The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 03, 1911, Page 24, Image 24

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    " J - 1 . -
80 seres of fine loam, h11 lies per
' feet, tii acres In WH fctnto of cultiva
tion, 6 acres almost ready to break,
-1 balance In. ft nice giove of lnrto timber-
snd all brushed out ; fine living
spring in pasture, all equipped with
water trough; good room house wlih
' woodshed adjoining and well on porcli;
fine trusa bam fi)x70 feet, with buse
. ment, in which, there is room for - 30
cows; loft room for 160 tons of nay;
also hnghouse, granary, implement
- shed, chicken house and a fine mtk
stone cellar; 3 acres of good bearing
orchard of assorted fruiU: 64 cw
of potatoes, 1600 bushels of grain m
J fra nan; 20 tons of hay in barn, 17
lead of bog. 100 chickens. 6 good Jer
sey cows and'heifers, 3 finn 4-year-old
horses, weight 4000 pounds: new and
- old wagorf, fanning mill, back, buggy,
mower, rake, bifcdur, drill, disc, plow,
harrow, cultivator, and all small tools
too numerous to mention. Situated oi.e
Tmtle from good school. 90 rods from
church, K. F. D.. phone, cream route;
Ann Mill from Clackamas Southern H.
it..- now under construction; 2 miles
- irom store ana sowniin, o ni ,v '
Oregon City and 21 miles from. Port
land, on a fine macadamised road, ana
'. in rich farming community.
As the owner of this place la old
ul ! roHrud and moved to the city.
. dnd hlu son. who has had charge of it,
prefers to leave It, we have it for sale.
This place has never been sold since
ijt was taicsn irum mo iinciiiumm
V- about SO years ago, by the present
f owner, who has reared a large family
.on it. but now wishes to step aside
-v and give ome on else a chance. Price
$18,000, -and everything goes that Is
mentioned. Terms, $7000 cash, balance
o at per cent
. E. P. Elliott & Son
End of Suspension Bridge, Oregon City.
Fine Country Hbme
- ' 20 acres, mile to Keedvllle,
V, in- cultivation; a modern, new
S room bungalow, nice new barn,
all outbuildings new, very best of
- soil; will take a house and lot in
Portland as part pay. Price $5000,
A Special Bargain
40 acres of A-l land, is acres in
cultivation, 3 acres of fine bear
ing orchard, on Base Lino road,
- It 'A miles from Troutdule, with
living water splendid location for
a country home; fine view. Price
only 4600. , This is a snap.
" New 6 room1 plastered house
and 1 acre of land located at Mil
waukle, 20 minutes' walk from
-else trie car; good soil. Price
$2500; terms.
- iA good 10 loom house and S
lots 15x100 feet, 2 blocks from
Montavllla earllne. Price 12500
on purchaser's terms.
V A good new S room bungalow
S blocks from Montavllla car
line. Lots 60x100 feet. Price
258 acres in Chehalem valley,
miles from -Nowberg,- Or., house
and barn end ether outbuildings,
good well water. 60 acres in cul
tivation, balance timber and pas
ture. Price 165 per acre; terms.
84 acres. H In cultivation, fair
: house and barn, running water,
Home extra lino timber, 6 miles
west of McMlnnville on good
county road. Price $2000, V
Ball 5i Kuntz
-4SV-Lmtber- Exchange -bldg.
This Is Too"Good to Last Long
Investigate Immediately
74 acres within a 10 minute
walk of the heart of Oregon City,
, 5 2 blocks from an electric line, on"
-. 2 county roads, 5 acres In high
state of cultivation, 3 acres of
which is a bearing commercial
, apple orchard, which nets $1000
, yearly; balance . In timber and
.pasture; 7 room house with hot
and cold water, furniture goes
. to purchaser; good bnrn with
running water, springhouse cost
ing $i00, furnishing water to
.k.i 3 7 homes, bringing ji revenue of
$16.50 per month. Water is
, .piped to all parts of the place,
- nan eofillv be extended. Horse,
J--.--twiggy, cider mill and all farm
-implements go with place, place
rents for $35per month. T.hls
place has a beautiful view of
1 the river nd would make an
ideal country home. Property
, has been platt'-d and could lie
. i sold off in low bringing from
. $250.- to $300 each. Owner was
- offered $7500 one year ago; will
sell riow for $t;fi00, on terms,
or will trade equity of $3500 for
Portland home. This Is a real
bargain. I)o not lose anv time In
, seeing us about this place.
F, E. Taylor Co, -
404-5 Lewis bldg
Marshall f92, A-4414.
39 92 AO UK FARM, about 10. miles
from thf city; lu acres under culti
vation, balance easily cleared except
about two acres which Is heavy" timber;
good barn, small house, other outbuild
ings, several springs of fine water, oH
good roud in Tualatin vallov, $5000, 14
cosh, balance !( years at 6 per cent.
, . 214 JJoanI of Trade Bldg.
...Main r,9 A.i7in
Mrnilicrs Portland Realty Ront'tt.
LOGOfclV OFr"l,ANft ?
240 bcics, iOt) on lie cultivated:
mile irom OHun, Wash., m innin tin
ot in. i ran way winch has IS local
truil.s dally; fin,, for fruit, stock or
general farm: or a splendid Investment
Prici! $12 per acre; $lono will handle.
- Lew s River, Laud Co., Woodland.
. WSHll.
$7Jj! an nrie. e tha.n4lt nille?rorii
. n,rl,"ru1' Wo from Waslioiigai.
ah.; good untl, running water tolling
land, no linproM-mentH. This U cheaper
tnan homestead : to setUe estate vnll
sell for $1250. $750 cash, balance 6 per
oent. Phis bus never been on market
and Is worth 3 limes the price we ask
for tr J'05 MeKnv
A dn acre farm, ? L'UOO
" td?,n 1?7 fn,,H ' cr1'1 "f ''"f-racada
$20(10 this week.
6 and 10 cre tracts at points bit ween
.''..'HreshHiJi and Rntaradn
ii-5;.'--JL,ll',L-'lL Kis
80 AfRKK, a iim- 7rrn 111 fn.rrrind
with I.OOft.nnii fte( ,,f po()( tMIlhl,
running water, red shot poii..,. ; t -r mHp
1 from station, near Htixton. Or : will sell
or tradi" loi wmall fimii nmr I'mtnind
1ntuiii 19 Mied etrtet or -,ili a -1 fiT 7
between 0 a. in. 11 ml p ,n.
