Billiard parlor; will
partner preferred if it Is the right
take a partner or you cu
party. .mums'
GOOD CORNER for furniture hard
ware grocery,, owner absent, half
price first 3 months. Gorbett & Co., Or-
egon City.
ESTABLISHED grocery, notions, etc.,
for saje or trade; will take auto up
to $1000. balance cash. 985 Albina ave.
L car.
CONFECTIONERY, cigar and tobacco
business; $176 will buy It; low rent;
can get a lease; no agents. Phone Eaat
8154. .
Letter Heads, Envelopes, Cards
A corn Press, 612 Buchanan bldg. M, 6564
FT5R SALE Pop corn wagon and outfit-,
good paying business, cleara $6 per
day. H-846, Journal- .
RESTAURANT for sale; good location.
Gooa business. Owner, 163 Grand
fe., city. .
FOiv SALE Grocery store, below in-
volce; good reason for selling. Owner.
W-84T. journal.
SMALL bakery at invoice, about $600,
by owner; good business.- Chas. M.
Johnson, Boaverton, yr.
RESTAURANT for sale; good place for
right man 01 will take a partner. Q
843. Journal.
IF you mean to build, let me figure, too.
Always cheapest: will furnish free
plana. Q-$46iJo)urna.l - , '
Do -you want to reduce atock and
make a profit wTiile doing aoT We ara
the oldest sales conducting firm in the
United States. Our terms are the low
est quoted for experienced advertising
men. We have some entirely, new Ideas
to , this locality. . We have opened a
branch office in Portland. Call or drop
us a line and let us talk It over.
Transcontinental-Adv. Co.,
06 Yeon bldg.
40 rooms, well furnished, steam heat,
furnished free; all modern. This place
clears $460 to $600 per month. The lo
cation is the best in town. Rent $6.26
per room, per month, with a 6 year
lease. Prioe $4500. $2500 cash, and will
exchange balance for unimproved prop
erty. The lady has two places and
cannot attend to both, account of selling.
J. E. NICHOLS CO.. 615 Yeon bldg.
New modem brick, can lease for term
of years, furniture all new, -will sacri
fice for less than cost at factory; is
clearing $250; this is a snap for hotel
mam- $1500 cash required. Call or write
H. E. Barnes, 88 10th. near Stark.
To Invest In good paying business. What
have you? See us at once.
J. E. Nichols Co.,
815 Yeon Bldg.
MEAT MARKET fixtures; must be sold
at once. Tabor 1469, Kern Park sta
tion. Mount Scott car. At shop, 10 a. m.
to 4 p. m., Sunday. '
Y. M. C. A.
Employment membership guarantees
employment or refund of membership
fee, gives two months' full membership
privileges, 10 months' social privileges
and undertakes to keep party employed
during full term of membership, with
out further charge. See secretary em-
ploynfent department,
FREE illustrated book tells about over
860,000 protected positions in U. S.
service. More than 40,000 vacancies
every year. There Is a big chance here
for you, sure and generous pay. lifetime
employment Easy to get. Just ask
for booklet C 868. No obligation. Earl
Hopkins. Washington. V. C.
I WANTED For the United States army,
i able bodied unmarried men between
habits w
a if pa of 18 and 36 citizens of United
good cnaracter ana temperate
ho can BDeak. read and write
the English language. For Information
apply to recruiting officer. Worcester
bldg.. 8d and Oak sts., Portland. Or.
Stead v emnlovment and KOOd wages
given suitable men from any branch
of the railway service who own liomos
or other property. Men witn ramuits
preferred. Write X-840. Journal
FIVE energetic salesmen wanted, good
for $10 a day, by a Boston concern,
goods sold to business man. Call at
once after 9 a. m.. The Potlatch, 88 tt
6th St.. room 17. A. L. Engberg, B.
I WILL start you earning $4 dally at
home In spare time silvering mirrors;
no capital; free instructive booklet, giv
ing plans of operation. O. F, Red
mond, Dent. 261, Boston, Mass.
