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ttip riprnnij' nAtt.V tqurNAU " PORTLAND. . WEDNESDAY EVENINO. JUNE 81. 1911.
Icnnncilman Kubli Gets Street
f v Amw.fAA tn "Kill" Dea
; LfUiiiiiiiiiwv
for Bm JOD on tasi oiue
Uilkhnrn Line.
On motion of Councilman Kubli- the
street committee of the city
yest-nlay afternoon voted to "VIM
proposed pavln Improvement romprU
tfi. a Ktcat dletrtot on tne east sJe
' bounded by Hawthorns avenue. Vnloa
avenue, uumsiue -
i . . .
retltlons for the Improvement of this
-with ssphalt ana n
... - . MABta and a. 0
tormlned effort was made by the com
panies to put the aeai u.r.uB.. "
" Councilman Kubli jppoaed th Improve
ment steaarasuy u T""r-'
' able to have It postponed Indefinitely.
The street committee considered an
. u..iin rfiat Drovlaton of
"J the United railway
nrovldln that that eempany construct
v . . wrv member Of
a una to nuuvi. - .
the commlttea voted to paaa tha repeal
ing ordinance thoush a delegation from
. : , kuH nf trade aDDeared
before tha committee to urfe that tha
.' company be held to Ita ordinal aree-
Attorney C. H. Carey, repreaeotlns;
tbe Hill IntareaU now In possession Of
. the United company's franchise, aald It
would coat hla client I10M00 to con
struct a cut-off to Hlllsboro and that
tha cut-off would not benefit Portland.
If the city council pennlta tha corpora
tion to evade tha terms of the franchise
the people of HUlaboro wlU bo ohut off
from eommunioauon -wivb ""
(paatal Wfjafe Tea raaU
Waahoual. Wuh, June il-Th now
Ifaoonlo lodfo, oranled hero mora
time ago, waa voted a number and
(ranted charter at tho meetlna; of
tbe Maaonlo grand lodge at Bpoltane a
few days aco. Roy Dobba, aecretary of
tho now local lodge, baa Just returned
from tho meeting of tbe grand lodge
. w. mmAA mm tha 1weJ rtnrtun
l UK 11 V .MUWiA -w
: tatlvo.
. Tho new Institution will be knows as
North Bank lodge No. 1S2, and will bold
stated communications tha second and
lourxo iuum;i " ...
- tha orraniaaUon of tho InsUtntlon the
local Masons have been working under
special dispensation and have gotten
the work In good shape and also con
ferred some degrees. There are 18
members In the new lodge and tho field
for masonry Is a good one, as tho com-
, ra unity Is large. The regular officers
now In charge of the lodge are: O. W.
Myers, master: la H. Fteeland. senior
' warden; H. H. Carpenter,- Junior warden;
Boy Dobbs, secretary; A. W. Greenman.
, treasurer; J. H. Eana. tyler; Samuel
Darling, senior deacon; 3. W. Brock,
lunlor deacon. Tha lodge meets for the
preaent In the new L O. O. F. building
on Second street
(Special Dlnpeteh to Tbe JoeraaL)
Washounal, Wash., June 21. A large
new two story store building Is being
constructed here by Miss Florence
Chamley at the corner of Second and
Washington streeta. Miss Chamley
until three weeks ago waa editor and
publisher of the Wasnougal Bun, which
she recently aold and is now engaged
In auperlntendlng the construction of her
hew building. The building will be 60s
60 and divided Into two atore depart'
menta with a stairway in the center
leading to the upper etory, to be used
for office purposes. Tbe building will
be a frame structure with a cement
veneer for the outside and plastered
Inside. It will be one of tbe prominent
buildings on the main business street
Mies Chamley Is being commended
for her pluck and business initiative.
As an editor aha proved a success and
a a huaineei woman aha ranka hleh.
iHer father and brother have general
charge of tbe construction, which will
' eost about 11800, including tha lot The
demand for good store buildings In this
town la on the Increase and as soon as
finished the structure will be occupied.
(United Prase Lmb4 Wtrm.
. London, June it. Threatened Inter
ferenco with the great coronation naval
review waa ended today when the strlk
. Ing seamen aocepted a truce and agreed
to man tho boats which will carry tha
enormous crowds to the review off Spit
head Saturday. The atrike will be re
sumed Sunday unless in the meantime
a settlement of existing differences Is
1 1
- ' '.'
