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Town Topics
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ORPHEUM Orpheum ' Circuit Vaude-
. villa. ' - - -
PANTArtTCB Vaudeville. ' -
KMt-KEB8 Sullivan .Conaldlne, yau.
OA K8 PARK .Baljogn ascensions, Pels
Oaks Park band and Metropolitan
opera quartet, afternoon ana evening.
Plrat run plcturea. 11 a. m. to 11
p. m.
. Weather Conditions,
A trough shaped low pressure area of
no great energy extends rrom Britisn
Columbia south tn Arlsona. It. how
ever, wair ot sufficient strength to
causa a light rain along, the" coast be
tween Marshfield and Eureka and in
the lower Willamette valley and west
ern Washington, no ram waa reported
at any of the weather bureau stations
between the Rocky and Cascade raifges
of -mountains. Thunder storma have
occurred in portions of Montana, Vyo
mln. Colorado and South Dakota and
local rains have fallen along the gulf
and south Atlantic coasts. They were
specially heavy at Charleston; ' 8. C.
where three Inches feH In the last 24
hours. It Is much cooler in the Interior
of western Oregon and western Wash
ington, and in the Pakotas, Nebraska
and Minnesota.
. The conditions are favorable for fair
and warmer weather Sunday in west
ern Oregon and western Washington
and for showers and thunder storms
with lower temperatures' in ' the eastern
portion of these states and in Idaho.
Portland and Viclnity-Sundajr fair
and warmer; westerly winds.
Oregon and Washington Sunday fair
west, showers and thunder storms eaat
portion; warmer interior west and cool
er east portion; westerly Winds.
Idaho Sunday showers and thunder
storma; cooler.
District Forecaster.
Drug Clerks Organise The Oregon
Drug Clerks' association was formed at
the Y. M. C. A last evening. W. J.
Staples waa chosen president and Ed
ward Durst waa elected secretary-treasurer.
It was through the efforts of C.
C. Kelly, Edward Durst and ,W. 3. Sta
ples that the organisation was brought
about, and Its object la for the securing
of an eight-hour day and social bene
fits. The organisation will not be af
filiated with any other union. A aecond
meeting will be held at the T. M. C. A.
September 13. i
Change of Meeting Flaaa The regu
lar Sunday evening meetings of branch
4 of the Socialist party will not be held
Sunday, September J, at Ringler'e hall,
but will be held the following Sunday
evening. September 10, at Drew hall,
southesst corner Second and Morrison
streets. The speaker will be B. F.
Ramp of Brooks, Or. Meetings will be
held there regularly each Sunday even
ing hereafter.
f - $
r i - )
l ' - ' -s J Y
ft 1,1 S-T
Sergeant Edward E. Lyon, recently
promoted, was decorated by gov
ernment. ,
Clay streets, as shown by photographs
taken at the scene, it has become nec
essary for M. D. White : of 107 East
Sixth street to call the ; attention of
Captain Bailey to the fact that rough
men congregate there and by their vile
language and through leaving their wag
ons and vehicles in the street, are a
source of considerable - annoyance to
residents of that neighborhood. An ef
fort Is being made to determine who the
patrolman is. mounted on a horse In the
middle of the street, with wagons and,
horses clustered around him so thick
that ' It Is impossible for a wagon to ;
drive through. 1
Teacher Transferred. At a meeting
of the school board Friday afternoon
Miss Estelle Hell was reinstated on
the school roster. Although the resi
dents of Sellwood had petitioned the
school board that, Miss Hell be given j
her former position In the Sellwood;
school, they heeded it not, but decided i
to retain her by giving her a position!
at the school at Creston. It is said
that this transfer Is In the way of a
reduction In the ranks of a teacher's
vftratlon. The people of Sellwood are J
very much perturbed over the action of j
the school board. It is said. Mtss Hell;
Is a taxpayer of Sellwood and has been j
a teacher for some 18 years, and Is
mereiure enuuea 10 some recognition
by being retained at her , former pos
ition, it is claimed. '
Alleged Burglar Arrested. Fred D.