' 'rsi""Ri,;i'v'iiK"iKi"ii)iN"ff
e have a y-rv t omp1e If t of furms
and countr homes and it will pay vou
to cjiIJ In and bee us before you invest
t?eo Mr. Hurst.)
4 Chamber of Commerce Hid'.
ALL TVARGA I NH AlY"nf!ir" port iaiiT
nil from one-half 1o one and one
half miles of H. R. station: 42 acres
acres, 80 screw, 75 acres, good terms'
-Have a few bargains In modern houses
and vacant lotw. 8. M. Venard, 001 Mc-
Kny Bldg. , , -
fkCRFiCTand." acres under "feneld
acre In cultivation; water for irriga
tion, small orchard, H mile from sta
tion, close tn good school; price $600.
Jesse Ortnc, Leland, or.
. 60 ACltL'K $3000. --
14 miles from court house, new pl,i.
tf-red bungalow with fh'erWcn; team and
fMrrulng Implements: lam fine; terms.
1". U Howard, itn Worcester bldgi
J-lUl KALI. A very tine dairy ranch
containing 1 1 IT ncre, near Grham,
t, mile Irom V W,-l'. Rv station.
Prb-u $10,000, Including crops, - tool,
i ylemotfta snd stock. F6i0, Journal.
Small Farms
4(1 acres unimproved; "0 rods
from nn electric line, fine for
fruit, garden or chicken ranch.
$76 per acre on easy terms.
12 acres near Ncwberg, half in
cultivation, improved with six
rtrntn plastered house,, good barn,
fvmtw, farm implements, family
orchard, 3 acres, young trees and
plenty ot small fruit. Our price
Includes horse, cow, chickens, hay
and crops, $275 per acre.
12 acres nearly all cleared,
half in 2 year old apple trees,
good soil, good location, good wiv
tnr. and a bargain at $160 por
acre with liberal terms.
fifi'i- acre farm, 2 miles from
Oregon City; 30 acres cleared, old ,
house an barn; fine soil, good'
'Water, best location, and the best
farm buy In Oregon. $137.50 per
acre. $2500 cash will handle,
balance at 7 per cent.
'30 acres fine level land, all,
cleared, joining state orchard at
Kstacada; on hard surface road. 3
miles from station, central lo
cation among best improved
farms in district, all ready to set
to apples or prunes this fall.
Will soil all or ten acres, lib
eral terms, $175 per acre.
609 Spalding Bldg.
ML Fill
20 acres. IK miles from New
berg, 15 in cultivation; i5 room
house, barn and other outhouses:
spring water piped to house and
barn; some bearing fruit trees,
several acres in berries and two
year old apple and peach trees;
price $5000.
16 acres, all Irr cultivation, ex
cept acre in oak grove, small
house, chicken house, garden, fine
lawn, noil, about 30 miles from
Portland on electric lino; price
$2000; Vt cash, balance monthly
payments, 6 per cent Interest.
10 acres. 7 In cultivation, 3
heavy fir timber 300 14 year old
apple trees, mostly SpltzenbergR;
6 room house, large barn, 4 chick
en house, good well, running
stream, fine soil, all level, on
county road, 3 miles from city
limits; price $5000.
10 'acres. 2 miles from Hills
boro; partly Improved, price
$1650. $700 cash, balance 3 years,
in yearly payments; this Is $60
per acre cheaper than any sur
rounding property.
The Lawrence Co,
243 Alder street. .
One of the Choicest
" Farms in the Vicinity of
Consisting of 47 acres, 40 acres
under cultivation, of which S
acres Is genuine bteaverdam, not
a foot of waste land on the place
the -personal property consists of
8 horses, 10 milk cows, 2 heifers,
4 or 5 dozen chickens, mower,
rake, plow, wagon, all new, bug
gy, spring wagon, wine press, 2
sets double harness and 1 set sin
gle: a good 7 room house with
basement, which is used as a
summer kitchen, 2 barns, gran
ary, hog and chicken house, 75
bearing rfrult trees of different
varieties and some small fruits
of all descriptions; there are now
aUuut.30.toim.of hay in thw-barnf-the
income of the cows averages
'a about $100 per month at this time;
the place is surrounded by sev
eral stations, railroad and street
car within 1 miles, school and
several churches of different de
nominations. Price $11,600; $5000
cash, balance 6 years at 8 per
cent interest. All crops go with
the place.
Otto & Harkson Realty Co.
133 H First street.
Of 15 acres. Just outside the city
limits of Caatlerock, Wash., Mi
nillo from depot; land is fenced
and cross-fenced and 11 acres are
under cultivation, balance timber:
good 8 room house with porch- all
around it; large barn and other
outbuildings; bearing family or
chard and plenty of berries; good
well water, gasoline engine and
small Irrigating plant; 1 cow, 2
pigs, 50 chickens and all imple
ments go with place, also a boat:
telephone In house. Price onlv
$:'500; $1500 cash, balance 0 per
cent. Kxcellent shipping failll-
325 Lumber Exchange.
20 Acres
At SlTNNyHIDG. $300 per acre,
fine loamy soil, 10 acres in culti
vation, 41 large trees that will
cut into over 200 cords of wood,
ready sale, 32 well assorted ap
ple trees ,ln full bearing, best
schools, churches, stores and tel
ephone; fine neighborhood, small
amount cash will handle this, bal
ance easy; have made a personal
Investigation of this property,
nothing like It at tiny such price
to be had, Investigate and get
prices around, will make a fine
home;- belongs to non-resident;
hence the price.
Waggener Real Estate Co,
210-212 Ablngton bldg.
Were Is th-3 best place going 500
acres on Columbia river. 125 acres liiil-
tom land, ii50 acres logged off upland :
,. uui,i.. ..iueu i,..,
about 1,000.000 to 5,00(1,000 teet of flnof00'1: , f,r,f Jrl?? "'"nl" r
Umbel, nice living stream of water ' ' ro.mi hard finished house, good barn
nmt pood spring on placr; boat landmi? , "" other necessary buildings, lnelud
and II. R. station on place; good ! ing blacksmith shop full equipped, all
room house. 2 barns and other build
ings, county road through place and Vi
mile to good school. Price $15,000,
cash and good terms on" the balance.