"Engineer's; Terror" Derails
Grandview Local on the
Northern Pacific. ,
f ,m na whaala of hla
cpinnine w '
skates until he resembles an animated
hnniinr throush a tunnel II
Inches high while riding on the toe
wheels of one foot ana me neei wi m
other, are a few of tho things that Mar
velous Reioo does this week at tho Or-
pbeum. . Bezos says that It too mm
five years to learn to spin, and that
after I years he has learned to skate
on his hands, but cannot master ths
trick of lifting alternate hands from
tho floor as a skater does his feet Rex
oo saya It can not be dona,
(trailed Preae Leasee' Wire.)
uattia Wash- Juno al. Seven
sons wore Injured when tho Orandvlew
local on ths Northern racino siruca a
flock of sheep last night at Maywood,
derailing tha locomotive and combina
tion baggage car and smoker. Thirty
sheen were killed .or hurt. - Tho follow
ing persons were Injured:
Antonio Banchoro. grocer, of Seattle:
W. A. Snyder, Seattle; Henry D. Temple,
postofflco Inepector. Seattle; O. W. Dan
iels, Kapowsln. Wash.; B. Wsbster,
viMviin: VT. F. Tyner. fireman; H. P.
Cad man, Seattle. None waa seriously
' Taft AecepU Invitation.
. (United frees LeeaW W!re.
Washington. June Jl-PrealdentTaft
t ty,m winter of - 1152 Andrew J.
Laws and John Dunne dug potatoes on
aa Island, tho property of Nathan Pear
ey, at ths mouth of tho Willamette Hr
At tho time the only building hero
. t. ...Kin near the -river bank
among great trees where only a few
Stumps showed aeveiopmem
8ald the owner or xne cauw i
Laws' father, "Tou come up hero and I
will sell you all the land you Want
chP" ...
"I wouldn t nave u a a v.
(ha rearjonse. "Tou'U never bo able to
clear those stumps away."
,rKA 4m ra tMta nt the notato natch
and but Uttle of the Island," saM Mr.
Laws yesterday, wnno no waa aiiveu
lng the meeting of Indian war veterans,
of which ho is a member.
Tho island has been waahed away,
all but a little patch of ground, that no
one tries to do anything with. The log
cabin has become the Bose City of more
than 100,000 people and tho big stumps
are nowhere to do seen, uuuum wu
Pearey are dead. I soon win oe 7
years old.'
Mr. Laws was one of those who es
caped from the Whitman massacre. His
Two Women Arrested.
T.en. Mataon and Florence Johnson
yere arrested yesterday on a charge
of vagrancy. The cases come up next
thrilling experiences are yet told of
throughout tho northwest country. Part
of his later years ho baa spent in a
soldiers' home but ho always puts rortn
a special effort to attend the annual
reunion of the Indian war veterans.
Doctor's Prescription Failed
The Great Kidney Remedy
Proves Its Merit
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is one of
tbe patent medicines that U better than
many of the prescriptions prescribed by
dootors at least It has done more good
for backache and kidney trouble than
any other medicine I know of and I al
ways recommend it to my friends aa I
know It can't bo beat.
I bad a severs backache eometlme
ago which could not be cured by tho
doctors' medicine. I am glad to say,
bowsver. that Swamp-Root cured me In
a few weeks' time. ,
So certain am. I that Dr. Kilmers
Swamp-Root la a medicine of merit that
I send you this testimonial which you
can use any time.
Tours very truly,
Edwardsvllle, 111.
Subacrlbed and aworn to before mo
this 14th day of July. A. D. 1909.
Notary Public.
Letter to
Dt. JUlmes Oo,
Pre Vkal Swami-tosi Win It For Ym
Sand to Dr. Kilmer Co... Blngham
ton, N. T.. for a aample bottle. It will
convince anyone. Tou will also receive
a booklet of valuable Information, tell
ing all about the kidneys and bladder.
When writing, be sure and mention the
portend Dally Journal. Regular fifty
cebt and one-dollar else bottles for sale
at all drug stores.
Afraid of Ghosts
Uuv oeoole sro afraid al bosts. Few people
are afraid of fere... Yet the (boat is taaof aad
tha feraa Is a fast. II the form eoold be aaa.niied
to a slxo equal to Its terrors it would appear as ore
lerribla than any tra-breatbiaj droo. Germs
eaa't bo avoided. Tbey an ia tha air wa breathe,
the water wa drink. '
Tha om can saly proapsr whoa tha aoodltloa
si tho system firs it free eoope ta astablUb it
self and develop. When there is a defioieaey al
rm l.ntMf. fwatlasaaess. a tallow ehock.
hoUow ays, when the appetite is pt aad tha .
sleep ia broken, it is titaa to guard aalnat tho germ. Taw eaa
fortify tha body aaiast all gerais by the asa of Dr. fisroa's Gold,
aa Medical Ditoovory. . It laeraasas tha vital power, alaaasaa tha
syitasi of cloMiag impurities, osricbaa tha blood, puU the staai
aoh aad organs of digostioa and astride la working oadltioa, so
that tho germ inds ao wsak or tainted spot ia which to bread.