Chapman, wanted for several burglaries
committed In the past two days, as ar
rested last evening at Third and Burn
side by Detectives Snow, Ackerman and
Coleman. After being brought to po
lice headquartqrs and faced with the
evidence that had been secured against
the man. he confessed. Among- the
stolen property found on him waa a
quantity of silverware, engraved with
the initial "H," whloh he says he stole
yestertlay morning. The house he en
tered is believed to be In Laurelhurat
Sergeant Edward E. Lyonene of. the
"shakeup," has the distinction of being but" ,n,0t.kn0w.n J,U8t Ther6 " U Th
th. i. mtiit.n, nt hnni, miPrty auffering the losa has not yet re
in a western nolle denartm.nt. TjVoti ' Prted the burglary. Chapman claims
was a member of the Second Oregon
regiment that left Portland IS years ago
for the Philippines. He attracted the
attention of General Law ton, who
picked him as one of the famous scouts
who afterward rendered such splendid
service to the government. Most of
Lyon's comrades were killed while lead
ing the Oregon regiment, but the pres
ent police hero escaped with his life
and waa decorated by the government
for valor' on the field. He received
the coveted distinguished service medal
and waa thanked by congress for his
splendid bravery. Lyon is one of the
most modest men on the force, and until
his present promotion came many of
hla friends in the department did not
know that he was a medal man.
to be but 19 years old. The arrest of
Chapman Is the first that Ackerman
has made as a detective.
Fulls Queue of Celestial John Blue,
a dock hand, waa arrested yesterday af
ternoon for a brutal assault on Ah Lee,
an Inoffensive Chinaman, at Third and
Davis streets While walking along the
street. Blue encountered the celestial
and proceeded to yank his vjueue, and
when the yellow man protested. Blue
knocked him down. The arrest was
made by Officers Hensen and Bewley
Saces All This Week at Portland
track, commencing Labor day. The
greatest meeting In the west. Admission
SO cents; grandstand 10 cents; bleachers
Post off ioe Open Ti30 to IS Tomorrow
The general delivery, registry and
stamp windows will be open at the Port
land postofflce tomorrow (Labor day)
from 7:80 a. m. to 10:30 a, m. The
money order department, the cashiers'
windows and the executive division will
be closed all day. There will be two
carrier deliveries in the business sec
tlon of the city and one In the rest
dence districts.
Team Work Wanted. We have about
about $1200 worth of drainage work to
do right away on farm property within
20 miles of Portland. Will pay half
cash; balance to apply on purchase of
part of this improved property, offered
at very low figure. Apply C. W. Davis,
606 Commercial block.
We sell hair mattresses retail at
wholesale prices for 10 pound beds from
67.60 and Up. We renovate mattresses
and return them the same day. Port
land Curled Hair Faotory, H. Mettger,
proprietor. 226-221 Front street. Main
4T4, A-1174.
Tor Kent or Bale, easy terms, well
known Riverside house, 660-662 Macad
am -street, October 1, 60 rooms, fur
nlahed. F. Dayton, owner, 14 First
tlx xaces Are on the Card for Mon
day's program at Portland track. Take
Rose City car, Fifth and Washington
tabor Say Excursion Monday, on
Steamer Bailey natzert. to The Dalles;
leaves at 7 a. m., returns 10 s). m., $1
round trip; from Alder street dock
Phones M. 914; A-6112.
Have Tour Name oa Tour Seek Neat
bevelM glass desk signs, $1. Ideal Of
flee Sign company. Phone A-4069. 432
Mohawk building.
Hop Pickers' ITotloev Str. Oregona
leaves Taylor Street dock 6:46 a. m.,
dally, for Bt. Paul, Champoeg, Butt
vllle, and way landings, commencing
Monday, Sept. 6th.
The $5000 Stake for 2:08 pacers will
be raced Wednesday, September 6, at
the Country Club track. -
Hear Judge B. K. Benson, 40 years
fawyer, eight years a judge, at the
Temple of Truth, Maegly .Tlchner build
ing, Sunday, 8 p. m., on ''What Shall
We Do With Jesus?"
Woman's Press Olab The Stste Wo
man's Press club of Oregon will hold
the Initial meeting of the year next
Wednesday evening, September 8. at 8
o'clock In the committee room on the
Diamonds Pay
Good Dividends
By increasing in value constant
ly. Do you know any other
safe investment that does as
well? You know where your
diamonds are you take the
best care of them enjoy wear
ing them all the time they are
not depreciating, but increasing
in value every day.