See my agents.
Chittenden & Neil!
310 OA K SIT.
IcriLTlMTHA COUNTY farm: 60 acres
I good h-o I ! , fine water, good location
I on good road -2Wi miles from Mavger
river and rail transportation acres
cultivated. 2& fenced, 100 fruit trees, 14
scr strawberries variety of other ainnll
fruit; small house, water piped tp house,
barn, s tons hav and farming- tools. It's
yous fo $2900 earth.. 1 -A. J. Smith, May
gar, Or.
240 Acres in Marion Co.
Partly Improved, 6,000.000 feet of tim
ber; Oils will make a fine stock ranch,
price $25 twr acre, cash.
Pcper & Baker,
i!4BhfrUck Wdg.
120 ArTiKH Vn 'ciiu'krtnTasVountv. "ail
good agricultural land; about 4,000,000
AeiM of timber. This will make an Ideal
stock ranch or gond fruit land. Come
in nnd w will 1alk it over. Call ,226
Falling bldg, 2 ' ' '' ''
"fElf thTh snXSTT1
40 acres. Vnmhlll rv nor, e HWI,n
80 acres under etillivntlon. $90 per acre.
(See Mr. Mlshop.) . .
' """'her of Commerce Bldg.
FOR HALK 200 acres with stockyard"
for rtalry and stock. P. B. Gallagher,
Ona, Lincoln Co., Or- I '
... .
In 'Clarke county, Washington,
about J2i miles from Vancouver,
on good county road, with R. F.
., milk rSKito and telephone; 5H
miles from electric ear line near
Proebstel; excellent pasture lands
and plenty of outrange.
147 acres, about SO acres under
cultivation, balance pasture and
some good saw timber; all fenced,
part fine bottom land, part roll
ing; good spring water; 4 room
house, largo barn and other out
buildings; family orchard of
about 1)4 acres, as-sorted and
bearing; tall Implements, horse
and buggy, 6 cows, hog and
chickens go with place, $8000:
$40U0 cash,- balance i years, 6
per cent. r
160 acres, about 25 acres under
cultivation, balance fine pasture
and Home timber that would cut
about 3000 cords of wood; all
fenced, part bottom, part rolling
land; largo creek, good trout
stream; new 2 story 7 room
house, largo barn and other out
buildings; 1 acres in orchard;
nil Implements, good team, 4
cows, 1 calf, Durham bull, 4 hogs
go with place. Price $8500; (5000
cash, balance E years at 6 per
225 Lumber Exchange.
HERE is one of the best buy In
Oregon. 127 acres of land, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 acres in
alfalfa, balance Is alslke and tim
othy, all under Irrigation, owns
water right; an 11 room hotel, all
furnished and equipped, general
store with $3000 stock of goods,
doing a fine business; amusement
hall, post ; office. cancellation
amounts to $20 per month; min
eral - springs, 2 large, barns, one
for livery, blacksmith shop with ,
full act of tools, .water piped to
house and barn, good bearing
orchard, has 125 tons of. hay in
barn that is worth $20 per ton;
telephone, R. F. I)., on main
dally stage road, on Umpqua
river, in Douglas county, Or. This
is a fine proposition and a money
maker. Domestic trouble the
cause for wanting to sell. Party
is offering this at a sacrifice in
order to dispose of it. Price is
$10,000, cash' or would con
sider some good Portland prop
er tyas part pay.
" Ball & Kuntz,
, 431 Lumber Excnange bldg.
An 87 acre farm over half cleared, im
proved with good barn and all fenced,
no house, but good house across road
that could bo occupied. This land liea
beautifully and mostly black sandy
loam soil. Uncleared land is in oak and
fir timber. This land has been held at
$85 per acre, but will consider any rea
sonable offer in price and terms you
submit. This must be sold and is posi
tively worth considering.
141 acres of nlc Wing, good land, well
improved and haa a few acres of cleared
land, small orchard, etc. It is located
on the Molalla river at Meadowbrook.
This is a fine dairy ranch and can be
made a money toaker. Price $65 per
acre en easy terms. Will also rent this
tann witn priviiaeo or purcnase. Tnis
Is a good easy orening for someone.
Look into it.
Cnnby-aaTdeiis Ifi'iclty ilmtts of Can-'
by, all cleared, levl and ready for plow
with water ! available for irrigating.
These are certainly very desirable 6
acre tracts and can be purchased on
very easy terms. Price $300 per acre.
Out of 700 acres' we have but 6 five
acre tracts left lor sale that are most
desirable. .See these and you will buy.
Main 1008. A-1008.'
A KINE 6 acre garden and truck
or fruit ranch, nice new 6 room
bungalow, cost $1000; about 3
acres . In cultivation, 1 acres
onion land, lMi acres garden: the
balance is very easy to -clear;
all is A-l land when cleared, nil
lays fine, 1 mile from electric
car station, 10 miles from Port
land. Price 1600, M, cash. This
1b a bargain.
28 acres, nil creek hottom, all'
In cultivation, 4 miles west of
Sheridan, good 6 room house and
barn and other outbuildings, 1 Vt
acres bearing orchard, 2 springs
on place; 1 span of good horses
and harness, wagon, 7 Jersey
cows, 3 brood sows with pigs,
6 doz. chickens, 8 geese, hack
prows, harrow, eream separator,
18 tons of hay, 3 acres potatoes,
7 acres pasture Tented at $700
per year, with running water, on
county road, R. F. D. Price $4000
half cash.
Ball & Kuntz, '
431 Lumber Exchange bldg.
SI 500 Cash Gets a Deed
To thlB fractional 30 acre tract, all rich
1 land, 17 acres under cultivation, bal
ance sloshed and seeded to pasture; b
acres fine green saw timber in one Con
ner of place; good 4 room cottage,
large bnrn, and all necessary outbuild
ings; springs and good well; good fam
tlv orchard ln full hearing; fenced and
cross-fenced; mile from school,
church anfl good store and' 7 miles
from Vancouver, on good road; R. F. D.,
and telephone Rervlce. Includes good
team of mares, hack, buggy,' wagon, 2
sets of harness, good milch coWi 2
hogs, some chickens, all small tools,
cider mill, 17 tons of hay, 60 bushels
wheat in fact, all personal property
and crops, all for $4500; $1500 cash, bal
ance at 11 per cent Interest.