" Goldea Medical Discovery " contains no alsobol, whisky or
kabit-farraiag drugs. All its iagrodioots priated oa iu oatsida
wrspper. It U aot a sooret aostram bnt a saediciae of snow
composition and with a raoord of 4Q Jfrt s twr. Accept ao
subs titnte there la nothing " hist as good." Aik yoar aelghbors.
' New Tork, Juns SI. All danger of a
. general seamen's strike was dissipated
- today when the union leaders accepted
: an offer of 12.10 per month increase
' for tha atriklng sailors. Most of those
V-who walked out returned to work today.
. , (United Pmi -LesseS Wire.)
Paris, June SI. Due to the grievance
of - labor agitatora, Maurice Tabuteau,
, an aviator, was offered by the laboritea
. a large sum of money If he would fly
In his airship over the race track and
frighten tbe horses at the grand prlx
1 June 2S. Tabuteau became suspicious
, and exposed tha plot
-J- Get 970,000 Verdict, ' - -'
; (Catted Frest Leeasd Wu4
' San Francisco,. Juno tl-Bovrity
thousand dollars waa awarded against
the Southern Paclfo railroad by the
atate supreme court in a suit brought
by Wi'llsm R. Zlbbell. horse trainer,
who lost aa arm. a foot and. a leg la
aa aocldeai at Fresno,
Finest Dental Parlors on the Coast, Now Open to the Public New
Location. 313 Washington St, Cor. 6th Entire Upstair Cor
ner Immediately Opp. Wilcox Bldg. Dr. E. G. Ausplund, Mgr.
Dr. E. Q. Auaplund. the pioneer dentist, proprietor of the msctro Dental Parlors Fifth JKgS"
sU has now opened at the northeaat corner Sixth and Washington streets in i.he newly constructed lAiayetie
building, what arrconcededf to be tho finest dental parlors west of the Mississippi river, v ; ,
Kv.-vthina- that aoea to eauln a new and modern dental establishment has been installed all the latest ap
pllanes for extrMtlngid IfflC teeth palnleaaly; tbe beat and most skillful operatora that could bo WC
Feception rooms of comfoft to tSose waiting for attenUonj nice, cool. airy. ventUated tto'cB.
. ata aaw a m Sn . . . t aa Va. aa aav Wham at St I SXav A 1 1 t Am n Wafa T rl aa 11 Va
Owlns to the volume of buaineae done by tne iciectro iwwrwiwi, U"a".-" i-V .,a
herewith published:
Owing to the volume or ousinesa aooj or in uuv i-mwi iy,,C7rf.Mr.Wai VrfMi tkn
est Visible minimum. For the benefit of those that are not acquainted with the established. Pricaa, they are
herewith nunllahed: ' ' . 1 ' : ! i K. . ' r '
Opening Prices:
Porcelain Crown ....$5.0O GoM Fillinga i..,.ii.f t.M
22-k. Gold Crowns ... $5.00 T' SUver Fillingg 'i i V, ..v. JOs
22-k. Gold Bridge ... f 3,50 Teeth with Plate ..5.00
All work warranted for i year; boat bank reference gtren
rAusplund wishes tt dlsUncUy tindsrstood tbati feels that the momm fJ?-yr,f0!
due to the fact that the very loot work la perf armed . at very lowest. prtoeawPatlenta are dependaaVa-fo
recommendations. The offices are open every evening until s o clock. , . , . .
A cordial invitation is extended everyon to visit the Now ' Electro Uentai fariora, 7 .. '
Washington, now corner Sixth aitd WMhifigton, nottheaBt
the :: new Wilcox ; Building.
At not time In tha D&at haa Ellen
MualQ Hons boon In bettor poiltlon
to demonstrate the correctness of Its
merchandising principles and tne
far-reaching advantage piano buy
era are thereby able to secure than
right now.
Ever1 ainee Its lnceotlon It -has
haa accepted' the Invitation to speak at
Johnson City, - Tana., la September,
whea ha peases through en his way t
Knoi villa.. Tenn- to deliver an address
at tha old soldiers', home. The T. U. C
A. at Mashvllle haa Invited him to a
dinner on tha day Of his visit .there.
4 no anemoers oi wie . eriuiHuvn j
they have an announcement ta make at
the event which will aorprtas ths an tire
sUte, v i - . : ' ' ''1 i ': ,.