Seasoned judgment and long
experience enables us to select
the very finest diamonds. We
make all our own mountings,
and you get the best at a very
close figure.
second floor of the city hall. Fifth
street entrance. The program for the
year Is an unusually comprehensive one,
embracing many lines Ot literary work.
Wednesday evening Mrs. C. D. Joslyn
will talk an "Women Wrltera Who Have
Influenced American History." Other
speakers will be Mies Frances Gotshall
and Miss Helen Sayr Gray. Among
those of the club who report recogni
tion of their work with eastern pub
lishers is Miss Mary Davies. Miss Da
vles Is probably the youngeat member
of the club.
undap and Labor Say. River ex
cursions to Oregon City leave Taylor
street dock 9 a. m., 12 m.t t p. m., last
trip from Oregon City 6 p. m. Round
trip 46c.
Pre Lecture Dr. Davidson Buchan
an will deliver a free lecture on Aus
tralia Monday, September 4, at 663
Fourth street, corner Lincoln, at 8 p. m.
v ' ;" N i
AM )
.taken In. The date set for thla is No
vember 20, 1911. The purpose of Mr.
Becker la also to Organise a grand coun
cil Orejron, so that the local order
will have direct representation In the
'unrema eaunnlL. whlnk k.,.tnfn...i,
not had. .
Unions Working In Harmony.
. For the first time In nearlv two vara
J tha printing trade unions of San Fran.
oieco are working together in perfect
i harmony under the rulea bf an Allied
Printing Trades Council that id recog
nised by the International .Allied Print
ing Trades association. - - --
the Portfan
I Races Commence
I Monaay, September 4. the Portland
i race meeting opens. This is tha fail
j event of the year In western tracks,
and the program for 1911 is the strong,
test ever presented west of the Grand
iClrcult ;
Ddelfsen's coals are best CT2S08.
', Phone Us' Teat ' Orders, y 5y '4
- Regular 12 California wines Includ
ing Port Sherry, Tokay and Angelica,
81 par gallon. Table Claret, regular 81,
special 600 per gallon. Columbia,
Gambrinus. Hop Gold heers, 11.85 per
dosen quarts, 76o dozen pint Celebrat
ed Kaiser Blume, 11.60 dosen quarts.
Bass ft Co. Pale Ala, 82.26 per dos.;
Gulnness's extra . stout, 83.21 per dos.
Whiskies bottled In bond. Rys or
Bourbon, warranted 8 years old, 11. 80
per bottle. Blue Spring, 81.25 per bot
tie;' genuine Moonshine, 31 bottle; Rye
or Bourbon whiskey, regular 33.80 and
34 goods, 32.60 and 38.00.
Ring us up. B-1694, East 418. D.
Kellaher A Co., Grand ave. and East
Morrison. '.
" . ) , ,. '
Where to Dine.
Turkey and chicken dinner at
leas Cafeteria, 104 Flth street
Bohool Books Bought, sold and ex
'changed at 188 Fifth street, opposite
' poatoffice, and 211 Second, near Sal
910,000 for S:ia Trotters, the biggest
race In the west, will be the feature of
Thursday, September 7, at Portland
Toaag aTuaband Kissing Mrs. A F.
Lamb, of 71 Kaat Seventh street re
ported to the police yesterday after
noon that her husband, aged 22 years
had left his home early Friday morn
ing and had failed to return to his
home. As the man Is one of no bad
habits, according to his wife, and aa he
has always been very regular in his
habits of coming home, she is consid
erably alarmed at the failure of her
spouse to return Friday night. The po
lice were furnished with a -minute de
scription of the missing husband and i
have been Instructed by the chief to
make a careful search for him.
Picnic Modem Woodmen annual log
rolling, on Labor day. Crystal Lake
park, Milwaukle. Sporta, drills and
dancing afternoon and evening.
' Sunday Bxeurslon. Cascade Locks, 31
round trip. Steamer Bailey Qatzert
leaves Alder street dock at 9 a. m.
fhdne Main 914, A-B112. "
Sops gummon Polios. Two small
boys, armed with air rifles, attempted
to prevent Thomas Murphy, a laborer
from invading their home at 141 Union
avenue North, yesterday afternoon, but
their efforts were unavailing. Finding
that the man paid no attention to their
threats to shoot him. they telephoned
to police headquarters and Motorcvcla
patrolman eirna was sent to Investigate,
When he arrived, he found Murphy,
luwy ciaa, anoea ana nat Included
asleep on a bed. The patrolman arrested
Murpny. rne motner and a daughter
won during me aay and were not
Hotel for West Stayton The Wii
lamette Valley Irrigated Land company
naa commissioned a local architect to
get up the design of a three story
frame hotel to be erected at West Stay
ton. The house is to be 60x56 feet and
will contain 35 rooms, a number of
which will be equipped with private
bath. The company was .forced to build
the hotel on account of the large Influx
of people oomlng from all parts of the
country to look over the Irrigated lands
In that seotlon.