Thompson & Swan
Leas than 20 miles from Portland,
within a mile of an electric station,
mile from boat landing on Willamette
river: schools, churches, stores, etc.! 60
Ki. -im'imk, 1-11 1,11 i-iit-n, niuicn, nu
1n hlirh state of cultivation, bal-
am-e in good timber, over 3000 cords of
kinds of farming Implements, horses,
cows, lioKH. this vear it' crop, personal
property to the value of not less than
$2000. All goes for the extremely low
price of $135 per acre, This place Is
from $1!6 to $50 an acre less than other
lands in this vicinity.
80 acres In Lane county, improved,
fine soil, fair buildings, $55 an acre.
120 acres In Lane county, mostly cut
over land, partially cleared $36 an
acre, no Improvements.
OOWF.N - mir, TRUST CO.,
Lumbermen's; Bldg., 5th and Stark.
$750 Cash Handles This
Place consists of 19 acres, all level,
thoroughly cleared land, with 3 story
8 room house, large born granary, and
outbuildings; well at 'house; place
fenced and cross-fenced; good family
orchard In full bearing, and all manner
of small fruits; 'A mlla from church
nnd school, 2 miles from electric car
line and country town 'and 8 miles out
on good -level road, Price $5250; $750
cash, balance ran ntn 15 years if tin
sired without any further payment on
principal.- This Is a chance of a life
time! to get a fine home on such easy
payments. 1 r
Thompson & Swan ,
40 ACRES' good pTorlurtive land, 35
miles' of Portland, $1000; easy terms;
no waste land and would moke a fine
ranch if improved. D. M. Baker,- 303
Corbett bldg. A-4492. U- - 7, AM- - -
$3Cp0 handles this fractional 80 acre
tract, 85 acres now under cultivation
more quite eatruy- cleared, about Zbou
cords of wood on place; good 8 room
house, nleelv nrtinteri- in re-a hum mwl
all manner of outbuildings; plane fenced colors, 21x28. showing railroads In o pe
lt nd cross-fenced; good orchard "of as-j ration, one showing all-proposed rail
sorted fruits in full bearing; all kinds road and elnctrio, lines. Including east
of small fruits; jfine water, close to i -rn and central Oreron; 20o each, or
school; R. F, p. mall and telephone ( three 60c Map of Washington in col
service, in fine .neighborhood, 2 miles J ors. 21x28 20c , .Nimmo, Runey &.,Co
from store, Oft miles from Columbia Hamilton bldg. ,
river and little town and' 10 miles f rom 1 1 OMESTKA1) RELINQUISHMENT.
Vancouver, on fine automobile, road, j 160 acres;- fine hilj land; laya well;
jtiiciiiueu wnn im una piuoe are
milch cowsy 4 head of young etock, good
team, harness and wagon, buagv. hack,
plows, harrows, 2 sowa, all chickens, , land; good road through place.- Ad
cream separator, all farming tools, 8 dress-Box 84. Woodland, Wash-
sianus ui Dees, an crops, nav in cam:
etc., etc.; all for ($8500; $3500 cash, 8 or
t yearn at per cent interest on uie
remainder. , . ,
Thompson & Swan
160 ACRES on Eagle creek, 25 acres
improved; good barn: small house.
good water power; 60 acres good green
timber, $35 pr acre, .Terms one third
cash.' '!:
80 acres, good agricultural land,, close
to uiierryvme, 137 per acre; terms.
40 acres, Eagle creek, -good agricul
tural land, '$1100; terms.
Rfl flftrua- nf -first.. nltiMfl fl flrricnltllttal
land, 60 aetW Improved; good barn, 4
room log house, etc.; Klickitat county,
$4000; terms. Inquire Wm. Mast, room
223 Ablngton bldg. -
"THE COFFEY FARM," Jn Umpqua val
ley, of 500 acres, with its splendid
Improvements? running water and Pri
vate shipping spur; with its fruit, hot
house, private water system, and desir
able Income; can oe bought away below
value if you have the price, $37,600;
part time; some of heirs desire, to rea
lise. Main 6274. Room 027 Corbett
bldg. , " '
$1000 Cash -Buys Chicken
7 acres, all undor fine state of Culti
vation and in crop; new 6 room house,
neat little barn. etc.; .place
fenced and cross - fenced; 180
bearing fruit trees, principally apples
of choicest varieties; strawberry heds,
etc.: N. P. R. R. station across street
from Qlace; 3H miles out on good road,
In gcrnd neighborhood; mil from
graded school and church; R. F. D. and
telephone service. Price $4000; $1000
cash, balance In three or five years at
6 per cent.
I hompson & bwan
FOR SALE Lease and stock of one of
the best dairv farms in Clarke county.
Wash., and a proposition which anyone
interested cannot afford to pass up;
with the lease is fer sale 27 head of
first class dairy cows and established
milk routs' in Vancouver; separator,
cooler, bottles, cans wagon, team and
harness, steam plant in dairy house,
feed cutter, mower, rake, disc, all new
this year; low wAgon, 10 hogs, 2 acres
prunes sold for 6c a pound when har
vested. 2V4 acres potatoes. 100 tons of
hay. about 30 tons of straw and-1500
bushels of onts; plenty of green feed for
ran ana winter use; the lease covers
259 acres choice dairy land and runs
2 4 years yet; rent reasonable and with
in mile of city limits of Vancouver.
Wash. Good reasons for selling; for
further information call or write Jour
nal office Vancouver. Wash.
For Rent
20 acres of fine srarden land all
cleared. 10 acres in cultivation, 2 acres
in strawberries; tools furnished free;
house and barn, running water; close
to Boring station; for 4 years at $4 an
acre a year. Bloch Realty Co.. 206
Alder st.
FOR RENT To responsible party who
has equipment for cultivating It, 800
acres of good wheat land In Morrow
county, Oregon. For the right party
who will take the land for a xerlod of
years . will give an- exceptionally good
deal. Apply to John S. Beall, 309 E.