WANTED Boy 17 or 18 yeara old, to
drive laundry waicon. This will pay
1 1 to io ou per montn aurinpc wimer, wiih
, wnn
goon raise m spring, aooui
from Portland. R-848, Journal.
About 60 miles
LOCAL renresentative wanted. No can-
, vassing or soliciting requirea. uooa
income assured. Address National Co-
"tre,l" nco.i, u., . .v iu.uc.
building. Washington, D. C.
. FEW crood salesmen to handle best
mi i,umpermens Biog., otn ana star.
If you can sell real , estate and want
an A-l chance to make good without
Investing, call Monday or Tuesday at 10
WANTED Good clothing salesman,
good wages, no dead ones; call Sunday
morning Rose City Clothing Co., 64 N.
6th st.
WANTED Young man, energetic, ca
pable to take charge office; must have
food references and give security. W
43, Journal.
I MADE $60,000 In five yeara with a i
small mall order business; tegan witn
$5. Send for free booklet. Telia how.
Heacock. 6078. Lockport, N. Y.
WAMTir.n ttrlehr bov over 16 to work
In drug store and learn nuainess un-
I WANTED General merchandise sales-
ma one who can dlspiay pood, and
write signs. State experience and
wages expected. P-851. Journal.
TWO good men for concrete work at
68th and Stanton sts. Call Monday
WANTED 3 mUlwrights at $3.50 day;
, ., . . . , j .
i sn.oe x 2d
I MATTRESS maker wanted. Portland
Furniture Manufacturing Co. Call 49
Macadam Road. Fulton car.
BOY wanted over 16 years of
age. Call
49 Macadam Road. Monday morning.
' Fulton car.
WANTED Live man to work on corn
mission in real estate business.
eal i
317 Hamilton bldg.
BOY for general store work; wages $30
Lennons, 309 Morrison. Ap-
j ply Tuesday.
WANTED experienced coal miners, per- ;
manent position, good wages. Apply j
; room 9. Hotel Stratton, 3d and Pine sts. j
TWQ operator8 to travel, those owning!
camera preferred Apply bunaay, 4S ;
idora hotel.
tvi vTcn At nnc "a mn tn learn to
WANTED At once, i men to lejarn to
drive and repair automobiles. U 1 it
Hawthorne Garage. 446 Hawthorne.
L.u.rtcr. nd helnersTali-
nM nnnl oK Vnmhlll. next
lB7","V '
to journal.
Ww71nDorrrtnour.f0b-e oavm
writing. Short hours, big pay. 242
: '"".. t.
. a Krt, i tn on ;'y '" '.
I union. AWiy --A VUiiiinci cw viuv
WANT a first class painter for inside
finish a fast worker; only the best
need apply. Telephone Woodln. 1671.
WANTED At once, 2 men to learn to
drive and repair automobiles. Call at
60-62 N. 7th st
WANTED Man to work in dairy, milk
cows, wages $35,, board and room.
Phone Woodlawn 2772.
STRUCTURAL Iron workers, out of
' town. Apply III commercial liuo
, Dlflg.
non-nnlnn out of
town. Conduit experience. Apply 222
j Commercial club bldg. s
j MARRIED man for ranch work and to
cut wooo oy m euro, ucm unou.
j K-840, Journal
WANTED First class paint and var
nish salesman. State experience and
Salary expected. P-832, Journal.
GOOD proposition' for a man who haa
had some experience In fire insur-
ance. 206 Rothchlld bldg.
LABORERS. Apply Z2i Commercial
club bldg.
AX men to clear right of way. Apply
222 commercial chip oiog.
WANTED 2 carpenters,
2nd and
Woods streets.
TILE setter and mantle man wants
work- X-849, Journal. m
GOOD shoemaker wanted to work In
shoe store. 191 Mississippi ave.
WANTED Boys over 16 with wheels.
76 3d st.
jNCALLED for tailor made suits, $10
up. Taylor the Tailor, 288 Bumside.