Thunder Storm Seard. Although
tnere was no record made at the weath
er bureau, Portland, especially the
higher parts of the city, were visited
by quite a severe thunderstorm with
several flashes of vivid lightning about
3:30 o'clock yesterday morning. A. Du
champ, lessee of Council Crest Park,
said the lightning as seen from the
heights was unusually clear and severe.
In Piedmont and some of the higher
suburba the residents were awakened
by the heavy thunder reported.'
eek Soappoose Bunawar Lase
Eveart of Scappoose has asked the Port
land police department to assist him in
his search for his 15-year-old son Clif
ford. The boy left home Thursday and
has not been heard from since, al
though It Is believed he came to Port
land with a friend. The police have a
photograph and description of the miss
ing lad.
Bock Hand Xnattred. Jerry Hurley.
employed as a dock hand at Irving dock,
while assisting liflloadlng saoked wheat
last night sustained a fractured leg
laattftvenlng when a sack of whent fell
from the upper to the lower dock and
struck him. The man was removed to
St. Vincent's hospital.. His home is at
Twelfth and Northrup streets.
The Sessions of tha Law Department
of the Univeralty of Oregon will now
be held In new and commodious Quar
ters oq tha second floor of the Central
building at Tenth and Alder streets.
The fall term opens September 18, 1911.
For catalogue giving full information
address Walter Glllard, secretary, H
Corbett building, Portland, Or.
Improvement Club to Mast The Wav
erly-Richmond Improvement club will
hold a regular meeting Tuesday evening,
September 5, at Waverly hall. East
Twenty-sixth and Clinton streets. Many
things of Interest will be taken up.
X,abor Bay Plonlo and Banos at
Rohse's Park afternoon, and ' evening,
given by Sphwaben Verein. Admission
25 cents. Take Fulton cars. Refresh
menta served.
ays Men Are "Bough," In spite of
the fact that a mounted patrolman has
been In attendance at a horse Sale that
Is held every Tuesday afternoon on
East Sixth street between Market and
The Pall Baces come only once a year.
Thla Is Portland's fall festival. A big
crowd Is wanted. Portland track. Races
called 3 p. m. sharp.
ttv Jesse Karxms fr camss.
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
eept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
dock at 21 p. m.
BlnglarB Dancing Class open Septem
ber 6. All ages. Catalog ready. Mar
shall SIS. e
Ifrs. Alice Brown Marshall has . re-
moved her piano studio to Columbia
building. Saturdays, Mondaya and Wed
Take Itoae Olty Oar, Fifth and Wash
ington, for the big Portland race meet
ing. Best car service ever Is prom
Edward Becker, to whom banquet
will be tendered by lodge mem
bers. The Royal Arcanum, which has a
membership of 700 In the state of Ore
gon and which is comprised of three
councils, will hold a monster meeting
In the Auditorium hall. Third and Tay
lor streets, next Tuesday night at 8
o'clock. This meeting, which is to be
the largest that has ever been held in
Oregon, la for the turpose of tender
ing a reception to Edward Becker, who
is the past grand master of the order
in the state of New York, where there
are 821 councils, which have a member
ship of SS.otfo, representing one-quarter
of the entire order.
The meeting Is to be presided over
by C.VV. Howard, who la regent of Ore
gon cduncll No. 1682. He will be as
sisted by Edward It. Reed, regent of
Multnomah council No. 1481. Will C.
Davis, regent of Willamette council No.
1983, will act as toastmaster. Frank
Whllmot president of the Past Grand
Regents' Association of Portlandt will
be present aa will E. It Ingersoll of
Seattle, who is the supreme representa
tive of the order In the state of Washington.
Mr. Becker expects to remain In Port,
land as the representative of the su
preme council for several months, to
arrange for a big initiation, when not i
less than 300 new members are to be
f Smartness"1 " -
Is Pleasingly Exemplified in Our Newest
Of Interest to Women Norman A
Laaman's announcement on the aoolety
page today.