Yamhill st., Portland, Or.
154 ACRES near Turner, large house,
born, orchard. 90 acres in crop, bal
ance paBture and some timber; Will rent
for $30 a month and one third of crop.
See Mr. Bishop, Hartman & Thompson,
4th and Stark.
27'6 acres for rent, 120 cleared, near
Wllsonvlllo, Or.. $400 cash per year.
F. L. Roberts, Route No. 2, Sherwood,
160 ACRES,
91 acres,
70 acres, stock for sale.
O. W. P. Land Co., 1st and Alder.
FOR RENT 20 acre farm and team for
sale cheap. Inquire X p. Wolfe,
Clackamas. Or.
20 ACRES Improved; lease four years
grow anything. 14 N. 6th st.
S8 1
Wanted from owners, well Improved
farms of from 30 sto 60 acres, located
in the Willamette" valley, not more than
4 miles from railroad. Give full de
scription, best price and terms.
825 Lumber Exclmna-o.
Members Pprtland Realty Board.
Hv several customers waiting for
us to find them a good farm or small
acre tract. If you have any to sell
call or write us at onco.
J E, Nichols Co.,
oii icon JMKlg.
WANTED to buy about 40. acre well lra
proved Clackamas or Washington
county farm, close to some R. R. sta
tion; diversified farming; fair house re
quired: cash for bargain. ,L. B. 170,
Yamhill, Or.
WANT to rent dairy farm, with stock,
farm implements and everything fur
nished, on shares, by party that knows
the business. K-859, Journal.,
FARM wanted, to rent or work on
shares, by experienced farmer with
icst or reference. 1-Hft4, jou ma I.
WANTED To rent or lease acreage, 20
or more, close in, suitable for stock.
V-859, Journal. " i
fruit LAjvna
IN ..
Orchard Tracts
8. 10,
FRL'IT -trees, finest "budded stock, cla
scriptlve catalogue containing Inter
esting (Information on request. Carlton
Nursery, 416 .Chamber of Commerce.
Main 867.
"Good yaeant land, Tillamook county,
location guaranteed,
Wbndlawn 802S; 1792 Haven st.
HOMESTEAD relinquishment. 80 acres.
35 miles from Portland, 3,000,000 flr5
killed fir, all tools, cabin, furniture, gro
ceries, ito., Road through place, $400.. O
8ft, "Journal
FREE homesteads, timber, wnter, lev,-"!
lahd, near Portland; R. R.', postofflce
and-river. Good value. Covey, 267 Oak,
room tU , , , -
book gives amount of government land
open to homestead. In each county in
the states of Oregon and -Washington
and description 01 same; gives nome
i stead, de. ert, timber, stone, coal jtfid
mineral " laws: two mans of Orexon in
about -2 acres cleared ana lt siasneaj
small house and barn! 85 fruit trees;
about 20 hear i nan 7 miles from Wood-
I WANT to trade my, automb-
bile, If you have a lot or
some acreage , write me, - rV
855, Journal. . . j
DANDY new 7 room housed modern. In
Rose City Park, price $4200, noTnoum
brance. will exchange for bunch of good
c.hap lots. C20 Railway Exchange bldg.,
4 th and Stark. Mr. Cate.
2 acre chicken ranch on Oregon Elec
tric; lies good and level, all cleared and
In cultivation! all fenced and cross
fenced for chickens, etc. New house,
nicely finished, good outbuildings, good
Chicken house; four dozen chickens go
with place. -See Mr. Martin forenoons.
C. W. DAVIS & CO.,
606 Commercial BHt.
' W have definable property, Improved
and unimproved, to 1 exchange; city
property for farms and farms for city
property. If, you want to exchange on
a cash basis, see us,
421-422 Chamber of Commerce bldg.
40 acres in Marion county. Or., all
cleared and good crop goes with place;
a good house and barn and plenty of
bearing apple, pear,, plum, cherry and
peach trees on place. Price $6000; will
make terms. Mr. Martin, forenoons, .
. C. W. DAVIS & CO., "
'v 608 Commercial Blk.
Act -at Once
6 room house. Hawthorne district, cor
ner lot, cast front, $200 cash, .balance
cheap lots, acreage, small business,
mortgage or anything of value. Must
be sold at once. Price $2000.
H. E. JAMES CO., 88 10th, near Stark.
EQUITY of $3800 in 11 room new mod
era house in residence district; lot
60x100, in Seattle, for sale or exchange
for home or farm near Portland; would
consider pool room or vacant lots; will
sacrifice for cash. A. B. Pfenning, 2U
Beech st.. Portland.
160 Acre Farm
Will take trade to amount T 14000,
balance $2000 back 'mortgage. This In
cludes all stock and Implements, val
ued at $2000. 402 Lumber Exchange,
2d and Stark.
I HAVE a first mortgage of $3300 at
6 per cent interest, semi-annually,
on property worth $7000, that I wish to
trade for house and lot In Portland.
C-858, Journal.
iy acres, all clear, new 5 room house
and barn, good waiter, 15 miles from
Portland, mile from cur. Price $2500.
Trade for house same value or lot up
to $S00 as first payment, or $500 cash.
H. E. JAMES CO.. 88 10th. near Stark.
EQUITY in 2 good lots on Broadway
Bt. Mortgage $750 to trade for equity
n.iir r,.,,, n u a i
, T m ttoCTr oi r;HetiVirt- J
- . . . . z!z r T--;, ,
WANTto trade my home f
rooms tor acreage or city
lots, r-8b4. Journal.
TO EXCHANGE Good business that
will i Invoice abfr&r $8000; want farm
20 to 100 acres; must be improved, not
too far from R. R. station; will give or
take difference. W. C. Green, 88 N. 6th
sr. main vuzz.
HAVE two lots in Portland and two inJ
vttiicuuvcr 10 iruao us Tirsi payment
on acreage or farm; might consider 6
room house in city. W. C. Green, 88
N. 6th st. Main "7022.
Realty Exchange Dept.
Chamber of Commerce "Bldg.
$1150 first mortgage on farm, 7 per
cent, and equity of $1000 ln B room
bungalow, to exchange for farms or
house of little encumbrance. D. M.
Baker. 303 Corhett bldg.
