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the oregon: sunday journal, Portland, sunday '. morning, September 3, mi;
Wilt have an Important ' bearing on ' the
finances of the state of Minnesota par
Ooularlyv and 'of a- number of ' other
states' Incidentally., f '. ' ; ';'.' :'' ; .' .v'
The conferees SrlU W Mrs. Russell
Sage on the one hand and Attornav nnl
Inheritance 'tax oa" property of, the es
tate ; In )( Minnesota. ;;:if'V;:vs(4v'v -iyV':i:-&-Robert
W, PeForest, counsel for, the
Sage estate,' is In Europe at preCant and
this may - delay a .settlement,' but the
Minnesota "officials i will
CDDiftirrtri r nunnenTv
rniiiurici.u rnurcn i i
' -i. '8iNwlaltevTlM''Jmirnail':-.'!'i'
Springfield, Of,;; Sept, 2,-james Kar
hon has sold hl fractional lot on Main
atteet. .whera the east .side, 8w Pi line
eral George T . Simpson and Assistant
whole" situation In full with Mrs.-Sage.
Aiiomoy uenerai ixuis yveeks of Min
nesota, representing that commonwealth.
xainnesoia set tne example of rAi..i.
In it's dues from'the estates , of non
resident millionaire.: Tear before last
It. collected M4S.00Q , due from the es
tate of the late John L. Kennedy. This
was quickly followed by Utah and Wis
consin, fwhich also collected smaller
sums from the Kennedy estate. Alto
gether Minnesota has collected 1500,000
dollars from tha at t i xr. vi
cuts mat street at a allirht uncle., to v.
The Inheritance: Assessment
oh the other, '
A,,RankU of Eugene for 2400, or near-,
ly $110 a' front foot.- This now gives
Mr., Rankin a J-foot fronts and It is
said to be his Intention to erect a two-
Mr. Weeks la nfiw In'ih. Vi mA ir-
Against Millionaire's Estate
Simpson is expected here tomorrow or
rooiiuay. ' . ' f v . , ,
The conference wlU nrnhahi. v. k.u
story DricK Or concrete building either
this fall or early next summer. The
property Is In the very oenter of Spring
field and is now vacant, the buildings
having been burned MaHv at V sn ovn
Mrs. Paulson Savs She Willi
.Subiect of Conference.
Tuesday or as soon thereafter as It can
Give Husband Decree If He J
oe arrangea. rne object or the confer
ence is to see if some, arrangement can
be made for the settlement of the claim'
of the state of Minnesota against the
Will Contract to Wed His
" PBhlllhfr' PrHl Uul Vim
v AVfkqri
and besides the Sage estate has a num-
and not been rebuilt. . . :
Nw York, Sept. A conference will
oer oi oiner estates under Investigation
Alleged Soul-Mate.
k.. . v- 1 i.eatats'or tne late Kuaaair Baa of aoma-
be held in Kew fork next week which 'thing like 1800,000 alleged to be due as
estate or tne late Russeir Sage of some
wmcn may aaa largely to the funds of
thn mtt : 1 . , -. i
' (Publlub Pre Leased Wire.)
Chicago. Sept. 2 Mrs. WW lam A.
."Paulson, 1850 Jackson Park Terrace,
today declared her willingness to allow
' her husband a divorce uncontested If
he would agree to lg:n a contruct to
marry hisJ alleged affinity, whose name
7 ' i
, A f vr r s - t , Jyi
. - - i
mmirii -- f r . - ."!w 'I'i't.v
feCvV A win a I L O"'
I Venesuela is establishing ' national
con has retained counsel and nays she
' will bring a separate maintenance suli
Paulson agrees to accept her offer.
- While her two adopted children, the
i world famous "Buster and Mary Esther"
aged 9 and 10 years, plteously pleaded
with Mrs. Paulson to "please go and
una naaay. me oroaenneanea woman
; " "i told her story.
"My faith in my husband Is com
pletely shattered at lust," she said.
BoUovoa Kim Xnnooant.
"'. "When he was accused of embezzle
ment of the funds of the Central Trust
and Savings bank In 1900 I believed him
innocent When the Jury found llm
viifltv m V fnlth' hfln tn vara Km f
; ctood firm and went to Washington to
v- President Roosevelt, to pardon him
When he was released I tried to en-v-
courage him in his efforts to win back
his old place In the world. When the
stories came to me about his conduct
. with another woman I thought them
, Ilea, but when he cursed the children
and threatened us, I turned on him for
ever." "For months he has been living In
an apartment building adjoining mine.
He seemed to delight In tormenting mo
. by aDDearlntr with this nth er woman
He lived there until three days ago and
then he disappeared. The detectives
tell me they have him located.
Bad Sleuth Trail Kim.
v "When I first became suspicious I
. hired a detective who trailed him and
found that he spent most of hla time
automoblllng- with hla affinity. He ev
en provided a car for her when he knew
the children and myself were in need. I
. decided to act at once and I am willing
to divorce him if he will promise to
- marry the other woman.
., "it would be the one decent act of
his life."