Diamond White and Orange Bhellao,
31.76 per gallon; Murphy varnish. 83.
Portland Sash ft Door Co., 230 Front
Mount Xood dally auto stages. Leave
446 Hawthorne avenue at 8 a m. Phone
East 162. 33.60 each way.
Mount Sood dally auto stages. Leave
446 Hawthorne avenue at 8 a. m. Phone
East 162. 33-60 each way.
Steamer Beona for McMlnnville and
way landings, freight ana passengers.
Washington street dock.
Store for rent in heart of city, 26 by
100, with full basement. S-850, Journal.
W. A.
Wise and associates, painless
Third and Washington. '
Tom DC Word Baal Estate Co..
moved to 706 Teon bldg.
80 Toot Launch, all equipped.
West side Sellwood ferry.
Spanish tought
309 Commonwealth
Invention for Swimming.
To prevent a person sinking, even If
he should wlah to do so, while learning
to swim an Alabama man has invented
a frameworK, supported . ny rioats, to
which he may be harnessed by half a
dosen elastic bands. ,
Tfce Samuel Rosenblatt & Co. store.
corner Third and Morrison, will remain
closed all dsy tomorrow.
First Presbyterian
Cor. Alder and 12th Sts.
The pastor has returned and
will occupy the pulpit on Sun
day morning:. Subject, 10:30
7:30 P. M., service of praise,
with sermon on ,
.This church welcomes all to its
. service and fellowship.
Scientist Declares Music
Plays Important Part
In Character Building
"If I had my life to live over
again," said Darwin, the famous scl; j
entlst, I would make it a rule to
listen to some music at least once a
week. For the loss of this taste Is
a loss ot happiness, and may possi
bly - be injurious to the' intellect,
and more probably to the moral
character, by lnfeebling the moral i
part ot our nature."
Happily, this privilege which the
great philosopher craved in vain, is
easily at the command of every man,
woman and child today, no matter i
what their musical attainments or.
station In life may be.
The Invention of the Piano Player
has opened up a new world the en- j
chanting world of music to thei
thousands of persons who have not
had time or the talent to master this '
great art. Through the introduction j
of the Player, many a man has be
come an accomplished musician in ;
the interpretation of the most dlffi- j
cult and beautiful compositions of j
the masters who of himself could I
hardly pick out a simple mel-;
ody. with one finger, but who j
with true musical instinct, longed i
for years to hear the bestj
music. The Player Piano thug be-1
comes the home educator as well as
a constant source of entertainment
and delight. Even leading perform-j
ers are more and more appreciating :
the great value of these instruments. !
They are no more mechanical than !
the pipe organ, and with proper i
practice there can be an almost per-.
feet reproduction of human touch'
and expression. I
Among the very best Player I
Pianos now on the market is the fa
mous A. B. Chase Artlsano, and the
CuIthdiv PnHllan and Cnh o Inner
players. They are carried in stock'
by the well-known firm of Sherman, I
Clay & Co., and may, be purchased
from this house at very reasonable i
termB. A postal card addressed to !
this company at Sixth and Morrison
streets, Portland, will bring you any
Information you may wish to obtain j
about these instruments.
mzcxBAnoir paxk
Oor. Vaughn and Tweaty-fourth Sts.
Aug. S, 90, SI I Sept. 1, fl, S, 4.
Games begin week days 3:00 p. m. Bus
days 3:30 p. m.
Boys under 12 free to bleachers
' Wedneadav.
A General Hospital.
80 Tenth St.
Psoas Xarsfcau $QU
Woven wire Platinum and
Gold Bracelets plain, yet
tlie acme of richness.
Old Gold Braided Wire,
with three small but perfect
Link Bracelets, in old gold
finish, set with three glitter
ing diamonds.
T-Bangle Bracelets, with dia
mond sets or belt effect
with buckles. '
Jaeger Bros.,
Is the newest and daintiest Jewelry
fad. We are showing- very pretty cam
eos, lavaieiers, etc., just from Iew York.
Between 3d and 4th
Oregon! State.
September II to 16
Live Stock, Poultry
Harness and
Running Races
Ferullo's Greatest Band
Reduced Rates on All Railroads
, Full Information Given by !
is known in every office in
the state where good print
ing is appreciated and used.