, - nmhrdt U IUtttf.' ,
. " tnalted wu-, v -
. Nsw Tork.NJune H-Completlng her
seventh l-rarewsll', . tour of tha United
taaaai with , ssrt
Barah Bernhardt axpeota a a3 tcue
row for JJurope, ; wim ana aaJa t- -yt
that la all probahlllty this to Law fee
day La Amerioa, aha added kalvetjrt
rieu aavar oaa tail. . ; ,;
Journal Want Ads brtasj vesroltav i 1
. aa , ii taaaaaalaaaaaaal'aaaaM
helve the
children should
advantage biF
1. ' . - - : ' '
ical edUcatibh
A good Piano, is ::
readily obtainable :
now Read this offer:
Investigate these reduced prices on Pianos
: Baby Grand and'Player Pianos
Really elegant $350 Pianos now 195' '$6 a month
; utners at corresponoing reaucuun
fully one- at the' absolute cash sale price, with
, simple Interest added on deferred
dnctlons In . many cases
This Is an exhibition and sale of payments. " v :
the utmost importance to every mus- Superb Player Pianos and Baby
idovlng home. ' Orands wllfbe sold for $15 month.
Will accept old Instruments in and there wlU be some f or as little
part payment Those having piano as 111 and for $10 monthly.
. laa.'w.rfh 'Wa shall let von have a very good.
Ever Since US mcepuon II -nae or organs 01 ivr w - -w..-, . TTwrle-bt
be.n the aim of Eller. Music House iJ' lTtIo
to furnish the very highest quality or tneso magnmcem now uiM - - " Km v.i.
n planoe. at the Very lowest po-i- wlU find u. willing to ritew "ath. fancier .tyle. may be kt4.
ble Dries) - moat liberally ior ucn oio msim- tur t -v-
uio pticm. i . . . a .t it,.u SiweUl tA havers front etit of
How thoroughly we are in position menu par, - - twi: As our Vpedal eontribuUon
to do this win now" be demonstrated new pnes. . .. Ag o ur Pw
upon our price Ug I this .! we nave a so numer- w.. . -
We w e-Ulng each eshiwaon ous new ana warrant ' 'w. land.
strnmenf; Every Instrument con- a are u.ually sold lor an "w?n"v-Zji
Ulned in the magnificent opening $150. TJSi
exhibition, all the beautiful Baby Come prepared to purchase one these P"fJ gl.
Orands and larger Orands, and the of these now at positively one third jnent P"J-d"J" 'VvoVara
-u"rb plained and fancy-cased lees, and even the finest of Chkker B yvJJ I J
Unrlght Pianos, ss well as the doxens lhgs and Klmballs and Deckers and her in the city. If you
lSiSttt! de- gohmers will be found in this sale pared to pay the complete first pay
lof'the Ufrat and belt of Player at a -Jf
Pianos, comprising nearly (terr enougo w bw iusu - .- --- -
We are going to sell every one o that are now ..; v. natell. will be given
these instruments at the earliest r T "LZTLT. pi.v- Wano nur-
possible moment. Our May sales sell at this time any nmr L,;'," ,nvegtiiate
. . v ar f tb.n m.nt. nn our 24 months' or even our chased during this sale, investigate
;Hn, Mav and during the three yesr.' extended payment plan. this. It mean, a great deal.
nresent month we are going to ex- . -
ceed by more than 100 per cent mo
Ma record of nlaho selling made by
us during- June last year.
The Plarer ' Piano reduced. A
niavar niancT such as yon would ex
pect ordinarily to pay $650 for, Is
now $400, and we have numerous
warranted, thoroughly dependable
Player Pianos for less than! even
this low price. .
Player Pianos of the very highest
priced type and of most lavish con
struction, for wmcn it is xne custom
fn. nriinnrv dealers to charge 11000
and $1100, are here for $815, $751
and less.
The very highest achievement in
Baby Grand Pianos, among tnem
nbtckarinc Quarter Grands, ana
nth small Grands. Sohmer master
pieces, Kimball mall Grand, Deck-
er and Haselton uranas, in tne mun
uperbly figured of fanciest and rare
woods, and for many of which $900
ot,a tloOO and . even xizuv is
charged by the regular piano trade;
these are obtainable nere now ai ro-
Scc oor tlepnt new PUyer. fWj $496
4 ' S
ft f ' : '
Remember where
At Eilers Music House
Now at 7th and Alder Su. The Nation'. Largett Dealer
"Where You
Get the Best"
I O- "fl" TP si
T v ; A r n Thursday
ar i. m - m m v v. . , A. i '-i'.. ., -m . &
II 11 VF hmrlnv nnri 11
ia-. II II m If "SI . aa w , I I
VS-.fl , aUs k aUs t-k a
Your choice of
all our fancy
$32.50, $35.00
and $37. SO
SUITS for..-
Friday and
On Washington. Near Fifth
rall sizes '
; -7"-all patterns-ansprbgof'U