: Seven years ago Mrs. Paulson started
suit against her husband charging bru
; tality and nonsupport. On the eve of
- his apparent departure for prison, fol
: lowing hla conviction for mismanage
ment of the old Central Trust and Sav
ings bank she went tohis cell and for
gava him. Then she hurried to Wash
ington and attempted to obtain a par
don from the president.. - Since that
time Mr. Paulson Is alleged to have
squandered a fortune which Mra. Paul
aon Inherited and have heavily mort
i .gaged the block of handsome apart
ments In which the Paulsons live, and
which belonged to Mrs. Paulson.
V.-"' J' "Mr '"it
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, photographed as he was addressing 10,000 of
electorate at Sore! August 23.
(Continued from Page Ona)
managed with a definite end in view,
accomplish something closely akin to a
world revolution. Already these and
other women, including yourself, have
, done and are doing much toward the fur
therance of philanthropic enterprises,
hut there are possibilities far beyond
mere phllanthophy. This Wealth, if
pooled for the purpose and managed
with intelligence, is potentially capable
of conquering some of the great national
.evils, and notably some of those called
directly or indirect lv with tha nriiin.i
methods with modern finance and the
admission of great enterprises.
'These in the hands of representatives
often scarcely subject to supervision
, have in the past doubtless been often
used for purposes of which the women,
had they been cognizant of them, would
certainly have, disapproved. Through
this organization It ia hoped and be
lieved that this condition of affairs can
to a considerable extent be conquered."
, iews or me proposed organization
of rich women reached Wall street for
the first time Friday and carried con
sternation to the several officers of
more than one' great corporation. The
women can, if they go at it earnestly,
upset many well laid plans none dares
deny, and they seem to have gone at
it In 'a businesslike, earnest manner
iiaeiy 10 accomplish real results.
At present details of the matter are
being guarded with the utmost care.
Within a week or two definite knowl
edge of the scheme of organization and
the names of those who have beyond
doubt Joined it, will doubtless be in
the hands of financial leaders: In the
meantime, they are waiting with con
siderable anxiety for the information.
Subject for Speculation.
What such an alliance mle-ht accom
plish Is Indeed an interesting subject
for speculation.
It is doubtful if anything in the way
of male capitalists representing such
vast interests has ever been formed in
this or any other country; it is cer
tain that many of the women are anx
ious to put the mlghtly fortunes left
them by their husbands to good use,
It is sure that many of them are dls
guested by the ineffectiveness of mucn
of, the philanthropic work accomplished
by- the- vast endowment watofc have
been bequeathed by others to various
institutions and movements and are
anxious to discover some manner in
which they may make sure that their own
great fortunes, not only during this
life time but after they have passed
away, win accomplish more for the
real good of humanity. And it Is , be
lieved that mn n V nf them hflua ilronftv
subscribed to the new theory that this
may best be done through cleaning up,
by means of the vast power of their
capital, some of the polluted spots Nln
American finance than by any other
At anv rate, tha niwrlmsnt im vail
worth watching; it has undoubtedly al
ready startea many men in the financial
field on a succession of sleepless night
(Continued from Page One.)
4- list
' Si
7 fc-r'flfcV s
'i 5C
' v j- & f r
, David Jayne Hill, American atnbas
sador to Germany, who yesterday
' formally presented his letters of
recall to the Kaiser at Potsdam,
immediately after the unveiling of
the Von Steuben statue, f Dr. Hill
and other prominent Americana
also lunched with tha kaiser yes
terday. The new ambassador, Mr.
Leishman, is expected to take up
hifcyduUea in October. " w
at Fairbanks and many qther towns have
a sinister purpose.
Ho Onn Clubs formed.
In the first place, the people of
Alaska have not lormed gun and rifle
clubs. In the next place, they have no
remote thought of engaging In a revolu
In Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau,
HKttguay. Sitka, Excursion Inlet and
Funter Bay, which points I have visited,
absolutely no such action has been tak
en, is being taken, will be taken. It is
the universal opinion here that some
one must have misquoted Mr. Sulzer,
wno nas mining interests near Ketchi
kan, and who knows conditions up here
better than to hint at such wild as
sertions. There are three places In which tha
error might have been made by the
correspondent at Ketchikan, by the
"desk man" in the Seattle newspaper
office, or by Mr. Sulzer, Eliminating
Mr. Sulzer, because his personal knowl
edge on Alaskan affairs would prevent
him from making such statements, one
IS Unable tO ?n farther ulth tha nrnr....
of determining who is responsible.
When Alaskans read such axnrllnr.
they cannot find words to express their
vltws. Such statements do two things
they misstate the facts; they Injure
.kiiiBkan interests.
Law-Abiding' Community.
After studying the situation along the
range -of towns in southeastern Alaska,
one cannoi avoia tne conclusion that
there are a lot of men who profess to
oe irienn.s oi mis territory who would
better for the good of the people here
refrain from their attempts to cure
the ills that have affiled. -Alaska for
so long. There Is no more law-abiding
collection of communities ' to be
found In the states. If the truth were
areorted from the enormous mass of
error, there would remain the plain
statement that there is less crime up
hen: than in almost any other locality
tha'. owns the Stars and Stripes as ita
For Instance, Reverend Father Tur
nell. of Skaguay, said to me that he
never locks his house when he a-oea
away from It. unless It be for a stav of
some other port on the south coast or
from the mouth of the Yukon river.