It yields a profit to the user!
'' ' 1V''
Commercial Stationers,
Of floe Outfitters.
Printers, Enarravera, '
Booklet Makers and
Bookbinders, i
naoqvaSTsM TOM
Architects' and Engineers' Instruments,
and Supplies.
Y.M.C.A. Nuht
$500,000 Building
63 Courses v ,
45 Teachers
Day schools open September B, 1111.
Night schools open September 25. 1111.
Advertising 118.00
Algebra 1.00
Assaying 1S.O0
Apple Culture No fee
Architect. Drawing .... " T.60
Arithmetic t: J.00
Automobile 60.00
Bible Study ; 1.00
I Bookkeeping1 4 6.00 -
Boys' School 4.00
I Building Caretaklng 6.00
I Bricklaying 16.00
1 Business Eng. and Cor 2.00
I Business Law 1. 00
, Camentrv and Woodturnlna 10.00
Chemistry 10.00
Cornet 10.0H
Electricity & Elec. Mach 18.00
English for Foreign Men 8.00
fngllsh Grammar and Reading... t.00
ngllsh Grammar and Rhetoric... t.00
flngllsh Literature t.00
Freehand Drawing 7.60
French 6.00
Forestry and Lumbering 10.00
I Geometry
I Latin
: Mechanical Drawing
Physical and Com. Geography..
I Physics
; Plana ; ; ; .-. ; : . ;:
Plan Reading and Estimating. ,
Plumbing, Shop Practice
' Poultry Raising
I Ptiblle Speaking ,
Relnf. Concrete Construction....
Salesmanship and Adr
Sheet Metal Drafting;
I Shorthand
Surveying and Mapping
Show cara writing
Telegraphy and Dispatching
Vocal Musto
', "iM
-10 00-
, s.oo
, 16.00
No fee
. 6.00
6. AO
cau. ob warm rox rmn xuc6-
Portland, Ore., Y.M.C. A.
North Pacific College
Splendid New Fireproof Build
ing. Unsurpassed in Equip
ment and Advantages.
The Regular Session Begins
October 1 of Each Year. :v.
For Information and Catalogue
East Sixth and Oregon Streets
Portland, Or.
Defective Speech Correclel
t.t HaiBnra TitroHT
OJr BBAJaul w.
Mental training and physical culture
for backward children. Result assured.
Ten years' experience In specialised
work' kiss XATXAmrsns xnro ' '
Apt 60 Chetopa Annex. 18th and
... . Flandera. r y'::-i---'
Tea are interested
In dsntal werk, let me
tnsll yon a list of my
patients. Verkapa you
will there find the
name of some friend
r aeqaatatanee.
Th el recommenda
tion la sufficient. Sr.
Blof T. Xedlnnd, Bf.
W. oorner of eth and
Oak, ad floor. Take
eleratov. "If X oan't
ruaraate It, t don't
do it, aad If I ever did
it, Iff fManteed.M.
"I wish to state Most
to you that w.. a
Fulton County durabl
thought enough of
the Bitulithic pave
ment to purchase a ,
complete plant from
the Warren Brother!
Company, and it is
now in use. We have
laid this pavement, and
we are rery. much
pleased with it From'
many years experience ..i
in road building I am
satisfied that Bitulithic .
is the mo.t satisfactory : .
and durable pavement
now known." Clifford
Li Anderson, Chair. ,
man 'y Public . -Workl
Committee, Board of
County Commissioners
of Fulton County, At
: lanta, Ga. . ,v:;.'--:''i..' '.
Third year begins October 1. 'ltll.
Drawing, painting, portrait, Ufa. sketch.
Illustration, design and , children S
classes. For circular applr to
rifth attd Taylor Sts Portland, Or.
roBTZULirs, obzoost.
Bend for Illustrated Catalog1. '
The School That Gets Results
Constructs Asphalt and eetief Bltam.
Inoue Pavements. 606-S06 EJeetrte
Bdr. Portland, Or. Oskar tJabea
, ,. Manaseav
Portland Marble Vcrb
. i, astsb!:;4 leas. ' :
best stock
the larirt nd
oa tlie Cnt. Ca.i
and fret our prices before
purchasing elw l. re.
t6e ana 809 Toartit t rt
Oj'podtte City i::i.
rhoDs zsaU 6i, a-i::