WE sell uncalled for tailor made suits.
$10 up. Harvard Tsuors, nnriaurnBiqe.
SOLICITORS for dye works. , Salary
guaranteed. 57BH Miiwavme su
WEAR a Kenshaw $2 ; hat; all
1 i9 4th. 44 wasmngtnn.
INETMAKERS . wanted. Apply the
hanneaen ft Co., 978 Macadam st.
DY MAN wanted Transfer polnti 2
"living rooms. 1068 Corbett st.
WANTE1 1 boys with wheels, $40 per
month. Apply. 27 TayJpr at :, v
Agency, 34 N. 2d st Portland, Or. .
Young man, stranger, out of work,
$1.60 between him and atarvatin. Jf
I pay you $1 for a Job what assurance
nave I of getting work? .
BENNETT -If you do not get your
Job you will get your money back, also
your expense and have the benefit ef
my 12 years' experience In the city of
Portland in the labor business. , . .
What happened?
The young man paid his fee, took the
position and is working there now.
During the month of August wa fur
nished 2468 men with satisfactory em
ployment. If any young man, willing'
to work. Is broke, we furnish him tm- '
ployment free of charge.
We want today: " ' '
Man and .wife, prlvata place, $50,
room and board.
2 men with families on ranch, $$.!!
day and house free.
4 carpenters, company work, $3.50.
Wagon teamsters, $2.60.
Mill and yard men, $2.00.
Teams in ctty, $6.00 day.
OF PORTLAND and are also under
$600 bonds.
Marshall 364. Home phone A-1888.
100 Boys Wanted,
By the Meier & Frank store. Must ba
16 or over, bright and of neat appear
ance. Apply Tuesday, I to 10 a m,
superintendent's office.
CABINETMAKERS and" varniahers
wanted: steady work and good pajr.
Oregon Furniture Mfg. Co., 1244 Macad
am road.
Belmont Auto School
The only thoroughly equipped school .
Complete course, including thorough
driving instruction, technical and prac
tical work In all Its details.
Take S S or M. Tabor car; look us up
before deciding to enroll elsewhere.
MEN wanted, age 18 to 35, for firemen,
$100 monthly, brakemen $80 on nearby
railroads. Experience unnecessary; no
strike. Positions guaranteed competent
men. Promotion. Railroad Employ
ment Headquarters. 260 men sent to po
sitions in August. State age; send
stamp. M-159, Journal. . -
TELEGRAPHY Speaking of guaran
tes, I will give a limited number, of
bon. fide guarantees for positions to
desirable applicants and teach teleg
raphy in a practical way. Myers, 669
Flanders at., Portland, Or.
SALESSMAN Experienced in any line,
to sell general trade in Pacific coast,
Unexcelled specialty proposition with
with $35 weekly for expenses. The Con
tlnental Jewelry Co.. Cleveland, Ohio.
WANTED Salesmen to carry strong
side line boys' and girls' shoes. Snap
py lasts, all solid long vamps; popular
prices. State age, experience, refer,
ences. Fllsjnger-Boette Shoe company,
Manufacturers, St. Louis.
famous KNI
,--- i i ji... . - -
n. wia wa an cu m.hi
repiy procures exclusive territory.
SPELMAN & CO.. Chicaao.
EARN $126 monthly. We will make you
a rtrBt cIasB Blowcard writer In a
jew weeks and puarantee success: re-
quires no natural ability; day and even-
ing classes. 242 a'.r st.
CAPABLE salesman to cover Oregon
with staple line High commissions,
$100 monthly advance and permanent
position to right man. Jess H. Smith
Co., Detroit, Mich. ; .
GOOD live man can earn $3.50 a day lo
own town to hrndle our automatie
dampers; good Write Safety
Economy Damper Co., 440 Sherlock
bldg., Portland, Or.
Exceptional opportunity for bright
young men to learr. a trade. Apply to
Fred Mossman, master painter.