T-Tavp. fine m-charrt 1n thA eAlAhrne1
Pine Grove district, to exchange for
.,(... . ........ ii . . . x t . . , & :
Owner, M-161, Journal.
50 ACRES. 32 acres ln cultivation. 7
room house, barn, 14 miles from
Portland, 1 mile to station. Price $12,
000. Will consider income or other
property. 42 Chamber of Commerce.
WILL exchange 5 acres on Oregon City
carline and 3 lots free from incum
brance, Baker City, part payment on
new 5 room bungalow. Root. 723 Cham
ber oC Commerce. Main 5129.
WILL trade my 10 acre orchard not
far fronv city for modern rooming
house or about 40 rooms,. Do not an
swer unless free from incumbrance. D
865. Journal.
WANTED Good lot. Some cash, as first
payment on 5 romi bungalow? corner
lot, all Improvements ln and paid for;
will finish interior to suit; no agents.
X-859. Journal. .
WANT small tract near olectrio lines
to trade tor house and lot. Have good
payliib grocery outside city to.-, trade
for income property or farnu Merrill
206 RothchildMdg.-
i 5 ROOM now and tmodern bungalow to
trade for good runabout. $400 or $500
cash.' balance., easy terms. Phone owner,
Woodlawn ,218, ,
FOR "SALE-New 5 room bungalow,
very reasonable; $800 down, $20
monthly,- this vis a snap. u.
Baker, 803 Corhett bldg. .
HAVE 3 choice lots, 2 blocks car, all
improvements in. I want to trade
my cash equity on house, acreage or
mortgage. 13-850, Journal. y
10 ACRES, close in on elwtrlc line, to
exchange for close in residence, will
assume small mortgage, li-857, Jour
nal. MODERN five-room cottage, .good
neighborhood. , fine location, to ex
change for acreuge or farm,: 20 to
40 acres. Owner, 226 'H. 61st st. ;
HAVE some good lots to trade for
mortgages or seller's equity. East
iTPASHENGER high class auto to ,ex"
changH as first payment on close in
residence. R-858, Journal. 1
SEVEN per cent 20-yesrbondi In ex-
m MAnl n , , n llKlnfnl,n.' l It
5fftt !lJi: 1
WANTED -Good auto or truck as first
payment on 7 room bungalow, some
cash, no agents. Z-8S0, Journal.
FOR SALE, trade or rent, 4 room bun
galow, furnished or unfurnished. Ta-
npr Biba,
WILL take lot as first payment -on 6
. room bungalow or 7 room house. .All
modern and new. izi-s Jiawrnorno.
INCOME cjty property,, valued $18,000,
to trade for farm. 233 Worcester
HAVE small tract near city to exchange
for good house and lot. Owners only.
u-sisii, journal.
TO TRADE for vacant lot, 1 largo
horse, set heavy harness and wagon.
Phone Bellwnod lrn.
LOT taken -aa-fiLSt payment on 5 room
modern home, "balance, monthly pay
ments like rant.. Owner, East, 2741.
WANTED To trade fine timher land
for Portland property. nawtnorno
HAVE . you anything to trade for .a
farm in Ajiwwaf i.ii nurrage St.. city
EXCHANGE -"City, lots for a few'acrea
near t'ortinnn. journal.
600 TRAJJKS tudato on books.. Bee us.
40 Woifustobldsf. , f
8 . - B
B $,8000 AO acreB In Clarke county, S
S Wash., mile from state road, 5 8
8 miles from R. R. station and boat S
8 landing on Columbia - river; 70 S
g Sclle" ' rlna. or u";ya".?i 3
o oearing orcnuro; u teve. n
S all fenced with wire: fine spring 8
S 100 feet from housed i room house, 8
o new nam BOxjo on main county o
S road, R. F, D., telephone ln house, S
8 condenser and cream-cry route, S
(school - house on place; vwybesf S
S of black soil; team, 14 cows, 8 S
S heifers. 1 bull, 2 calves, 6 bogs, 1. S
S dozen chickens, 70 tons hay, wagon, 8
S buggy, manure and rake diso, cream S
B separator, all farm machinery; 8
S will exchange for Portland prop-"S
S erty; guaranteed as advertised. 8
S , . .. . .- - 18
ft. 28 " acres In Marion county, ' B
8j mile from R, R. atation, acres-ln 8
8 cultivation. 1 acre bearing or-8
B chard, S . acres onions, will yield S
S 600 bushels per acre; - spuds, -300 8
S bushels per acre. The 28 acres' is 8
8 all garden, land, good B room house, 8
S barn, fine location, team, wagon, 8
8 hack, buggy, . Jersey cow worth 8
8 $100; 4 hogs, chickens, all crops 8
8 Price $5200; will exchange for 8
8 Portland property, 8 or 10, room 8
8 house pjreferred. ' . S
8 v - ' S
8 10 acre- tract near Estaeada 8
8 electric car. in cultivation, .fine 8
8 Bpring on each tract, all level, fine B
8 location,-on county road, Very best S
8 of black soil. Will exchange for 8
8 Portland property. Price only f 126 8
8 per acre: a snap. - - 8
8 - 8
8 $4600160 acres 5 miles from 8
8 good town on main line of N. P. 8
S R. R., 35 acres bottom land. 1 25 8
8 acres ln cultivation; 1,000,000 ft. 8
H good timber, creek and spring, good 8
8 bearing orchard, - small fruits, 8
S rail and wire fencing, i room bouse, 8
8 16x30, and kitchen 10x20; barn, 8
8 etc.; also house of 2 rooms, 1 W
S horse, cow. farm machinery and S
8 tools, 2 wagons, blacksmith outfit; 8
S i mile to school; fine soil; terms 8
b- $1000 cash, $2500 Portland prop- 8
S erty; balance', pn place. This is a S
8 good investment , 8
S ' - . g
$ $4500 -160 acres, miles' from'
8 town of the Cowlits rivCr. R. R. S
8 station and boat landing, on main S
8 line of N. P.; 20 acres in cnltlva- 8
S tlon, 2 acres bearing orchard, S
S small fruits, 25 acres piling. 200 8
S cords cedar bolts, -well, spring and 8
8 creek; 70 acres fenced; 1& story 7 S
9 room house, good barn; thickly S