Merchants have much less trouble with
Dan accounts than they do in cities
towns and vlllnr nf the tia
That miner referred to. If he decides
to go to the outside via some other
route, will send the mercha-it here who
l -1 V.t V. I . j . . 2 .
wiva nun mo uuixij uie money in pay
This spirit Of law-abldinsr Is reneral
and, besides. Intelligence here l too
high to. permit the formation, ef any
such wild plans as that nf nrrnnlclnv
wun arms 10 resist the federal govern
ment, it is the - intention of Alaskans
to procure relief tli rough the orderly
means of abnal to nuhlln
and they believe that they have made
so powerrui appeals already that the
day of relief cannot be far away.
. . .Has ef Vmtrat. -
If one were permitted to write the
plain, unvarnished truth In all respects
he would feel that It waa his duty to
Den ail tne masses o untrue statements
that have been issued by those who
have pretended that thev want to heln
AiusKR. ii is or tms sort that nave
written, under flaming headlines, the
assertions which for the past year have
Intimated to the people of the country
that Alaskans contemplated armed revo
lution, inese assertions have been
heralded abroad and others fullv
Absurd though they be. they neverthe
less have injured the territory hevonri
power of estimate. These Inaccurate
statements apparently have been given
iu me presiaenv, wno nas oelleved them
I have been told bv fiver! men lr
Alaska that they have known 1
of representatives of the territory go
ing to the White House to state tha
racta concerning Alaska, and that they
have been Informed hv th. nreatont
that virtually all Alaskans were a float
ing, unreliable lot of people, most of
wnom naa ried from the states awav
from crimes, chanirlnir their name in
conceal their identity.
It Is stated uron good authorltv
authority which I believd that the
Riarht Reverend Rlnhnn Rnw, nf h
Protest?.nt Episcopal church, in charge
or AiasKan missions, called upon the
president last year and sought to tell
him the conrlltlnnii thst xtt h.n nrf
mat me president reiterated his ODln
Ion. formerly expressed, and Indicated
.heretofore In this article.
But there will be no revolution
Tries to Fill With Hoe Ditch
Being Dug at Thorn Hol
low by Pendleton.
several days, when he might do so for
(Rpcrlal to The Journal. )
enoiaton, Or., jsepi. 2. Trouble is
feared with Indians on the Umatilla
reservation if they .make any further
nemonsirauon against the crew of work
men engaged in developing the springs
reuunuy qecurea rrom two Indian
squaws by condemnation proceedings by
me city as a source or water supply.
Red Elk, a son of Wenlx. one of the
squaws who formerly ,pwned the land
on which the springs are located, is
hoad of the opposition and last night
succeeded in urivmg the crew of men
engaged in developing the springs away
by threats.
For aoniA time nant the Tnitlana
been threatening to arm thnmiilv.nnH
drive the wnrlcnm awnv snH tuut nl-l,.
after dusk Red Elk went to thn. anrlnim
and with 'a large hoe began flljlng In
ihft. ditches which th. men hav, ka.n
tigging And intimidated the crew to the
the purpose of preventing the children
worn entering ana disarranging mat
ters in their lay. There ia practical-!
j mi inuii. una in no country on the
ifth American continent does a man's
un'jporiea word ko frthr i . ,.
ness transaction than up here.
Marvelous Business Honesty.
Honesty In business m,ii, i. . - -
velou. At this town hundreds of min
ers got their outfits to go Into the in
terlor for a season's dicrtrimr 1
any man can get his "rubstak" n
StT.!,iiJIMl d'faultln " Payment Is
virtually unknown. a miner will
come here, buy an outfit to go to the
iT !i h." ?uld t0 th outside,
U he chose, Juat as conveniently from
extent that he waa not interfered with.
Officers wilt be sent out when the
work is resumed Monday to guard the
5000 Publicity Circulars.
Hneeliil to Ihn Journal.)
Springfield, Or., Sept. 2. Five thou
sand circulars hare just been printed
for the Springfield Commercial club
by the local newspaper Dlan. The lnf.
let contains eight pages, i6 Inches,
and hfiflMea A. riniihla nnv, nlittu
Springfield and an equally large map
nf Orearon. oYi which Hnrlnfii i
prominently narked, i contains pictures
of nearby scenes and a mass of statls
tical Information, . , , ,
, 1 ' - ,i :
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MONARCH actually pays for itself jn a short time.
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at ess nnpf. hnr hi ih. f,nu. ...:u ... ",c ay sets
XT trrAiroa to
Biff atoras with
tlff axpsnsss '
and Mormons
rants eanaot
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prloaa. Oom
para, ana yon
will sas.'. - i i
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' tnra
-.ft'' T:
-J' s-i-lz' i-Jif r r ' V