86 Tenth St., near Stark.
YOU are wanted for government post
tion, $80 month. Sen postal for list
of positions open. Franklin 1 Institute,
Pepvt 34 H.. Rochester. N. Y.
EAR- $TS weekly taking orders lor
cut rate groceries. Outfit free.
Standard Grocery ' Co., 352, Arcade,
i v-icvtmnq, u.
BE detective; earn from $150 to $300
i per month; travel over the world.
Write C T. Ludwlg, 1545 Scarritt bldg.
! Kansas City. Mo.
I MADE $60,000 In 5 years with a amall
mall order business; began with $5.
Send for free booklet. Tells how. Jlea-
cock. tzzB, ocKport, ft. y.
WE teach ladies millinery ordressmak
ing in a few weeks at the Boston
School of Millinery , and Dressmaking,
274 Williams ave. Phone East 345.
BE a trained nurse, study at home, earn
$25 weekly. Thousands Wanted: free
Information. Rochester Nurses' Instl
tute. 1223. Rochester, N Y.
WANTED 10,000 men and woman at
Pentecostal hall, lstnd Washington
sts., 8 p. m. nights. Jesus heals all dis-
eases free.
PRIVATE school shorthand and type-
wrltlng, $5 month. 69 14th st.
' Ll-V. , ,
m.muiun private kiiwi , imuring;
Z'ntv W N Fi'st'n0
g8- s tn N. East 4527.
I WANTED Youn? or middle aged lady
housekeeper for two gentlemen;
K. mnr annnm a.
j:,ln. J s') Tinrn
a K-84- Journal.
P-""1-? ana woman w.mea in cannery
vregon rBcaingq.. cor. ain ana
Belmont. Steady work ror nrst 21 ap-
plyina. Phone East 39.
WANTED-GIrl over i 8 year, to help
wUh enera, housework and care for
; children, wages $Z5. Fnone ast 4881
or -call BOB wetrtler
WANTED Young lady stenographer In
real estate orrice; permanent, waiary
$40. Address in own handwriting and
give phone number. F-864, Journal,
FIRST class waitress wanted, abort
hours at noon. 395 E. Yamhill, cor
ner Grand.
MIDDLE aged woman to do housework,
good home, small wages. Phone . Sell-
wood 397.
WANTED Girl for general housework
In suburban home. Apply 363 Stark
St. : " -;. t '
WANTED Reliable person to care for
two Daoies during mot ner aosence,
410 E. 24th St.. N. Phone 0-1883.
0IRL for genera! housework and"
j ing. Three adults, two meals. P
r.ast or -is.
WANTED Girl; general housework,
small family, plain cooking, Phone
Main 1642, .' ,'. .
MUSIC lessons given In exchange for
sewing or assistance In housework a
few hours dallv, Z-853, Journal.
COOKS, waitresses, chambermaid! 1
other help, city or country. Home's
Ladies' Agency, 8 270 H Wash, st.
WANTED LadV teachers for Chinese
mission at 288 Taylor at Call b''
tween 7-:30 and 9:80 p. m. - ' .; '
WANTEDGood Gerthaa girl for eham
ber work. Phone Main 80 or A-3301
before noon; wages $20, board and room.
WANTED Girl for general housework!
Call 464 7th at.
dv solicitors. ciH-xibla of
earnlnrr $26 a week. 416 Selling bldg.
WANTED Girl for generT"housew"oik;
686 Irving st.
WANTED Girl to work for board aM ,
attend school. 861 Hsssalo. K. li,
RANTED-Girl to, assist 'mwkTfeKn
201" N. 28d.
WANTED -Waitress. Apply today,
Swetland. 269-271 Morrison.;.;
W ANTED Girl , for ij'ght JTiJusworli.
dTb th St.
SCHOOL girl, room and
fm.t(X. mi
wares. East 268 r8-
1 1
WANTED lioiii-KI',r for i
two boy8.- 924 E. bWt at, N . ;