8 settled, good roads; school mile; 8
8 very best soli. Terms, 81000 cash, 8
S balance long time. Will exchange S
8 for Portland nronertv. 8
3 : ' b
B 110 acres, 1 miles from EleeS
S trict car, 29 wiles from Portland, 8
S 60 acres in fine state of cultlva- 8
S tlon. 30 acres fine ereen timber, bal- 8
8 ance very easilv cleared, 2 acres 8
S bearing orchard, well, 2 springs, 8
8 all ffenced, all level, very best of 8
it. soil; small house, personal proper-'8
S ty; one horse, 3 cows, 6 hogs 8
S 6 sheep, cream separator, mower 8
o ana rage, wagon, narrow, plow, B
8 small tools, all crops, five acres 8
8 ppudSi oats, wheat, vetch; price S
S $75 per acre, including all personal 8
S property and crops; terms 1-3 cash. 8
S balance 4 years, 6 per cent, would 8
S consider about $3000 ln exchange 8
S for Portland property, balance 8
8 mortgage on place. This Is one of 8
8 the best buys on the market, guap- S
8 anteed as advertised. S
8 , 8
8 17 acres, 2H miles from Vancouver, 8
o nine irom Bicc'Tic car. it acres H
S vegetable and onion land, all 8
a cleared. 8 acres is beaver dam. 6
S acres upland, mostly timber, on H
8 main county road, all fenced, fine' 8
8 location. This is one of the best S
8 buys on the market, guaranteed as 8
S advertised. Price $6000. Terms, S
8 $1000 cash, balance 5 years, 6 per 8
S cent. Would exchange for Port- 8
S land property. This is worth ln- S
S vestigating. 8
S . 8
S $350080 acres. 3 miles from S
S good town on main line of N. P. 8
S and boat landing on the. Cowlitz 8
S river; 15 acres in cultivation; 200 8
S cords shingle bolts, balance piling S
S and second growth: 2 acres bear- g
S ing orchard, small fruits, well and S
8 spring and creek; 1 story 6 room 8
S house, barn. Personal property: 8
8 Team, colt, cow, 2 heifers. 3 hogs, 8
a li i v. v. M a
8 chincry and all small tools, house- S
S hold goods. Terms. $160(1 cash, bal- 'B
S ance 6 years Will exchange for S
8 Seattle property.
This place Is 8
-' ... "-h 5
8 church. . " 8
8 . 8
s 10- acre tracts i have them a
B within 9 miles of Portland, 2 8
8 miles of Beaverton, 1 miles of 8
8 8.. P. R. R.; very hest of soli, no 8
8 rock or travel: $100 to $126 tier 8
8 acre, your own terms. If you are In 8
8 the market for a country homo, 8
8 for farm large or small, for un- S
8 Improved land, see me before buy- 8
8 ing. I have some Of the best bar- 8
8 gains ln thecountry. All prop- H
8 erty guaranteed as advertised.
(la Ella !
8 0
8 205 Gerllnger Bldg., Cor. 2d and S
8 Alder. Otfice, Main 8430; Res, 8
8 East 1798. 8
8 , 8
FOR sale or trade for cltv oronerty-
200 acre farm' 3 miles from Dallas, R.
R. station on place al cleared with ex
ception of about 10 acres timber and a
little stumpage; abundance fine spring
water, fine dairy and hog ranch, tine
nlacn for blooded stock farm: lies fine.
all god soil, price $100 per acre; good
terms on sale. II. G. Campbell owner,
on R. F. D., crop goes with place
?.Ci J?I
it; timex to
ihouu. iibuo casn win nanctie it: t
city property. H. G. Campbell, owner,
Ti n t a m A,
- I
- . , n ' . ... . . , . . i .
Also bm bctbh oi i mo rrmi lana a mucs
from Falls Oily; about SO acres cleared,
rnnnlmr snrlnir hrnnrh through nlnee
close to school, about 8 acres timber;
price $100 per acre, good 'terms; will
trade for city nroDertv. H. G. Campbell.
owner, Dallas, Or. I
,-23 ACRES ' ,'
12 miles from city on electric line, to
trade for city property. What have you?
61S Yeon Bldg.
40 Acres for House
26 miles from Portland, Ideal orchard
land. I . want house and lot In city.
What have you? 8co Klepper, 640 Cham
ber of Commerce, , ,
" : i , .
;4600 60x100, fine 7 room modern
hingalow, close to car, choice restricted
residence district; will exchange $2700
equity for acreage or farm, west side,
Willamette valley. .
314 Rpaldlng hldg., 3d and Wasliington.
FOR SALE or trade, small dairy, 18
' cows, 5 tons of hay, lease on 60
acres, all In cultivation, good house and
barn; horse, harness end wagon and good
route, close in: rent $25 per month,. Will
trade for ranch-west of. Cascade range.
Call Main 2420, ' . , ; .
ELEGANT 4 room modorn ' home and
$1000 ln cash for good rooming house.
Aiarsnaii zbk
BOMH close in acre for 19li or 1912
. model automotitie; state muKS ana
price asked. .' D-851 - Jow mal.
A VERV choice, Oiose-in corner, west
- side; will exchange for smallor place.
Address L-861. Journal. ;
WILL trade acreage for equity in house
ntid lot, or vacant, lot. Call owii'jr,
phyne Wuadlawn 2169. . , t
' ' "'7 ' 11 . 1
S - acres, - Multnomah station.
so use ana jot in Portland. -
3 acres. Whitford station, for house
apd lot or cheap land.
40 Acr lmnini;ail rannk tK MrtUaM from
1 J Portland, (Mock and implements; will
""y iutui aftu 10c 10 a4tw ana cervia
00 balance
200 acre dairy raaetv Columbia rlv
vr.uisiriei. iaite part in good city prop-
iuu.vuv worm or ua,iilornisv'V in
Proved property to-exchange for Prop
erty ln near Poctjand. Trade In any
rie to sun you
150 in cultivation, stockii take a good
house and lot in Portland, some cash
and terms on the balance.
- 17 acre place near Forest Grove, take
Portland Property to half value, some
cash and some terms.
800 acres Tillamook. , for Portland.
All kind of city proaerty to. ex-,
change for jrood ranches.
i'- Chittenden & NefH
10 Oak st, Portland. Oregon.
For Goo'd Exchanges Read
7" ; -. -This
3700 at re wheat ranch, S00 acres in
cultivation - good house and outbuild
ings, alt stock and Implements n with
place, 4 miles from good railroad; price
$35 per acre; will trad for good stock
ranch, or improved property, -
Equity in orchard" tract to trad for
lots or auto. noo.
160 ' acres in Yamhill county, 10
acres In cultivation, fine- house and
arn, is tha best small ranch is
Yamhill county; prica 3,12,800, Owner
will trad Tor good olty property. The
price is guaranteed to be right
HaVa several good mortgages t trade
for grocery stores, houses and lots or
good acreage,
PHONE MAIN 3263. -A-3265.
; For Sale .or Exchange
8 , !pe at Buttevflle. on the
W-lllamette river, 25 miles from
cltvw? ?.I.oom T"lern house, barn,
outbuildings, 6 acres in cultiva
tion, 3 acres ln town lota, 1
acre bearing peaches, ,i acre
strawberrfes,- balance ln 2 year
old peaches, family fruit, new
chicken house; cost $300; all
tools, chickens., etc.; will take
in exchange in good - neighbor
hood, house, value $4000 to $5000,
balance good terms.
Rand, Read & Co.
Sis Board of Trade.
We Can Trade You
$700 equity modern 2 story house o
large rooms, bath and basement. Will
rent for $22.60; balance is monthly pay
m?T,t,l i I20 at 7 Pr cent Interest.
Will trade for auto, launch or lot.
East side, on track. 1-S mile station,
A-l soil, cleared. Client i. ninih. hmA
tnd will trade for value. $1200 equity.
foaw mortgage. i,ot. acreage, auto or
Wanted ihore good property to trade.
noa pajmon street.
All for Rooming Houses
6 acres of fruit land on coast.
3 equities ln good houses and lots.
40 acres fruit land, small timber.
Coast lots and some cash, equities
ln vacant near In lots; 1 whole block
in Tacoma, Wash. .
ill AlisRV Bldg.
Morrow county. 3H miles from town.
good road, all unrler cultivation hnnaa
.nd barn; trade for city property.
v nvin- lanui, i. mile jLipfn. canine,
good buildings and orchard and berries,
stock and tools; trade for apartmont
323 Henry Bldg.
FOR SALE or trade, 20 acres, nice, level,
no rock nor travel. 10 mlla. frnm
(Vancouver, Wash., unimproved; 1 mile
i .gwin .. ruau, nice spring, creeK
croBrfes land. Price $2000. Will con
sider 6 room cottage. For particulars
address. C. E. Wallenstein. 16 13. 6tn st.
north. Cltv.
j WE have 101 acres all in hi eh state nf
1 "uimJ,.1 Ve"$ll ,?JKfhp5iiS?
W : "Ule. l? eiectno; gooci Duun-
ings, winamui, on main county road
wish to exchange for Portland property.
jicorrjjtAiivj!, K&AUl l CO.,
619-20-21 Railway Exchange.
4th and Stark Bts,
, ' To. Exchange
Por Portland nrnnArtv. 9U ln In
Taooma, 126x1 JO, alley, "J room house.
, ?tr?ft ?rad,?1 'V? walks, lots of
l t-; will give good trade. Neal Brown,
I aweuanq ning.
EIGHT modern 6 to 9 room bouses m
traae pari or ail for good Improved
etocK farm with stock, oron and im
plements; Willamette valley place with
running water preferred. Eli Hogan,
617 Board of Trade, Portland Or. Phone
Main 467.6.
10 Per Cent Income
3 flats, well located will trn.lo 'tnr
acreage near city, or win sell on small
cash Dnvment.
609 Spalding Bldg.
All Kinds of Exchanges
If you want to trade city property
for farms or acreage, see me. I can
alve vou ra1 either 4vnv. NurnMiin
i 709 Bwetiand bldg.
1 y equiPPed.V For particulars call a
SH i,0W-B bidg. .
niRIGATED !LAND in the rich Twin
I runs MiBiuvit ninu vriv .ktiii ,i, w lr-
ln tv. At , a vallAv t .tpha ... fn irnmi
. '"-v . v.. w r-'w
I 'ty VTrty ot merchandise. Owner
I Only, O-840, Journal,
I FOR trade or sale, two cottages ln
southern Idaho to trade for nronertv
near Portland; good rent; small ranch
preferred. H. U. Blckford, Hillsdale,
Or., R. No. 2.
TRADE for Portlahd property, 20 acres,
, small house end orchard, all under
cultivation, 1 miles from town. - J. W.
Harshman, 514 Buchanan , bldg. Mar
shall 698.. : .
AWlKD Carpentering, palntTng;
' slashing or. stock groceries on good
suburban lots. McCoy, S64 N20th. V.
car west on Morrison to 26th, block
north, . ,
$100 tauity each in 1 or more cheap
lots within 15 minutes from 2d and
Morrison sts., to trade for anything
of value, Y-848, Journal.
FOR sale oa trade, equity in moder
t, cornefW
& room noust on ooxiuu lot,
4tn sna abh bib, terrace 1'arK
Call MHin 1939.
TRADE 11 room- house in Forest
Grove, bast location, fruit, city water,
close to college and depot; B-869, Jour
rial. .: -.' - .. . ''"'' '
WE trade for anything an vwherel 271 A
Morrison St., room 63. . Broadstreet's
Exchange,' :.
MODERN 7 room house forfcmall aore-
age, close to town. Owner, 1281 E.
anttl i.
WOULD ilke to trade two lots as'flrst
'payment on a 6 or 7 room bungalow.
WILL accept' small paying business as
part payment on a beautiful earner,
Reilwond 768. ' 7
lEl5 Jos for re il estate trades anywhera.
808 Board of Trade bldg,
FILL buy, ' eii or trade anything, .
ti. r. Lo.iieia Hoaro- or Trade bldg
Wll A T have you to exchange for 3ii
'acres on Bluslaw. N-849. Journal.
FOUR room house- " to trade for goo3
team..." Phone Woodlawn 114$.
NEW. strictly up to date 6 room modern
.bungalow; wlmt-have you? East 1145.